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Maltese cross coupling to cold atoms in free spaceFeb 08 2019We demonstrate a novel geometry for strong coupling of light and matter in free space, i.e., without the use of optical cavities. Guided by optical metrology tools, we use a manual pick-and-place technique to precisely and stably position four high numerical ... More
Inverse scattering on the line for the matrix Sturm-Liouville equationDec 19 2015The inverse scattering problem is studied for the matrix Sturm-Liouville equation on the line. Necessary and sufficient conditions for the scattering data are obtained.
About integrability of almost complex structures on strictly Nearly Kähler 6-manifoldsMay 06 2013We show that any almost complex structure, positively tamed with $\omega$ on nearly K\"{a}hler 6-manifold $(M,g,J,\omega)$ is not integrable
Loops on polyhedral products and diagonal arrangementsJan 19 2009In this paper we establish a connection between the loop space homology of the generalization of wedge defined by a simplicial complex K (so called polyhedral product) and the homology of certain diagonal arrangements associated with K. We illustrate ... More
Constrained energy problems with external fields for infinite dimensional vector measuresOct 11 2010We consider a constrained minimal energy problem with an external field over noncompact classes of infinite dimensional vector measures on a locally compact space. The components are positive measures (charges) that are constrained from above, satisfy ... More
Constrained energy problems with external fieldsJan 25 2010Given a positive definite kernel in a locally compact space, we study a minimal energy problem in the presence of an external field over the class of all nonnegative Radon measures that are supported by a given closed noncompact set, satisfy certain normalizing ... More
Necessary and sufficient conditions for the solvability of the Gauss variational problem for infinite dimensional vector measuresJul 03 2012We continue our investigation of the Gauss variational problem for infinite dimensional vector measures associated with a condenser $(A_i)_{i\in I}$. It has been shown in Potential Anal., DOI:10.1007/s11118-012-9279-8 that, if some of the plates (say ... More
Equilibrium problems for infinite dimensional vector potentials with external fieldsNov 04 2009The study deals with a minimal energy problem in the presence of an external field over noncompact classes of vector measures of infinite dimension in a locally compact space. The components are positive measures (charges) satisfying certain normalizing ... More
Lightlike foliations on Lorentzian manifolds with weakly irreducible holonomy algebraJun 06 2005We study the lightlike foliations that appear on Lorentzian manifolds with weakly irreducible not irreducible holonomy algebra. We give global structure equations for the foliation that generalize the Gauss and Weingarten equations for one lightlike hypersurface. ... More
An inverse problem for the non-self-adjoint matrix Sturm-Liouville operatorJul 14 2014The inverse problem of spectral analysis for the non-self-adjoint matrix Sturm-Liouville operator on a finite interval is investigated. We study properties of the spectral characteristics for the considered operator, and provide necessary and sufficient ... More
Special Partial GraphsMay 31 2013The attempts to prove the Four Color Problem last for long years. A little hope arises that the properties of the minimal partial triangulations will be very useful for the solution of the Four Color Problem. That is why the material of this paper is ... More
K-theory of locally finite graph $C^*$-algebrasJul 22 2010Apr 24 2013We calculate the K-theory of the Cuntz-Krieger algebra ${\cal O}_E$ associated with an infinite, locally finite graph, via the Bass-Hashimoto operator. The formulae we get express the Grothendieck group and the Whitehead group in purely graph theoretic ... More
An inverse problem for the differential operator on the graph with a cycle with different orders on different edgesSep 20 2013Jan 12 2014We consider a variable order differential operator on a graph with a cycle. We study the inverse spectral problem for this operator by the system of spectra. The main results of the paper are the uniqueness theorem and the constructive procedure for the ... More
Spectral synthesis for the differentiation operator in the Schwartz spaceJan 07 2016We consider the spectral synthesis problem for the differentiation operator D=d/dt in the Schwartz space E(a;b) and the dual problem of local description for closed submodules in a special module of entire functions.
High frequency asymptotics of global vibrations in a problem with concentrated massApr 16 2008We consider an elastic system containing a small region where the density is very much higher then elsewhere. Such system possesses two types of eigenvibrations, which are local and global vibrations. Complete asymptotic expansions of global eigenvibrations ... More
The Forward Proton Detector at D0Apr 10 1998Apr 13 1998We present the first results of detector R & D done for the proposed Forward Proton Detector at D0. From a menu of options we have chosen a scintillating fiber based detector with multi-anode photomultiplier readout.
