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An Alternative Derivation of the Analytic Expression of Transmission SpectraAug 16 2018Under some assumptions, an analytic expression for the transmission spectrum can be obtained, which can form the basis of atmospheric retrievals and allows insight on the degeneracies involved. In this Research Note we present an alternative derivation ... More
Limb darkening and exoplanets: testing stellar model atmospheres and identifying biases in transit parametersMar 24 2015Apr 01 2015Limb-darkening is fundamental in determining transit lightcurve shapes, and is typically modeled by a variety of laws that parametrize the intensity profile of the star that is being transited. Confronted with a transit lightcurve, some authors fix the ... More
CERES: A Set of Automated Routines for Echelle SpectraSep 08 2016Dec 16 2016We present the Collection of Elemental Routines for Echelle Spectra (CERES). These routines were developed for the construction of automated pipelines for the reduction, extraction and analysis of spectra acquired with different instruments, allowing ... More
Limb-darkening and exoplanets II: Choosing the Best Law for Optimal Retrieval of Transit ParametersJan 21 2016Jan 28 2016Very precise measurements of exoplanet transit lightcurves both from ground and space based observatories make it now possible to fit the limb-darkening coefficients in the transit-fitting procedure rather than fix them to theoretical values. This strategy ... More
K2-113b: A dense hot-Jupiter transiting a solar analogueNov 23 2016Jul 21 2017We present the discovery of K2-113b, a dense hot-Jupiter discovered using photometry from Campaign 8 of the Kepler-2 (K2) mission and high-resolution spectroscopic follow up obtained with the FEROS spectrograph. The planet orbits a $V=13.68$ solar analogue ... More
ACCESS I: An Optical Transmission Spectrum of GJ 1214b Reveals a Heterogeneous Stellar PhotosphereDec 01 2016GJ 1214b is the most studied sub-Neptune exoplanet to date. Recent measurements have shown its near-infrared transmission spectrum to be flat, pointing to a high-altitude opacity source in the exoplanet's atmosphere, either equilibrium condensate clouds ... More
ACCESS: Ground-based Optical Transmission Spectroscopy of the Hot Jupiter WASP-4bDec 18 2018We present an optical transmission spectrum of the atmosphere of WASP-4b obtained through observations of four transits with Magellan/IMACS. Using a Bayesian approach to atmospheric retrieval, we find no evidence for scattering or absorption features ... More
CERES: A Set of Automated Reduction Routines for Echelle SpectraSep 08 2016We present the Collection of Extraction Routines for Echelle Spectra (CERES). These routines were developed for the construction of automated pipelines for the reduction, extraction and analysis of spectra acquired with different instruments, allowing ... More
Initial data giving rise to naked singularities in spherically symmetric dust collapseApr 19 2012Sep 12 2012The phase space corresponding to a particular four-parameter family of initial data for the gravitational collapse of a spherically symmetric dust cloud is investigated. In a certain limit of the parameters, this family reproduces the case of homogenous ... More
A machine learned classifier for RR Lyrae in the VVV surveyOct 18 2016Variable stars of RR Lyrae type are a prime tool to obtain distances to old stellar populations in the Milky Way, and one of the main aims of the Vista Variables in the Via Lactea (VVV) near-infrared survey is to use them to map the structure of the Galactic ... More
EPIC247098361b: a transiting warm Saturn on an eccentric $P=11.2$ days orbit around a $V=9.9$ starFeb 24 2018Feb 27 2018We report the discovery of EPIC247098361b using photometric data of the Kepler K2 satellite coupled with ground-based spectroscopic observations. EPIC247098361b has a mass of M$_{P}=0.397\pm 0.037$ M$_J$, a radius of R$_{P}=1.00 \pm 0.020$ R$_J$, and ... More
Discovery and Validation of a High-Density sub-Neptune from the K2 MissionJan 28 2016Jul 14 2016We report the discovery of BD+20594b, a high density sub-Neptune exoplanet, made using photometry from Campaign 4 of the two-wheeled Kepler (K2) mission, ground-based radial velocity follow-up from HARPS and high resolution lucky and adaptive optics imaging ... More
Rotational and Parabolic Surfaces in PSL2(R,tau) and ApplicationsNov 11 2009We study surfaces of constant mean curvature which are invariant by oneparameter group of either rotational isometries or parabolic isometries, immersed into the homogeneous manifold PSL2(R,tau). Also, we give some applications.
