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Skew-signings of positive weighted digraphsAug 05 2016An arc-weighted digraph is a pair $(D,\omega)$ where $D$ is a digraph and $\omega$ is an \emph{arc-weight function} that assigns\ to each arc $uv$ of $D$ a nonzero real number $\omega(uv)$. Given an arc-weighted digraph $(D,\omega)$ with vertices $v_{1},\ldots,v_{n}$, ... More
About the spectra of a real nonnegative matrix and its signingsJul 28 2015For a real matrix $M$, we denote by $sp(M)$ the spectrum of $M$ and by $\left \vert M\right \vert $ its absolute value, that is the matrix obtained from $M$ by replacing each entry of $M$ by its absolute value. Let $A$ be a nonnegative real matrix, we ... More
3-uniform hypergraphs: modular decomposition and realization by tournamentsMay 11 2018Let $H$ be a 3-uniform hypergraph. A tournament $T$ defined on $V(T)=V(H)$ is a realization of $H$ if the edges of $H$ are exactly the 3-element subsets of $V(T)$ that induce 3-cycles. We characterize the 3-uniform hypergraphs that admit realizations ... More
Matricial characterization of tournaments with maximum number of diamondsJun 11 2019A diamond is a $4$-tournament which consists of a vertex dominating or dominated by a $3$-cycle. Assuming the existence of skew-conference matrices, we give a complete characterization of $n$-tournaments with the maximum number of diamonds when $n\equiv0\pmod{4}$ ... More
Achievable Rate Regions for Two-Way Relay Channel using Nested Lattice CodingNov 21 2013This paper studies Gaussian Two-Way Relay Channel where two communication nodes exchange messages with each other via a relay. It is assumed that all nodes operate in half duplex mode without any direct link between the communication nodes. A compress-and-forward ... More
Resilience of Social Networks Under Different Attack StrategiesOct 31 2014Recent years have seen the world become a closely connected society with the emergence of different types of social networks. Online social networks have provided a way to bridge long distances and establish numerous communication channels which were ... More
On Varying Topology of Complex Networks and Performance Limitations of Community Detection AlgorithmsJul 28 2016One of the most widely studied problem in mining and analysis of complex networks is the detection of community structures. The problem has been extensively studied by researchers due to its high utility and numerous applications in various domains. Many ... More
Distributed Hypothesis Testing: Cooperation and Concurrent DetectionJul 18 2019A single-sensor two-detectors system is considered where the sensor communicates with both detectors and Detector 1 communicates with Detector 2, all over noise-free rate-limited links. The sensor and both detectors observe discrete memoryless source ... More
WinBioinfTools: Bioinformatics Tools for Windows High Performance Computing Server 2008May 05 2009Open source bioinformatics tools running under MS Windows are rare to find, and those running under Windows HPC cluster are almost non-existing. This is despite the fact that the Windows is the most popular operating system used among life scientists. ... More
Creativity Inspired Zero-Shot LearningApr 01 2019Apr 17 2019Zero-shot learning (ZSL) aims at understanding unseen categories with no training examples from class-level descriptions. To improve the discriminative power of zero-shot learning, we model the visual learning process of unseen categories with an inspiration ... More
Statistique sur la cyclicité de A-module de Drinfeld de rang 2Jun 17 2006Jun 21 2006Let $\Phi $ be a Drinfeld $\mathbf{F}\_{q}[T]$-module of rank 2, over a finite field $L=\mathbf{F}\_{q^{n}}$. We will study the cyclic property of the structure $L^{\Phi}.$ We will prove that the latter is cyclic only for trivial extensions of $\mathbf{F}\_{q}$. ... More
Endomorphism Rings and Isogenies Classes for Drinfeld Modules of Rank 2 Over Finite FieldsDec 18 2004Mar 31 2005Let $\Phi $ be a Drinfeld $\mathbf{F}_{q}[T]$-module of rank 2, over a finite field $L$, a finite extension of $n$ degrees of a finite field with $q$ elements $\mathbf{F}_{q}$. Let $m$ be the extension degrees of $ L$ over the field $\mathbf{F}_{q}[T]/P$, ... More
Anneaux d'Endomorphismes de modules de Drinfeld de rang 2Jun 17 2006We discuss many analogy points with the elliptic curves. more precisely, we study the characteristic polynomial of a Drinfeld module of rank 2 and use it to calculate the number of isogeny classes for such modules.
