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Acoustic Wave Field Reconstruction from Compressed Measurements with Application in Photoacoustic TomographySep 09 2016We present a method for the recovery of compressively sensed acoustic fields using patterned, instead of point-by-point, detection. From a limited number of such compressed measurements, we propose to reconstruct the field on the sensor plane in each ... More
Student-based Collaborative Network for Delivering Information of Natural Disasters and Climate AdaptationDec 28 2013The student generation nowadays is considered as the Net Generation who grow up in the age of Internet and mobile technology and prefer bringing technological application into their life. The Learning Resource Center, an academic information center, takes ... More
Extremal Problems for Subset DivisorsJun 04 2013Sep 19 2014Let $A$ be a set of $n$ positive integers. We say that a subset $B$ of $A$ is a divisor of $A$, if the sum of the elements in $B$ divides the sum of the elements in $A$. We are interested in the following extremal problem. For each $n$, what is the maximum ... More
Hypergraph based semi-supervised learning algorithms applied to speech recognition problem: a novel approachOct 28 2018Most network-based speech recognition methods are based on the assumption that the labels of two adjacent speech samples in the network are likely to be the same. However, assuming the pairwise relationship between speech samples is not complete. The ... More
A Genetic Algorithm for Power-Aware Virtual Machine Allocation in Private CloudFeb 19 2013Energy efficiency has become an important measurement of scheduling algorithm for private cloud. The challenge is trade-off between minimizing of energy consumption and satisfying Quality of Service (QoS) (e.g. performance or resource availability on ... More
Partner orbits and action differences on compact factors of the hyperbolic plane. II: Higher-order encountersJan 18 2015Feb 21 2016Physicists have argued that periodic orbit bunching leads to universal spectral fluctuations for chaotic quantum systems. To establish a more detailed mathematical understanding of this fact, it is first necessary to look more closely at the classical ... More
Fast binary embeddings, and quantized compressed sensing with structured matricesJan 26 2018This paper deals with two related problems, namely distance-preserving binary embeddings and quantization for compressed sensing . First, we propose fast methods to replace points from a subset $\mathcal{X} \subset \mathbb{R}^n$, associated with the Euclidean ... More
Determinacy in L(R,μ)Jan 29 2012Sep 01 2013Assume L(\mathbb{R},\mu) satisfies ZF+DC+\Theta>\omega_2 + \mu is a normal fine measure on \powerset_{\omega_1}(\mathbb{R}). The main result of this paper is the characterization theorem of L(\mathbb{R},\mu) which states that L(\mathbb{R},\mu) satisfies ... More
A Codebook-Based Limited Feedback System for Large-Scale MIMONov 06 2014In this paper, we consider limited feedback systems for FDD large-scale (massive) MIMO. A new codebook-based framework for multiuser (MU) MIMO downlink systems is introduced and then compared with an ideal non-codebook based system. We are particularly ... More
Stochastic Differential Equations with Critical DriftsJan 31 2018We construct a strong solution to the stochastic differential equation with additive noise when drift term belongs to $L^{q,1}([0,T],L^p_x)$ for $p,q\in (1,\infty)$ satisfying $\frac{2}{q}+\frac{d}{p} =1$. We also prove the Sobolev regularity of the stochastic ... More
Construction of hyperbolic hypersurfaces of low degree in $\mathbb{p}^n(\mathbb{c})$Jan 25 2016May 09 2016We construct families of hyperbolic hypersurfaces $X_d\subset\mathbb{P}^{n+1}(\mathbb{C})$ of degree $d\geq {\textstyle{(\frac{n+3}{2})^2}}$.
Examples of hyperbolic hypersurfaces of low degree in projective spacesJul 13 2015Dec 29 2015We construct families of hyperbolic hypersurfaces of degree $2n$ in the projective space $\mathbb{P}^n(\mathbb{C})$ for $3 \leq n \leq 6$.
