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A Longitudinal Study of Google PlayFeb 08 2018The difficulty of large scale monitoring of app markets affects our understanding of their dynamics. This is particularly true for dimensions such as app update frequency, control and pricing, the impact of developer actions on app popularity, as well ... More
Navigation of C. elegans in three-dimensional media: roll maneuvers and planar turnsSep 12 2016Free-living nematode Caenorhabditis elegans is a powerful genetic model, essential for investigations ranging from behavior to neuroscience to aging, and locomotion is a key observable used in these studies. However, despite the fact that in its natural ... More
Change Point Models for Real-time V2I Cyber Attack Detection in a Connected Vehicle EnvironmentNov 30 2018Connected vehicle (CV) systems are cognizant of potential cyber attacks because of increasing connectivity between its different components such as vehicles, roadside infrastructure and traffic management centers. However, it is a challenge to detect ... More
Eventually Entanglement Breaking MapsJan 17 2018We analyze certain class of linear maps on matrix algebras that become entanglement breaking after composing a finite or infinite number of times with themselves. This means that the Choi matrix of the iterated linear map becomes separable in the tensor ... More
Eventually Entanglement Breaking MapsJan 17 2018Jun 11 2018We analyze certain class of linear maps on matrix algebras that become entanglement breaking after composing a finite or infinite number of times with themselves. This means that the Choi matrix of the iterated linear map becomes separable in the tensor ... More
An Efficient Approach towards Mitigating Soft Errors RisksOct 17 2011Smaller feature size, higher clock frequency and lower power consumption are of core concerns of today's nano-technology, which has been resulted by continuous downscaling of CMOS technologies. The resultant 'device shrinking' reduces the soft error tolerance ... More
Effect of AWGN & Fading (Raleigh & Rician) channels on BER performance of a WiMAX communication SystemNov 19 2012The emergence of WIMAX has attracted significant interests from all fields of wireless communications including students, researchers, system engineers and operators. The WIMAX can also be considered to be the main technology in the implementation of ... More
An Improved GEF Fast Addition AlgorithmApr 08 2013In this paper, an improved GEF fast addition algorithm is proposed. The proposed algorithm reduces time and memory space. In this algorithm, carry is calculated on the basis of arrival timing of the operand's bits without overhead of sorting. Intermediate ... More
Consistency of Quantum Background IndependenceApr 19 1997We analyse higher order background independence conditions arising from multiple commutators of background deformations in quantum closed string field theory. The conditions are shown to amount to a vanishing theorem for $\Delta_S$ cohomology classes. ... More
Factor of iid percolation on treesOct 14 2014Oct 03 2016We study invariant percolation processes on the d-regular tree that are obtained as a factor of an iid process. We show that the density of any factor of iid site percolation process with finite clusters is asymptotically at most (log d)/d as d tends ... More
String Vertices and Inner DerivationsJun 18 1997We show that it is algebraically consistent to express some string field theory operators as inner derivations of the B-V algebra of string vertices. In this approach, the recursion relations for the string vertices are found to take the form of a `geometrical' ... More
Topology change in spherical gravitational collapseJun 02 2015We argue that the formation of a Schwarzschild black hole via Datt-Oppenheimer-Snyder type gravitational collapse must be accompanied by a change in topology upon formation of the event horizon which physically separates matter in the interior from that ... More
Modified Newtonian dynamics as a prediction of general relativityJul 12 2006Mar 23 2009We consider a simple model of the physical vacuum as a self-gravitating relativistic fluid. Proceeding in a step-by-step manner, we are able to show that the equations of classical electrodynamics follow if the electromagnetic four-potential is associated ... More
The path towards manifest background independenceSep 30 1997The set of string vertices is extended to include moduli spaces with genus and numbers of ordinary and special punctures ranging over all integral values $g,n,\bar n\geq0$. It is argued that both the string background and the B-V delta operator should ... More
Geometrising the closed string field theory actionSep 17 1997We complete the set of string vertices of non-negative dimension by introducing in a consistent manner those moduli spaces which had previously been excluded. As a consequence we obtain a `geometrised' string action taking the simple form $S=f(\B)$ where ... More
