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Deep Learning for Cognitive NeuroscienceMar 04 2019Neural network models can now recognise images, understand text, translate languages, and play many human games at human or superhuman levels. These systems are highly abstracted, but are inspired by biological brains and use only biologically plausible ... More
Representational Distance Learning for Deep Neural NetworksNov 12 2015Nov 07 2016Deep neural networks (DNNs) provide useful models of visual representational transformations. We present a method that enables a DNN (student) to learn from the internal representational spaces of a reference model (teacher), which could be another DNN ... More
Representational Distance Learning for Deep Neural NetworksNov 12 2015Dec 04 2015We propose representational distance learning (RDL), a technique that allows transferring knowledge from an arbitrary model with task related information to a deep neural network (DNN). This method seeks to maximize the similarity between the representational ... More
Representation of uncertainty in deep neural networks through samplingNov 05 2016Nov 10 2016As deep neural networks (DNNs) are applied to increasingly challenging problems, they will need to be able to represent their own uncertainty. Modeling uncertainty is one of the key features of Bayesian methods. Scalable Bayesian DNNs that use dropout-based ... More
Inferring brain-computational mechanisms with models of activity measurementsAug 05 2016High-resolution functional imaging is providing increasingly rich measurements of brain activity in animals and humans. A major challenge is to leverage such data to gain insight into the brain's computational mechanisms. The first step is to define candidate ... More
Neural network models and deep learning - a primer for biologistsFeb 13 2019Originally inspired by neurobiology, deep neural network models have become a powerful tool of machine learning and artificial intelligence, where they are used to approximate functions and dynamics by learning from examples. Here we give a brief introduction ... More
Adaptive Independence Tests with Geo-Topological TransformationOct 06 2018Testing two potentially multivariate variables for statistical dependence on the basis finite samples is a fundamental statistical challenge. Here we explore a family of tests that adapt to the complexity of the relationship between the variables, promising ... More
Recurrence required to capture the dynamic computations of the human ventral visual streamMar 14 2019The visual system is an intricate network of brain regions that enables us to recognize the world around us. Despite its abundant lateral and feedback connections, human object processing is commonly viewed and studied as a feedforward process. Here, ... More
Perceptual similarity of visual patterns predicts the similarity of their dynamic neural activation patterns measured with MEGJun 07 2015Feb 10 2016Perceptual similarity is a cognitive judgment that represents the end-stage of a complex cascade of hierarchical processing throughout visual cortex. Previous studies have shown a correspondence between the similarity of coarse-scale fMRI activation patterns ... More
Algebraic models for higher categoriesMar 06 2010May 30 2011We introduce the notion of algebraic fibrant objects in a general model category and establish a (combinatorial) model category structure on algebraic fibrant objects. Based on this construction we propose algebraic Kan complexes as an algebraic model ... More
Constructing Combinatorial 4-ManifoldsJul 10 2007Every closed oriented PL 4-manifold is a branched cover of the 4-sphere branched over a PL-surface with finitely many singularities by Piergallini [Topology 34(3):497-508, 1995]. This generalizes a long standing result by Hilden and Montesinos to dimension ... More
Injecting External Solutions Into CMA-ESOct 19 2011This report considers how to inject external candidate solutions into the CMA-ES algorithm. The injected solutions might stem from a gradient or a Newton step, a surrogate model optimizer or any other oracle or search mechanism. They can also be the result ... More
Non-asymptotic Error Bounds for Sequential MCMC Methods in Multimodal SettingsMay 30 2012We prove non-asymptotic error bounds for Sequential MCMC methods in the case of multimodal target distributions. Our bounds depend in an explicit way on upper bounds on relative densities, on constants associated with local mixing properties of the MCMC ... More
Stable $\infty$-Operads and the multiplicative Yoneda lemmaAug 09 2016We construct for every $\infty$-operad $\mathcal{O}^\otimes$ with certain finite limits new $\infty$-operads of spectrum objects and of commutative group objects in $\mathcal{O}$. We show that these are the universal stable resp. additive $\infty$-operads ... More
