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Lipschitz-Volume rigidity in Alexandrov geometryOct 25 2011Jun 23 2015We prove a Lipschitz-Volume rigidity theorem in Alexandrov geometry, that is, if a 1-Lipschitz map $f\colon X=\amalg X_\ell\to Y$ between Alexandrov spaces preserves volume, then it is a path isometry and an isometry when restricted to the interior of ... More
A canonical expansion of the product of two Stanley symmetric functionsAug 14 2012We study the problem of expanding the product of two Stanley symmetric functions $F_w\cdot F_u$ into Stanley symmetric functions in some natural way. Our approach is to consider a Stanley symmetric function as a stabilized Schubert polynomial $F_{w}=\lim_{n\to ... More
Ehrhart $h^*$-vectors of hypersimplicesApr 28 2011Aug 09 2012We consider the Ehrhart $h^*$-vector for the hypersimplex. It is well-known that the sum of the $h_i^*$ is the normalized volume which equals an Eulerian numbers. The main result is a proof of a conjecture by R. Stanley which gives an interpretation of ... More
On dimensions of tangent cones in limit spaces with lower Ricci curvature boundsJun 09 2015Oct 27 2015We show that if $X$ is a limit of $n$-dimensional Riemannian manifolds with Ricci curvature bounded below and $\gamma$ is a limit geodesic in $X$ then along the interior of $\gamma$ same scale measure metric tangent cones $T_{\gamma(t)}X$ are H\"older ... More
On Popoviciu type tormulas for generalized restricted partition functionSep 22 2007Suppose that $a_1(n),a_2(n),...,a_s(n),m(n)$ are integer-valued polynomials in $n$ with positive leading coefficients. This paper presents Popoviciu type formulas for the generalized restricted partition function $$p_{A(n)}(m(n)):=#\{(x_1,...,x_s)\in ... More
An Eulerian permutation statistic and generalizationsAug 15 2012Recently, the second author studied an Eulerian statistic (called cover) in the context of convex polytopes, and proved an equal joint distribution of (cover,des) with (des,exc). In this paper, we present several direct bijective proofs that cover is ... More
External zonotopal algebraApr 11 2011We provide a general, unified, framework for external zonotopal algebra. The approach is critically based on employing simultaneously the two dual algebraic constructs and invokes the underlying matroidal and geometric structures in an essential way. ... More
AIG Rewriting Using 5-Input CutsAug 18 2011Rewriting is a common approach to logic optimization based on local transformations. Most commercially available logic synthesis tools include a rewriting engine that may be used multiple times on the same netlist during optimization. This paper presents ... More
Bounding geometry of loops in Alexandrov spacesAug 16 2010Mar 23 2013For a path in a compact finite dimensional Alexandrov space $X$ with curv $\ge \kappa$, the two basic geometric invariants are the length and the turning angle (which measures the closeness from being a geodesic). We show that the sum of the two invariants ... More
Computing Isolated Singular Solutions of Polynomial Systems: Case of Breadth OneJul 31 2010Mar 11 2011We present a symbolic-numeric method to refine an approximate isolated singular solution $\hat{\mathbf{x}}=(\hat{x}_{1}, ..., \hat{x}_{n})$ of a polynomial system $F=\{f_1, ..., f_n\}$ when the Jacobian matrix of $F$ evaluated at $\hat{\mathbf{x}}$ has ... More
Chain polytopes and algebras with straightening lawsJul 11 2012Oct 30 2012It will be shown that the toric ring of the chain polytope of a finite partially ordered set is an algebra with straightening laws on a finite distributive lattice. Thus in particular every chain polytope possesses a regular unimodular triangulation arising ... More
On the Sormani-Wenger Intrinsic Flat Convergence of Alexandrov SpacesNov 25 2014Sep 19 2018We study sequences of integral current spaces $(X_j,d_j,T_j)$ such that the integral current structure $T_j$ has weight $1$ and no boundary and, all $(X_j,d_j)$ are closed Alexandrov spaces with curvature uniformly bounded from below and diameter uniformly ... More
On a Conjecture about the Number of Solutions to Linear Diophantine Equations with a Positive Integer ParameterSep 30 2007Let A(n) be a $k\times s$ matrix and $m(n)$ be a $k$ dimensional vector, where all entries of A(n) and $m(n)$ are integer-valued polynomials in $n$. Suppose that $$t(m(n)|A(n))=#\{x\in\mathbb{Z}_{+}^{s}\mid A(n)x=m(n)\}$$ is finite for each $n\in \mathbb{N}$, ... More
