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Trading Wireless Information and Power Transfer: Relay Selection to Minimize the Outage ProbabilityDec 09 2014This paper studies the outage probability minimization problem for a multiple relay network with energy harvesting constraints. The relays are hybrid nodes used for simultaneous wireless information and power transfer from the source radio frequency (RF) ... More
An Efficient Anonymous Authentication Scheme for Internet of VehiclesNov 08 2018Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is an intelligent application of IoT in smart transportation, which can make intelligent decisions for passengers. It has drawn extensive attention to improve traffic safety and efficiency and create a more comfortable driving ... More
Mutual Heterogeneous Signcryption Schemes for 5G Network SlicingsNov 09 2018With the emerging of mobile communication technologies, we are entering the fifth generation mobile communication system (5G) era. Various application scenarios will arise in the 5G era to meet the different service requirements. Different 5G network ... More
A Lightweight and Privacy-Preserving Authentication Protocol for Mobile Edge ComputingJul 21 2019With the advent of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), vehicular networks and cyber-physical systems, the need for real-time data processing and analysis has emerged as an essential pre-requite for customers' satisfaction. In this direction, Mobile Edge Computing ... More
A Traceable Concurrent Data Anonymous Transmission Scheme for Heterogeneous VANETsNov 08 2018Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) are attractive scenarios that can improve the traffic situation and provide convenient services for drivers and passengers via vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication. However, there ... More
PRIF: A Privacy-Preserving Interest-Based Forwarding Scheme for Social Internet of VehiclesApr 06 2018Recent advances in Socially Aware Networks (SANs) have allowed its use in many domains, out of which social Internet of vehicles (SIOV) is of prime importance. SANs can provide a promising routing and forwarding paradigm for SIOV by using interest-based ... More
LPTD: Achieving Lightweight and Privacy-Preserving Truth Discovery in CIoTApr 05 2018In recent years, cognitive Internet of Things (CIoT) has received considerable attention because it can extract valuable information from various Internet of Things (IoT) devices. In CIoT, truth discovery plays an important role in identifying truthful ... More
Automated Attack and Defense Framework for 5G Security on Physical and Logical LayersFeb 11 2019The 5th generation (5G) network adopts a great number of revolutionary technologies to fulfill continuously increasing requirements of a variety of applications, including ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, ultra-massive device access, ultra-reliability, ... More
Impact of Non-Linear High-Power Amplifiers on Cooperative Relaying SystemsJan 16 2019In this paper, we investigate the impact of the high-power amplifier non-linear distortion on multiple relay systems by introducing the soft envelope limiter, traveling wave tube amplifier, and solid-state power amplifier to the relays. The system employs ... More
Mixed RF/FSO Cooperative Relaying Systems with Co-Channel InterferenceJan 16 2019In this paper, we provide a global framework analysis of a dual-hop mixed Radio Frequency (RF)/Free Space Optical (FSO) system with multiple branches/relays wherein the first and second hops, respectively, consist of RF and FSO channels. To cover various ... More
Hybrid Rayleigh and Double-Weibull over Impaired RF/FSO System with Outdated CSIJan 16 2019In this work, we present a global framework of a dual-hop RF/FSO system with multiple relays operating at the mode of amplify-and-forward (AF) with fixed gain. Partial relay selection (PRS) protocol with outdated channel state information (CSI) is assumed ... More
Cloud-Assisted Remote Sensor Network Virtualization for Distributed Consensus EstimationJan 15 2015We develop cloud-assisted remote sensing techniques for enabling distributed consensus estimation of unknown parameters in a given geographic area. We first propose a distributed sensor network virtualization algorithm that searches for, selects, and ... More
Semi-supervised Deep Reinforcement Learning in Support of IoT and Smart City ServicesOct 09 2018Smart services are an important element of the smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems where the intelligence behind the services is obtained and improved through the sensory data. Providing a large amount of training data is not always ... More
RSU Cloud and its Resource Management in support of Enhanced Vehicular ApplicationsJun 21 2017We propose Roadside Unit (RSU) Clouds as a novel way to offer non-safety application with QoS for VANETs. The architecture of RSU Clouds is delineated, and consists of traditional RSUs and specialized micro-datacenters and virtual machines (VMs) using ... More