Creativity Inspired Zero-Shot LearningApr 01 2019Apr 03 2019Zero-shot learning (ZSL) aims at understanding unseen categories with no training examples from class-level descriptions. To improve the discriminative power of zero-shot learning, we model the visual learning process of unseen categories with an inspiration ... More
Groupes de renormalisation pour deux algèbres de Hopf en produit semi-directJul 05 2012We consider two interacting connected graded Hopf algebras, the former being a comodule-coalgebra on the latter. We show how to define analogues of Connes-Kreimer's renormalization group and Beta function, when the graduation operator is replaced by any ... More
Sur la Structure de A-module de Drinfeld de rang 2Jun 17 2006$\Phi $ be a Drinfeld $\mathbf{F}\_{q}[T]$-module of rank 2, over a finite field $L$. Let $P\_{\Phi}(X)=$ $X^{2}-cX+\mu P^{m}$ ($c$ an element of $\mathbf{F}\_{q}[T],$ $\mu $ be a non-vanishing element of $% \mathbf{F}\_{q}$, $m$ the degree of the extension ... More
Doubling bialgebras of graphs and feynman rulesMay 13 2016In this article, we define a doubling procedure for the bialgebra of specified Feynman graphs introduced in a previous paper \cite {DMB}. This is the vector space generated by the pairs $(\bar \Gamma, \bar \gamma)$ where $\bar \Gamma$ is a locally $1PI$ ... More
Are all Social Networks Structurally Similar? A Comparative Study using Network Statistics and MetricsOct 30 2013Oct 27 2014The modern age has seen an exponential growth of social network data available on the web. Analysis of these networks reveal important structural information about these networks in particular and about our societies in general. More often than not, analysis ... More
Information-Centric Offloading in Cellular Networks with Coordinated Device-to-Device CommunicationAug 11 2016In this paper, we develop a comprehensive analytical framework for cache enabled cellular networks overlaid with coordinated device-to-device (D2D) communication. We follow an approach similar to LTE Direct, where the base station (BS) is responsible ... More
Mobile Application for GBAS Air Traffic Status UnitMay 27 2014At present, the Air Traffic Status Unit is a windows PC based application, which receives the status of ground based augmentation system station over Ethernet and displays on the screen. The objective of this project is to convert the PC based Application ... More
Distributed Optimal Quantization and Power Allocation for Sensor Detection Via ConsensusJun 03 2015We address the optimal transmit power allocation problem (from the sensor nodes (SNs) to the fusion center (FC)) for the decentralized detection of an unknown deterministic spatially uncorrelated signal which is being observed by a distributed wireless ... More
On the Inter-relationships among Drift rate, Forgetting rate, Bias/variance profile and ErrorJan 29 2018Feb 04 2018We propose two general and falsifiable hypotheses about expectations on generalization error when learning in the context of concept drift. One posits that as drift rate increases, the forgetting rate that minimizes generalization error will also increase ... More
Achievable Regions for Interference Channels with Generalized and Intermittent FeedbackSep 03 2014In this paper, we first study a two-user interference channel with generalized feedback. We establish an inner bound on its capacity region. The coding scheme that we employ for the inner bound is based on an appropriate combination of Han-Kobayash rate ... More
Strong CP problem, Neutron EDM and Thermal QCD sum rulesNov 20 2003The behaviour of the broken CP symmetry at finite temperature is examined. This is achieved through the investigation of the neutron electric dipole moment $d_n$ induced by $\theta$-term. By using thermal QCD sum rules, we find that below the critical ... More
Etale fundamental groups of affinoid $p$-adic curves and formal fibres of $p$-adic curvesMay 12 2016Jul 17 2016We prove that the geometric etale fundamental group of a (geometrically connected) rigid smooth $p$-adic affinoid curve (resp. of a formal fibre of a $p$-adic curve) is a direct factor of a certain profinite free group. We also prove that the maximal ... More