Casimir Force in Compact Noncommutative Extra Dimensions and Radius StabilizationAug 09 2000We compute the one loop Casimir energy of an interacting scalar field in a compact noncommutative space of $R^{1,d}\times T^2_\theta$, where we have ordinary flat $1+d$ dimensional Minkowski space and two dimensional noncommuative torus. We find that ... More
HOD in natural models of AD^+Jan 30 2012Sep 01 2013This paper analyzes full HOD of natural models of AD^+ under a certain smallness assumption of the models. This assumption is made to utilize Sargsyan's work on the theory of hod mice. We show that HOD is a fine-structural model and in particular satisfies ... More
New Outer Bounds on the Capacity of the Two-User Gaussian Interference ChannelJun 10 2015Jul 17 2015The best outer bound on the capacity region of the two-user Gaussian interference channel (GIC) is known to be the intersection of regions of various bounds including genie-aided outer bounds, in which a genie provides noisy input signals to the intended ... More
Mass Gap in Kaluza-Klein Spectrum in a Network of Brane WorldsNov 29 1999Dec 08 1999We consider the Newton's force law for brane world consisting of periodic configuration of branes. We show that it supports a massless graviton. Furthermore, this massless mode is well separated from the Kaluza-Klein spectrum by a mass gap. Thus most ... More
Locally Lipschitz BSDE driven by a continuous martingale: path-derivative approachJun 13 2016Jun 18 2017Using a new notion of path-derivative, we study well-posedness of backward stochastic differential equation driven by a continuous martingale $M$ when $f(s,\gamma,y,z)$ is locally Lipschitz in $(y,z)$: \[Y_{t}=\xi(M_{[0,T]})+\int_{t}^{T}f(s,M_{[0,s]},Y_{s-},Z_{s}m_{s})d{\rm ... More
PFA and guessing modelsAug 19 2016This paper explores the consistency strength of The Proper Forcing Axiom ($\textsf{PFA}$) and the theory (T) which involves a variation of the Viale-Wei$\ss$ guessing hull principle. We show that (T) is consistent relative to a supercompact cardinal. ... More
An Uncertainty Principle for Discrete SignalsJul 24 2013By use of window functions, time-frequency analysis tools like Short Time Fourier Transform overcome a shortcoming of the Fourier Transform and enable us to study the time- frequency characteristics of signals which exhibit transient os- cillatory behavior. ... More
Path-differentiability of BSDE driven by a continuous martingaleJun 13 2016Jun 25 2016We study existence, uniqueness, and path-differentiability of solution for backward stochastic differential equation (BSDE) driven by a continuous martingale $M$ with $[M,M]_{t}=\int_{0}^{t}m_{s}m_{s}^{*}d{\rm tr}[M,M]_{s}$: \[ Y_{t}=\xi(M_{[0,T]})+\int_{t}^{T}f(s,M_{[0,s]},Y_{s-},Z_{s}m_{s})d{\rm ... More
Hypoelliptic diffusions with singular driftsJun 26 2018Oct 05 2018We establish the well-posedness of stochastic differential equations possessing degenerate diffusions and singular drifts. We prove that SDEs defined on the homogeneous Carnot group, whose hypoelliptic diffusion part is given by the horizontal Brownian ... More
Accelerated High-Resolution Photoacoustic Tomography via Compressed SensingApr 30 2016Sep 28 2016Current 3D photoacoustic tomography (PAT) systems offer either high image quality or high frame rates but are not able to deliver high spatial and temporal resolution simultaneously, which limits their ability to image dynamic processes in living tissue. ... More
Intertwining connectivities for representable matroidsApr 24 2013Let M be a representable matroid, and Q, R, S, T subsets of the ground set. We prove that, if M is sufficiently large, then there is an element e such that deleting or contracting e preserves both the Q-R and the S-T connectivities. For matroids representable ... More
Model based learning for accelerated, limited-view 3D photoacoustic tomographyAug 31 2017Recent advances in deep learning for tomographic reconstructions have shown great potential to create accurate and high quality images with a considerable speed-up. In this work we present a deep neural network that is specifically designed to provide ... More
Enhancing Compressed Sensing Photoacoustic Tomography by Simultaneous Motion EstimationFeb 14 2018A crucial limitation of current high-resolution 3D photoacoustic tomography (PAT) devices that employ sequential scanning is their long acquisition time. In previous work, we demonstrated how to use compressed sensing techniques to improve upon this: ... More
Regularized Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Feature Selection in Mixtures-of-Experts ModelsOct 29 2018Mixture of Experts (MoE) are successful models for modeling heterogeneous data in many statistical learning problems including regression, clustering and classification. Generally fitted by maximum likelihood estimation via the well-known EM algorithm, ... More
A geometric second main theoremOct 21 2016We prove a truncated second main theorem in the projective plane for entire curves which cluster on an algebraic curve.
