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Analysis of a Legendre spectral element method (LSEM) for the two-dimensional system of a nonlinear stochastic advection-reaction-diffusion modelsApr 12 2019In this work, we develop a Legendre spectral element method (LSEM) for solving the stochastic nonlinear system of advection-reaction-diffusion models. The used basis functions are based on a class of Legendre functions such that their mass and diffuse ... More
Adaptive Model Predictive Control of a Batch Solution Polymerization Process using Trajectory LinearizationOct 12 2015A sequential trajectory linearized adaptive model based predictive controller is designed using the DMC algorithm to control the temperature of a batch MMA polymerization process. Using the mechanistic model of the polymerization, a parametric transfer ... More
Is Lipschitz Continuity Preserved under Sampled-Data Discretization?Dec 27 2016Usually, given a continuous-time nonlinear model, a closed form solution for an exact discretization can not be found explicitly, originating the need of approximating discrete-time models. This note studies the preservation of the Lipschitz continuity ... More
Constrained Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of an MMA Polymerization Process via Evolutionary OptimizationFeb 15 2015In this work, a nonlinear model predictive controller is developed for a batch polymerization process. The physical model of the process is parameterized along a desired trajectory resulting in a trajectory linearized piecewise model (a multiple linear ... More
Nonlinear Robust Filtering of Sampled-Data Dynamical SystemsDec 23 2018This work is concerned with robust filtering of nonlinear sampled-data systems with and without exact discrete-time models. A linear matrix inequality (LMI) based approach is proposed for the design of robust $H_{\infty}$ observers for a class of Lipschitz ... More
Robust Nonlinear L2 Filtering of Uncertain Lipschitz Systems via Pareto OptimizationMar 01 2014A new approach for robust Hinfty filtering for a class of Lipschitz nonlinear systems with time-varying uncertainties both in the linear and nonlinear parts of the system is proposed in an LMI framework. The admissible Lipschitz constant of the system ... More
Robust H_infinity Filter Design for Lipschitz Nonlinear Systems via Multiobjective OptimizationOct 04 2010In this paper, a new method of H_infinity observer design for Lipschitz nonlinear systems is proposed in the form of an LMI optimization problem. The proposed observer has guaranteed decay rate (exponential convergence) and is robust against unknown exogenous ... More
On the stability of generalized mixed type quadratic and quartic functional equation in quasi-Banach spacesDec 30 2008In this paper, we establish the general solution of the functional equation $$f(nx+y)+f(nx-y)=n^2f(x+y)+n^2f(x-y)+2(f(nx)-n^2f(x))-2(n^2-1)f(y)\eqno {0 cm}$$for fixed integers $n$ with $n\neq0,\pm1$ and investigate the generalized Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability ... More
Liouville theorems for stable solutions of symmetric systems on Riemannian manifoldsJun 05 2015We examine stable solutions of the following symmetric system on a complete, connected, smooth Riemannian manifold $\mathbb{M}$ without boundary, \begin{equation*} -\Delta_g u_i = H_i(u) \end{equation*} where $\Delta_g$ stands for the Laplace-Beltrami ... More
Composition operators acting on weighted Hilbert spaces of analytic functionsJun 05 2013Aug 06 2013In this paper, we consider composition operators on weighted Hilbert spaces of analytic functions and observe that a formula for the essential norm, give a Hilbert-Schmidt characterization and characterize the membership in Schatten-class for these operators. ... More
Magneto-photonic phenomena at terahertz frequenciesApr 14 2014Magneto-terahertz phenomena are the main focus of the thesis. This work started as supporting research for the science of an X-ray laser (SwissFEL). X-ray lasers have recently drawn great attention as an unprecedented tool for scientific research on the ... More
Super Star Products and Quantum SuperalgebrasOct 29 2000We prove that the super star product on a Poisson Lie supergroup leads to the structure of quantum superalgebra (triangular Hopf superalgebra) on the super quantized enveloping algebra of the Lie superalgebra of the Lie supergroup and that equivalents ... More
On the quantum super Virasoro algebraOct 21 2000The quantum super-algebra structure on the deformed super Virasoro algebra is investigated. More specifically we established the possibility of defining a non trivial Hopf super-algebra on both one and two-parameters deformed super Virasoro algebras.