Cutting convex polytopes by hyperplanesFeb 16 2014Cutting a polytope is a very natural way to produce new classes of interesting polytopes. Moreover, it has been very enlightening to explore which algebraic and combinatorial properties of the orignial polytope are hereditary to its subpolytopes obtained ... More
Scale dependence of cosmological backreactionOct 26 2007Oct 13 2008Due to the non-commutation of spatial averaging and temporal evolution, inhomogeneities and anisotropies (cosmic structures) influence the evolution of the averaged Universe via the cosmological backreaction mechanism. We study the backreaction effect ... More
Explorations of two empirical formulae for fermion massesDec 20 2015Feb 21 2016Two empirical formulae for the lepton and quark masses (i.e. Kartavtsev's extended Koide formulae), $K_l=(\sum_l m_l)/(\sum_l\sqrt{m_l})^2=2/3$ and $K_q=(\sum_q m_q)/(\sum_q\sqrt{m_q})^2=2/3$, are explored in this paper. For the lepton sector, we show ... More
Testing the distance duality relation using type Ia supernovae and ultracompact radio sourcesOct 31 2017Dec 13 2017We test the possible deviation of the cosmic distance duality relation $D_A(z)(1+z)^2/D_L(z)\equiv 1$ using the standard candles/rulers in a fully model-independent manner. Type-Ia supernovae are used as the standard candles to derive the luminosity distance ... More
Finslerian dipolar modulation of the CMB power spectra at scales $2<l<600$May 09 2017A common explanation for the CMB power asymmetry is to introduce a dipolar modulation at the stage of inflation, where the primordial power spectrum is spatially varying. If the universe in the stage of inflation is Finslerian, and if the Finsler spacetime ... More
Spatial and temporal variations of the fine-structure constant in the Finslerian universeMar 29 2017Recent observations show that the electromagnetic fine-structure constant, $\alpha_e$, may vary with space and time. In the framework of Finsler spacetime, we propose here an anisotropic cosmological model, in which both the spatial and temporal variations ... More
Testing the anisotropy of the Universe with the distance duality relationJul 03 2017Nov 19 2018The distance duality relation (DDR) is valid in Riemannian spacetime. The astronomical data hint that the universe may have certain preferred direction. If the universe is described by anisotropic cosmological models based on Riemannian spacetime, then ... More
Comparing the dark matter models, modified Newtonian dynamics and modified gravity in accounting for the galaxy rotation curvesMar 18 2017We compare six models (including the baryonic model, two dark matter models, two modified Newtonian dynamics models and one modified gravity model) in accounting for the galaxy rotation curves. For the dark matter models, we assume NFW profile and core-modified ... More
Testing the anisotropy of the universe using the simulated gravitational wave events from advanced LIGO and VirgoFeb 02 2018May 09 2018The detection of gravitational waves (GWs) provides a powerful tool to constrain the cosmological parameters. In this paper, we investigate the possibility of using GWs as standard sirens in testing the anisotropy of the universe. We consider the GW signals ... More
Testing the variation of the fine structure constant with strongly lensed gravitational wavesSep 03 2018The possible variation of the electromagnetic fine structure constant $\alpha_e$ on cosmological scales arouses great interests in recent years. The strongly lensed gravitational waves and the electromagnetic counterparts could be used to test this variation. ... More
Local probes strongly favor $Λ$CDM against power-law and $R_h=ct$ universeNov 14 2017Aug 01 2018We constrain three cosmological models, i.e. the concordance cold dark matter plus a cosmological constant ($\Lambda$CDM) model, Power-law (PL) model, and $R_h=ct$ model using the available local probes, which includes the JLA compilation of type-Ia supernovae ... More
Gamma-ray burst polarization reduction induced by the Lorentz invariance violationSep 01 2016It has been observed that photons in the prompt emission of some gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are highly polarized. The high polarization is used by some authors to give a strict constraint on the Lorentz invariance violation (LIV). If the Lorentz invariance ... More