Scales in hybrid mice over $\mathbb{R}$Oct 26 2012Apr 05 2016We develop a general theory of strategic mice, prove their condensation properties, and analyze the scales pattern in the stack of $\Theta$-g-organized $\mathcal{F}$-mice over $\mathbb{R}$, Lp$^{G\mathcal{F}}(\mathbb{R})$, for a class of nice operators ... More
On the second inner variations of Allen-Cahn type energies and applications to local minimizersAug 27 2014Oct 08 2014In this paper, we obtain an explicit formula for the discrepancy between the limit of the second inner variations of $p$-Laplace Allen-Cahn energies and the second inner variation of their $\Gamma$-limit which is the area functional. Our analysis explains ... More
Boundary regularity for solutions to the linearized Monge-Ampère equationsSep 26 2011We obtain boundary Holder gradient estimates and regularity for solutions to the linearized Monge-Ampere equations under natural assumptions on the domain, Monge-Ampere measures and boundary data. Our results are affine invariant analogues of the boundary ... More
Blow up of subcritical quantities at the first singular time of the mean curvature flowFeb 25 2010Feb 26 2010Consider a family of smooth immersions $F(\cdot,t): M^n\to \mathbb{R}^{n+1}$ of closed hypersurfaces in $\mathbb{R}^{n+1}$ moving by the mean curvature flow $\frac{\partial F(p,t)}{\partial t} = -H(p,t)\cdot \nu(p,t)$, for $t\in [0,T)$. We show that at ... More
Conformal field theory of dipolar SLE(4) with mixed boundary conditionJun 28 2013We develop a version of dipolar conformal field theory in a simply connected domain with the Dirichlet-Neumann boundary condition and central charge one. We prove that all correlation functions of the fields in the OPE family of Gaussian free field with ... More
Generalized W-type and H-type algebrasDec 30 1997It is well known that the Poisson Lie algebra is isomorphic to the Hamiltonian Lie algebra. We show that the Poisson Lie algebra can be embedded properly in the special type Lie algebra. We also generalize the Hamiltonian Lie algebra using exponential ... More
Calabi-Yau coverings over some singular varieties and new Calabi-Yau 3-folds with Picard number oneOct 02 2006Jan 14 2008This note is a report on the observation that some singular varieties admit Calabi--Yau coverings. As an application, we construct 18 new Calabi--Yau 3-folds with Picard number one that have some interesting properties.
