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A Comparison between Digital Image Watermarking in Tow Different Color Spaces Using DWT2Jun 20 2012A novel digital watermarking for ownership verification and image authentication applications using discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is proposed in this paper. Most previous proposed watermarking algorithms embed sequences of random numbers as watermarks. ... More
Non-adiabatic corrections to elastic scattering of halo nucleiMay 01 2002We derive the formalism for the leading order corrections to the adiabatic approximation to the scattering of composite projectiles. Assuming a two-body projectile of core plus loosely-bound valence particle and a model (the core recoil model) in which ... More
Trade-off between quantum and thermal fluctuations in mirror coatings yields improved sensitivity of gravitational-wave interferometersFeb 29 2012We propose a simple way to improve the laser gravitational-wave detectors sensitivity by means of reduction of the number of reflective coating layers of the core optics mirrors. This effects in the proportional decrease of the coating thermal noise, ... More
Generative adversarial network for segmentation of motion affected neonatal brain MRIJun 11 2019Automatic neonatal brain tissue segmentation in preterm born infants is a prerequisite for evaluation of brain development. However, automatic segmentation is often hampered by motion artifacts caused by infant head movements during image acquisition. ... More
A Novel Effective, Secure and Robust CDMA Digital Image Watermarking in YUV Color Space Using DWT2Jun 19 2012This paper is allocated to CDMA digital images watermarking for ownership verification and image authentication applications, which for more security, watermark W is converted to a sequence and then a random binary sequence R of size n is adopted to encrypt ... More
A squeezed state source using radiation pressure induced rigidityNov 01 2005We propose an experiment to extract ponderomotive squeezing from an interferometer with high circulating power and low mass mirrors. In this interferometer, optical resonances of the arm cavities are detuned from the laser frequency, creating a mechanical ... More
Effects of an induced three-body force in the incident channel of (d,p) reactionsMay 30 2019A widely accepted practice for treating deuteron breakup in $A(d,p)B$ reactions relies on solving a three-body $A+n+p$ Schr\"odinger equation with pairwise $A$-$n$, $A$-$p$ and $n$-$p$ interactions. However, it was shown in [Phys. Rev. C \textbf{89}, ... More
Automatic brain tissue segmentation in fetal MRI using convolutional neural networksJun 11 2019MR images of fetuses allow clinicians to detect brain abnormalities in an early stage of development. The cornerstone of volumetric and morphologic analysis in fetal MRI is segmentation of the fetal brain into different tissue classes. Manual segmentation ... More
Quantum variational measurement and the "optical lever" intracavity topology of gravitational-wave detectorsJul 07 2006The intracavity topologies of laser gravitational-wave detectors are the promising way to obtain sensitivity of these devices significantly better than the Standard Quantum Limit (SQL). The most challenging element of the intracavity topologies is the ... More
Low pumping energy mode of the "optical bars''/"optical lever" topologies of gravitational-wave antennaeApr 16 2003The ``optical bars''/``optical lever'' topologies of gravitational-wave antennae allow to obtain sensitivity better that the Standard Quantum Limit while keeping the optical pumping energy in the antenna relatively low. Element of the crucial importance ... More
Pass-through Mach-Zehnder topologies for macroscopic quantum measurementsFeb 02 2011Several relatively small-scale experimental setups aimed on prototyping of future laser gravitational-wave detectors and testing of new methods of quantum measurements with macroscopic mechanical objects, are under development now. In these devices, not ... More
Optimal configurations of filter cavity in future gravitational-wave detectorsMar 15 2010Sensitivity of future laser interferometric gravitational-wave detectors can be improved using squeezed light with frequency-dependent squeeze angle and/or amplitude, which can be created using additional so-called filter cavities. Here we compare performances ... More
The "optical lever" intracavity readout scheme for gravitational-wave antennaeMar 01 2002An improved version of the ``optical bar'' intracavity readout scheme for gravitational-wave antennae is considered. We propose to call this scheme ``optical lever'' because it can provide significant gain in the signal displacement of the local mirror ... More
An Optimization-Based Generative Model of Power Laws Using a New Information Theory Based MetricSep 10 2018Dec 24 2018In this paper, we propose an optimization-based mechanism to explain power law distributions, where the function that the optimization process is seeking to optimize is derived mathematically, then the behavior and interpretation of this function are ... More
