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Information Diffusion Power of Political Party Twitter Accounts During Japan's 2017 ElectionSep 25 2018In modern election campaigns, political parties utilize social media to advertise their policies and candidates and to communicate to electorates. In Japan's latest general election in 2017, the 48th general election for the Lower House, social media, ... More
Do Political Detachment Users Receive Various Political Information on Social Media?Jun 26 2018In the election, political parties communicate political information to people through social media. The followers receive the information, but can users who are not followers, political detachment users, receive the information? We focus on political ... More
Analysis of Political Party Twitter Accounts' Retweeters During Japan's 2017 ElectionDec 17 2018In modern election campaigns, political parties utilize social media to advertise their policies and candidates and to communicate to the electorate. In Japan's latest general election in 2017, the 48th general election for the Lower House, social media, ... More
Analysis of User Dwell Time by Category in News ApplicationAug 23 2019Dwell time indicates how long a user looked at a page, and this is used especially in fields where ratings from users such as search engines, recommender systems, and advertisements are important. Despite the importance of this index, however, its characteristics ... More
When Do Users Change Their Profile Information on Twitter?Nov 25 2017We can see profile information such as name, description and location in order to know the user on social media. However, this profile information is not always fixed. If there is a change in the user's life, the profile information will be changed. In ... More
Realizing Half-Diminished Reality from Video Stream of Manipulating ObjectsSep 25 2017When we watch a video, in which human hands manipulate objects, these hands may obscure some parts of those objects. We are willing to make clear how the objects are manipulated by making the image of hands semi-transparent, and showing the complete images ... More
Journal Name Extraction from Japanese Scientific News ArticlesJun 11 2019In Japanese scientific news articles, although the research results are described clearly, the article's sources tend to be uncited. This makes it difficult for readers to know the details of the research. In this paper, we address the task of extracting ... More
Analysis of Home Location Estimation with Iteration on Twitter Following RelationshipAug 30 2016User's home locations are used by numerous social media applications, such as social media analysis. However, since the user's home location is not generally open to the public, many researchers have been attempting to develop a more accurate home location ... More
D=26 and Exact Solution to the Conformal-Gauge Two-Dimensional Quantum GravityJan 28 1998Jan 29 1998The conformal-gauge two-dimensional quantum gravity is formulated in the framework of the BRS quantization and solved completely in the Heisenberg picture: All n-point Wightman functions are explicitly obtained. The field-equation anomaly is shown to ... More
Proof of the Gauge Independence of the Conformal Anomaly of Bosonic String in the Sense of Kraemmer and RebhanOct 16 1997Kraemmer and Rebhan claimed the gauge independence of the conformal anomaly of bosonic string for various gauge fixings in the framework of the perturbation theory of two-dimensional quantum gravity. It is pointed out that their proof is wrong. The gauge ... More
Pseudo Cuntz Algebra and Recursive FP Ghost System in String TheoryOct 01 2001Representation of the algebra of FP (anti)ghosts in string theory is studied by generalizing the recursive fermion system in the Cuntz algebra constructed previously. For that purpose, the pseudo Cuntz algebra, which is a $\ast$-algebra generalizing the ... More
Construction of an Identically Nilpotent BRS Charge in the Kato-Ogawa String TheoryJul 23 1998In previous work, the conformal-gauge two-dimensional quantum gravity in the BRS formalism has been solved completely in terms of Wightman functions. In the present paper, this result is extended to the closed and open bosonic strings of finite length; ... More
Nonlinear Transformation Group of CAR Fermion AlgebraOct 01 2001Based on our previous work on the recursive fermion system in the Cuntz algebra, it is shown that a nonlinear transformation group of the CAR fermion algebra is induced from a $U(2^p)$ action on the Cuntz algebra ${\cal O}_{2^p}$ with an arbitrary positive ... More