The nuclear quadrupole moment mesured with Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance NQR : Principle and definitionJul 04 2016The nuclear quadruple moment is a fundamental character associated to the nuclei, this moment is related to the not purely spherical distribution in the nuclei, indeed its measure allows us to survey the geometric deformation of the nuclei of its spherical ... More
Effect of Generalized Uncertainty Principle on Main-Sequence Stars and White DwarfsDec 14 2015This paper addresses the effect of generalized uncertainty principle, emerged by a different approaches of quantum gravity within Planck scale, on thermodynamic properties of photon, non-relativistic ideal gases and degenerate fermions. A modification ... More
A probabilistic analysis of a leader election algorithmFeb 09 2007A {\em leader election} algorithm is an elimination process that divides recursively into tow subgroups an initial group of n items, eliminates one subgroup and continues the procedure until a subgroup is of size 1. In this paper the biased case is analyzed. ... More
A formula for the numerical range of an elementary operator on C*-algebraApr 08 2015Let $\A$ be a $C^*-$algebra with unit element $1$ and unitary group $U.$ Let $a=(a_1, ..., a_k)$ and $b=(b_1, ..., b_k)$ two $k-$tuples of elements in $\A.$ The elementary operator associated to $a$ and $b$ is defined by $ R_{a, b} (x)= \sum_{i=1}^ {k} ... More
On the Adversarial Robustness of Neural Networks without Weight TransportAug 09 2019Neural networks trained with backpropagation, the standard algorithm of deep learning which uses weight transport, are easily fooled by existing gradient-based adversarial attacks. This class of attacks are based on certain small perturbations of the ... More
Mode localization phenomenon in microbeams due to surface roughnessMar 07 2018This is the first study on the mode localization phenomenon in microbeams due to surface roughness. A new model for microbeams with rough surfaces is developed. The natural frequencies and mode shapes of cantilever, simple supported, and clamped-clamped ... More
A reduced micromorphic model for multiscale materials and its applications in wave propagationDec 02 2017In this study, a reduced micromorphic model for multiscale materials is developed. In the context of this model, multiscale materials are modeled with deformable microstructures. The deformation energy is formed depending on microstrain and macroscopic ... More
Infeasibility of the nonlocal strain gradient theory for applied PhysicsNov 27 2017In this communication, the feasibility of the nonlocal strain gradient theory for fields of applied mechanics is investigated. It is demonstrated that the nonlocal strain gradient theory is physically incorrect. It is proved that each of the nonlocal ... More
Interplay of minimax estimation and minimax support recovery under sparsityOct 12 2018In this paper, we study a new notion of scaled minimaxity for sparse estimation in high-dimensional linear regression model. We present more optimistic lower bounds than the one given by the classical minimax theory and hence improve on existing results. ... More
Iterative Nonlocal Residual ElasticityOct 09 2018Motivated by the existing complications of finding solutions of Eringen nonlocal model, an alternative model is developed here. The new formulation of the nonlocal elasticity is centered upon expressing the dynamic equilibrium requirements based on a ... More
$φ$-Lagrangian, a new scalar mediator for light-by-light scattering processJun 15 2018The $\phi$ scalar boson is a new mediator proposed to describe the direct light-by-light scattering observed recently in ultra-peripheral collisions (UPCs) with ATLAS detector where two photons interact directly to gives two photons in the final state. ... More
On powers of operators with spectrum in cantor sets and spectral synthesisJun 09 2017For $\xi \in \big( 0, \frac{1}{2} \big)$, let $E_{\xi}$ be the perfect symmetric set associated with $\xi$, that is $$E_{\xi} = \Big\{ \exp \Big( 2i \pi (1-\xi) \sum_{n = 1}^{+\infty} \epsilon_{n} \xi^{n-1} \Big) : \, \epsilon_{n} = 0 \textrm{ or } 1 ... More
Sparse Conformal PredictorsFeb 11 2009Conformal predictors, introduced by Vovk et al. (2005), serve to build prediction intervals by exploiting a notion of conformity of the new data point with previously observed data. In the present paper, we propose a novel method for constructing prediction ... More