Lclean: A Plausible Approach to Individual Trajectory Data SanitizationApr 05 2018In recent years, with the continuous development of significant data industrialization, trajectory data have more and more critical analytical value for urban construction and environmental monitoring. However, the trajectory contains a lot of personal ... More
Mixed RF/FSO Relaying Systems with Hardware ImpairmentsJan 16 2019In this work, we provide a detailed analysis of a dual-hop fixed gain (FG) amplify-and-forward relaying system, consisting of a hybrid radio frequency (RF) and free-space optical (FSO) channels. We introduce an impairment model which is the soft envelope ... More
Partial Relay Selection For Hybrid RF/FSO Systems with Hardware ImpairmentsJan 16 2019In this paper, we investigate the performance analysis of dual hop relaying system consisting of asymmetric Radio Frequency (RF)/Free Optical Space (FSO) links. The RF channels follow a Rayleigh distribution and the optical links are subject to Gamma-Gamma ... More
LCD: Low Latency Command Dissemination for A Platoon of VehiclesJan 18 2018In a vehicular platoon, a lead vehicle that is responsible for managing the platoon's moving directions and velocity periodically disseminates control commands to following vehicles based on vehicle-to-vehicle communications. However, reducing command ... More
FPAN: Fine-grained and Progressive Attention Localization Network for Data RetrievalApr 05 2018The Localization of the target object for data retrieval is a key issue in the Intelligent and Connected Transportation Systems (ICTS). However, due to lack of intelligence in the traditional transportation system, it can take tremendous resources to ... More
Reinforcement Learning for Resource Provisioning in Vehicular CloudMay 28 2018This article presents a concise view of vehicular clouds that incorporates various vehicular cloud models, which have been proposed, to date. Essentially, they all extend the traditional cloud and its utility computing functionalities across the entities ... More
Achieving Data Utility-Privacy Tradeoff in Internet of Medical Things: A Machine Learning ApproachFeb 08 2019The emergence and rapid development of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), an application of the Internet of Things into the medical and healthcare systems, have brought many changes and challenges to modern medical and healthcare systems. Particularly, ... More
Toward Intelligent Network Optimization in Wireless Networking: An Auto-learning FrameworkDec 19 2018In wireless communication systems (WCSs), the network optimization problems (NOPs) play an important role in maximizing system performances by setting appropriate network configurations. When dealing with NOPs by using conventional optimization methodologies, ... More
Proactive Video Chunks Caching and Processing for Latency and Cost Minimization in Edge NetworksDec 16 2018Recently, the growing demand for rich multimedia content such as Video on Demand (VoD) has made the data transmission from content delivery networks (CDN) to end-users quite challenging. Edge networks have been proposed as an extension to CDN networks ... More
Self-Selective Correlation Ship Tracking Method for Smart Ocean SystemFeb 26 2019In recent years, with the development of the marine industry, navigation environment becomes more complicated. Some artificial intelligence technologies, such as computer vision, can recognize, track and count the sailing ships to ensure the maritime ... More
Vehicle Tracking Using Surveillance with Multimodal Data FusionOct 29 2018Vehicle location prediction or vehicle tracking is a significant topic within connected vehicles. This task, however, is difficult if only a single modal data is available, probably causing bias and impeding the accuracy. With the development of sensor ... More
Privacy-Preserving DDoS Attack Detection Using Cross-Domain Traffic in Software Defined NetworksSep 19 2018Existing distributed denial-of-service attack detection in software defined networks (SDNs) typically perform detection in a single domain. In reality, abnormal traffic usually affects multiple network domains. Thus, a cross-domain attack detection has ... More
Privacy Leakage in Smart Homes and Its Mitigation: IFTTT as a Case StudyFeb 08 2019The combination of smart home platforms and automation apps introduces much convenience to smart home users. However, this also brings the potential for privacy leakage. If a smart home platform is permitted to collect all the events of a user day and ... More
Aggregate Hardware Impairments Over Mixed RF/FSO Relaying Systems With Outdated CSIJan 16 2019In this paper, we propose a dual-hop RF (Radio-Frequency)/FSO (Free-Space Optical) system with multiple relays employing the Decode-and-Forward (DF) and Amplify-and-Forward (AF) with a Fixed Gain (FG) relaying scheme. The RF channels are subject to a ... More