Quantum Corrections to the Two-dimensional Gravity with External FieldJun 19 1995Jun 20 1995We introduce an external field to calculate the quantum corrections of the 2d gravity, via trace anomaly. We show that there are black hole type solution even in the absence of matter field and cosmological constant. We also see that these solutions are ... More
The conical singularity method and the energy-momentum tensor near the black hole horizon using the Kruskal coordinatesApr 16 2007We apply the conical singularity method to the two dimensional version of the Schwarzschild metric to obtain the Kruskal coordinates of the black hole in a very simple and direct way. Then we make use of this metric in an approximated version and calculate ... More
Hawking Radiation in the Dilaton Gravity with a Non-Minimally Coupled Scalar FieldSep 20 1999We discuss the two-dimensional dilaton gravity with a scalar field as the source matter where the coupling with the gravity is given, besides the minimal one, through an external field. This coupling generalizes the conformal anomaly in the same way as ... More
An inverse problem for the quadratic pencil of non-self-adjoint matrix operators on the half-lineJan 13 2013Feb 09 2013We consider a pencil of non-self-adjoint matrix Sturm-Liouville operators on the half line and study the inverse problem of constructing this pencil by its Weyl matrix. A uniqueness theorem is proved, and a constructive algorithm for the solution is obtained. ... More
Estimates of bands for Laplacians on periodic equilateral metric graphsDec 23 2013Jan 20 2014We consider Laplacians on periodic equilateral metric graphs. The spectrum of the Laplacian consists of an absolutely continuous part (which is a union of an infinite number of non-degenerated spectral bands) plus an infinite number of flat bands, i.e., ... More
Spectral band localization for Schrödinger operators on periodic graphsOct 13 2013We consider Schr\"odinger operators on periodic discrete graphs. It is known that the spectrum of these operators has band structure. We obtain a localization of spectral bands in terms of eigenvalues of Dirichlet and Neumann operators on a finite graph, ... More
The non-perturbative BRST quartet mechanism in Landau gauge QCD: Ghost-gluon and ghost-quark bound statesJan 22 2013The non-perturbative BRST quartet mechanism in infrared Landau gauge QCD is presented. It is demonstrated that positivity violation for transverse gluons allows to identify the gluon's non-perturbative BRST quartet. To describe the respective BRST-daughter ... More
Features of ghost-gluon and ghost-quark bound states related to BRST quartetsFeb 14 2011Jun 26 2011The BRST quartet mechanism in infrared Landau gauge QCD is investigated. Based on the observed positivity violation for transverse gluons $A_{\mathrm {tr}}$ the field content of the non-perturbative BRST quartet generated by $A_{\mathrm {tr}}$ is derived. ... More
Non-Perturbative Instabilities as a Solution of the Cosmological Moduli ProblemJul 12 2005It is widely accepted that moduli in the mass range 10eV - $10^4$GeV which start to oscillate with an amplitude of the order of the Planck scale either jeopardize successful predictions of nucleosynthesis or overclose the Universe. It is shown that the ... More
Quantum Action Principle for Covariant Systems. Bosonic stringMar 01 2011A new form of covariant quantum theory based on a quantum version of the action principle is considered for the case of a free bosonic string. The central idea of the new approach is to delay conditions of stationarity of the classical action with respect ... More
Extremes of multidimensional stationary Gaussian random fieldsOct 10 2016May 11 2018Let $\{X(\mathbf{t}):\mathbf{t}=(t_1, t_2, \ldots, t_d)\in[0,\infty)^d\}$ be a centered stationary Gaussian field with almost surely continuous sample paths, unit variance and correlation function $r$ satisfying conditions $r(\mathbf{t})<1$ for every ... More
On the principal impossibility to prove P=NPNov 15 2012The material of the article is devoted to the most complicated and interesting problem -- a problem of P = NP?. This research was presented to mathematical community in Hyderabad during International Congress of Mathematicians. But there it was published ... More
On the Quantum Creation of Matter in the Expanding UniverseMay 09 2011Quantum Action Principle which has been used as a ground for a probabilistic interpretation of one-particle relativistic quantum mechanics \cite{GLL} is applied to quantum cosmology. The quantum creation of matter in a minisuperspace model with one homogeneous ... More