A lower bound on the spectrum of unimodular networksSep 07 2016Unimodular networks are stochastic generalizations of finite graphs. We prove a lower bound on the spectral radius of both the adjacency and random walk operator of a unimodular network in terms of its average degree. Using this we prove an Alon-Boppana ... More
Percolation with small clusters on random graphsFeb 28 2014Dec 09 2015Consider the problem of determining the maximal induced subgraph in a random $d$-regular graph such that its components remain bounded as the size of the graph becomes arbitrarily large. We show, for asymptotically large $d$, that any such induced subgraph ... More
A Generalized ANOVA Dimensional Decomposition for Dependent Probability MeasuresAug 04 2014This article explores the generalized analysis-of-variance or ANOVA dimensional decomposition (ADD) for multivariate functions of dependent random variables. Two notable properties, stemming from weakened annihilating conditions, reveal that the component ... More
Dimension-wise Multivariate Orthogonal Polynomials in General Probability SpacesOct 26 2018This paper puts forward a new generalized polynomial dimensional decomposition (PDD), referred to as GPDD, comprising hierarchically ordered measure-consistent multivariate orthogonal polynomials in dependent random variables. Unlike the existing PDD, ... More
Nitrogen-induced Ferromagnetism in BaOMar 22 2015May 02 2015Density functional theory with local spin density approximation has been used to propose possible room temperature ferromagnetism in N-doped NaCl-type BaO. Pristine BaO is a wide bandgap semiconductor, however, N induces a large density of states at the ... More
Classical electrodynamics from the motion of a relativistic fluidAug 31 2004Jun 10 2006We show that there exists a choice of gauge in which the electromagnetic 4-potential may be written as the difference of two 4-velocity vector fields describing the motion of a two-component space-filling relativistic fluid. Maxwell's equations are satisfied ... More
Earth matter effect on atmospheric neutrino oscillation in (3+3) modelOct 06 2015In a recent combined analysis of short baseline neutrino oscillation data by Conrad et al it is shown that (3+3) neutrino model, defined by three active and three sterile neutrinos, results in an overall goodness of $67\%$ and a compatibility of $90\%$ ... More
A Perverse Sheaf Approach Toward a Cohomology Theory for String TheoryApr 25 2007May 20 2009We present the construction and properties of a self-dual perverse sheaf S_0 whose cohomology fulfills some of the requirements of String theory as outlined by T. Hubsch in hep-th/9612075. The construction of this S_0 utilizes techniques that follow from ... More
Higher Spin Theory - Part IJul 11 2013Jul 18 2013These notes comprise a part of the introductory lectures on Higher Spin Theory presented in the Eighth Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics. We construct free higher-spin theories and turn on interactions to find that inconsistencies show up in ... More
Helicity-1/2 Mode as a Probe of Interactions of Massive Rarita-Schwinger FieldNov 14 2011Mar 17 2013We consider the electromagnetic and gravitational interactions of a massive Rarita-Schwinger field. Stueckelberg analysis of the system, when coupled to electromagnetism in flat space or to gravity, reveals in either case that the effective field theory ... More
A Combinatorial interpretation of Hofstadter's G-sequenceMay 09 2011Jun 16 2013We give a combinatorial interpretation of a classical meta-Fibonacci sequence defined by G(n) = n - G(G(n-1)) with the initial condition G(1) = 1, which appears in Hofstadter's 'Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid'. The interpretation is in terms ... More
Uncertainty Quantification by Alternative Decompositions of Multivariate FunctionsOct 24 2013This article advocates factorized and hybrid dimensional decompositions (FDD/HDD), as alternatives to analysis-of-variance dimensional decomposition (ADD), for second-moment statistical analysis of multivariate functions. New formulae revealing the relationships ... More
The $f$-Sensitivity IndexDec 08 2015This article presents a general multivariate $f$-sensitivity index, rooted in the $f$-divergence between the unconditional and conditional probability measures of a stochastic response, for global sensitivity analysis. Unlike the variance-based Sobol ... More
A Polynomial Chaos Expansion in Dependent Random VariablesApr 12 2018This paper introduces a new generalized polynomial chaos expansion (PCE) comprising measure-consistent multivariate orthonormal polynomials in dependent random variables. Unlike existing PCEs, whether classical or generalized, no tensor-product structure ... More
Effects of density fluctuations on Supernova Neutrinos: 2$ν$ CaseNov 30 2005Apr 15 2006This paper has been withdrawn due to the use of some incorrect neutrino parameter space ranges.
