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Revisiting the Gluon Spectrum in the Boost-Invariant Glasma from a Semi-Analytic ApproachNov 01 2017In high energy heavy-ion collisions, the degrees of freedom at the very early stage can be effectively represented by strong classical gluonic fields within the Color Glass Condensate framework. As the system expands, the strong gluonic fields eventually ... More
Semi-conformal structure on certain vertex superalgebras associated to vertex superalgebroidsApr 12 2019In this paper, we first give the definiton of a vertex superalgebroid. Then we construct a family of vertex superalgebras associated to vertex superalgebroids. As a main result, we find a sufficient and necessary condition that this vertex superalgebras ... More
Simple2Complex: Global Optimization by Gradient DescentMay 02 2016A method named simple2complex for modeling and training deep neural networks is proposed. Simple2complex train deep neural networks by smoothly adding more and more layers to the shallow networks, as the learning procedure going on, the network is just ... More
On equivalence theorems of Minkowski spaces and applications in Finsler geometryApr 17 2015Jan 10 2018In this paper, we first establish an equivalence theorem of Minkowski spaces by using results in centro-affine differential geometry. As an application in Finsler geometry, we gives some new characterizations of Berwald spaces.
Bell inequalities for multipartite qubit quantum systems and their maximal violationNov 29 2012Dec 10 2012We present a set of Bell inequalities for multiqubit quantum systems. These Bell inequalities are shown to be able to detect multiqubit entanglement better than previous Bell inequalities such as Werner-Wolf-Zukowski- Brukner ones. Computable formulas ... More
Measurable bounds for Entanglement of FormationOct 24 2010We study the entanglement of formation for arbitrary dimensional bipartite mixed unknown states. Experimentally measurable lower and upper bounds for entanglement of formation are derived.
Gisin's Theorem for Arbitrary Dimensional Multipartite StatesJun 17 2010We present a set of Bell inequalities which are sufficient and necessary for separability of general pure multipartite quantum states in arbitrary dimensions. The relations between Bell inequalities and distillability are also studied. We show that any ... More
Method for measuring the entanglement of formation for arbitrary-dimensional pure statesJan 30 2012Entanglement of formation is an important measure of quantum entanglement. We present an experimental way to measure the entanglement of formation for arbitrary dimensional pure states. The measurement only evolves local quantum mechanical observables. ... More
Force-velocity relations for multiple-molecular-motor transportJun 26 2009Oct 01 2009A transition rate model of cargo transport by $N$ molecular motors is proposed. Under the assumption of steady state, the force-velocity curve of multi-motor system can be derived from the force-velocity curve of single motor. Our work shows, in the case ... More
Adiabatic limit and connections in Finsler GeometryJul 06 2012Oct 30 2012In this paper, we identify the Bott connection on the natural foliation of the projective sphere bundle of a Finsler manifold to the Chern connection of this manifold. As a consequence, the symmetrization of the Bott connection turns out to be the Cartan ... More
High baryon densities achievable in the fragmentation regions at RHIC and LHCJan 31 2017We use the McLerran-Venugopalan model of the glasma energy-momentum tensor to compute the rapidity loss and excitation energy of the colliding nuclei in the fragmentation regions followed by a space-time picture to obtain their energy and baryon densities. ... More
Schur parameters and Carathéodory classFeb 06 2019The Schur (resp. Carath\'eodory) class consists of all the analytic functions $f$ on the unit disk with $|f|\le 1$ (resp. $\Re f>0$ and $f(0)=1$). The Schur parameters $\gamma_0,\gamma_1,\dots (|\gamma_j|\le 1)$ are known to parametrize the coefficients ... More
A primal-dual algorithm with optimal stepsizes and its application in decentralized consensus optimizationNov 18 2017We consider a primal-dual algorithm for minimizing $f(x)+h(Ax)$ with differentiable $f$. The primal-dual algorithm has two names in literature: Primal-Dual Fixed-Point algorithm based on the Proximity Operator (PDFP$^2$O) and Proximal Alternating Predictor-Corrector ... More
An equivalence theorem for a class of Minkowski spacesDec 31 2018In this paper, as a generalization of $(\alpha,\beta)$-norms we define semi-C-reducible Minkowski norms which are different from literatures. Then we prove an equivalence theorem for a class of semi-C-reducible Minkowski spaces. As a consequence, a class ... More
