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A Higher-order Maximum Principle for Impulsive Optimal Control ProblemsMar 12 2019We consider a nonlinear control system, affine with respect to an unbounded control $u$ taking values in a closed cone of $\mathbb{R}^m$, and with drift depending on a second, ordinary control $a$, ranging on a bounded set. We provide first and higher ... More
Necessary conditions involving Lie brackets for impulsive optimal control problemsMar 14 2019We obtain higher order necessary conditions for a minimum of a Mayer optimal control problem connected with a nonlinear, control-affine system, where the controls range on an m-dimensional Euclidean space. Since the allowed velocities are unbounded and ... More
Asymptotic controllability and optimal controlOct 16 2012Dec 11 2012We consider a control problem where the state must reach asymptotically a target while paying an integral payoff with a non-negative Lagrangian. The dynamics is just continuous, and no assumptions are made on the zero level set of the Lagrangian. Through ... More
Unbounded variation and solutions of impulsive control systemsMay 04 2017We consider a control system with dynamics which are affine in the (unbounded) derivative of the control $u$. We introduce a notion of generalized solution $x$ on $[0,T]$ for controls $u$ of bounded total variation on $[0,t]$ for every $t<T$, but of possibly ... More
Asymptotic problems in optimal control with a vanishing Lagrangian and unbounded dataJun 30 2014In this paper we give a representation formula for the limit of the fnite horizon problem as the horizon becomes infinite, with a nonnegative Lagrangian and unbounded data. It is related to the limit of the discounted infinite horizon problem, as the ... More
Lyapunov-like functions involving Lie bracketsAug 09 2016For a given closed target we embed the dissipative relation that defines a control Lyapunov function in a more general differential inequality involving Hamiltonians built from iterated Lie brackets. The solutions of the resulting extended relation, here ... More
The value function of an asymptotic exit-time optimal control problemDec 28 2013Mar 20 2014We consider a class of exit--time control problems for nonlinear systems with a nonnegative vanishing Lagrangian. In general, the associated PDE may have multiple solutions, and known regularity and stability properties do not hold. In this paper we obtain ... More
${\mathcal L}^1$ limit solutions in impulsive controlJun 01 2017We consider a nonlinear control system depending on two controls u and v, with dynamics affine in the (unbounded) derivative of u, and v appearing initially only in the drift term. Recently, motivated by applications to optimization problems lacking coercivity, ... More
Stabilizability in optimal controlNov 30 2018We investigate sampling and Euler solutions for control systems associated to discontinuous feedbacks by considering also the corresponding costs. In particular, we introduce the notions of Sample and Euler stabilizability to a closed target set C with ... More
Normality and Gap Phenomena in Optimal Unbounded ControlMay 09 2018Optimal unbounded control problems with affine control dependence may fail to have minimizers in the class of absolutely continuous state trajectories. For this reason, extended impulsive versions --which cannot be of measure-theoretical type-- have been ... More
Optical properties of bialkali photocathodesAug 17 2004The optical properties of the `bialkali' KCsSb and RbCsSb photomultiplier cathodes have been experimentally investigated in the visible range. The measurements carried out include the absolute reflectance at near-normal incidence, the polarization-dependent ... More
Solutions to the relativistic precession modelAug 05 2014The relativistic precession model (RPM) can be used to obtain a precise measurement of the mass and spin of a black hole when the appropriate set of quasi periodic oscillations is detected in the power-density spectrum of an accreting black hole. However, ... More
On a Poisson structure on the space of Stokes matricesFeb 05 1999In this paper we study the map associating to a linear differential operator with rational coefficients its monodromy data. The operator has one regular and one irregular singularity of Poincare' rank 1. We compute the Poisson structure of the corresponding ... More
An observation on highest weight crystalsNov 09 2005As shown by Stembridge, crystal graphs can be characterized by their local behavior. In this paper, we observe that a certain local property on highest weight crystals forces a more global property. In type $A$, this statement says that if a node has ... More
