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Ionized gas, molecules, and dust in Sh2-132Feb 24 2010We analyze the various interstellar components of the HII region Sh2-132. The main stellar source is the double binary system that includes the Wolf-Rayet star WR153ab. We use radio continuum images at 408 and 1420 MHz, and HI 21cm line data taken from ... More
Molecular gas towards G18.8+1.8Apr 17 2012This work aims at investigating the characteristics of the molecular gas associated with the nebula G18.8+1.8, linked to the Wolf-Rayet star HD168206 (WR 113), and its relation to other components of its local interstellar medium. We carried out molecular ... More
Molecular gas in the star-forming region IRAS 08589-4714Sep 05 2016We present an analysis of the region IRAS 08589-4714 with the aim of characterizing the molecular environment. We observed the CO(3-2), ^{13}CO(3-2), C^{18}O(3-2), HCO+(3-2), and HCN(3-2) molecular lines in a region of 150" x 150", centered on the IRAS ... More
Star forming regions linked to RCW78 and the discovery of a new IR bubbleOct 31 2013With the aim of investigating the presence of molecular and dust clumps linked to two star forming regions identified in the expanding molecular envelope of the stellar wind bubble RCW78, we analyzed the distribution of the molecular gas and cold dust. ... More
NGC 3503 and its molecular environmentNov 16 2011We present a study of the molecular gas and interstellar dust distribution in the environs of the HII region NGC 3503 associated with the open cluster Pis 17 with the aim of investigating the spatial distribution of the molecular gas linked to the nebula ... More
Molecules, dust, and protostars in NGC 3503Feb 20 2014We are presenting here a follow-up study of the molecular gas and dust in the environs of the star forming region NGC 3503. This study aims at dealing with the interaction of NGC 3503 with its parental molecular cloud, and also with the star formation ... More
The IRAS 08589-4714 star-forming regionSep 04 2016We present an analysis of the IRAS 08589-4714 star-forming region. This region harbors candidate young stellar objects identified in the WISE and Herschel images using color index criteria and spectral energy distributions (SEDs). The SEDs of some of ... More
A multifrequency study of the active star forming complex NGC6357. I. Interstellar structures linked to the open cluster Pis24Apr 13 2011We investigate the distribution of the gas (ionized, neutral atomic and molecular), and interstellar dust in the complex star forming region NGC6357 with the goal of studying the interplay between the massive stars in the open cluster Pis24 and the surrounding ... More
A submillimeter study of the IR dust bubble S 21 and its environsNov 08 2016Based on the molecular emission in the $^{12}$CO(2-1) and $^{13}$CO(2-1) lines, and the continuum emission in the MIR and FIR towards the S21 IR dust bubble, we analyze the physical characteristics of the gas and dust linked to the nebula and the presence ... More
Millimeter and far-IR study of the IRCD SDC 341.232-0.268Jul 10 2019We analyze the molecular gas and dust associated with the infrared dark cloud SDC 341.232-0.268 in order to investigate the characteristics and parameters of the gas, determine the evolutionary status of four embedded EGO candidates and establish possible ... More
Molecular gas and star formation towards the IR dust bubble S24 and its environsSep 11 2015We present a multi-wavelength analysis of the infrared dust bubble S24, and its environs, with the aim of investigating the characteristics of the molecular gas and the interstellar dust linked to them, and analyzing the evolutionary status of the young ... More
870 micron continuum observations of the bubble-shaped nebula Gum 31Jun 26 2015Jun 29 2015We are presenting here a study of the cold dust in the infrared ring nebula Gum 31. We aim at deriving the physical properties of the molecular gas and dust associated with the nebula, and investigating its correlation with the star formation in the region, ... More
G331.512-0.103: An Interstellar Laboratory for Molecular Synthesis I. The Ortho-to-para Ratios for CH$_3$OH and CH$_3$CNJan 18 2018Spectral line surveys reveal rich molecular reservoirs in G331.512-0.103, a compact radio source in the center of an energetic molecular outflow. In this first work, we analyse the physical conditions of the source by means of CH$_3$OH and CH$_3$CN. The ... More