Proton-hydrogen collision at cold temperaturesOct 07 2014We study the proton-hydrogen collision in the energy range from 0 to 5 K where the hyperfine structure of the hydrogen atom is important. The proper multichannel treatment of the hyperfine structure is found to be crucial at cold temperatures compared ... More
Deep Stochastic Configuration Networks with Universal Approximation PropertyFeb 18 2017Mar 16 2018This paper develops a randomized approach for incrementally building deep neural networks, where a supervisory mechanism is proposed to constrain the random assignment of the weights and biases, and all the hidden layers have direct links to the output ... More
Superconnections and A Finslerian Gauss-Bonnet-Chern FormulaJul 22 2016Oct 08 2016In this paper, we obtain a Finslerian Gauss-Bonnet-Chern formula for an even dimensional closed Finsler manifold $(M,F)$ by using a Mathai-Quillen type formula of Feng and Zhang in \cite{FZ} on the Euler characteristic. As an application, we will deduce ... More
A new cooperation mechanism of kinesin motors when extracting membrane tubeNov 04 2011Membrane tubes are important elements for living cells to organize many functions. Experiments have found that membrane tube can be extracted from giant lipid vesicles by a group of kinesin. How these motors cooperate in extracting the fluid-like membrane ... More
On linear convergence of two decentralized algorithmsJun 17 2019Decentralized algorithms solve multi-agent problems over a connected network, where the information can only be exchanged with accessible neighbors. Though there exist several decentralized optimization algorithms, there are still gaps in convergence ... More
Roles of Fast-Cyclotron and Alfven-Cyclotron Waves for the Multi-Ion Solar WindMar 11 2012Using linear Vlasov theory of plasma waves and quasi-linear theory of resonant wave-particle interaction, the dispersion relations and the electromagnetic field fluctuations of fast and Alfven waves are studied for a low-beta multi-ion plasma in the inner ... More
Robust Stochastic Configuration Networks with Kernel Density EstimationFeb 15 2017May 29 2017Neural networks have been widely used as predictive models to fit data distribution, and they could be implemented through learning a collection of samples. In many applications, however, the given dataset may contain noisy samples or outliers which may ... More
Quantum-defect theory of resonant charge exchangeMay 30 2012We apply the quantum-defect theory for $-1/R^4$ potential to study the resonant charge exchange process. We show that by taking advantage of the partial-wave-insensitive nature of the formulation, resonant charge exchange of the type of $^1$S+$^2$S can ... More
Unified $(α,β)$-Flows on Triangulated Manifolds with Two and Three DimensionsSep 28 2017In this paper, we introduce a framework of $(\alpha,\beta)$-flows on triangulated manifolds with two and three dimensions, which unifies several discrete curvature flows previously defined in the literature.
Prompt Ultraviolet-to-Soft-X-Ray Emission of Gamma-Ray Bursts: Application to GRB 031203?Mar 07 2004Apr 23 2004We discuss the prompt emission of GRBs, allowing for $\gamma\gamma$ pair production and synchrotron self-absorption. The observed hard spectra suggest heavy pair-loading in GRBs. The re-emission of the generated pairs results in the energy transmission ... More
Superconnections and A Finslerian Gauss-Bonnet-Chern FormulaJul 22 2016In this paper, we obtain a Finslerian Gauss-Bonnet-Chern formula for an even dimensional closed Finsler manifold $(M,F)$ by using a Mathai-Quillen type formula of Feng and Zhang in \cite{FZ} on the Euler characteristic. Comparing with all previous Gauss-Bonnet-Chern ... More
Stochastic Configuration Networks: Fundamentals and AlgorithmsFeb 10 2017Feb 27 2017This paper contributes to a development of randomized methods for neural networks. The proposed learner model is generated incrementally by stochastic configuration (SC) algorithms, termed as Stochastic Configuration Networks (SCNs). In contrast to the ... More
Longitudinal Dynamics of High Baryon Density Matter in High Energy Heavy-Ion CollisionsSep 11 2018Sep 16 2018In high energy heavy-ion collisions, the two colliding nuclei pass through each other leaving behind an almost baryon free central rapidity region. Most of the baryons are carried away by the nuclear remnants and are located in the so-called fragmentation ... More
A note on successive coefficients of convex functionsApr 18 2016In this note, we investigate the supremum and the infimum of the functional $|a_{n+1}|-|a_{n}|$ for functions, convex and analytic on the unit disk, of the form $f(z)=z+a_2z^2+a_3z^3+\dots.$ We also consider the related problem to maximize the functional ... More
Two Dimensional Stochastic Configuration Networks for Image Data AnalyticsSep 06 2018Stochastic configuration networks (SCNs) as a class of randomized learner model have been successfully employed in data analytics due to its universal approximation capability and fast modelling property. The technical essence lies in stochastically configuring ... More