Bayesian abstract fuzzy economies, random quasi-variational inequalities with random fuzzy mappings and random fixed point theoremsApr 22 2013In this paper, we introduce an abstract fuzzy economy model with a measure space of agents which generalizes Patriche's model (2009), we obtain a theorem of fuzzy equilibrium existence and we prove the existence of the solutions for two types of random ... More
Computation of ground-state properties in molecular systems: back-propagation with auxiliary-field quantum Monte CarloJul 10 2017We address the computation of ground-state properties of chemical systems and realistic materials within the auxiliary-field quantum Monte Carlo method. The phase constraint to control the fermion phase problem requires the random walks in Slater determinant ... More
Chemical evolution of irregular galaxiesJun 19 1998The state-of-the-art of chemical evolution models for Irregular and Blue Compact galaxies is reviewed. The resulting scenarios for the initial mass function, the regime of star formation and the efficiency of gas outflows are described: The IMF appears ... More
Branching Rules for Supercuspidal Representations of SL_2(k)Jun 04 2012Dec 11 2012The restriction of a supercuspidal representation of SL_2(k), for k a local nonarchimedean field, to a maximal compact subgroup decomposes as a multiplicity-free direct sum of irreducible representations. We explicitly describe this decomposition in the ... More
Fixed Point Theorems and applications in Theory of GamesMar 27 2013We introduce the notions of weakly *-concave and weakly naturally quasi-concave correspondence and prove fixed point theorems and continuous selection theorems for these kind of correspondences. As applications in the game theory, by using a tehnique ... More
Existence of the equilibrium in choiceApr 04 2016In this paper, we prove the existence of the equilibrium in choice for games in choice form. These games have recently been introduced by A. Stefanescu, M. Ferrara and M. V. Stefanescu. Our results link the recent research to the older approaches, regarding ... More
Existence of equilibrium for an abstract economy with private information and a countable space of actionsApr 01 2013We define the model of an abstract economy with private information and a countable set of actions. We generalize the H. Yu and Z. Zhang's model (2007), considering that each agent is characterised by a preference correspondence instead of having an utility ... More
Weak conditions for random fixed point and approximation resultsJul 10 2015In this paper, we study the existence of the random approximations and fixed points for random almost lower semicontinuous operators defined on finite dimensional Banach spaces, which in addition, are condensing or 1-set-contractive. Our results either ... More
Fixed point theorems for nonconvex valued correspondences and applications in game theoryApr 02 2013In this paper, we introduce several types of correspondences: weakly naturally quasiconvex, *-weakly naturally quasiconvex, weakly biconvex and correspondences with *--weakly convex graph and we prove some fixed point theorems for these kinds of correspondences. ... More
Restricting Toral Supercuspidal Representations to the Derived Group, and ApplicationsSep 11 2014We determine the decomposition of the restriction of a length-one toral supercuspidal representation of a connected reductive group to the algebraic derived subgroup, in terms of parametrizing data, and show this restriction has multiplicity one. As an ... More
On Branching Rules of Depth-Zero RepresentationsFeb 22 2013Sep 12 2014Using Bruhat-Tits theory, we analyse the restriction of depth-zero representations of a semisimple simply connected $p$-adic group $G$ to a maximal compact subgroup $K$. We prove the coincidence of branching rules within classes of Deligne-Lusztig supercuspidal ... More
Patterns in Branching Rules for Irreducible Representations of SL_2(k), for k a p-adic fieldJun 04 2012Building on prior work, we analyze the decomposition of the restriction of an irreducible representation of SL_2(k), for k a p-adic field of odd residual characteristic, to a maximal compact subgroup K. The pattern of the decomposition varies between ... More
Dynamical Evolution of Bulge ShapesJan 27 1999Figure rotation substantially increases the fraction of stochastic orbits in triaxial systems. This increase is most dramatic in systems with shallow cusps showing that it is not a direct consequence of scattering by a central density cusp or black hole. ... More
Substructure of jets at HERAOct 31 2001The substructure of jets produced in an exclusive and a charm-induced dijet sample in photoproduction and in charged and neutral current interactions has been studied with the ZEUS detector at HERA. Jets were identified using the longitudinally invariant ... More