Modelling and Analysing Behaviours and Emotions via Complex User InteractionsFeb 20 2019Over the past 15 years, the volume, richness and quality of data collected from the combined social networking platforms has increased beyond all expectation, providing researchers from a variety of disciplines to use it in their research. Perhaps more ... More
Regularity of extremal solutions of nonlocal elliptic systemsFeb 12 2019We examine regularity of the extremal solution of nonlinear nonlocal eigenvalue problems with an integro-differential operator, including the fractional Laplacian, of the form of $$ \mathcal L(u (x))= \lim_{\epsilon\to 0} \int_{\mathbb R^n\setminus B_\epsilon(x) ... More
Artificial neural network approach for condition-based maintenanceNov 03 2015In this research, computerized maintenance management will be investigated. The rise of maintenance cost forced the research community to look for more effective ways to schedule maintenance operations. Using computerized models to come up with optimal ... More
Some abstract Wegner estimates with applicationsDec 09 2012Jul 18 2013We prove some abstract Wegner bounds for random self-adjoint operators. Applications include elementary proofs of Wegner estimates for discrete and continuous Anderson Hamiltonians with possibly sparse potentials, as well as Wegner bounds for quantum ... More
Sonic Landau-level lasing and synthetic gauge fields in mechanical metamaterialsOct 20 2016Mechanical strain can lead to a synthetic gauge field that controls the dynamics of electrons in graphene sheets as well as light in photonic crystals. Here, we show how to engineer an analogous synthetic gauge field for lattice vibrations. Our approach ... More
Supervised learning based on temporal coding in spiking neural networksJun 27 2016Gradient descent training techniques are remarkably successful in training analog-valued artificial neural networks (ANNs). Such training techniques, however, do not transfer easily to spiking networks due to the spike generation hard non-linearity and ... More
Anderson Localization for a Multi-Particle Quantum GraphJan 30 2012Jul 18 2013We study a multi-particle quantum graph with random potential. Taking the approach of multiscale analysis we prove exponential and strong dynamical localization of any order in the Hilbert-Schmidt norm near the spectral edge. Apart from the results on ... More
Fractional spin through quantum strange superalgebra $\tilde{P}_{Q}(n)$Feb 24 2015Mar 01 2015The purposes of this paper is to investigate the properties of the quantum extended strange superalgebra $\tilde{P}_{Q}(n)$ when his deformation parameter $Q$ goes to a root of unity.
On the Mazur--Ulam theorem in fuzzy n--normed strictly convex spacesSep 30 2009In this paper, we generalize the Mazur--Ulam theorem in the fuzzy real n-normed strictly convex spaces.
