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Designing allostery-inspired response in mechanical networksJul 28 2016Recent advances in designing meta-materials have demonstrated that global mechanical properties of disordered spring networks can be tuned by selectively modifying only a small subset of bonds. Here, using a computationally-efficient approach, we extend ... More
Ideal isotropic auxetic networks from random networksApr 08 2019Auxetic materials are characterized by a negative Poisson's ratio, $\mathrm{\nu}$. As the Poisson's ratio becomes negative and approaches the lower isotropic mechanical limit of $\mathrm{\nu = -1}$, materials show enhanced resistance to impact and shear, ... More
Auxetic metamaterials from disordered networksOct 02 2017Recent theoretical work suggests that systematic pruning of disordered networks consisting of nodes connected by springs can lead to materials that exhibit a host of unusual mechanical properties. In particular, global properties such as the Poisson's ... More
Directed aging, memory and Nature's greedMar 14 2019Disordered materials are often out of equilibrium and evolve very slowly. This allows a memory of the imposed strains or preparation conditions to be encoded in the material. Here we consider "directed aging", where the elastic properties of a material ... More
Exploring Information Centrality for Intrusion Detection in Large NetworksApr 27 2019Modern networked systems are constantly under threat from systemic attacks. There has been a massive upsurge in the number of devices connected to a network as well as the associated traffic volume. This has intensified the need to better understand all ... More
Investigation to implicate data on cloudsFeb 07 2012Cloud computing can and does mean different things to different people. The common characteristics most shares are on-demand secure access to metered services from nearly anywhere and dislocation of data from inside to outside the organization. Vision ... More
An Effective Approach for Mobile ad hoc Network via I-Watchdog ProtocolDec 27 2014Jan 21 2015Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is now days become very famous due to their fixed infrastructure-less quality and dynamic nature. They contain a large number of nodes which are connected and communicated to each other in wireless nature. Mobile ad hoc network ... More
Accomplish the Application Area in Cloud ComputingMar 10 2012In the cloud computing application area of accomplish, we find the fact that cloud computing covers a lot of areas are its main asset. At a top level, it is an approach to IT where many users, some even from different companies get access to shared IT ... More
Development of mechanism for enhancing data security in quantum cryptographyJun 22 2011Nowadays security in communication is increasingly important to the network communication because many categories of data are required restriction on authorization of access, modify, delete and insert. Quantum cryptography is one of the solutions that ... More
Performance Evaluation of Realistic Vanet Using Traffic Light ScenarioMar 09 2012Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) is attracting considerable attention from the research community and the automotive industry to improve the services of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). As today's transportation system faces serious challenges ... More
Extractive Summarization using Deep LearningAug 15 2017Jan 09 2019This paper proposes a text summarization approach for factual reports using a deep learning model. This approach consists of three phases: feature extraction, feature enhancement, and summary generation, which work together to assimilate core information ... More
Transmit antenna subset selection in MIMO OFDM system using adaptive mutation Genetic algorithmSep 11 2014Multiple input multiple output techniques are considered attractive for future wireless communication systems, due to the continuing demand for high data rates, spectral efficiency, suppress interference ability and robustness of transmission. MIMO-OFDM ... More
Private Q-Learning with Functional Noise in Continuous SpacesJan 30 2019We consider privacy-preserving algorithms for deep reinforcement learning. State-of-the-art methods that guarantee differential privacy are not extendable to very large state spaces because the noise level necessary to ensure privacy would scale to infinity. ... More
WhatsApp security and role of metadata in preserving privacyJan 24 2017WhatsApp messenger is arguably the most popular mobile app available on all smart-phones. Over one billion people worldwide for free messaging, calling, and media sharing use it. In April 2016, WhatsApp switched to a default end-to-end encrypted service. ... More