Approximation Errors in Truncated Dimensional DecompositionsOct 24 2013The main theme of this paper is error analysis for approximations derived from two variants of dimensional decomposition of a multivariate function: the referential dimensional decomposition (RDD) and analysis-of-variance dimensional decomposition (ADD). ... More
Peixoto's Structural Stability Theorem: The One-dimensional VersionJun 03 2013Peixoto's structural stability and density theorems represent milestones in the modern theory of dynamical systems and their applications. Despite the importance of these theorems, they are often treated rather superficially, if at all, in upper level ... More
Consequences of Gravity-Induced Couplings in Theories with Many Particle SpeciesJan 14 2009Mar 09 2010In theories with many copies of the Standard Model virtual black hole exchange may produce effective higher dimensional operators that can be treated below the cutoff scale as fundamental vertices of interspecies non-gravitational interaction. We consider ... More
A Galerkin Isogeometric Method for Karhunen-Loeve Approximation of Random FieldsApr 17 2018This paper marks the debut of a Galerkin isogeometric method for solving a Fredholm integral eigenvalue problem, enabling random field discretization by means of the Karhunen-Loeve expansion. The method involves a Galerkin projection onto a finite-dimensional ... More
Schur multipliers and mixed unitary mapsJul 17 2018Oct 26 2018We consider the tensor product of the completely depolarising channel on $d\times d$ matrices with the map of Schur multiplication by a $k \times k$ correlation matrix and characterise, via matrix theory methods, when such a map is a mixed (random) unitary ... More
Maximum Entropy Multivariate Density Estimation: An exact goodness-of-fit approachJun 06 2004Jun 28 2004We consider the problem of estimating the population probability distribution given a finite set of multivariate samples, using the maximum entropy approach. In strict keeping with Jaynes' original definition, our precise formulation of the problem considers ... More
Ensemble Classifiers and Their Applications: A ReviewApr 15 2014Ensemble classifier refers to a group of individual classifiers that are cooperatively trained on data set in a supervised classification problem. In this paper we present a review of commonly used ensemble classifiers in the literature. Some ensemble ... More
On the Geometry and Homology of Certain Simple Stratified VarietiesOct 24 2002We study certain mild degenerations of algebraic varieties which appear in the analysis of a large class of supersymmetric theories, including superstring theory. We analyze Witten's sigma-model and find that the non-transversality of the superpotential ... More
Neimark--Sacker bifurcation and evidence of chaos in a discrete dynamical model of walkersJul 29 2015Jun 21 2016Bouncing droplets on a vibrating fluid bath can exhibit wave-particle behavior, such as being propelled by interacting with its own wave field. These droplets seem to walk across the bath, and thus are dubbed walkers. Experiments have shown that walkers ... More
Perturbations of SNe Ia lightcurves, colors and spectral features by circumstellar dustMar 10 2011May 12 2011It has been suggested that multiple scattering on circumstellar dust could explain the non-standard reddening observed in the line-of-sight to Type Ia supernovae. In this work we use Monte Carlo simulations to examine how the scattered light would affect ... More
Quantum Eraser Using A Modified Stern-Gerlach SetupJan 03 2005Apr 16 2012We propose a new setup to demonstrate quantum eraser, using spin-1/2 particles in a modified Stern-Gerlach setup, with a double slit. The "which-way" information can be erased simply by applying a transverse magnetic field with an additional magnet, resulting ... More
Some Systems of Multivariable Orthogonal q-Racah polynomialsOct 10 2004In 1991 Tratnik derived two systems of multivariable orthogonal Racah polynomials and considered their limit cases. q-Extensions of these systems are derived, yielding systems of multivariable orthogonal q-Racah polynomials, from which systems of multivariable ... More
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Cross-linked Graphene-Epoxy NanocompositesAug 13 2011Jul 10 2012This paper focuses on molecular dynamics (MD) modeling of graphene reinforced cross-linked epoxy (Gr-Ep) nanocomposite. The goal is to study the influence of geometry, and concentration of reinforcing nanographene sheet (NGS) on interfacial properties ... More
Quantum Clustering and Gaussian MixturesDec 29 2016The mixture of Gaussian distributions, a soft version of k-means , is considered a state-of-the-art clustering algorithm. It is widely used in computer vision for selecting classes, e.g., color, texture, and shapes. In this algorithm, each class is described ... More
