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The low-energy Goldstone mode in a trapped dipolar supersolidJun 11 2019A supersolid is a counter-intuitive state of matter that combines the frictionless flow of a superfluid with the crystal-like periodic density modulation of a solid. Since the first prediction in the 1950s, experimental efforts to realize this state have ... More
Quantum correlations in dilute dipolar quantum droplets beyond the extended Gross-Pitaevskii equationApr 23 2019Dipolar quantum droplets are exotic quantum objects that are self-bound due to the subtle balance of attraction, repulsion and quantum correlations. Here we present a systematic study of the critical atom number of these self-bound droplets, comparing ... More
High-resolution Internal State Control of Ultracold $^{23}$Na$^{87}$Rb MoleculesDec 30 2017We report the full control over the internal states of ultracold $^{23}$Na$^{87}$Rb molecules, including vibrational, rotational and hyperfine degrees of freedom. Starting from a sample of weakly bound Feshbach molecules, we realize the creation of molecules ... More
Exploring Few-Body Processes with an Ultracold Light-Heavy Bose-Bose MixtureNov 10 2016We report the observation of several few-body processes with an ultracold Bose-Bose mixture consisting of sodium and rubidium atoms and weakly-bound NaRb Feshbach dimers. Preparing a pure dimer sample and tuning the scattering length between Na and Rb ... More
Unsupervised Cross-spectral Stereo Matching by Learning to SynthesizeMar 04 2019Unsupervised cross-spectral stereo matching aims at recovering disparity given cross-spectral image pairs without any supervision in the form of ground truth disparity or depth. The estimated depth provides additional information complementary to individual ... More
FreeSense:Indoor Human Identification with WiFi SignalsAug 11 2016Human identification plays an important role in human-computer interaction. There have been numerous methods proposed for human identification (e.g., face recognition, gait recognition, fingerprint identification, etc.). While these methods could be very ... More
Measurement of accelerator neutron radiation field spectrum by Extended Range Neutron Multisphere Spectrometers and unfolding programNov 10 2015This paper described a measurement of accelerator neutron radiation field at a transport beam line of Beijing-TBF. The experiment place was be selected around a Faraday Cup with a graphite target impacted by electron beam at 2.5GeV. First of all, we simulated ... More
Dipolar Collisions of Ultracold Ground-state Bosonic MoleculesDec 01 2018The dipolar collision between ultracold polar molecules is an important topic both by its own right from the fundamental point of view and for the successful exploration of many-body physics with strong and long-range dipolar interactions. Here, we report ... More
Transient supersolid properties in an array of dipolar quantum dropletsJan 23 2019Mar 08 2019We study theoretically and experimentally the emergence of supersolid properties in a dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate. The theory reveals a ground state phase diagram with three distinct regimes - a regular Bose-Einstein condensate, incoherent and coherent ... More
Joint training framework for text-to-speech and voice conversion using multi-source Tacotron and WaveNetMar 29 2019Apr 07 2019We investigated the training of a shared model for both text-to-speech (TTS) and voice conversion (VC) tasks. We propose using an extended model architecture of Tacotron, that is a multi-source sequence-to-sequence model with a dual attention mechanism ... More
High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy for Producing Ultracold Absolute Ground-State $^{23}$Na$^{87}$Rb MoleculesOct 13 2017We report a detailed molecular spectroscopy study on the lowest excited electronic states of $^{23}\rm{Na}^{87}\rm{Rb}$ for producing ultracold $^{23}\rm{Na}^{87}\rm{Rb}$ molecules in the electronic, rovibrational and hyperfine ground state. Starting ... More
View Inter-Prediction GAN: Unsupervised Representation Learning for 3D Shapes by Learning Global Shape Memories to Support Local View PredictionsNov 07 2018In this paper we present a novel unsupervised representation learning approach for 3D shapes, which is an important research challenge as it avoids the manual effort required for collecting supervised data. Our method trains an RNN-based neural network ... More