On maxima of stationary fieldsOct 10 2018Oct 15 2018Let $\{X_{\mathbf{n}} : \mathbf{n}\in\mathbb{Z}^d\}$ be a weakly dependent stationary field with maxima $M_{A} := \sup\{X_{\mathbf{i}} : \mathbf{i}\in A\}$ for finite $A\subset\mathbb{Z}^d$ and $M_{\mathbf{n}} := \sup\{X_{\mathbf{i}} : \mathbf{1} \leq ... More
An inverse problem for Sturm-Liouville operators on trees with partial information given on the potentialsNov 15 2017We consider Sturm-Liouville operators on geometrical graphs without cycles (trees) with singular potentials from the class $W_2^{-1}$. We suppose that the potentials are known on a part of the graph, and study the so-called partial inverse problem, which ... More
Topology of the space of locally convex curves on the 3-sphereAug 16 2016A (positive) locally convex curve in the 2-sphere is a curve with positive geodesic curvature (i.e., which always turns left). In the 3-sphere, it is a curve with positive torsion. In this work we discussed the topology of spaces of such curves with prescribed ... More
Decting Errors in Reversible Circuits With Invariant RelationshipsDec 19 2008Reversible logic is experience renewed interest as we are approach the limits of CMOS technologies. While physical implementations of reversible gates have yet to materialize, it is safe to assume that they will rely on faulty individual components. In ... More
Implementing Genetic Algorithms on Arduino Micro-ControllersFeb 10 2010Since their conception in 1975, Genetic Algorithms have been an extremely popular approach to find exact or approximate solutions to optimization and search problems. Over the last years there has been an enhanced interest in the field with related techniques, ... More
The Slow Merger of Massive StarsOct 16 2002We study the complete merger of two massive stars inside a common envelope and the subsequent evolution of the merger product, a rapidly rotating massive supergiant. Three qualitatively different types of mergers have been identified and investigated ... More
Exact conservation laws for truncated gyrokinetic Vlasov-Poisson equationsJun 28 2013The purpose of the current work is adapting the results of the Noether method derivation of momentum transport equation for the gyrokinetic Vlasov-Poisson system to numerical implementations. In particular, we are considering the delta-f truncated Gyrokinetic ... More
The impurity problem in a bilayer system of dipolesJun 24 2013Nov 17 2013We consider a bilayer geometry where a single impurity moves in a two-dimensional plane and is coupled, via dipolar interactions, to a two-dimensional system of fermions residing in the second layer. Dipoles in both layers point in the same direction ... More
Electron-phonon coupling in a two-dimensional inhomogeneous electron gas: consequences for surface spectral propertiesAug 27 2007Aug 12 2008We investigate the coupling of an inhomogeneous electron system to phonons. The properties of an electronic system composed of a mixture of microscopic ordered and disordered islands are changed fundamentally by a phonon mode. In high-Tc cuprates, such ... More
The classification problem for graphs and lattices is wildAug 29 2010Jun 16 2014We prove that the classification problem for graphs and several types of algebraic lattices (distributive, congruence and modular) up to isomorphism contains the classification problem for pairs of matrices up to simultaneous similarity.
Homology of non-$k$-overlapping discsMar 04 2014In this paper we describe the homology and cohomology of some natural bimodules over the little discs operad, whose components are configurations of non-$k$-overlapping discs. At the end we briefly explain how this algebraic structure intervenes in the ... More
Graphs of relations and Hilbert seriesJan 19 2008We are discussing certain combinatorial and counting problems related to quadratic algebras. First we give examples which confirm the Anick conjecture on the minimal Hilbert series for algebras given by n generators and n(n-1)/2 relations for n less or ... More
The Tits alternative for non-spherical Pride groupsJul 21 2006Mar 16 2007Pride groups, or ``groups given by presentations in which each defining relator involves at most two types of generators'', include Coxeter groups, Artin groups, triangles of groups, and Vinberg's groups defined by periodic paired relations. We show that ... More
On asymptotic efficiency of multivariate version of Spearman's rhoJun 05 2009A multivariate version of Spearman's rho for testing independence is considered. Its asymptotic efficiency is calculated under a general distribution model specified by the dependence function. The efficiency comparison study that involves other multivariate ... More
On Perfect Codes in the Johnson GraphApr 29 2010In this paper we consider the existence of nontrivial perfect codes in the Johnson graph J(n,w). We present combinatorial and number theory techniques to provide necessary conditions for existence of such codes and reduce the range of parameters in which ... More
