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Modeling State-Conditional Observation Distribution using Weighted Stereo Samples for Factorial Speech Processing ModelsMar 09 2015This paper investigates the role of factorial speech processing models in noise-robust automatic speech recognition tasks. Factorial models can embed non-stationary noise models using Markov chains as one of its source chain. The paper proposes a modeling ... More
Flow Characteristics of Chlamydomonas result in Purely Hydrodynamic ScatteringMay 16 2018Jun 13 2018It has long been believed that swimming eukaryotes feel solid boundaries through direct ciliary contact. Specifically, based on observations of behavior of green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii it has been reported that it is their "flagella [that] prevent ... More
Colloidal Tin Sulfide Nanosheets: Formation Mechanism, Ligand-mediated Shape Tuning and Photo-detectionAug 13 2018Colloidal materials of tin(II) sulfide (SnS), as a layered semiconductor with a narrow band gap, are emerging as a potential alternative to the more toxic metal chalcogenides (PbS, PbSe, CdS, CdSe) for various applications such as electronic and optoelectronic ... More
Halogens in the synthesis of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystalsApr 09 2018In this review, we highlight the role of halogenated compounds in the colloidal synthesis of nanostructured semiconductors. Halogen-containing metallic salts used as precursors and halogenated hydrocarbons used as ligands allow stabilizing different shapes ... More
In-plane anisotropic faceting of ultralarge and thin single-crystalline colloidal SnS nanosheetsMar 14 2019The colloidal synthesis of large thin two-dimensional (2D) nanosheets is fascinating but challenging, since the growth along the lateral and vertical dimensions need to be controlled independently. In-plane anisotropy in 2D nanosheets is attracting more ... More
Towards colloidal spintronics through Rashba spin-orbit interaction in lead sulphide nanosheetsJun 16 2017Employing the spin degree of freedom of charge carriers offers the possibility to extend the functionality of conventional electronic devices, while colloidal chemistry can be used to synthesize inexpensive and tuneable nanomaterials. In order to benefit ... More
From dots to stripes to sheets - Shape control of lead sulfide nanostructuresMar 08 2016Controlling anisotropy in nanostructures is a challenging but rewarding task since confinement in one or more dimensions influences the physical and chemical properties of the items decisively. In particular, semiconducting nanostructures can be tailored ... More
High Performance n- and p-Type Field-Effect Transistors Based on Hybridly Surface-Passivated Colloidal PbS NanosheetsApr 09 2018Colloidally synthesized nanomaterials are among the promising candidates for future electronic devices due to their simplicity and the inexpensiveness of their production. Specifically, colloidal nanosheets are of great interest since they are conveniently ... More
Machine Learning for Predictive On-Demand Deployment of UAVs for Wireless CommunicationsApr 30 2018In this paper, a novel machine learning (ML) framework is proposed for enabling a predictive, efficient deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), acting as aerial base stations (BSs), to provide on-demand wireless service to cellular users. In order ... More
Planar infinite groupsMar 03 2014We will determine all infinite $2$-locally finite groups as well as infinite $2$-groups with planar subgroup graph and show that infinite groups satisfying the chain conditions containing an involution do not have planar embeddings. Also, all connected ... More
Copper-catalyzed efficient synthesis of 5-arylindazolo[3,2-b]quinazolin-7(5H)-ones from 2-nitrobenzaldehydesDec 16 2017A novel and practical copper-catalyzed approach is developed for the preparation of 5-arylindazolo[3,2-b]quinazolin-7(5H)-ones. The 2-amino-N'-arylbenzohydrazide, which easily prepared by reaction of isatoic anhydride with arylhydrazine, through a condensation/intramolecular ... More
