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Integrals containing the infinite product $\prod_{n=0}^\infty\Bigl[1+\bigl(\frac{x}{b+n}\bigr)^3\Bigr]$Dec 20 2017We study several integrals that contain the infinite product ${\displaystyle\prod_{n=0}^\infty}\left[1+\left(\frac{x}{b+n}\right)^3\right]$ in the denominator of their integrand. These considerations lead to closed form evaluation $\displaystyle\int_{-\infty}^\infty\frac{dx}{\left(e^x+e^{-x}+e^{ix\sqrt{3}}\right)^2}=\frac{1}{3}$ ... More
Finite and infinite product transformationsDec 17 2017Several infinite products are studied along with their finite counterparts. For certain values of the parameters these infinite products reduce to modular forms. The finite product formulas give an elementary proof of a particular modular transformation. ... More
Storage of Natural Language Sentences in a Hopfield NetworkAug 02 1996This paper look at how the Hopfield neural network can be used to store and recall patterns constructed from natural language sentences. As a pattern recognition and storage tool, the Hopfield neural network has received much attention. This attention ... More
N-Gram Cluster Identification During Empirical Knowledge Representation GenerationDec 05 1994This paper presents an overview of current research concerning knowledge extraction from technical texts. In particular, the use of empirical techniques during the identification and generation of a semantic representation is considered. A key step is ... More
Ideal Quantum Gases with Planck Scale LimitationsMar 14 2015A thermodynamic system of non-interacting quantum particles changes its statistical distribution formulas if there is a universal limitation for the size of energetic quantum leaps (magnitude of quantum leaps smaller than Planck energy). By means of a ... More
Dirac Equation and Planck-Scale QuantitiesFeb 08 2016This work investigates in which form quantities with Planck dimensions occur already in the common quantum theory with local Lorentz symmetry. Since such Planck quantities as Planck length or Planck mass involve the Planck constant h, the velocity of ... More
Microsimulation Model Calibration using Incremental Mixture Approximate Bayesian ComputationApr 06 2018Aug 13 2018Microsimulation models (MSMs) are used to predict population-level effects of health care policies by simulating individual-level outcomes. Simulated outcomes are governed by unknown parameters that are chosen so that the model accurately predicts specific ... More
Two-dimensional Fourier transformations and Mordell integralsDec 12 2017Several Fourier transformations of functions of one and two variables are evaluated and then used to derive some integral and series identities. It is shown that certain two- dimensional Mordell integrals factorize into product of two integrals and that ... More
Perturbative Wilsonian Formalism for Noncommutative Gauge Theories in the Matrix RepresentationMay 07 2003We study the perturbative approach to the Wilsonian integration of noncommutative gauge theories in the matrix representation. We begin by motivating the study of noncommutative gauge theories and reviewing the matrix formulation. We then systematically ... More
UV-IR mixing and the quantum consistency of noncommutative gauge theoriesNov 08 2002We study the quantum mechanical consistency of noncommutative gauge theories by perturbatively analyzing the Wilsonian quantum effective action in the matrix formulation. In the process of integrating out UV states, we find new divergences having dual ... More
Quadratic Transformations of Hypergeometric Function and Series with Harmonic NumbersJan 08 2018Jan 16 2018In this brief note, we show how to apply Kummer's and other quadratic transformation formulas for Gauss' and generalized hypergeometric functions in order to obtain transformation and summation formulas for series with harmonic numbers that contain one ... More
Raising Reliability of Web Search Tool Research through Replication and Chaos TheoryJul 27 1999Because the World Wide Web is a dynamic collection of information, the Web search tools (or "search engines") that index the Web are dynamic. Traditional information retrieval evaluation techniques may not provide reliable results when applied to the ... More
On CW-complexes over groups with periodic cohomologyMay 28 2019If $G$ has $4$-periodic cohomology and at most two one-dimensional quaternionic representations, then $G$ has the D2 property if and only if $G$ has a balanced presentation. We use this to solve Wall's D2 problem for several infinite families of non-abelian ... More
Improved estimates for the number of privileged wordsJun 25 2015In combinatorics on words, a word w of length n over an alphabet of size q is said to be privileged if n <= 1 or if n >= 2 and w has a privileged border that occurs exactly twice in w. Forsyth, Jayakumar and Shallit proved that there exist at least 2^{n-5}/n^2 ... More
An invariant for flat virtual knotsAug 03 2007Nov 13 2007The paper has been withdrawn by the author, due to a critical error stemming from the defined template.
