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EPR measurements of Eu{+2} spins in metallic EuCo{2-y}As2 single crystalsSep 07 2018Dec 17 2018The Eu{+2} spins S = 7/2 in the metallic compound EuCo{2-y}As2 order into an antiferromagnetic helical structure below a Neel temperature TN = 40 to 45 K. The effective magnetic moment mu_eff of the Eu spins in the paramagnetic state from 100 to 300 K ... More
Some Combinatorial Problems on Halin GraphsOct 24 2014Let $T$ be a tree with no degree 2 vertices and $L(T)=\{l_1,\ldots,l_r\}, r \geq 2$ denote the set of leaves in $T$. An Halin graph $G$ is a graph obtained from $T$ such that $V(G)=V(T)$ and $E(G)=E(T) \cup \{\{l_i,l_{i+1}\} ~|~ 1 \leq i \leq r-1\} \cup ... More
EuCo2P2: A Model Molecular-Field Helical Heisenberg AntiferromagnetDec 09 2015The Eu spins-7/2 in EuCo2P2 with the tetragonal ThCr2Si2-type structure have the prototypical noncollinear helical antiferromagnetic structure below the Neel temperature TN = 66.5 K as previously determined from single-crystal neutron diffraction measurements. ... More
Fuzzy Aided Application Layer Semantic Intrusion Detection System - FASIDSMay 25 2010The objective of this is to develop a Fuzzy aided Application layer Semantic Intrusion Detection System (FASIDS) which works in the application layer of the network stack. FASIDS consist of semantic IDS and Fuzzy based IDS. Rule based IDS looks for the ... More
SECNLP: A Survey of Embeddings in Clinical Natural Language ProcessingMar 04 2019Traditional representations like Bag of words are high dimensional, sparse and ignore the order as well as syntactic and semantic information. Distributed vector representations or embeddings map variable length text to dense fixed length vectors as well ... More
SECNLP: A Survey of Embeddings in Clinical Natural Language ProcessingMar 04 2019Mar 05 2019Traditional representations like Bag of words are high dimensional, sparse and ignore the order as well as syntactic and semantic information. Distributed vector representations or embeddings map variable length text to dense fixed length vectors as well ... More
SECNLP: A Survey of Embeddings in Clinical Natural Language ProcessingMar 04 2019Mar 17 2019Traditional representations like Bag of words are high dimensional, sparse and ignore the order as well as syntactic and semantic information. Distributed vector representations or embeddings map variable length text to dense fixed length vectors as well ... More
NMR Determination of an Incommensurate Helical Antiferromagnetic Structure in EuCo2As2Apr 20 2017We report $^{153}$Eu, $^{75}$As and $^{59}$Co nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) results on EuCo$_2$As$_2$ single crystal. Observations of $^{153}$Eu and $^{75}$As NMR spectra in zero magnetic field at 4.3 K below an antiferromagnetic (AFM) ordering temperature ... More
Anomalous Composition-Induced Crossover in the Magnetic Properties of the Itinerant-Electron Antiferromagnet Ca{1-x}Sr{x}Co{2-y}As{2}Nov 09 2017The inference of Ying et al. [EPL 104, 67005 (2013)] of a composition-induced change from c-axis ordered-moment alignment in a collinear A-type antiferromagnetic (AFM) structure (AFMI) at small x to ab-plane alignment in an unknown AFM structure (AFMII) ... More
Antiferromagnetism in trigonal SrMn2As2 and CaMn2As2 single crystalsMay 06 2016Jun 10 2016Crystallographic, electronic transport, thermal and magnetic properties are reported for SrMn2As2 and CaMn2As2 single crystals grown using Sn flux. Rietveld refinements of powder x-ray diffraction data show that the two compounds are isostructural and ... More
EuCo2P2: A Model Molecular-Field Helical Heisenberg AntiferromagnetJul 01 2016The metallic compound EuCo2P2 with the body-centered tetragonal ThCr2Si2 structure containing Eu spins 7/2 was previously shown from single-crystal neutron diffraction measurements to exhibit a helical antiferromagnetic (AFM) structure below TN = 66.5 ... More
Helical Antiferromagnetic Ordering in EuNi{1.95}As2Jul 10 2019The Eu{+2} spins-7/2 in EuNi2As2 with the body-centered tetragonal ThCr2Si2 structure order antiferromagnetically below the Neel temperature TN =15 K into a helical antiferromagnetic (AFM) structure with the helix axis aligned along the tetragonal c axis ... More