Compound Hertzian Chain Model for Copper-Carbon Nanocomposites' Absorption SpectrumMay 15 2011The infrared range optical absorption mechanism of Carbon-Copper composite thin layer coated on the Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) buffer layer has been investigated. By consideration of weak interactions between copper nanoparticles in their network, optical ... More
On algebraic structure of the set of prime numbersSep 14 2012Sep 27 2012The set of prime numbers has been analyzed, based on their algebraic and arithmetical structure. Here by obtaining a sort of linear formula for the set of prime numbers, they are redefined and identified; under a systematic procedure it has been shown ... More
On a Deterministic Property of the Category of $k$-almost Primes: A Deterministic Structure Based on a Linear Function for Redefining the $k$-almost Primes ($\exists n\in {\rm N} $, $1{\le} k {\le}n$) in Certain IntervalsAug 06 2014Dec 28 2014In this paper based on a sort of linear function, a deterministic and simple algorithm with an algebraic structure is presented for calculating all (and only) $k$-almost primes ($where$ $\exists n\in {\rm N} $, $1{\le} k {\le}n$) in certain interval. ... More
Cohomology rings of symplectic quotients by circle actionsDec 31 2001Oct 10 2003In this article we are concerned with how to compute the cohomology ring of a symplectic quotient by a circle action using the information we have about the cohomology of the original manifold and some data at the fixed point set of the action. Our method ... More
The XDEM Multi-physics and Multi-scale Simulation Technology: Review on DEM-CFD Coupling, Methodology and Engineering ApplicationsAug 24 2018The XDEM multi-physics and multi-scale simulation platform roots in the Ex- tended Discrete Element Method (XDEM) and is being developed at the In- stitute of Computational Engineering at the University of Luxembourg. The platform is an advanced multi- ... More
A Modified DTC with Capability of Regenerative Braking Energy in BLDC driven Electric Vehicles Using Adaptive Control TheoryOct 05 2017This paper represents a novel regenerative braking approach for the Electric Vehicles. The proposed method solves the short-range problem which is corresponding to the charge of the battery pack. The DTC switching algorithm has been modified to recover ... More
Novel MAB phases and insights into their exfoliation into 2D MBenesMay 17 2019Considering the recent breakthroughs in the synthesis of novel two-dimensional (2D) materials from layered bulk structures, ternary layered transition metal borides, known as MAB phases, have come under scrutiny as a means of obtaining novel 2D transition ... More
Collective Dynamics of Dividing Chemotactic CellsJun 24 2014Jan 16 2015The large scale behaviour of a population of cells that grow and interact through the concentration field of the chemicals they secrete is studied using dynamical renormalization group methods. The combination of the effective long-range chemotactic interaction ... More
Multi-way sparsest cut problem on trees with a control on the number of parts and outliersFeb 18 2017Given a graph, the sparsest cut problem asks for a subset of vertices whose edge expansion (the normalized cut given by the subset) is minimized. In this paper, we study a generalization of this problem seeking for $ k $ disjoint subsets of vertices (clusters) ... More
Group-like projections for locally compact quantum groupsJun 30 2017Jan 08 2018Let $\mathbb{G}$ be a locally compact quantum group. We give a 1-1 correspondence between group-like projections in $L^\infty(\mathbb{G})$ preserved by the scaling group and idempotent states on the dual quantum group $\widehat{\mathbb{G}}$. As a byproduct ... More
On the number of links in a linearly embedded $K_{3,3,1}$Jul 03 2012We show there exists a linear embedding of $K_{3,3,1}$ with n nontrivial 2-component links if and only if n = 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.