Central Simple Algebras with Involution: A Geometric ApproachAug 12 2008Let $k$ be an algebraically closed base field of characteristic zero. The category equivalence between central simple algebras and irreducible, generically free $PGL_n$-varieties is extended to the context of central simple algebras with involution. The ... More
Non-asymptotic Error Bounds for Sequential MCMC and Stability of Feynman-Kac PropagatorsApr 11 2012We provide a generic way of deducing non-asymptotic error bounds for Sequential MCMC methods from suitable stability properties of Feynman-Kac propagators. We show how to derive this type of stability from mixing conditions for the MCMC dynamics, namely, ... More
Polynomial identity rings as rings of functions, IIDec 04 2010Nov 12 2011In characteristic zero, Zinovy Reichstein and the author generalized the usual relationship between irreducible Zariski closed subsets of the affine space, their defining ideals, coordinate rings, and function fields, to a non-commutative setting, where ... More
Constructing Simplicial Branched CoversJul 10 2007Jan 23 2008Branched covers are applied frequently in topology - most prominently in the construction of closed oriented PL d-manifolds. In particular, strong bounds for the number of sheets and the topology of the branching set are known for dimension d<=4. On the ... More
The CMA Evolution Strategy: A TutorialApr 04 2016This tutorial introduces the CMA Evolution Strategy (ES), where CMA stands for Covariance Matrix Adaptation. The CMA-ES is a stochastic, or randomized, method for real-parameter (continuous domain) optimization of non-linear, non-convex functions. We ... More
Algebraic K-Theory of infinity-OperadsMar 09 2013Sep 03 2014The theory of dendroidal sets has been developed to serve as a combinatorial model for homotopy coherent operads by Moerdijk and Weiss. An infinity-operad is a dendroidal set D satisfying certain lifting conditions. In this paper we give a definition ... More
CMA-ES with Two-Point Step-Size AdaptationMay 02 2008May 18 2008We combine a refined version of two-point step-size adaptation with the covariance matrix adaptation evolution strategy (CMA-ES). Additionally, we suggest polished formulae for the learning rate of the covariance matrix and the recombination weights. ... More
Homology of dendroidal setsSep 02 2015We define for every dendroidal set X a chain complex and show that this assignment determines a left Quillen functor. Then we define the homology groups $H_n(X)$ as the homology groups of this chain complex. This generalizes the homology of simplicial ... More
RTED: A Robust Algorithm for the Tree Edit DistanceDec 31 2011We consider the classical tree edit distance between ordered labeled trees, which is defined as the minimum-cost sequence of node edit operations that transform one tree into another. The state-of-the-art solutions for the tree edit distance are not satisfactory. ... More
Faster Comparison of Stopping Times by Nested Conditional Monte CarloFeb 02 2014We show that deliberately introducing a nested simulation stage can lead to significant variance reductions when comparing two stopping times by Monte Carlo. We derive the optimal number of nested simulations and prove that the algorithm is remarkably ... More
Linear Convergence of Comparison-based Step-size Adaptive Randomized Search via Stability of Markov ChainsOct 29 2013Jun 02 2016In this paper, we consider comparison-based adaptive stochastic algorithms for solving numerical optimisation problems. We consider a specific subclass of algorithms that we call comparison-based step-size adaptive randomized search (CB-SARS), where the ... More
Polynomial identity rings as rings of functionsJul 08 2004Aug 05 2005We generalize the usual relationship between irreducible Zariski closed subsets of the affine space, their defining ideals, coordinate rings, and function fields, to a non-commutative setting, where "varieties" carry a PGL_n-action, regular and rational ... More
Massively Parallel Construction of Radix Tree Forests for the Efficient Sampling of Discrete Probability DistributionsJan 02 2019We compare different methods for sampling from discrete probability distributions and introduce a new algorithm which is especially efficient on massively parallel processors, such as GPUs. The scheme preserves the distribution properties of the input ... More
Massively Parallel Stackless Ray Tracing of Catmull-Clark Subdivision SurfacesNov 08 2018We present a fast and efficient method for intersecting rays with Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces. It takes advantage of the approximation democratized by OpenSubdiv, in which regular patches are represented by tensor product B\'ezier surfaces and ... More