Generalized Ehrhart polynomialsFeb 19 2010Oct 30 2010Let $P$ be a polytope with rational vertices. A classical theorem of Ehrhart states that the number of lattice points in the dilations $P(n) = nP$ is a quasi-polynomial in $n$. We generalize this theorem by allowing the vertices of P(n) to be arbitrary ... More
A robust mass estimator for dark matter subhalo perturbations in strong gravitational lensesDec 15 2016Jul 21 2017A few dark matter substructures have recently been detected in strong gravitational lenses though their perturbations of highly magnified images. We derive a characteristic scale for lensing perturbations and show that this is significantly larger than ... More
Hermite normal forms and $δ$-vectorSep 30 2010Jul 19 2011Let $\delta(\Pc) = (\delta_0, \delta_1,..., \delta_d)$ be the $\delta$-vector of an integral polytope $\Pc \subset \RR^N$ of dimension $d$. Following the previous work of characterizing the $\delta$-vectors with $\sum_{i=0}^d \delta_i \leq 3$, the possible ... More
Hybrid opto-mechanical systems with nitrogen-vacancy centersJan 04 2015In this review, we briefly overview recent works on hybrid (nano) opto-mechanical systems that contain both mechanical oscillators and diamond nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers. We review two different types of mechanical oscillators. The first one is a clamped ... More
Citation personal display: A case study of personal websites by physicists in 11 well-known universitiesFeb 26 2017This paper aims to investigate the extent to which researchers display citation, and wants to examine whether there are researcher differences in citation personal display at the level of university, country, and academic rank. Physicists in 11 well-known ... More
CP violation in neutrino mixing with $δ= -π/2$ in $A_4$ Type-II seesaw modelMay 08 2015Nov 25 2015We study a class of models for neutrino mass matrix in Type-II seesaw with $A_4$ family symmetry. The resulting neutrino mass matrix can be naturally made to respect a $\mu-\tau$ exchange plus CP conjugate symmetry (GLS) with the CP violating phase $\delta$ ... More
Soft Gluons in Logarithmic SummationsMar 05 1999We demonstrate that all the known single- and double-logarithm summations for a parton distribution function can be unified in the Collins-Soper resummation technique by applying soft approximations appropriate in different kinematic regions to real gluon ... More
Cooperative Communication Using Network CodingNov 27 2015Dec 10 2015We consider a cognitive radio network scenario where a primary transmitter and a secondary transmitter, respectively, communicate a message to their respective primary receiver and secondary receiver over a packet-based wireless link, using a joint automatic-repeat-request ... More
An anti-correlation between barycentre offsets and velocity dispersion for highest overdensity subhalos in cosmological simulationsAug 08 2018Sep 11 2018In this paper, we use two hydrodynamic simulations to study the barycentre offsets $r_{{\rm off}}$ between the entire halo and the gas or dark matter subhalo with largest overdensity. We restrict our analysis to those halos with large rescaled offsets, ... More
Polarization of gamma-ray burst afterglows in the synchrotron self-Compton process from a highly relativistic jetDec 16 2016Linear polarization have been observed in both the prompt phase and afterglow of some bright gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). Polarization in the prompt phase spans a wide range, and may be as high as $\gtrsim 50\%$. In the afterglow phase, however, it is usually ... More
Testing the homogeneity of the Universe using gamma-ray burstsSep 10 2015In this paper, we study the homogeneity of the GRB distribution using a subsample of the Greiner GRB catalogue, which contains 314 objects with redshift $0<z<2.5$ (244 of them discovered by the Swift GRB Mission). We try to reconcile the dilemma between ... More
Model-independent distance calibration of high-redshift gamma-ray bursts and constrain on the $Λ$CDM modelJul 19 2015Nov 27 2015Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are luminous enough to be detectable up to redshift $z\sim 10$. They are often proposed as complementary tools to type-Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) in tracing the Hubble diagram of the Universe. The distance calibrations of GRBs usually ... More