Central and Satellite Colors in Galaxy Groups: A Comparison of the Halo Model and SDSS Group CatalogsMay 08 2008Oct 17 2008Current analytic and semi-analytic dark matter halo models distinguish between the central galaxy in a halo and the satellite galaxies in halo substructures. Using a recent halo-model description of the color dependence of galaxy clustering (Skibba & ... More
Stochastic Low Reynolds Number SwimmersJan 12 2009As technological advances allow us to fabricate smaller autonomous self-propelled devices, it is clear that at some point directed propulsion could not come from pre-specified deterministic periodic deformation of the swimmer's body and we need to develop ... More
On Complexity of Isoperimetric Problems on TreesSep 03 2010This paper is aimed to investigate some computational aspects of different isoperimetric problems on weighted trees. In this regard, we consider different connectivity parameters called {\it minimum normalized cuts}/{\it isoperimteric numbers} defined ... More
Lie group analysis of Poisson's equation and optimal system of subalgebras for Lie algebra of $3-$dimensional rigid motionsAug 25 2009Using the basic Lie symmetry method, we find the most general Lie point symmetries group of the $\nabla u=f(u)$ Poisson's equation, which has a subalgebra isomorphic to the $3-$dimensional special Euclidean group ${\rm SE}(3)$ or group of rigid motions ... More
Counting and Computing by $e$Jun 26 2006In this paper we count the number of paths and cycles in complete graphs by using the number $e$. Also, we compute the number of derangements in same way. Connection by $e$ yields some nice formulas for the number of derangements, such as $D_n=\lfloor\frac{n!+1}{e}\rfloor$ ... More
A Novel Effective, Secure and Robust CDMA Digital Image Watermarking in YUV Color Space Using DWT2Jun 19 2012This paper is allocated to CDMA digital images watermarking for ownership verification and image authentication applications, which for more security, watermark W is converted to a sequence and then a random binary sequence R of size n is adopted to encrypt ... More
Strictly nearly Kahler 6-manifolds are not compatible with symplectic formsOct 26 2006Nov 06 2006We show that the almost complex structure underlying a non-Kahler, nearly Kahler 6-manifold (in particular, the standard almost complex structure of S^6) cannot be compatible with any symplectic form, even locally.
Pure semisimple $n$-cluster tilting subcategoriesMar 27 2019From the viewpoint of higher homological algebra, we introduce pure semisimple $n$-abelian category, which is analogs of pure semisimple abelian category. Let $\Lambda$ be an Artin algebra and $\mathcal{M}$ be an $n$-cluster tilting subcategory of $Mod$-$\Lambda$. ... More
Exact solution of generalized inviscid Burgers' equationAug 25 2009Let $f,g:{\Bbb R}\to{\Bbb R}$ be integrable functions, $f$ nowhere zero, and $\phi (u)=\int du/f(u)$ be invertible. An exact solution to the generalized nonhomogeneous inviscid Burgers' equation $u_t+g(u).u_x=f(u)$ is given, by quadratures.
Stability under deformations of extremal almost-Kähler metrics in dimension 4Apr 21 2010Given a path of almost-K\"ahler metrics compatible with a fixed symplectic form on a compact 4-manifold such that at time zero the almost-K\"ahler metric is an extremal K\"ahler one, we prove, for a short time and under a certain hypothesis, the existence ... More
Integral points of bounded height on compactifications of semi-simple groupsFeb 10 2011We study the asymptotic distribution of integral points of bounded height on partial bi-equivariant compactifications of semi-simple groups of adjoint type.