Secure Data Access for Wireless Body Sensor NetworksOct 25 2018Recently, with the support of mobile cloud computing, a large number of health related data collected from various body sensor networks can be managed efficiently. However, to ensure data security and data privacy in cloud-integrated body sensor networks ... More
Adversarial Samples on Android Malware Detection Systems for IoT SystemsFeb 12 2019Many IoT(Internet of Things) systems run Android systems or Android-like systems. With the continuous development of machine learning algorithms, the learning-based Android malware detection system for IoT devices has gradually increased. However, these ... More
Privacy Leakage in Smart Homes and Its Mitigation: IFTTT as a Case StudyFeb 08 2019Feb 14 2019The combination of smart home platforms and automation apps introduces much convenience to smart home users. However, this also brings the potential for privacy leakage. If a smart home platform is permitted to collect all the events of a user day and ... More
Super-Resolution of Brain MRI Images using Overcomplete Dictionaries and Nonlocal SimilarityFeb 13 2019Recently, the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) images have limited and unsatisfactory resolutions due to various constraints such as physical, technological and economic considerations. Super-resolution techniques can obtain high-resolution MRI images. ... More
Interest-Related Item Similarity Model Based on Multimodal Data for Top-N RecommendationFeb 13 2019Nowadays, the recommendation systems are applied in the fields of e-commerce, video websites, social networking sites, etc., which bring great convenience to people's daily lives. The types of the information are diversified and abundant in recommendation ... More
Attention-Mechanism-based Tracking Method for Intelligent Internet of VehiclesOct 29 2018Vehicle tracking task plays an important role on the internet of vehicles and intelligent transportation system. Beyond the traditional GPS sensor, the image sensor can capture different kinds of vehicles, analyze their driving situation and can interact ... More
Deep Learning for IoT Big Data and Streaming Analytics: A SurveyDec 09 2017Jun 05 2018In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), an enormous amount of sensing devices collect and/or generate various sensory data over time for a wide range of fields and applications. Based on the nature of the application, these devices will result in ... More
Securing Cognitive Radio Networks against Primary User Emulation AttacksAug 28 2013Cognitive Radio (CR) is a promising technology for next-generation wireless networks in order to efficiently utilize the limited spectrum resources and satisfy the rapidly increasing demand for wireless applications and services. Security is a very important ... More
Preserving Location Privacy in Mobile Edge ComputingApr 05 2018The burgeoning technology of Mobile Edge Computing is attracting the traditional LBS and LS to deploy due to its nature characters such as low latency and location awareness. Although this transplant will avoid the location privacy threat from the central ... More
QoE-Aware Resource Allocation for Crowdsourced Live Streaming: A Machine Learning ApproachJun 20 2019Driven by the tremendous technological advancement of personal devices and the prevalence of wireless mobile network accesses, the world has witnessed an explosion in crowdsourced live streaming. Ensuring a better viewers quality of experience (QoE) is ... More
Market-Based Model in CR-WSN: A Q-Probabilistic Multi-agent Learning ApproachFeb 26 2019The ever-increasingly urban populations and their material demands have brought unprecedented burdens to cities. Smart cities leverage emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Cognitive Radio Wireless Sensor Network (CR-WSN) to provide ... More
A Privacy-Preserving Traffic Monitoring Scheme via Vehicular CrowdsourcingFeb 12 2019The explosive growth of vehicle amount has given rise to a series of traffic problems, such as traffic congestion, road safety, and fuel waste. Collecting vehicles' speed information is an effective way to monitor the traffic condition and avoid vehicles ... More
Reinforcement Learning based QoS/QoE-aware Service Function Chaining in Software-Driven 5G SlicesApr 06 2018With the ever growing diversity of devices and applications that will be connected to 5G networks, flexible and agile service orchestration with acknowledged QoE that satisfies end-user's functional and QoS requirements is necessary. SDN (Software-Defined ... More
Interference-Based Optimal Power-Efficient Access Scheme for Cognitive Radio NetworksApr 03 2014Jul 08 2014In this paper, we propose a new optimization-based access strategy of multipacket reception (MPR) channel for multiple secondary users (SUs) accessing the primary user (PU) spectrum opportunistically. We devise an analytical model that realizes the multipacket ... More
Optimizing Joint Data and Power Transfer in Energy Harvesting Multiuser Wireless NetworksJul 21 2017Energy harvesting emerges as a potential solution for prolonging the lifetime of the energy-constrained mobile wireless devices. In this paper, we focus on Radio Frequency (RF) energy harvesting for multiuser multicarrier mobile wireless networks. Specifically, ... More