Graph Analytics for anomaly detection in homogeneous wireless networks - A Simulation ApproachJan 24 2017In the Internet of Things (IoT) devices are exposed to various kinds of attacks when connected to the Internet. An attack detection mechanism that understands the limitations of these severely resource-constrained devices is necessary. This is important ... More
Collapsing supra-massive magnetars: FRBs, the repeating FRB121102 and GRBsSep 01 2017Oct 02 2017Fast radio bursts (FRBs) last for $\sim $ few milli-seconds and, hence, are likely to arise from the gravitational collapse of supra-massive, spinning neutron stars after they lose the centrifugal support (Falcke \& Rezzolla 2014). In this paper, we provide ... More
Modified Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna for WiMAX Communication SystemDec 30 2014In this paper, a new design for U-shaped microstrip patch antenna is proposed, which can be used in WiMAX communication systems. The aim of this paper is to optimize the performance of microstrip patch antenna. Nowadays, WiMAX communication applications ... More
The Price of Privacy in Untrusted Recommendation EnginesJul 13 2012Oct 27 2014Recent increase in online privacy concerns prompts the following question: can a recommender system be accurate if users do not entrust it with their private data? To answer this, we study the problem of learning item-clusters under local differential ... More
Self-Organizing Flows in Social NetworksDec 05 2012Feb 28 2015Social networks offer users new means of accessing information, essentially relying on "social filtering", i.e. propagation and filtering of information by social contacts. The sheer amount of data flowing in these networks, combined with the limited ... More
Statistics of Bipolar Representation of CMB mapsSep 04 2011Gaussianity of temperature fluctuations in the Cosmic Microwave Background(CMB) implies that the statistical properties of the temperature field can be completely characterized by its two point correlation function. The two point correlation function ... More
Modified Trial Division Algorithm Using KNJ-Factorization Method To Factorize RSA Public Key EncryptionJan 10 2015The security of RSA algorithm depends upon the positive integer N, which is the multiple of two precise large prime numbers. Factorization of such great numbers is a problematic process. There are many algorithms has been implemented in the past years. ... More
Optimal Content Replication and Request Matching in Large Caching SystemsJan 09 2018We consider models of content delivery networks in which the servers are constrained by two main resources: memory and bandwidth. In such systems, the throughput crucially depends on how contents are replicated across servers and how the requests of specific ... More
Size Does Matter (in P2P Live Streaming)Sep 09 2009Optimal dissemination schemes have previously been studied for peer-to-peer live streaming applications. Live streaming being a delay-sensitive application, fine tuning of dissemination parameters is crucial. In this report, we investigate optimal sizing ... More
Enhanced Tiny Encryption Algorithm with Embedding (ETEA)Jun 03 2013As computer systems become more pervasive and complex, security is increasingly important. Secure Transmission refers to the transfer of data such as confidential or proprietary information over a secure channel. Many secure transmission methods require ... More
Structure and Magnetization of Co4N Thin FilmFeb 11 2017In this work, we studied the local structure and the magnetization of Co4N thin films deposited by a reactive dc magnetron sputtering process. The interstitial incorporation of N atoms in a fcc Co lattice is expected to expand the structure and such expansion ... More
Computing Convex Hulls of TrajectoriesOct 08 2018We study the convex hulls of trajectories of polynomial dynamical systems. Such trajectories include real algebraic curves. The boundaries of the resulting convex bodies are stratified into families of faces. We present numerical algorithms for identifying ... More
Spontaneous evolution of self-assembled phases from anisotropic colloidal dispersionsJun 07 2013We investigate the spontaneous evolution of various self-assembled phase states from a homogeneous aqueous dispersion of high-aspect ratio Montmorillonite (Na Cloisite) nanoclay platelets grounded on the observations made over a period of 3.5 years. We ... More