Enumerative Coding for Grassmannian SpaceNov 17 2009Aug 28 2010The Grassmannian space $\Gr$ is the set of all $k-$dimensional subspaces of the vector space~\smash{$\F_q^n$}. Recently, codes in the Grassmannian have found an application in network coding. The main goal of this paper is to present efficient enumerative ... More
Lagrangian and Hamiltonian constraints for guiding-center Hamiltonian theoriesNov 03 2015A consistent guiding-center Hamiltonian theory is derived by Lie-transform perturbation method, with terms up to second order in magnetic-field nonuniformity. Consistency is demonstrated by showing that the guiding-center transformation presented here ... More
Electrostatic interface tuning in correlated superconducting heterostructuresMay 30 2005Oct 13 2005An electrostatic field, which is applied to a gated high-temperature superconducting (HTSC) film, is believed to affect the film similar to charge doping. Analyzing the pairing in terms of a t-J model, we show that a coupling to electric dipoles and phonons ... More
Holonomy algebras of pseudo-hyper-Kählerian manifolds of index 4Mar 21 2010Apr 09 2013The holonomy algebra of a pseudo-hyper-K\"ahlerian manifold of signature $(4,4n+4)$ is a subalgebra of $\sp(1,n+1)$. Possible holonomy algebras of these manifolds are classified. Using this, a new proof of the classification of simply connected pseudo-hyper-K\"ahlerian ... More
On recovering Sturm-Liouville differential operators with deviating argumentFeb 07 2018We consider second-order functional differential operators with a constant delay. Properties of their spectral characteristics are obtained and a nonlinear inverse problem is studied, which consists in recovering the operators from their spectra. We establish ... More
A Converting of the Directed GraphsOct 18 2012The presented material continues the previous article (arxiv:1007.1059) and also is devoted to the equivalent conversion between the graphs. The examining of the transformation of the vertex graphs into the edge graphs (together with the opposite transformation) ... More
Low and high frequency approximations to eigenvibrations of string with double contrastsApr 16 2008Sep 13 2009We study eigenvibrations for inhomogeneous string consisting of two parts with strongly contrasting stiffness and mass density. In this work we treat a critical case for the high frequency approximations, namely the case when the order of mass density ... More
A short proof of Grünbaum's Conjecture about affine invariant pointsFeb 21 2016Let us denote by $\mathcal K_n$ the hyperspace of all convex bodies of $\mathbb R^n$ equipped with the Hausdorff distance topology. An affine invariant point $p$ is a continuous and Aff(n)-equivariant map $p:\mathcal K_n\to \mathbb R^n$, where Aff(n) ... More
Mean-Set Attack: Cryptanalysis of Sibert et al. Authentication ProtocolJun 24 2010We analyze the Sibert et al. group-based (Feige-Fiat-Shamir type) authentication protocol and show that the protocol is not computationally zero-knowledge. In addition, we provide experimental evidence that our approach is practical and can succeed even ... More
Simplified normal forms near a degenerate elliptic fixed point in two-parametric families of area-preserving mapsDec 20 2013We derive simplified normal forms for an area-preserving map in a neighbourhood of a degenerate resonant elliptic fixed point. Such fixed points appear in generic two-parameter families of area-preserving maps. We also derive a simplified normal form ... More
Ghost-gluon and ghost-quark bound states and their role in BRST quartetsDec 19 2011A non-perturbative version of the BRST quartet mechanism in infrared Landau gauge QCD is proposed for transverse gluons and quarks. Based on the positivity violation for transverse gluons the content of the respective non-perturbative BRST quartet is ... More
Effective masses for Laplacians on periodic graphsFeb 10 2015May 03 2015We consider Laplacians on periodic both discrete and metric equilateral graphs. Their spectrum consists of an absolutely continuous part (which is a union of non-degenerate spectral bands) and flat bands, i.e., eigenvalues of infinite multiplicity. We ... More
When Learners Surpass their Sources: Mathematical Modeling of Learning from an Inconsistent SourceFeb 18 2014We present a new algorithm to model and investigate the learning process of a learner mastering a set of grammatical rules from an inconsistent source. The compelling interest of human language acquisition is that the learning succeeds in virtually every ... More