Multiplicative groups of fields and hereditarily irreducible polynomialsJan 13 2016In this paper we explore the concept of {\em good heredity} for fields from a group theoretic perspective. Extending results from \cite{alice}, we show that several natural families of fields are of good heredity, and some others are not. We also construct ... More
A conjectural connection between R^*(C_g^n) and R^*(M_{g,n}^rt)Dec 16 2014May 04 2017Let M_{g,n}^rt be the moduli space of stable n-pointed curves of genus g>1 with rational tails. We also consider the space C_g^n classifying smooth curves of genus g with not necessarily distinct n ordered points. There is a natural proper map from M_{g,n}^rt ... More
On the injective dimension of F-finite modules and holonomic D-modulesMar 21 2016Nov 08 2017Let $R$ be a regular local ring containing a field $k$ of characteristic $p$ and $M$ be an $\mathscr{F}$-finite module. In this paper, we study the injective dimension of $M$. We prove that $\operatorname{dim}_R(M) -1 \leq\operatorname{inj.dim}_R(M)$. ... More
Einstein-Yang-Mills AdS Black Brane Solution in Massive Gravity and Viscosity BoundOct 22 2018We introduce the Einstein-Yang-Mills AdS black brane solution in context of massive gravity. The ratio of shear viscosity to entropy density is calculated for this solution. This value violates the KSS bound if we apply the Dirichlet boundary and regularity ... More
Black Brane Solution in Rastall AdS Massive Gravity and Viscosity BoundSep 23 2018In this paper, we introduced the black brane solution in Rastall theory and in the context of massive gravity. The ratio of shear viscosity to entropy density is calculated for this solution. Our result shows that the KSS bound violates for this theory. ... More
Tautological classes on the moduli space of hyperelliptic curves with rational tailsJun 28 2014Jul 14 2014We study tautological classes on the moduli space of stable $n$-pointed hyperelliptic curves of genus $g$ with rational tails. Our result gives a complete description of tautological relations. The method is based on the approach of Yin in comparing tautological ... More
The moduli space of curves and its invariantsOct 30 2016This note is about invariants of moduli spaces of curves. It includes their intersection theory and cohomology. Our main focus in on the distinguished piece containing the so called tautological classes. These are the most natural classes on the moduli ... More
A Comparison between Digital Image Watermarking in Tow Different Color Spaces Using DWT2Jun 20 2012A novel digital watermarking for ownership verification and image authentication applications using discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is proposed in this paper. Most previous proposed watermarking algorithms embed sequences of random numbers as watermarks. ... More
Extremal almost-Kähler metricsAug 06 2009Apr 21 2010We generalize the notions of the Futaki invariant and extremal vector field of a compact K\"ahler manifold to the general almost-Kahler case and show the periodicity of the extremal vector field when the symplectic form represents an integral cohomology ... More
A little more on the zero-divisor graph and the annihilating-ideal graph of a reduced ringMay 11 2019We have tried to translate some graph properties of AG(R) and Gamma(R) to the topological properties of Zariski topology. We prove that Rad(Gamma(R)) and Rad(AG(R)) are equal and they are equal to 3, if and only if the zero ideal of R is an anti fixed-place ... More
The Generalized Classical Time-SpaceNov 18 2007The newest model for space-time is based on sub-Riemannian geometry. In this paper, we use a combination of Lorentzian and sub-Riemannian geometry, the suggest a new model which likes to its ancestors, but with the most efficient in application. In continuation, ... More
Nano Ferrites Microwave Complex Permeability and Permittivity Measurements by T/R Technique in WaveguideJan 14 2007Jan 17 2007There is a huge demand to accurately determine the magneto-electrical properties of particles in the nano sized regime due to the modern IC technology revolution and biomedical application science. In this paper, we present a microwave waveguide measurement ... More
On the topologies induced by a coneMar 27 2014Let $A$ be a commutative and unital $\mathbb{R}$-algebra, and $M$ be an Archimedean quadratic module of $A$. We define a submultiplicative seminorm $\|\cdot\|_M$ on $A$, associated with $M$. We show that the closure of $M$ with respect to $\|\cdot\|_M$-topology ... More