The Two-Point Correlation Function of Gamma-ray BurstsJul 06 2015In this paper, we examine the spacial distribution of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) using a sample of 373 objects. We subdivide the GRB data into two redshift intervals over the redshift range $0<z< 6.7$. We measure the two-point correlation function (2PCF), ... More
Learning Image Conditioned Label Space for Multilabel ClassificationFeb 21 2018This work addresses the task of multilabel image classification. Inspired by the great success from deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for single-label visual-semantic embedding, we exploit extending these models for multilabel images. Specifically, ... More
Effect of GRB spectra on the empirical luminosity correlations and the GRB Hubble diagramApr 08 2016The spectra of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) in a wide energy range can usually be well described by the Band function, which is a two smoothly jointed power laws cutting at a breaking energy. Below the breaking energy, the Band function reduces to a cut-off ... More
The significance of anisotropic signals hiding in the type Ia supernovaeApr 26 2016We use two different methods, i.e., dipole-fitting (DF) and hemisphere comparison (HC), to search for the anisotropic signals hiding in the Union2.1 data set. We find that the directions of maximum matter density derived using these two methods are about ... More
On isolation of singular zeros of multivariate analytic systemsApr 16 2019We give a separation bound for an isolated multiple root $x$ of a square multivariate analytic system $f$ satisfying that the deflation process applied on $f$ and $x$ terminates after only one iteration. When $x$ is only given approximately, we give a ... More
Algorithmic Collusion in Cournot Duopoly Market: Evidence from Experimental EconomicsFeb 21 2018Algorithmic collusion is an emerging concept in current artificial intelligence age. Whether algorithmic collusion is a creditable threat remains as an argument. In this paper, we propose an algorithm which can extort its human rival to collude in a Cournot ... More
Galaxies Rotation Curves in the Grumiller's Modified GravitySep 17 2012Feb 27 2013The effective potential in the Grumiller's modified gravity [D. Grumiller, Phys. Rev. Lett {\bf 105}, 211303 (2010)] includes the Newtonian potential and a Rindler term. The fitting to the rotation curve data of eight galaxies suggests a universal Rindler ... More
Finslerian MOND vs. observations of Bullet Cluster 1E0657-558Sep 14 2012Mar 03 2013It is known that theory of MOND with spherical symmetry cannot account for the convergence $\kappa$-map of Bullet Cluster 1E0657-558. In this paper, we try to set up a Finslerian MOND, a generalization of MOND in Finsler spacetime. We use $Ric=0$ to obtain ... More
Generalization of Rindler Potential at Cluster Scales in Randers-Finslerian Spacetime: a Possible Explanation of the Bullet Cluster 1E0657-558?Oct 18 2011Mar 03 2013The data of the Bullet Cluster 1E0657-558 released on November 15, 2006 reveal that the strong and weak gravitational lensing convergence $\kappa$-map has an $8\sigma$ offset from the $\Sigma$-map. The observed $\Sigma$-map is a direct measurement of ... More
New constraints on the distance duality relation from the local dataAug 06 2018The cosmic distance duality relation (DDR), which connects the angular diameter distance and luminosity distance through a simple formula $D_A(z)(1+z)^2/D_L(z)\equiv1$, is an important relation in cosmology. Therefore, testing the validity of DDR is of ... More
Dark Energy and Normalization of the Cosmological Wave FunctionMay 14 2015Aug 16 2016Dark energy is investigated from the perspective of quantum cosmology. It is found that, together with an appropriate normal ordering factor $q$, only when there is dark energy then can the cosmological wave function be normalized. This interesting observation ... More
Globalization with probabilistic convexityOct 25 2013Jun 23 2015We introduce a notion of probabilistic convexity and generalize some classical globalization theorems in Alexandrov geometry. A weighted Alexandrov's lemma is developed as a basic tool.