Dendroidal sets as models for connective spectraMar 30 2012May 19 2014Dendroidal sets have been introduced as a combinatorial model for homotopy coherent operads. We introduce the notion of fully Kan dendroidal sets and show that there is a model structure on the category of dendroidal sets with fibrant objects given by ... More
Twisted differential cohomologyJun 12 2014The main goal of the present paper is the construction of twisted generalized differential cohomology theories and the comprehensive statement of its basic functorial properties. Technically it combines the homotopy theoretic approach to (untwisted) generalized ... More
Equivariance In Higher GeometryApr 26 2010May 27 2011We study (pre-)sheaves in bicategories on geometric categories: smooth manifolds, manifolds with a Lie group action and Lie groupoids. We present three main results: we describe equivariant descent, we generalize the plus construction to our setting and ... More
Distributed Machine Learning in Materials that Couple Sensing, Actuation, Computation and CommunicationJun 11 2016This paper reviews machine learning applications and approaches to detection, classification and control of intelligent materials and structures with embedded distributed computation elements. The purpose of this survey is to identify desired tasks to ... More
Presentably symmetric monoidal infinity-categories are represented by symmetric monoidal model categoriesJun 04 2015Mar 10 2017We prove the theorem stated in the title. More precisely, we show the stronger statement that every symmetric monoidal left adjoint functor between presentably symmetric monoidal infinity-categories is represented by a strong symmetric monoidal left Quillen ... More
Tame group actions on central simple algebrasMar 14 2007Jul 30 2007We study actions of linear algebraic groups on finite-dimensional central simple algebras. We describe the fixed algebra for a broad class of such actions.
Group actions on central simple algebras: a geometric approachAug 31 2004Sep 19 2005We study actions of linear algebraic groups on central simple algebras using algebro-geometric techniques. Suppose an algebraic group G acts on a central simple algebra A of degree n. We are interested in questions of the following type: (a) Do the G-fixed ... More
T-Duality via Gerby Geometry and ReductionsMay 26 2013Jun 13 2015We consider topological T-duality of torus bundles equipped with S^{1}-gerbes. We show how a geometry on the gerbe determines a reduction of its band to the subsheaf of S^{1}-valued functions which are constant along the torus fibres. We observe that ... More
Bicategories in field theories - an invitationNov 29 2011We explain some applications of bicategories in both classical and quantum field theory. This includes a modern perspective on some pioneering work of Max Kreuzer and Bert Schellekens on rational conformal field theory.
Presentably symmetric monoidal infinity-categories are represented by symmetric monoidal model categoriesJun 04 2015Jul 14 2015We prove the theorem stated in the title. More precisely, we show the stronger statement that every symmetric monoidal left adjoint functor between presentably symmetric monoidal infinity-categories is represented by a strong symmetric monoidal left Quillen ... More
Sparser Sparse RoadmapsOct 24 2016We present methods for offline generation of sparse roadmap spanners that result in graphs 79% smaller than existing approaches while returning solutions of equivalent path quality. Our method uses a hybrid approach to sampling that combines traditional ... More
Fast, High Precision Ray/Fiber Intersection using Tight, Disjoint Bounding VolumesNov 08 2018Analyzing and identifying the shortcomings of current subdivision methods for finding intersections of rays with fibers defined by the surface of a circular contour swept along a B\'ezier curve, we present a new algorithm that improves precision and performance. ... More
Perturbation theory for Markov chains via Wasserstein distanceMar 13 2015Feb 23 2017Perturbation theory for Markov chains addresses the question how small differences in the transitions of Markov chains are reflected in differences between their distributions. We prove powerful and flexible bounds on the distance of the $n$th step distributions ... More
Lifting Problems and Transgression for Non-Abelian GerbesDec 20 2011May 08 2013We discuss various lifting and reduction problems for bundles and gerbes in the context of a strict Lie 2-group. We obtain a geometrical formulation (and a new proof) for the exactness of Breen's long exact sequence in non-abelian cohomology. We use our ... More
Products of Foldable TriangulationsAug 10 2005Jul 27 2006Regular triangulations of products of lattice polytopes are constructed with the additional property that the dual graphs of the triangulations are bipartite. The (weighted) size difference of this bipartition is a lower bound for the number of real roots ... More