Question on D=26 --- String Theory versus Quantum Gravity ---Oct 16 1997In the covariant-gauge two-dimensional quantum gravity, various derivations of the critical dimension D=26 of the bosonic string are critically reviewed, and their interrelations are clarified. It is shown that the string theory is not identical with ... More
Spin-3/2 Fermions in Twistor FormalismMar 21 2001Dec 11 2001Consistency conditions for the local existence of massless spin 3/2 fields has been explored that the field equations for massless helicity 3/2 are consistent iff the space-time is Ricci-flat and that in Minkowski space-time the space of conserved charges ... More
Improving Compression Based Dissimilarity Measure for Music Score AnalysisOct 04 2017In this paper, we propose a way to improve the compression based dissimilarity measure, CDM. We propose to use a modified value of the file size, where the original CDM uses an unmodified file size. Our application is a music score analysis. We have chosen ... More
Wikipedia Page View Reflects Web Search TrendSep 07 2015The frequency of a web search keyword generally reflects the degree of public interest in a particular subject matter. Search logs are therefore useful resources for trend analysis. However, access to search logs is typically restricted to search engine ... More
Home Location Estimation Using Weather Observation DataSep 03 2017We can extract useful information from social media data by adding the user's home location. However, since the user's home location is generally not publicly available, many researchers have been attempting to develop a more accurate home location estimation. ... More
Analysis of the Influence of Internet TV Station on Wikipedia Page ViewsMar 05 2019We aim to investigate the influence of television on the web; if the influence is strong, a viral effect may be expected. In this paper, we focus on the Internet TV station and on Wikipedia use as exploratory behavior on the web. We analyzed the influence ... More
Analysis of User Dwell Time on Non-News PagesMar 01 2019There is dwell time as one of the indicators of user's behavior, and this indicates how long a user looked at a page. Dwell time is especially useful in fields where user ratings are important, such as search engines, recommender systems, and advertisements ... More
Response Collector: A Video Learning System for Flipped ClassroomsAug 22 2018The flipped classroom has become famous as an effective educational method that flips the purpose of classroom study and homework. In this paper, we propose a video learning system for flipped classrooms, called Response Collector, which enables students ... More
Computing Information Quantity as Similarity Measure for Music Classification TaskApr 16 2018This paper proposes a novel method that can replace compression-based dissimilarity measure (CDM) in composer estimation task. The main features of the proposed method are clarity and scalability. First, since the proposed method is formalized by the ... More
Using Conservative Estimation for Conditional Probability instead of Ignoring Infrequent CaseSep 25 2017There are several estimators of conditional probability from observed frequencies of features. In this paper, we propose using the lower limit of confidence interval on posterior distribution determined by the observed frequencies to ascertain conditional ... More
Finding Association Rules by Direct Estimation of Likelihood RatiosSep 25 2017In this paper, we propose a cost function that corresponds to the mean square errors between estimated values and true values of conditional probability in a discrete distribution. We then obtain the values that minimize the cost function. This minimization ... More
Confidence Interval of Probability Estimator of Laplace SmoothingSep 25 2017Sometimes, we do not use a maximum likelihood estimator of a probability but it's a smoothed estimator in order to cope with the zero frequency problem. This is often the case when we use the Naive Bayes classifier. Laplace smoothing is a popular choice ... More
(0,2) Gauged Linear Sigma Model on SupermanifoldMay 28 2007Aug 06 2009We construct (0,2), D=2 gauged linear sigma model on a supermanifold in both the Abelian gauge group and the non-Abelian gauge group. The $\hat{U}$ operator provides consistency conditions for satisfying the SUSY invariance. Contrary to the Abelian gauge ... More
On the two-dimensional steady Navier-Stokes equations related to flows around a rotating obstacleMar 21 2017We study the two-dimensional stationary Navier-Stokes equations with rotating effect in the whole space. The unique existence and the asymptotics of solutions are obtained without the smallness assumption on the rotation parameter.