Random fixed point theorems under mild continuity assumptionsNov 28 2013In this paper, we study the existence of the random fixed points under mild continuity assumptions. The main theorems consider the almost lower semicontinuous operators defined on Frechet spaces and also operators having properties weaker than lower semicontinuity. ... More
On the Hamiltonian and Lagrangian structures of time-dependent reductions of evolutionary PDEsFeb 05 1999In this paper we study the reductions of evolutionary PDEs on the manifold of the stationary points of time-dependent symmetries. In particular we describe how the finite dimensional Hamiltonian structure of the reduced system is obtained from the Hamiltonian ... More
Evolution of D and 3He in the GalaxyJan 24 2000The predictions of Galactic chemical evolution models for D and $^3$He are described in connection with those on the other Galactic quantities for which observational constraints are available. Models in agreement with the largest set of data predict ... More
Comparison of Chemical Evolution Models for the Galactic DiskDec 14 1995The {\it best} chemical evolution models for the galactic disk computed by different groups with different assumptions are compared with each other and with the observational constraints. Differences and similarities between the models are discussed, ... More
On correlation functions in $J\bar T$-deformed CFTsFeb 04 2019The $J\bar T$ deformation, built from the components of the stress tensor and of a $U(1)$ current, is a universal irrelevant deformation of two-dimensional CFTs that preserves the left-moving conformal symmetry, while breaking locality on the right-moving ... More
Astrophysicists and physicists as creators of ArXiv-based commenting resources for their research communities. An initial surveyFeb 06 2018This paper conveys the outcomes of what results to be the first, though initial, overview of commenting platforms and related 2.0 resources born within and for the astrophysical community (from 2004 to 2016). Experiences were added, mainly in the physics ... More
An integrable Lorentz-breaking deformation of two-dimensional CFTsOct 23 2017Jan 29 2019It has been recently shown that the deformation of an arbitrary two-dimensional conformal field theory by the composite irrelevant operator $T \bar T$, built from the components of the stress tensor, is solvable; in particular, the finite-size spectrum ... More
Diversity and Intelligence in Multi-robot TeamsDec 10 2015This research proposes new tools for investigation of behavioral diversity in multi-robot systems and a significant body of results using these tools in simulated and real mobile robot experiments. The experiments specifically describe a framework of ... More
Bulk fields from the boundary OPEOct 27 2016Jan 04 2017Previous work has established an equality between the geodesic integral of a free bulk field in AdS and the contribution of the conformal descendants of its dual CFT primary operator to the OPE of two other operators inserted at the endpoints of the geodesic. ... More
Analysis of Differential Phase Shift Quantum Key DistributionOct 21 2011We review the implementation of two QKD protocols (BB84 and B92) keeping in mind that their implementations do not easily satisfy the requirement of use of single photons. We argue that current models do not take into account issues raised by the Uncertainty ... More
The outreach activities in the astronomical research institutions and the role of librarians: what happens in ItalyDec 13 2011The outreach activities can be considered a new frontier of all the main astronomical research institutions worldwide and are a part of their mission that earns great appreciation from the general public. Here the situation at INAF, the Italian National ... More
Using frequency maps to constrain the distribution function of the Milky Way stellar haloOct 11 2011Resolved surveys of the Milky Way's stellar halo can obtain all 6 phase space coordinates of tens of thousands of individual stars, making it possible to compute their 3-dimensional orbits. Spectral analysis of large numbers of halo orbits can be used ... More
Results on charged kaon and hyperon decays from NA48Oct 02 2008Oct 09 2008Recent results from the NA48/1 and NA48/2 experiments at the CERN SPS are presented. NA48/2 carried out data taking in 2003 and 2004 collecting charged kaon decays: branching ratios and form factors have been measured for the rare K+- to pi+-e+e-, K+- ... More
Star formation histories of resolved galaxiesJan 08 2009Jan 10 2009The colour-magnitude diagrams of resolved stellar populations are the best tool to study the star formation histories of the host galactic regions. In this review the method to derive star formation histories by means of synthetic colour-magnitude diagrams ... More