Signed Shintani cones for number fields with one complex placeMar 17 2019We give a signed fundamental domain for the action on $\mathbb{C}^*\times \mathbb{R}_+^{n-2}$ of the totally positive units $E(k)_+$ of a number field $k$ of degree $n$ and having exactly one pair of complex embeddings. This signed fundamental domain, ... More
Cauchy horizon stability in a collapsing spherical dust cloud I: geometric optic approximation and spherically symmetric test fieldsNov 01 2013A spherical dust cloud which is initially at rest and which has a monotonously decaying density profile collapses and forms a shell-focussing singularity. Provided the density profile is not too flat, meaning that its second radial derivative is negative ... More
On convex functions and the finite element methodApr 10 2008Many problems of theoretical and practical interest involve finding a convex or concave function. For instance, optimization problems such as finding the projection on the convex functions in $H^k(\Omega)$, or some problems in economics. In the continuous ... More
The gravitational redshift of photons traversing a collapsing dust cloud and observable consequencesDec 30 2013Nov 24 2014We analyze the frequency shift of photons propagating on an asymptotically flat spacetime describing a collapsing, spherical dust cloud. We focus on the case where the interaction of the photons with the matter can be neglected. Under fairly general assumptions ... More
K2-287b: an Eccentric Warm Saturn transiting a G-dwarfSep 24 2018Dec 21 2018We report the discovery of K2-287b, a Saturn mass planet orbiting a G-dwarf with a period of $P \approx 15$ days. First uncovered as a candidate using K2 campaign 15 data, follow-up photometry and spectroscopy were used to determine a mass of $M_P = 0.317 ... More
HATS-18 b: An Extreme Short--Period Massive Transiting Planet Spinning Up Its StarJun 02 2016Aug 15 2016We report the discovery by the HATSouth network of HATS-18 b: a 1.980 +/- 0.077 Mj, 1.337 +0.102 -0.049 Rj planet in a 0.8378 day orbit, around a solar analog star (mass 1.037 +/- 0.047 Msun, and radius 1.020 +0.057 -0.031 Rsun) with V=14.067 +/- 0.040 ... More
Metal enrichment leads to low atmospheric C/O ratios in transiting giant exoplanetsNov 25 2016We predict the carbon-to-oxygen (C/O) ratios in the hydrogen-helium envelope and atmospheres of a sample of nearly 50 relatively cool ($T_{\mathrm eq}<$ 1000 K) transiting gas giant planets. The method involves planetary envelope metallicity estimates ... More
Approximating optimization problems over convex functionsApr 10 2008Many problems of theoretical and practical interest involve finding an optimum over a family of convex functions. For instance, finding the projection on the convex functions in $H^k(\Omega)$, and optimizing functionals arising from some problems in economics. ... More
The spin evolution of young pulsarsNov 22 2012The current understanding of the spin evolution of young pulsars is reviewed through a compilation of braking index measurements. An immediate conclusion is that the spin evolution of all pulsars with a measured braking index is not purely caused by a ... More
A Monochromatic Neutrino Beam for U(e3) and CP-PhaseMay 11 2006The goal for future neutrino facilities is the determination of the $[U_{e3}]$ mixing and CP violation in neutrino oscillations. This will require precision experiments with a very intense neutrino source. Here a novel method to create a monochromatic ... More
On Poisson structures on R4Jun 21 2013Dec 18 2015This paper is devoted to the study of Poisson structures on the Euclidean four dimensional space R4. By using the properties of the trace operator associated to a volumen form and the elementary vector calculus operations in R3, we give explicit formulas ... More
Diffractive photoproduction of vector mesons at the LHCJul 24 2014We confront saturation-based results for diffractive $\psi(2s)$ and $\rho$ production at HERA and $J/\psi$ photoproduction with all available data including recent ones from HERA, ALICE and LHCb, finding a good agreement. We show that the $t$-distribution ... More