Low energy scattering phase shifts for meson-baryon systemsNov 07 2015Jun 27 2016In this work, we calculate meson-baryon scattering phase shifts in four channels using lattice QCD methods. From a set of calculations at four volumes, corresponding to spatial sizes of 2, 2.5, 3, and 4 fm, and a pion mass of m_pi ~ 390 MeV, we determine ... More
Reducing Baryon Noise in Lattice QCD Through Partial QuenchingJun 09 2009Jan 12 2010The study of nuclear physics using lattice QCD is hindered by an exponentially large signal-to-noise problem which is conventionally alleviated by raising the quark masses to unphysically high values. We propose a novel form of partial quenching for calculations ... More
PL-virtual knotsJul 13 2009Piecewise-linear virtual knots are discussed and classified up to edge index six.
Improved estimates for the number of privileged wordsJun 25 2015Jan 31 2018In combinatorics on words, a word w of length n over an alphabet of size q is said to be privileged if n <= 1 or if n >= 2 and w has a privileged border that occurs exactly twice in w. Forsyth, Jayakumar and Shallit proved that there exist at least 2^{n-5}/n^2 ... More
The Frobenius problem for the shuffle operationAug 30 2016We characterize the finite sets S of words such that that the iterated shuffle of S is co-finite and we give some bounds on the length of a longest word not in the iterated shuffle of S.
An Entropic Model of GaiaMay 04 2017We modify the Tangled Nature Model of Christensen et. al. so that the agents affect the carrying capacity. This leads to a model of species-environment co-evolution where the system tends to have a larger carrying capacity with life than without. We discuss ... More
Universal noise and Efimov physicsAug 29 2015Probability distributions for correlation functions of particles interacting via random-valued fields are discussed as a novel tool for determining the spectrum of a theory. In particular, this method is used to determine the energies of universal N-body ... More
Slingshot Dynamics for Self Replicating Probes and the Effect on Exploration TimescalesJul 05 2013Interstellar probes can carry out slingshot manoeuvres around the stars they visit, gaining a boost in velocity by extracting energy from the star's motion around the Galactic Centre. These maneouvres carry little to no extra energy cost, and in previous ... More
Asymptotics of certain families of Higgs bundles in the Hitchin componentMay 06 2014Jan 21 2015Using Hitchin's parameterization of the Hitchin-Teichm\"uller component of the $SL(n,\mathbb{R})$ representation variety, we study the asymptotics of certain families of representations. In fact, for certain Higgs bundles in the $SL(n,\mathbb{R})$-Hitchin ... More
An information measure for comparing top $k$ listsOct 01 2013Comparing the top $k$ elements between two or more ranked results is a common task in many contexts and settings. A few measures have been proposed to compare top $k$ lists with attractive mathematical properties, but they face a number of pitfalls and ... More
Syndromic classification of Twitter messagesOct 13 2011Recent studies have shown strong correlation between social networking data and national influenza rates. We expanded upon this success to develop an automated text mining system that classifies Twitter messages in real time into six syndromic categories ... More
Implementing Neural Turing MachinesJul 23 2018Jul 26 2018Neural Turing Machines (NTMs) are an instance of Memory Augmented Neural Networks, a new class of recurrent neural networks which decouple computation from memory by introducing an external memory unit. NTMs have demonstrated superior performance over ... More
Characterization and valuation of uncertainty of calibrated parameters in stochastic decision modelsJun 11 2019We evaluated the implications of different approaches to characterize uncertainty of calibrated parameters of stochastic decision models (DMs) in the quantified value of such uncertainty in decision making. We used a microsimulation DM of colorectal cancer ... More
Nonalternating knots and Jones polynomialsSep 21 2006Nov 01 2006Although most knots are nonalternating, modern research in knot theory seems to focus on alternating knots. We consider here nonalternating knots and their properties. Specifically, we show certain classes of knots have nontrivial Jones polynomials.