Designing an interface to optimize reading with small display windowsNov 16 1998Sep 08 1999The electronic presentation of text in small display windows is mushrooming. In the present paper, four ways of presenting text in a small display window were examined and compared to a Normal Page condition: rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP), RSVP ... More
Theoretical Estimates of Integrated Sachs-Wolfe Effect Detection through EMU-ASKAP Survey with Confusion, Position Uncertainty, Shot Noise and SNR analysisSep 18 2014The paper discusses ISW estimates through EMU-ASKAP survey. The main ideas this paper covers include: 1- Discussion on source distribution, confusion, position accuracy and shotnoise (with discussion focusing on SN ratios). 2- Selection of maximum redshift ... More
Vacuum vertices and the ghost-dilatonJul 06 1995We complete the proof of the ghost-dilaton theorem in string theory by showing that the coupling constant dependence of the vacuum vertices appearing in the closed string action is given correctly by one-point functions of the ghost-dilaton. To prove ... More
Complete Network Security Protection for SME's within Limited ResourcesNov 30 2015The purpose of this paper is to present a comprehensive budget conscious security plan for smaller enterprises that lack security guidelines.The authors believe this paper will assist users to write an individualized security plan. In addition to providing ... More
Enhancing Infrastructure Security in Real EstateNov 30 2015As a result of the increased dependency on obtaining information and connecting each computer together for ease of access or communication, organizations risk being attacked and losing private information through breaches or insecure business activities. ... More
Cloud Computing Avoids Downfall of Application Service ProvidersNov 30 2015Businesses have become dependent on ever increasing amounts of electronic information and rapid transaction speeds. Experts such as Diffie speculate that the end of isolated computing is at hand, and that within the next decade most businesses will have ... More
Brownian motion as limit of the interchange processSep 25 2016We prove that the random empirical measure of appropriately rescaled particle trajectories of the interchange process on paths converges weakly to the deterministic measure of stationary Brownian motion on the unit interval. Our approach provides a direct ... More
A dwt, dct and svd based watermarking technique to protect the image piracyJul 11 2013With the rapid development of information technology and multimedia, the use of digital data is increasing day by day. So it becomes very essential to protect multimedia information from piracy and also it is challenging. A great deal of Copyright owners ... More
Massive Star Forming Regions in the Galaxy using the Spitzer GLIMPSE SurveyApr 19 2010We examine the thirteen most luminous sources in the WMAP free-free map using the Spitzer GLIMPSE and MSX surveys to identify massive star formation regions, emitting one-third of the Galactic free-free luminosity. We identify star forming regions by ... More
Waves in General Relativistic Two-fluid Plasma around a Schwarzschild Black HoleSep 29 2010May 16 2012Waves propagating in the relativistic electron-positron or ions plasma are investigated in a frame of two-fluid equations using the 3+1 formalism of general relativity developed by Thorne, Price and Macdonald (TPM). The plasma is assumed to be freefalling ... More
Some Systems of Multivariable Orthogonal Askey-Wilson PolynomialsOct 10 2004In 1991 Tratnik derived two systems of multivariable orthogonal Wilson polynomials and considered their limit cases. q-Analogues of these systems are derived, yielding systems of multivariable orthogonal Askey-Wilson polynomials and their special and ... More
Intrinsic Cutoff and Acausality for Massive Spin 2 Fields Coupled to ElectromagnetismJan 16 2008May 26 2008We couple a massive spin 2 particle to electromagnetism. By introducing new, redundant degrees of freedom using the Stueckelberg formalism, we extract an intrinsic, model independent UV cutoff of the effective field theory describing this system. The ... More
Higher-Spin Modes in a Domain-Wall UniverseSep 05 2014Oct 03 2014We find a consistent set of equations of motion and constraints for massive higher-spin fluctuations in a gravitational background, required of certain characteristic properties but more general than constant curvature space. Of particular interest among ... More
Spacetime Dimensionality from de Sitter EntropyJun 22 2011Dec 12 2014We argue that de Sitter universes with a small cosmological constant are entropically favored to have three spatial dimensions. The conclusion relies on the causal-patch description of de Sitter space, where fiducial observers experience local thermal ... More