Multiple charge density wave transitions in Lu_{2} Ir_{3} Si_{5} single crystalMay 23 2013The physical properties of the single-crystalline samples of Lu_{2} Ir_{3} Si_{5} have been investigated by magnetic susceptibility, resistivity and heat capacity studies. We observed multiple charge density wave (CDW) transitions in all the measurements. ... More
Relationships between fluid vorticity, kinetic helicity and magnetic field at the small-scale (quiet-network) on the SunApr 15 2016We derive horizontal fluid motions on the solar surface over large areas covering the quiet-Sun magnetic network from local correlation tracking of convective granules imaged in continuum intensity and Doppler velocity by the Helioseismic and Magnetic ... More
Volovik Effect and Fermi-Liquid Behavior in the s-Wave Superconductor CaPd2As2: 75As NMR-NQR MeasurementsFeb 26 2016The electronic and magnetic properties of the collapsed-tetragonal CaPd$_2$As$_2$ superconductor (SC) with a transition temperature of 1.27 K have been investigated by $^{75}$As nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and nuclear quadrupole resonance (NQR) measurements. ... More
Enhanced moments of Eu in single crystals of the metallic helical antiferromagnet EuCo{2-y}As2Jan 26 2018The compound EuCo{2-y}As2 with the tetragonal ThCr2Si2 structure is known to contain Eu{+2} ions with spin S = 7/2 that order below a temperature TN = 47 K into an antiferromagnetic (AFM) proper helical structure with the ordered moments aligned in the ... More
An Intrusion Using Malware and DDNSFeb 25 2019This whitepaper captures the details of the technical alert numbered TA18-149A dated 29th May 2018 issued by the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team.
Entropy based Anomaly Detection System to Prevent DDoS Attacks in CloudAug 28 2013Cloud Computing is a recent computing model provides consistent access to wide area distributed resources. It revolutionized the IT world with its services provision infrastructure, less maintenance cost, data and service availability assurance, rapid ... More
Non-Fermi-liquid behaviors associated with a magnetic quantum-critical point in Sr(Co{1-x}Ni{x})2As2 single crystalsJul 18 2019Electron-doped Sr(Co{1-x}Ni{x})2As2 single crystals with compositions x = 0 to 0.9 were grown out of self-flux and SrNi2As2 single crystals out of Bi flux. The crystals were characterized using single-crystal x-ray diffraction (XRD), magnetic susceptibility ... More
NMR studies of the incommensurate helical antiferromagnet EuCo2P2 : determination of the antiferromagnetic propagation vectorJun 19 2017Recently Ding et al. [Phys. Rev. B 95, 184404 (2017)] reported that their nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) study on EuCo$_2$As$_2$ successfully characterized the antiferromagnetic (AFM) propagation vector of the incommensurate helix AFM state, showing ... More
Collinear antiferromagnetism in trigonal SrMn$_{2}$As$_{2}$ revealed by single-crystal neutron diffractionMay 06 2016Fe pnictides and related materials have been a topic of intense research for understanding the complex interplay between magnetism and superconductivity. Here we report on the magnetic structure of SrMn$_{2}$As$_{2}$ that crystallizes in a trigonal structure ... More
Itinerant G-type antiferromagnetic order in SrCr$_2$As$_2$May 11 2017Neutron diffraction and magnetic susceptibility studies of a polycrystalline SrCr$_2$As$_2$ sample reveal that this compound is an itinerant G-type antiferromagnet below the N${\rm \acute{e}}$el temperature $T_{\textrm N}$ = 590(5) K with the Cr magnetic ... More
Data Grid Concepts for Data Security in Distributed ComputingAug 28 2013Data grid is a distributed computing architecture that integrates a large number of data and computing resources into a single virtual data management system. It enables the sharing and coordinated use of data from various resources and provides various ... More
Human Resource Management SystemSep 02 2013The paper titled HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is basically concerned with managing the Administrator of HUMAN RESOURCE Department in a company. A Human Resource Management System, refers to the systems and processes at the intersection between human ... More