Extremes of multidimensional stationary Gaussian random fieldsOct 10 2016Let $\{X(\mathbf{t}):\mathbf{t}=(t_1, t_2, \ldots, t_d)\in[0,\infty)^d\}$ be a centered stationary Gaussian field with almost surely continuous sample paths, unit variance and correlation function $r$ satisfying conditions $r(\mathbf{t})<1$ for every ... More
Limit theory for planar Gilbert tessellationsApr 30 2010A Gilbert tessellation arises by letting linear segments (cracks) in the plane unfold in time with constant speed, starting from a homogeneous Poisson point process of germs in randomly chosen directions. Whenever a growing edge hits an already existing ... More
Goodness-of-fit tests based on sup-functionals of weighted empirical processesJun 02 2014Apr 01 2016A large class of goodness-of-fit test statistics based on sup-functionals of weighted empirical processes is proposed and studied. The weight functions employed are Erd\H{o}s-Feller-Kolmogorov-Petrovski upper-class functions of a Brownian bridge. Based ... More
The Confining Heterotic Brane Gas: A Non-Inflationary Solution to the Entropy and Horizon Problems of Standard CosmologyNov 29 2005Dec 07 2005We propose a mechanism for solving the horizon and entropy problems of standard cosmology which does not make use of cosmological inflation. Crucial ingredients of our scenario are brane gases, extra dimensions, and a confining potential due to string ... More
Complete Characterization of K-Theory for C*-algebras Associated to Locally Finite Unoriented GraphsDec 29 2015In this paper we give a complete description of K-theory groups for Cuntz-Krieger C*-algebras associated to general locally-finite (topologically connected) graphs via Bass-Hashimoto operator. Our result generalizes the one obtained by the second author ... More
Quantum Action Principle in Relativistic MechanicsDec 07 2008A quantum version of the action principle is considered in the case of a free relativistic particle. The classical limit of the quantum action is obtained.
Asymptotics of the order statistics for a process with a regenerative structureJul 05 2017Sep 14 2017In the paper, a regenerative process $\{X_n:n\in\mathbb{N}\}$ with finite mean cycle length is considered. For~$M_n^{(q)}$ denoting the $q$-th largest value in $\{X_k : 1\leqslant k \leqslant n\}$, we prove that \begin{equation*} \sup_{x\in\mathbb{R}} ... More
Cumulative-Separable CodesMay 10 2010q-ary cumulative-separable $\Gamma(L,G^{(j)})$-codes $L=\{ \alpha \in GF(q^{m}):G(\alpha )\neq 0 \}$ and $G^{(j)}(x)=G(x)^{j}, 1 \leq i\leq q$ are considered. The relation between different codes from this class is demonstrated. Improved boundaries of ... More
Equivariant absolute extensor property on hyperspaces of convex setsJan 12 2014Feb 07 2014Let G be a compact group acting on a Banach space L by means of linear isometries. The action of G on L induces a natural continuous action on cc(L), the hyperspace of all compact convex subsets of L endowed with the Hausdorff metric topology. The main ... More
A Variant of the Gröbner Basis Algorithm for Computing Hilbert BasesMar 25 2013Gr\"obner bases can be used for computing the Hilbert basis of a numerical submonoid. By using these techniques, we provide an algorithm that calculates a basis of a subspace of a finite-dimensional vector space over a finite prime field given as a matrix ... More
Universal Gröbner Bases for Binary Linear CodesApr 04 2013Each linear code can be described by a code ideal given as the sum of a toric ideal and a non-prime ideal. In this way, several concepts from the theory of toric ideals can be translated into the setting of code ideals. It will be shown that after adjusting ... More
Graver Bases and Universal Gröbner Bases for Linear CodesJan 24 2014May 07 2014Two correspondences have been provided that associate any linear code over a finite field with a binomial ideal. In this paper, algorithms for computing their Graver bases and universal Gr\"obner bases are given. To this end, a connection between these ... More
Laplace Transform of Product of Generalized Marcum Q, Bessel I, and Power Functions with ApplicationsFeb 05 2014The evaluation of integral transforms of special functions is required in different research and practical areas. Analyzing the $\kappa$-$\mu$ fading distribution also khown as the generalized Rician distribution, we find out that the assessment of a ... More
An infinite family of locally X graphs based on incidence geometriesNov 28 2018A graph ${\mathcal G}$ is locally X if the graphs induced on the neighbours of every vertex of ${\mathcal G}$ are isomorphic to the graph $X$. We prove that the infinite family of incidence graphs of the $r$-rank incidence geometries, $\Gamma(KG(n,k),r)$, ... More