Transient supersolid properties in an array of dipolar quantum dropletsJan 23 2019We study theoretically and experimentally the emergence of supersolid properties in a dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate. The theory reveals a ground state phase diagram with three distinct regimes - a regular Bose-Einstein condensate, incoherent and coherent ... More
Collisions of ultracold ^{23}Na^{87}Rb molecules with controlled chemical reactivitiesJan 27 2018The collision of molecules at ultracold temperatures is of great importance for understanding the chemical interactions at the quantum regime. While much theoretical work has been devoted to this, experimental data are only available sparsely mainly due ... More
A Visual Attention Grounding Neural Model for Multimodal Machine TranslationAug 24 2018Aug 28 2018We introduce a novel multimodal machine translation model that utilizes parallel visual and textual information. Our model jointly optimizes the learning of a shared visual-language embedding and a translator. The model leverages a visual attention grounding ... More
Off-Policy Evaluation of Probabilistic Identity Data in Lookalike ModelingJan 04 2019We evaluate the impact of probabilistically-constructed digital identity data collected from Sep. to Dec. 2017 (approx.), in the context of Lookalike-targeted campaigns. The backbone of this study is a large set of probabilistically-constructed "identities", ... More
Studying Cultural Differences in Emoji Usage across the East and the WestApr 04 2019Global acceptance of Emojis suggests a cross-cultural, normative use of Emojis. Meanwhile, nuances in Emoji use across cultures may also exist due to linguistic differences in expressing emotions and diversity in conceptualizing topics. Indeed, literature ... More
Coherent heteronuclear spin dynamics in an ultracold spin-1 mixtureFeb 13 2015We report the observation of coherent heteronuclear spin dynamics driven by inter-species spin-spin interaction in an ultracold spinor mixture, which manifests as periodical and well correlated spin oscillations between two atomic species. In particular, ... More
Long-range states of the NaRb molecule near the Na($3^2S_{1/2}$)+Rb($5^2P_{3/2}$) asymptoteJan 09 2016We report a high-resolution spectroscopic investigation of the long-range states of the $^{23}$Na$^{87}$Rb molecule near its Na($3^2S_{1/2}$)+Rb($5^2P_{3/2}$) asymptote. This study was performed with weakly bound ultracold molecules produced via magneto-association ... More
Multi-source weak supervision for saliency detectionApr 01 2019The high cost of pixel-level annotations makes it appealing to train saliency detection models with weak supervision. However, a single weak supervision source usually does not contain enough information to train a well-performing model. To this end, ... More
Hidden space reconstruction inspires link prediction in complex networksMar 25 2017As a fundamental challenge in vast disciplines, link prediction aims to identify potential links in a network based on the incomplete observed information, which has broad applications ranging from uncovering missing protein-protein interaction to predicting ... More
Ratio of strange to $u/d$ momentum fraction in disconnected insertionsJan 22 2019The ratio of the strange momentum fraction $\langle x\rangle_{s+\bar{s}}$ to that of $u/d$ in the disconnected insertion is calculated on the lattice with overlap fermions on four domain wall fermion ensembles. These ensembles cover three lattice spacings, ... More
Temporal similarity metrics for latent network reconstruction: The role of time-lag decayApr 04 2019When investigating the spreading of a piece of information or the diffusion of an innovation, we often lack information on the underlying propagation network. Reconstructing the hidden propagation paths based on the observed diffusion process is a challenging ... More
Visual-inertial self-calibration on informative motion segmentsAug 08 2017Environmental conditions and external effects, such as shocks, have a significant impact on the calibration parameters of visual-inertial sensor systems. Thus long-term operation of these systems cannot fully rely on factory calibration. Since the observability ... More
Convergence Theory of Learning Over-parameterized ResNet: A Full CharacterizationMar 17 2019May 30 2019ResNet structure has achieved great empirical success since its debut. Recent work established the convergence of learning over-parameterized ResNet with a scaling factor $\tau=1/L$ on the residual branch where $L$ is the network depth. However, it is ... More