Novel Computational Methods for High-Dimensional Stochastic Sensitivity AnalysisFeb 13 2014This paper presents three new computational methods for calculating design sensitivities of statistical moments and reliability of high-dimensional complex systems subject to random input. The first method represents a novel integration of polynomial ... More
A Noble Methodology for Users Work Process Driven Software Requirements for Smart Handheld DevicesAug 12 2014Requirement engineering is a key ingredient for software development to be effective. Apart from the traditional software requirement which is not much appropriate for new emerging software such as smart handheld device based software. In many perspectives ... More
Block Motion Based Dynamic Texture Analysis: A ReviewMar 24 2014Dynamic texture refers to image sequences of non-rigid objects that exhibit some regularity in their movement. Videos of smoke, fire etc. fall under the category of dynamic texture. Researchers have investigated different ways to analyze dynamic textures ... More
RS Flip-Flop Circuit Dynamics RevisitedJul 11 2015Sep 07 2015Logical RS flip-flop circuits are investigated once again in the context of discrete planar dynamical systems, but this time starting with simple bilinear (minimal) component models based on fundamental principles. The dynamics of the minimal model is ... More
NEDindex: A new metric for community structure in networksJan 25 2016There are several metrics (Modularity, Mutual Information, Conductance, etc.) to evaluate the strength of graph clustering in large graphs. These metrics have great significance to measure the effectiveness and they are often used to find the strongly ... More
Quantum Nonthermal Radiation of Kerr-anti-de Sitter Black HolesAug 28 2010We examine the properties of Quantum nonthermal radiation of a Kerr-anti-de Sitter (KAdS) black holes. Assuming that a crossing of the positive and negative Dirac energy levels occurs in a region near the event horizon of the hole, and spontaneous quantum ... More
Holographic Constraints on a Vector BosonDec 26 2012May 03 2013We show that holography poses non-trivial restrictions on various couplings of an interacting field. For a vector boson in the AdS Reissner-Nordstrom background, the dual boundary theory is pathological unless its electromagnetic and gravitational multipole ... More
A Model Independent Ultraviolet Cutoff for Theories with Charged Massive Higher Spin FieldsDec 22 2008Feb 13 2009We argue that the theory of a massive higher spin field coupled to electromagnetism in flat space possesses an intrinsic, model independent, finite upper bound on its UV cutoff. By employing the Stueckelberg formalism we do a systematic study to quantify ... More
Fermion Dipole Moment and HolographyJul 29 2015Nov 11 2015In the background of a charged AdS black hole, we consider a Dirac particle endowed with an arbitrary magnetic dipole moment. For non-zero charge and dipole coupling of the bulk fermion, we find that the dual boundary theory can be plagued with superluminal ... More
Electromagnetically Interacting Massive Spin-2 Field: Intrinsic Cutoff and Pathologies in External FieldsSep 16 2008Oct 08 2008By employing the Stueckelberg formalism, we argue that the theory of massive spin-2 field coupled to electromagnetism in flat space must have an intrinsic, model independent, finite UV cutoff. We show how the very existence of a cutoff has connection ... More
An Inductive Proof of Bertrand PostulateAug 15 2016In this paper, we are going to prove a famous problem concerning prime numbers. Bertrand postulate states that there is always a prime p with n < p < 2n, if n > 1. Bertrand postulate is not a newer one to be proven, in fact, after his assumption and numerical ... More
Discovering $CP$ violation in neutrino oscillation experiment using neutrino beam from electron captureSep 02 2012May 02 2014Considering the recently obtained value of $\theta_{13}$ from Daya Bay and other reactor experiments we have studied the prospects of considering mono-energetic neutrino beam in studying $CP$ violation in the leptonic sector. Using a neutrino beam from ... More
Magic baseline and magic energy in neutrino oscillation with non-standard interactionsApr 06 2010Feb 18 2011We have discussed conditions under which probability of oscillation ($\nu_e\rightarrow \nu_{\mu}$) is independent of CP violating phase $\delta$. The condition of magic baseline on its length is well-known. We have proposed another condition which is ... More
Strain and correlation induced half-metallic ferromagnetism in orthorhombic BaFeO$_{3}$Sep 01 2015Using first-principles calculations, the electronic and magnetic properties of orthorhombic BaFeO$_{3}$ (BFO) are investigated with local spin density approximation (LSDA). The calculations reveal that at the optimized lattice volume BFO has a lower energy ... More