On the dynamics of classical particle with spinJul 25 2010The complete explicitly covariant 4-dimensional description of the dynamics of a free classical particle with spin within the framework of the special relativity theory is presented. The key point of our approach is the the introduction of the new vector ... More
Towards a general fluid/gravity correspondenceJan 23 2014Jan 02 2015We set up the construction of generic (d+2)-dimensional metrics corresponding to (d+1)-dimensional fluids, representing holographically the hydrodynamic regimes of the putative dual theories. We give general seed equilibrium metrics appropriate to generic ... More
Equivalent representations of higher-order Hamiltonian guiding-center theoryMay 25 2012Two complementary representations of higher-order guiding-center theory are presented, which are distinguished by whether higher-order corrections due to magnetic-field nonuniformity appear in the guiding-center Poisson bracket or the guiding-center Hamiltonian. ... More
Some asymptotic expansions for a semilinear reaction-diffusion problem in a sectorFeb 05 2009Sep 27 2009A semilinear singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion equation with Dirichlet boundary conditions is considered in a convex unbounded sector. The singular perturbation parameter is arbitrarily small, and the "reduced equation" may have multiple solutions. ... More
Soft QCD Results from D0Nov 29 2010This note presents some selected results on soft QCD studies done by the D0 collaboration at the Tevatron collider. Results on elastic proton-antiproton cross section, double parton scattering, underlying event and exclusive diffractive production are ... More
Ab initio Calculations of the Vibrational Modes of MnAs and Ga1-xMnxAsOct 18 2006In this work, we present our theoretical results for the equation of state and the phonon dispersions of MnAs, as well as the Mn concentration dependence of both the lattice parameter and the phonon frequencies of the cubic GaMnAs alloys. The results ... More
A Review of the Distance and Structure of the Large Magellanic CloudOct 23 2003Nov 26 2003The average of 14 recent measurements of the distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) implies a true modulus of 18.50 +- 0.02 mag, and demonstrates a trend in the past 2 years of convergence toward a standard value. The distance indicators reviewed ... More
Giant Magneto-impedance in stress-annealed Finemet/Copper/Finemet based trilayer structuresJul 28 2007The resistive and reactive components of magneto-impedance (MI) for Finemet/Copper/Finemet sandwiched structures based on stress-annealed nanocrystalline Fe75Si15B6Cu1Nb3 ribbons as functions of different fields (longitudinal and perpendicular) and frequencies ... More
On Kirkwood-Salsburg solutions at criticalityNov 21 2016In this work we study the Kirkwood-Salsburg equations of equilibrium classical continuous systems. We prove a Laurent expansion for the resolvent, at an eigenvalue of largest modulus of the Kirkwood-Salsburg operator, which is shown to have a pole of ... More
Mapping the interstellar dust with near-infrared observations: An optimized multi-band techniqueSep 08 2001We generalize the technique of Lada et al. (1994) to map dust column density through a molecular cloud (NICE) to an optimized multi-band technique (NICER) that can be applied to any multi-band survey of molecular clouds. We present a first application ... More
Unparticle inspired corrections to the Gravitational Quantum WellJul 16 2010Aug 28 2010We consider unparticle inspired corrections of the type ${(\frac{R_{G}}{r})}^\beta$ to the Newtonian potential in the context of the gravitational quantum well. The new energy spectrum is computed and bounds on the parameters of these corrections are ... More
Diffractive Physics in the Near FutureMar 19 2002This Paper summarize the present status and near term perspectives for Diffractive Physics at Tevatron. We describe the new detectors that are being installed around the CDF and D0 interaction regions, and discuss he physics topics accessible in view ... More
The Stellar Halo in the Large Magellanic Cloud: Mass, Luminosity, and Microlensing PredictionsDec 17 2003Recently obtained kinematic data has shown that the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) possesses an old stellar halo. In order to further characterize the properties of this halo, parametric King models are fit to the surface density of RR Lyrae stars. Using ... More
Proceedings Third International Workshop on LinearityFeb 16 2015This volume contains the papers presented at LINEARITY 2014, the Third International Workshop on Linearity, held on July 13, 2014 in Vienna, Austria. The workshop was a one-day satellite event of FLoC 2014, the sixth Federated Logic Conference. It was ... More