Chiral Structure of F-actin Bundle Formed by Multivalent Counterions?Feb 29 2012The mechanism of multivalent counterion-induced bundle formation by filamentous actin (F-actin) is studied using a coarse-grained model and molecular dynamics simulation. Real diameter size, helically ordered charge distribution and twist rigidity of ... More
Stochastic sensing of polynucleotides using patterned nanoporesJan 21 2012The effect of the microscopic structure of a pore on polymer translocation is studied using Langevin dynamics simulation, and the consequence of introducing patterned stickiness inside the pore is investigated. It is found that the translocation process ... More
Rank Approximation of a Tensor with Applications in Color Image and Video ProcessingApr 28 2019We propose a block coordinate descent type algorithm for estimating the rank of a given tensor. In addition, the algorithm provides the canonical polyadic decomposition of a tensor. In order to estimate the tensor rank we use sparse optimization method ... More
Finding Minimal Permutation Representations of Finite GroupsMay 28 2007Jul 24 2013A minimal permutation representation of a finite group G is a faithful G-set with the smallest possible size. We study the structure of such representations and show that for certain groups they may be obtained by a greedy construction. In these situations ... More
Fluctuation-induced hydrodynamic coupling in an asymmetric, anisotropic dumbbellDec 18 2017We recently introduced a model of an asymmetric dumbbell made of two hydrodynamically coupled subunits as a minimal model for a macromolecular complex, in order to explain the observation of enhanced diffusion of catalytically active enzymes. It was shown ... More
Translocation through environments with time dependent mobilityDec 05 2012We consider single particle and polymer translocation where the frictional properties experienced from the environment are changing in time. This work is motivated by the interesting frequency responsive behaviour observed when a polymer is passing through ... More
On The Isoperimetric Spectrum of Graphs and Its ApproximationsJan 01 2008Jan 30 2015In this paper we consider higher isoperimetric numbers of a (finite directed) graph. In this regard we focus on the $n$th mean isoperimetric constant of a directed graph as the minimum of the mean outgoing normalized flows from a given set of $n$ disjoint ... More
Zero-loci of Brauer group elements on semi-simple algebraic groupsMay 25 2017Oct 08 2018We consider the problem of counting the number of rational points of bounded height in the zero-loci of Brauer group elements on semi-simple algebraic groups over number fields. We obtain asymptotic formulae for the counting problem for wonderful compactifications ... More
Many, many more intrinsically knotted graphsSep 08 2011May 22 2012We list more than 200 new examples of minor minimal intrinsically knotted graphs and describe many more that are intrinsically knotted and likely minor minimal.
On certain multiple Dirichlet seriesMay 22 2019In this paper we study the analytic properties of a multiple Dirichlet series associated to the prehomogeneous vector space of binary cubic forms.
Decompositions of complete uniform multi-hypergraphs into Berge paths and cycles of arbitrary lengthsSep 06 2016In 1981, Alspach conjectured that the complete graph $ K_{n} $ could be decomposed into cycles of arbitrary lengths, provided that the obvious necessary conditions would hold. This conjecture was proved completely by Bryant, Horsley and Pettersson in ... More
The stochastic queue core problem on a treeJan 07 2017In this paper, an stochastic queue core problem on a tree, which seeks to find a core in an M/G/1 operating environment is investigated. Let T = (V,E) be a tree, an stochastic queue core of T is assumed to be a path P, for which the summation of the weighted ... More
Vortex bound states of charge and magnetic fluctuations-induced topological superconductors in heterostructuresApr 22 2019Apr 27 2019The helical electron states on the surface of topological insulators or elemental Bismuth become unstable toward superconducting pairing formation when coupled to the charge or magnetic fluctuations. The latter gives rise to pairing instability in chiral ... More