The reduction of qualitative gamesMar 27 2013We extend the study of the iterated elimination of strictly dominated strategies (IESDS) from Nash strategic games to a class of qualitative games. Also in this case, the IESDS process leads us to a kind of 'rationalizable' result. We define several types ... More
Equilibrium existence results for a class of discontinuous gamesMar 27 2013We introduce the notions of w-lower semicontinuous and almost w-lower semicontinuous correspondence with respect to a given set and prove a new fixed-point theorem. We also introduce the notion of correspondence with e-LSCS-property. As applications we ... More
On the Hamiltonian and Lagrangian structures of time-dependent reductions of evolutionary PDEsDec 22 2001In this paper we study the reductions of evolutionary PDEs on the manifold of the stationary points of time--dependent symmetries. In particular we describe how that the finite dimensional Hamiltonian structure of the reduced system is obtained from the ... More
Efficient Gauss-Newton-Krylov momentum conservation constrained PDE-LDDMM using the band-limited vector field parameterizationJul 27 2018The class of non-rigid registration methods proposed in the framework of PDE-constrained Large Deformation Diffeomorphic Metric Mapping is a particularly interesting family of physically meaningful diffeomorphic registration methods. PDE-constrained LDDMM ... More
On Rational Nilpotent Orbits of $SL_{n}$ and $Sp_{2n}$ over a Local Non-Archimedean FieldAug 10 2007Jan 15 2008We relate the partition-type parametrization of rational (arithmetic) nilpotent adjoint orbits of the split classical groups $SL_n$ and $Sp_{2n}$ over local non-Archimedean fields with a parametrization, introduced by DeBacker in 2002, which uses the ... More
Black-hole binaries: life begins at 40 keVAug 21 2009In the study of black-hole transients, an important problem that still needs to be answered is how the high-energy part of the spectrum evolves from the low-hard to the high-soft state, given that they have very different properties. Recent results obtained ... More
Non-Gaussian features of primordial magnetic fields in power-law inflationMar 05 2012We show that a conformal-invariance violating coupling of the inflaton to electromagnetism produces a cross correlation between curvature fluctuations and a spectrum of primordial magnetic fields. According to this model, in the case of power-law inflation, ... More
Formation of an evanescent proto-neutron star binary and the origin of pulsar kicksJul 16 2002Aug 23 2002If core collapse leads to the formation of a rapidly rotating bar-unstable proto-neutron star surrounded by fall-back material, then we might expect it to cool and fragment to form a double (proto)-neutron star binary into a super-close orbit. The lighter ... More
Contact Interactions at the LHCSep 17 2007Contact interactions offer a general framework for describing a new interaction with a scale above the energy scale probed. These interactions can occur if the Standard Model particles are composite or if new heavy particles are exchanged. The discovery ... More
Sign-changing blowing-up solutions for supercritical Bahri-Coron's problemFeb 05 2015Let $\Omega$ be a bounded domain in $\R^n$, $n\ge 3$ with smooth boundary $\partial\Omega$ and a small hole. We give the first example of sign-changing {\it bubbling} solutions to the nonlinear elliptic problem $$ -\Delta u=|u|^{{n+2\over n-2} +\ve -1 ... More
Energy-supercritical NLS: critical $\dot H^s$-bounds imply scatteringDec 11 2008We consider two classes of defocusing energy-supercritical nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations in dimensions $d\geq 5$. We prove that if the solution $u$ is apriorily bounded in the critical Sobolev space, that is, $u\in L_t^\infty \dot H^{s_c}_x$, then ... More
KdV is wellposed in $H^{-1}$Feb 13 2018Apr 26 2019We prove global well-posedness of the Korteweg--de Vries equation for initial data in the space $H^{-1}(R)$. This is sharp in the class of $H^{s}(R)$ spaces. Even local well-posedness was previously unknown for $s<-3/4$. The proof is based on the introduction ... More
The defocusing energy-supercritical nonlinear wave equation in three space dimensionsJan 11 2010We consider the defocusing nonlinear wave equation $u_{tt}-\Delta u + |u|^p u=0$ in the energy-supercritical regime p>4. For even values of the power p, we show that blowup (or failure to scatter) must be accompanied by blowup of the critical Sobolev ... More
Semistable subcategories for tiling algebrasJun 26 2018Jul 09 2018Semistable subcategories were introduced in the context of Mumford's GIT and interpreted by King in terms of representation theory of finite dimensional algebras. Ingalls and Thomas later showed that for finite dimensional algebras of Dynkin and affine ... More