Proceedings 2nd International Workshop on LinearityNov 15 2012This volume contains a selection of the papers presented at the 2nd International Workshop on Linearity (LINEARITY'2012), which took place 1 April 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia. The workshop was a one-day satellite event of ETAPS 2012, the 15th European Joint ... More
Existence of heteroclinic solution for a double well potential equation in an infinite cylinder of $\mathbb{R}^N$Nov 04 2017Jan 27 2018This paper concernes with the existence of heteroclinic solutions for the following class of elliptic equations $$ -\Delta{u}+A(\epsilon x, y)V'(u)=0, \quad \mbox{in} \quad \Omega, $$ where $\epsilon >0$, $\Omega=\R \times \D$ is an infinite cylinder ... More
Decoupling inequalities and supercritical percolation for the vacant set of random walk loop soupAug 03 2018It has been recently understood (arXiv:1212.2885, arXiv:1310.4764, arXiv:1410.0605) that for a general class of percolation models on $\mathbb{Z}^d$ satisfying suitable decoupling inequalities, which includes i.a.\ Bernoulli percolation, random interlacements ... More
Reduction to first order of the Hamiltonian Constraint of General RelativityMar 28 2016Sep 19 2016In this work, a method for solving the constraints of general relativity is presented, where first all geometrical objects are written in terms of a set of orthonormal triads and a flat Weitzenbock connection, which depends on the triads and on a flat ... More
Cylindrical contact homology and topological entropySep 12 2014Aug 18 2015We establish a relation between the growth of the cylindrical contact homology of a contact manifold and the topological entropy of Reeb flows on this manifold. We show that if a contact manifold $(M,\xi)$ admits a hypertight contact form $\lambda_0$ ... More
Conditional decoupling of random interlacementsAug 14 2015Mar 28 2016We prove a conditional decoupling inequality for the model of random interlacements in dimension $d\geq 3$: the conditional law of random interlacements on a box (or a ball) $A_1$ given the (not very "bad") configuration on a "distant" set $A_2$ does ... More
Legendrian contact homology and topological entropySep 12 2014Apr 23 2016In this paper we study the growth rate of a version of Legendrian contact homology, which we call strip Legendrian contact homology, in 3-dimensional contact manifolds and its relation to the topological entropy of Reeb flows. We show that: if for a pair ... More
Modeling tax distribution in metropolitan regions with PolicySpaceDec 31 2018Brazilian executive body has consistently vetoed legislative initiatives easing creation and emancipation of municipalities. The literature lists evidence of the negative results of municipal fragmentation, especially so for metropolitan regions. In order ... More
Uncovering the Beast: Discovery of Embedded Massive Stellar Clusters in W49AApr 15 2003We present subarcsecond J, H, and Ks images (FWHM ~ 0.5") of an unbiased 5'x 5' (16pc x 16pc) survey of the densest region of the W49 giant molecular cloud. The observations reveal 4 massive stellar clusters (with stars as massive as \~120 Msun), the ... More
Size distribution of circumstellar disks in the Trapezium clusterJun 24 2005In this paper we present results on the size distribution of circumstellar disks in the Trapezium cluster as measured from HST/WFPC2 data. Direct diameter measurements of a sample of 135 bright proplyds and 14 silhouettes disks suggest that there is a ... More
Unveiling community structures in weighted networksMar 07 2007Random walks on simple graphs in connection with electrical resistor networks lead to the definition of Markov chains with transition probability matrix in terms of electrical conductances. We extend this definition to an effective transition matrix $P_{ij}$ ... More
A standard form for generator matrices with respect to the Niederreiter-Rosenbloom-Tsfasman metricMay 12 2011In this note, we present an analogue for codes in vector spaces with a Rosenbloom-Tsfasman metric of the well-known standard form of generator matrices for codes in spaces with the Hamming metric.
Existence of standing waves solution for a Nonlinear Schrödinger equations in $\mathbb{R}^{N}$Aug 02 2015In this paper, we investigate the existence of positive solution for the following class of elliptic equation $$ - \epsilon^{2}\Delta u +V(x)u= f(u) \,\,\,\, \mbox{in} \,\,\, \mathbb{R}^{N}, $$ where $\epsilon >0$ is a positive parameter, $f$ has a subcritical ... More
Existence of heteroclinic solution for a class of non-autonomous second-order equationSep 29 2014In this paper, we use variational methods to prove the existence of heteroclinic solutions for a class of non-autonomous second-order equation.