Polysemy Detection in Distributed Representation of Word SenseSep 26 2017In this paper, we propose a statistical test to determine whether a given word is used as a polysemic word or not. The statistic of the word in this test roughly corresponds to the fluctuation in the senses of the neighboring words a nd the word itself. ... More
Q-balls in flat potentialsMay 01 2009Aug 04 2009We study the classical and absolute stability of Q-balls in scalar field theories with flat potentials arising in both gravity-mediated and gauge-mediated models. We show that the associated Q-matter formed in gravity-mediated potentials can be stable ... More
The neural and cognitive architecture for learning from a small sampleOct 05 2018Artificial intelligence algorithms are capable of fantastic exploits, yet they are still grossly inefficient compared with the brain's ability to learn from few exemplars or solve problems that have not been explicitly defined. What is the secret that ... More
Some stationary properties of a $Q$-ball in arbitrary space dimensionsMay 21 2008Sep 15 2008Introducing new physically motivated ans\"{a}tze, we explore both analytically and numerically the classical and absolute stabilities of a single $Q$-ball in an arbitrary number of spatial dimensions $D$, working in both the thin and thick wall limits. ... More
2-form gauge theory dual to scalar-tensor theoryJun 06 2019We generalize the electromagnetic duality between a massless, canonical scalar field and a 2-form gauge field in 4-dimensional spacetime to scalar-tensor theories. We derive the action of 2-form gauge field that is dual to two kinds of scalar-tensor theories: ... More
On Reward Function for SurvivalJun 18 2016Jul 24 2016Obtaining a survival strategy (policy) is one of the fundamental problems of biological agents. In this paper, we generalize the formulation of previous research related to the survival of an agent and we formulate the survival problem as a maximization ... More
Stochastic shear thickening fluids: Strong convergence of the Galerkin approximation and the energy equalitySep 11 2010Oct 08 2012We consider a stochastic partial differential equation (SPDE) which describes the velocity field of a viscous, incompressible non-Newtonian fluid subject to a random force. Here, the extra stress tensor of the fluid is given by a polynomial of degree ... More
Non-parametric Bayesian approach to extrapolation problems in configuration interaction methodsJul 11 2019We propose a non-parametric extrapolation method based on Gaussian Processes for configuration interaction methods. Our method has many advantages: (i) applicability to small data sets such as results of ab initio methods, (ii) flexibility to impose various ... More
Proton-neutron pairing vibrations in N=Z nuclei: Precursory soft mode of isoscalar pairing condensationSep 17 2014L=0 proton-neutron ($pn$) pair-addition and pair-removal strengths in $^{40}$Ca and $^{56}$Ni are investigated by means of the $pn$ particle-particle random-phase approximation employing a Skyrme energy-density functional. It is found that the collectivity ... More
Spin-isospin response of deformed neutron-rich nuclei in a self-consistent Skyrme energy-density-functional approachAug 02 2013We develop a new framework of the self-consistent deformed proton-neutron quasiparticle-random-phase approximation (pnQRPA), formulated in the Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov (HFB) single-quasiparticle basis. The same Skyrme force is used in both the HFB and ... More
Maximizing a Monotone Submodular Function with a Bounded Curvature under a Knapsack ConstraintJul 15 2016We consider the problem of maximizing a monotone submodular function under a knapsack constraint. We show that, for any fixed $\epsilon > 0$, there exists a polynomial-time algorithm with an approximation ratio $1-c/e-\epsilon$, where $c \in [0,1]$ is ... More
Testing List H-HomomorphismsJun 16 2011Let $H$ be an undirected graph. In the List $H$-Homomorphism Problem, given an undirected graph $G$ with a list constraint $L(v) \subseteq V(H)$ for each variable $v \in V(G)$, the objective is to find a list $H$-homomorphism $f:V(G) \to V(H)$, that is, ... More
Lower Bounds on Query Complexity for Testing Bounded-Degree CSPsJul 19 2010In this paper, we consider lower bounds on the query complexity for testing CSPs in the bounded-degree model. First, for any ``symmetric'' predicate $P:{0,1}^{k} \to {0,1}$ except \equ where $k\geq 3$, we show that every (randomized) algorithm that distinguishes ... More