Open-Category Classification by Adversarial Sample GenerationMay 24 2017Jun 17 2017In real-world classification tasks, it is difficult to collect training samples from all possible categories of the environment. Therefore, when an instance of an unseen class appears in the prediction stage, a robust classifier should be able to tell ... More
Magnetic-Field-Dependent Raman Scattering in Multiferroic Bilayer Films: Evidence for Stress-Mediated Magnetoelectric CouplingFeb 16 2009We report the first magnetic-field-dependent Raman scattering studies on Pb(Zr,Ti)O3-CoFe2O4 bilayer multiferroic system. The phonon frequencies of the nano-bilayers obviously change with magnetic field, which is absent in the single Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 films. ... More
$η_c$ mixing effects on charmonium and $B$ meson decaysOct 28 2011Jan 30 2012We include the $\eta_c$ meson into the $\eta$-$\eta'$-$G$ mixing formalism constructed in our previous work, where $G$ represents the pseudoscalar gluball. The mixing angles in this tetramixing matrix are constrained by theoretical and experimental implications ... More
Are long gamma-ray bursts standard candles?Apr 27 2015Aug 20 2015Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are widely proposed as an effective probe to trace the Hubble diagram of the Universe in high redshift range. However, the calibration of GRBs is not as easy as that of type-Ia supernovae (SNe Ia). Most calibrating methods at present ... More
A unified description for dipoles of the fine-structure constant and SnIa Hubble diagram in Finslerian universeJan 27 2015May 07 2015We propose a Finsler spacetime scenario of the anisotropic universe. The Finslerian universe requires both the fine-structure constant and accelerating cosmic expansion have dipole structure, and the directions of these two dipoles are the same. Our numerical ... More
CP Violating Polarization Asymmetry in Charmless Two-Body Decays of Beauty BaryonsJul 29 2015Several baryons containing a heavy b-quark, the b-baryons, have been discovered. The charmless two-body decays of b-baryons can provide a new platform for CP violating studies in a similar way as charmless two-body decays of B-meson. In b-baryon decays ... More
Probing Higgs Boson $CP$ Properties with $t\bar{t}H$ at the LHC and the 100 TeV $pp$ ColliderDec 30 2014Jan 10 2015The Higgs boson $H$ has the largest coupling to the top quark $t$ among the standard model (SM) fermions. This is one of the ideal places to investigate new physics beyond SM. In this work, we study the potential of determining Higgs boson $CP$ properties ... More
Constraining anisotropy of the universe from different groups of type-Ia supernovaeMar 22 2014Recent released Planck data and other astronomical observations show that the universe may be anisotropic on large scales. Inspired by this, anisotropic cosmological models have been proposed. We note that the Finsler-Randers spacetime provides an appropriate ... More
Constraining the Anisotropy of the Universe from Supernovae and Gamma-ray BurstsMay 13 2014Recently, an anisotropic cosmological model was proposed. An arbitrary 1-form, which picks out a privileged axis in the universe, was added to the Friedmann-Robertson-Walker line element. The distance-redshift relation was modified such that it is direction ... More
Transverse-momentum-dependent wave functions with Glauber gluons in $B \to ππ$, $ρρ$ decaysFeb 14 2015Jun 12 2015We investigate the Glauber-gluon effect on the $B \to \pi \pi$ and $\rho \rho$ decays, which is introduced via a convolution of a universal Glauber phase factor with transverse-momentum-dependent(TMD) meson wave functions in the $k_T$ factorization theorem. ... More
On the throttling process of the Kerr-Newman-anti-de Sitter black holes in the extended phase spaceMay 13 2018Aug 07 2018The throttling process of the Kerr-Newman-anti-de Sitter (KN-AdS) black holes is systematically studied in the extended phase space. In this framework, the cosmological constant is interpreted as a varying thermodynamic pressure, and the black hole mass ... More
The Gini Coefficient as a Morphological Measurement of Strongly Lensed Galaxies in the Image PlaneNov 11 2015Jun 22 2016Characterization of the morphology of strongly lensed galaxies is challenging because images of such galaxies are typically highly distorted. Lens modeling and source plane reconstruction is one approach that can provide reasonably undistorted images ... More
Efficient Optimization of Performance Measures by Classifier AdaptationDec 04 2010Aug 02 2012In practical applications, machine learning algorithms are often needed to learn classifiers that optimize domain specific performance measures. Previously, the research has focused on learning the needed classifier in isolation, yet learning nonlinear ... More