LiveRank: How to Refresh Old DatasetsJan 06 2016This paper considers the problem of refreshing a dataset. More precisely , given a collection of nodes gathered at some time (Web pages, users from an online social network) along with some structure (hyperlinks, social relationships), we want to identify ... More
Stability of Depths of Powers of Edge IdealsJan 12 2016Let $G$ be a graph and let $I := I (G)$ be its edge ideal. In this paper, we provide an upper bound of $n$ from which $\depth R/ I(G)^n$ is stationary, and compute this limit explicitly. This bound is always achieved if $G$ has no cycles of length $4$ ... More
Building active and collaborative learning environment in introductory physics course of faculty of technology educationApr 28 2014Model of active and collaborative learning applied in training specific subject makes clear advantage due to the goals of knowledge, enhanced activeness, skills that students got to develop successful future job. Studying and applying the model to build ... More
Utilizing the Active and Collaborative Learning Model in the Introductory Physics CourseAug 14 2014Model of active and collaborative learning applied in training specific subject makes clear advantage due to the goals of knowledge, skills that students got to develop successful future job. The author exploits the learning management system of Hanoi ... More
Calculation of the Electron Spin Relaxation Times in InSb and InAs by the Projection-Reduction MethodJul 22 2014The electron spin relaxation times in a system of electrons interacting with piezoelectric phonons mediated through spin-orbit interactions were calculated using the formula derived from the projection-reduction method. The results showed that the temperature ... More
Electron Spin Relaxation in Two Polymorphic Structures of GaNAug 04 2014The relaxation process of electron spin in systems of electrons interacting with piezoelectric deformation phonons that are mediated through spin-orbit interactions was interpreted from a microscopic point of view using the formula for the electron spin ... More
Deterministic Compressed Sensing Matrices from Multiplicative Character SequencesNov 11 2010Compressed sensing is a novel technique where one can recover sparse signals from the undersampled measurements. In this paper, a $K \times N$ measurement matrix for compressed sensing is deterministically constructed via multiplicative character sequences. ... More
On a class of maximality principlesAug 19 2016We study various classes of maximality principles, $\rm{MP}(\kappa,\Gamma)$, introduced by J.D. Hamkins, where $\Gamma$ defines a class of forcing posets and $\kappa$ is a cardinal. We explore the consistency strength and the relationship of $\textsf{MP}(\kappa,\Gamma)$ ... More
The fine structure of operator miceMar 31 2016Apr 07 2016We develop the theory of abstract fine structural operators and operator-premice. We identify properties, which we require of operator-premice and operators, which ensure that certain basic facts about standard premice generalize. We define fine condensation ... More
Non-tame mice from tame failures of the unique branch hypothesisNov 05 2012In this paper, we show that the failure of the unique branch hypothesis (UBH) for tame trees (see \rdef{tame iteration tree}) implies that in some homogenous generic extension of $V$ there is a transitive model $M$ containing $Ord \cup \mathbb{R}$ such ... More
An effective thermodynamic potential from the instanton vacuum with the Polyakov loopFeb 28 2011In this talk, we report our recent studies on an effective thermodynamic potential (Omega_eff) at finite temperature (T>0) and zero quark-chemical potential (mu_R=0), using the singular-gauge instanton solution and Matsubara formula for N_c=3 and N_f=2 ... More
CP asymmetries in penguin-induced B decays in general left-right modelsAug 15 2003We study CP asymmetries in penguin-induced b -> s\bar{s}s decays in general left-right models without imposing manifest or pseudomanifest left-right symmetry. Using the effective Hamiltonian approach, we evaluate CP asymmetries in B^\pm -> \phi K^{(\ast)\pm} ... More
Integrable structure in supersymmetric gauge theories with massive hypermultipletsMar 06 1996We study the quantum moduli space of vacua of $N=2$ supersymmetric $SU(N_c)$ gauge theories coupled to $N_f$ flavors of quarks in the fundamental representation. We identify the moduli space of the $N_c = 3$ and $N_f=2$ massless case with the full spectral ... More
Entropy spectra of black holes from resonance modes in scattering by the black holesFeb 17 2011Since the Bekenstein's proposal that a black hole has equally spaced area spectrum, the quasinormal modes as the characteristic modes of a black hole have been used in obtaining the horizon area spectrum of the black hole. However, the area spectrum of ... More
N=2 Supersymmetric SO(N)/Sp(N) Gauge Theories from Matrix ModelJan 25 2003Mar 26 2003We use the matrix model to describe the N=2 SO(N)/Sp(N) supersymmetric gauge theories with massive hypermultiplets in the fundamental representation. By taking the tree level superpotential perturbation made of a polynomial of a scalar chiral multiplet, ... More
Determinacy from strong compactness of $ω_1$Sep 18 2016In the absence of the Axiom of Choice, the "small" cardinal $\omega_1$ can exhibit properties more usually associated with large cardinals, such as strong compactness and supercompactness. For a local version of strong compactness, we say that $\omega_1$ ... More
Renormalization of Hénon map in arbitrary dimension I : Universality and reduction of ambient spaceJun 07 2015Jun 23 2015Period doubling H\'enon renormalization of strongly dissipative maps is generalized in arbitrary finite dimension. In particular, a small perturbation of toy model maps with dominated splitting has invariant $C^r$ surfaces embedded in higher dimension ... More
Subdifferential Formulas for a Class of Nonconvex Infimal ConvolutionsDec 30 2013In this paper, we provide a number of subdifferential formulas for a class of nonconvex infimal convolutions in normed spaces. The formulas obtained unify several results on subdifferentials of the distance function and the minimal time function. In particular, ... More
Formal local homologyJul 19 2016We introduce a concept of formal local homology modules which is in some sense dual to P. Schenzel's concept of formal local cohomology modules. The dual theorem and the non-vanishing theorem of formal local homology modules will be shown. We also give ... More
On the number of electrons that a nucleus can bindSep 17 2012Dec 07 2012We review some results on the ionization conjecture, which says that a neutral atom can bind at most one or two extra electrons.