On the effect of ghost force in the quasicontinuum method: dynamic problems in one dimensionAug 07 2012Numerical error induced by the "ghost forces" in the quasicontinuum method is studied in the context of dynamic problems. The error in the ({W}^{1,\infty}) norm is analyzed for the time scale (\mc{O}(\eps)) and the time scale (\mc{O}(1)) with $\eps$ being ... More
Willmore orbits for isometric Lie actionsDec 15 2016Feb 12 2018In this work, we study the Willmore submanifolds in a closed connected Riemannian manifold which are orbits for the isometric action of a compact connected Lie group. We call them homogeneous Willmore submanifolds or Willmore orbits. The criteria for ... More
Efficient Spatial Anti-Aliasing Rendering for Line Joins on Vector MapsJun 27 2019The spatial anti-aliasing technique for line joins (intersections of the road segments) on vector maps is exclusively crucial to visual experience and system performance. Due to limitations of OpenGL API, one common practice to achieve the anti-aliased ... More
Late-Time Radio Re-Brightening of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows: Evidence for Double-Sided JetsJul 31 2004Sep 01 2004The central engine of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) is believed to eject double-sided ultra-relativistic jets. For an observed GRB, one of the twin jets should point toward us, and is responsible for the prompt gamma-ray and subsequent afterglow emission. We ... More
Optimal Incentive Contract with Endogenous Monitoring TechnologyOct 26 2018Recent technology advances have given firms the flexibility to process and analyze sophisticated employee performance data at a reduced and yet significant cost. We develop a theory of optimal incentive contracting where the monitoring technology that ... More
Deformation of Codimension-2 Surface and Horizon ThermodynamicsSep 23 2010Mar 14 2011The deformation equation of a spacelike submanifold with an arbitrary codimension is given by a general construction without using local frames. In the case of codimension-1, this equation reduces to the evolution equation of the extrinsic curvature of ... More
Analytic and geometric properties of open door functionsDec 10 2015In this paper, we study analytic and geometric properties of the solution $q(z)$ to the differential equation $q(z)+zq'(z)/q(z)=h(z)$ with the initial condition $q(0)=1$ for a given analytic function $h(z)$ on the unit disk $|z|<1$ in the complex plane ... More
Complex Signal Processing for Coriolis Mass Flow Metering in Two-Phase FlowMay 03 2018This paper presents a new signal processing method based on Complex Bandpass Filtering (CBF) applied to the Coriolis Mass Flowmeter (CMF). CBF can be utilized to suppress the negative frequency component of each sensor signal to produce the corresponding ... More
Some extensions of the Open Door LemmaFeb 18 2015Miller and Mocanu proved in their 1997 paper a greatly useful result which is now known as the Open Door Lemma. It provides a sufficient condition for an analytic function on the unit disk to have positive real part. Kuroki and Owa modified the lemma ... More
A lower bound of concurrence for multipartite quantum statesMar 18 2009We study the concurrence of arbitrary multipartite mixed quantum states. An explicit lower bound of the concurrence is derived, which detects quantum entanglement of some states better than some separability criteria, and gives sufficient conditions for ... More
Local Unitary Invariants for Multipartite Quantum SystemsOct 23 2014We present an approach of constructing invariants under local unitary transformations for multipartite quantum systems. The invariants constructed in this way can be complement to that in [Science 340 (2013) 1205-1208]. Detailed examples are given to ... More
Genuine multipartite entanglement detection and lower bound of multipartite concurrenceDec 30 2015The problems of genuine multipartite entanglement detection and classification are challenging. We show that a multipartite quantum state is genuine multipartite entangled if the multipartite concurrence is larger than certain quantities given by the ... More
Quantum Entanglement: Separability, Measure, Fidelity of Teleportation and DistillationDec 21 2010Quantum entanglement plays crucial roles in quantum information processing. Quantum entangled states have become the key ingredient in the rapidly expanding field of quantum information science. Although the nonclassical nature of entanglement has been ... More
General proof of (maximum) entropy principle in Lovelock gravityApr 26 2014Mar 01 2015We consider a static self-gravitating perfect fluid system in Lovelock gravity theory. For a spacial region on the hypersurface orthogonal to static Killing vector, by the Tolman's law of temperature, the assumption of a fixed total particle number inside ... More