Bubbling solutions for Moser-Trudinger type equations on compact Riemann surfacesSep 04 2017We study an elliptic equation related to the Moser-Trudinger inequality on a compact Riemann surface $(S,g)$, $$ \Delta_g u+\lambda \Biggl(ue^{u^2}-{1\over |S|} \int_S ue^{u^2} dv_g\Biggl)=0,\quad\text{in $S$},\qquad \int_S u\,dv_g=0, $$ where $\lambda>0$ ... More
Transient Black Hole BinariesMar 25 2016The last two decades have seen a great improvement in our understand- ing of the complex phenomenology observed in transient black-hole binary systems, especially thanks to the activity of the Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer satellite, com- plemented by observations ... More
Correlation of inflation-produced magnetic fields with scalar fluctuationsSep 20 2011If the conformal invariance of electromagnetism is broken during inflation, then primordial magnetic fields may be produced. If this symmetry breaking is generated by the coupling between electromagnetism and a scalar field---e.g. the inflaton, curvaton, ... More
Generic Evolution Of Deuterium And Helium-3Feb 13 1995The primordial abundances of deuterium and of helium-3, produced during big bang nucleosynthesis, depend sensitively on the baryon density. Thus, the observed abundances of D and \he may provide useful ``baryometers'' provided the evolution from primordial ... More
Regular and Chaotic Dynamics of Triaxial Stellar SystemsJan 06 1998Jun 01 1998We use Laskar's frequency mapping technique to study the dynamics of triaxial galaxies with central density cusps and nuclear black holes. For ensembles of 10^4 orbits, we numerically compute the three fundamental frequencies of the motion, allowing us ... More
Self-Consistent Gravitational ChaosSep 10 1997The motion of stars in the gravitational potential of a triaxial galaxy is generically chaotic. However, the timescale over which the chaos manifests itself in the orbital motion is a strong function of the degree of central concentration of the galaxy. ... More
A Generalization of the Skew-Normal Distribution: The Beta Skew-NormalApr 21 2011The aim of this article is to introduce a new family of distributions, which generalizes the skew normal distribution (SN). This new family, called Beta skew-normal (BSN), arises naturally when we consider the distributions of order statistics of the ... More
The algebra generated by idempotents in a Fourier-Stieltjes algebraOct 24 2005We study the closed algebra B_I(G) generated by the idempotents in the Fourier-Stieltjes algebra of a locally compact group G. We show that it is a regular Banach algebra with computable spectrum G^I, which we call the idempotent compactification of G. ... More
Role OF Web 2.0 IN E-GovernanceOct 21 2013Jun 20 2014This research paper conducts a survey of the various government organizations that are using Web 2.0 to enhance their functionality, interact with potential audience and to reach out to a huge customer base. The aim of the paper is to study the role of ... More
Orbital instability and relaxation in stellar systemsSep 23 1999The orbits of stars in galaxies are generically chaotic: the chaotic behavior arises in part from the intrinsically grainy nature of a potential that is composed of point masses. Even if the potential is assumed to be smooth, however, orbits in non-axisymmetric ... More
Nondegeneracy of Nonradial Nodal Solutions to Yamabe ProblemJun 23 2014We provide the first example of a sequence of {\em nondegenerate}, in the sense of Duyckaerts-Kenig-Merle \cite{DKM}, nodal nonradial solutions to the critical Yamabe problem $$ -\Delta Q= |Q|^{\frac{2}{n-2}} Q, \ \ Q \in {\mathcal D}^{1,2} (\R^n). $$ ... More
Symmetries in some extremal problems between two parallel hyperplanesJan 12 2016Let $M$ be a compact hypersurface with boundary $\partial M=\partial D_1 \cup \partial D_2$, $\partial D_1 \subset \Pi _1$, $\partial D_2 \subset \Pi _2$, $\Pi_1$ and $\Pi _2$ two parallel hyperplanes in $\mathbb{R}^{n+1}$ ($n \geq 2$). Suppose that $M$ ... More
Embedded tori with prescribed mean curvatureSep 25 2017Oct 14 2018We construct a sequence of compact, oriented, embedded, two-dimensional surfaces of genus one into Euclidean 3-space with prescribed, almost constant, mean curvature of the form $H(X)=1+{A}{|X|^{-\gamma}}$ for $|X|$ large, when $A<0$ and $\gamma\in(0,2)$. ... More
Global minimizers of coexistence for competing speciesFeb 26 2010A class of variational models describing ecological systems of k species competing for the same resources is investigated. The occurrence of coexistence in minimal energy solutions is discussed and positive results are proven for suitably differentiated ... More
On the unicity of types for tame toral supercuspidal representationsJan 20 2018Jul 13 2018For tame arbitrary-length toral, also called positive regular, supercuspidal representations of a simply connected and semisimple $p$-adic group $G$, constructed as per Adler-Yu, we determine which components of their restriction to a maximal compact ... More