Uncertainty Quantification in Molecular Signals using Polynomial Chaos ExpansionJan 30 2019Molecular signals are abundant in engineering and biological contexts, and undergo stochastic propagation in fluid dynamic channels. The received signal is sensitive to a variety of input and channel parameter variations. Currently we do not understand ... More
Generalized Nonlinear Robust Energy-to-Peak Filtering for Differential Algebraic SystemsFeb 25 2014The problem of robust nonlinear energy-to-peak filtering for nonlinear descriptor systems with model uncertainties is addressed. The system is assumed to have nonlinearities both in the state and output equations as well as norm-bounded time-varying uncertainties ... More
A Generalized Robust Filtering Framework for Nonlinear Differential-Algebraic SystemsFeb 22 2014A generalized dynamical robust nonlinear filtering framework is established for a class of Lipschitz differential algebraic systems, in which the nonlinearities appear both in the state and measured output equations. The system is assumed to be affected ... More
Computer Algebra Methods in Control SystemsDec 26 2017Dec 29 2017As dynamic and control systems become more complex, relying purely on numerical computations for systems analysis and design might become extremely expensive or totally infeasible. Computer algebra can act as an enabler for analysis and design of such ... More
Optimization of Clustering for Clustering-based Image DenoisingJun 12 2013Oct 28 2013In this paper, the problem of de-noising of an image contaminated with additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) is studied. This subject has been continued to be an open problem in signal processing for more than 50 years. In the present paper, we suggest ... More
Contact equivalence problem for KDV-type equationsAug 25 2014Dec 15 2014The Cartan's method of equivalence and moving coframe method has been applied to solve the local equivalence problem for KDV-type equations under the action of a pseudo-group of contact transformations. The structure equations, the sets of differential ... More
Partial isometries and the conjecture of C. K. Fong and S. K. TsuiNov 29 2015We investigate some bounded linear operators T on a Hilbert space which satisfy the condition |T | less or equal to |ReT |. We describe the maximum invariant subspace for a contraction T on which T is a partial isometry to obtain that, in certain cases, ... More
Interpretability of Multivariate Brain Maps in Brain Decoding: Definition and QuantificationMar 29 2016Brain decoding is a popular multivariate approach for hypothesis testing in neuroimaging. It is well known that the brain maps derived from weights of linear classifiers are hard to interpret because of high correlations between predictors, low signal ... More
Comparison of the nonrelativistic limit of Amelino-Camelia and MS Doubly Special RelativityApr 17 2011Apr 19 2011This paper is devoted to the study of the nonrelativitic limit of Amelino-Camelia Doubly Special Relativity, and the corresponding modified Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations. We show that these equations reduce to the Schrodinger equations for the particle ... More
Coherence Pursuit: Fast, Simple, and Robust Principal Component AnalysisSep 15 2016This paper presents a remarkably simple, yet powerful, algorithm for robust Principal Component Analysis (PCA). In the proposed approach, an outlier is set apart from an inlier by comparing their coherence with the rest of the data points. As inliers ... More
Randomized Robust Subspace Recovery for High Dimensional Data MatricesMay 21 2015Apr 08 2016This paper explores and analyzes two randomized designs for robust Principal Component Analysis (PCA) employing low-dimensional data sketching. In one design, a data sketch is constructed using random column sampling followed by low dimensional embedding, ... More
A Subspace Learning Approach to High-Dimensional Matrix Decomposition with Efficient Information SamplingFeb 01 2015Feb 13 2016This paper is concerned with the problem of low-rank plus sparse matrix decomposition for big data. Conventional algorithms for matrix decomposition use the entire data to extract the low-rank and sparse components, and are based on optimization problems ... More
Stochastic Interpretation of Quasi-periodic Event-based SystemsDec 09 2015Many networks used in machine learning and as models of biological neural networks make use of stochastic neurons or neuron-like units. We show that stochastic artificial neurons can be realized on silicon chips by exploiting the quasi-periodic behavior ... More
Parameter Efficient Training of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks by Dynamic Sparse ReparameterizationFeb 15 2019Deep neural networks are typically highly over-parameterized with pruning techniques able to remove a significant fraction of network parameters with little loss in accuracy. Recently, techniques based on dynamic re-allocation of non-zero parameters have ... More
Quantum Ergodicity on Graphs : from Spectral to Spatial DelocalizationApr 10 2017Mar 05 2019We prove a quantum-ergodicity theorem on large graphs, for eigenfunctions of Schr\"odinger operators in a very general setting. We consider a sequence of finite graphs endowed with discrete Schr\"odinger operators, assumed to have a local weak limit. ... More
On the $FRS$-generic family of space cuspsDec 23 2017We consider in this paper the $FRS$-deformations of a family of space curves with codimension $\leq 3$. Some geometric aspects of a space curve such as flattenings, vertices and twistings points has been studied.