Cartier modules and cyclotomic spectraSep 05 2018We construct and study a t-structure on p-typical cyclotomic spectra and explain how to recover crystalline cohomology of smooth schemes over perfect fields using this t-structure. Our main tool is a new approach to p-typical cyclotomic spectra via objects ... More
Scaling portfolio volatility and calculating risk contributions in the presence of serial cross-correlationsSep 19 2010Nov 29 2011In practice daily volatility of portfolio returns is transformed to longer holding periods by multiplying by the square-root of time which assumes that returns are not serially correlated. Under this assumption this procedure of scaling can also be applied ... More
Perturbation theory for Markov chains via Wasserstein distanceMar 13 2015Mar 26 2015Perturbation theory for Markov chains addresses the question how small differences in the transitions of Markov chains are reflected in differences between their distributions. We prove powerful and flexible bounds on the distance of the $n$th step distributions ... More
On the Relation between K- AND L-Theory of $C^*$-AlgebrasAug 09 2016We prove the existence of a map of spectra $\tau_A \colon kA \to lA$ between connective topological K-theory and connective algebraic L-theory of a complex $C^*$-algebra A which is natural in A and compatible with multiplicative structures. We determine ... More
Linear Convergence on Positively Homogeneous Functions of a Comparison Based Step-Size Adaptive Randomized Search: the (1+1) ES with Generalized One-fifth Success RuleOct 31 2013In the context of unconstraint numerical optimization, this paper investigates the global linear convergence of a simple probabilistic derivative-free optimization algorithm (DFO). The algorithm samples a candidate solution from a standard multivariate ... More
Error bounds of MCMC for functions with unbounded stationary varianceDec 16 2013Jan 26 2015We prove explicit error bounds for Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods to compute expectations of functions with unbounded stationary variance. We assume that there is a $p\in(1,2)$ so that the functions have finite $L_p$-norm. For uniformly ergodic ... More
Four Equivalent Versions of Non-Abelian GerbesMar 24 2011Jul 17 2013We recall and partially improve four versions of smooth, non-abelian gerbes: Cech cocycles, classifying maps, bundle gerbes, and principal 2-bundles. We prove that all these four versions are equivalent, and so establish new relations between interesting ... More
Group actions and invariants in algebras of generic matricesJul 27 2005Sep 06 2005We show that the fixed elements for the natural GL_m-action on the universal division algebra UD(m,n) of m generic n x n matrices form a division subalgebra of degree n, assuming n >= 3 and 2 <= m <= n^2 - 2. This allows us to describe the asymptotic ... More
On topological cyclic homologyJul 06 2017Sep 07 2018Topological cyclic homology is a refinement of Connes--Tsygan's cyclic homology which was introduced by B\"okstedt--Hsiang--Madsen in 1993 as an approximation to algebraic $K$-theory. There is a trace map from algebraic $K$-theory to topological cyclic ... More
Knotted Polyhedral ToriJul 09 2007For every knot K with stick number k there is a knotted polyhedral torus of knot type K with 3k vertices. We prove that at least 3k-2 vertices are necessary.
Isotropization in the approach to big rip singularities for Cardassian modelsApr 23 2008Cardassian models are an alternative to general relativity which have been proposed as an approach to explaining accelerated cosmic expansion while avoiding directly introducing dark energy. They are generally formulated only in the homogeneous and isotropic ... More
Variational discretization of a control-constrained parabolic bang-bang optimal control problemJul 05 2017We consider a control-constrained parabolic optimal control problem without Tikhonov term in the tracking functional. For the numerical treatment, we use variational discretization of its Tikhonov regularization: For the state and the adjoint equation, ... More
Principal infinity-bundles - General theoryJul 01 2012The theory of principal bundles makes sense in any infinity-topos, such as that of topological, of smooth, or of otherwise geometric infinity-groupoids/infinity-stacks, and more generally in slices of these. It provides a natural geometric model for structured ... More
Lax colimits and free fibrations in $\infty$-categoriesJan 09 2015Jun 02 2015We define and discuss lax and weighted colimits of diagrams in $\infty$-categories and show that the coCartesian fibration associated to a functor is given by its lax colimit. A key ingredient, of independent interest, is a simple characterization of ... More