Global structure of solutions toward the rarefaction waves for the Cauchy problem of the scalar conservation law with nonlinear viscositySep 14 2019In this paper, we investigate the global structure of solutions to the Cauchy problem for the scalar viscous conservation law where the far field states are prescribed. Especially, we deal with the case when the viscous/diffusive flux $\sigma(v) \sim ... More
Decay properties of solutions toward a multiwave pattern to the Cauchy problem for the scalar conservation law with degenerate flux and viscosityNov 24 2014In this paper, we study the precise decay rate in time to solutions of the Cauchy problem for the one-dimensional conservation law with a nonlinearly degenerate viscosity where the far field states are prescribed. Especially, we deal with the case when ... More
Structure Formation in the Early UniverseJun 23 2009The standard theory of cosmic structure formation posits that the present-day rich structure of the Universe developed through gravitational amplification of tiny matter density fluctuations generated in its very early history. Recent observations of ... More
Optimal Constant-Time Approximation Algorithms and (Unconditional) Inapproximability Results for Every Bounded-Degree CSPJun 17 2010Oct 29 2010Raghavendra (STOC 2008) gave an elegant and surprising result: if Khot's Unique Games Conjecture (STOC 2002) is true, then for every constraint satisfaction problem (CSP), the best approximation ratio is attained by a certain simple semidefinite programming ... More
Chiral Symmetry, Heavy Quark Symmetry and Bound StatesJun 12 1995I investigate the bound state problems of lowest-lying mesons and heavy mesons. Chiral symmetry is essential when one consider lowest-lying mesons. Heavy quark symmetry plays an central role in considering the semi-leptonic form factors of heavy mesons. ... More
Local torus actions modeled on the standard representationOct 11 2007Jun 02 2011We introduce the notion of a local torus action modeled on the standard representation (for simplicity, we call it a local torus action). It is a generalization of a locally standard torus action and also an underlying structure of a locally toric Lagrangian ... More
Roles of deformation and neutron excess on the giant monopole resonance in neutron-rich Zr isotopesAug 09 2010We investigate the roles of deformation on the giant monopole resonance (GMR), particularly the mixing of the giant quadrupole resonance (GQR) and the effects of the neutron excess in the well-deformed nuclei around $^{110}$Zr and in the drip-line nuclei ... More
Skyrme-QRPA calculations for low-lying excitation modes in deformed neutron-rich nucleiFeb 18 2009Low-frequency modes of excitation in deformed neutron-rich nuclei are studied by means of the quasiparticle random-phase approximation on the Skyrme-Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov mean field. We investigate the microscopic structure of the soft $K^{\pi}=0^{+}$ ... More
Measurement of Higgs Branching Ratio at ILCJul 06 2009Sep 07 2009Measurement of Higgs branching ratio is necessary to investigate Higgs coupling to particle masses. Especially, it is the most important program to measure the branching ratio of H->bb and H->cc at the international linear collider (ILC). We have studied ... More
Deconfining Phase Transition in QCD_4 and QED_4 at Finite TemperatureDec 26 2000Feb 26 2001We investigate the deconfining phase transition in QCD_4 and QED_4 at finite temperature using a perturbative deformation of topological quantum field theory (TQFT). A modified maximal abelian gauge (MAG) is utilized in the analysis. In this case, we ... More
The Effect of the Boundary Conditions in the Reformulation of QCD_4Apr 26 2000Jul 10 2000We discuss the phase structure of QCD_4 as a perturbative deformation of the Topological Quantum Field Theory (TQFT). When we choose a special Maximal Abelian gauge (MAG) as the gauge fixing, the TQFT sector is equivalent to a 2D O(3) non-linear sigma ... More
The equivariant local index of the reduced space in the symplectic cuttingFeb 26 2014Aug 31 2016We compute the equivariant local index for the reduced space in a symplectic cut space, provided that the reduced space is compact.
Twisted toric structuresMay 15 2006This paper introduces the notion of twisted toric manifolds which is a generalization of one of symplectic toric manifolds, and proves the weak Delzant type classification theorem for them. The computation methods for their fundamental groups, cohomology ... More
On non-abelian Lubin-Tate theory via vanishing cyclesApr 21 2004May 18 2010We give a purely local proof, in the depth 0 case, of the result by Harris-Taylor which asserts that the local Langlands correspondence for GL_n over a p-adic field K realizes itself inside the vanishing cycle cohomology of the deformation space of formal ... More