Morse inequalities for manifolds with boundaryJul 31 2008Oct 06 2008The aim of this paper is to provide a proof for a version of Morse inequality for manifolds with boundary. Our main results are certainly known to the experts on Morse theory, nevertheless it seems necessary to write down a complete proof for it. Our ... More
Extending Weakly-Sticky Datalog+/-: Query-Answering Tractability and OptimizationsJul 10 2016Weakly-sticky (WS) Datalog+/- is an expressive member of the family of Datalog+/- programs that is based on the syntactic notions of stickiness and weak-acyclicity. Query answering over the WS programs has been investigated, but there is still much work ... More
Tractable Query Answering and Optimization for Extensions of Weakly-Sticky Datalog+-Apr 13 2015We consider a semantic class, weakly-chase-sticky (WChS), and a syntactic subclass, jointly-weakly-sticky (JWS), of Datalog+- programs. Both extend that of weakly-sticky (WS) programs, which appear in our applications to data quality. For WChS programs ... More
Analysis of Aperture Evolution in a Rock Joint Using a Complex Network ApproachNov 24 2008In this study, we develop a complex network approach on a rough fracture, where evolution of elementary aperture during translational shear is characterized. In this manner, based on some hidden metric spaces (similarity measurements) between apertures ... More
Local metric dimension of graphs: generalized hierarchical products and some applicationsFeb 25 2019Let $G$ be a graph and $S\subseteq V(G)$. If every two adjacent vertices of $G$ have different metric $S$-representations, then $S$ is a local metric generator for $G$. A local metric generator of smallest order is a local metric basis for $G$, its order ... More
Relevant perturbation of entanglement entropy of singular surfacesFeb 13 2019Feb 25 2019We study the entanglement entropy of theories that are derived from relevant perturbation of given CFTs for regions with a singular boundary by using the AdS/CFT correspondence. In the smooth case, it is well known that a relevant deformation of the boundary ... More
Möbius Quantum WalkJun 15 2017Nov 12 2017By adding an extra Hilbert space to Hadamard Quantum Walk on Cycles (QWC), we presented a new type of QWCs called M\"obius Quantum Walk (MQW). The new space configuration enables the particle to rotate around the axis of movement. We defined factor $\alpha$ ... More
An Iterative Regularized Incremental Projected Subgradient Method for a Class of Bilevel Optimization ProblemsSep 26 2018We study a class of bilevel convex optimization problems where the goal is to find the minimizer of an objective function in the upper level, among the set of all optimal solutions of an optimization problem in the lower level. A wide range of problems ... More
Quantum ergodicity for the Anderson model on regular graphsApr 10 2017Oct 13 2017We prove a result of delocalization for the Anderson model on the regular tree (Bethe lattice). When the disorder is weak, it is known that large parts of the spectrum are a.s. purely absolutely continuous, and that the dynamical transport is ballistic. ... More
Poisson kernel expansions for Schrödinger operators on treesOct 19 2016Aug 25 2017We study Schr\"odinger operators on trees and construct associated Poisson kernels, in analogy to the laplacian on the unit disc. We show that in the absolutely continuous spectrum, the generalized eigenfunctions of the operator are generated by the Poisson ... More
Generalized inverses and the maximal radius of regularity of a Fredholm operatorDec 19 1996Operators possessing analytic generalized inverses satisfying the resolvent identity are studied. Several characterizations and necessary conditions are obtained. The maximal radius of regularity for a Fredholm operator T is computed in terms of the spectral ... More
Innovation Pursuit: A New Approach to Subspace ClusteringDec 02 2015In subspace clustering, a group of data points belonging to a union of subspaces are assigned membership to their respective subspaces. This paper presents a new approach dubbed Innovation Pursuit (iPursuit) to the problem of subspace clustering using ... More