Effective One-Dimensional Coupling in the Highly-Frustrated Square-Lattice Itinerant Magnet CaCo$_{\mathrm{2}-y}$As$_{2}$Aug 05 2017Inelastic neutron scattering measurements on the itinerant antiferromagnet (AFM) CaCo$_{\mathrm{2}-y}$As$_{2}$ at a temperature of 8 K reveal two orthogonal planes of scattering perpendicular to the Co square lattice in reciprocal space, demonstrating ... More
Antiferromagnetic Stacking of Ferromagnetic Layers and Doping Controlled Phase Competition in Ca$_{1-x}$Sr$_{x}$Co$_{2-y}$As$_{2}$Apr 12 2019Jul 15 2019In search of a quantum phase transition between the two-dimensional ($2$D) ferromagnetism of CaCo$_{2-y}$As$_{2}$ and stripe-type antiferromagnetism in SrCo$_{2}$As$_{2}$, we rather find evidence for $1$D magnetic frustration between magnetic square Co ... More
Suppression of magnetic order in CaCo$_{1.86}$As$_{2}$ with Fe substitution: Magnetization, neutron diffraction, and x-ray diffraction studies of Ca(Co$_{1-x}$Fe$_{x}$)$_{y}$As$_{2}$Feb 07 2017Feb 24 2017Magnetization, neutron diffraction, and high-energy x-ray diffraction results for Sn-flux grown single-crystal samples of Ca(Co$_{1-x}$Fe$_{x}$)$_{y}$As$_{2}$, $0\leq x\leq1$, $1.86\leq y \leq 2$, are presented and reveal that A-type antiferromagnetic ... More
Effectively One-Dimensional Frustrated Magnetism in Ca$_{1-x}$Sr$_{x}$Co$_{2-y}$As$_{2}$Apr 12 2019In search of a quantum phase transition between the two-dimensional ($2$D) ferromagnetism of CaCo$_{2-y}$As$_{2}$ and stripe-type antiferromagnetism in SrCo$_{2}$As$_{2}$, we rather find evidence for $1$D magnetic frustration between magnetic square Co ... More
GC-SROIQ(C) : Expressive Constraint Modelling and Grounded Circumscription for SROIQNov 03 2014Jul 28 2015Developments in semantic web technologies have promoted ontological encoding of knowledge from diverse domains. However, modelling many practical domains requires more expressive representations schemes than what the standard description logics(DLs) support. ... More
GC-SROIQ(C) : Expressive Constraint Modelling and Grounded Circumscription for SROIQNov 03 2014Apr 03 2017Developments in semantic web technologies have promoted ontological encoding of knowledge from diverse domains. However, modelling many practical domains requires more expressive representations schemes than what the standard description logics(DLs) support. ... More
Pressure-induced collapsed-tetragonal phase in SrCo2As2Oct 02 2015We present high-energy x-ray diffraction data under applied pressures up to p = 29 GPa, neutron diffraction measurements up to p = 1.1 GPa, and electrical resistance measurements up to p = 5.9 GPa, on SrCo2As2. Our x-ray diffraction data demonstrate that ... More
Engagement Estimation in Advertisement Videos with EEGDec 08 2018Engagement is a vital metric in the advertising industry and its automatic estimation has huge commercial implications. This work presents a basic and simple framework for engagement estimation using EEG (electroencephalography) data specifically recorded ... More
Measuring and Understanding Throughput of Network TopologiesFeb 11 2014Nov 15 2016High throughput is of particular interest in data center and HPC networks. Although myriad network topologies have been proposed, a broad head-to-head comparison across topologies and across traffic patterns is absent, and the right way to compare worst-case ... More
Expander Datacenters: From Theory to PracticeNov 01 2018Recent work has shown that expander-based data center topologies are robust and can yield superior performance over Clos topologies. However, to achieve these benefits, previous proposals use routing and transport schemes that impede quick industry adoption. ... More
Measuring and Understanding Throughput of Network TopologiesFeb 11 2014Feb 09 2015High throughput is a fundamental goal of network design and is of particular interest in data center and high performance computing networks. Although myriad network topologies have been recently proposed, a broad head-to-head comparison of these proposals ... More