Exploring Historical and Emerging Phishing Techniques and Mitigating the Associated Security RisksNov 30 2015Organizations invest heavily in technical controls for their Information Assurance (IA) infrastructure. These technical controls mitigate and reduce the risk of damage caused by outsider attacks. Most organizations rely on training to mitigate and reduce ... More
Spacetime geometry of static fluid spheresMar 16 2001Feb 14 2002We exhibit a simple and explicit formula for the metric of an arbitrary static spherically symmetric perfect fluid spacetime. This class of metrics depends on one freely specifiable monotone non-increasing generating function. We also investigate various ... More
Non-profit Organizations' Need to Address Security for Effective Government ContactingNov 30 2015The need for information security within small to mid-size companies is increasing. The risks of information security breach, data loss, and disaster are growing. The impact of IT outages and issues on the company are unacceptable to any size business ... More
Incident Response Plan for a Small to Medium Sized HospitalNov 30 2015Most small to medium health care organizations do not have the capability to address cyber incidents within the organization. Those that do are poorly trained and ill equipped. These health care organizations are subject to various laws that address privacy ... More
Cache Analysis of Non-uniform Distribution Sorting AlgorithmsJun 19 2007Aug 13 2007We analyse the average-case cache performance of distribution sorting algorithms in the case when keys are independently but not necessarily uniformly distributed. The analysis is for both `in-place' and `out-of-place' distribution sorting algorithms ... More
Numerical Solutions of ideal two-fluid equations very closed to the event horizon of Schwarzschild black holeAug 28 2010Jul 14 2012The 3+1 formalism of Thorne, Price and Macdonald has been used to derive the linear two-fluid equations describing transverse and longitudinal waves propagating in the two-fluid ideal collisionless plasmas surrounding a Schwarzschild black hole. The plasma ... More
Fitting inverse power-law quintessence models using the SNAP satelliteFeb 07 2002We investigate the possibility of using the proposed SNAP satellite in combination with low-z supernova searches to distinguish between different inverse power-law quintessence models. If the true model is that of a cosmological constant, we determine ... More
Euclidean distance matrix completion and point configurations from the minimal spanning treeOct 20 2016The paper introduces a special case of the Euclidean distance matrix completion problem (edmcp) of interest in statistical data analysis where only the minimal spanning tree distances are given and the matrix completion must preserve the minimal spanning ... More
QoS Provisioning Using Optimal Call Admission Control for Wireless Cellular NetworksFeb 23 2015The increasing demand for advanced services in wireless networks raises the problem for quality of service (QoS) provisioning with proper resource management. In this research, such a provisioning technique for wireless networks is performed by Call Admission ... More
A comparative study on face recognition techniques and neural networkOct 06 2012In modern times, face recognition has become one of the key aspects of computer vision. There are at least two reasons for this trend; the first is the commercial and law enforcement applications, and the second is the availability of feasible technologies ... More
Transverse Wave Propagation in Relativistic Two-fluid Plasmas around Schwarzschild-anti-de Sitter Black HoleMay 06 2012The 3+1 formalism of Thorne and Macdonald has been used to derive the linear two-fluid equations for transverse waves in the plasma closed to the Schwarzschild-anti-de Sitter (SAdS) black hole. We reformulate the relativistic two-fluid equations to take ... More
Longitudinal Wave Propagation in Relativistic Two-fluid Plasmas around Reissner-Nordstrom Black HoleAug 28 2010Nov 28 2010The 3+1 spacetime formulation of general relativity is used to investigate the transverse waves propagating in a plasma influenced by the gravitational field of Reissner-Nordstrom black hole, as explained in an earlier paper, to take account of relativistic ... More
q-Analogues of Some Multivariable Biorthogonal PolynomialsOct 10 2004A q-analogue a pair of multivariable biorthogonal polynomials found by M.V.Tratnik in 1989 is derived. The weight function is a product of a multivariable version of the integrand in the Askey-Roy integral and of the Askey-Wilson weight function in a ... More