Multiwavelength study of the G345.5+1.5 regionJan 30 2019Star-forming regions are usually studied in the context of Galactic surveys, but dedicated observations are sometimes needed when the study reaches beyond the survey area. Here, we studied the G345.5+1.5 region, which is located slightly above the Galactic ... More
Resolving the circumstellar environment of the Galactic B[e] supergiant star MWC 137 from large to small scalesSep 19 2017The Galactic object MWC 137 was suggested to belong to the group of B[e] supergiants. However, with its large-scale optical bipolar ring nebula and the high velocity jet and knots, it is a rather atypical representative of this class. We performed multi-wavelength ... More
Clumpy molecular structures revolving the B[e] supergiant MWC 137Oct 17 2016The peculiar emission-line star MWC 137 with its extended optical nebula was recently classified as B[e] supergiant. To study the spatial distribution of its circumstellar molecular gas on small and large scales, we obtained near-infrared and radio observations ... More
Contracting Quadratic Operators of Bisexual PopulationApr 02 2012In this paper we find a sufficient condition under which the operator of bisexual population is contraction and show that this condition is not necessary.
Inductive Pairwise Ranking: Going Beyond the n log(n) BarrierFeb 09 2017We study the problem of ranking a set of items from nonactively chosen pairwise preferences where each item has feature information with it. We propose and characterize a very broad class of preference matrices giving rise to the Feature Low Rank (FLR) ... More
Finite difference schemes for the symmetric Keyfitz-Kranzer systemSep 10 2012Nov 26 2012We are concerned with the convergence of numerical schemes for the initial value problem associated to the Keyfitz-Kranzer system of equations. This system is a toy model for several important models such as in elasticity theory, magnetohydrodynamics, ... More
Convergence of a finite difference scheme for 2X2 Keyfitz-Kranzer systemNov 07 2013We are concerned with the convergence of a numerical scheme for the initial value problem associated to the $2 \times 2$ Keyfitz-Kranzer system of equations. In this paper we prove the convergence of a finite difference scheme to a weak solution.
Towards a new quark-nuclear matter EoS for applications in astrophysics and heavy-ion collisionsNov 18 2015The aim of our work is to develop a unified equation of state (EoS) for nuclear and quark matter for a wide range in temperature, density and isospin so that it becomes applicable for heavy-ion collisions as well as for the astrophysics of neutron stars, ... More
A Note on Maximum and Minimum Stability of Certain DistributionsMay 04 2003In the context of stability of the extremes of a random variable X with respect to a positive integer valued random variable N we discuss the cases (i) X is exponential (ii) non-geometric laws for N (iii) identifying N for the stability of a given X and ... More
Pirogov-Sinai Theory With New Contours for Symmetric ModelsAug 01 2007Nov 01 2007The contour argument was introduced by Peierls for two dimensional Ising model. Peierls benefited from the particular symmetries of the Ising model. For non-symmetric models the argument was developed by Pirogov and Sinai. It is very general and rather ... More
On a Phase Separation Point for One - Dimensional ModelsAug 09 2007In the paper a one-dimensional model with nearest - neighbor interactions $I_n, n\in \Z$ and spin values $\pm 1$ is considered. It is known that under some conditions on parameters $I_n$ the phase transition occurs for the model. We define a notion of ... More
Mining Weak Lensing SurveysOct 21 2002We present a survey of the cosmological applications of the next generation of weak lensing surveys, paying special attention to the computational challenges presented by the number of galaxies, $N_{gal} ~$ 10$^{5}$. We focus on optimal methods with no ... More
Performance of one-body reduced density matrix functionals for the homogeneous electron gasMay 22 2006Apr 05 2007The subject of this study is the exchange-correlation-energy functional of reduced density matrix functional theory. Approximations of this functional are tested by applying them to the homogeneous electron gas. We find that two approximations recently ... More
Open shells in reduced-density-matrix-functional theoryApr 18 2005Aug 03 2005Reduced-density-matrix-functional theory is applied to open-shell systems. We introduce a spin-restricted formulation by appropriately expressing approximate correlation-energy functionals in terms of spin-dependent occupation numbers and spin-independent ... More