TicTac: Accelerating Distributed Deep Learning with Communication SchedulingMar 08 2018Oct 04 2018State-of-the-art deep learning systems rely on iterative distributed training to tackle the increasing complexity of models and input data. The iteration time in these communication-heavy systems depends on the computation time, communication time and ... More
Thermodynamic Stability of WormholesJul 26 2016Jul 28 2016In the context of GR, we study the thermodynamic stability of evolving Lorentzian wormholes at the apparent horizon. The average pressure of the anisotrropic components is considered as the pressure of the wormhole. According to the requirements of stable ... More
On the Complexity of Connected (s, t)-Vertex SeparatorNov 08 2011We show that minimum connected $(s,t)$-vertex separator ($(s,t)$-CVS) is $\Omega(log^{2-\epsilon}n)$-hard for any $\epsilon >0$ unless NP has quasi-polynomial Las-Vegas algorithms. i.e., for any $\epsilon >0$ and for some $\delta >0$, $(s,t)$-CVS is unlikely ... More
Nonlocal chiral quark models with wavefunction renormalization: sigma properties and π-πscattering parametersJun 04 2008Nov 06 2008We analyze the sigma meson mass and width together with the pion-pion scattering parameters in the context of non-local chiral quark models with wave-function renormalization (WFR). We consider both non-local interactions based on the frequently used ... More
Gravitational Lensing by Multi-Polytropic Static WormholesNov 14 2016We obtain multi-polytropic static solutions in the framework of $ \textbf{GR} $ gravity. The resulting metric is asymptotically Minkowskian, and locally that of a wormhole. We also examine gravitational lensing by the wormhole, and calculate the deflection ... More
Quasi-degenerate Neutrino mass models and their significance: A model independent investigationMar 23 2016The prediction of possible ordering of neutrino masses relies mostly on the model selected. Alienating the $\mu-\tau$ interchange symmetry from discrete flavour symmetry based models, turns the neutrino mass matrix less predictive. But this inspires one ... More
Nonvanishing magnetic field in pure electrostatic systems at rest in the curved space-time of EarthJun 10 2019Solutions of the Maxwell equations for electrostatic systems at rest on the rotating Earth's surface are shown to exhibit a nonvanishing magnetic field despite zero electric currents in the system. Such a field is of pure geometric origin, and in contrast ... More
A New Computationally Efficient Measure of Topological Redundancy of Biological and Social NetworksAug 31 2011Nov 05 2011It is well-known that biological and social interaction networks have a varying degree of redundancy, though a consensus of the precise cause of this is so far lacking. In this paper, we introduce a topological redundancy measure for labeled directed ... More
A Cluster Based Replication Architecture for Load Balancing in Peer-to-Peer Content DistributionSep 23 2010In P2P systems, large volumes of data are declustered naturally across a large number of peers. But it is very difficult to control the initial data distribution because every user has the freedom to share any data with other users. The system scalability ... More
Neutrino mixing matrix and masses from a generalized Friedberg-Lee modelMay 16 2015May 01 2016The overall characteristics of the solar and atmospheric neutrino oscillation are approximately consistent with a tribimaximal form of the mixing matrix $U$ of the lepton sector. Exact tribimaximal mixing leads to $\theta_{13}=0$. However, recent results ... More
Generalized Friedberg-Lee model for CP violation in neutrino physicsNov 19 2012We propose a phenomenological model of Dirac neutrino mass operator based on the Fridberg-Lee (FL) neutrino mass model to include CP violation. By considering the most general set of complex coefficients, and imposing the condition that the mass eigenvalues ... More
Periodicity Detection of Outlier Sequences Using Constraint Based Pattern Tree with MADJul 07 2015Patterns that appear rarely or unusually in the data can be defined as outlier patterns. The basic idea behind detecting outlier patterns is comparison of their relative frequencies with frequent patterns. Their frequencies of appearance are less and ... More