Fibré vectoriel de rang $2n+1$ sur l'espace $\mathbb{P}^{2n+2}$Jan 08 2016May 30 2016We build in this article new families of algebraic vector bundles of rank $2n+1 $ on the complex projective space $\mathbb{P}^{2n +2} $ from two bundles of rank $2n$ on $\mathbb{P}^{2n+1}$, the weighted null correlation bundles \cite{bah2} and the weighted ... More
Necessary and sufficient conditions for exponential stabilization of systems affine in controlsOct 08 2017This paper provides necessary and sufficient conditions for exponential stabilization of distributed systems affine in control, evolving in a Banach state space, by means of constant controls. An explicit estimate of the convergence speed is obtained ... More
On subdirect factors of a projective module and applications to system theoryMay 01 2013Sep 06 2013We extend a result of Napp Avelli, van der Put, and Rocha with a system-theoretic interpretation to the noncommutative case: Let P be a f.g. projective module over a two-sided Noetherian domain. If P admits a subdirect product structure of the form P ... More
Numerical methods for optimal insurance demand under marked point processes shocksSep 03 2010This paper deals with numerical solutions of maximizing expected utility from terminal wealth under a non-bankruptcy constraint. The wealth process is subject to shocks produced by a general marked point process. The problem of the agent is to derive ... More
Optimal insurance demand under marked point processes shocks: a dynamic programming duality approachAug 30 2010We study the stochastic control problem of maximizing expected utility from terminal wealth under a non-bankruptcy constraint. The wealth process is subject to shocks produced by a general marked point process. The problem of the agent is to derive the ... More
Generalized $β$-Gaussian Ensemble Equilibrium measure methodAug 30 2014We investigate $\beta$-Generalized random Hermitian matrices ensemble sometimes called Chiral ensemble. We give global asymptotic of the density of eigenvalues or the statistical density. We investigate general method names as equilibrium measure method. ... More
Density of Positive Eigenvalues of the Generalized Gaussian Unitary EnsembleAug 30 2014Jan 26 2015We compute exact asymptotic of the statistical density of random matrices belonging to the Generalized Gaussian orthogonal, unitary and symplectic ensembles such that there no eigenvalues in the interval $[\sigma, +\infty[$. In particular, we show that ... More
Implementation of Kalman Filter with Python LanguageApr 02 2012In this paper, we investigate the implementation of a Python code for a Kalman Filter using the Numpy package. A Kalman Filtering is carried out in two steps: Prediction and Update. Each step is investigated and coded as a function with matrix input and ... More
An Insight View of Kernel Visual Debugger in System Boot upNov 20 2012For many years, developers could not figure out the mystery of OS kernels. The main source of this mystery is the interaction between operating systems and hardware while system's boot up and kernel initialization. In addition, many operating system kernels ... More
Theory of the Magnetic Resonance for the High-$T_C$ Copper-Oxide SuperconductorsMar 16 2014Apr 16 2014The magnetic response expected from a state characterized by rotating antiferromagnetism in a neutron-scattering experiment is calculated. We predict the occurrence of a peak at the frequency of the rotation of the rotating antiferromagnetic order parameter. ... More
Reuse of existing applications during the development of Enterprise Portals integrating Web ServicesDec 01 2013During these last years, the use of the web technologies in the enterprises becomes an essential factor to define a new business model. Among these technologies, web services and enterprise portals have gathered to integrate existing heterogeneous systems ... More
Testing for change in mean of heteroskedastic time seriesFeb 26 2011In this paper we consider a Lagrange Multiplier-type test (LM) to detect change in the mean of time series with heteroskedasticity of unknown form. We derive the limiting distribution under the null, and prove the consistency of the test against the alternative ... More