Asymptotics for penalized spline estimators in quantile regressionSep 06 2012Quantile regression predicts the $\tau$-quantile of the conditional distribution of a response variable given the explanatory variable for $\tau\in(0,1)$. The aim of this paper is to establish the asymptotic distribution of the quantile estimator obtained ... More
Information storage capacity of discrete spin systemsNov 14 2011Dec 24 2012Understanding the limits imposed on information storage capacity of physical systems is a problem of fundamental and practical importance which bridges physics and information science. There is a well-known upper bound on the amount of information that ... More
Steenrod-Cech homology-cohomology theories associated with bivariant functorsDec 28 2011Let NG0 denote the category of all pointed numerically generated spaces and continuous maps preserving base-points. In [SYH], we described a passage from bivariant functors to generalized homology and cohomology theories. In this paper, we construct a ... More
Boltzmann entropy for quantum field systemsSep 03 2019A way to construct Boltzmann entropy, i.e., the entropy as a function of microscopic pure state, for quantum field systems is proposed. Operators that shift the field in wavevector space are used in the construction. By employing an assumption, it is ... More
A W(E_6)-equivariant projective embedding of the moduli space of cubic surfacesFeb 13 2000An explicit projective embedding of the moduli space of marked cubic surfaces is given. This embedding is equivariant under the Weyl group of type E6. The image is defined by a system of linear and cubic equations. To express the embedding in a most symmetric ... More
Topological color code and symmetry-protected topological phasesMar 24 2015Sep 02 2015We study $(d-1)$-dimensional excitations in the $d$-dimensional color code that are created by transversal application of the $R_{d}$ phase operators on connected subregions of qubits. We find that such excitations are superpositions of electric charges ... More
A von Neumann algebraic approach to self-similar group actionsMay 10 2019We study some relations between self-similar group actions and operator algebras. We consider KMS states on the Cuntz--Pimsner algebras constructed by Nekrashevych from self-similar actions and the GNS representations of the KMS states. The KMS states ... More
Transversality theorem in highly relative situations and its applicationMar 06 2017In this paper, we aim to provide a notion of "relative objects", i.e. objects equipped with some sort of subobjects, in differential topology. In spite of active researches relating them, e.g. knot theory or the theory of manifolds with corners, there ... More
Partial quasi likelihood analysisDec 31 2017The quasi likelihood analysis is generalized to the partial quasi likelihood analysis. Limit theorems for the quasi likelihood estimators, especially the quasi Bayesian estimator, are derived in the situation where existence of a slow mixing component ... More
Q-Networks for Binary Vector ActionsDec 04 2015In this paper reinforcement learning with binary vector actions was investigated. We suggest an effective architecture of the neural networks for approximating an action-value function with binary vector actions. The proposed architecture approximates ... More
Decay properties of solutions to the Cauchy problem for the scalar conservation law with nonlinearly degenerate viscosityNov 24 2014In this paper, we study the decay rate in time to solutions of the Cauchy problem for the one-dimensional viscous conservation law where the far field states are prescribed. Especially, we deal with the case that the flux function which is convex and ... More
Asymptotic expansion for the quadratic form of the diffusion processDec 23 2012In [8], asymptotic expansion of the martingale with mixed normal limit was provided. The expansion formula is expressed by the adjoint of a random symbol with coefficients described by the Malliavin calculus, differently from the standard invariance principle. ... More
Pygmy dipole mode in deformed neutron-rich Mg isotopes close to the drip lineAug 21 2009We investigate the microscopic structure of the low-lying isovector-dipole excitation mode in neutron-rich $^{36,38,40}$Mg close to the drip line by means of the deformed quasiparticle-random-phase-approximation employing the Skyrme and the local pairing ... More
Phase Structure of Compact QED from the Sine-Gordon/Massive Thirring DualityApr 10 2002We discuss a phase structure of compact QED in four dimensions by considering the theory as a perturbed topological model. In this scenario we use the singular configuration with an appropriate regularization, and so obtain the results similar to the ... More