Recovering hidden signals of statistical anisotropy from a masked or partial CMB skyOct 08 2015Any isotropy violating phenomena on cosmic microwave background (CMB) induces off-diagonal correlations in the two-point function. These correlations themselves can be used to estimate the underlying anisotropic signals. Masking due to residual foregrounds, ... More
A novel approach to reconstructing signals of isotropy violation from a masked CMB skyJun 01 2015Statistical isotropy (SI) is one of the fundamental assumptions made in cosmological model building. This assumption is now being rigorously tested using the almost full sky measurements of the CMB anisotropies. A major hurdle in any such analysis is ... More
Bipolar Harmonic encoding of CMB correlation patternsDec 16 2009Mar 15 2010Deviations from statistical isotropy can be modeled in various ways, for instance, anisotropic cosmological models (Bianchi models), compact topologies and presence of primordial magnetic field. Signature of anisotropy manifests itself in CMB correlation ... More
Security and Privacy of performing Data Analytics in the cloud - A three-way handshake of Technology, Policy, and ManagementJan 24 2017Cloud platform came into existence primarily to accelerate IT delivery and to promote innovation. To this point, it has performed largely well to the expectations of technologists, businesses and customers. The service aspect of this technology has paved ... More
Estimating SI violation in CMB due to non-circular beam and complex scan in minutesNov 11 2015Mild, unavoidable deviations from circular-symmetry of instrumental beams along with scan strategy can give rise to measurable Statistical Isotropy (SI) violation in Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) experiments. If not accounted properly, this spurious ... More
Revealing Non-circular beam effect in WMAP-7 CMB maps with BipoSH measures of Statistical IsotropyOct 27 2012Jul 19 2013Mild, unavoidable deviations from circular-symmetry of instrumental beams in current Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) experiments now pose a significant challenge to deriving high precision inferences from the high sensitivity and resolution of CMB measurements. ... More
Measuring our velocity from fluctuations in number countsAug 29 2018Our velocity relative to the cosmic microwave background (CMB) generates a dipole from the CMB monopole, which was accurately measured by COBE. The relative velocity also modulates and aberrates the CMB fluctuations, generating a small signature of statistical ... More
Statistical isotropy violation in WMAP CMB maps resulting from non-circular beamsJan 30 2014Jun 22 2016Statistical isotropy (SI) of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) fluctuations is a key observational test to validate the cosmological principle underlying the standard model of cosmology. While a detection of SI violation would have immense cosmological ... More
Know Your Phish: Novel Techniques for Detecting Phishing Sites and their TargetsOct 22 2015Apr 25 2016Phishing is a major problem on the Web. Despite the significant attention it has received over the years, there has been no definitive solution. While the state-of-the-art solutions have reasonably good performance, they require a large amount of training ... More
Phase formation, thermal stability and magnetic moment of cobalt nitride thin filmsMay 29 2015Cobalt nitride (Co-N) thin films prepared using a reactive magnetron sputtering process by varying the relative nitrogen gas flow (\pn) are studied in this work. As \pn~increases, Co(N), \tcn, Co$_3$N and CoN phases are formed. An incremental increase ... More
Measuring our velocity from fluctuations in number countsAug 29 2018Feb 12 2019Our velocity relative to the cosmic microwave background (CMB) generates a dipole from the CMB monopole, which was accurately measured by COBE. The relative velocity also modulates and aberrates the CMB fluctuations, generating a small signature of statistical ... More
Shifting Behaviour of Users: Towards Understanding the Fundamental Law of Social NetworksJul 28 2015Nov 07 2015Social Networking Sites (SNSs) are powerful marketing and communication tools. There are hundreds of SNSs that have entered and exited the market over time. The coexistence of multiple SNSs is a rarely observed phenomenon. Most coexisting SNSs either ... More
Safety-Interlock System of the DSSC X-Ray ImagerDec 12 2016In this paper, the DSSC safety-interlock system is introduced. It is designed to keep the DSSC mega-pixel camera in a safe-state. The system is composed of four inter-communicating sub-systems referred here as a master SIB (safety-interlock board) and ... More