On the implications of a dilaton in gauge theorySep 08 2007Some recent work on the implications of a dilaton in 4d gauge theories are revisited. In part I of this paper we see how an effective dilaton coupling to gauge kinetic term provides a simple attractive mechanism to generate confinement. In particular, ... More
Confinement Driven by Scalar Field in 4d Non Abelian Gauge TheoriesSep 03 2006We review some of the most recent work on confinement in 4d gauge theories with a massive scalar field (dilaton). Emphasis is put on the derivation of confining analytical solutions to the Coulomb problem versus dilaton effective couplings to gauge terms. ... More
Dual $φ$-divergences estimation in normal modelsAug 15 2011A class of robust estimators which are obtained from dual representation of $\phi$-divergences, are studied empirically for the normal location model. Members of this class of estimators are compared, and it is found that they are efficient at the true ... More
On Bayesian Estimation via DivergencesDec 26 2011In this Note we introduce a new methodology for Bayesian inference through the use of $\phi$-divergences and the duality technique. The asymptotic laws of the estimates are established.
Forward-Backward Charge Asymmetry in Z Production at the LHCMay 25 2007We present here a study on the determination of the effective weak mixing angle, $\sin^{2}\theta^{lept}_{eff}$ from the measurement of the Forward-Backward Asymmetry with a high a statistical precision, 10$^{-4}$. To reach such a precision it is necessary ... More
Compatibility betwenn pseudo-riemannian structure and Poisson structureOct 11 2001We will introduce two notions of compatibility bettwen pseudo-Riemannian metric and Poisson structure using the notion of contravariant connection introduced by Fernandes R. L., we will study some proprities of manifold endowed with such compatible structures ... More
Applying deep learning to classify pornographic images and videosNov 28 2015It is no secret that pornographic material is now a one-click-away from everyone, including children and minors. General social media networks are striving to isolate adult images and videos from normal ones. Intelligent image analysis methods can help ... More
Unitaire multiplicatif K-moyennableJun 21 2002Nous generalisons la theorie de la K-moyennabilite au cas d'un unitaire multiplicatif regulier V. Nous montrons que si (H,V,U) est un systeme de Kac K-moyennable, alors pour toute S-algebre A, les algebres $ A\times_{m}\hat S$ (produit croise maximal) ... More
General normal forms for any additive logicNov 11 2015Aug 16 2017In this article, we define general normal forms for any logic that has propositional part and whose non-propositional connectives distribute over the finite disjunctions. We do not require the non-propositional connectives to be closed on the set of formulas, ... More
Weak Godel's incompleteness property for some decidable versions of the calculus of relationsNov 04 2015Relativization is one of the central topics in the study of algebras of relations. Some relativized relation algebras behave much nicer than the original relation algebras. In this paper, we study the atomicity of the finitely generated free algebras ... More
Weak Godel's incompleteness property for some decidable versions of first order logicNov 16 2015The founding of the theory of cylindric algebras, by Alfred Tarski, was a conscious effort to create algebras out of first order predicate calculus. Let $n\in\omega$. The classes of non-commutative cylindric algebras ($NCA_n$) and weakened cylindric algebras ... More
Ricci flat left invariant Lorentzian metrics on 2-step nilpotent Lie groupsOct 14 2009Feb 15 2010We determine all Ricci flat left invariant Lorentzian metrics on simply connected 2-step nilpotent Lie groups. We show that the $2k+1$-dimensional Heisenberg Lie group $H_{2k+1}$ carries a Ricci flat left invariant Lorentzian metric if and only if $k=1$. ... More
Spectra and symmetric eigentensors of the Lichnerowicz Laplacian on $P^n(\comp)$Dec 17 2007We compute the eigenvalues with multiplicities of the Lichnerowicz Laplacian acting on the space of complex symmetric covariant tensor fields on the complex projective space $P^n(\comp)$. The spaces of symmetric eigentensors are explicitly given.