High Baryon Densities Achieveable at RHIC and LHCJul 27 2018In high energy collisions nuclei are practically transparent to each other but produce very hot, nearly baryon-free, matter in the central rapidity region. Where do the baryons go? We calculate the energy loss of the nuclei using the color glass condensate ... More
Achieving high baryon densities in the fragmentation regions in heavy ion collisions at top RHIC energyFeb 01 2017Heavy ion collisions at extremely high energy, such as the top energy at RHIC, exhibit the property of transparency where there is a clear separation between the almost net-baryon-free central rapidity region and the net-baryon-rich fragmentation region. ... More
Coalescence for a Galton-Watson process with immigrationJun 10 2019In this paper, we consider a Galton-Watson process with immigration. Pick $i(\ge2)$ individuals randomly without replacement from the $n$-th generation and trace their lines of descent back in time till they coalesce into $1$ individual in a certain generation, ... More
Counterterms in Massive Gravity TheorySep 29 2015Nov 02 2015We derived local boundary counterterms in massive gravity theory with a negative cosmological constant in four dimensions. With these counterterms at hand we analyzed the properties of the boundary field theory in the context of AdS/CFT duality by calculating ... More
Intermediate effective interactions and dynamical fermion mass generation of QCDMay 12 2013The functional renormalization group equation is expanded to a two-loop form. This two-loop form equation involves one-loop effective action. An intermediate effective action perspective is adopted toward the one-loop effective action. That is to say, ... More
Large N Expansion From Fuzzy AdS_2May 29 2000We study the quantum analogue of primary fields and their descendants on fuzzy AdS_2, proposed in hep-th/0004072. Three-point vertices are calculated and shown to exhibit the conventional 1/N expansion as well as nonperturtive effects in large N, thus ... More
Spinodal instabilities of baryon-rich quark matter in heavy ion collisionsJun 16 2016Using the test-particle method to solve the transport equation derived from the Nambu-Jona-Lasino (NJL) model, we study how phase separation occurs in an expanding quark matter like that in a heavy ion collision. To test our method, we first investigate ... More
Large Baryon Densities Achievable in High Energy Heavy Ion Collisions Outside the Central Rapidity RegionAug 17 2018Feb 07 2019Nuclei are nearly transparent to each other when they collide at high energy, but the collisions do produce high energy density matter in the central rapidity region where most experimental measurements are made. What happens to the receding nuclear fireballs? ... More
Functional renormalization flow and dynamical chiral symmetry breaking of QCDJan 12 2012May 12 2013The dependence of function renormalization group equation on regulators is investigated. A parameter is introduced to control the suppression of regulators. Functional renormalization group equations will become regulator-independent if this newly introduced ... More
Generation of second-mode internal solitary waves during the winter by a shoaling internal tide in the northern South China SeaAug 07 2018Field measurements of second-mode internal solitary waves (mode-2 ISWs) during the winter on the upper continental slope of the northern South China Sea were reported in Yang et al. (2009), but their generation mechanism remains elusive. We investigated ... More
Uncertainty relation based on Wigner-Yanase-Dyson skew information with quantum memoryFeb 23 2018We present uncertainty relations based on Wigner--Yanase--Dyson skew information with quantum memory. Uncertainty inequalities both in product and summation forms are derived. \mbox{It is} shown that the lower bounds contain two terms: one characterizes ... More
Learning time-dependent noise to reduce logical errors: Real time error rate estimation in quantum error correctionOct 10 2017Jun 10 2018Quantum error correction is important to quantum information processing, which allows us to reliably process information encoded in quantum error correction codes. Efficient quantum error correction benefits from the knowledge of error rates. We propose ... More
Quantum Anomaly Detection with Density Estimation and Multivariate Gaussian DistributionJun 15 2019We study quantum anomaly detection with density estimation and multivariate Gaussian distribution. Both algorithms are constructed using the standard gate-based model of quantum computing. Compared with the corresponding classical algorithms, the resource ... More
Quantum Separability Criteria for Arbitrary Dimensional Multipartite StatesFeb 18 2014We present separability criteria for both bipartite and multipartite quantum states. These criteria include the criteria based on the correlation matrix and its generalized form as special cases. We show by detailed examples that our criteria are more ... More