New bounds on the maximum ionization of atomsSep 13 2010Nov 26 2011We prove that the maximum number $N_c$ of non-relativistic electrons that a nucleus of charge $Z$ can bind is less than $1.22Z+3Z^{1/3}$. This improves Lieb's upper bound $N_c<2Z+1$ [{\it Phys. Rev. A} {\bf 29}, 3018-3028 (1984)] when $Z\ge 6$. Our method ... More
Deterministic Compressed Sensing Matrices from Additive Character SequencesSep 30 2010Compressed sensing is a novel technique where one can recover sparse signals from the undersampled measurements. In this correspondence, a $K \times N$ measurement matrix for compressed sensing is deterministically constructed via additive character sequences. ... More
Reed-Muller Codes for Peak Power Control in Multicarrier CDMAOct 01 2010Reed-Muller codes are studied for peak power control in multicarrier code-division multiple access (MC-CDMA) communication systems. In a coded MC-CDMA system, the information data multiplexed from users is encoded by a Reed-Muller subcode and the codeword ... More
Deterministic Construction of Partial Fourier Compressed Sensing Matrices Via Cyclic Difference SetsAug 04 2010Dec 28 2010Compressed sensing is a novel technique where one can recover sparse signals from the undersampled measurements. This paper studies a $K \times N$ partial Fourier measurement matrix for compressed sensing which is deterministically constructed via cyclic ... More
A type of the Lefschetz hyperplane section theorem on \Q-Fano 3-folds with Picard number one and $1/2(1,1,1)$-singularitiesJul 29 2011We prove a type of the Lefschetz hyperplane section theorem on Q-Fano 3-folds with Picard number one and $1/2(1,1,1)$-singularities by using some degeneration method. As a byproduct, we obtain a new example of a Calabi-Yau 3-fold $X$ with Picard number ... More
Synthesis and structural characterization of uranium-doped Ca2CuO3, a 1D quantum antiferromagnetFeb 11 2008Apr 30 2008The technological settings of a modified sol-gel method for preparation of highly fine homogeneous powder Ca2CuO3 doped with uranium 238 (x=0-0.05) is presented. The analysis of structure, purity of phases and the justification for the role of uranium ... More
Neuronal micro-culture engineering by microchannel devices of cellular scale dimensionsFeb 05 2015Purpose: The purpose of the current study was to investigate the effect of microchannel geometry on neuronal cultures and to maintain these cultures for long period of time (over several weeks) inside the closed microchannels of cellular scale dimensions. ... More
Critique of optical transition theories based on projection and population criteriaJul 23 2014Some many-body theories of optical transitions in solids were examined from projection and population criteria. The results showed that state-independent projection methods cannot be applied to electron systems with non-uniform energy spectra. Moreover, ... More
Mining Crash Fix PatternsNov 08 2013Nov 11 2013During the life cycle of software development, developers have to fix different kinds of bugs reported by testers or end users. The efficiency and effectiveness of fixing bugs have a huge impact on the reliability of the software as well as the productivity ... More
QCD magnetic susceptibility at finite temperature beyond the chiral limitApr 04 2013We investigate the QCD magnetic susceptibility chi_q for flavor SU(2) at finite temperature (T) beyond the chiral limit, using the liquid instanton model, defined in Euclidean space and modified by the T-dependent caloron solution. The background electromagnetic ... More
Extended nonlocal chiral-quark model for the heavy-light quark systemsAug 27 2012In this talk, we report the recent progress on constructing a phenomenological effective model for the heavy-light quark systems, which consist of (u,d,s,c,b) quarks, i.e. extended nonlocal chiral-quark model (ExNLChQM). We compute the heavy-meson weak-decay ... More