Impact of network size on the performance of incremental LMS adaptive networksFeb 16 2015In this paper we study the impact of network size on the performance of incremental least mean square (ILMS) adaptive networks. Specifically, we consider two ILMS networks with different number of nodes and compare their performance in two different cases ... More
Steady-state Performance of Incremental LMS Strategies For Parameter Estimation Over Fading Wireless ChannelsAug 01 2015We study the effect of fading in the communication channels between nodes on the performance of the incremental least mean square (ILMS) algorithm. We derive steady-state performance metrics, including the mean-square deviation (MSD), excess mean-square ... More
Power Control and Scheduling In Low SNR Region In The Uplink of Two Cell NetworksNov 28 2017Jan 20 2018In this paper we investigate the sub-channel assignment and power control to maximize the total sum rate in the uplink of two-cell network. It is assumed that there are some sub-channels in each cell which should be allocated among some users. Also, each ... More
Quantum speedmeter and laser interferometric gravitational-wave antennaeNov 26 2002A new topology of laser interferometric gravitational-wave antenna is considered. It is based on two schemes: {\em quantum speedmeter} and {\em zero-area Sagnac interferometer} and allows to obtain sensitivity better than the Standard Quantum Limit in ... More
Frequency-dependent rigidity in large-scale interferometric gravitational-wave detectorsJul 26 2001Jul 30 2001Electromagnetic rigidity which exists in large-scale optical resonators if pumping frequency is detuned from the eigenfrequency of resonator have sophisticated spectral dependence which allows to obtain sensitivity better than the Standard Quantum Limits ... More
Uplink HARQ for Distributed and Cloud RAN via Separation of Control and Data PlanesAug 26 2015Sep 05 2016The implementation of uplink HARQ in a Cloud- Radio Access Network RAN (C-RAN) architecture is constrained by the two-way latency on the fronthaul links connecting the Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) with the Baseband Units (BBUs) that perform decoding. To ... More
Obstructions to free actions on Bazaikin spacesMay 28 2019We consider positively curved Riemannian manifolds whose universal covers have the same cohomology as Bazaikin spaces and prove some structural results for the fundamental group in the presence of torus symmetry.
Performance Analysis of Incremental LMS over Flat Fading ChannelsSep 09 2015We study the effect of fading in the communication channels between sensor nodes on the performance of the incremental least mean square (ILMS) algorithm, and derive steady state performance metrics, including the mean-square deviation (MSD), excess mean-square ... More
Effective Digital Image Watermarking in YCbCr Color Space Accompanied by Presenting a Novel Technique Using DWTJun 20 2012In this paper, a quantization based watermark casting and blind watermark retrieval algorithm operating in YCbCr color space using discrete wavelet transform (DWT), for ownership verification and image authentication applications is implemented. This ... More
Quantum variational measurement in the next generation gravitational-wave detectorsSep 15 2006Feb 07 2007A relatively simple method of overcoming the Standard Quantum Limit in the next-generation Advanced LIGO gravitational wave detector is considered. It is based on the quantum variational measurement with a single short (a few tens of meters) filter cavity. ... More
Reducing the mirrors coating noise in laser gravitational-wave antennae by means of double mirrorsJun 18 2004Oct 01 2004Recent researches show that the fluctuations of the dielectric mirrors coating thickness can introduce a substantial part of the future laser gravitational-wave antennae total noise budget. These fluctuations are especially large in the high-reflectivity ... More
Fractional Poisson BracketJul 26 2008In the present paper fractional Hamilton-Jacobi equation has been derived for dynamical systems involving Caputo derivative. Fractional Poisson-bracket is introduced. Further Hamilton's canonical equations are formulated and quantum wave equation corresponds ... More
Inter-Layer Per-Mobile Optimization of Cloud Mobile Computing: A Message-Passing ApproachAug 26 2015Cloud mobile computing enables the offloading of computation-intensive applications from a mobile device to a cloud processor via a wireless interface. In light of the strong interplay between offloading decisions at the application layer and physical-layer ... More
CFD investigation of thermal performance of aluminum oxide nanofluid in channelNov 20 2017Dec 01 2017This paper shows the CFD investigation of pressure drop and thermal performance of aluminum oxide nano fluid inside square channel inserted a cylinder with and without fin using two-phase method. The constant heat flux on outer wall and laminar flow regime ... More