Estimation of pulsed driven qubit parameters via quantum Fisher informationMay 12 2017We estimate the initial weight and phase parameters ($\theta, \phi)$ of a single qubit system initially prepared in the coherent state $\ket{\theta,\phi}$ and interacts with three different shape of pulses; rectangular, exponential, and $sin^2$-pulses. ... More
A Low-Complexity Soft-Output wMD Decoding for Uplink MIMO Systems with One-Bit ADCsJul 10 2017Jul 13 2017This paper considers an uplink multiuser multiple-input-multiple-output (MU-MIMO) system with one-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), in which $K$ users with a single transmit antenna communicate with one base station (BS) with $N_{\rm r}$ receive ... More
Avalanche mixing of granular solids in a rotating 2D drum and discrete mappingJul 22 1998Evolution of mixing of granular solids in a slowly rotated 2D drum is considered as a discrete mapping. The rotation is around the axis of the upright drum which is filled partially, and the mixing occurs only at a free surface of a material. The most ... More
Modeling DNA Conformational Transformations on the Mesoscopic ScalesDec 20 2003The approach for the description of the DNA conformational transformations on the mesoscopic scales in the frame of the double helix is presented. Due to consideration of the joint motions of DNA structural elements along the conformational pathways the ... More
Search for invisible decays of $π^0, η, η', K_S$ and $K_L$: A probe of new physics and tests using the Bell-Steinberger relationSep 08 2014Jan 09 2015In the standard model the rate of the $\pi^0, \eta, \eta', K_S, K_L\to \nu \overline{\nu}$ decays is predicted to be extremely small. Therefore, observation of any of these mesons ($M^0$) decaying into an invisible final state would signal the presence ... More
On mixing angles and magnetic moment of heavy tau neutrinoMar 29 1998If the magnetic moment of unstable tau neutrinos with the mass of $O$(MeV) is in the region of $10^{-8}\mu_{B} \lesssim \mu_{\nu_{\tau}} \lesssim 10^{-6}\mu_{B}$, it is compatible with the present experimental and cosmological bounds. It is pointed out ... More
Limits on leptonic photon interactions from SN1987aAug 26 1997Nov 13 1997If massless leptonic photons associated to electron, muon or tau leptonic number exist they would have been emitted from supernova 1987a via the annihilation process $\nu\bar{\nu}\to\gamma_{l}\gamma_{l}$. By requiring that this process does not carry ... More
Sterile neutrino decay as a common origin for LSND/MiniBooNe and T2K excess eventsJul 01 2011Feb 28 2012We point out that the excess of electron-like neutrino events recently observed by the T2K collaboration may have a common origin with the similar excess events previously reported by the LSND and MiniBooNE experiments and interpreted as a signal from ... More
Quasi-exactly solvable models based on special functionsMar 20 2008May 29 2008We suggest a systematic method of extension of quasi-exactly solvable (QES) systems. We construct finite-dimensional subspaces on the basis of special functions (hypergeometric, Airy, Bessel ones) invariant with respect to the action of differential operators ... More
Flavour transitions of Dirac-Majorana neutrinosMar 27 1998From a phenomenological point of view, we study active-active and active-sterile flavour-changing (and flavour-conserving) oscillations of Dirac-Majorana neutrinos both in vacuum and in matter. The general expressions for the transition probabilities ... More
Pontecorvo neutrino-antineutrino oscillations: theory and experimental limitsMay 19 1997We study Pontecorvo neutrino-antineutrino oscillations both in vacuum and in matter within a field theoretic approach, showing that this phenomenon can occur only if neutrinos have a Dirac-Majorana mass term. We find that matter effects suppress these ... More
Byzantine Agreement with Two Quantum Key Distribution SetupsMay 27 2004It is pointed out that two separated quantum channels and three classical authenticated channels are sufficient resources to achieve detectable broadcast.