Probabilistic Model of Object Detection Based on Convolutional Neural NetworkAug 16 2018The combination of a CNN detector and a search framework forms the basis for local object/pattern detection. To handle the waste of regional information and the defective compromise between efficiency and accuracy, this paper proposes a probabilistic ... More
Edge-as-a-Service: Towards Distributed Cloud ArchitecturesOct 27 2017We present an Edge-as-a-Service (EaaS) platform for realising distributed cloud architectures and integrating the edge of the network in the computing ecosystem. The EaaS platform is underpinned by (i) a lightweight discovery protocol that identifies ... More
$Λ$CDM model with a scalar perturbation vs. preferred direction of the universeNov 12 2013We present a scalar perturbation for the $\Lambda$CDM model, which breaks the isotropic symmetry of the universe. Based on the Union2 data, the least-$\chi^2$ fit of the scalar perturbed $\Lambda$CDM model shows that the universe has a preferred direction ... More
Testing the isotropy of the Universe by using the JLA compilation of type-Ia supernovaeApr 14 2015Nov 27 2015We probe the possible anisotropy of the Universe by using the JLA compilation of type-Ia supernovae. We apply the Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method to constrain the amplitude and direction of anisotropy in three cosmological models. For the dipole-modulated ... More
Quantum correlations for arbitrarily high-dimensional Bell inequalitySep 22 2007We analyze the correlation structure of bipartite arbitrary-dimensional Bell inequalities via novel conditions of correlations in terms of differences of joint probabilities called correlators. The conditions of correlations are shown to be necessary ... More
Game-Theoretic Modeling of Multi-Vehicle Interactions at Uncontrolled IntersectionsApr 10 2019Motivated by the need to develop simulation tools for verification and validation of autonomous driving systems operating in traffic consisting of both autonomous and human-driven vehicles, we propose a framework for modeling vehicle interactions at uncontrolled ... More
Comment on Reparametrization Invariance of Quark-Lepton ComplementarityDec 11 2011Mar 16 2012We study the complementarity between quark and lepton mixing angles (QLC), the sum of an angle in quark mixing and the corresponding angle in lepton mixing is $\pi/4$. Experimentally in the standard PDG parametrization, two such relations exist approximately. ... More
Testing SgrA$^*$ with the spectrum of its accretion structureMay 20 2015Sep 14 2015SgrA$^*$ is the supermassive black hole candidate at the center of the Galaxy and an ideal laboratory to test general relativity. Following previous work by other authors, we use the Polish doughnut model to describe an optically thin and constant angular ... More
Determination of Effective Synaptic Conductances Using Somatic Voltage ClampOct 13 2017The interplay between excitatory and inhibitory neurons imparts rich functions of the brain. To understand the underlying synaptic mechanisms, a fundamental approach is to study the dynamics of excitatory and inhibitory conductances of each neuron. The ... More
Branching ratios and direct CP asymmetries in $D\to PP$ decaysMar 14 2012Sep 24 2012We propose a theoretical framework for analyzing two-body nonleptonic $D$ meson decays, based on the factorization of short-distance (long-distance) dynamics into Wilson coefficients (hadronic matrix elements of four-fermion operators). The parametrization ... More
Computing Simple Multiple Zeros of Polynomial SystemsMar 11 2017Given a polynomial system f associated with a simple multiple zero x of multiplicity {\mu}, we give a computable lower bound on the minimal distance between the simple multiple zero x and other zeros of f. If x is only given with limited accuracy, we ... More
Some Predictions of Diquark Model for Hidden Charm Pentaquark Discovered at the LHCbJul 29 2015Oct 08 2015The LHCb has discovered two new states with preferred $J^P$ quantum numbers $3/2^-$ and $5/2^+$ from $\Lambda_b$ decays. These new states can be interpreted as hidden charm pentaquarks. It has been argued that the main features of these pentaquarks can ... More
A polymer based phononic crystalJan 31 2018A versatile system to construct polymeric phononic crystals by using ultrasound is described. In order to fabricate this material a customised cavity device fitted with a 2 MHz acoustic transducer and an acoustic reflector is employed for standing wave ... More
Impact parameter smearing effects on isospin sensitive observables in heavy ion collisionsDec 28 2017Apr 18 2018The validity of impact parameter estimation from the multiplicity of charged particles at low-intermediate energies is checked within the framework of ImQMD model. The simulations show that the multiplicity of charged particles cannot estimate the impact ... More