Area spectra of the rotating BTZ black hole from quasinormal modesJan 28 2010Following Bekenstein's suggestion that the horizon area of a black hole should be quantized, the discrete spectrum of the horizon area has been investigated in various ways. By considering the quasinormal mode of a black hole, we obtain the transition ... More
Fermions and gauge bosons in $SU(4)_L \times U(1)_X$ models with little HiggsSep 25 2008Oct 15 2008We discuss the aspects of the little Higgs model with the $SU(4)_L \times U(1)_X$ electroweak gauge group as an alternative solution to the naturalness and fine-tuning issues. We introduce anomaly-free fermion spectra, and present their interactions with ... More
Supersymmetric SO(N_c) Gauge Theory and Matrix ModelDec 19 2002Apr 03 2003By applying the method of Dijkgraaf-Vafa, we study matrix model related to supersymmetric SO(N_c) gauge theory with N_f flavors of quarks in the vector representation found by Intriligator-Seiberg. By performing the matrix integral over tree level superpotential ... More
New Vortex with Zero Fluxoid Quantum in a Superconductor Anomalous Hall Effect in High T_c and Low T_c SuperconductorsJul 01 1997It is shown that there are three kinds of vortices in a superconductor; a vortex with the fluxoid quantum 1 (VF), a new vortex with 0 (VZF), and a vortex with -1 (VAF), respectively. The Hall field via three vortices is studied and found to change its ... More
Jet-quenching parameter $\hat{q}$ in the nonperturbative regionJan 20 2014We investigate the jet-quenching parameter $\hat{q}$ for the quark-gluon plasma (QGP) for $N_c=3$, defined nonperturbatively with the Wilson loop in the light-cone (LC) coordinate, at finite temperature $(T)$. Considering the effective static (heavy) ... More
Studies on the polarization transfer coefficients C_x and C_z in the gamma p -> K^+ Lambda(1520,3/2^-) reaction processOct 05 2009We investigate the polarization transfer coefficients C_(x,z) for the gamma p -> K^+ Lambda(1520,3/2^-) reaction process, in which the photon is polarized circularly and the Lambda(1520,3/2^-) along the x- or z-axis. To this end, we employ the effective ... More
Scalar susceptibility from the instanton vacuum with meson-loop correctionsOct 22 2008Jan 05 2009The scalar susceptibility (chi_s) of QCD, which represents the response of the chiral condensate to a small perturbation of explicit chiral-symmetry breaking, is investigated within the nonlocal chiral quark model (NLchiQM) based on the instanton vacuum ... More
Multidimensional quadratic and subquadratic BSDEs with special structureSep 26 2013Jan 29 2015We study multidimensional BSDEs of the form $$ Y_t = \xi + \int_t^T f(s,Y_s,Z_s)ds - \int_t^T Z_s dW_s $$ with bounded terminal conditions $\xi$ and drivers $f$ that grow at most quadratically in $Z_s$. We consider three different cases. In the first ... More
The recoverability limit for superresolution via sparsityFeb 04 2015We consider the problem of robustly recovering a $k$-sparse coefficient vector from the Fourier series that it generates, restricted to the interval $[- \Omega, \Omega]$. The difficulty of this problem is linked to the superresolution factor SRF, equal ... More
Correlated time-changed Lévy ProcessesAug 06 2018Time-changed L\'evy processes, which consist of a L\'evy process runs on a stochastic time, can effectively capture main empirical regularities of asset returns such as jumps, stochastic volatility, and leverage. However, neither their transitional density ... More
Non-abelian Reidemeister torsion for twist knotsJun 15 2007Mar 09 2008This paper gives an explicit formula for the SL_2(C)-non-abelian Reidemeister torsion as defined in [Dub06] in the case of twist knots. For hyperbolic twist knots, we also prove that the non-abelian Reidemeister torsion at the holonomy representation ... More
A Characterization of Gorenstein Planar graphsMar 01 2016Mar 02 2016We prove that a planar graph is Gorenstein if and only if its independence complex is Eulerian.