On Non-Volterra Quadratic Stochastic Operators Generated by a Product MeasureAug 08 2006In this paper we describe a wide class of non-Volterra quadratic stochastic operators using N. Ganikhadjaev's construction of quadratic stochastic operators. By the construction these operators depend on a probability measure $\mu$ being defined on the ... More
Hamiltonian Type Operators in Representations of the Quantum Algebra U_q(su_{1,1})May 26 2003We study some classes of symmetric operators for the discrete series representations of the quantum algebra U_q(su_{1,1}), which may serve as Hamiltonians of various physical systems. The problem of diagonalization of these operators (eigenfunctions, ... More
Singularities of the Partition Function for the Ising Model Coupled to 2d Quantum GravityMay 02 1997May 13 1997We study the zeros in the complex plane of the partition function for the Ising model coupled to 2d quantum gravity for complex magnetic field and real temperature, and for complex temperature and real magnetic field, respectively. We compute the zeros ... More
Impact of coronal mass ejections, interchange reconnection, and disconnection on heliospheric magnetic field strengthApr 13 2010An update of Owens et al. (2008) shows that the relationship between the coronal mass ejection (CME) rate and the heliospheric magnetic field strength predicts a field floor of less than 4 nT at 1 AU. This implies that the record low values measured during ... More
Instabilities of switching processes in synthetic antiferromagnetsJul 05 2006It is shown that magnetic states and field-driven reorientation transitions in synthetic antiferromagnets crucially depend on contributions of higher-order anisotropies. A phenomenological macrospin model is derived to describe the magnetic states of ... More
Reorientation in Antiferromagnetic Multilayers: Spin-Flop Transition and Surface EffectsJun 17 2004Nanoscale superlattices with uniaxial ferromagnetic layers antiferromagnetically coupled through non-magnetic spacers are recently used as components of magnetoresistive and recording devices. In the last years intensive experimental investigations of ... More
How to suppress the shot noise in galaxy surveysApr 20 2009Apr 20 2009Galaxy surveys are one of the most powerful means to extract the cosmological information and for a given volume the attainable precision is determined by the galaxy shot noise sigma_n^2 relative to the power spectrum P. It is generally assumed that shot ... More
Dynamics of two-dimensional evolution algebrasFeb 13 2012May 18 2013Recently by Casas, Ladra and Rozikov a notion of a chain of evolution algebras is introduced. This chain is a dynamical system the state of which at each given time is an evolution algebra. The sequence of matrices of the structural constants for this ... More
On q-orthogonal polynomials, dual to little and big q-Jacobi polynomialsJul 17 2003Oct 06 2003This paper studies properties of q-Jacobi polynomials and their duals by means of operators of the discrete series representations for the quantum algebra U_q(su_{1,1}). Spectrum and eigenfunctions of these operators are found explicitly. These eigenfunctions, ... More
Light cluster production at NICANov 14 2017In a recent publication the importance of measuaring light clusters at future NICA and FAIR experiments as "rare probes" for in-medium characteristics was presented. Within theoretical conciderations is shown how clusters would be affected by medium affects ... More
Prediction of a quantum anomalous Hall state in Co decorated siliceneDec 26 2013Jan 09 2014Based on first-principles calculations, we demonstrate that Co decorated silicene can host a quantum anomalous Hall state. The exchange field induced by the Co atoms combined with the strong spin orbit coupling of the silicene opens a nontrivial band ... More
Automatic Detection of Texture Defects Using Texture-Periodicity and Gabor WaveletsDec 06 2012In this paper, we propose a machine vision algorithm for automatically detecting defects in textures belonging to 16 out of 17 wallpaper groups using texture-periodicity and a family of Gabor wavelets. Input defective images are subjected to Gabor wavelet ... More
On Chromatic Zagreb Indices of Certain GraphsMay 02 2016In this paper we introduce a variation of the well-known Zagreb indices by considering a proper vertex colouring of a graph $G$. The chromatic Zagreb indices are defined in terms of the parameter $c(v), v \in V(G)$ instead of the invariant $d_G(v)$. The ... More