Towards Delay-Tolerant Flexible Data Access Control for Smart Grid with Renewable Energy ResourcesOct 25 2018In the Smart Grid with Renewable Energy Resources (RERs), the Residential Units (RUs) with Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) are considered to be both power consumers and suppliers. Specifically, RUs with excessive renewable generations can trade with ... More
BPDS: A Blockchain based Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing for Electronic Medical RecordsNov 08 2018Electronic medical record (EMR) is a crucial form of healthcare data, currently drawing a lot of attention. Sharing health data is considered to be a critical approach to improve the quality of healthcare service and reduce medical costs. However, EMRs ... More
Softwarization of Internet of Things Infrastructure for Secure and Smart HealthcareMay 28 2018We propose an agile softwarized infrastructure for flexible, cost effective, secure and privacy preserving deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) for smart healthcare applications and services. It integrates state-of-the-art networking and virtualization ... More
Achieving Secure and Efficient Cloud Search Services: Cross-Lingual Multi-Keyword Rank Search over Encrypted Cloud DataFeb 11 2019Multi-user multi-keyword ranked search scheme in arbitrary language is a novel multi-keyword rank searchable encryption (MRSE) framework based on Paillier Cryptosystem with Threshold Decryption (PCTD). Compared to previous MRSE schemes constructed based ... More
A Computation Offloading Incentive Mechanism with Delay and Cost Constraints under 5G Satellite-ground IoV architectureApr 05 2018The 5G Internet of Vehicles has become a new paradigm alongside the growing popularity and variety of computation-intensive applications with high requirements for computational resources and analysis capabilities. Existing network architectures and resource ... More
Assured Data Deletion with Fine-grained Access Control for Fog-based Industrial ApplicationsApr 09 2018The advances of cloud computing, fog computing and Internet of Things (IoT) make the industries more prosperous than ever. A wide range of industrial systems such as transportation systems and manufacturing systems have been developed by integrating cloud ... More
Vulnerability Prediction Based on Weighted Software Network for Secure Software BuildingFeb 13 2019To build a secure communications software, Vulnerability Prediction Models (VPMs) are used to predict vulnerable software modules in the software system before software security testing. At present many software security metrics have been proposed to ... More
A Large-scale Concurrent Data Anonymous Batch Verification Scheme for Mobile Healthcare Crowd SensingApr 05 2018Recently, with the rapid development of big data, Internet of Things (IoT) brings more and more intelligent and convenient services to people's daily lives. Mobile healthcare crowd sensing (MHCS), as a typical application of IoT, is becoming an effective ... More
Discovering Communities of Malapps on Android-based Mobile Cyber-physical SystemsApr 05 2018Android-based devices like smartphones have become ideal mobile cyber-physical systems (MCPS) due to their powerful processors and variety of sensors. In recent years, an explosively and continuously growing number of malicious applications (malapps) ... More
LRCoin: Leakage-resilient Cryptocurrency Based on Bitcoin for Data Trading in IoTOct 26 2018Currently, the number of Internet of Thing (IoT) devices making up the IoT is more than 11 billion and this number has been continuously increasing. The prevalence of these devices leads to an emerging IoT business model called Device-as-a-service(DaaS), ... More
A Survey of Machine and Deep Learning Methods for Internet of Things (IoT) SecurityJul 29 2018The Internet of Things (IoT) integrates billions of smart devices that can communicate with one another with minimal human intervention. It is one of the fastest developing fields in the history of computing, with an estimated 50 billion devices by the ... More
MDBV: Monitoring Data Batch Verification for Survivability of Internet of VehiclesNov 09 2018Along with the development of vehicular sensors and wireless communication technology, Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is emerging that can improve traffic efficiency and provide a comfortable driving environment. However, there is still a challenge how to ... More
A Novel Secure Authentication Scheme for Heterogeneous Internet of ThingFeb 10 2019Today, Internet of Things (IoT) technology is being increasingly popular which is applied in a wide range of industry sectors such as healthcare, transportation and some critical infrastructures. With the widespread applications of IoT technology, people's ... More