Tannakian formalism for fiber functors over tensor categoriesSep 10 2016In this paper we generalize Tannakian formalism to fiber functors over general tensor categories. We will show that (under some technical conditions) if the fiber functor has a section, then the source category is equivalent to the category of comodules ... More
On supercritical coupled elliptic systems with power nonlinearitiesSep 27 2015Consider the following coupled elliptic system of equations $$ (-\Delta)^s u_i = |u|^{p-1} u_i \quad \text{in} \ \ \mathbb{R}^n $$ where $0<s\le 2$, $p>1$, $m\ge1$, $u=(u_i)_{i=1}^m$ and $u_i: \mathbb{R}^n \to \mathbb{R}$. The qualitative behaviour of ... More
Capacity Enlargement Of The PVD Steganography Method Using The GLM TechniqueJan 03 2016In most steganographic methods, increasing in the capacity leads to decrease in the quality of the stego-image, so in this paper, we propose to combine two existing techniques, Pixel value differencing and Gray Level Modification, to come up with a hybrid ... More
Symmetry properties for solutions of nonlocal equations involving nonlinear operatorsJul 17 2018We pursue the study of one-dimensional symmetry of solutions to nonlinear equations involving nonlocal operators. We consider a vast class of nonlinear operators and in a particular case it covers the fractional $p-$Laplacian operator. Just like the classical ... More
Finite unitary ring with minimal non-nilpotent group of unitsDec 11 2018Let $R$ be a finite unitary ring such that $R=R_0[R^*]$ where $R_0$ is the prime ring and $R^*$ is not a nilpotent group. We show that if all proper subgroups of $R^*$ are nilpotent groups, then the cardinal of $R$ is a power of prime number 2. In addition, ... More
On finite Morse index solutions of higher order fractional Lane-Emden equationsOct 20 2014Oct 30 2015We classify finite Morse index solutions of the fractional Lane-Emden equation $(-\Delta)^{s} u=|u|^{p-1} u \ \ \ \mathbb{R}^n $ for $1<s<2$. For the local case, $s=1$ and $s=2$ this classification was done by Farina in [10] and Davila, Dupaigne, Wang ... More
Adaptive Resource Management for Multimedia Applications in Femtocellular and Macrocellular NetworksDec 14 2014The increasing demands of various high data rate wireless applications have been seen in the recent years and it will continue in the future. To fulfill these demands, the limited existing wireless resources should be utilized properly or new wireless ... More
Existence, positivity and stability for a nonlinear model of cellular proliferationApr 16 2009In this paper, we investigate a system of two nonlinear partial differential equations, arising from a model of cellular proliferation which describes the production of blood cells in the bone marrow. Due to cellular replication, the two partial differential ... More
Global stability of a partial differential equation with distributed delay due to cellular replicationApr 16 2009In this paper, we investigate a nonlinear partial differential equation, arising from a model of cellular proliferation. This model describes the production of blood cells in the bone marrow. It is represented by a partial differential equation with a ... More
A higher index theorem for foliated manifolds with boundaryJan 17 2007Dec 16 2009Following Gorokhovsky and Lott and using an extension of the b-pseudodifferential calculus of Melrose, we give a formula for the Chern character of the Dirac index class of a longitudinal Dirac type operators on a foliated manifold with boundary. For ... More
Top Down Approach: SIMULINK Mixed Hardware / Software DesignJul 17 2012System-level design methodologies have been introduced as a solution to handle the design complexity of mixed Hardware / Software systems. In this paper we describe a system-level design flow starting from Simulink specification, focusing on concurrent ... More
Poisson kernel expansions for Schr{ö}dinger operators on treesOct 19 2016We study Schr{\"o}dinger operators on trees and construct associated Poisson kernels, in analogy to the laplacian on the unit disc. We show that in the absolutely continuous spectrum, the generalized eigenfunctions of the operator are generated by the ... More
Mass-Univariate Hypothesis Testing on MEEG Data using Cross-ValidationJun 25 2014Recent advances in statistical theory, together with advances in the computational power of computers, provide alternative methods to do mass-univariate hypothesis testing in which a large number of univariate tests, can be properly used to compare MEEG ... More