Nonlinear association structures in flexible Bayesian additive joint modelsAug 21 2017Oct 23 2017Joint models of longitudinal and survival data have become an important tool for modeling associations between longitudinal biomarkers and event processes. The association between marker and log-hazard is assumed to be linear in existing shared random ... More
Cumulative Step-size Adaptation on Linear Functions: Technical ReportJun 06 2012Jun 29 2012The CSA-ES is an Evolution Strategy with Cumulative Step size Adaptation, where the step size is adapted measuring the length of a so-called cumulative path. The cumulative path is a combination of the previous steps realized by the algorithm, where the ... More
What's in a ball? Constructing and characterizing uncertainty setsOct 06 2015In the presence of model risk, it is well-established to replace classical expected values by worst-case expectations over all models within a fixed radius from a given reference model. This is the "robustness" approach. We show that previous methods ... More
Perturbation Bounds for Monte Carlo within Metropolis via Restricted ApproximationsSep 25 2018The Monte Carlo within Metropolis (MCwM) algorithm, interpreted as a perturbed Metropolis-Hastings (MH) algorithm, provides a simple approach for approximate sampling when the target distribution is doubly-intractable or contains latent variables. We ... More
On the Blumberg-Mandell Künneth theorem for TPOct 16 2017Jul 31 2018We give a new proof of the recent K\"unneth theorem for periodic topological cyclic homology (TP) of smooth and proper dg categories over perfect fields of characteristic p>0 due to Blumberg and Mandell. Our result is slightly stronger and implies a finiteness ... More
A consistent analytical formulation for volume-estimation of geometries enclosed by implicitly defined surfacesApr 03 2017We have derived an analytical formulation for estimating the volume of geometries enclosed by implicitly defined surfaces. The novelty of this work is due to two aspects. First we provide a general analytical formulation for all two-dimensional cases, ... More
High-resolution transport of regional level sets for evolving complex interface networksFeb 08 2017In this paper we describe a high-resolution transport formulation of the regional level-set approach for an improved prediction of the evolution of complex interface networks. The novelty of this method is twofold: (i) construction of local level sets ... More
Positivity-preserving method for multi-resolution simulations of compressible flowsJul 18 2018We present a positivity-preserving method for multi-resolution simulations of compressible flows involving extreme conditions such as near vacuum and strong discontinuities. The novelty of this work is due to two aspects. First we extend the positivity-preserving ... More
A variational-level-set based partitioning method for block-structured meshesJan 11 2018We propose a numerical method for solving block-structured mesh partitioning problems based on the variational level-set method of (Zhao et al., J Comput Phys 127, 1996) which has been widely used in many partitioning problems such as image segmentation ... More
Principal infinity-bundles - PresentationsJul 01 2012We discuss two aspects of the presentation of the theory of principal infinity-bundles in an infinity-topos, introduced in [NSSa], in terms of categories of simplicial (pre)sheaves. First we show that over a cohesive site C and for G a presheaf of simplicial ... More
Cumulative Step-size Adaptation on Linear FunctionsDec 01 2012The CSA-ES is an Evolution Strategy with Cumulative Step size Adaptation, where the step size is adapted measuring the length of a so-called cumulative path. The cumulative path is a combination of the previous steps realized by the algorithm, where the ... More
Pathwise Iteration for Backward SDEsMay 24 2016Jun 23 2016We introduce a novel numerical approach for a class of stochastic dynamic programs which arise as discretizations of backward stochastic differential equations or semi-linear partial differential equations. Solving such dynamic programs numerically requires ... More
Delay Bounds in Feed-Forward Networks - A Fast and Accurate Network Calculus SolutionMar 07 2016Guaranteeing accurate worst-case bounds on the end-to-end delay that data flows experience in communication networks is required for a variety of safety-critical systems, for instance in avionics. Deterministic Network Calculus (DNC) is a widely used ... More
Equivariant Modular Categories via Dijkgraaf-Witten TheoryMar 15 2011Aug 23 2011Based on a weak action of a finite group J on a finite group G, we present a geometric construction of J-equivariant Dijkgraaf-Witten theory as an extended topological field theory. The construction yields an explicitly accessible class of equivariant ... More