Creation of an ultracold gas of ground-state $^{23}\rm{Na}^{87}\rm{Rb}$ moleculesFeb 12 2016May 19 2016We report the successful production of an ultracold sample of absolute ground-state $^{23}$Na$^{87}$Rb molecules. Starting from weakly-bound Feshbach molecules formed via magneto-association, the lowest rovibrational and hyperfine level of the electronic ... More
Canonical equations of Hamilton with beautiful symmetryDec 10 2012The Hamiltonian formulation plays the essential role in constructing the framework of modern physics. In this paper, a new form of canonical equations of Hamilton with the complete symmetry is obtained, which are valid not only for the first-order differential ... More
Entanglement in resonant photon scatteringSep 01 2005Sep 03 2005Single--photon which is initially uncorrelated with atom, will evolve to be entangled with the atom on their continuous kinetic variables in the process of resonant scattering. We find the relations between the entanglement and their physical control ... More
Application of canonical Hamiltonian formulation to nonlinear light-envelope propagationsJan 04 2014We first point out it is conditional to apply the variational approach to the nonlocal nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation (NNLSE), that is, the response function must be an even function. Different from the variational approach, the canonical Hamiltonian ... More
Control momentum entanglement with atomic spontaneously generated coherenceJan 05 2007Feb 28 2007With atomic spontaneously generated coherence (SGC), we propose a novel scheme to coherently control the atom--photon momentum entanglement through atomic internal coherence. A novel phenomena of ``phase entanglement in momentum'' is proposed, and we ... More
Atom--photon momentum entanglement with quantum interferenceDec 16 2007With quantum interference of two-path spontaneous emissions, we propose a novel scheme to coherently control the atom--photon momentum entanglement through atomic internal coherence. A novel phenomenon called ``momentum phase entanglement'' is reported, ... More
Momentum entanglement and disentanglement between atom and photonNov 20 2006Feb 28 2007With the quantum interference between two transition pathways, we demonstrate a novel scheme to coherently control the momentum entanglement between a single atom and a single photon. The unavoidable disentanglement is also studied from the first principle, ... More
A Two-Layer Local Constrained Sparse Coding Method for Fine-Grained Visual CategorizationMay 11 2015Fine-grained categories are more difficulty distinguished than generic categories due to the similarity of inter-class and the diversity of intra-class. Therefore, the fine-grained visual categorization (FGVC) is considered as one of challenge problems ... More
Adaptive Adjustment with Semantic Feature Space for Zero-Shot RecognitionMar 30 2019In most recent years, zero-shot recognition (ZSR) has gained increasing attention in machine learning and image processing fields. It aims at recognizing unseen class instances with knowledge transferred from seen classes. This is typically achieved by ... More
Quantum secret sharing without entanglementDec 10 2002After analysing the main quantum secret sharing protocol based on the entanglement states, we propose an idea to directly encode the qubit of quantum key distributions, and then present a quantum secret sharing scheme where only product states are employed. ... More
Preparation of multi-party entanglement of individual photons and atomic ensemblesAug 12 2002Nov 01 2003An experimental feasible scheme is proposed to generate Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) type of maximal entanglement. Distinguishing from the previous schemes, this entanglement can be chosen between either atomic ensembles (stationary qubit) or individual ... More
Quantum data hiding with spontaneous parameter down-conversionJan 17 2003Aug 20 2003Here we analyze the practical implication of the existing quantum data hiding protocol with Bell states produced with optical downconverter. We show that the uncertainty for the producing of the Bell states with spontaneous parameter down-conversion should ... More
Constructing UMEB from maximally entangled basisSep 13 2016Sep 15 2016A new way of constructing unextendible maximally entangled basis (UMEB) from maximally entangled basis (MEB) is proposed. Consequently, it is shown that if there is an $N$-member UMEB in $\mathbb{C}^d\otimes \mathbb{C}^d$, then there exists a $(qd)^2-q(d^2-N)$-member ... More