Tuning High-Harmonic Generation by Controlled Deposition of Ultrathin Ionic Layers on Metal SurfacesApr 25 2016High harmonic generation (HHG) from semiconductors and insulators has become a very active area of research due to its great potential for developing compact HHG devices. Here we show that by growing monolayers (ML) of insulators on single-crystal metal ... More
Periodic first integrals for Hamiltonian systems of Lie typeApr 07 2010We prove the existence of a Lie algebra of first integrals for time dependent Hamiltonian systems of Lie type. Moreover, applying the Floquet theory for periodic Euler systems on Lie algebras, we show the existence of an abelian Lie algebra of periodic ... More
The Lie Transform Method for perturbations of contravariant antisymmetric tensor fields and its applications to Hamiltonian dynamicsAug 01 2013By means of the Schouten calculus for contravariant antisymmetric tensor fields, we apply the Lie transform method to investigate smooth deformations of tensor fields and, in particular, to perturbations of Hamiltonian systems generated by deformations ... More
Energy Dependence of CP-Violation Reach for Monochromatic Neutrino BeamDec 06 2007The ultimate goal for future neutrino facilities is the determination of CP violation in neutrino oscillations. Besides $| U(e3) | \ne 0$, this will require precision experiments with a very intense neutrino source and energy control. With this objective ... More
Physics Potential of SPS Upgrade in regard to Beta/EC BeamsDec 22 2006The goal for future neutrino facilities is the determination of the $[U_{e3}]$ mixing and CP violation in neutrino oscillations. This will require precision experiments with a very intense neutrino source. With this objective the creation of neutrino ... More
CP Violation in Neutrino Oscillations without Antineutrinos: Energy DependenceMay 18 2009The next generation of long baseline neutrino oscillation experiments will aim at determining the unknown mixing angle $\theta_{13}$, the type of neutrino mass hierarchy and CP-violation. We discuss the separation of these properties by means of the energy ... More
Effective Potential Structure of the BTZ Black Hole in Rainbow GravityJun 11 2010In this paper we study the effective potential structure of the BTZ black hole in rainbow gravity for a massive and a massless particles.
Topological properties of spaces of projective unitary representationsNov 20 2015Aug 05 2016Let $G$ be a compact and connected Lie group and $PU(\mathcal H)$ be the group of projective unitary operators on a separable Hilbert space $\mathcal H$ endowed with the strong operator topology. We study the space $hom_{st}(G, PU(\mathcal H))$ of continuous ... More
The Capabilities of Monochromatic EC Neutrino Beams with the SPS UpgradeOct 30 2007The goal for future neutrino facilities is the determination of the U(e3) mixing and CP violation in neutrino oscillations. This will require precision experiments with a very intense neutrino source and energy control. With this objective in mind, the ... More
Topological properties of the unitary groupJul 07 2014We show that the strong operator topology, the weak operator topology and the compact-open topology agree on the space of unitary operators of a infinite dimensional separable Hilbert space. Moreover, we show that the unitary group endowed with any of ... More
Twisters and signed fundamental domains for number fieldsMar 17 2019We give a signed fundamental domain for the action on $\mathbb{R}^{r_1}_+\times{\mathbb{C}^*}^{r_2}$ of the totally positive units $E_+$ of a number field $k$ of degree $n=r_1+2r_2$ which we assume is not totally complex. Here $r_1$ and $r_2$ denote the ... More
Water Vapour Absorption in the Clear Atmosphere of an exo-NeptuneSep 29 2014Transmission spectroscopy to date has detected atomic and molecular absorption in Jupiter-sized exoplanets, but intense efforts to measure molecular absorption in the atmospheres of smaller (Neptune-sized) planets during transits have revealed only featureless ... More
Constraining Stellar Photospheres as an Essential Step for Transmission Spectroscopy of Small ExoplanetsMar 14 2019Transmission spectra probe the atmospheres of transiting exoplanets, but these observations are also subject to signals introduced by magnetic active regions on host stars. Here we outline scientific opportunities in the next decade for providing useful ... More