Approximate Hamiltonian Symmetry Groups and Recursion Operators for Perturbed Evolution EquationsDec 14 2012In this paper, the method of approximate transformation groups which was proposed by Baikov, Gazizov and Ibragimov, is extended on Hamiltonian and bi-Hamiltonian systems of evolution equations. Indeed, as a main consequence, this extended procedure is ... More
Hydrodynamics of a Black Brane in Gauss-Bonnet Massive GravityJul 26 2015Aug 02 2015A black brane solution to a Gauss-Bonnet massive gravity is introduced. In the context of AdS/CFT correspondence, the viscosity to entropy ratio is found by the Green-Kubo formula. The result indicates violation of the well-known KSS bound as expected ... More
A stochastic power management strategy with skid avoidance for improving energy efficiency of in-wheel motor electric vehiclesAug 23 2017In this study, a stochastic power management strategy for in-wheel motor electric vehicles (IWM-EV) is proposed to reduce the energy consumption and increase the driving range by considering the unpredictable nature of the driving power demand. A stochastic ... More
Integrability theorems and conformally constant Chern scalar curvature metrics in almost Hermitian geometryMar 03 2017The various scalar curvatures on an almost Hermitian manifold are studied, in particular with respect to conformal variations. We show several integrability theorems, which state that two of these can only agree in the K\"ahler case. Our main question ... More
On the lower bounds of the L^2-norm of the Hermitian scalar curvatureFeb 06 2017On a pre-quantized symplectic manifold, we show that the symplectic Futaki invariant, which is an obstruction to the existence of constant Hermitian scalar curvature almost-K\"ahler metrics, is actually an asymptotic invariant. This allows us to deduce ... More
The J-flow and stabilitySep 11 2013We study the J-flow from the point of view of an algebro-geometric stability condition. In terms of this we give a lower bound for the natural associated energy functional, and we show that the blowup behavior found by Fang-Lai is reflected by the optimal ... More
Phase Field Modeling of Galvanic CorrosionApr 23 2018A phase field (PF) based electrochemical model is presented for simulation of galvanic corrosion. Distributions of electrolyte potential and current density on anode and cathode surfaces are obtained by coupling the phase field variable with electrochemistry. ... More
$4$-dimensional almost-Kähler Lie algebras of constant Hermitian holomorphic sectional curvature are KählerSep 26 2017We prove that any $4$-dimensional almost-K\"ahler Lie algebra of constant Hermitian holomorphic sectional curvature with respect to the canonical Hermitian connection is K\"ahler.
On the Chern-Yamabe flowJun 15 2017On a closed balanced manifold, we show that if the Chern scalar curvature is small enough in a certain Sobolev norm then a slightly modified version of the Chern-Yamabe flow~\cite{Angella:2015aa} converges to a solution of the Chern-Yamabe problem. We ... More
G-set Theory and Applications in Lie TheoryJan 18 2012Jun 14 2017This paper is devoted to the development and applications of some (new) basic concepts in Lie theory, both from `computational" and "observability" viewpoint. We specify set of all "G-equivariant" maps from a given Lie group G to the underlying manifold ... More
Effective Digital Image Watermarking in YCbCr Color Space Accompanied by Presenting a Novel Technique Using DWTJun 20 2012In this paper, a quantization based watermark casting and blind watermark retrieval algorithm operating in YCbCr color space using discrete wavelet transform (DWT), for ownership verification and image authentication applications is implemented. This ... More
Some New Inequalities Between Important MeansOct 19 2007In this paper, mainly using the convexity of the function $\frac{a^x-b^x}{c^x-d^x}$ and convexity or concavity of the function $\ln\frac{a^x-b^x}{c^x-d^x}$ on the real line, where $a>b\geq c>d>0$ are fixed real numbers, we obtain some important relations ... More
Minimum distance of linear codes and the $α$-invariantJul 12 2015The simple interpretation of the minimum distance of a linear code obtained by De Boer and Pellikaan, and later refined by the second author, is further developed through the study of various finitely generated graded modules. We use the methods of commutative/homological ... More
An Integrability Theorem for Almost-Kähler Structures using J-anti-invariant Two-Forms on Four-ManifoldsJul 01 2015Sep 03 2015We establish a new criterion for a compatible almost complex structure on a symplectic four-manifold to be integrable and hence K\"ahler. Our main theorem shows that the existence of three linearly independent closed J-anti-invariant two-forms implies ... More