The 90/10 phenomenon in directed signed social networksApr 14 2016We empirical study the signs' property in the directed signed social networks of Slashdot and Epinions by using an reshuffled approach. Through calculating the entropy $S_{out}$ and the giant component $G$, we find an interesting 90/10 phenomenon: each ... More
Matrix Models for Deconfinement and Their Perturbative CorrectionsSep 23 2014Nov 27 2014Matrix models for the deconfining phase transition in $SU(N)$ gauge theories have been developed in recent years. With a few parameters, these models are able to reproduce the lattice results of the thermodynamic quantities in the semi-quark gluon plasma(QGP) ... More
Gluon Propagator and Heavy Quark Potential in an Anisotropic QCD PlasmaSep 23 2008The hard-loop resummed propagator in an anisotropic QCD plasma in general linear gauges are computed. We get the explicit expressions of the gluon propagator in covariant gauge, Coulomb gauge and temporal axial gauge. Considering one gluon exchange, the ... More
Information Measure as Time ComplexityMay 28 2016Oct 21 2016The concept of Shannon entropy of random variables was generalized to measurable functions in general, and to simple functions with finite values in particular. It is shown that the information measure of a function is related to the time complexity of ... More
Quantified-Self 2.0: Using Context-Aware Services for Promoting Gradual Behaviour ChangeOct 03 2016The recent development of smartphone and wearable sensor technologies enable general public to carry self-tracking tasks more easily. Much work has been devoted to life data collection and visualisation to help people with better self-understanding. We ... More
Exclusivity Regularized MachineMar 28 2016May 16 2016It has been recognized that the diversity of base learners is of utmost importance to a good ensemble. This paper defines a novel measurement of diversity, termed as exclusivity. With the designed exclusivity, we further propose an ensemble model, namely ... More
A survey of quantum Teichmüller space and Kashaev algebraJul 25 2011Sep 16 2011In this chapter, we survey the algebraic aspects of quantum Teichm\"uller space, generalized Kashaev algebra and a natural relationship between the two algebras.
One spatial dimensional finite volume three-body interaction for a short-range potentialJul 11 2016In this work, we use McGuire's model to describe scattering of three spinless identical particles in one spatial dimension, we first present analytic solutions of Faddeev's equation for scattering of three spinless particles in free space. The three particles ... More
Nonscattering solutions to the $L^{2}$-supercritical NLS EquationsJan 12 2011Jan 20 2011We investigate the nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation $iu_{t}+\Delta u+|u|^{p-1}u=0$ with $1+\frac{4}{N}<p<1+\frac{4}{N-2}$ (when $N=1, 2$, $1+\frac{4}{N}<p<\infty$) in energy space $H^1$ and study the divergent property of infinite-variance and nonradial ... More
Quantum Sheaf Cohomology and Duality of Flag ManifoldsAug 02 2018We study the quantum sheaf cohomology of flag manifold with deformation of the tangent bundle and use the ring structure to derive how the deformation transforms under the biholomorphic duality of flag manifolds. Realized as the OPE ring of A/2-twisted ... More
Traveling Wave Solutions for Integro-Difference SystemsMay 17 2013Feb 18 2014This paper is concerned with the traveling wave solutions for integro-difference systems of higher order. By using Schauder fixed point theorem, the existence of traveling wave solutions is reduced to the existence of generalized upper and lower solutions. ... More
Common Statistical Patterns in Urban TerrorismApr 08 2019The underlying reasons behind modern terrorism are seemingly complex and intangible. Despite diverse causal mechanisms, research has shown that there exists general statistical patterns at the global scale that can shed light on human confrontation behaviour. ... More
Surface Crouzeix-Raviart element for the Laplace-Beltrami equationDec 17 2018This paper is concerned with the nonconforming finite element discretization of geometric partial differential equations. In specific, we construct a surface Crouzeix-Raviart element on the linear approximated surface, analogous to a flat surface. The ... More
Properties of Free Baxter AlgebrasJul 09 2004The study of free Baxter algebras was started by Rota and Cartier thirty years ago. We continue this study by applying two recent constructions of free Baxter algebras. We investigate the basic structure of a free Baxter algebra, and characterize in detail ... More