Lattice methods and effective field theoryAug 08 2016Lattice field theory is a non-perturbative tool for studying properties of strongly interacting field theories, which is particularly amenable to numerical calculations and has quantifiable systematic errors. In these lectures we apply these techniques ... More
Interacting Dipoles from Matrix Formulation of Noncommutative Gauge TheoriesNov 15 2001Mar 19 2002We study the IR behavior of noncommutative gauge theory in the matrix formulation. We find that in this approach, the nature of the UV/IR mixing is easily understood, which allows us to perform a reliable calculation of the quantum effective action for ... More
N-body Efimov states from two-particle noiseFeb 20 2012Aug 24 2012The ground state energies of universal N-body clusters tied to Efimov trimers, for N even, are shown to be encapsulated in the statistical distribution of two particles interacting with a background auxiliary field at large Euclidean time when the interaction ... More
Adapting Phrase-based Machine Translation to Normalise Medical Terms in Social Media MessagesAug 10 2015Previous studies have shown that health reports in social media, such as DailyStrength and Twitter, have potential for monitoring health conditions (e.g. adverse drug reactions, infectious diseases) in particular communities. However, in order for a machine ... More
Conformal limits and the Bialynicki-Birula stratification of the space of lambda-connectionsAug 05 2018The Bialynicki-Birula decomposition of the space of lambda-connections restricts to the Morse stratification on the moduli space of Higgs bundles and to the partial oper stratification on the de Rham moduli space of holomorphic connections. For both the ... More
Estimating linear functionals of a sparse family of Poisson meansDec 05 2017Jan 17 2018Assume that we observe a sample of size n composed of p-dimensional signals, each signal having independent entries drawn from a scaled Poisson distribution with an unknown intensity. We are interested in estimating the sum of the n unknown intensity ... More
Sensor Validation Using Dynamic Belief NetworksMar 13 2013The trajectory of a robot is monitored in a restricted dynamic environment using light beam sensor data. We have a Dynamic Belief Network (DBN), based on a discrete model of the domain, which provides discrete monitoring analogous to conventional quantitative ... More
Baryon masses at nonzero isospin/kaon densityAug 23 2013Oct 15 2013We present a lattice QCD calculation of the ground-state energy shifts of various baryons in a medium of pions or kaons at a single value of the quark mass corresponding to a pion mass of m_\pi~390 MeV and a kaon mass of m_K~540 MeV, and in a spatial ... More
Competing evolutionary paths in growing populations with applications to multidrug resistanceSep 18 2018Jan 23 2019Investigating the emergence of a particular cell type is a recurring theme in models of growing cellular populations. The evolution of resistance to therapy is a classic example. Common questions are: when does the cell type first occur, and via which ... More
Augmenting Agent Platforms to Facilitate Conversation ReasoningAug 11 2015Within Multi Agent Systems, communication by means of Agent Communication Languages (ACLs) has a key role to play in the co-operation, co-ordination and knowledge-sharing between agents. Despite this, complex reasoning about agent messaging, and specifically ... More
Hierarchical Bayesian calibration of tidal orbit decay rates among hot JupitersJan 31 2018Transiting hot Jupiters occupy a wedge-shaped region in the mass ratio-orbital separation diagram. Its upper boundary is eroded by tidal spiral-in of massive, close-in planets and is sensitive to the stellar tidal dissipation parameter $Q_s'$. We develop ... More
The large scale CMB cut-off and the tensor-to-scalar ratioJan 26 2007Jan 16 2008We show that if inflation lasted just longer than the required 60 or so e-folds $N$ both scalar and tensor contributions to the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) power spectra are expected to show a cut-off. However the behaviour of the scalar-to-tensor ... More
Reconstruction of the Primordial Power Spectrum using Temperature and Polarisation Data from Multiple ExperimentsMar 06 2009We develop a method to reconstruct the primordial power spectrum, P(k), using both temperature and polarisation data from the joint analysis of a number of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) observations. The method is an extension of the Richardson-Lucy ... More
Optimal Encodings for Range Top-k, Selection, and Min-MaxNov 24 2014Jun 15 2015We consider encoding problems for range queries on arrays. In these problems the goal is to store a structure capable of recovering the answer to all queries that occupies the information theoretic minimum space possible, to within lower order terms. ... More