Single-Photon Observables and Preparation Uncertainty RelationsMar 25 2014Jan 15 2015We propose a procedure for defining all single-photon observables in terms of Positive-Operator Valued Measures (POVMs), in particular spin and position. We identify the suppression of $0$-helicity photon states as a projection from an extended Hilbert ... More
Complete arcs arising from a generalization of the Hermitian curveJan 15 2014We investigate complete arcs of degree greater than two, in projective planes over finite fields, arising from the set of rational points of a generalization of the Hermitian curve. The degree of the arcs is closely related to the number of rational points ... More
Review of single vector boson production in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 7$ TeVMay 06 2014Jun 18 2014This review summarises the main results on the production of single vector bosons in the Standard Model, both inclusively and in association with light and heavy flavour jets, at the Large Hadron Collider in proton-proton collisions at a center-of-mass ... More
The holographic interpretation of $J \bar T$-deformed CFTsMar 26 2018Jan 29 2019Recently, a non-local yet possibly UV-complete quantum field theory has been constructed by deforming a two-dimensional CFT by the composite operator $J \bar T$, where $J$ is a chiral $U(1)$ current and $\bar T$ is a component of the stress tensor. Assuming ... More
Deep Information NetworksMar 06 2018We describe a novel classifier with a tree structure, designed using information theory concepts. This Information Network is made of information nodes, that compress the input data, and multiplexers, that connect two or more input nodes to an output ... More
Mathematical Contributions to the Dynamics of the Josephson Junctions: State of the Art and Open ProblemsSep 10 2015Mathematical models related to some Josephson junctions are pointed out and attention is drawn to the solutions of certain initial boundary problems and to some of their estimates. In addition, results of rigorous analysis of the behaviour of these solutions ... More
Stability of energy-critical nonlinear Schrödinger equations in high dimensionsJul 01 2005Jul 09 2005We develop the existence, uniqueness, continuity, stability, and scattering theory for energy-critical nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations in dimensions $n \geq 3$, for solutions which have large, but finite, energy and large, but finite, Strichartz norms. ... More
PHH harmonic submersions are stableApr 05 2005We prove that harmonic PHH submersions are (weakly) stable.
The origin of single low-mass WDs: another problem that consequential angular momentum loss in CVs might solveNov 22 2016Low-mass helium-core white-dwarfs (WDs) with masses below 0.5 Msun are known to be formed in binary star systems but unexpectedly a significant fraction of them seem to be single. On the other hand, in Cataclysmic Variables (CVs) a large number of low-mass ... More
Scale invariant Strichartz estimates on tori and applicationsSep 11 2014We prove scale-invariant Strichartz inequalities for the Schrodinger equation on rectangular tori (rational or irrational) in all dimensions. We use these estimates to give a unified and simpler treatment of local well-posedness of the energy-critical ... More
CP violation in charm and beauty decays at LHCbJan 14 2013LHCb is a dedicated heavy flavour physics precision experiment at the LHC searching for New Physics (NP) beyond the Standard Model (SM) through the study of very rare decays of beauty and charm-flavoured hadrons and precision measurements of CP-violating ... More
On a Model of Superconductivity and BiologyMar 02 2012The paper deals with a semilinear integrodifferential equation that characterizes several dissipative models of Viscoelasticity, Biology and Superconductivity. The initial - boundary problem with Neumann conditions is analyzed. When the source term F ... More
The radial defocusing energy-supercritical nonlinear wave equation in all space dimensionsFeb 09 2010We consider the defocusing nonlinear wave equation $u_{tt}-\Delta u + |u|^p u=0$ with spherically-symmetric initial data in the regime $\frac4{d-2}<p<\frac4{d-3}$ (which is energy-supercritical) and dimensions $3\leq d\leq 6$; we also consider $d\geq ... More
Star formation histories of dwarf galaxies from the Colour-Magnitude diagrams of their resolved stellar populationsSep 23 2009In this tutorial paper we summarize how the star formation (SF) history of a galactic region can be derived from the colour-magnitude diagram (CMD) of its resolved stars. The procedures to build synthetic CMDs and to exploit them to derive the SF histories ... More