The Existence of Cartan Connections and Geometrizable Principal BundlesJun 13 2002Jul 19 2007The aim of this article is to proof a necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of a Cartan connection on a principal bundle. After collecting the essentially well known facts to fix the terminology, soldering forms and geometrizable principal ... More
Sobolev Freud polynomialsJan 01 2015We investigate the uniform asymptotic of some Sobolev orthogonal polynomials. Three term recurrence relation is given, moreover we give a recurrence relation between the so-called Sobolev orthogonal polynomials and Freud orthogonal polynomials.
Skew polynomial rings over abelian and idempotent reflexive ringsMar 11 2015Nov 16 2017Let $R$ be a ring and $\sigma$ an endomorphism of $R$. In this note, we study skew polynomial rings and skew power series rings over idempotent reflexive rings and abelian rings. Also, we introduce the concept of right (resp., left) $\sigma$-idempotent ... More
Produit tensoriel complété et platitudeMay 04 2018We give, in a more general case than the noetherian case, an answer to the question posed by Shaul on the flatness of the completed tensor product.
An iterative nonlocal residual constitutive model for nonlocal elasticityMar 23 2018Recently, it was claimed that the two-phase local/nonlocal constitutive models give well-posed nonlocal field problems and eliminates the ill-posedness of the fully nonlocal constitutive models. In this study, it is demonstrated that, both, the fully ... More
Correction of local-linear elasticity for nonlocal residuals: Application to Euler-Bernoulli beamsNov 30 2017Complications exist when solving the field equation in the nonlocal field. This has been attributed to the complexity of deriving explicit forms of the nonlocal boundary conditions. Thus, the paradoxes in the existing solutions of the nonlocal field equation ... More
Fibré de Tango pondéré généralisé de rang $n-1$ sur l'espace $\mathbb{P}^{n}$Aug 28 2015We study in this paper a new family of stable algebraic vector bundles of rank $ n-1 $ on the complex projective space $\mathbb{P}^{n}$ whose weighted Tango bundles of Cascini \cite{ca} belongs to. We show that these bundles are invariant under a miniversal ... More
Real structures on rational surfaces and automorphisms acting trivially on Picard groupsSep 11 2014Nov 13 2015In this article, we prove that any complex smooth rational surface $X$ which has no automorphism of positive entropy has a finite number of real forms (this is especially the case if $X$ cannot be obtained by blowing up $\mathbb P^2_{\mathbb C}$ at $r\geq ... More
Generalized Gaussian Random Unitary Matrices EnsembleAug 30 2014We describe Generalized Hermitian matrices ensemble sometimes called Chiral ensemble. We give global asymptotic of the density of eigenvalues or the statistical density. We will calculate a Laplace transform of such a density for finite $n$, which will ... More
Performance evaluation of parallel TCP, and its impact on bandwidth utilization and fairness in high-BDP networks based on test-bedOct 27 2015After the presence of high Bandwidth-Delay Product (high-BDP) networks, many researches have been conducted to prove either the existing TCP variants can achieve an excellent performance without wasting the bandwidth of these networks or not. In this ... More
Double barrier reflected BSDEs with stochastic Lipschitz coefficientJan 03 2018This paper proves the existence and uniqueness of a solution to doubly reflected backward stochastic differential equations where the coefficient is stochastic Lipschitz, by means of the penalization method.