On the mathematics of beauty: beautiful musicJul 14 2017Feb 03 2019In this paper, we will study the simplest kind of beauty that can be found in a simple piece of music and can be appreciated universally. The proposed approach shows that aesthetically appealing patterns deliver higher amount of information over multiple ... More
On the mathematics of beauty: beautiful imagesMay 13 2017Feb 03 2019In this paper, we will study the simplest kind of beauty which can be found in simple visual patterns. The proposed approach shows that aesthetically appealing patterns deliver higher amount of information over multiple levels in comparison with less ... More
High-fidelity detection of a phase shift using non-Gaussian quantum states of lightDec 10 2018We show that by injecting a light pulse prepared in a non-Gaussian quantum state into the dark port of a two-arm interferometer, it is possible to detect a given phase shift with the fidelity which is limited only by the optical losses and the photodetection ... More
Dynamic Switching Networks: A Dynamic, Non-local, and Time-independent Approach to EmergenceJul 27 2017Mar 06 2018The concept of emergence is a powerful concept to explain very complex behaviour by simple underling rules. Existing approaches of producing emergent collective behaviour have many limitations making them unable to account for the complexity we see in ... More
Dynamics of domain walls motion driven by spin-orbit torque in antiferromagnetsApr 04 2019Ultrafast dynamics of antiferromagnetic materials is an appealing feature for novel spintronic devices. Several experiments have shown that both, the static states and the dynamical behavior of the antiferromagnetic order, are strictly related to stabilization ... More
Improved DWT Based Watermarking Using JPEG-YCbCrJun 20 2012In this paper a blind, Secure, imperceptible and robust watermarking algorithm based on wavelet transform domain is proposed in which for more security, the watermark W is converted to a sequence and then a random binary sequence R of size n is adopted ... More
A robust Iris recognition method on adverse conditionsDec 15 2013As a stable biometric system, iris has recently attracted great attention among the researchers. However, research is still needed to provide appropriate solutions to ensure the resistance of the system against error factors. The present study has tried ... More
Diffusion on middle-$ξ$ Cantor setsApr 25 2018May 23 2018In this paper, we study $C^{\zeta}$-calculus on generalized Cantor sets, which have self-similar properties and fractional dimensions that exceed their topological dimensions. Functions with fractal support are not differentiable or integrable in terms ... More
New Derivatives on Fractal Subset of Real-lineDec 11 2015In this manuscript we introduced the generalized fractional Riemann-Liouville and Caputo like derivative for functions defined on fractal sets. The Gamma, Mittag-Leffler and Beta functions were defined on the fractal sets. The non-local Laplace transformation ... More
Overcoming the SQL in gravitational wave detectors using spin systems with negative effective massOct 28 2017Quantum back action (QBA) of a measurement limits the precision of observation of the motion of a free mass. This profound effect dabbed the "Heisenberg microscope" in the early days of quantum mechanics, leads to the standard quantum limit (SQL) stemming ... More
Systematic method for unification of various field theories in a two-dimensional classical $φ^4$ field theoryAug 03 2016Although creating a unified theory in Elementary Particles Physics is still an open problem, there are a lot of attempts for unifying other fields of physics. Following such unifications, we regard a two dimensional (2D) classical $\Phi^{4}$ field theory ... More
Optimal Consumption in the Stochastic Ramsey Problem without Boundedness ConstraintsMay 19 2018Nov 12 2018This paper investigates optimal consumption in the stochastic Ramsey problem with the Cobb-Douglas production function. Contrary to prior studies, we allow for general consumption processes, without any a priori boundedness constraint. A non-standard ... More
Ultralow-current-density and bias-field-free spin-transfer nano-oscillatorMar 22 2013The spin-transfer nano-oscillator (STNO) offers the possibility of using the transfer of spin angular momentum via spin-polarized currents to generate microwave signals. However, at present STNO microwave emission mainly relies on both large drive currents ... More
Systematic unification of the partition functions of various field theories in a two dimensional classical $φ^4$ modelAug 03 2016Oct 03 2016We show that the partition functions of several field theories with different symmetries and in various dimensions are equal to the partition function of a two-dimensional (2D) classical $\phi^4$ field theory model. Although the completeness of 2D $\phi^4$ ... More