Indirect search for color octet electron at PWFA-LCJul 02 2018Indirect search for color octet electron at Plasma Wake Field Accelerator- Linear Collider (PWFA-LC) has been considered. It is shown that color octet electron masses can be probed up to 17.7 TeV at PWFA-LC with three years integrated luminosity. In addition, ... More
Texture Defect Detection in Gradient SpaceMar 09 2014In this paper, we propose a machine vision algorithm for automatically detecting defects in patterned textures with the help of gradient space and its energy. Experiments on real fabric images with defects show that the proposed method can be used for ... More
Colossal Thermoelectric Power Factor in K$_{7/8}$RhO$_2$Nov 14 2013We discuss the thermoelectric and optical properties of layered K$_{x}$RhO$_{2}$ (\emph{x} = 1/2 and 7/8) in terms of the electronic structure determined by first principles calculations as well as Boltzmann transport theory. Our optimized lattice constants ... More
Instantons and chiral symmetry breaking in SU(N) gauge theoriesSep 10 2002We address the question of whether the low modes of the Dirac operator are caused by topological objects such as instantons in SU(N) gauge theories. We study the pseudo-scalar density of these modes, finding the size distributions of the instantons, and ... More
Chiral symmetry breaking and topology for all NSep 03 2003We investigate spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking in SU(N) gauge theories at large N using overlap fermions. The exact zero modes and the low-lying modes of the Dirac operator provide the tools to gain insight into the interplay between chiral symmetry ... More
Complex zeros of the 2d Ising model on dynamical random latticesAug 20 1997We study the zeros in the complex plane of the partition function for the Ising model coupled to $2d$ quantum gravity for complex magnetic field and for complex temperature. We compute the zeros by using the exact solution coming from a two matrix model ... More
Magnetic phases and reorientation transitions in antiferromagnetically coupled multilayersSep 26 2003In antiferromagnetically coupled superlattices grown on (001) faces of cubic substrates, e.g. based on materials combinations as Co/Cu, Fe/Si, Co/Cr, or Fe/Cr, the magnetic states evolve under competing influence of bilinear and biquadratic exchange interactions, ... More
Spin-flop transition in antiferromagnetic multilayersMay 19 2006A comprehensive theoretical investigation on the field-driven reorientation transitions in uniaxial multilayers with antiferromagnetic coupling is presented. It is based on a complete survey of the one-dimensional solutions for the basic phenomenological ... More
Description of all translation-invariant $p$-adic Gibbs measures for the Potts model on a Cayley treeFeb 25 2014Recently it was proved that usual (real) Potts model on a Cayley tree has up to $2^q-1$ translation-invariant Gibbs measures. This paper is devoted to description of translation- invariant $p$-adic Gibbs measures (TIpGMs) of the $p$-adic Potts model. ... More
Discussion on a possible neutrino detector located in IndiaDec 05 2001We have identified some important and worthwhile physics opportunitites with a possible neutrino detector located in India. Particular emphasis is placed on the geographical advantage with a stress on the complimentary aspects with respect to other neutrino ... More
Extremal functions for real convex bodiesAug 08 2014We study the smoothness of the Siciak-Zaharjuta extremal function associated to a convex body in $\mathbb{R}^2$. We also prove a formula relating the complex equilibrium measure of a convex body in $\mathbb{R}^n$ to that of its Robin indicatrix. The main ... More
Periodicity Extraction using Superposition of Distance Matching Function and One-dimensional Haar Wavelet TransformNov 15 2013Periodicity of a texture is one of the important visual characteristics and is often used as a measure for textural discrimination at the structural level. Knowledge about periodicity of a texture is very essential in the field of texture synthesis and ... More
Quadratic Stochastic Operators: Results and Open ProblemsFeb 24 2009Mar 12 2009The history of the quadratic stochastic operators can be traced back to work of S.Bernshtein (1924). During more than 80 years this theory developed and many papers were published. In recent years it has again become of interest in connection with numerous ... More