Baxter Algebras and Differential AlgebrasJul 10 2004A Baxter algebra is a commutative algebra $A$ that carries a generalized integral operator. In the first part of this paper we review past work of Baxter, Miller, Rota and Cartier in this area and explain more recent work on explicit constructions of ... More
A sparse grid discontinuous Galerkin method for the high-dimensional Helmholtz equation with variable coefficientsMay 22 2019The simulation of high-dimensional problems with manageable computational resource represents a long-standing challenge. In a series of our recent work [25, 17, 18, 24], a class of sparse grid DG methods has been formulated for solving various types of ... More
Algebraic Birkhoff decomposition and its applicationsJul 14 2008Central in the Hopf algebra approach to the renormalization of perturbative quantum field theory of Connes and Kreimer is their Algebraic Birkhoff Decomposition. In this tutorial article, we introduce their decomposition and prove it by the Atkinson Factorization ... More
Generalized quasidisks and conformality IINov 08 2013We introduce a weaker variant of the concept of three point property, which is equivalent to a non-linear local connectivity condition introduced in [12], sufficient to guarantee the extendability of a conformal map f from the unit disk onto a domain ... More
Blowup analysis for integral equations on bounded domainsAug 27 2018Aug 28 2018Consider the integral equation \begin{equation*} f^{q-1}(x)=\int_\Omega\frac{f(y)}{|x-y|^{n-\alpha}}dy,\ \ f(x)>0,\quad x\in \overline \Omega, \end{equation*} where $\Omega\subset \mathbb{R}^n$ is a smooth bounded domain. For $1<\alpha<n$, the existence ... More
Contracting convex hypersurfaces by functions of the mean curvatureOct 26 2016This paper concerns the evolution of a closed convex hypersurface in ${\mathbb{R}}^{n+1}$, in direction of its inner unit normal vector, where the speed is given by a smooth function depending only on the mean curvature, and satisfies some further restrictions, ... More
Sharp spherically averaged Strichartz estimates for the Schrödinger equationJun 10 2014We prove generalized Strichartz estimates with weaker angular integrability for the Schr\"odinger equation. Our estimates are sharp except some endpoints. Then we apply these new estimates to prove the scattering for the 3D Zakharov system with small ... More
Partially ordering the class of invertible treesMar 19 2018A tree T is invertible if and only if T has a perfect matching. Godsil considers an invertible tree T and finds that the inverse of the adjacency matrix of T has entries in {0, 1, -1} and is the signed adjacency matrix of a graph which contains T. In ... More
Lattice points in large convex planar domains of finite typeOct 24 2010Jun 01 2011Let $\mathcal{B}$ be a compact convex planar domain with smooth boundary of finite type and $\mathcal{B}_\theta$ its rotation by an angle $\theta$. We prove that for almost every $\theta\in[0, 2\pi]$ the remainder $P_{\mathcal{B}_\theta}(t)$ is of order ... More
Semidefinite programming relaxations for linear semi-infinite polynomial programmingSep 21 2015Oct 14 2015This paper studies a class of so-called linear semi-infinite polynomial programming (LSIPP) problems. It is a subclass of linear semi-infinite programming problems whose constraint functions are polynomials in parameters and index sets are basic semialgebraic ... More
High rate locally correctable codes via liftingApr 03 2013Feb 05 2014We present a general framework for constructing high rate error correcting codes that are locally correctable (and hence locally decodable if linear) with a sublinear number of queries, based on lifting codes with respect to functions on the coordinates. ... More
Transverse momentum broadening due to the multiple scatteringAug 12 1998Using the Drell-Yan process in hadron-nucleus collisions and deeply inelastic lepton-nucleus scattering (DIS) as examples, I show that the transverse momentum broadening can be expressed in terms of four-parton correlation functions. I argue that jet ... More
Nuclear Dependence in Transverse Momentum Distribution for Drell-Yan PairJan 30 1998In terms of multiple scattering picture, I compute the nuclear dependence in Drell-Yan transverse momentum distribution, $d\sigma / dQ^2 dq_T^2$, in hadron-nucleus collisions. I present the results for large $q_T$ region and discuss the possible suppression ... More