Cheeger Inequalities for Submodular TransformationsAug 29 2017Oct 12 2018The Cheeger inequality for undirected graphs, which relates the conductance of an undirected graph and the second smallest eigenvalue of its normalized Laplacian, is a cornerstone of spectral graph theory. The Cheeger inequality has been extended to directed ... More
Localization of Vortex Partition Functions in $\mathcal{N}=(2,2) $ Super Yang-Mills theoryJan 05 2011In this article, we study the localizaiton of the partition function of BPS vortices in $\mathcal{N}=(2,2)$ $U(N)$ super Yang-Mills theory with $N$-flavor on $\R^2$. The vortex partition function for $\mathcal{N}=(2,2)$ super Yang-Mills theory is obtained ... More
The Virtual Photon Structure Functions and AdS/QCD CorrespondenceFeb 06 2009We study the virtual photon structure functions from gauge/string duality. If the Bjorken variable x is not small, supergravity approximation becomes good in dual string theory. We calculate the virtual photon structure functions at large 't Hooft coupling ... More
On Calculations of Zeros of Various L-functionsNov 09 1994As we have shown several years ago [Y2], zeros of $L(s, \Delta )$ and $L^(2)(s, \Delta )$ can be calculated quite efficiently by a certain experimental method. Here $\Delta$ denotes the cusp form of weight 12 with respect to SL$(2, Z)$ and $L(s, \Delta ... More
Phase Transitions for the Groeth Rate of Linear Stochastic EvolutionsMay 17 2008Jun 26 2009We consider a simple discrete-time Markov chain with values in $[0,\infty)^{Z^d}$. The Markov chain describes various interesting examples such as oriented percolation, directed polymers in random environment, time discretizations of binary contact path ... More
On the action of algebraic correspondences on weight spectral sequencesSep 10 2011In a work of T. Saito, the action of algebraic correspondences on the etale cohomology of varieties over local fields with semistable reduction is related to correspondences on smaller strata via weight spectral sequences. We give an intersection theoretic ... More
Local class field theory via Lubin-Tate theoryJun 05 2006Oct 13 2008We give a self-contained proof of local class field theory, via Lubin-Tate theory and the Hasse-Arf theorem, refining the arguments of Iwasawa's book. In the revised version, (i) positive characteristic case is included, (ii) the proof of base change ... More
Remarks on a free analogue of the beta prime distributionJun 03 2019We introduce the free analogue of the classical beta prime distribution by the multiplicative free convolution of the free Poisson and the reciprocal of free Poisson distributions, and related free analogues of the classical $F$, $T$, and beta distributions. ... More
Group operads as crossed interval groupsJun 08 2018The goal of the paper is to establish and to investigate a fully faithful embedding of the category of group operads into that of crossed interval groups. For this, we introduce a monoidal structure on the slice of the category of operads over the operad ... More
Adiabatic limits, Theta functions, and geometric quantizationApr 08 2019May 14 2019Let $\pi\colon (M,\omega)\to B$ be a (non-singular) Lagrangian torus fibration on a compact, complete base $B$ with prequantum line bundle $(L,\nabla^L)\to (M,\omega)$. For a positive integer $N$ and a compatible almost complex structure $J$ on $(M,\omega)$ ... More
Abelian etale coverings of modular curves over local fieldsMay 22 2004We relate a part of the abelian etale fundamental group of curves over local fields to the component group of the Neron model of the jacobian. We apply the result to the modular curve X_0(p)/Q_p to show that the unramified abelian covering X_1(p) over ... More
Ultra-Relativistic Hamiltonian with Various Singular PotentialsAug 20 1999It is shown from a simple scaling invariance that the ultra-relativistic Hamiltonian (mu=0) does not have bound states when the potential is Coulombic. This supplements the application of the relativistic virial theorem derived by Lucha and Schoeberl ... More
Barvinok's Rational Functions: Algorithms and Applications to Optimization, Statistics, and AlgebraJun 15 2004The main theme of this dissertation is the study of the lattice points in a rational convex polyhedron and their encoding in terms of Barvinok's short rational functions. The first part of this thesis looks into theoretical applications of these rational ... More
HERA Small-x and/or DiffractionFeb 21 2001Apr 03 2001Recent HERA data on small-x structure functions as well as DIS diffraction and diffractive vector meson production are presented. The relationship between these processes and possible indications of dynamics beyond the DGLAP formalism are discussed.