Encodings of Range Maximum-Sum Segment Queries and ApplicationsOct 10 2014Jun 11 2015Given an array A containing arbitrary (positive and negative) numbers, we consider the problem of supporting range maximum-sum segment queries on A: i.e., given an arbitrary range [i,j], return the subrange [i' ,j' ] \subseteq [i,j] such that the sum ... More
Cultural Evolution as a Non-Stationary Stochastic ProcessAug 15 2016We present an individual based model of cultural evolution, where interacting agents are coded by binary strings standing for strategies for action, blueprints for products or attitudes and beliefs. The model is patterned on an established model of biological ... More
Baryon properties in meson mediums from lattice QCDNov 13 2013We present results for the ground-state mass shifts of octet baryons due to the presence of a medium of pions or kaons from a lattice QCD calculation performed at a single value of the quark mass, corresponding to a pion mass of $m_\pi$ ~ 390 MeV, and ... More
Cops and Robbers on Toroidal Chess GraphsOct 24 2018We investigate multiple variants of the game Cops and Robbers. Playing it on an $n \times n$ toroidal chess graph, the game is varied by defining moves for cops and robbers differently, always mimicking moves of certain chess pieces. In these cases, the ... More
Minimax rates in permutation estimation for feature matchingOct 17 2013Feb 02 2015The problem of matching two sets of features appears in various tasks of computer vision and can be often formalized as a problem of permutation estimation. We address this problem from a statistical point of view and provide a theoretical analysis of ... More
Stacked Bayesian general Lomb-Scargle periodogram: Identifying stellar activity signalsFeb 13 2017Context. Distinguishing between a signal induced by either stellar activity or a planet is currently the main challenge in radial velocity searches for low-mass exoplanets. Even when the presence of a transiting planet and hence its period are known, ... More
Minimax estimation of a p-dimensional linear functional in sparse Gaussian models and robust estimation of the meanDec 15 2017Nov 08 2018We consider two problems of estimation in high-dimensional Gaussian models. The first problem is that of estimating a linear functional of the means of $n$ independent $p$-dimensional Gaussian vectors, under the assumption that most of these means are ... More
De-Conflated Semantic RepresentationsAug 05 2016One major deficiency of most semantic representation techniques is that they usually model a word type as a single point in the semantic space, hence conflating all the meanings that the word can have. Addressing this issue by learning distinct representations ... More
VARX-L: Structured Regularization for Large Vector Autoregressions with Exogenous VariablesAug 29 2015May 16 2016The vector autoregression (VAR) has long proven to be an effective method for modeling the joint dynamics of macroeconomic time series as well as forecasting. A major shortcoming of the VAR that has hindered its applicability is its heavy parameterization: ... More
The B-ring's surface mass density from hidden density waves: Less than meets the eye?Jan 29 2016Feb 17 2016Saturn's B ring is the most opaque ring in our solar system, but many of its fundamental parameters, including its total mass, are not well constrained. Spiral density waves generated by mean-motion resonances with Saturn's moons provide some of the best ... More
More Kronoseismology with Saturn's ringsJul 24 2014Aug 29 2014In a previous paper (Hedman and Nicholson 2013), we developed tools that allowed us to confirm that several of the waves in Saturn's rings were likely generated by resonances with fundamental sectoral normal modes inside Saturn itself. Here we use these ... More
Bayesian PokerJan 23 2013Poker is ideal for testing automated reasoning under uncertainty. It introduces uncertainty both by physical randomization and by incomplete information about opponents hands.Another source OF uncertainty IS the limited information available TO construct ... More
Supernova enrichment of planetary systems in low-mass star clustersOct 17 2016The presence and abundance of short lived radioisotopes (SLRs) $^{26}$Al and $^{60}$Fe in chondritic meteorites implies that the Sun formed in the vicinity of one or more massive stars that exploded as supernovae (SNe). Massive stars are more likely to ... More
The Vertical Structure of the F Ring of Saturn from Ring-Plane CrossingsOct 10 2013We present a photometric model of the rings of Saturn which includes the main rings and an F ring, inclined to the main rings, with a Gaussian vertical profile of optical depth. This model reproduces the asymmetry in brightness between the east and west ... More