Bipartite Bell Inequality and Maximal ViolationFeb 25 2011We present new bell inequalities for arbitrary dimensional bipartite quantum systems. The maximal violation of the inequalities is computed. The Bell inequality is capable of detecting quantum entanglement of both pure and mixed quantum states more effectively. ... More
Breakdown of local convertibility through Majorana modes in a quantum quenchApr 01 2015May 27 2015The local convertibility of quantum states, measured by the R\'enyi entropy, is concerned with whether or not a state can be transformed into another state, using only local operations and classical communications. We found that in the one-dimensional ... More
The Weighted AM-GM Inequality is Equivalent to the Hölder InequalityApr 10 2015Jul 01 2017In this note, we investigate mathematical relations among the weighted AM-GM inequality, the H\"older inequality and the weighted power-mean inequality. Meanwhile, the detailed proofs of mathematical equivalence among weighted AM-GM inequality, weighted ... More
Cusp-core problem and strong gravitational lensingMay 19 2009Oct 31 2009Cosmological numerical simulations of galaxy formation have led to the cuspy density profile of a pure cold dark matter halo toward the center, which is in sharp contradiction with the observations of the rotation curves of cold dark matter-dominated ... More
High Baryon Densities in Heavy Ion Collisions at Energies Attainable at the BNL Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider and the CERN Large Hadron ColliderApr 28 2016Jan 30 2017In very high energy collisions nuclei are practically transparent to each other but produce very hot, nearly baryon-free, matter in the so-called central rapidity region. The energy in the central rapidity region comes from the kinetic energy of the colliding ... More
Pressure Anisotropy in Heavy Ion Collisions from Color Glass CondensateFeb 29 2016Mar 14 2016We generalize calculations of the energy-momentum tensor for classical gluon fields in the McLerran-Venugopalan model using the small-$\tau$ power series expansion method. Results to all orders for the energy density and pressures are given in the leading ... More
Observational constraint on the dark energy scalar fieldSep 21 2018In the present paper, we investigate three scalar fields, \qu field, phantom field and tachyon field, to explore the source of dark energy, using the Gaussian processes method from the background data and perturbation growth rate data. The corresponding ... More
Fuzzy Spheres in AdS/CFT Correspondence and Holography from NoncommutativityApr 11 2000Apr 29 2000We show that the existent fuzzy S^2 and S^4 models are natural candidates for the quantum geometry on the corresponding spheres in AdS/CFT correspondence. These models fit nicely the data from the dipole mechanism for the stringy exclusion principle. ... More
Criteria of Biholomorphic Convex Mappings on the bounded convex balanced domain $D_{p}^n$Nov 22 2015In this paper, we first establish several general sufficient conditions for the biholomorphic convex mappings on the bounded convex balanced domain $D_{p}^n(p_{j}\geq 2,j=1,\cdots,n)$ in $C^{n}$, which extend some related results of earlier authors. From ... More
Spinodal Instabilities of Baryon-Rich Quark-gluon Plasma in the PNJL ModelDec 31 2015Using the Polyakov-Nambu-Jona-Lasinia (PNJL) model, we study the spinodal instability of a baryon-rich quark-gluon plasma in the linear response theory. We find that the spinodal unstable region in the temperature and density plane shrinks with increasing ... More
Phonon laser in cavity magnomechanicsJun 05 2019The phonon analog of an optical laser has become the focus of research. We theoretically study phonon lasing in a cavity magnomechanical system, which consist of a microwave cavity, a YIG sphere and the uniform external bias magnetic field. This system ... More
Constraints on Bose-Einstein-condensed Axion Dark Matter from The HI Nearby Galaxy Survey dataJun 05 2014Aug 01 2014One of the leading candidates for dark matter is axion or axion-like particle in a form of Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC). In this paper, we present an analysis of 17 high-resolution galactic rotation curves from "The H{\footnotesize I} Nearby Galaxy ... More
Constraints from Type IA Supernovae on λ-CDM Model in Randers-Finsler SpaceSep 08 2010Mar 03 2013Gravitational field equations in Randers-Finsler space of approximate Berwald type are investigated. A modified Friedmann equation and a new luminosity distance-redshift relation is proposed. A best-fit to the Type Ia supernovae (SNe) observations yields ... More
Hybrid beamforming with dynamic subarrays and low-resolution PSs for mmWave MU-MISO systemsJun 03 2019Jun 04 2019Analog/digital hybrid beamforming architectures with large-scale antenna arrays have been widely considered in millimeter wave (mmWave) communication systems because they can address the tradeoff between performance and hardware efficiency compared with ... More