Relevant perturbation of entanglement entropy of singular surfacesFeb 13 2019We study the entanglement entropy of theories that are derived from relevant perturbation of given CFTs for regions with a singular boundary by using the AdS/CFT correspondence. In the smooth case, it is well known that a relevant deformation of the boundary ... More
Symmetry results for fractional elliptic systems and related problemsFeb 05 2014Nov 12 2015We study elliptic gradient systems with fractional laplacian operators on the whole space $$ (- \Delta)^\mathbf s \mathbf u =\nabla H (\mathbf u) \ \ \text{in}\ \ \mathbf{R}^n,$$ where $\mathbf u:\mathbf{R}^n\to \mathbf{R}^m$, $H\in C^{2,\gamma}(\mathbf{R}^m)$ ... More
Applied Lyapunov Stability on Output Tracking Problem for a Class of Discrete-Time Linear SystemsJul 10 2016The robust tracking and model following problem of linear discrete-time systems is investigated in this paper. An approach to design robust tracking controllers is proposed. The system is controlled to track dynamic inputs generated from a reference model. ... More
Un modèle non-linéaire de prolifération cellulaire : extinction des cellules et invarianceApr 16 2009This paper analyses a nonlinear age-maturity structured system which arises as a model of the blood cellular production in the bone marrow. The resulting model is a nonlinear first-order partial differential equation in which there is a distributed temporal ... More
Entanglement entropy of singular surfaces under relevant deformations in holographySep 24 2017Jan 16 2018In the vacuum state of a CFT, the entanglement entropy of singular surfaces contains a logarithmic universal term which is only due to the singularity of the entangling surface. We consider the relevant perturbation of a three dimensional CFT for singular ... More
On stable solutions of the fractional Henon-Lane-Emden equationOct 24 2014Nov 12 2015We derive monotonicity formulae for solutions of the fractional H\'{e}non-Lane-Emden equation \begin{equation*} (-\Delta)^{s} u=|x|^a |u|^{p-1} u \ \ \ \text{in } \ \ \mathbb{R}^n, \end{equation*} when $0<s<2$, $a>0$ and $p>1$. Then, we apply these formulae ... More
Weighted composition operators on weak vector-valued weighted Bergman spaces and Hardy spacesNov 27 2012In this paper we investigate weighted composition operators between weak and strong vector valued weighted Bergman spaces and Hardy spaces.
Memory Controller Design Under Cloud WorkloadsNov 30 2016This work studies the behavior of state-of-the-art memory controller designs when executing scale-out workloads. It considers memory scheduling techniques, memory page management policies, the number of memory channels, and the address mapping scheme ... More
An iterative regularized mirror descent method for ill-posed nondifferetiable stochastic optimizationJan 28 2019A wide range of applications arising in machine learning and signal processing can be cast as convex optimization problems. These problems are often ill-posed, i.e., the optimal solution lacks a desired property such as uniqueness or sparsity. In the ... More
MDSA: Modified Distributed Storage Algorithm for Wireless Sensor NetworksNov 11 2012In this paper, we propose a Modified distributed storage algorithm for wireless sensor networks (MDSA). Wireless Sensor Networks, as it is well known, suffer of power limitation, small memory capacity,and limited processing capabilities. Therefore, every ... More
Mining Rooted Ordered Trees under Subtree HomeomorphismDec 03 2014Sep 28 2015Mining frequent tree patterns has many applications in different areas such as XML data, bioinformatics and World Wide Web. The crucial step in frequent pattern mining is frequency counting, which involves a matching operator to find occurrences (instances) ... More
Large scale index of multi-partitioned manifoldsAug 03 2013Jul 25 2015Let M be a complete n-dimensional Riemannian spin manifold, partitioned by q two-sided hypersurfaces which have a compact transverse intersection N and which in addition satisfy a certain coarse transversality condition. Let E be a Hermitean bundle with ... More