A high-performance virtual machine filesystem monitor in cloud-assisted cognitive IoTApr 05 2018Cloud-assisted Cognitive Internet of Things has powerful data analytics abilities based on the computing and data storage capabilities of cloud virtual machines, which makes protecting virtual machine filesystem very important for the whole system security. ... More
When Traffic Flow Prediction Meets Wireless Big Data AnalyticsSep 23 2017Traffic flow prediction is an important research issue for solving the traffic congestion problem in an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Traffic congestion is one of the most serious problems in a city, which can be predicted in advance by analyzing ... More
Bus Trajectory-Based Street-Centric Routing for Message Delivery in Urban Vehicular Ad hoc NetworksApr 07 2018This paper focuses on the routing algorithm for the communications between vehicles and places in urban VANET. As one of the basic transportation facilities in an urban setting, buses periodically run along their fixed routes and widely cover city streets. ... More
A Performance Analysis Model of TCP over Multiple Heterogeneous Paths for 5G Mobile ServicesApr 07 2018Driven by the primary requirement of emerging 5G mobile services, the demand for concurrent multipath transfer (CMT) is still prominent. Yet, multipath transport protocols are not widely adopted and TCP-based CMT schemes will still be in dominant position ... More
Evaluating Reputation Management Schemes of Internet of Vehicles based on Evolutionary Game TheoryFeb 12 2019Conducting reputation management is very important for Internet of vehicles. However, most of the existing researches evaluate the effectiveness of their schemes with settled attacking behaviors in their simulation which cannot represent the scenarios ... More
Vcash: A Novel Reputation Framework for Identifying Denial of Traffic Service in Internet of Connected VehiclesFeb 11 2019Trust management of Internet of connected vehicles has been a hot topic during the recent years with the rapid development of UGV technologies. However, existing resolutions based on trustworthiness verification among vehicles make the traffic event transmission ... More
A Blockchain-based Self-tallying Voting Scheme in Decentralized IoTFeb 11 2019The Internet of Things (IoT) is experiencing explosive growth and has gained extensive attention from academia and industry in recent years. Most of the existing IoT infrastructures are centralized, in which the presence of a cloud server is mandatory. ... More
A Particle Filtering Approach for Enabling Distributed and Scalable Sharing of DSA Network ResourcesOct 18 2017Handling the massive number of devices needed in numerous applications such as smart cities is a major challenge given the scarcity of spectrum resources. Dynamic spectrum access (DSA) is seen as a potential candidate to support the connectivity and spectrum ... More
When Energy Trading meets Blockchain in Electrical Power System: The State of the ArtFeb 19 2019With the rapid growth of renewable energy resources, the energy trading began to shift from centralized to distributed manner. Blockchain, as a distributed public ledger technology, has been widely adopted to design new energy trading schemes. However, ... More
SDN Controllers: Benchmarking & Performance EvaluationFeb 12 2019Software Defined Networks offer flexible and intelligent network operations by splitting a traditional network into a centralized control plane and a programmable data plane. The intelligent control plane is responsible for providing flow paths to switches ... More
Achieving Trust-Based and Privacy-Preserving Customer Selection in Ubiquitous ComputingFeb 12 2019The recent proliferation of smart devices has given rise to ubiquitous computing, an emerging computing paradigm which allows anytime & anywhere computing possible. In such a ubiquitous computing environment, customers release different computing or sensing ... More
PPLS: A Privacy-Preserving Location-Sharing Scheme in Vehicular Social NetworksApr 06 2018Recent advances in Socially Aware Networks (SANs) have allowed its use in many domains, out of which social Internet of vehicles (SIOV) is of prime importance. SANs can provide a promising routing and forwarding paradigm for SIOV by using interest-based ... More
Security in Mobile Edge Caching with Reinforcement LearningJan 18 2018Mobile edge computing usually uses cache to support multimedia contents in 5G mobile Internet to reduce the computing overhead and latency. Mobile edge caching (MEC) systems are vulnerable to various attacks such as denial of service attacks and rogue ... More
vFAC: Fine-Grained Access Control with Versatility for Cloud StorageNov 08 2018In recent years, cloud storage technology has been widely used in many fields such as education, business, medical and more because of its convenience and low cost. With the widespread applications of cloud storage technology, data access control methods ... More
On the rigidity of symbolic powersNov 20 2016We deal with the rigidity conjecture of symbolic powers over regular rings. This was asked by Huneke. Along with our investigation, we confirm a conjecture [7, Conjecture 3.8].