Weighted ancestors in suffix treesJun 30 2014The classical, ubiquitous, predecessor problem is to construct a data structure for a set of integers that supports fast predecessor queries. Its generalization to weighted trees, a.k.a. the weighted ancestor problem, has been extensively explored and ... More
Spectral density in a nematic state of iron pnictidesFeb 16 2012May 03 2012Using cluster-perturbation theory, we calculate the spectral density A(k,w) for a nematic phase of models describing pnictide superconductors, where very short-range magnetic correlations choose the ordering vector (pi,0) over the equivalent (0,pi) and ... More
Small cosmological signatures from multi-brane modelsJul 15 2008We analyse the signatures of brane inflation models with moduli stabilisation. These are hybrid inflation models with a non-trivial field-space metric which can induce complex trajectories for the fields during inflation. This in turn could lead to observable ... More
Kronoseismology: Using density waves in Saturn's C ring to probe the planet's interiorApr 12 2013Jun 10 2013Saturn's C ring contains multiple spiral patterns that appear to be density waves driven by periodic gravitational perturbations. In other parts of Saturn's rings, such waves are generated by Lindblad resonances with Saturn's various moons, but most of ... More
The arXiv of the future will not look like the arXivSep 20 2017The arXiv is the most popular preprint repository in the world. Since its inception in 1991, the arXiv has allowed researchers to freely share publication-ready articles prior to formal peer review. The growth and the popularity of the arXiv emerged as ... More
Neutral Solar Wind Generated by Lunar Exospheric Dust at the TerminatorSep 17 2008We calculate the flux of neutral solar wind observed on the lunar surface at the terminator due to solar wind protons penetrating exospheric dust grains with (1) radii greater than 0.1 microns and (2) radii greater than 0.01 microns. For grains with radii ... More
Some effects in adaptive robust estimation under sparsityFeb 12 2018Jun 04 2018Adaptive estimation in the sparse mean model and in sparse regression exhibits some interesting effects. This paper considers estimation of a sparse target vector, of its l2-norm and of the noise variance in the sparse linear model. We establish the optimal ... More
The SU(3)/Z_3 QCD(adj) deconfinement transition via the gauge theory/"affine" XY-model dualityNov 12 2012Earlier, two of us and M. Unsal [arXiv:1112.6389] showed that some 4d gauge theories, compactified on a small spatial circle of size L and considered at temperatures 1/beta near deconfinement, are dual to 2d "affine" XY-spin models. We use the duality ... More
Strings in Ramond-Ramond Backgrounds from the Neveu-Schwarz-Ramond FormalismOct 31 2018Dec 20 2018We treat RR flux backgrounds of type II string theory in the framework of closed superstring field theory based on the NSR formalism, focusing on two examples: (1) the pp-wave background supported by 5-form flux, and (2) $AdS_3\times S^3\times M_4$ supported ... More
Parallel Transport on Principal Bundles over StacksSep 16 2015In this paper we introduce a notion of parallel transport for principal bundles with connections over differentiable stacks. We show that principal bundles with connections over stacks can be recovered from their parallel transport thereby extending the ... More
What Makes the Family of Barred Disc Galaxies So Rich: Damping Stellar Bars in Spinning HaloesDec 07 2017Jan 25 2018We model and analyse the secular evolution of stellar bars in spinning dark matter (DM) haloes with the cosmological spin lambda ~ 0 -- 0.09. Using high-resolution stellar and DM numerical simulations, we focus on angular momentum exchange between stellar ... More
Prospects for Spectroscopic Reflected-light Planet SearchesAug 23 2003High-resolution spectroscopic searches for the starlight reflected from close-in extra-solar giant planets have the capability of determining the optical albedo spectra and scattering properties of these objects. When combined with radial velocity measurements ... More
Succinct PosetsApr 09 2012Apr 22 2012We describe an algorithm for compressing a partially ordered set, or \emph{poset}, so that it occupies space matching the information theory lower bound (to within lower order terms), in the worst case. Using this algorithm, we design a succinct data ... More
Cache-Oblivious VAT-AlgorithmsApr 14 2014The VAT-model (virtual address translation model) extends the EM-model (external memory model) and takes the cost of address translation in virtual memories into account. In this model, the cost of a single memory access may be logarithmic in the largest ... More
Gauge Boson and Fermion Masses Without a Higgs FieldFeb 14 1997Dec 08 2000A simple, anomaly-free chiral gauge theory can be perturbatively quantised and renormalised in such a way as to generate fermion and gauge boson masses. This development exploits certain freedoms inherent in choosing the unperturbed Lagrangian and in ... More