Deformation and orientation effects in the driving potential of the dinuclear modelApr 22 2005A double-folding method is used to calculate the nuclear and Coulomb interaction between two deformed nuclei with arbitrary orientations. A simplified Skryme-type interaction is adopted. The contributions of nuclear interaction and Coulomb interaction ... More
Finslerian MOND versus the Strong Gravitational Lensing of the Early-type GalaxiesSep 05 2013The gravitational lensing of Bullet Clusters and early-type galaxies pose serious challenges on the validity of MOND. Recently, Finslerian MOND, a generalization of MOND in the framework of Finsler gravity, has been proposed to explain the mass discrepancy ... More
Finding Similar Medical Questions from Question Answering WebsitesOct 14 2018The past few years have witnessed the flourishing of crowdsourced medical question answering (Q&A) websites. Patients who have medical information demands tend to post questions about their health conditions on these crowdsourced Q&A websites and get ... More
Quantum enhanced joint measurement of multiple non-commuting observables with SU(1,1) interferometerDec 05 2017Dec 14 2017Heisenberg uncertainty relation in quantum mechanics sets the limit on the measurement precision of non-commuting observables, which prevents us from measuring them accurately at the same time. In some applications, however, the information are embedded ... More
The $φ(2170)$ production in the process $γp\to ηφp$Apr 18 2019We have studied the $\gamma p\to \eta \phi p$ reaction within the effective Lagrangian approach, by considering the contribution of the intermediate state $\phi(2170)$ production, and the background contributions of $t$-channel $\pi^0$ and $\eta$ mesons ... More
Adaptive Game-Theoretic Decision Making for Autonomous Vehicle Control at RoundaboutsOct 01 2018In this paper, we propose a decision making algorithm for autonomous vehicle control at a roundabout intersection. The algorithm is based on a game-theoretic model representing the interactions between the ego vehicle and an opponent vehicle, and adapts ... More
The combination of directional outputs and single-mode operation in circular microdisk with broken PT symmetryMay 18 2015Monochromaticity and directionality are two key characteristics of lasers. However, the combination of directional emission and single-mode operation is quite challenging, especially for the on-chip devices. Here we propose a microdisk laser with single-mode ... More
Effects of spacetime anisotropy on the galaxy rotation curvesMay 10 2013May 26 2013The observations on galaxy rotation curves show significant discrepancies from the Newtonian theory. This issue could be explained by the effect of the anisotropy of the spacetime. Conversely, the spacetime anisotropy could also be constrained by the ... More
Recognition of Emotions using KinectsAug 04 2015Psychological studies indicate that emotional states are expressed in the way people walk and the human gait is investigated in terms of its ability to reveal a person's emotional state. And Microsoft Kinect is a rapidly developing, inexpensive, portable ... More
Spin image of an atomic vapor cell with a resolution smaller than the diffusion crosstalk free distanceApr 18 2019The diffusion crosstalk free distance is an important parameter for spin images in atomic vapor cells and is also regarded as a limit on the spatial resolution. However, by modulating the pumping light both spatially and temporally using a digital micromirror ... More
Particle transfer and fusion cross-section for Super-heavy nuclei in dinuclear systemSep 21 2005Sep 22 2005Within the dinuclear system (DNS) conception, instead of solving Fokker-Planck Equation (FPE) analytically, the Master equation is solved numerically to calculate the fusion probability of super-heavy nuclei, so that the harmonic oscillator approximation ... More
Experimental comparison of various techniques for spot size measurement of high-energy x-ray sourceNov 24 2015Dec 05 2015In the experiment of flash-radiography, the quality of acquired image strongly depends on the focal size of the x-ray source spot. A variety of techniques based on imaging of pinhole, slit and rollbar are adopted to measure the focal spot size of the ... More
Non-dipolar Wilson links for quasi-parton distribution functionsFeb 24 2016Aug 05 2016We propose a modified definition for a quasi-parton distribution function (QPDF) with an equal-time correlator in the large momentum limit, whose two pieces of space-like Wilson links are oriented in orthogonal directions. It is explicitly shown at one-loop ... More
Lipschitz-Volume rigidity on limit spaces with Ricci curvature bounded from belowOct 31 2013Jun 23 2015We prove a Lipschitz-Volume rigidity theorem for the non-collapsed Gromov-Hausdorff limits of manifolds with Ricci curvature bounded from below. This is a counterpart of the Lipschitz-Volume rigidity in Alexandrov geometry.