Effect of Al doping on phase formation and thermal stability of iron nitride thin filmsMay 20 2015In the present work, we systematically studied the effect of Al doping on the phase formation of iron nitride (Fe-N) thin films. Fe-N thin films with different concentration of Al (Al=0, 2, 3, 6, and 12 at.%) were deposited using dc magnetron sputtering ... More
Structural and magnetic properties of Co-N thin films deposited using magnetron sputtering at 523 KJul 29 2016In this work, we studied cobalt nitride (Co-N) thin films deposited using a dc magnetron sputtering method at a substrate temperature (\Ts) of 523\,K. We find that independent of the reactive gas flow (\pn) used during sputtering, the phases of Co-N formed ... More
A Heuristic EDF Uplink Scheduler for Real Time Application in WiMAX CommunicationJan 19 2015Jan 24 2015WiMAX, Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, is a developing wireless communication scheme that can provide broadband access to large-scale coverage. WiMAX belongs to the family of standards of IEEE-802.16. To satisfy user demands and support ... More
Structural, electrical and magnetic properties of nanostructured Mn2Ni1.6Sn0.4 melt spun ribbonsDec 02 2014Nanocrystalline ribbons of inverse Heusler alloy Mn2Ni1.6Sn0.4 have been synthesised by melt spinning of the arc melted bulk precursor. The single phase ribbons crystallize into a cubic structure and exhibit very fine crystallite size of < 2 nm. Temperature ... More
Comments on the Refractive Index of Tin Sulphide Nano-crystalline Thin FilmsFeb 16 2013The refractive indices of nano-crystalline thin films of Tin (IV) Sulphide (SnS) were investigated here. The experimental data conformed well with the single oscillator model for refractive indices. Based on the this, we explain the increasing trend of ... More
Orthogonal BipoSH measures : Scrutinizing sources of isotropy violationSep 17 2014The two point correlation function of the CMB temperature anisotropies is generally assumed to be statistically isotropic (SI). Deviations from this assumption could be traced to physical or observational artefacts and systematic effects. Measurement ... More
Optimal control of end-user energy storageMar 08 2012Dec 05 2012An increasing number of retail energy markets show price fluctuations, providing users with the opportunity to buy energy at lower than average prices. We propose to temporarily store this inexpensive energy in a battery, and use it to satisfy demand ... More
Program Synthesis using Natural LanguageSep 01 2015Interacting with computers is a ubiquitous activity for millions of people. Repetitive or specialized tasks often require creation of small, often one-off, programs. End-users struggle with learning and using the myriad of domain-specific languages (DSLs) ... More
On Shadowing the $κ$-$μ$ Fading ModelAug 15 2018In this paper, we extensively investigate the way in which $\kappa$-$\mu$ fading channels can be impacted by shadowing. Following from this, a family of shadowed $\kappa$-$\mu$ fading models are introduced, classified according to whether the underlying ... More
Femtosecond laser induced surface modification for prevention of bacterial adhesion on 45S5 bioactive glassJun 20 2017Bacterial attachment and biofilm formation on implant surface has been a major concern in hospital and industrial environment. Prevention of bacterial infections of implant surface through surface treatment could be a potential solution and hence this ... More
Finding pathways for stoichiometric Co4N thin filmsJan 14 2019In this work, we studied the pathways for formation of stoichiometric \tcn~thin films. Polycrystalline and epitaxial \tcn~films were prepared using reactive direct current magnetron (dcMS) sputtering technique. A systematic variation in the substrate ... More
Sixty-Four Curves of Degree SixMar 05 2017Jul 22 2017We present a computational study of smooth curves of degree six in the real projective plane. In the Rokhlin-Nikulin classification, there are 56 topological types, refined into 64 rigid isotopy classes. We developed software that determines the topological ... More
Load Balancing Optimization in LTE/LTE-A Cellular Networks: A ReviewDec 23 2014During the past few decades wireless technology has seen a tremendous growth. The recent introduction of high-end mobile devices has further increased subscriber's demand for high bandwidth. Current cellular systems require manual configuration and management ... More