Nuclear Dependence in Drell-Yan Transverse Momentum DistributionNov 24 1997Nov 28 1997We calculate the nuclear enhancement in Drell-Yan transverse momentum distribution in hadron-nucleus collisions. In terms of multiple scattering picture, we compute the contributions from double scattering. Applying the generalized factorization theorem, ... More
The Discord-like Correlation of Bipartite CoherenceNov 01 2016Quantum discord is a measure of quantum correlation by the the mutual information difference between the state and the output state after the local von Neumann measurement, where the mutual information contained in a bipartite state is defined as the ... More
Combinatorial Yamabe flow on hyperbolic surfaces with boundaryMar 20 2010This paper studies the combinatorial Yamabe flow on hyperbolic surfaces with boundary. It is proved by applying a variational principle that the length of boundary components is uniquely determined by the combinatorial conformal factor. The combinatorial ... More
Coupled-channel scattering in 1+1 dimensional lattice modelApr 29 2013Based on the Lippmann-Schwinger equation approach, a generalized L\"uscher's formula in 1+1 dimensions for two particles scattering in both the elastic and coupled-channel cases in moving frames is derived. A 2D coupled-channel scattering lattice model ... More
On the U-module Structure of the Unipotent Specht Modules of Finite General Linear GroupsApr 16 2013Apr 17 2013Let $q$ be a prime power, $G=GL_n(q)$ and let $U\leqslant G$ be the subgroup of (lower) unitriangular matrices in $G$. For a partition $\lambda$ of $n$ denote the corresponding unipotent Specht module over the complex field $\C$ for $G$ by $S^\lambda$. ... More
The Shape of X-ray Cavities in Galaxy Clusters: Probing Jet Properties and ViscosityAug 21 2014Mar 13 2015X-ray observations of galaxy clusters have detected numerous X-ray cavities, evolved from the interaction of AGN jets with the intracluster medium (ICM) and providing compelling evidence for the importance of jet-mode AGN feedback. Here we argue for the ... More
SDPTools: High Precision SDP Solver in MapleDec 21 2011Semidefinite programs are an important class of convex optimization problems. It can be solved efficiently by SDP solvers in Matlab, such as SeDuMi, SDPT3, DSDP. However, since we are running fixed precision SDP solvers in Matlab, for some applications, ... More
Latent Variable Algorithms for Multimodal Learning and Sensor FusionApr 23 2019Multimodal learning has been lacking principled ways of combining information from different modalities and learning a low-dimensional manifold of meaningful representations. We study multimodal learning and sensor fusion from a latent variable perspective. ... More
Quotient Problem For Entire Functions with Moving TargetsFeb 21 2019As an analogue of the Hadamard quotient problem in number theory, the quotient problem (in the sense of complex entire functions) for two sequences $F(n)=a_0+a_1f_1^n+\cdots+a_lf_l^n$ and $ G(n)=b_0+b_1g_1^n+\cdots+b_mg_m^n$, has been solved, where the ... More
An IRT-based Model for Omitted and Not-reached ItemsApr 07 2019Missingness is a common occurrence in educational assessment and psychological measurement. It could not be casually ignored as it may threaten the validity of the test if not handled properly. Considering the difference between omitted and not-reached ... More
A comprehensive connection between the basic results and properties derived from two kinds of topologies for a random locally convex moduleAug 13 2009Jun 21 2010The purpose of this paper is to make a comprehensive connection between the basic results and properties derived from the two kinds of topologies (namely the $(\epsilon,\lambda)-$topology introduced by the author and the stronger locally $L^{0}-$convex ... More
A stability result on optimal Skorokhod embeddingJan 27 2017Motivated by the model- independent pricing of derivatives calibrated to the real market, we consider an optimization problem similar to the optimal Skorokhod embedding problem, where the embedded Brownian motion needs only to reproduce a finite number ... More
Group homomorphisms as error correcting codesApr 14 2014We investigate the minimum distance of the error correcting code formed by the homomorphisms between two finite groups $G$ and $H$. We prove some general structural results on how the distance behaves with respect to natural group operations, such as ... More
Local rigidity of inversive distance circle packingMar 08 2009Apr 02 2009A Euclidean (or hyperbolic) circle packing on a closed triangulated surface with prescribed inversive distance is locally determined by its cone angles. We prove this by applying a variational principle.