The Fermat-Torricelli Problem in the Light of Convex AnalysisFeb 21 2013Nov 06 2013In the early 17th century, Pierre de Fermat proposed the following problem: given three points in the plane, find a point such that the sum of its Euclidean distances to the three given points is minimal. This problem was solved by Evangelista Torricelli ... More
Boundary Harnack inequality for the linearized Monge-Ampère equations and applicationsNov 04 2015Feb 21 2016In this paper, we obtain boundary Harnack estimates and comparison theorem for nonnegative solutions to the linearized Monge-Amp\`ere equations under natural assumptions on the domain, Monge-Amp\`ere measures and boundary data. Our results are boundary ... More
On the second inner variation of the Allen-Cahn Functional and its applicationsSep 28 2010In this paper, we study the relation between the second inner variations of the Allen-Cahn functional and its Gamma-limit, the area functional. Our result implies that the Allen-Cahn functional only approximates well the area functional up to the first ... More
On the Harnack inequality for degenerate and singular elliptic equations with unbounded lower order terms via sliding paraboloidsMar 15 2016Jul 05 2016We use the method of sliding paraboloids to establish a Harnack inequality for linear, degenerate and singular elliptic equation with unbounded lower order terms. The equations we consider include uniformly elliptic equations and linearized Monge-Amp\`ere ... More
Remarks on the Green's function of the linearized Monge-Ampère operatorJun 04 2015Jul 21 2015In this note, we obtain sharp bounds for the Green's function of the linearized Monge-Amp\`ere operators associated to convex functions with either Hessian determinant bounded away from zero and infinity or Monge-Amp\`ere measure satisfying a doubling ... More
Electrical conductivity of quark matter at finite T under external magnetic fieldJul 13 2012Aug 08 2012We investigate the electrical conductivity (sigma) of quark matter via the Kubo formula at finite temperature and zero quark density (T>0, mu=0) in the presence of an external strong magnetic field. For this purpose, we employ the dilute instanton-liquid ... More
Heavy pseudoscalar-meson decay constants with strangeness from the extended nonlocal chiral-quark modelJan 19 2012Aug 16 2012We study the weak-decay constants for the heavy pseudoscalar mesons, D, Ds, B, and Bs. For this purpose, we employ the extended nonlocal chiral-quark model (ExNLChQM), motivated by the heavy-quark effective field theory as well as the instanton-vacuum ... More
Kähler moduli inflation and WMAP7Jun 15 2010Inflationary potentials are investigated for specific models in type IIB string theory via flux compactification. As concrete models, we investigate several cases where the internal spaces are weighted projective spaces. The models we consider have two, ... More
Vector-current correlation and charge separation via chiral-magnetic effectApr 20 2010We investigate the vector-current correlation Pi_{mu nu} (VCC) in the presence of a strong external magnetic field (B_0 in the z direction) at low temperature (T<T^chi_c) with C- and CP-violations, indicated by the nonzero chiral-chemical potential (mu_chi>0), ... More
Chiral magnetic effect at low temperatureNov 03 2009We investigate the chiral magnetic effect (CME) under a strong magnetic field B = B_0 x_3 at low temperature T < T^chi_c. For this purpose, we employ the instanton vacuum configuration with the finite instanton-number fluctuation Delta, which relates ... More
An effective thermodynamic potential from the instanton with Polyakov-loop contributionsMay 22 2009Feb 05 2010We derive an effective thermodynamic potential (Omega_eff) at finite temperature (T>0) and zero quark-chemical potential (mu_R=0), using the singular-gauge instanton solution and Matsubara formula for N_c=3 and N_f=2 in the chiral limit. The momentum-dependent ... More