An Energy Balance Based Method for Parameter Identification of a Free-Flying Robot Grasping An Unknown ObjectFeb 26 2018Mar 15 2018The estimation of inertial parameters of a robotic system is crucial for better trajectory tracking performance, specially when model-based controllers are used for carrying out precise tasks. In this paper, we consider the scenario of grasping an object ... More
A Characterization of Uniqueness of Limit Models in Categorical Abstract Elementary ClassesNov 29 2015Dec 01 2016In this paper we examine the task set forth by Shelah and Villaveces in \cite{ShVi} of proving the uniqueness of limit models of cardinality $\mu$ in $\lambda$-categorical abstract elementary classes with no maximal models, where $\lambda$ is some cardinal ... More
A cyclotomic approach to the solution of Waring's problem mod pMar 23 2007Let $s_d(p,a) = \min \{k | a = \sum_{i=1}^{k}a_i^d, a_i\in \ff_p^*\}$ be the smallest number of d-th powers in the finite field F_p, sufficient to represent the number a in F_p^*. Then $$g_d(p) = max_{a in F_p^*} s_d(p,a)$$ gives an answer to Waring's ... More
Comparative Investigation for Energy Consumption of Different Chipsets Based on Scheduling for Wireless Sensor NetworksSep 23 2010Rapid progress in microelectromechanical system (MEMS) and radio frequency (RF) design has enabled the development of low-power, inexpensive, and network-enabled microsensors. These sensor nodes are capable of capturing various physical information, such ... More
($\ell,0)$-Carter partitions, a generating function, and their crystal theoretic interpretationDec 13 2007Jul 19 2011In this paper we give an alternate combinatorial description of the "$(\ell,0)$-JM partitions" (see \cite{F}) that are also $\ell$-regular. Our main theorem is the equivalence of our combinatoric and the one introduced by James and Mathas (\cite{JM}). ... More
Minimum Restraint Functions for unbounded dynamics: general and control-polynomial systemsJun 08 2016We consider an exit-time minimum problem with a running cost, $l\geq 0$ and unbounded controls. The occurrence of points where $l=0$ can be regarded as a transversality loss. Furthermore, since controls range over unbounded sets, the family of admissible ... More
Diffusion and wave behaviour in linear Voigt modelMar 10 2012A boundary value problem related to a third- order parabolic equation with a small parameter is analized. This equation models the one-dimensional evolution of many dissipative media as viscoelastic fluids or solids, viscous gases, superconducting materials, ... More
Vertex covers in graphs with loopsOct 30 2012We investigate ideals of vertex covers for the edge ideals associated to considerable classes of connected graphs with loops and exhibit algebraic information about them, such as the existence of linear quotients, the computation of invariant values, ... More
Pre-Big-Bang in String CosmologyMar 03 1998Apr 03 1998We compute the amount of inflation required to solve the horizon problem of cosmology in the pre-big-bang scenario. First we give a quick overview of string cosmology as developed by Veneziano and collaborators. Then we show that the amount of inflation ... More
Symmetry in abstract elementary classes with amalgamationAug 13 2015Feb 17 2016This paper is part of a program initiated by Saharon Shelah to extend the model theory of first order logic to the non-elementary setting of abstract elementary classes (AECs). An abstract elementary class is a semantic generalization of the class of ... More
On the structure of categorical abstract elementary classes with amalgamationSep 04 2015Feb 17 2016For $K$ an abstract elementary class with amalgamation and no maximal models, we show that categoricity in a high-enough cardinal implies structural properties such as the uniqueness of limit models and the existence of good frames. This improves several ... More
Holomorphic vector bundles on Kähler manifolds and totally geodesic foliations on Euclidean open domainsSep 12 2014In this Note we establish a relation between sections in globally generated holomorphic vector bundles on K\"ahler manifolds, isotropic with respect to a non-degenerate quadratic form, and totally geodesic foliations on Euclidean open domains. We find ... More
Branching rules for ramified principal series representations of GL(3) over a p-adic fieldOct 17 2007We decompose the restriction of ramified principal series representations of the $p$-adic group $\mathrm{GL}(3,\mathrm{k})$ to its maximal compact subgroup $K=\mathrm{GL}(3,\mathscr{R})$. Its decomposition is dependent on the degree of ramification of ... More
Monomial ideals of graphs with loopsOct 30 2011Oct 29 2012We investigate, using the notion of linear quotients, significative classes of connected graphs whose monomial edge ideals, not necessarily squarefree, have linear resolution, in order to compute standard algebraic invariants of the polynomial ring related ... More