Liouville theorems for stationary flows of shear thickening fluids in 2DJun 23 2012In this paper we consider the entire weak solutions $u$ of the equations for stationary flows of shear thickening fluids in the plane and prove Liouville theorems under the conditions on the finiteness of energy and under the integrability condition of ... More
Mixed volume preserving flow by powers of homogeneous curvature functions of degree oneOct 26 2016This paper concerns the evolution of a closed hypersurface of dimension $n(\geq 2)$ in the Euclidean space ${\mathbb{R}}^{n+1}$ under a mixed volume preserving flow. The speed equals a power $\beta (\geq 1)$ of homogeneous, either convex or concave, curvature ... More
A exact de Sitter cosmological solution of quadratic gravitation with torsionOct 16 2011A exact de Sitter-like cosmological solution of quadratic gravitation with torsion has been found. In the limit of constant energy and pressure, it becomes a exact de Sitter spacetime. It exists in a wide class of quadratic gravity theories and is the ... More
Entanglement of individual photon and atomic ensemblesJun 07 2002Oct 27 2003Here we present an experimentally feasible scheme to entangle flying qubit (individual photon with polarization modes) and stationary qubit (atomic ensembles with long-lived collective excitations). This entanglement integrate two different species can ... More
A Theoretical Prediction on the Intrinsic Half-Metallicity in the Surface-Oxygen-Passivated Cr2N MXeneApr 02 2016Aug 12 2016Two-dimensional Cr2N MXene as well as the surface-passivated Cr2NF2, Cr2N(OH)2 and Cr2NO2 are investigated by using density functional theory. The Cr2N is an anti-ferromagnetic metal. The F atom or OH group-passivation does not change the anti-ferromagnetic ... More
The Grothendieck--Serre Conjecture over Semilocal Dedekind RingsFeb 06 2019For a reductive group scheme $G$ over a semilocal Dedekind ring $R$ with the total ring of fractions $K$, we prove that no nontrivial $G$-torsor trivializes over $K$. This generalizes a result of Nisnevich--Tits, who settled the case when $R$ is local. ... More
Kahler-Ricci flow on blowups along submanifoldsSep 11 2018In this short note, we study the behavior of Kaher-Ricci flow on Kahler manifolds which contract divisors to smooth submanifolds. We show that the Kahler potentials are Holder continuous and the flow converges sequentially in Gromov-Hausdorff topology ... More
On the Kahler Ricci flow on projective manifolds of general typeJan 17 2015We consider the K\"ahler Ricci flow on a smooth minimal model of general type, we show that if the Ricci curvature is uniformly bounded below along the K\"ahler-Ricci flow, then the diameter is uniformly bounded. As a corollary we show that under the ... More
The three-particle system on a torusMar 14 2013Based on Lippmann-Schwinger equation approach, we discuss a three-particle system in finite volume. A set of equations which relate the discrete finite-volume energies to the scattering amplitudes are derived under the approximation of the isobar model ... More
Orbital stability of solitary waves for generalized derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equations in the endpoint caseMay 12 2017Mar 27 2018We consider the following generalized derivative nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation \begin{equation*} i\partial_tu+\partial^2_xu+i|u|^{2\sigma}\partial_xu=0,\ (t,x)\in\mathbb R\times\mathbb R \end{equation*} when $\sigma\in(0,1)$. The equation has a two-parameter ... More