B\bar{B} Mixing and CP Violation in SU(2)_L \times SU(2)_R \times U(1) ModelsJun 04 2002Jun 17 2002We reexamine the mass mixing and CP violation in the B\bar{B} system in general SU(2)_L \times SU(2)_R \times U(1) models related to the recent measurements. The right-handed contributions can be sizable in B\bar{B} mixing and CP asymmetry in B decays ... More
A Martingale Approach and Time-Consistent Sampling-based Algorithms for Risk Management in Stochastic Optimal ControlDec 29 2013Jul 08 2015In this paper, we consider a class of stochastic optimal control problems with risk constraints that are expressed as bounded probabilities of failure for particular initial states. We present here a martingale approach that diffuses a risk constraint ... More
Hardness Amplification in Proof ComplexityDec 03 2009We present a general method for converting any family of unsatisfiable CNF formulas that is hard for one of the simplest proof systems, tree resolution, into formulas that require large rank in any proof system that manipulates polynomials or polynomial ... More
Optimizing the MapReduce Framework on Intel Xeon Phi CoprocessorSep 01 2013With the ease-of-programming, flexibility and yet efficiency, MapReduce has become one of the most popular frameworks for building big-data applications. MapReduce was originally designed for distributed-computing, and has been extended to various architectures, ... More
Status of the TREND projectApr 07 2012The Tianshan Radio Experiment for Neutrino Detection (TREND) is a sino-french collaboration (CNRS/IN2P3 and Chinese Academy of Science) developing an autonomous antenna array for the detection of high energy Extensive Air Showers (EAS) on the site of ... More
Automorphism Groups of Graphical Models and Lifted Variational InferenceSep 26 2013Using the theory of group action, we first introduce the concept of the automorphism group of an exponential family or a graphical model, thus formalizing the general notion of symmetry of a probabilistic model. This automorphism group provides a precise ... More
Strengthening Convex Relaxations of 0/1-Sets Using Boolean FormulasNov 03 2017Jun 23 2018In convex integer programming, various procedures have been developed to strengthen convex relaxations of sets of integer points. On the one hand, there exist several general-purpose methods that strengthen relaxations without specific knowledge of the ... More
Designing a brown planthoppers surveillance network based on wireless sensor network approachDec 13 2013This paper proposes a new approach for monitoring brown planthoppers (BPH) swarms using a surveillance network at provincial scale. The topology of this network is identified to a wireless sensor network (WSN), where each node is a real light trap and ... More
Minimizing Total Busy Time for Energy-Aware Virtual Machine Allocation ProblemsNov 21 2015This paper investigates the energy-aware virtual machine (VM) allocation problems in clouds along characteristics: multiple resources, fixed interval time and non-preemption of virtual machines. Many previous works have been proposed to use a minimum ... More
A note on the validity of Bogoliubov correction to mean-field dynamicsApr 18 2016May 10 2016We study the norm approximation to the Schr\"odinger dynamics of $N$ bosons in $\mathbb{R}^3$ with an interaction potential of the form $N^{3\beta-1}w(N^{\beta}(x-y))$. Assuming that in the initial state the particles outside of the condensate form a ... More
Variational Analysis of Directional Minimal Time Functions and Applications to Location ProblemsJan 05 2013This paper is devoted to the study of directional minimal time functions that specify the minimal time for a vector to reach an object following its given direction. We provide a careful analysis of general and generalized differentiation properties of ... More
Geometric Approach to Subdifferential CalculusApr 22 2015Oct 03 2015In this paper we develop a geometric approach to convex subdifferential calculus in finite dimensions with employing some ideas of modern variational analysis. This approach allows us to obtain natural and rather easy proofs of basic results of convex ... More