Electroweak Theory Without Higgs BosonsJun 23 1997Dec 08 2000A perturbative SU(2)_L X U(1)_Y electroweak theory containing W, Z, photon, ghost, lepton and quark fields, but no Higgs or other fields, gives masses to W, Z and the non-neutrino fermions by means of an unconventional choice for the unperturbed Lagrangian ... More
Axisymmetric density waves in Saturn's ringsJan 25 2019Density waves in Saturn's rings are usually tightly wrapped spiral patterns generated by resonances with either Saturn's moons or structures inside the planet. However, between the Barnard and Bessel Gaps in the Cassini Division (i.e. between 120,240 ... More
Piecewise-linear pseudodiagramsAug 30 2013Sep 03 2013There are 2^n possible resolutions of a smooth pseudodiagram with n precrossings. If we consider piecewise-linear (PL) pseudodiagrams and resolutions that themselves are PL, certain resolutions of the pseudodiagram may not exist in three-space. We investigate ... More
Power scaling of high efficiency 1.5micron cascaded Raman fiber lasersMay 22 2013Jul 15 2013High power fiber lasers operating at the 1.5micron wavelength region have attractive features like eye-safety and atmospheric transparency, and cascaded Raman fiber lasers offer a convenient method to obtain high power sources at these wavelengths. A ... More
The low lying modes of triplet-condensed neutron matter and their effective theoryDec 05 2012May 23 2013The condensation of neutrons into a 3P2 superfluid phase occurs at densities relevant for the interior of neutron stars. The triplet pairing breaks rotational symmetry spontaneously and leads to the existence of gapless modes (angulons) that are relevant ... More
Spinor-helicity and the algebraic classification of higher-dimensional spacetimesSep 11 2018Apr 01 2019The spinor-helicity formalism is an essential technique of the amplitudes community. We draw on this method to construct a scheme for classifying higher-dimensional spacetimes in the style of the four-dimensional Petrov classification and the Newman-Penrose ... More
Reconstruction of the Primordial Power Spectrum by Direct InversionSep 28 2009We introduce a new method for reconstructing the primordial power spectrum, $P(k)$, directly from observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). We employ Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) to invert the radiation perturbation transfer function. ... More
de Sitter gravity from lattice gauge theoryDec 30 2009Nov 22 2011We investigate a lattice model for Euclidean quantum gravity based on discretization of the Palatini formulation of General Relativity. Using Monte Carlo simulation we show that while a naive approach fails to lead to a vacuum state consistent with the ... More
BigVAR: Tools for Modeling Sparse High-Dimensional Multivariate Time SeriesFeb 23 2017The R package BigVAR allows for the simultaneous estimation of high-dimensional time series by applying structured penalties to the conventional vector autoregression (VAR) and vector autoregression with exogenous variables (VARX) frameworks. Our methods ... More
Minimax estimation of linear and quadratic functionals on sparsity classesFeb 02 2015For the Gaussian sequence model, we obtain non-asymptotic minimax rates of estimation of the linear, quadratic and the L2-norm functionals on classes of sparse vectors and construct optimal estimators that attain these rates. The main object of interest ... More
Acoustic Kappa-Density Fluctuation Waves in Suprathermal Kappa Function FluidsOct 20 2007We describe a new wave mode similar to the acoustic wave in which both density and velocity fluctuate. Unlike the acoustic wave in which the underlying distribution is Maxwellian, this new wave mode occurs when the underlying distribution is a suprathermal ... More
Modular Bootstrap RevisitedAug 22 2016We constrain the spectrum of two-dimensional unitary, compact conformal field theories with central charge c > 1 using modular bootstrap. Upper bounds on the gap in the dimension of primary operators of any spin, as well as in the dimension of scalar ... More
Evolution of Biological ComplexityMay 26 2000In order to make a case for or against a trend in the evolution of complexity in biological evolution, complexity needs to be both rigorously defined and measurable. A recent information-theoretic (but intuitively evident) definition identifies genomic ... More
Towards a Programmable Framework for Agent Game PlayingJul 23 2018The field of Game Theory provides a useful mechanism for modeling many decision-making scenarios. In participating in these scenarios individuals and groups adopt particular strategies, which generally perform with varying levels of success. However, ... More