On the Weight Enumerator and the Maximum Likelihood Performance of Linear Product CodesJan 23 2006Product codes are widely used in data-storage, optical and wireless applications. Their analytical performance evaluation usually relies on the truncated union bound, which provides a low error rate approximation based on the minimum distance term only. ... More
Low Rank Matrix Recovery for Joint Array Self-Calibration and Sparse Model DoA EstimationDec 16 2017In this work, combined calibration and DoA estimation is approached as an extension of the formulation for the Single Measurement Vector (SMV) model of self-calibration to the Multiple Measurement Model (MMV) case. By taking advantage of multiple snapshots, ... More
Joint Block Low Rank and Sparse Matrix Recovery in Array Self-Calibration Off-Grid DoA EstimationMar 17 2019This letter addresses the estimation of directions-of-arrival (DoA) by a sensor array using a sparse model in the presence of array calibration errors and off-grid directions. The received signal utilizes previously used models for unknown errors in calibration ... More
Intermittent CommunicationDec 05 2013We formulate a model for intermittent communications that can capture bursty transmissions or a sporadically available channel, where in either case the receiver does not know a priori when the transmissions will occur. Focusing on the point-to point ... More
Stochastically forced cardiac bidomain modelMar 22 2018The bidomain system of degenerate reaction-diffusion equations is a well-established spatial model of electrical activity in cardiac tissue, with "reaction" linked to the cellular action potential and "diffusion" representing current flow between cells. ... More
A Measurement Framework for Directed NetworksMay 27 2014Partially-observed network data collected by link-tracing based sampling methods is often being studied to obtain the characteristics of a large complex network. However, little attention has been paid to sampling from directed networks such as WWW and ... More
Inequalities for operator space numerical radius of $2\times 2$ block matricesJul 20 2015In this paper, we study the relationship between operator space norm and operator space numerical radius on the matrix space $\mathcal{M}_n(X)$, when $X$ is a numerical radius operator space. Moreover, we establish several inequalities for operator space ... More
New characterizations for the essential norms of generalized weighted composition operators between Zygmund type spacesMar 29 2019We give different types of new characterizations for the boundedness and essential norms of generalized weighted composition operators between Zygmund type spaces. Consequently, we obtain new characterizations for the compactness of such operators.
Nuclear structure investigation of even-even Sn isotopes within the covariant density functional theoryApr 20 2019The current investigation aims to study the ground-state properties of one of the most interesting isotopic chains in the periodic table, 94-168Sn, from the proton drip line to the neutron drip line by using the covariant density functional theory, which ... More
Static Output Feedback Control for Nonlinear Systems subject to Parametric and Nonlinear UncertaintiesJun 25 2016This work addresses the design of static output feedback control of discrete-time nonlinear systems satisfying a local Lipschitz continuity condition with time-varying uncertainties. The controller has also a guaranteed disturbance attenuation level (Hinfty ... More
Terahertz brightness at the extreme: demonstration of 5 GV/m, 17 T low frequency λ3 terahertz bulletJul 07 2014The brightness of a light source defines its applicability to nonlinear phenomena in science. Bright low frequency terahertz (< 5THz) radiation confined to a diffraction-limited spot size is a present hurdle due to the broad bandwidth and long wavelengths ... More
Numerical Simulation of Gas Storage Caverns in Qom RegionFeb 08 2009The rock mechanical design of gas storage cavern in salt requires the analysis of the stability and the usability of the cavern over the planned operating time period. The design includes the build up of a rock mass model and a numerical model taking ... More