Combinatorial Identities Involving the Mobius FunctionSep 16 2009Oct 20 2009In this paper we derive some identities and inequalities on the M\"obius mu function. Our main tool is phi functions for intervals of positive integers and their unions.
Doubling bialgebras of rooted treesMay 11 2016The vector space spanned by rooted forests admits two graded bialgebra structures. The first is defined by A. Connes and D. Kreimer using admissible cuts, and the second is defined by D. Calaque, K. Ebrahimi-Fard and the second author using contraction ... More
Theta Term in QCD sum rules at Finite Temperature and the Neutron Electric Dipole MomentDec 11 2002By using thermal QCD sum rules to investigate the $\bar{\theta}$ induced neutron electric dipole moment $d_n$, we have examined the behaviour of broken CP symmetry at finite temperature. We find that, below the critical temperature, the ratio $\mid {d_n ... More
Relative differential K-charactersMar 28 2008We define a group of relative differential K-characters associated with a smooth map between two smooth compact manifolds. We show that this group fits into a short exact sequence as in the non-relative case. Some secondary geometric invariants are expressed ... More
Enumeration of Spanning Trees Using Edge Exchange with Minimal PartitioningJul 02 2014In this thesis, Minimal Partitioning (MP) algorithm, an innovative algorithm for enumerating all the spanning trees in an undirected graph is presented. While MP algorithm uses a computational tree graph to traverse all possible spanning trees by the ... More
On the section conjecture over function fields and finitely generated fieldsDec 03 2015Mar 22 2016We investigate sections of arithmetic fundamental groups of hyperbolic curves over function fields. As a consequence we prove that the anabelian section conjecture of Grothendieck holds over all finitely generated fields over $\Bbb Q$ if it holds over ... More
On the existence of non-geometric sections of arithmetic fundamental groupsOct 23 2015We show the existence of group-theoretic sections of the "etale-by-geometrically abelian" quotient of the arithmetic fundamental group of hyperbolic curves over $p$-adic local fields relative to a proper and flat model which are non-geometric, i.e., which ... More
Automating Legal Research through Data MiningNov 08 2012The term legal research generally refers to the process of identifying and retrieving appropriate information necessary to support legal decision making from past case records. At present, the process is mostly manual, but some traditional technologies ... More
Sparse Coral Classification Using Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksNov 29 2015Autonomous repair of deep-sea coral reefs is a recent proposed idea to support the oceans ecosystem in which is vital for commercial fishing, tourism and other species. This idea can be operated through using many small autonomous underwater vehicles ... More
Quantum Gravity Corrections in Chandrasekhar LimitsNov 06 2015Aug 06 2016It is agreed that Chandrasekhar mass and central density of white dwarfs are independent, which means that there is a whole series of stars having radius and central density as parameters that all have the same Chandrasekhar mass. In this article the ... More
Controllability of the semilinear wave equation governed by a multiplicative controlJan 15 2019In this paper we establish several results on approximate controllability of a semilinear wave equation by making use of a single multiplicative control. These results are then applied to discuss the exact controllability properties for the one dimensional ... More
Passivity Analysis of Replicator Dynamics and its VariationsDec 18 2018In this paper, we focus on studying the passivity properties of different versions of replicator dynamics (RD). RD is an important class of evolutionary dynamics in evolutionary game theory. Evolutionary dynamics describe how the population composition ... More
Platitude géométrique et classes fondamentales relatives pondérées IJun 07 2009Let $X$ and $S$ be complex spaces with $X$ countable at infinity and $S$ reduced locally pure dimensional. Let $\pi:X\to S$ be an universally-$n$-equidimensional morphism (i.e open with constant pure $n$-dimensional fibers). If there is a cycle $\goth{X}$ ... More
Platitude géométrique et classes fondamentales relatives pondérées IIJun 06 2009This second part is devoted to the proof of all main results that we have mentionned in [KI].