Frame dragging and other precessional effects in black hole-pulsar binariesNov 03 1998For radio pulsars in orbit with a compact companion, pulsar timing observations have proved to be a powerful tool for identifying the physical nature of the companion. Unfortunately, perhaps the most intriguing system where such a tool could be used, ... More
Axially symmetric B=2 solution in the chiral quark soliton modelNov 26 2002The baryon-number-two (B=2) solution based on the SU(2) chiral quark soliton model ($\chi$QSM) is solved numerically, including fully the sea quark degrees of freedom. We confirm that the axially symmetric meson configurations yield the energy minimum ... More
Partially Quenched QCD with Non-Degenerate Dynamical QuarksSep 10 1999We discuss the importance of using partially quenched theories with three degenerate quarks for extrapolating to QCD, and present some relevant results from chiral perturbation theory.
Photonic Communications and Information Encoding in Biological SystemsMay 18 2012The structure of optical radiation emitted by the samples of loach fish eggs is studied. It was found earlier that such radiation perform the communications between distant samples, which result in the synchronization of their development. The photon ... More
Fuzzy Geometry of Phase Space and Quantization of Massive FieldsNov 01 2007The quantum space-time and the phase space with fuzzy structure is investigated as the possible quantization formalism. In this theory the state of nonrelativistic particle corresponds to the element of fuzzy ordered set (Foset) - fuzzy point. Due to ... More
Wong's equations in Yang-Mills theoryDec 31 2010Sep 28 2011We derive Wong's equations for the finite-dimensional dynamical system representing the motion of a scalar particle on a compact Riemannian manifold with a given free isometric smooth action of a compact semisimple Lie group. The obtained equations are ... More
Path integral measure factorization in path integrals for diffusion of Yang--Mills fieldsNov 19 2007Factorization of the (formal) path integral measure in a Wiener path integrals for Yang--Mills diffusion is studied. Using the nonlinear filtering stochastic differential equation, we perform the transformation of the path integral defined on a total ... More
The "approach unifying spin and charges" predicts the fourth family and a stable family forming the dark matter clustersMay 13 2010The Approach unifying spin and charges, assuming that all the internal degrees of freedom---the spin, all the charges and the families---originate in $d > (1+3)$ in only two kinds of spins (the Dirac one and the only one existing beside the Dirac one ... More
When Anomaly Mediation is UV SensitiveAug 23 2010Jun 24 2011Despite its successes---such as solving the supersymmetric flavor problem---anomaly mediated supersymmetry breaking is untenable because of its prediction of tachyonic sleptons. An appealing solution to this problem was proposed by Pomarol and Rattazzi ... More
Running with Triplets: How Slepton Masses Change With Doubly-Charged HiggsesDec 22 2006We examine the slepton masses of SUSYLR models and how they change due the presence of light-doubly charged higgs bosons. We discover that the measurement of the slepton masses could bound and even predict the value of the third generation Yukawa coupling ... More
One-loop RGEs for two left-right SUSY modelsMar 23 2005May 31 2005In this paper we present the renormalization group equations to one-loop order for all the parameters of two supersymmetric left-right theories that are softly broken. Both models are based upon the gauge group SU(3)^c x SU(2)_L x SU(2)_R x U(1)_{B - ... More
Topology and dynamics in ferromagnetic mediaNov 27 1995Nov 29 1995A direct link between the topological complexity of ferromagnetic media and their dynamics has recently been established through the construction of unambiguous conservation laws as moments of a topological vorticity. In the present paper we carry out ... More
Theory of electric field induced one-magnon resonance in cycloidal spin magnetsNov 25 2008We propose a new mechanism to induce a novel one-magnon excitation by the electric component of light in cycloidal spin states, i.e. so called electromagnon process. We calculated optical spectra in the cycloidal spin structures as observed in multiferroic ... More
Bound Entanglement and TeleportationJul 24 1998Recently M. Horodecki, P. Horodecki and R. Horodecki have introduced a set of density matrices of two spin-1 particles from which it is not possible to distill any maximally entangled states, even though the density matrices are entangled. Thus these ... More
Temporal distortion of annual modulation at low recoil energiesJan 17 2003We show that the main features of the annual modulation of the signal expected in a WIMP direct detection experiment, i.e. its sinusoidal dependence with time, the occurrence of its maxima and minima during the year and (under some circumstances) even ... More
Magnetic ghosts and monopolesAug 27 2013While the physics of equilibrium systems composed of many particles is well known, the interplay between small-scale physics and global properties is still a mystery for athermal systems. Non-trivial patterns and metastable states are often reached in ... More
Visible light emitting devices with Schottky contacts on silicon nanocrystalsMay 12 1998We have fabricated light emitting diodes (LEDs) with Schottky contacts on Si-nanocrystals formed by simple techniques as used for standard Si devices. Orange electroluminescence (EL) from these LEDs could be seen with the naked eye at room temperature ... More
Optical Spectra in the Ferromagnetic States near the Charge OrderingMar 28 1997The optical conductivity is studied numerically for the ferromagnetic metallic state close to the charge ordering observed in perovskite manganites.