Large Area Fabrication of Semiconducting Phosphorene by Langmuir Blodgett AssemblyMay 03 2016Aug 19 2016Although a considerable number of solvent based methodologies have been developed for exfoliating black phosphorus, so far there are no reports on controlled organization of these exfoliated nanosheets on substrates. Here, for the first time to the best ... More
Magnetism and structure of in-situ grown FeN films studied using N K-edge XAS and nuclear resonance scatteringFeb 09 2019We studied the structural and magnetic properties of \textit{in-situ} grown iron mononitride (FeN) thin films. Initial stages of film growth were trapped utilizing synchrotron based soft x-ray absorption near edge spectroscopy (XANES) at the N $K$-edge ... More
High Yield Synthesis and Chemical Exfoliation of Two-Dimensional Layered Hafnium DisulphideNov 03 2016Hafnium disulphide (HfS2) is a layered two-dimensional material of group IV transition metal dichalcogenides having potential in the field of electronic applications. However, producing its monolayers and few-layers in high yield with environmental stability ... More
Appreciable magnetic moment and energy density in single step normal route synthesized MnBiAug 16 2013Sep 25 2013We study the structural and magnetic properties of the MnBi inter-metallic compound. The LTP (Low Temperature Phase) MnBi compound is successfully synthesized in single step by vacuum encapsulation technique and rapid quenching from phase formation temperature. ... More
REFUGE CHALLENGE 2018-Task 2:Deep Optic Disc and Cup Segmentation in Fundus Images Using U-Net and Multi-scale Feature Matching NetworksJul 30 2018In this paper, an optic disc and cup segmentation method is proposed using U-Net followed by a multi-scale feature matching network. The proposed method targets task 2 of the REFUGE challenge 2018. In order to solve the segmentation problem of task 2, ... More
High yield synthesis and liquid exfoliation of two-dimensional belt like hafnium disulphideNov 03 2016May 30 2017Producing monolayers and few-layers in high yield with environment-stability is still a challenge in hafnium disulphide (HfS2), which is a layered two-dimensional material of group-IV transition metal dichalcogenides, to reveal its unlocked electronic ... More
Elucidating the Structure of the Magnesium Aluminum Chloride Complex electrolyte for Magnesium-ion batteriesNov 08 2015We present a rigorous analysis of the Magnesium Aluminum Chloro Complex (MACC) in tetrahydrofuran (THF), one of the few electrolytes that can reversibly plate and strip Mg. We use \emph{ab initio} calculations and classical molecular dynamics simulations ... More
Retinal Optic Disc Segmentation using Conditional Generative Adversarial NetworkJun 11 2018This paper proposed a retinal image segmentation method based on conditional Generative Adversarial Network (cGAN) to segment optic disc. The proposed model consists of two successive networks: generator and discriminator. The generator learns to map ... More
Breast Tumor Segmentation and Shape Classification in Mammograms using Generative Adversarial and Convolutional Neural NetworkSep 05 2018Oct 23 2018Mammogram inspection in search of breast tumors is a tough assignment that radiologists must carry out frequently. Therefore, image analysis methods are needed for the detection and delineation of breast masses, which portray crucial morphological information ... More
Conditional Generative Adversarial and Convolutional Networks for X-ray Breast Mass Segmentation and Shape ClassificationMay 25 2018Jun 10 2018This paper proposes a novel approach based on conditional Generative Adversarial Networks (cGAN) for breast mass segmentation in mammography. We hypothesized that the cGAN structure is well-suited to accurately outline the mass area, especially when the ... More
Novel Hard Link-Switching Scheme using Pre-Scanning for Indoor VLC NetworksApr 21 2018VLC is attracting a lot of attention as an emerging potential technology for deployment in next generation indoor wireless networks. Use of efficient link switching scheme among VLC access points is critical in indoor environment to provide seamless connectivity ... More
The ARIEL-CMU Systems for LoReHLT18Feb 24 2019This paper describes the ARIEL-CMU submissions to the Low Resource Human Language Technologies (LoReHLT) 2018 evaluations for the tasks Machine Translation (MT), Entity Discovery and Linking (EDL), and detection of Situation Frames in Text and Speech ... More
The ISTI Rapid Response on Exploring Cloud Computing 2018Jan 04 2019This report describes eighteen projects that explored how commercial cloud computing services can be utilized for scientific computation at national laboratories. These demonstrations ranged from deploying proprietary software in a cloud environment to ... More