An investigation of the interrelationship between pressure and correlation in LaFeAsO under pressureSep 27 2018Here, we investigated the interrelationship between pressure and correlation in the LaFeAsO compound by the density functional theory method combined with the dynamical mean field theory (DFT+DMFT) method. The spectral function and the occupation number ... More
Bohmian Time Versus Probabilistic TimeSep 03 1997One of the basic peoblems of quantum cosmology is the problem of time. Various solutions have been proposed for this problem. One approach is to use the Bohmian time. Another Approach is to use the probabilistic time which was recently introduced by Castagnino. ... More
Seminormed $\ast$-subalgebras of $\ell^{\infty}(X)$Oct 03 2015Dec 12 2015Arbitrary representations of a commutative unital ($\ast$-) $\mathbb{F}$-algebra $A$ as a subalgeba of $\mathbb{F}^X$ are considered, where $\mathbb{F}=\mathbb{C}$ or $\mathbb{R}$ and $X\neq\emptyset$. The Gelfand spectrum of $A$ is explained as a topological ... More
Limit laws for distorted return time processes for infinite measure preserving transformationsSep 26 2005Mar 23 2006We consider conservative ergodic measure preserving transformations on infinite measure spaces and investigate the asymptotic behaviour of distorted return time processes with respect to sets satisfying a type of Darling-Kac condition. We identify two ... More
Brachistochrone Pursuit - Evasion Games and Riemann-Finsler GeometryJan 10 2011Jul 19 2012A geometric approach to differential game theory is illustrated. The parallel pursuit is considered as a two-player zero-sum differential game. The optimal strategies of each player is designed based on Riemann-Finsler geometry. Our approach incorporates ... More
Closed almost-Kähler 4-manifolds of constant non-negative Hermitian holomorphic sectional curvature are KählerSep 15 2017We show that a closed almost K\"ahler 4-manifold of globally constant holomorphic sectional curvature $k\geq 0$ with respect to the canonical Hermitian connection is automatically K\"ahler. The same result holds for $k<0$ if we require in addition that ... More
Multipliers over Fourier algebras of ultraspherical hypergroupsMay 09 2019Let $H$ be an ultraspherical hypergroup associated to a locally compact group $ G $ and let $A(H)$ be the Fourier algebra of $H$. For a left Banach $A(H)$-submodule $X$ of $VN(H)$, define $Q_X$ to be the norm closure of the linear span of the set $\{uf: ... More
Convolutions on the Haagerup tensor products of Fourier algebrasJun 19 2014We study the ranges of the maps of convolution $u\otimes v\mapsto u\ast v$ and a `twisted' convolution $u\otimes v\mapsto u\ast \check{v}$ ($\check{u}(s)=u(s^{-1})$) and on the Haagerup tensor product of a Fourier algebra of a compact group $A(G)$ with ... More
Quaternionic Bott-Chern cohomology and existence of HKT metricsMay 23 2016We study quaternionic Bott-Chern cohomology on compact hypercomplex manifolds and adapt some results from complex geometry to the quaternionic setting. For instance, we prove a criterion for the existence of HKT metrics on compact hypercomplex manifolds ... More
The multiplier algebra and BSE-functions for certain product of Banach algebrasSep 02 2015In this paper, we characterize the (left) multiplier algebra of a semidirect product algebra ${\mathcal A}={\mathcal B}\oplus {\mathcal I}$, where ${\mathcal I}$ and ${\mathcal B}$ are closed two-sided ideal and closed subalgebra of ${\mathcal A}$, respectively. ... More
The balanced 2-median and 2-maxian problems on a treeMar 27 2018This paper deals with the facility location problems with balancing on allocation clients to servers. Two bi-objective models are considered, in which one objective is the traditional p-median or p-maxian objective and the second is to minimize the maximum ... More
Some cohomological notions on ${\mathcal A}\times_T {\mathcal B}$Sep 02 2015Nov 07 2015Associated with two Banach algebras $\mathcal A$ and $\mathcal B$ and a norm decreasing homomorphism $T:{\mathcal B}\rightarrow{\mathcal A}$, there is a certain Banach algebra product ${\mathcal A}\times_T {\mathcal B}$, which is a splitting extension ... More