Reaction models to probe the structure of light exotic nucleiJun 24 2003Jul 09 2003We review here theoretical models for describing various types of reactions involving light nuclei on the driplines. Structure features to be extracted from the analysis of such reaction data, as well as those that need to be incorporated in the reaction ... More
Systematic study of the completeness of two-dimensional classical $φ^4$ theoryAug 03 2016Oct 10 2017The completeness of some classical statistical mechanical (SM) models is a recent result that has been developed by quantum formalism for the partition functions. In this paper, we consider a 2D classical $\phi^4$ filed theory whose completeness has been ... More
Non compound nucleus fission events and standard saddle-point statistical modelSep 11 2013The large body of experimental data on the fission fragments anisotropies are analyzed in several heavy-ion induced fission reaction systems. The entrance channel mass asymmetry parameters of these systems put on the both sides of the Businaro-Gallone ... More
Pre-saddle neutron multiplicity for fission reactions induced by heavy ions and light particlesJun 03 2013Pre-saddle neutron multiplicity has been calculated for several fission reactions induced by heavy ions and light particles. Experimentally, it is impossible to determine the contribution of neutrons being emitted before the saddle point and those emitted ... More
Schrödinger Equation on Fractals Curves Imbedding in $R^3$Aug 01 2013Oct 12 2013In this paper we have generalized the quantum mechanics on fractal time-space. The time is changing on Cantor-set like but space is considered as fractal curve like Von-Koch curve. The Feynman path method in quantum mechanics has been suggested on fractal ... More
Speed Meter As a Quantum Nondemolition Measuring Device for ForceMar 26 1996Quantum noise is an important issue for advanced LIGO. Although it is in principle possible to beat the Standard Quantum Limit (SQL), no practical recipe has been found yet. This paper dicusses quantum noise in the context of speedmeter-a devise monitoring ... More
Automatic segmentation of the intracranialvolume in fetal MR imagesJul 31 2017MR images of the fetus allow non-invasive analysis of the fetal brain. Quantitative analysis of fetal brain development requires automatic brain tissue segmentation that is typically preceded by segmentation of the intracranial volume (ICV). This is challenging ... More
MSPlayer: Multi-Source and multi-Path LeverAged YoutubERJun 26 2014Nov 09 2014Online video streaming through mobile devices has become extremely popular nowadays. YouTube, for example, reported that the percentage of its traffic streaming to mobile devices has soared from 6% to more than 40% over the past two years. Moreover, people ... More
Improving the phase super-sensitivity of squeezing-assisted interferometers by squeeze factor unbalancingJul 25 2016The sensitivity properties of an SU(1,1) interferometer made of two cascaded parametric amplifiers, as well as of an ordinary SU(2) interferometer preceded by a squeezer and followed by an anti-squeezer, are theoretically investigated. Several possible ... More
An Improved Self-Organizing Diffusion Mobile Adaptive Network for Pursuing a TargetMar 22 2016In this letter we focus on designing self-organizing diffusion mobile adaptive networks where the individual agents are allowed to move in pursuit of an objective (target). The well-known Adapt-then-Combine (ATC) algorithm is already available in the ... More
Finite-size anisotropy in statistically uniform porous mediaJan 21 2009Anisotropy of the permeability tensor in statistically uniform porous media of sizes used in typical computer simulations is studied. Although such systems are assumed to be isotropic by default, we show that de facto their anisotropic permeability can ... More
Generalized Duality for Model-Free Superhedging given MarginalsSep 13 2019In a discrete-time financial market, a generalized duality is established for model-free superhedging, given marginal distributions of the underlying asset. Contrary to prior studies, we do not require contingent claims to be upper semicontinuous, allowing ... More
Stroboscopic Variation MeasurementFeb 28 2002Jun 20 2002A new procedure of the linear position measurement which allows to obtain sensitivity better than the Standard Quantum Limit and close to the Energetic Quantum Limit is proposed and analyzed in details. Proposed method is based on the principles of stroboscopic ... More
On universal decoherence under gravity: a perspective through the Equivalence PrincipleMar 07 2016In Nature Phys. 11, 668 (2015) (Ref. [1]), a composite particle prepared in a pure initial quantum state and propagated in a uniform gravitational field is shown to undergo a decoherence process at a rate determined by the gravitational acceleration. ... More