Investigation of homogeneity and matter distribution on large scales using large quasar groupsDec 09 2014We use 12 large quasar group (LQG) samples to investigate the homogeneity of $0.5\lesssim z \lesssim 2$ Universe ($z$ denotes the redshift). We calculate the bias factor $b$ and the two-point correlation function $\xi_{{\rm LQG}}$ for such groups for ... More
Multichannel quantum-defect theory for ion-atom interactionsFeb 15 2014We present a quantum theory of ion-atom interaction that is applicable at energies comparable to or smaller than the atomic hyperfine splitting and takes proper account of the effects of identical nuclei. The theory reveals the subtlety and the complexity ... More
Phonon laser in cavity magnomechanicsJun 05 2019Jun 06 2019The phonon analog of an optical laser has become the focus of research. We theoretically study phonon lasing in a cavity magnomechanical system, which consist of a microwave cavity, a YIG sphere and the uniform external bias magnetic field. This system ... More
A bipartite separable ball and its applicationsAug 31 2015In this paper, based on a matrix norm, we first present a ball of separable unnormalized states around the identity matrix for the bipartite quantum system, which is larger than the separable ball in Frobenius norm. Then the proposed ball is used to get ... More
Unification of Dark Matter and Dark Energy in a Modified Entropic Force ModelSep 08 2010Jun 27 2011In Verlinde's entropic force scenario of gravity, Newton's laws and Einstein equations can be obtained from the first pinciples and general assumptions. However, the equipartition law of energy is invalid at very low temperatures. We show clearly that ... More
Ground-state cooling of an magnomechanical resonator induced by magnetic dampingJun 28 2019Quantum manipulation of mechanical resonators has been widely applied in fundamental physics and quantum information processing. Among them, cooling the mechanical system to its quantum ground state is regarded as a key step. In this work, we propose ... More
High-Resolution Network for Photorealistic Style TransferApr 25 2019Photorealistic style transfer aims to transfer the style of one image to another, but preserves the original structure and detail outline of the content image, which makes the content image still look like a real shot after the style transfer. Although ... More
Criterion of Local Unitary Equivalence for Multipartite StatesOct 08 2013We study the local unitary equivalence of arbitrary dimensional multipartite quantum mixed states. We present a necessary and sufficient criterion of the local unitary equivalence for general multipartite states based on matrix realignment. The criterion ... More
NOON state generation with phonons in acoustic wave resonators assisted by a nitrogen-vacancy-center ensembleOct 20 2018Nov 30 2018Since the quality factor of an acoustic wave resonator (AWR) reached $10^{11}$, AWRs have been regarded as a good carrier of quantum information. In this paper, we propose a scheme to construct a NOON state with two AWRs assisted by a nitrogen-vacancy-center ... More
Generation of mode-2 internal waves in a two-dimensional stratification by a mode-1 internal waveAug 07 2018The generation of mode-2 nonlinear internal waves (IWs) by the evolution of a mode-1 IW in a two-dimensional stratification is investigated. A generation model accounting for intermodal interaction is derived based on a multi-modal approach in a weakly ... More
Upper bound of the fully entangled fractionOct 06 2008We study the fully entangled fraction of quantum states. An upper bound is obtained for arbitrary dimensional bipartite systems. This bound is shown to be exact for the case of two-qubit systems. An inequality related the fully entangled fraction of two ... More
Entanglement detection and lower bound of convex-roof extension of negativityDec 30 2011We present a set of inequalities based on mean values of quantum mechanical observables nonlinear entanglement witnesses for bipartite quantum systems. These inequalities give rise to sufficient and necessary conditions for separability of all bipartite ... More
A lower bound of concurrence for multipartite quantum systemsDec 30 2017We present a lower bound of concurrence for four-partite systems in terms of the concurrence for $M\, (2\leq M\leq 3)$ part quantum systems and give an analytical lower bound for $2\otimes2\otimes2\otimes2$ mixed quantum sates. It is shown that these ... More
Improved Separability Criteria Based on Bloch Representation of Density MatricesAug 04 2016Aug 07 2016The correlation matrices or tensors in the Bloch representation of density matrices are encoded with entanglement properties. In this paper, based on the Bloch representation of density matrices, we give some new separability criteria for bipartite and ... More