Differential cohomology theories as sheaves of spectraNov 13 2013We show that every sheaf on the site of smooth manifolds with values in a stable (infinity,1)-category (like spectra or chain complexes) gives rise to a differential cohomology diagram and a homotopy formula, which are common features of all classical ... More
A primal-dual algorithm for BSDEsOct 14 2013Sep 26 2014We generalize the primal-dual methodology, which is popular in the pricing of early-exercise options, to a backward dynamic programming equation associated with time discretization schemes of (reflected) backward stochastic differential equations (BSDEs). ... More
The Beilinson regulator is a map of ring spectraSep 18 2015We prove that the Beilinson regulator, which is a map from $K$-theory to absolute Hodge cohomology of a smooth variety, admits a refinement to a map of $E_\infty$-ring spectra in the sense of algebraic topology. To this end we exhibit absolute Hodge cohomology ... More
Augmented Reality Oculus RiftApr 29 2016This paper covers the whole process of developing an Augmented Reality Stereoscopig Render Engine for the Oculus Rift. To capture the real world in form of a camera stream, two cameras with fish-eye lenses had to be installed on the Oculus Rift DK1 hardware. ... More
Convergence of the Continuous Time Trajectories of Isotropic Evolution Strategies on Monotonic C^2-composite FunctionsJun 21 2012The Information-Geometric Optimization (IGO) has been introduced as a unified framework for stochastic search algorithms. Given a parametrized family of probability distributions on the search space, the IGO turns an arbitrary optimization problem on ... More
Assessing usability of model driven development in industrial projectsSep 22 2014An integral use of the model driven development paradigm influences and changes an organization's software development division rather heavily. Such a paradigm reduces some tasks in complexity and costs, but also introduces new tasks and, if introduced ... More
Analysis of the Weighted Recombination Evolution Strategy on General Convex Quadratic FunctionsAug 17 2016Sep 09 2016We investigate evolution strategies with weighted recombination on general convex quadratic functions. We derive the asymptotic quality gain in the limit of the dimension to infinity, and derive the optimal recombination weights and the optimal step-size. ... More
Strictification of weakly equivariant Hopf algebrasSep 01 2011May 04 2012A weakly equivariant Hopf algebra is a Hopf algebra A with an action of a finite group G up to inner automorphisms. We show that each weakly equivariant Hopf algebra can be replaced by a Morita equivalent algebra B with a strict action of G and with a ... More
Magnetic interaction of jets and molecular clouds in NGC 4258Mar 13 2007NGC 4258 is a well known spiral galaxy with a peculiar large scale jet flow detected in the radio and in H-alpha. Due to the special geometry of the galaxy, the jets emerge from the nuclear region through the galactic disk. Also the distribution of molecular ... More
Crank-Nicolson time stepping and variational discretization of control-constrained parabolic optimal control problemsMar 12 2014Mar 06 2015We consider a control constrained parabolic optimal control problem and use variational discretization for its time semi-discretization. The state equation is treated with a Petrov-Galerkin scheme using a piecewise constant Ansatz for the state and piecewise ... More
Lattice Boltzmann model with self-tuning equation of state for multiphase flowsSep 07 2018A novel lattice Boltzmann (LB) model for multiphase flows is developed that complies with the thermodynamic foundations of kinetic theory. By directly devising the collision term for LB equation at the discrete level, a self-tuning equation of state is ... More
Massively Parallel Path Space FilteringFeb 15 2019Restricting path tracing to a small number of paths per pixel for performance reasons rarely achieves a satisfactory image quality for scenes of interest. However, path space filtering may dramatically improve the visual quality by sharing information ... More
Investigation of dissipative particle dynamics with colored noiseJan 08 2019We investigate the behavior of dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) with time-correlated random noise. A new stochastic force for DPD is proposed which consists of a random force whose noise has an algebraic correlation proportional to 1/t and is generated ... More
A Smooth Model for the String GroupApr 21 2011May 21 2012We construct a model for the string group as an infinite-dimensional Lie group. In a second step we extend this model by a contractible Lie group to a Lie 2-group model. To this end we need to establish some facts on the homotopy theory of Lie 2-groups. ... More
Principal infinity-bundles - General theoryJul 01 2012Nov 04 2016The theory of principal bundles makes sense in any infinity-topos, such as that of topological, of smooth, or of otherwise geometric infinity-groupoids/infinity-stacks, and more generally in slices of these. It provides a natural geometric model for structured ... More