Urban Mobility Scaling: Lessons from `Little Data'Dec 31 2013Jan 06 2014Recent mobility scaling research, using new data sources, often relies on aggregated data alone. Hence, these studies face difficulties characterizing the influence of factors such as transportation mode on mobility patterns. This paper attempts to complement ... More
Cloud Radio-Multistatic Radar: Joint Optimization of Code Vector and Backhaul QuantizationOct 17 2014Nov 03 2014A multistatic radar set-up is considered in which distributed receive antennas are connected to a Fusion Center (FC) via limited-capacity backhaul links. Similar to cloud radio access networks in communications, the receive antennas quantize the received ... More
Quantum Measurement Theory in Gravitational-Wave DetectorsMar 08 2012May 09 2012The fast progress in improving the sensitivity of the gravitational-wave (GW) detectors, we all have witnessed in the recent years, has propelled the scientific community to the point, when quantum behaviour of such immense measurement devices as kilometer-long ... More
Non-Markovian Quantum Brownian MotionJul 12 2019Decoherence is a phenomenon investigated in many different contexts and is usually considered as the fingerprint of the transition of a system's dynamics from the quantum to the classical. Typically, decoherence times are computed by using the framework ... More
Generalized Duality for Model-Free Superhedging given MarginalsSep 13 2019Sep 16 2019In a discrete-time financial market, a generalized duality is established for model-free superhedging, given marginal distributions of the underlying asset. Contrary to prior studies, we do not require contingent claims to be upper semicontinuous, allowing ... More
Estimating Sparse Networks with HubsApr 20 2019Graphical modelling techniques based on sparse selection have been applied to infer complex networks in many fields, including biology and medicine, engineering, finance, and social sciences. One structural feature of some of the networks in such applications ... More
Spintronic nano-scale harvester of broadband microwave energyJan 01 2018Jan 27 2018The harvesting of ambient radio-frequency (RF) energy is an attractive and clean way to realize the idea of self-powered electronics. Here we present a design for a microwave energy harvester based on a nanoscale spintronic diode (NSD). This diode contains ... More
Spintronic nano-scale harvester of broadband microwave energyJan 01 2018Mar 31 2018The harvesting of ambient radio-frequency (RF) energy is an attractive and clean way to realize the idea of self-powered electronics. Here we present a design for a microwave energy harvester based on a nanoscale spintronic diode (NSD). This diode contains ... More
Double polarization asymmetry as a possible filter for $Θ^+$'s parityDec 25 2003Mar 07 2004We present an analysis of the Beam-Target double polarization asymmetry for the photoproduction of $\Theta^+$ in $\gamma n\to \Theta^+ K^-$. We show that this quantity can serve as a filter for the determination of the $\Theta^+$'s spin-parity assignment ... More
To the practical design of the optical lever intracavity topology of gravitational-wave detectorsAug 05 2005The QND intracavity topologies of gravitational-wave detectors proposed several years ago allow, in principle, to obtain sensitivity significantly better than the Standard Quantum Limit using relatively small anount of optical pumping power. In this article ... More
Non-classical features of Polarization Quasi-Probability DistributionMay 23 2013May 30 2013Polarization quasi-probability distribution (PQPD) is defined in the Stokes space, and it enables the calculation of mean values and higher-order moments for polarization observables using simple algebraic averaging. It can be reconstructed with the help ... More
The Astrophysical S-factor of the 12C(α,γ)16O Reaction at Solar EnergiesSep 29 2013Dec 13 2013The astrophysical S-factor of the 4He-12C radiative capture is calculated in the potential model at the energy range 0.1-2.0 MeV. Radiative capture 12C(\alpha,\gamma)16O is extremely relevant for the fate of massive stars and determines if the remnant ... More
Engineering the Optical Spring via Intra-Cavity Optical-Parametric AmplificationSep 10 2017Nov 09 2017The 'optical spring' results from dynamical back-action and can be used to improve the sensitivity of cavity-enhanced gravitational-wave detectors. The effect occurs if an oscillation of the cavity length results in an oscillation of the intra-cavity ... More
Improving the phase super-sensitivity of squeezing-assisted interferometers by squeeze factor unbalancingJul 25 2016Nov 27 2016The sensitivity properties of an SU(1,1) interferometer made of two cascaded parametric amplifiers, as well as of an ordinary SU(2) interferometer preceded by a squeezer and followed by an anti-squeezer, are theoretically investigated. Several possible ... More
Recycled ADMM: Improve Privacy and Accuracy with Less Computation in Distributed AlgorithmsOct 07 2018Alternating direction method of multiplier (ADMM) is a powerful method to solve decentralized convex optimization problems. In distributed settings, each node performs computation with its local data and the local results are exchanged among neighboring ... More