Notes on a Cure for Higher-Spin AcausalityMar 30 2011Aug 05 2011We present a Lagrangian describing a massive charged spin-2 field and a scalar in a constant electromagnetic background, and we provide a consistent description of the system. The Lagrangian, derived from string field theory through a suitable dimensional ... More
Comments on Higher-Spin Fields in Nontrivial BackgroundsMar 09 2016Mar 29 2016We consider the free propagation of totally symmetric massive bosonic fields in nontrivial backgrounds. The mutual compatibility of the dynamical equations and constraints in flat space amounts to the existence of an Abelian algebra formed by the d'Alembertian, ... More
Note on Gauge Invariance and Causal PropagationJun 24 2013Aug 29 2013Interactions of gauge-invariant systems are severely constrained by several consistency requirements. One is the preservation of the number of gauge symmetries, another is causal propagation. For lower-spin fields, the emphasis is usually put on gauge ... More
Guessing models and the approachability idealFeb 27 2018Starting with two supercompact cardinals we produce a generic extension of the universe in which the principles ${\rm ISP}(\omega_2)$ and ${\rm ISP}(\omega_3)$ hold simultaneously, and the restriction of the approachability ideal $I[\omega_2]$ to the ... More
It should be Einstein-Laub Equations inside MatterNov 01 2012In a recent article [1], Mansuripur has claimed that inside the matter, conventional Lorentz Force law should be abandoned in favor of a more general expression of the electromagnetic force density such as the one discovered by A. Einstein and J.Laub ... More
Cardinal collapsing and product forcingJun 06 2015Oct 02 2015If $\langle \kappa_{n}: n<\omega \rangle$ is an increasing sequence of regular cardinals cofinal in $\kappa$, and $\langle \mathbb{P}_n: n<\omega \rangle$ is a sequence of non-trivial separative forcing notions, such that each $\mathbb{P}_n$ is $\kappa_n$-closed ... More
Ground state structure of BaFeO$_{3}$: Density Functional Theory CalculationsApr 20 2016Using density functional theory calculations, the ground state structure of BaFeO$_3$ (BFO) is investigated with local spin density approximation (LSDA). Cubic, tetragonal, orthorhombic, and rhombohedral types BFO are considered to calculate the formation ... More
Video Surveillance in the Cloud?Nov 30 2015A high-resolution video surveillance management system incurs huge amounts of storage and network bandwidth. The current infrastructure required to support a high resolution video surveillance management system (VMS) is expensive and time consuming to ... More
Security Risks in Mechanical Engineering IndustriesNov 30 2015Inherent in any organization are security risks and barriers that must be understood, analyzed, and minimized in order to prepare for and perpetuate future growth and return on investment within the business. Likewise, company leaders must determine the ... More
Healthcare IT: Is your Information at Risk?Nov 30 2015Healthcare Information Technology (IT) has made great advances over the past few years and while these advances have enable healthcare professionals to provide higher quality healthcare to a larger number of individuals it also provides the criminal element ... More
Narrowing the Modeling Gap: A Cluster-Ranking Approach to Coreference ResolutionJan 16 2014Traditional learning-based coreference resolvers operate by training the mention-pair model for determining whether two mentions are coreferent or not. Though conceptually simple and easy to understand, the mention-pair model is linguistically rather ... More
Ciliate Gene Unscrambling with Fewer TemplatesAug 10 2010One of the theoretical models proposed for the mechanism of gene unscrambling in some species of ciliates is the template-guided recombination (TGR) system by Prescott, Ehrenfeucht and Rozenberg which has been generalized by Daley and McQuillan from a ... More
Application of Machine Learning Techniques in AquacultureMay 03 2014In this paper we present applications of different machine learning algorithms in aquaculture. Machine learning algorithms learn models from historical data. In aquaculture historical data are obtained from farm practices, yields, and environmental data ... More
Adaptive-Sparse Polynomial Dimensional Decomposition Methods for High-Dimensional Stochastic ComputingFeb 13 2014This article presents two novel adaptive-sparse polynomial dimensional decomposition (PDD) methods for solving high-dimensional uncertainty quantification problems in computational science and engineering. The methods entail global sensitivity analysis ... More
From Higher Spins to Strings: A PrimerDec 24 2015Apr 18 2016A contribution to the collection of reviews "Introduction to Higher Spin Theory" edited by S. Fredenhagen, this introductory article is a pedagogical account of higher-spin fields and their connections with String Theory. We start with the motivations ... More