On McCoy Condition and Semicommutative RingsApr 23 2012Let $R$ be a ring, $\sigma$ an endomorphism of $R$, $I$ a right ideal in $S=R[x;\sigma]$ and $M_R$ a right $R$-module. We give a generalization of McCoy's Theorem \cite{mccoy}, by showing that, if $r_S(I)$ is $\sigma$-stable or $\sigma$-compatible. Then ... More
On the Off-chip Memory Latency of Real-Time Systems: Is DDR DRAM Really the Best Option?Oct 16 2018Predictable execution time upon accessing shared memories in multi-core real-time systems is a stringent requirement. A plethora of existing works focus on the analysis of Double Data Rate Dynamic Random Access Memories (DDR DRAMs), or redesigning its ... More
Large Deviations Theorems in Nonparametric Regression on Functional DataFeb 18 2009Jun 10 2011In this paper we prove large deviations principles for the Nadaraya-Watson estimator of the regression of a real-valued variable with a functional covariate. Under suitable conditions, we show pointwise and uniform large deviations theorems with good ... More
On the existence of a torsor structure for Galois coversMar 23 2004Let $R$ be a complete discrete valuation ring with residue characteristic $p>0$. In this note we give an example of a Galois cover $f:Y\to X$ between flat and normal formal $R$-schemes of finite type which is \'etale above the generic fibre of $X$ such ... More
On the Riemann-Lie algebras and Riemann-Poisson Lie groupsOct 18 2003A Riemann-Lie algebra is a Lie algebra $\cal G$ such that its dual ${\cal G}^*$ carries a Riemannian metric compatible (in the sense introduced by th author in C. R. Acad. Paris, t. 333, S\'erie I, (2001) 763-768) with the canonical linear Poisson sructure ... More
Product of Non-Hermitian Random MatricesJan 24 2016Jan 27 2016We investigate the product of $n$ complex non-Hermitian, independent random matrices, each of size $N\times N$ in the class of elliptic matrices, with independent identically distributed entries. The joint probability distribution of the complex eigenvalues ... More
A local-global principle for torsors under geometric prosolvable fundamental groupsOct 23 2015We prove a local-global principle for torsors under the prosolvable geometric fundamental group of a hyperbolic curve over a number field.
Skew polynomial rings over abelian and idempotent reflexive ringsMar 11 2015Sep 09 2015Let $R$ be a ring and $\sigma$ an endomorphism of $R$. In this note, we study skew polynomial rings and skew power series rings over idempotent reflexive rings and abelian rings. Also, we introduce the concept of right (resp., left) $\sigma$-idempotent ... More
Multicasting over Overlay Networks A Critical ReviewNov 09 2012Multicasting technology uses the minimum network resources to serve multiple clients by duplicating the data packets at the closest possible point to the clients. This way at most only one data packets travels down a network link at any one time irrespective ... More
Etale fundamental groups of affinoid $p$-adic curvesMay 12 2016Aug 26 2017We prove that the geometric etale fundamental group of a (geometrically connected) rigid smooth $p$-adic affinoid curve is a semi-direct factor of a certain profinite free group. We also prove that the maximal pro-$p$ (resp. maximal prime-to-$p$) quotient ... More
LH*TH: New fast Scalable Distributed Data Structures (SDDS)Dec 14 2014Proposed in 1993 the Scalable Distributed Data Structures (SDDSs) became a profile of basis for the data management on Multi computer. In this paper we propose an organization of a LH* bucket based on the trie hashing in order to improve times of different ... More
Weight reduction for cohomological mod $p$ modular forms over imaginary quadratic fieldsAug 23 2011Let $ F$ be an imaginary quadratic field and $\mathcal{O}$ its ring of integers. Let $ \mathfrak{n} \subset \mathcal{O} $ be a non-zero ideal and let $ p> 5$ be a rational inert prime in $F$ and coprime with $\mathfrak{n}$. Let $ V$ be an irreducible ... More