Improving the Privacy and Accuracy of ADMM-Based Distributed AlgorithmsJun 06 2018Alternating direction method of multiplier (ADMM) is a popular method used to design distributed versions of a machine learning algorithm, whereby local computations are performed on local data with the output exchanged among neighbors in an iterative ... More
Tortuosity-porosity relation in the porous media flowJan 22 2008We study numerically the tortuosity--porosity relation in a microscopic model of a porous medium arranged as a collectin of freely overlapping squares. It is demonstrated that the finite-size effects and the discretization errors, which were ignored in ... More
Rate Balancing in Full-Duplex MIMO Two-Way Relay NetworksJan 21 2019Jan 28 2019Maximizing the minimum rate for a full-duplex multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless network encompassing two sources and a two-way (TW) relay operating in a two hop manner is investigated. To improve the overall performance, using a zero-forcing ... More
Asymptotic Close To Optimal Joint Resource Allocation and Power Control in the Uplink of Two-cell NetworksNov 21 2017In this paper, we investigate joint resource allocation and power control mechanisms for two-cell networks, where each cell has some sub-channels which should be allocated to some users. The main goal persuaded in the current work is finding the best ... More
Reverse Engineering of Middleware for Verification of Robot Control ArchitecturesNov 07 2014We consider the problem of automating the verification of distributed control software relying on publish-subscribe middleware. In this scenario, the main challenge is that software correctness depends intrinsically on correct usage of middleware components, ... More
Prediction of Turbulent Shear Stresses through Dysfunctional Bileaflet Mechanical Heart Valves using Computational Fluid DynamicsMar 09 2018There are more than 300,000 heart valves implanted annually worldwide with about 50% of them being mechanical valves. The heart valve replacement is often a common treatment for severe valvular disease. However, valves may dysfunction leading to adverse ... More
Increasing the sensitivity of future gravitational-wave detectors with double squeezed-inputMay 08 2009Aug 12 2009We consider improving the sensitivity of future interferometric gravitational-wave detectors by simultaneously injecting two squeezed vacuums (light), filtered through a resonant Fabry-Perot cavity, into the dark port of the interferometer.The same scheme ... More
A Reliability of Measurement Based Algorithm for Adaptive Estimation in Sensor NetworksJul 23 2015In this paper we consider the issue of reliability of measurements in distributed adaptive estimation problem. To this aim, we assume a sensor network with different observation noise variance among the sensors and propose new estimation method based ... More
Analysis of incremental augmented affine projection algorithm for distributed estimation of complex signalsOct 16 2014Dec 18 2014This paper considers the problem of distributed estimation in an incremental network when the measurements taken by the node follow a widely linear model. The proposed algorithm which we refer to it as incremental augmented affine projection algorithm ... More
Improved Robust DWT-Watermarking in YCbCr Color SpaceSep 10 2012Digital watermarking is an effective way to protect copyright. In this paper, a robust watermarking algorithm based on wavelet transformation is proposed which can confirm the copyright without original image. The wavelet transformation technique is effective ... More
Strong Rashba-Edelstein Effect-Induced Spin-Orbit Torques in Monolayer Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide/Ferromagnet BilayersNov 21 2018The electronic and optoelectronic properties of two dimensional materials have been extensively explored in graphene and layered transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs). Spintronics in these two-dimensional materials could provide novel opportunities ... More
Enhanced cosmic-ray flux toward zeta Persei inferred from laboratory study of H3+ - e- recombination rateFeb 06 2003The H3+ molecular ion plays a fundamental role in interstellar chemistry, as it initiates a network of chemical reactions that produce many interstellar molecules. In dense clouds, the H3+ abundance is understood using a simple chemical model, from which ... More
Voltage-Induced Ferromagnetic Resonance in Magnetic Tunnel JunctionsMay 13 2012May 15 2012We demonstrate excitation of ferromagnetic resonance in CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) by the combined action of voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy (VCMA) and spin transfer torque (ST). Our measurements reveal that GHz-frequency ... More