Scattering for the focusing $L^{2}$ -supercritical and $\dot H^2$-subcritical biharmonic NLS EquationsApr 11 2015We consider the focusing $\dot H^{s_c}$-critical biharmonic Schr\"odinger equation, and prove a global wellposedness and scattering result for the radial data $u_0\in H^2(\mathbb R^N)$ satisfying $ M(u_0)^{\frac{2-s_c}{s_c}}E(u_0)<M(Q)^{\frac{2-s_c}{s_c}}E(Q) ... More
On the Importance of Very-light Internally-subsonic AGN Jets in Radio-mode AGN FeedbackApr 19 2016May 02 2016Radio-mode AGN feedback plays a key role in the evolution of galaxy groups and clusters. Its physical origin lies in the kpc-scale interaction of AGN jets with the intracluster medium. Large-scale jet simulations often initiate light internally-supersonic ... More
Effects of Turbulent Magnetic Fields on the Transport and Acceleration of Energetic Charged Particles: Numerical Simulations with Application to Heliospheric PhysicsNov 15 2012After introduction we focus on: the transport of charged particles, the acceleration of ions at shocks, and the acceleration of electrons at shocks. Chapter 2 studies the propagation of solar energetic particles(SEPs) in turbulent magnetic fields. Particle ... More
Geometric angle structures on triangulated surfacesJan 20 2006In this paper we characterize a function defined on the set of edges of a triangulated surface such that there is a spherical angle structure having the function as the edge invariant (or Delaunay invariant). We also characterize a function such that ... More
Understanding the Related-Key Security of Feistel Ciphers from a Provable PerspectiveOct 17 2018Mar 05 2019We initiate the provable related-key security treatment for models of practical Feistel ciphers. In detail, we consider Feistel networks with four whitening keys $w_i(k)$ ($i=0,1,2,3$) and round-functions of the form $f(\gamma_i(k)\oplus X)$, where $k$ ... More
A note on lattice points in certain finite type domains in $\mathbb{R}^d$Dec 16 2015We study the Fourier transforms of indicator functions of some special high-dimensional finite type domains and obtain estimates of the associated lattice point discrepancy.
Ascending Chain Conditions in Free Baxter AlgebrasApr 24 2004In this paper we study ascending chain conditions in a free Baxter algebra by making use of explicit constructions of free Baxter algebras that were obtained recently. We investigate ascending chain conditions both for ideals and for Baxter ideals. The ... More
Unilaterally Competitive Multi-Player Stopping GamesNov 17 2012A multi-player competitive Dynkin stopping game is constructed. Each player can either exit the game for a fixed payoff, determined a priori, or stay and receive an adjusted payoff depending on the decision of other players. The single period case is ... More
Perturbation analysis of the extinction probability of a Markovian binary treeJun 29 2014The extinction probability of the Markovian Binary Tree (MBT) is the minimal nonnegative solution of a Quadratic Vector Equation (QVE). In this paper, we present a perturbation analysis for the extinction probability of a supercritical MBT. We derive ... More
Decay and Continuity of Boltzmann Equation in Bounded DomainsJan 07 2008Apr 06 2008Boundaries occur naturally in kinetic equations and boundary effects are crucial for dynamics of dilute gases governed by the Boltzmann equation. We develop a mathematical theory to study the time decay and continuity of Boltzmann solutions for four basic ... More
The Newton-Shamanskii method for solving a quadratic matrix equation arising in quasi-birth-death problemsJun 04 2014In order to determine the stationary distribution for discrete time quasi-birth-death Markov chains, it is necessary to find the minimal nonnegative solution of a quadratic matrix equation. We apply the Newton-Shamanskii method for solving the equation. ... More