Generalised state spaces and non-locality in fault tolerant quantum computing schemesJul 20 2010Jan 07 2011We develop connections between generalised notions of entanglement and quantum computational devices where the measurements available are restricted, either because they are noisy and/or because by design they are only along Pauli directions. By considering ... More
Bosonization approach to the one-dimensional Kondo lattice modelOct 18 1994The one-dimensional Kondo lattice model is investigated by using bosonization techniques and conformal field theory. In the half-filled band, the charge and spin gaps open for the anti-ferromagnetic Kondo coupling. Away from half-filling, the paramagnetic ... More
Universal conductance in quantum wires in the presence of Umklapp scatteringMay 15 1998The effects of Umklapp scattering on the zero-temperature conductance in one-dimensional quantum wires are reexamined by taking into account both the screening of external potential and the non-uniform chemical potential shift due to electron-electron ... More
The Inevitability of Sphalerons in Field TheoryMar 27 2019The topological structure of field theory often makes inevitable the existence of stable and unstable localised solutions of the field equations. These are minima and saddle points of the energy. Saddle point solutions occurring this way are known as ... More
Trivial Extensions of Local Rings and a Conjecture of CostaJun 27 2006This paper partly settles a conjecture of Costa on (n,d)-rings, i.e., rings in which n-presented modules have projective dimension at most d. For this purpose, a theorem studies the transfer of the (n,d)-property to trivial extensions of local rings by ... More
Simulation of Three Dimensional Electrostatic Field Configuration in Wire Chambers : A Novel ApproachApr 05 2006May 16 2006Three dimensional field configuration has been simulated for a simple wire chamber consisting of one anode wire stretched along the axis of a grounded square cathode tube by solving numerically the boundary integral equation of the first kind. A closed ... More
3D Simulation of New Generation Gas DetectorsMar 01 2007Simulation of new generation gas detectors is rendered complicated due to the non-trivial nature of the electric field and simultaneous presence of several length-scales. Computation of the electrostatic field, however, is extremely important since streamers ... More
Extending functions from Nikolskii-Besov spaces of mixed smoothness beyond a cubeFeb 27 2019The article examines Nikolskii and Besov spaces with norms defined using "$L_p$-averaged" mixed moduli of continuity of functions of appropriate orders, instead of mixed moduli of continuity of known orders for certain mixed derivative functions. The ... More
A new structure for analyzing discrete scale invariant processes: Covariance and SpectraMar 05 2010Jan 01 2013Improving the efficiency of discrete time scale invariant (DSI) processes, we consider some flexible sampling of a continuous time DSI process ${X(t), t\in{R^+}}$ with scale $l>1$, which is in correspondence to some multi-dimensional self-similar process. ... More
Isomonodromic deformation theory and the next-to-diagonal correlations of the anisotropic square lattice Ising modelMay 04 2007In 1980 Jimbo and Miwa evaluated the diagonal two-point correlation function of the square lattice Ising model as a $\tau$-function of the sixth Painlev\'e system by constructing an associated isomonodromic system within their theory of holonomic quantum ... More
System of nonlinear oscillators with dissipation. Initial interval of autoresonanceJan 21 2013We investigate an influence of dissipation on autoresonant threshold for a system of nonlinear oscillators. Exact asymptotic formulas and numerical simulations are presented. These results correspond to an initial interval of autoresonance.