Giant spin-torque diode sensitivity at low input power in the absence of bias magnetic fieldOct 18 2014Microwave detectors based on the spin-transfer torque diode effect are among the key emerging spintronic devices. By utilizing the spin of electrons in addition to charge, they have the potential to overcome the theoretical performance limits of their ... More
Numerical Modeling of Pulse Wave Propagation in a Stenosed Artery using Two-Way Coupled Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)Mar 09 2018As the heart beats, it creates fluctuation in blood pressure leading to a pulse wave that propagates by displacing the arterial wall. These waves travel through the arterial tree and carry information about the medium that they propagate through as well ... More
Electric-field guiding of magnetic skyrmionsMay 15 2015We theoretically study equilibrium and dynamic properties of nanosized magnetic skyrmions in thin magnetic films with broken inversion symmetry, where electric field couples to magnetization via spin-orbit coupling. Based on a symmetry-based phenomenology ... More
On Mechanical Behavior of Elastomeric Networks: Effects of Random Porous MicrostructureAug 05 2018An assumption in micromechanical analysis of polymers is that the constitutive polymeric media is non-porous. Non-porosity of media, however, is merely a simplifying assumption. In this paper, we neglect this assumption and studied polymer networks with ... More
Advanced quantum techniques for future gravitational-wave detectorsMar 12 2019Quantum fluctuation of light limits the sensitivity of advanced laser interferometric gravitational-wave detectors. It is one of the principal obstacles on the way towards the next-generation gravitational-wave observatories. The envisioned significant ... More
Gravitational wave detection beyond the standard quantum limit using a negative-mass spin system and virtual rigidityAug 09 2019Gravitational wave detectors (GWDs), which have brought about a new era in astronomy, have reached such a level of maturity that further improvement necessitates quantum-noise-evading techniques. Numerous proposals to this end have been discussed in the ... More
On Multiterminal Communication over MIMO Channels with One-bit ADCs at the ReceiversJan 30 2019Jan 31 2019The fundamental limits of communication over multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) networks are considered when a limited number of one-bit analog to digital converters (ADC) are used at the receiver terminals. Prior works have mainly focused on point-to-point ... More
A Distributed Algorithm for Training Augmented Complex Adaptive IIR FiltersJun 18 2016Jul 12 2016In this paper we consider the problem of decentralized (distributed) adaptive learning, where the aim of the network is to train the coefficients of a widely linear autoregressive moving average (ARMA) model by measurements collected by the nodes. Such ... More
Quantum measurement and thermally assisted proton tunnellingOct 10 2013Despite compelling evidence to the contrary in recent years, the view still persists that quantum effects cannot survive very long within a warm, noisy and complex environment that washes out quantum effects at timescales far too short for any chemically ... More
Sub-SQL Sensitivity via Optical Rigidity in Advanced LIGO Interferometer with Optical LossesNov 02 2005The ``optical springs'' regime of the signal-recycled configuration of laser interferometric gravitational-wave detectors is analyzed taking in account optical losses in the interferometer arm cavities. This regime allows to obtain sensitivity better ... More
Paired carriers as a way to reduce quantum noise of multi-carrier gravitational-wave detectorsSep 23 2014We explore new regimes of laser interferometric gravitational-wave detectors with multiple optical carriers which allow to reduce the quantum noise of these detectors. In particular, we show that using two carriers with the opposite detunings, homodyne ... More
The Influence of the Aortic Root Geometry on Flow Characteristics of a Bileaflet Mechanical Heart ValveMar 09 2018Bileaflet mechanical heart valves have one of the most successful valve designs for more than 30 years. These valves are often used for aortic valve replacement, where the geometry of the aortic root sinuses may vary due to valvular disease and affect ... More
Magnetic bit stability: Competition between domain-wall and monodomain switchingFeb 14 2012We numerically study the thermal stability properties of computer memory storage realized by a magnetic ellipse. In the case of practical magnetic random-access memory devices, the bit can form a spin texture during switching events. To study the energy ... More
Partial-Diffusion Least Mean-Square Estimation Over Networks Under Noisy Information ExchangeNov 29 2015Partial diffusion scheme is an effective method for reducing computational load and power consumption in adaptive network implementation. The Information is exchanged among the nodes, usually over noisy links. In this paper, we consider a general version ... More