Charge asymmetry measurements in $t\bar{t}$ events at the LHCMar 10 2017An overview of the most recent measurements on top quark charge asymmetry in top quark pair production is presented. The results are obtained using data collected with ATLAS and CMS detectors in proton-proton collisions at centre-of-mass energies of 8 ... More
Homological aspects of perfect algebrasMay 10 2010Nov 15 2017We investigate homological properties of perfect algebras of prime characteristic. The principle is as follows: perfect algebras resolve the singularities. For example, we show any module over the ring of absolute integral closure has finite flat dimension. ... More
Security Protocols in a NutshellMay 31 2016Jun 02 2016Security protocols are building blocks in secure communications. They deploy some security mechanisms to provide certain security services. Security protocols are considered abstract when analyzed, but they can have extra vulnerabilities when implemented. ... More
Witten deformation using Lie groupoidsMar 27 2019We express Witten's deformation of Morse functions using deformation to the normal cone and $C^*$-modules. This allows us to obtain asympotitcs of the `large eigenvalues'. Our methods extend to Morse functions along a foliation. We construct the Witten ... More
Polar codes for secret sharingMay 08 2017A secret can be an encrypted message or a private key to decrypt the ciphertext. One of the main issues in cryptography is keeping this secret safe. Entrusting secret to one person or saving it in a computer can conclude betrayal of the person or destruction ... More
C*-Convexity of Norm Unit BallsApr 11 2016We determine those norms on B(H) whose unit ball is C*-convex. We call them M-norms and show that the class of M-norms less than a given norm enjoys a maximum element. These minimum and maximum elements will be determined in some cases. Finally, we give ... More
Exclusive pi+ pi- production at 7TeVOct 27 2016We report a measurement of the exclusive production of pairs of charged pions in proton-proton collisions, dominated by the process $pp \rightarrow p^{(*)} \pi^{+}\pi^{-} p^{(*)}$, where $\rm p^{(*)}$ stands for a diffractively dissociated proton, the ... More
Desingularization of regular algebrasOct 07 2013The goals of this paper are two-fold. First, motivated by the uniformization theorem of Zariski, we investigate the rings that can be written as a direct limit of noetherian regular rings. Second, as reverse to the ?rst one, we study properties of a direct ... More
Huneke's degree-computing problemSep 14 2016In this short note, we deal with a problem posted by Huneke on a numerical invariant attached to symbolic powers of homogenous ideals.
Analytical solution for the structure of ADAFsMay 30 2014The standard Advection-Dominated Accretion Flow (ADAF) is studied using a set of self-similar analytical solutions in the spherical coordinates. Our new solutions are useful for studying ADAFs without dealing with the usual mathematical complexity. We ... More
The influence of winds on the time-dependent behavior of self-gravitating accretion discsJun 01 2008Jan 27 2009We study effects of winds on the time evolution of isothermal, self-gravitating accretion discs by adopting a radius dependent mass loss rate because of the existence of the wind. Our similarity and semi-analytical solution describes time evolution of ... More
Thermal instability with the effect of cosmic-ray diffusionMar 23 2009May 14 2009We study dynamical effects of cosmics rays (CRs) on the thermal instability in the linear regime. CRs and the thermal plasma are treated as two different interacting fluids, in which CRs can diffuse along the magnetic field lines. We show that growth ... More
Gravitational collapse of polytropic, magnetized, filamentary cloudsNov 02 2004When the gas of a magnetized filamentary cloud obeys a polytropic equation of state, gravitational collapse of the cloud is studied using a simplified model. We concentrate on the radial distribution and restrict ourselves to the purely toroidal magnetic ... More
Nuclear kinetic energy spectra of D_2^+ in intense laser field: Beyond Born Oppenheimer approximationNov 12 2007Mar 05 2008Simultaneously, the vibrational nuclear dynamics and full dimensional electronic dynamics of the deuterium molecular ion exposed to the linear polarized intense laser field are studied. The time dependent Schr\"odinger equation of the aligned D2+ with ... More
Policies and Economics of Digital Multimedia TransmissionApr 20 2010There are different Standards of digital multimedia transmission, for example DVB in Europe and ISDB in Japan and DMB in Korea, with different delivery system (example MPEG-2, MPEG-4).This paper describe an overview of Digital Multimedia Transmission ... More