An Algorithm for Constructing a Smallest Register with Non-Linear Update Generating a Given Binary SequenceJun 24 2013Registers with Non-Linear Update (RNLUs) are a generalization of Non-Linear Feedback Shift Registers (NLFSRs) in which both, feedback and feedforward, connections are allowed and no chain connection between the stages is required. In this paper, a new ... More
Apollonian Equilateral TrianglesMar 01 2013Given an equilateral triangle with $a$ the square of its side length and a point in its plane with $b$, $c$, $d$ the squares of the distances from the point to the vertices of the triangle, it can be computed that $a$, $b$, $c$, $d$ satisfy $3(a^2+b^2+c^2+d^2)=(a+b+c+d)^2$. ... More
Verified Error Bounds for Isolated Singular Solutions of Polynomial Systems: Case of Breadth OneJan 17 2012In this paper we describe how to improve the performance of the symbolic-numeric method in (Li and Zhi,2009, 2011) for computing the multiplicity structure and refining approximate isolated singular solutions in the breadth one case. By introducing a ... More
Interacting heavy fermions in a disordered optical latticeDec 26 2013Dec 09 2014We have theoretically studied the effect of disorder on ultracold alkaline-earth atoms governed by the Kondo lattice model in an optical lattice via simplified double-well model and hybridization mean-field theory. Disorder-induced narrowing and even ... More
Replacing the Irreplaceable: Fast Algorithms for Team Member RecommendationSep 19 2014In this paper, we study the problem of Team Member Replacement: given a team of people embedded in a social network working on the same task, find a good candidate who can fit in the team after one team member becomes unavailable. We conjecture that a ... More
Bringing Semantic Structures to User Intent Detection in Online Medical QueriesOct 22 2017The Internet has revolutionized healthcare by offering medical information ubiquitously to patients via web search. The healthcare status, complex medical information needs of patients are expressed diversely and implicitly in their medical text queries. ... More
Integrability of Orbifold ABJM TheoriesJul 22 2016Sep 20 2018Integrable structure has played a very important role in the study of various non-perturbative aspects of planar ABJM theories. In this paper we showed that this remarkable structure survive after orbifold operation with discrete group $\Gamma(\simeq\mathbb{Z}_n)<SU(4)_R\times ... More
On the Sormani-Wenger Intrinsic Flat Convergence of Alexandrov SpacesNov 25 2014We study noncollapsing sequences of integral current spaces $(X_j,d_j,T_j)$ with no boundary such that $(X_j,d_j)$ are Alexandrov spaces with nonnegative curvature and diameter uniformly bounded from above and such that the integral current structure ... More
Prospects of detecting dark matter through cosmic-ray antihelium with the antiproton constraintsAug 10 2018Cosmic-ray (CR) antihelium can be an important observable for dark matter (DM) indirect searches due to extremely low secondary backgrounds towards low energies. In most DM models, the predicted CR antihelium flux is strongly correlated with that of CR ... More
Reexamination of inflation in noncommutative space-time after Planck resultsApr 16 2013Jul 10 2013An inflationary model in the framework of noncommutative space-time may generate a nontrivial running of the scalar spectral index, but usually induces a large tensor-to-scalar ratio simultaneously. With the latest observational data from the Planck mission, ... More