On estimation of nonsmooth functionals of sparse normal meansMay 28 2018We study the problem of estimation of the value N_gamma(\theta) = sum(i=1)^d |\theta_i|^gamma for 0 < gamma <= 1 based on the observations y_i = \theta_i + \epsilon\xi_i, i = 1,...,d, where \theta = (\theta_1,...,\theta_d) are unknown parameters, \epsilon>0 ... More
Generating Knowledge Graph Paths from Textual Definitions using Sequence-to-Sequence ModelsApr 05 2019We present a novel method for mapping unrestricted text to knowledge graph entities by framing the task as a sequence-to-sequence problem. Specifically, given the encoded state of an input text, our decoder directly predicts paths in the knowledge graph, ... More
Genus Two Modular BootstrapMay 16 2017Dec 04 2018We study the Virasoro conformal block decomposition of the genus two partition function of a two-dimensional CFT by expanding around a Z3-invariant Riemann surface that is a three-fold cover of the Riemann sphere branched at four points, and explore constraints ... More
Enhancing Twitter Data Analysis with Simple Semantic Filtering: Example in Tracking Influenza-Like IllnessesOct 02 2012Systems that exploit publicly available user generated content such as Twitter messages have been successful in tracking seasonal influenza. We developed a novel filtering method for Influenza-Like-Illnesses (ILI)-related messages using 587 million messages ... More
Elastic Scattering of Pions From the Three-nucleon SystemOct 14 1998Oct 15 1998We examine the scattering of charged pions from the trinucleon system at a pion energy of 180 MeV. The motivation for this study is the structure seen in the experimental angular distribution of back-angle scattering for pi+ 3He and pi- 3H but for neither ... More
Selective pressures on genomes in molecular evolutionJan 15 2003We describe the evolution of macromolecules as an information transmission process and apply tools from Shannon information theory to it. This allows us to isolate three independent, competing selective pressures that we term compression, transmission, ... More
Mapping Text to Knowledge Graph Entities using Multi-Sense LSTMsAug 23 2018This paper addresses the problem of mapping natural language text to knowledge base entities. The mapping process is approached as a composition of a phrase or a sentence into a point in a multi-dimensional entity space obtained from a knowledge graph. ... More
Existence theorems for thin inflated wrinkled membranes subjected to a hydrostatic pressureNov 01 2006In this paper, we establish rigorous existence theorems for a mathematical model of a thin inflated wrinkled membrane that is subjected to a shape dependent hydrostatic pressure load. We are motivated by the problem of determining the equilibrium shape ... More
Hierarchical Vector AutoregressionDec 17 2014Jan 27 2016Vector autoregression (VAR) is a fundamental tool for modeling the joint dynamics of multivariate time series. However, as the number of component series is increased, the VAR model quickly becomes overparameterized, making reliable estimation difficult ... More
Exploring overstabilities in Saturn's A ring using two stellar occultationsApr 25 2014Jun 05 2014Certain regions of Saturn's rings exhibit periodic opacity variations with characteristic radial wavelengths of up to a few hundred meters that have been attributed to viscous overstabilities. The Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIMS) onboard ... More
Algorithms in the Ultra-Wide Word ModelNov 26 2014Dec 07 2014The effective use of parallel computing resources to speed up algorithms in current multi-core parallel architectures remains a difficult challenge, with ease of programming playing a key role in the eventual success of various parallel architectures. ... More
Kronoseismology IV. Six previously unidentified waves in Saturn's middle C ringNov 12 2018Dec 21 2018Recent studies of stellar occultations observed by the Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIMS) onboard the Cassini spacecraft have demonstrated that multiple spiral wave structures in Saturn's rings are probably generated by normal-mode oscillations ... More
Elucidating the sign problem through noise distributionsOct 26 2012Due to the presence of light pions in the theory, lattice QCD at finite densities suffers from issues with noise in both grand canonical and canonical formulations. We study two different formulations of the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model reduced to 2+1 dimensions ... More
Optimal Distance Labeling Schemes for TreesJul 31 2016We resolve the complexity of distance labeling schemes for trees. For arbitrary distances, we show how to assign labels of $1/4\log^2n+o(\log^2n)$ bits to every node so that we can determine the distance between any two nodes given only their two labels. ... More