Cell structures for the Yokonuma-Hecke algebra and the algebra of braids and tiesJun 02 2015Nov 05 2016We construct a faithful tensor representation for the Yokonuma-Hecke algebra Y, and use it to give a concrete isomorphism between Y and Shoji's modified Ariki-Koike algebra. We give a cellular basis for Y and show that the Jucys-Murphy elements for Y ... More
Does the second law hold at cosmic scales?Feb 18 2019The second law of thermodynamics is known to hold at small scales also when gravity plays a leading role, as in the case of black holes and self-gravitating radiation spheres. It has been suggested that it should as well at large scales. Here, by a purely ... More
Global Crustal Dynamics of Magnetars in Relation to their Bright X-ray OutburstsAug 08 2016This paper considers the yielding response of a neutron star crust to smooth, unbalanced Maxwell stresses imposed at the core-crust boundary, and the coupling of the dynamic crust to the external magnetic field. Stress buildup and yielding in a magnetar ... More
Dirac Equation in Four Time and Four Space DimensionsSep 27 2016The Dirac equation in four time and four space dimensions (or (4+4)-dimensions) is considered. Step by step we show that such an equation admits Majorana and Weyl solutions. In order to obtain the Majorana or Weyl spinors we used a method based on the ... More
An analysis of the influence of background subtraction and quenching on jet observables in heavy-ion collisionsNov 06 2012Feb 04 2013Subtraction of the large background in reconstruction is a key ingredient in jet studies in high-energy heavy-ion collisions at RHIC and the LHC. Here we address the question to which extent the most commonly used subtraction techniques are able to eliminate ... More
Non Classical Rotational Inertia Fraction in a One Dimensional Model of SupersolidOct 17 2011We study the rotational inertia of a model of supersolid in the frame of the mean field Gross-Pitaevskii theory in one space dimension. We discuss the ground state of the model and the existence of a non classical inertia (NCRI) under rotation that models ... More
DNN-based uncertainty estimation for weighted DNN-HMM ASRMay 29 2017In this paper, the uncertainty is defined as the mean square error between a given enhanced noisy observation vector and the corresponding clean one. Then, a DNN is trained by using enhanced noisy observation vectors as input and the uncertainty as output ... More
Medium-induced emissions of hard gluonsApr 13 2012Oct 18 2012We present a derivation of the medium-induced gluon radiation spectrum beyond the current limitation of soft gluon emission. Making use of the path integral approach to describe the propagation of high-energy particles inside a medium, we study the limiting ... More
Linear perturbations of self-gravitating spherically symmetric configurationsSep 17 2012Jan 11 2013We present a new covariant, gauge-invariant formalism describing linear metric perturbation fields on any spherically symmetric background in general relativity. The advantage of this formalism relies in the fact that it does not require a decomposition ... More
Stretched Horizon for Non-Supersymmetric Black HolesApr 26 1999We review the idea of stretched horizon for extremal black holes in supersymmetric string theories, and we compute it for non-supersymmetric black holes in four dimensions. Only for small masses of the order of the Veneziano wavelength is the stretched ... More
Unusual formations of the free electromagnetic field in vacuumMar 25 2005It is shown that there are exact solutions of the free Maxwell equations (FME) in vacuum allowing an existence of stable spherical formations of the free magnetic field and ring-like formations of the free electric field. It is detected that a form of ... More
On smooth families of exact formsMar 19 2019For a smooth family of exact forms on a smooth manifold, an algorithm for computing a primitive family smoothly dependent on parameters is given. The algorithm is presented in the context of a diagram chasing argument in the \v{C}ech-de Rham complex. ... More