Interpretability in Linear Brain DecodingJun 17 2016Improving the interpretability of brain decoding approaches is of primary interest in many neuroimaging studies. Despite extensive studies of this type, at present, there is no formal definition for interpretability of brain decoding models. As a consequence, ... More
Low-Complexity Robust MISO Downlink Precoder Design With Per-Antenna Power ConstraintsApr 25 2017This paper considers the design of the beamformers for a multiple-input single-output (MISO) downlink system that seeks to mitigate the impact of the imperfections in the channel state information (CSI) that is available at the base station (BS). The ... More
Hybrid phase-space--Fock-space approach to evolution of a driven nonlinear resonatorJul 05 2017Oct 17 2017We analyze the quantum evolution of a weakly nonlinear resonator due to a classical near-resonant drive and damping. The resonator nonlinearity leads to squeezing and heating of the resonator state. Using a hybrid phase-space--Fock-space representation ... More
Change Detection in a Dynamic Stream of Attributed NetworksNov 13 2017While anomaly detection in static networks has been extensively studied, only recently, researchers have focused on dynamic networks. This trend is mainly due to the capacity of dynamic networks in representing complex physical, biological, cyber, and ... More
Theory and design of a phase-inverted balanced coupled-line DC-blockerApr 04 2018Aug 09 2018A planar DC-blocker suitable for differential mode signaling applications is designed and fabricated. The theory of this component is explained in a new form which utilizes the wave scattering transfer matrix. The proposed interpretation of the transfer ... More
Some ring-theoretic properties of the ring of $\mathcal{R}L_τ$Mar 15 2018The aim of this article is to survey ring-theoretic properties of Kasch, the regularity and the injectivity of the ring of real-continuous functions on a topoframe $L_{ \tau}$, i.e., $\mathcal{R}L_\tau$. In order to study these properties, the concept ... More
New formulas for the spectral radius via Aluthge transformJun 20 2016In this paper we give several expressions of spectral radius of a bounded operator on a Hilbert space, in terms of iterates of Aluthge transformation, numerical radius and the asymptotic behavior of the powers of this operator. Also we obtain several ... More
A Subspace Method for Array Covariance Matrix EstimationOct 20 2014This paper introduces a subspace method for the estimation of an array covariance matrix. It is shown that when the received signals are uncorrelated, the true array covariance matrices lie in a specific subspace whose dimension is typically much smaller ... More
Robust and Scalable Column/Row Sampling from Corrupted Big DataNov 18 2016Conventional sampling techniques fall short of drawing descriptive sketches of the data when the data is grossly corrupted as such corruptions break the low rank structure required for them to perform satisfactorily. In this paper, we present new sampling ... More
Compact Mathematical Programs For DEC-MDPs With Structured Agent InteractionsFeb 14 2012To deal with the prohibitive complexity of calculating policies in Decentralized MDPs, researchers have proposed models that exploit structured agent interactions. Settings where most agent actions are independent except for few actions that affect the ... More
State-Dependent Z ChannelJan 26 2013Jun 01 2015In this paper we study the Z channel with side information non-causally available at the encoders. We use Marton encoding along with Gelfand-Pinsker random binning scheme and Chong-Motani-Garg-El Gamal (CMGE) jointly decoding to find an achievable rate ... More
An appendix to a paper by B. Hanke and T. SchickJun 05 2009In this short note we apply methods introduced by B. Hanke and T. Shick to prove the vanishing of (low dimensional) higher $A$-genera for spin manifolds admitting a positive scalar curvature metric. Our aim is to provide a short and unified proof for ... More
Monotonicity formulas for coupled elliptic gradient systems with applicationsSep 27 2015Jan 09 2019Consider the following coupled elliptic system of equations \begin{equation*} \label{} (-\Delta)^s u_i = (u^2_1+\cdots+u^2_m)^{\frac{p-1}{2}} u_i \quad \text{in} \ \ \mathbb{R}^n , \end{equation*} where $0<s\le 2$, $p>1$, $m\ge1$, $u=(u_i)_{i=1}^m$ and ... More