On factorization of q-difference equation for continuous q-Hermite polynomialsFeb 17 2006Jan 11 2007We argue that a customary q-difference equation for the continuous q-Hermite polynomials H_n(x|q) can be written in the factorized form as (D_q^2 - 1)H_n(x|q)=(q^{-n}-1)H_n(x|q), where D_q is some explicitly known q-difference operator. This means that ... More
Control Theoretic Formulation of Capacity of Dynamic Electro Magnetic ChannelsOct 21 2008In this paper nonhomogeneous deterministic and stochastic Maxwell equations are used to rigorously formulate the capacity of electromagnetic channels such as wave guides (cavities, coaxial cables etc). Both distributed, but localized, and Dirichlet boundary ... More
Nonclassical type representations of the q-deformed algebra $U'_q({\rm so}_n)$Nov 17 1999The nonstandard q-deformation $U'_q({\rm so}_n)$ of the universal enveloping algebra $U({\rm so}_n)$ has irreducible finite dimensional representations which are a q-deformation of the well-known irreducible finite dimensional representations of $U({\rm ... More
Assouad-Nagata dimension of wreath products of groupsNov 11 2006Nov 19 2006Consider the wreath product $H\wr G$, where $H\ne 1$ is finite and $G$ is finitely generated. We show that the Assouad-Nagata dimension $\dim_{AN}(H\wr G)$ of $H\wr G$ depends on the growth of $G$ as follows: If the growth of $G$ is not bounded by a linear ... More
Detailed Abundance Analysis of the Brightest Star in Segue 2, the Least Massive GalaxyMar 11 2014We present the first high resolution spectroscopic observations of one red giant star in the ultra-faint dwarf galaxy Segue 2, which has the lowest total mass (including dark matter) estimated for any known galaxy. These observations were made using the ... More
Masses and Gravities of Blue Horizontal Branch Stars RevisitedSep 11 1997Previous spectroscopic analyses of Blue Horizontal Branch (BHB) stars in six globular clusters revealed too low masses in four clusters when compared to canonical evolutionary theory, while the masses of the BHB stars in NGC 6752 and M 5 are found to ... More
Phenomenological theory of magnetic anisotropy in thin films and multilayersJan 17 2001Within a phenomenological approach the density of induced uniaxial anisotropy in nanostructures K(r) is treated as a physical field additional to the magnetization M(r). The equilibrium distributions of K(r) are formed under the influence of the surfaces ... More
Convergence improvement for coupled cluster calculationsSep 17 2000Convergence problems in coupled-cluster iterations are discussed, and a new iteration scheme is proposed. Whereas the Jacobi method inverts only the diagonal part of the large matrix of equation coefficients, we invert a matrix which also includes a relatively ... More
Provable Inductive Robust PCA via Iterative Hard ThresholdingApr 02 2017Jul 04 2017The robust PCA problem, wherein, given an input data matrix that is the superposition of a low-rank matrix and a sparse matrix, we aim to separate out the low-rank and sparse components, is a well-studied problem in machine learning. One natural question ... More
Massless particles, electromagnetism, and Rieffel inductionNov 23 1994The connection between space-time covariant representations (obtained by inducing from the Lorentz group) and irreducible unitary representations (induced from Wigner's little group) of the Poincar\'{e} group is re-examined in the massless case. In the ... More
Phase Transition for Random Quantified XOR-FormulasOct 12 2011The QXORSAT problem is the quantified version of the satisfiability problem XORSAT in which the connective exclusive-or is used instead of the usual or. We study the phase transition associated with random QXORSAT instances. We give a description of this ... More
On discrete q-ultraspherical polynomials and their dualsMar 09 2004We show that a confluent case of the big q-Jacobi polynomials P_n(x;a,b,c;q), which corresponds to a=b=-c, leads to a discrete orthogonality relation for imaginary values of the parameter a (outside of its commonly known domain 0<a< q^{-1}). Since P_n(x;q^\alpha, ... More
Spectral analysis of multi mode pulsating sdB stars II. Feige 48, KPD 2109+4401 and PG 1219+534Sep 11 2000Three members of the new class of pulsating sdB stars (sdBV or EC 14026 stars) are analysed from Keck HIRES spectra using line blanketed NLTE and LTE model atmospheres. Atmospheric parameters (Teff, log g, He/H), metal abundances and rotational velocities ... More
Color octet neutrino as the source of the IceCube PeV energy neutrino eventsFeb 01 2014Feb 11 2014It is shown that two PeV events observed by the IceCube collaboration can be interpreted as resonance production of color octet neutrinos.