Firewalls vs. ScramblingFeb 26 2019Recently we pointed out that the black hole interior operators can be reconstructed by using the Hayden-Preskill recovery protocols. Building on this observation, we propose a resolution of the firewall problem by presenting a state-independent reconstruction ... More
A new method for finding the minimum free energy pathway of ions and small molecule transportation through protein based on 3D-RISM theory and the string methodDec 31 2017Mar 09 2018A new method for finding the minimum free energy pathway (MFEP) of ions and small molecule transportation through a protein based on the three-dimensional reference interaction site model (3D-RISM) theory combined with the string method has been proposed. ... More
Cosmic Structure Formation at Low and High RedshiftsAug 23 2005The currently standard theory of cosmic structure formation posits that the present-day clumpy appearance of the universe developed through gravitational amplification of the matter density fluctuations that are generated in the very early universe. The ... More
Confining Phases of a Compact U(1) Gauge Theory from the Sine-Gordon/Massive Thirring DualityOct 17 2001Dec 23 2001We consider the phase structure of a pure compact U(1) gauge theory in four dimensions at finite temperature by treating this system as a perturbative deformation of the topological model. Phases of a gauge theory can be investigated from the phase structure ... More
Finite source effect on the polarization degree induced by a single microlensAug 19 2005We investigate the effect of a single microlens on Stokes parameters. Semi-analytical formulae of the microlensed Stokes parameters are derived. The formulae not only reduce the double integrals in the estimations of those quantities but can also be approximated ... More
Nonperturbative Aspect In N=2 Supersymmetric Noncommutative Yang-Mills TheorySep 06 2000We investigate asymptotic behaviors of the strong coupling limit in the N=2 supersymmetric non-commutative Yang-Mills theory. The strong coupling behavior is quite different from the commutative one since the non-commutative dual U(1) theory is asymptotic ... More
Suddenly shortened half-lives beyond $^{78}$Ni: $N=50$ magic number and high-energy non-unique first-forbidden transitionsMar 08 2019$\beta$-decay rates play a decisive role in understanding the nucleosynthesis of heavy elements and are governed by microscopic nuclear-structure information. A sudden shortening of the half-lives of Ni isotopes beyond $N=50$ was observed at the RIKEN-RIBF. ... More
Ramification of local fields and Fontaine's property (Pm)May 08 2009Apr 08 2011We prove that the ramification filtration of the absolute Galois group of a comlete discrete valuation field with perfect residue field is characterized in terms of Fontaine's property (Pm).
Categories of operators and actions of group operadsJul 05 2018We propose a new model for multicategories with symmetries with respect to Zhang's group operads. The fully faithful embedding of the category of group operads into that of crossed interval groups is made use of, and it is shown that every multicategory ... More
Anomaly Problem in a Simple Model Analogous to the Lightcone-Gauge Two-Dimensional Quantum GravityFeb 25 1997It was found in the two-dimensional quantum gravity both in the de Donder gauge and in the lightcone gauge that one of field equations breaks down at the level of the representation, though the breakdown is very little. It is shown that this anomalous ... More
Exact Solutions to the Two-dimensional BF and Yang-Mills Theories in the Light-cone GaugeNov 16 2001It is shown that the BRS-formulated two-dimensional BF theory in the light-cone gauge (coupled with chiral Dirac fields) is solved very easily in the Heisenberg picture. The structure of the exact solution is very similar to that of the BRS-formulated ... More
Note Added to ``Proof of the Gauge Independence of the Conformal Anomaly of Bosonic String in the Sense of Kraemmer and Rebhan''Mar 06 1998A comment is given to the reply of Kraemmer and Rebhan (hep-th/9711075) to our paper (hep-th/9710131).
A general method to construct cube-like categories and applications to homotopy theoryFeb 26 2015In this paper, we introduce a method to construct new categories which look like "cubes", and discuss model structures on the presheaf categories over them. First, we introduce a notion of thin-powered structure on small categories, which provides a generalized ... More
On some questions of Fisk and BrändénMay 23 2010P. Br\"and\'en recently proved a conjecture due to S. Fisk, R. P. Stanley, P. R. W. McNamara and B. E. Sagan. In addition, P. Br\"and\'en gave a partial answer to a question posed by S. Fisk regarding the distribution of zeros of polynomials under the ... More
Limits and colimits of crossed groupsFeb 19 2018Although the notion of crossed groups was originally introduced only in the simplicial case, the definition makes sense in the other categories. For instance, Batanin and Markl studied crossed interval groups to investigate symmetries on the Hochschild ... More
Asymptotic behavior of solutions toward a multiwave pattern to the Cauchy problem for the scalar conservation law with degenerate flux and viscosityNov 24 2014In this paper, we investigate the asymptotic behavior of solutions toward a multiwave pattern of the Cauchy problem for the scalar viscous conservation law where the far field states are prescribed. Especially, we deal with the case when the flux function ... More
Martingale Expansion in Mixed Normal LimitOct 13 2012Jan 03 2013The quasi-likelihood estimator and the Bayesian type estimator of the volatility parameter are in general asymptotically mixed normal. In case the limit is normal, the asymptotic expansion was derived in Yoshida (1997) as an application of the martingale ... More
Central Limit Theorem for Branching Random Walks in Random EnvironmentDec 05 2007We consider branching random walks in $d$-dimensional integer lattice with time-space i.i.d. offspring distributions. When $d \ge 3$ and the fluctuation of the environment is well moderated by the random walk, we prove a central limit theorem for the ... More