Morphological and Embedded Computation in a Self-contained Soft Robotic HandMay 02 2016We present a self-contained, soft robotic hand composed of soft pneumatic actuator modules that are equipped with strain and pressure sensing. We show how this data can be used to discern whether a grasp was successful. Co-locating sensing and embedded ... More
Universality of multiplicative infinite loop space machinesMay 20 2013We establish a canonical and unique tensor product for commutative monoids and groups in an infinity-category C which generalizes the ordinary tensor product of abelian groups. Using this tensor product we show that E_n-(semi)ring objects in C give rise ... More
Markov Chain Analysis of Cumulative Step-size Adaptation on a Linear Constrained ProblemOct 15 2015This paper analyzes a (1, $\lambda$)-Evolution Strategy, a randomized comparison-based adaptive search algorithm, optimizing a linear function with a linear constraint. The algorithm uses resampling to handle the constraint. Two cases are investigated: ... More
Markov Chain Analysis of Evolution Strategies on a Linear Constraint Optimization ProblemApr 11 2014Dec 06 2014This paper analyses a $(1,\lambda)$-Evolution Strategy, a randomised comparison-based adaptive search algorithm, on a simple constraint optimisation problem. The algorithm uses resampling to handle the constraint and optimizes a linear function with a ... More
Lattice Boltzmann model with self-tuning equation of state for coupled thermo-hydrodynamic flowsSep 23 2018A novel lattice Boltzmann (LB) model with self-tuning equation of state (EOS) is developed in this work for simulating coupled thermo-hydrodynamic flows. The velocity field is solved by the recently developed multiple-relaxation-time (MRT) LB equation ... More
Limits to Arbitrage in Markets with Stochastic Settlement LatencyDec 03 2018Distributed ledger technologies rely on consensus protocols confronting traders with random waiting times until the transfer of ownership is accomplished. This time-consuming settlement process exposes arbitrageurs to price risk and imposes limits to ... More
Zonotopes With Large 2D CutsOct 16 2007Jun 03 2008There are d-dimensional zonotopes with n zones for which a 2-dimensional central section has \Omega(n^{d-1}) vertices. For d=3 this was known, with examples provided by the "Ukrainian easter eggs'' by Eppstein et al. Our result is asymptotically optimal ... More
Localization of Cofibration Categories and Groupoid $C^*$-algebrasSep 13 2016We prove that relative functors out of a cofibration category are essentially the same as relative functors which are only defined on the subcategory of cofibrations. As an application we give a new construction of the functor that assigns to a groupoid ... More
The post-nova populationOct 10 2011We here present our on-going project to unveil the post-nova population by re-discovering old novae that have been lost after the initial outburst and of which the binary itself is unobserved. We take UBVR photometry for the candidate selection, long-slit ... More
Estimating the Spot Covariation of Asset Prices - Statistical Theory and Empirical EvidenceJul 08 2017We propose a new estimator for the spot covariance matrix of a multi-dimensional continuous semi-martingale log asset price process which is subject to noise and non-synchronous observations. The estimator is constructed based on a local average of block-wise ... More
Resource Prediction for Humanoid RobotsMay 12 2014Humanoid robots are designed to operate in human centered environments where they execute a multitude of challenging tasks, each differing in complexity, resource requirements, and execution time. In such highly dynamic surroundings it is desirable to ... More
Information-Geometric Optimization Algorithms: A Unifying Picture via Invariance PrinciplesJun 19 2011Nov 18 2014We present a canonical way to turn any smooth parametric family of probability distributions on an arbitrary search space $X$ into a continuous-time black-box optimization method on $X$, the \emph{information-geometric optimization} (IGO) method. Invariance ... More
COCO: The Experimental ProcedureMar 29 2016May 19 2016We present a budget-free experimental setup and procedure for benchmarking numericaloptimization algorithms in a black-box scenario. This procedure can be applied with the COCO benchmarking platform. We describe initialization of and input to the algorithm ... More
LDSO: Direct Sparse Odometry with Loop ClosureAug 03 2018In this paper we present an extension of Direct Sparse Odometry (DSO) to a monocular visual SLAM system with loop closure detection and pose-graph optimization (LDSO). As a direct technique, DSO can utilize any image pixel with sufficient intensity gradient, ... More