Cell structures for the Yokonuma-Hecke algebra and the algebra of braids and tiesJun 02 2015Jun 22 2015We construct a faithful tensor representation for the Yokonuma- Hecke algebra Y, and use it to give a concrete isomorphism between Y and Shoji's modified Ariki-Koike algebra. We give a cellular basis for Y and show that the Jucys-Murphy elements for Y ... More
Restrictions of harmonic functions and Dirichlet eigenfunctions of the Hata set to the intervalNov 11 2013In this paper we study the harmonic functions and the Dirichlet eigenfunctions of the Hata set, and their restrictions to the interval $[0,1]$, its main edge. We prove that these restrictions of the harmonic functions are singular, \ie monotone and with ... More
On the behaviour of non-radial null geodesics in self-similar Tolman-Bondi collapseMar 28 2015Motivated by recent work on the structure of the singularity in inhomogeneous Tolman-Bondi collapse models, we investigate the behaviour of null geodesics in the particular case where the collapse is self-similar. The presence of the homothetic Killing ... More
Shadow of a naked singularityMay 26 2015Sep 09 2015We analyze the redshift suffered by photons originating from an external source, traversing a collapsing dust cloud and finally being received by an asymptotic observer. In addition, we study the shadow that the collapsing cloud casts on the sky of the ... More
Electron-Ion Physics with the LHeCSep 09 2015Oct 01 2015The Large Hadron Electron Collider (LHeC) project is the proposal to use the existing LHC proton/ion beams and construct a new electron beam line to perform high-energy electron-proton/ion collisions. In this talk, we consider some of the physics topics ... More
Highly compact neutron stars in scalar-tensor theories of gravity: Spontaneous scalarization versus gravitational collapseApr 14 2016Jun 22 2016Scalar-tensor theories of gravity are extensions of General Relativity (GR) including an extra, nonminimally coupled scalar degree of freedom. A wide class of these theories, albeit indistinguishable from GR in the weak field regime, predicts a radically ... More
Non-eikonal corrections to multi-particle production in the Color Glass CondensateFeb 12 2019We consider the non-eikonal corrections to particle production in the Color Glass Condensate stemming from the relaxation of the shockwave approximation for the target that acquires a finite longitudinal dimension. We derive a modified expression of the ... More
Background subtraction and jet quenching on jet reconstructionJul 27 2012Sep 24 2012In order to assess the ability of jet observables to constrain the characteristics of the medium produced in heavy-ion collisions at the LHC, we investigate the influence of background subtraction and jet quenching on jet reconstruction, with focus on ... More
On convex regression estimatorsJun 14 2010A new nonparametric estimator of a convex regression function in any dimension is proposed and its convergence properties are studied. We start by using any estimator of the regression function and we \emph{convexify} it by taking the convex envelope ... More
Observational distinction between black holes and naked singularities: the role of the redshift functionJan 17 2014Nov 29 2015We suggest that the redshift of photons traveling from past to future null infinity through a collapsing object could provide an observational signature capable of differentiating between the formation of a globally naked singularity and the formation ... More
A Machine-Checked Proof for a Translation of Event-B Machines to JMLSep 09 2013We present a machine-checked soundness proof of a translation of Event-B to the Java Modeling Language (JML). The translation is based on an operator EventB2Jml that maps Evnet-B events to JML method specifications, and deterministic and non-deterministic ... More
A discontinuity in the $T_{\rm eff}$-radius relation of M-dwarfsJan 23 2019We report on 13 new high-precision measurements of stellar diameters for low-mass dwarfs obtained by means of near-infrared long-baseline interferometry with PIONIER at the Very Large Telescope Interferometer. Together with accurate parallaxes from Gaia ... More