Group theoretical interpretation of the modified gravity in de Sitter spaceJan 14 2016Mar 09 2016A frame work has been presented for theoretical interpretation of various modified gravitational models which is based on the group theoretical approach and unitary irreducible representations (UIR's) of de Sitter (dS) group. In order to illustrate the ... More
Near-Optimal Distributed Approximation of Minimum-Weight Connected Dominating SetApr 30 2014This paper presents a near-optimal distributed approximation algorithm for the minimum-weight connected dominating set (MCDS) problem. The presented algorithm finds an $O(\log n)$ approximation in $\tilde{O}(D+\sqrt{n})$ rounds, where $D$ is the network ... More
An Improved Distributed Algorithm for Maximal Independent SetJun 16 2015Jul 12 2015The Maximal Independent Set (MIS) problem is one of the basics in the study of locality in distributed graph algorithms. This paper presents an extremely simple randomized algorithm providing a near-optimal local complexity for this problem, which incidentally, ... More
A generalization of the order of elements with some applicationsDec 11 2018May 15 2019This paper proves that there exists a bijection $f$ from a finite group $G$ of order $n$ onto a cyclic group of order $n$ such that for each element $x\in G$ the order of $x$ divides the order of $f(x)$. This is done by generalising the concept of the ... More
Some Results on the Primary Order Preserving Properties of Stochastic OrdersApr 03 2019In this paper, we discuss the existential conditions of fundamental order-preserving additive and multiplicative properties of the usual stochastic order, and five other stochastic orders defined on the set of all real valued random variables.
Twitter Sentiment on Affordable Care Act using Score EmbeddingAug 19 2019In this paper we introduce score embedding, a neural network based model to learn interpretable vector representations for words. Score embedding is a supervised method that takes advantage of the labeled training data and the neural network architecture ... More
On the addition of squares of units modulo nJul 29 2016Let $\mathbb{Z}_n$ be the ring of residue classes modulo $n$, and let $\mathbb{Z}_n^{\ast}$ be the group of its units. 90 years ago, Brauer obtained a formula for the number of representations of $c\in \mathbb{Z}_n$ as the sum of $k$ units. Recently, ... More
Wireless IP TelephonyMar 09 2010The convergence of traditional telecommunications and the Internet is creating new network-based service delivery opportunities for telecommunications companies carriers, service providers, and network equipment providers. Voice over Wireless IP is one ... More
Maximum a posteriori learning in demand competition gamesNov 28 2016We consider an inventory competition game between two firms. The question we address is this: If players do not know the opponent's action and opponent's utility function can they learn to play the Nash policy in a repeated game by observing their own ... More
Functional Brain Networks Discovery Using Dictionary Learning with Correlated SparsityJul 09 2019Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) helps constructing functional brain networks by using brain activity information. Principal component analysis (PCA) and independent component analysis (ICA) are widely used methods to generate functional brain ... More
High-speed FSK Modulator Using Switched-capacitor ResonatorsNov 20 2015Aug 11 2016In this paper, an ultra-fast frequency shift-keying (FSK) modulation technique based on switched capacitor resonators is presented. It is demonstrated that switching a reactive component such as a capacitor, in a high-Q resonator with proper switching ... More
Power means of probability measures and Ando-Hiai inequalityJun 11 2018It has been shown that if $\mu$ is a probability measure of compact support on $\mathbb{M}_n^{+} $ and $t\in(0,1]$, then $$ P_{\frac{t}{p}}(\nu)\leq P_t(\mu)$$ for every $p\geq1$, where $\nu(Z)=\mu(Z^{1/p})$. This provides an extension of the Ando-Hiai ... More
A Conic Section Approach to the Relativistic Reflection LawAug 19 2016We consider the reflection of light, from a stationary source, off of a uniformly moving flat mirror, and derive the relativistic reflection law using well-known properties of conic sections. The effective surface of reflection (ESR) is defined as the ... More
Operator log-convex functions and f-divergence functionalMay 31 2013Aug 25 2014We present a characterization of operator log-convex functions by using positive linear mappings. Moreover, we study the non-commutative f-divergence functional of operator log-convex functions. In particular, we prove that f is operator log-convex if ... More