Half-metallicity and giant magneto-optical Kerr effect in N-doped NaTaO$_3$Nov 14 2013We employ density functional theory using the modified Becke-Johnson (mBJ) approach to investigate the electronic and magneto-optical properties of N-doped NaTaO$_3$. The mBJ results reveal a half metallic nature of NaTaO$_2$N, in contrast to results ... More
A set of orthogonal polynomials, dual to alternative q-Charlier polynomialsDec 16 2003The aim of this paper is to derive (by using two operators, representable by a Jacobi matrix) a family of q-orthogonal polynomials, which turn to be dual to alternative q-Charlier polynomials. A discrete orthogonality relation and a three-term recurrence ... More
Does a surface spin-flop occur in antiferromagnetically coupled multilayers? Magnetic states and reorientation transitions in antiferromagnetic superlatticesJul 21 2003Equilibrium spin configurations and their stability limits have been calculated for models of magnetic superlattices with a finite number of thin ferromagnetic layers coupled antiferromagnetically through (non-magnetic) spacers as Fe/Cr and Co/Ru multilayers. ... More
Classification theorem on irreducible representations of the q-deformed algebra U'_q(so(n))Feb 16 2007The aim of this paper is to give a complete classification of irreducible finite dimensional representations of the nonstandard q-deformation U'_q(so(n)) (which does not coincide with the Drinfeld-Jimbo quantum algebra U_q(so(n)) of the universal enveloping ... More
Harmonics on the Quantum Euclidean Space Related to the Quantum Orthogonal GroupFeb 11 2003The aim of this paper is to study harmonic polynomials on the quantum Euclidean space E^N_q generated by elements x_i, i=1,2,...,N, on which the quantum group SO_q(N) acts. The harmonic polynomials are defined as solutions of the equation \Delta_q p=0, ... More
The Nonstandard Deformation U'_q(so_n) For q a Root of UnityJul 17 2000We describe properties of the nonstandard q-deformation U'_q(so_n) of the universal enveloping algebra U(so_n) of the Lie algebra so_n which does not coincide with the Drinfeld--Jimbo quantum algebra U_q(so_n). In particular, it is shown that there exists ... More
Temperature dependence of the superheating field in niobiumFeb 16 2010This study experimentally investigates the temperature dependence of superheating field, Hsh, of niobium. Accurately determining this field is important both to test theory and to understand gradient limits in superconducting cavities for particle accelerators. ... More
The relativistic top: An application of the BFV quantization procedure for systems with degenerate constraintsJan 23 1995The physical phase space of the relativistic top, as defined by Hanson and Regge, is expressed in terms of canonical coordinates of the Poincar\'e group manifold. The system is described in the Hamiltonian formalism by the mass shell condition and constraints ... More
Frustrated quantum Heisenberg ferrimagnetic chainsMar 12 1998We study the ground-state properties of weakly frustrated Heisenberg ferrimagnetic chains with nearest and next-nearest neighbor antiferromagnetic exchange interactions and two types of alternating sublattice spins S_1 > S_2, using 1/S spin-wave expansions, ... More
The Stueckelberg-Kibble Model as an Example of Quantized Symplectic ReductionAug 25 1995Recently, it has been observed that a certain class of classical theories with constraints can be quantized by a mathematical procedure known as Rieffel induction. After a short exposition of this idea, we apply the new quantization theory to the Stueckelberg-Kibble ... More
GLCM-based chi-square histogram distance for automatic detection of defects on patterned texturesDec 03 2012Chi-square histogram distance is one of the distance measures that can be used to find dissimilarity between two histograms. Motivated by the fact that texture discrimination by human vision system is based on second-order statistics, we make use of histogram ... More