EPIC 220504338b: A dense hot-Jupiter transiting a solar analogueNov 23 2016We present the discovery of EPIC 220504338b, a dense hot-Jupiter discovered using photometry from Campaign 8 of the Kepler-2 (K2) mission and high-resolution spectroscopic follow up obtained with the FEROS spectrograph. The planet orbits a $V=13.68$ solar ... More
An independent discovery of two hot Jupiters from the K2 missionMar 05 2016Jun 15 2016We report the discovery of two hot Jupiters using photometry from Campaigns 4 and 5 of the two-wheeled Kepler (K2) mission. K2-30b has a mass of $ 0.65 \pm 0.14 M_J$, a radius of $1.070 \pm 0.018 R_J$ and transits its G dwarf ($T_{eff} = 5675 \pm 50$ ... More
Translation of Quantum TextsMar 30 2004In the companion to this paper, we described a generalization of the deterministic quantum cloning process, called enscription, which utilizes entanglement in order to achieve the "copying" of (certain) sets of distinct quantum states which are not orthogonal, ... More
The glitch-induced identity changes of PSR J1119-6127Oct 05 2010We demonstrate that the high-magnetic field pulsar J1119-6127 exhibits three different types of behaviour in the radio band. Trailing the "normal" profile peak there is an "intermittent" peak and these components are flanked by two additional components ... More
Average operators on rectangular Herz spacesMar 09 2015Aug 13 2015We introduce a family or Herz type spaces considering rectangles instead of balls and we study continuity properties of some average operators acting on them
Search for new physics with neutrinos at Radioactive Ion Beam facilitiesMar 05 2012Sep 26 2012We propose applications of Radioactive Ion Beam facilities to investigate physics beyond the Standard Model. In particular, we focus on the possible measurement of coherent neutrino-nucleus scattering and on a search for sterile neutrinos, by means of ... More
The massive star initial mass function of the Arches clusterMar 12 2009May 07 2009The massive Arches cluster near the Galactic center should be an ideal laboratory for investigating massive star formation under extreme conditions. But it comes at a high price: the cluster is hidden behind several tens of magnitudes of visual extinction. ... More
Inducing periodicity and chaos by negative feedbackDec 06 2007Nov 06 2010This paper has been withdrawn due to an error in the proof of the main theorem.
Cosmological Constant and Local GravityOct 19 2009Mar 12 2010We discuss the linearization of Einstein equations in the presence of a cosmological constant, by expanding the solution for the metric around a flat Minkowski space-time. We demonstrate that one can find consistent solutions to the linearized set of ... More
A New Characterization of Fine Scale Diffusion on the Cell MembraneJan 07 2015We use a large single particle tracking data set to analyze the short time and small spatial scale motion of quantum dots labeling proteins in cell membranes. Our analysis focuses on the jumps which are the changes in the position of the quantum dots ... More
Ermakov approach for Q=0 empty FRW minisuperspace oscillatorsOct 21 1999Jan 23 2000The Wheeler-DeWitt equation for empty FRW minisuperspace universes of Hartle-Hawking factor ordering parameter Q=0 is mapped onto the dynamics of a unit mass classical oscillator. The latter is studied by the classical Ermakov invariant method. Angle ... More
Critical indices of random planar electrical networksJan 11 2005Aug 06 2008We propose a new method to estimate the critical index $t$ for strength of networks of random fused conductors. It relies on a recently introduced expression for their yield strength. We confirm the results using finite size scaling. To pursue this commitment, ... More
Spectral properties of 2D Pauli operators with almost periodic electromagnetic fieldsJan 04 2018We consider a 2D Pauli operator with almost periodic field $b$ and electric potential $V$. First, we study the ergodic properties of $H$ and show, in particular, that its discrete spectrum is empty if there exists a magnetic potential which generates ... More
Brownstein's Whole-Partial Derivatives: The Case of the Lorentz GaugeMar 27 2005In this brief note we show that the usual Lorentz gauge is not satisfied by the Lienard-Wiechert potentials, then, using Brownstein's concept of "whole-partial" derivatives we introduce the generalized expression for the Lorentz gauge showing that it ... More