Possible solution of the cosmological constant problem in the framework of lattice quantum gravityMay 02 2006It is shown that in the theory of discrete quantum gravity the cosmological constant problem can be solved due to the phenomena of elliptic operators spectrum "loosening" and universe inflation.
The Dynamic Quantization of Gravity and the Cosmological Constant ProblemJun 04 2004Jun 09 2004After a brief outlook of the dynamic quantization method and application of the method to gravity the idea of natural solution of cosmological constant problem in inflating Universe is presented.
On Dissipation Mechanism in the Intrinsic Josephson Effect in Layered Superconductors with d-wave PairingDec 28 1999Conductivity mechanism in the regime of the intrinsic Josephson effect in layered superconductors with singlet d-wave pairing is studied theoretically. The cases of coherent and incoherent interlayer tunneling of electrons are considered. The theory with ... More
Impurity-induced stabilization of Luttinger liquid in quasi-one-dimensional conductorsOct 21 2003Apr 21 2004It is shown theoretically that the Luttinger liquid phase in quasi-one-dimensional conductors can exist in the presence of impurities in a form of a collection of bounded Luttinger liquids. The conclusion is based upon the observation by Kane and Fisher ... More
Inelastic transport in molecular spin valvesNov 23 2005We present a study of the effects of inelastic scattering on the transport properties of various nanoscale devices, namely H$_2$ molecules sandwiched between Pt contacts, and a spin-valve made by an organic molecule attached to model half-metal ferromagnetic ... More
Antibubbles: evidences of a critical pressureMay 07 2003We present experimental investigations of antibubbles. Such an unusual fluid object is a thin spherical air shell surrounding a liquid globule. We explain how to produce them and we study their stability. By overweighting antibubbles with a small amount ... More
Universality classes for self-similarity of noiseless multi-dimensional Burgers turbulence and interface growthDec 08 1999The present work is devoted to the evolution of random solutions of the unforced Burgers and KPZ equations in d-dimensions in the limit of vanishing viscosity. We consider a cellular model and as initial condition assign a value for the velocity potential ... More
Chiral approach to nuclear matter: Role of explicit short-range NN-termsDec 16 2003We extend a recent chiral approach to nuclear matter by including the most general (momentum-independent) NN-contact interaction. Iterating this two-parameter contact-vertex with itself and with one-pion exchange the emerging energy per particle exhausts ... More
Exact Solution to the Moment Problem for the XY ChainJan 25 1997We present the exact solution to the moment problem for the spin-1/2 isotropic antiferromagnetic XY chain with explicit forms for the moments with respect to the Neel state, the cumulant generating function, and the Resolvent Operator. We verify the correctness ... More
Stringent limits on the π^0 -> γX, X -> e+e- decay from neutrino experiments and constraints on new light gauge bosonsDec 22 2011Mar 12 2012We report new experimental limits on the \pi^0 -> \gamma X decay of the neutral pion into a photon and a light boson X followed by the decay X -> e+e-. If this process exist, one would expect a flux of high energy X's produced from \pi^0's generated by ... More
Comments on arXiv:1011.3046 "Muon Capture Constraints on Sterile Neutrino Properties"Nov 25 2010It has been very recently reported (McKeen, Pospelov, arXive:1011.3046) that the parameter region suggested for an explanation of the neutrino oscillation results from the LSND, KARMEN and MiniBooNE experiments in terms of the production and radiative ... More
Concentrator of elastic wavesOct 21 2014This article is dedicated to an opportunity of concentrating elastic waves in the iron and water cones on the square of the cone vertex of the order of one square centimeter. The square of the base of the cone is equal to one square meter, its height ... More