Unsupervised Low Latency Speech Enhancement with RT-GCC-NMFApr 05 2019In this paper, we present RT-GCC-NMF: a real-time (RT), two-channel blind speech enhancement algorithm that combines the non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) dictionary learning algorithm with the generalized cross-correlation (GCC) spatial localization ... More
Team Games Optimality Conditions of Distributed Stochastic Differential Decision Systems with Decentralized Noisy Information StructuresApr 11 2013We consider a team game reward, and we derive a stochastic Pontryagin's maximum principle for distributed stochastic differential systems with decentralized noisy information structures. Our methodology utilizes the semi martingale representation theorem, ... More
Thickness and strain effects on the thermoelectric transport in nanostructured Bi2Se3Feb 18 2014The structural stability, electronic structure, and thermal transport properties of one to six quintuple layers (QLs) of Bi2Se3 are investigated by van der Waals density functional theory and semi-classical Boltzmann theory. The bandgap amounts to 0.41 ... More
A Single Journal Study : Malaysian Journal of Computer ScienceJan 23 2013Single journal studies are reviewed and measures used in the studies are highlighted. The following quantitative measures are used to study 272 articles published in Malaysian Journal of Computer Science, (1) the article productivity of the journal from ... More
Third order perturbed modified Heisenberg Hamiltonian of fcc structured ferromagnetic films with seventy spin layersDec 05 2017Magnetic properties of fcc structured ferromagnetic films with the number of spin layers up to seventy was described using third order perturbed Heisenberg Hamiltonian. The variation of magnetic easy direction, magnetic energies in easy and hard directions, ... More
Impact of lattice strain on the tunnel magneto-resistance in Fe/Insulator/Fe and Fe/Insulator/La$_{0.67}$Sr$_{0.33}$MnO$_{3}$ magnetic tunnel junctionsNov 14 2013The objective of this work is to describe the tunnel electron current in single barrier magnetic tunnel junctions within a new approach that goes beyond the single-band transport model. We propose a ballistic multi-channel electron transport model that ... More
Big q-Laguerre and q-Meixner polynomials and representations of the algebra U_q(su(1,1))Jun 12 2003Diagonalization of a certain operator in irreducible representations of the positive discrete series of the quantum algebra U_q(su(1,1)) is studied. Spectrum and eigenfunctions of this operator are found in an explicit form. These eigenfunctions, when ... More
Recurrence Plot Based Measures of Complexity and its Application to Heart Rate Variability DataJan 29 2002May 21 2002The knowledge of transitions between regular, laminar or chaotic behavior is essential to understand the underlying mechanisms behind complex systems. While several linear approaches are often insufficient to describe such processes, there are several ... More
Social Networking Site For Self PortfolioJul 12 2013Online social networking concept is a global phenomenon and there are millions of sites which help in being connected with friends and family. This project focuses on creating self-portfolios for the users which makes the users engaging with their skills. ... More
Discontinuity of the chemical potential in RDMFT for open-shell systemsMar 18 2008We employ reduced density-matrix functional theory in the calculation of the fundamental gap of open-shell systems. The formula for the calculation of the fundamental gap is derived with special attention to the spin of the neutral and the charged systems. ... More
Comparing spectroscopic and photometric stellar mass estimatesOct 04 2004The purpose of this letter is to compare the quality of different methods for estimating stellar masses of galaxies. We compare the results of (a) fitting stellar population synthesis models to broad band colors from SDSS and 2MASS, (b) the analysis of ... More