Holographic Aspects of a Higher Curvature Massive GravityApr 03 2017Jan 30 2019We study the holographic dual of a massive gravity with Gauss-Bonnet and cubic quasi-topological higher curvature terms. Firstly, we find the energy-momentum two-point function of the 4-dimensional boundary theory where the massive term breaks the conformal ... More
Shear Viscosity to Entropy Density for a Black Brane in 5-dimensional Einstein-Yang-Mills GravityNov 10 2014Aug 08 2015We calculate the ratio of shear viscosity to entropy density for a black brane of $5$-dimensional Einstein-Yang-Mills Gravity by Kubo and membrane paradigm methods. The former gives $\frac{1}{4\pi}$ exactly which is an expected result in the context of ... More
Extensions of Continuous Function in LG-TopologyMay 05 2019In this article we introduce three maps, OLG, CLG and LG in LGT-space literature and show that these maps are extension of the continuous function in LGT-spaces and have the almost properties of the continuous functions. Also, it has been introduced and ... More
Elastic Correlations in Nucleosomal DNA StructureJan 09 2007The structure of DNA in the nucleosome core particle is studied using an elastic model that incorporates anisotropy in the bending energetics and twist-bend coupling. Using the experimentally determined structure of nucleosomal DNA [T.J. Richmond and ... More
Electrostatic Contribution to Twist Rigidity of DNAMay 11 2003The electrostatic contribution to twist rigidity of DNA is studied, and it is shown that the Coulomb self-energy of the double-helical sugar-phosphate backbone contributes considerably to twist rigidity of DNA--the electrostatic twist rigidity of DNA ... More
Nonlinear Mechanical Response of DNA due to Anisotropic Bending ElasticityJul 19 2002The response of a short DNA segment to bending is studied, taking into account the anisotropy in the bending rigidities caused by the double-helical structure. It is shown that the anisotropy introduces an effective nonlinear twist-bend coupling that ... More
Cosmography of interacting generalized QCD ghost dark energyDec 18 2012Aug 24 2013Exploring the accelerated expansion of the universe, we investigate the generalized ghost dark energy (GGDE) model from the statefinder diagnosis analysis in a flat FRW universe. First we calculate the cosmological evolution and statefinder trajectories ... More
Maximally transitive semigroups of $n\times n$ matricesDec 30 2011We prove that, in both real and complex cases, there exists a pair of matrices that generates a dense subsemigroup of the set of $n\times n$ matrices.
A Collatz-type conjecture on the set of rational numbersOct 18 2010Define $\theta(x)=(x-1)/3$ if $x\geq 1$, and $\theta(x)=2x/(1-x)$ if $x<1$. We conjecture that the orbit of every positive rational number ends in 0. In particular, there does not exist any positive rational fixed point for a map in the semigroup $\Omega$ ... More
Means refinements via convexityJun 22 2016The main goal of this article is to find the exact difference between a convex function and its secant, as a limit of positive quantities. This idea will be expressed as a convex inequality that leads to refinements and reversals of well established inequalities ... More
On dependence of rational points on elliptic curvesMay 10 2016Let $E$ be an elliptic curve defined over $\mathbb Q$. Let $\Gamma$ be a subgroup of $E(\mathbb Q)$ and $P\in E(\mathbb Q)$. In [1], it was proved that if $E$ has no nontrivial rational torsion points, then $P\in\Gamma$ if and only if $P\in \Gamma$ mod ... More
Optimal initial condition of passive tracers for their maximal mixing in finite timeApr 05 2016The efficiency of a fluid mixing device is often limited by fundamental laws and/or design constraints, such that a perfectly homogeneous mixture cannot be obtained in finite time. Here, we address the natural corollary question: Given the best available ... More
Optimal regularity for variational problems with nonsmooth non-strictly convex gradient constraintsFeb 10 2016May 19 2016We prove the optimal regularity for variational problems with nonsmooth gradient constraints. Furthermore, we obtain the optimal regularity in two dimensions without assuming the strict convexity of the constraints. We also characterize the set of singular ... More
DataGrinder: Fast, Accurate, Fully non-Parametric Classification Approach Using 2D Convex HullsNov 11 2015It has been a long time, since data mining technologies have made their ways to the field of data management. Classification is one of the most important data mining tasks for label prediction, categorization of objects into groups, advertisement and ... More