Extended evolution equations for neutrino propagation in astrophysical and cosmological environmentsFeb 10 2013Nov 27 2013We derive the evolution equations for a system of neutrinos interacting among themselves and with a matter background, based upon the Bogoliubov-Born-Green-Kirkwood-Yvon (BBGKY) hierarchy. This theoretical framework gives an (unclosed) set of first-order ... More
Regular Foliations and Poisson Structures on Orientable ManifoldsDec 16 2015On an orientable manifold M, we consider a regular even dimensional foliation F which is globally defined by a set of k-independent 1-forms. We give necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a regular Poisson structure on M whose Characteristic ... More
KLWMIJ Reggeon Field Theory beyond the large $N_c$ limitFeb 24 2014We extend the analysis of KLWMIJ evolution in terms of QCD Reggeon fields beyond leading order in the $1/N_c$ expansion. We show that there is only one type of corrections to the leading order Hamiltonian discussed in \cite{last}. These are terms linear ... More
Dynamic screening of an ion in a degenerate electron gas within the second-order Born approximationJul 10 2014The dynamic Friedel sum rule (FSR) is derived within the second-order Born (B2) approximation for an ion that moves in a fully degenerate electron gas and for an arbitrary spherically-symmetric electron-ion interaction potential. This results in an implicit ... More
Bose enhancement and the ridgeMar 24 2015Oct 26 2015We point out that Bose enhancement in a hadronic wave function generically leads to correlations between produced particles. We show explicitly, by calculating the projectile density matrix in the Color Glass Condensate approach to high-energy hadronic ... More
Next-to-next-to-eikonal corrections in the CGCMay 06 2015We extend the study of corrections to the eikonal approximation that was initiated in Ref. \cite{Altinoluk:2014oxa} to higher orders. These corrections associated with the finite width of the target are investigated and the gluon propagator in background ... More
n-Arc Connected SpacesSep 24 2012A space is `n-arc connected' (n-ac) if any family of no more than n-points are contained in an arc. For graphs the following are equivalent: (i) 7-ac, (ii) n-ac for all n, (iii) continuous injective image of a closed sub-interval of the real line, and ... More
Experimental test of the compatibility of the definitions of the electromagnetic energy density and the Poynting vectorMar 24 2005It is shown that the generally accepted definition of the Poynting vector and the energy flux vector defined by means of the energy density of the electromagnetic field (Umov vector) lead to the prediction of the different results touching electromagnetic ... More
Medium-induced gluon radiation and colour decoherence beyond the soft approximationJul 02 2014Feb 12 2015We derive the in-medium gluon radiation spectrum off a quark within the path integral formalism at finite energies, including all next-to-eikonal corrections in the propagators of quarks and gluons. Results are computed for finite formation times, including ... More
Medium-induced gluon radiation beyond the eikonal approximationApr 28 2014Jul 29 2014In this work we improve existing calculations of radiative energy loss by computing corrections that implement energy-momentum conservation, previously only implemented a posteriori, in a rigorous way. Using the path-integral formalism, we compute in-medium ... More
Vertex adjacencies in the set covering polyhedronJun 23 2014Nov 10 2015We describe the adjacency of vertices of the (unbounded version of the) set covering polyhedron, in a similar way to the description given by Chv\'atal for the stable set polytope. We find a sufficient condition for adjacency, and characterize it with ... More
Extended I-Love relations for slowly rotating neutron starsNov 15 2017Apr 02 2018Observations of gravitational waves from inspiralling neutron star binaries---such as GW170817---can be used to constrain the nuclear equation of state by placing bounds on stellar tidal deformability. For slowly rotating neutron stars, the response to ... More