Supergravity with a Noninvertible VierbeinJul 29 1997We show that there is no off-shell Palatini formulation of minimal supergravity. Nonetheless, we have been able to generalize the multiplet and Lagrangians of this theory to the case of vanishing determinant of the vierbein. Unfortunately, the requirement ... More
A Laplace operator and harmonics on the quantum complex vector spaceJul 26 2002The aim of this paper is to study the q-Laplace operator and q-harmonic polynomials on the quantum complex vector space generated by z_i,w_i, i=1,2,...,n, on which the quantum group GL_q(n) (or U_q(n)) acts. The q-harmonic polynomials are defined as solutions ... More
Transition to linear domain walls in nano-constrictionsJan 04 2005Domain walls in nano-constrictions are investigated with a focus on thermal properties. In general, the magnetization component perpendicular to the easy axis which in a domain wall usually occurs has a value different from the easy-axis bulk magnetization ... More
Semiclassical Approximation for Periodic PotentialsNov 06 1999We derive the semiclassical WKB quantization condition for obtaining the energy band edges of periodic potentials. The derivation is based on an approach which is much simpler than the usual method of interpolating with linear potentials in the regions ... More
Magnetic energy of sc ferromagnetic films with three layers as described by third order perturbed Heisenberg HamiltonianJun 08 2016The solution of third order perturbed Heisenberg Hamiltonian of simple cubic ferromagnetic ultra-thin films with three layers were found. All the magnetic energy parameters such as spin exchange interaction, magnetic dipole interaction, second order magnetic ... More
Nonclassical representations of the nonstandard deformations U'_q(so_n), U_q(iso_n) and U'_q(so_{n,1})May 11 1999The aim of this paper is to announce the results on irreducible nonclassical type representations of the nonstandard q-deformations U'_q(so_n), U_q(iso_n) and U'_q(so_{n,1}) of the universal enveloping algebras of the Lie algebras so(n,C), iso_n and so_{n,1} ... More
Baryogenesis through axion domain wallFeb 21 2000Generic axion models give rise to axion domain walls in the early Universe and they have to disappear not to overclose the universe, thus limiting the nature of discrete symmetry allowed in these type of models. Through QCD sphalerons, net chiral charge ... More
Duality of q-polynomials, orthogonal on countable sets of pointsNov 11 2004Jun 26 2005We review properties of q-orthogonal polynomials, related to their orthogonality, duality and connection with the theory of symmetric (self-adjoint) operators, represented by a Jacobi matrix. In particular, we show how one can naturally interpret the ... More
Spectral analysis of the multi mode pulsating subluminous B star PG1605+072Jul 20 1999PG 1605+072 has unique pulsational properties amongst the members of the new class of pulsating sdB (EC 14026) stars. It has the longest periods and the richest, most puzzling frequency spectrum (55 periods). We present a quantitative analysis of a Keck ... More
Spectral analysis of four multi mode pulsating sdB starsDec 07 1999Four members of the new class of pulsating sdB stars are analysed from Keck HIRES spectra using NLTE and LTE model atmospheres. Atmospheric parameters (Teff, log g, log(He/H)), metal abundances and rotational velocities are determined. Balmer line fitting ... More
Torsional Newton Cartan gravity from non-relativistic stringsJun 04 2019We study propagation of closed bosonic strings in torsional Newton-Cartan geometry based on a recently proposed Polyakov type action. We generalize the Polyakov action proposal to include matter, i.e. Kalb-Ramond field and dilaton and determine the conditions ... More