Bounds for multipartite concurrenceMay 19 2010We study the entanglement of a multipartite quantum state. An inequality between the bipartite concurrence and the multipartite concurrence is obtained. More effective lower and upper bounds of the multipartite concurrence are obtained. By using the lower ... More
Separability and Entanglement of Quantum States Based on Covariance MatricesMay 12 2008We investigate the separability of quantum states based on covariance matrices. Separability criteria are presented for multipartite states. The lower bound of concurrence proposed in Phys. Rev. A. 75, 052320 (2007) is improved by optimizing the local ... More
Covering relations for coupled map networksSep 09 2011Following [6,12], we study coupled map networks over arbitrary finite graphs. An estimate from below for a topological entropy of a perturbed coupled map network via a topological entropy of an unperturbed network by making use of the covering relations ... More
Salient Object Detection: A BenchmarkJan 05 2015Feb 27 2018We extensively compare, qualitatively and quantitatively, 40 state-of-the-art models (28 salient object detection, 10 fixation prediction, 1 objectness, and 1 baseline) over 6 challenging datasets for the purpose of benchmarking salient object detection ... More
Complete Entanglement Witness for Quantum TeleportationMay 03 2012We propose a set of linear quantum entanglement witnesses constituted by local quantum-mechanical observables with each two possible measurement outcomes. These witnesses detect all the entangled resources which give rise to a better fidelity than separable ... More
A Note on Normal Forms of Quantum States and SeparabilityDec 12 2008We study the normal form of multipartite density matrices. It is shown that the correlation matrix (CM) separability criterion can be improved from the normal form we obtained under filtering transformations. Based on CM criterion the entanglement witness ... More
Lower Bounds of Concurrence for Multipartite StatesMay 04 2012We study the entanglement of multipartite quantum states. Some lower bounds of the multipartite concurrence are reviewed. We further present more effective lower bounds for detecting and qualifying entanglement, by establishing functional relations between ... More
Separability of Tripartite Quantum SystemsSep 05 2008We investigate the separability of arbitrary dimensional tripartite sys- tems. By introducing a new operator related to transformations on the subsystems a necessary condition for the separability of tripartite systems is presented.
A fast direct imaging method for the inverse obstacle scattering problem with nonlinear point scatterersJun 21 2017Consider the scattering of a time-harmonic plane wave by heterogeneous media consisting of linear or nonlinear point scatterers and extended obstacles. A generalized Foldy-Lax formulation is developed to take fully into account of the multiple scattering ... More
Bounds on Multipartite Concurrence and TangleAug 04 2016We present an analytical lower bound of multipartite concurrence based on the generalized Bloch representations of density matrices. It is shown that the lower bound can be used as an effective entanglement witness of genuine multipartite entanglement. ... More
Nonclassicality and decoherence of photon-added squeezed thermal state in thermal environmentOct 30 2011Theoretical analysis is given of nonclassicality and decoherence of the field states generated by adding any number of photons to the squeezed thermal state (STS). Based on the fact that the squeezed number state can be considered as a single-variable ... More
Geometric quantum discord and non-Markovianity of structured reservoirsDec 24 2015The reservoir memory effects can lead to information backflow and recurrence of the previously lost quantum correlations. We establish connections between the direction of information flow and variation of the geometric quantum discords (GQDs) measured ... More
A Survey of Multi-View Representation LearningOct 03 2016Oct 24 2018Recently, multi-view representation learning has become a rapidly growing direction in machine learning and data mining areas. This paper introduces two categories for multi-view representation learning: multi-view representation alignment and multi-view ... More
New Applications of the Incompressibility Method: Part ISep 23 1998The incompressibility method is an elementary yet powerful proof technique. It has been used successfully in many areas. To further demonstrate its power and elegance we exhibit new simple proofs using the incompressibility method.
A note on the proofs of generalized radon inequalityApr 20 2015May 11 2016In this paper, we introduce and prove the generalizations of Radon inequality. The proofs in the paper unify and are simpler than those in former work. Meanwhile, we also find mathematical equivalences among the Bernoulli inequality, the weighted AM-GM ... More