Addendum to Vertex adjacencies in the set covering polyhedronOct 06 2017Jan 04 2018We study the relationship between the vertices of an up-monotone polyhedron $R$ and those of the polytope $P$ obtained by truncating $R$ with the unit hypercube. When $R$ has binary vertices, we characterize the vertices of $P$ in terms of the vertices ... More
Towards a consistent description of in-medium parton branchingMay 25 2015Ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions are a window of opportunity to study QCD matter under extreme conditions of temperature and density, such as the quark-gluon plasma. Among the several possibilities, the study of jet quenching - generic name given ... More
Vertex adjacencies in the set covering polyhedronJun 23 2014Oct 09 2017We describe the adjacency of vertices of the (unbounded version of the) set covering polyhedron, in a similar way to the description given by Chvatal for the stable set polytope. We find a sufficient condition for adjacency, and characterize it with similar ... More
An Earthworm-Inspired Soft Crawling Robot Controlled by FrictionJul 12 2017Oct 18 2017We present the modeling, design, fabrication and feedback control of an earthworm-inspired soft robot capable of crawling on surfaces by actively manipulating the frictional force between its body and the surface. Earthworms are segmented worms composed ... More
Energy loss and (de)coherence effects beyond eikonal approximationJul 30 2014Oct 21 2014The parton branching process is known to be modified in the presence of a medium. Colour decoherence processes are known to determine the process of energy loss when the density of the medium is large enough to break the correlations between partons emitted ... More
Diffractive Dijet Production in Deep Inelastic Scattering and Photon-Hadron Collisions in the Color Glass CondensateNov 23 2015May 12 2016We study exclusive dijet production in coherent diffractive processes in deep inelastic scattering and real (and virtual) photon-hadron ($\gamma^{(*)}$-h) collisions in the Color Glass Condensate formalism at leading order. We show that the diffractive ... More
Classification of the classical $SL(2,\mathbb{R})$ gauge transformations in the rigid bodyDec 28 2016In this paper we revisit the classification of the gauge transformations in the Euler top system using the generalized classical Hamiltonian dynamics of Nambu. In this framework the Euler equations of motion are bi-Hamiltonian and $SL(2, \mathbb{R})$ ... More
The rigid body and the pendulum revisitedFeb 27 2019Feb 28 2019In this paper we revisit the construction by which the $SL(2,\mathbb{R})$ symmetry of the Euler equations allows to obtain the simple pendulum from the rigid body. We begin reviewing the original relation found by Holm and Marsden in which, starting from ... More
HD 1397b: a transiting warm giant planet orbiting a V = 7.8 mag sub-giant star discovered by TESSNov 06 2018We report the discovery of a transiting planet first identified as a candidate in Sector 1 of the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), and then confirmed with precision radial velocities. HD1397b has a mass of ${\rm M_P}$ = $0.335_{-0.018}^{+0.018}$ ... More
A Ground-based Optical Transmission Spectrum of WASP-6bOct 22 2013We present a ground based optical transmission spectrum of the inflated sub-Jupiter mass planet WASP-6b. The spectrum was measured in twenty spectral channels from 480 nm to 860nm using a series of 91 spectra over a complete transit event. The observations ... More
HD 213885b: A transiting 1-day-period super-Earth with an Earth-like composition around a bright ($V=7.9$) star unveiled by TESSMar 18 2019We report the discovery of the 1.008-day, ultra-short period (USP) super-Earth HD 213885b (TOI-141b) orbiting the bright ($V=7.9$) star HD 213885 (TOI-141, TIC 403224672), detected using photometry from the recently launched \textit{TESS} mission. Using ... More
ACCESS: A featureless optical transmission spectrum for WASP-19b from Magellan/IMACSJul 27 2018Oct 02 2018The short period ($0.94$-day) transiting exoplanet WASP-19b is an exceptional target for transmission spectroscopy studies, due to its relatively large atmospheric scale-height ($\sim 500$ km) and equilibrium temperature ($\sim 2100$ K). Here we report ... More