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The Forwarding Indices of Graphs -- a SurveyApr 12 2012A routing $R$ of a given connected graph $G$ of order $n$ is a collection of $n(n-1)$ simple paths connecting every ordered pair of vertices of $G$. The vertex-forwarding index $\xi(G,R)$ of $G$ with respect to $R$ is defined as the maximum number of ... More
The g-Good-Neighbor Conditional Diagnosability of Locally Twisted CubesJan 11 2017In the work of Peng et al. in 2012, a new measure was proposed for fault diagnosis of systems: namely, g-good-neighbor conditional diagnosability, which requires that any fault-free vertex has at least g fault-free neighbors in the system. In this paper, ... More
Modelling Temporal Information Using Discrete Fourier Transform for Recognizing Emotions in User-generated VideosMar 20 2016Aug 03 2016With the widespread of user-generated Internet videos, emotion recognition in those videos attracts increasing research efforts. However, most existing works are based on framelevel visual features and/or audio features, which might fail to model the ... More
Conditional Sparse Coding and Grouped Multivariate RegressionJun 27 2012We study the problem of multivariate regression where the data are naturally grouped, and a regression matrix is to be estimated for each group. We propose an approach in which a dictionary of low rank parameter matrices is estimated across groups, and ... More
On $g$-good-neighbor conditional diagnosability of $(n, k)$-star networksMar 22 2017The $g$-good-neighbor conditional diagnosability is a new measure for fault diagnosis of systems. Xu et al. [Theor. Comput. Sci. 659 (2017) 53--63] determined the $g$-good-neighbor conditional diagnosability of $(n, k)$-star networks $S_{n, k}$ (i.e., ... More
The $h$-edge tolerable diagnosability of balanced hypercubesApr 15 2019To measure the fault diagnosis capability of a multiprocessor system with faulty links, Zhu et al. [Theoret. Comput. Sci. 758 (2019) 1--8] introduced the $h$-edge tolerable diagnosability. This kind of diagnosability is a generalization of the concept ... More
Identifying codes of lexicographic product of graphsJun 18 2011Gravier et al. investigated the identifying codes of Cartesian product of two graphs. In this paper we consider the identifying codes of lexicographic product G[H] of a connected graph G and an arbitrary graph H, and obtain the minimum cardinality of ... More
On the metric dimension of line graphsJul 20 2011Let $G$ be a (di)graph. A set $W$ of vertices in $G$ is a \emph{resolving set} of $G$ if every vertex $u$ of $G$ is uniquely determined by its vector of distances to all the vertices in $W$. The \emph{metric dimension} $\mu (G)$ of $G$ is the minimum ... More
An Extension for Direct Gauge Mediation of Metastable Supersymmetry BreakingDec 26 2007Apr 03 2009We study the direct mediation of metastable supersymmetry breaking by a \Phi^2-deformation to the ISS model and extend it by splitting both Tr\Phi and Tr\Phi^2 terms in the superpotential and gauging the flavor symmetry. We find that with such an extension ... More
A Rigidity Theorem for Affine Kähler-Ricci Flat GraphOct 19 2007Oct 20 2007It is shown that any smooth strictly convex global solution of $$\det(\frac{\partial^{2}u}{\partial \xi_{i}\partial \xi_{j}}) = \exp \left\{-\sum_{i=1}^n d_i \frac{\partial u}{\partial \xi_{i}} - d_0\right\},$$ where $d_0$, $d_1$,...,$d_n$ are constants, ... More
Learning Multi-level Deep Representations for Image Emotion ClassificationNov 22 2016Sep 25 2018In this paper, we propose a new deep network that learns multi-level deep representations for image emotion classification (MldrNet). Image emotion can be recognized through image semantics, image aesthetics and low-level visual features from both global ... More
Unifying quantum heat transfer and superradiant signature in a nonequilibrium collective-qubit system: a polaron-transformed Redfield approachMar 04 2019We investigate full counting statistics of quantum heat transfer in a collective-qubit system, constructed by multi-qubits interacting with two thermal baths. The nonequilibrium polaron-transformed Redfield approach embedded with an auxiliary counting ... More
High-dimensional nonparametric density estimation via symmetry and shape constraintsMar 14 2019We tackle the problem of high-dimensional nonparametric density estimation by taking the class of log-concave densities on $\mathbb{R}^p$ and incorporating within it symmetry assumptions, which facilitate scalable estimation algorithms and can mitigate ... More
Optimal Redeeming Strategy of Stock LoansJun 03 2009A stock loan is a loan, secured by a stock, which gives the borrower the right to redeem the stock at any time before or on the loan maturity. The way of dividends distribution has a significant effect on the pricing of the stock loan and the optimal ... More
Constraints on Hybrid Inflation from Flat Directions in SupersymmetryAug 30 2006Oct 19 2006We examine the constraints on F-term hybrid inflation by considering the flat directions in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM). We find that some coupling terms between the flat direction fields and the field which dominates the energy density ... More
A way to solve BCS-type pairing modelSep 15 2004Oct 26 2004We propose a way to solve BCS-type pairing model by to exactly solve its spin-analogy in the subspace. The advantages of our method are to avoid to directly deal with the approximate procedure and to transfer an exponentially complicated problem to a ... More
A Comparative Study of Discretization Approaches for Granular Association Rule MiningDec 02 2012Dec 12 2012Granular association rule mining is a new relational data mining approach to reveal patterns hidden in multiple tables. The current research of granular association rule mining considers only nominal data. In this paper, we study the impact of discretization ... More
A phase-field model of relaxor ferroelectrics based on random field theoryNov 23 2015A mechanically coupled phase-field model is proposed for the first time to simulate the peculiar behavior of relaxor ferroelectrics. Based on the random field theory for relaxors, local random fields are introduced to characterize the effect of chemical ... More
Real-time Data Collection Scheduling in Multi-hop Wireless Sensor NetworksAug 08 2012Aug 02 2013We study real time periodic query scheduling for data collection in multihop Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). Given a set of heterogenous data collection queries in WSNs, each query requires the data from the source sensor nodes to be collected to the ... More
Star-Forming Galaxies at z~2 in the Hubble Ultra Deep FieldSep 12 2009Using a simple color selection based on B-, z- and K-band photometry, BzK= (z-K)_AB-(B-z)_AB>-0.2, we picked out 52 star-forming galaxies at 1.4<z<2.5 (sBzKs) from a K-band selected sample (K_Vega<22.0) in an area of ~5.5 arcmin^2 of the Hubble Ultra ... More
Computational study on microstructure evolution and magnetic property of laser additively manufactured magnetic materialsFeb 27 2018Feb 13 2019Additive manufacturing (AM) offers an unprecedented opportunity for the quick production of complex shaped parts directly from a powder precursor. But its application to functional materials in general and magnetic materials in particular is still at ... More
Optimal Rates for Community Estimation in the Weighted Stochastic Block ModelJun 05 2017Sep 29 2018Community identification in a network is an important problem in fields such as social science, neuroscience, and genetics. Over the past decade, stochastic block models (SBMs) have emerged as a popular statistical framework for this problem. However, ... More
Classification of Extremely Red Objects in the Hubble Ultra Deep FieldFeb 16 2009In this paper we present a quantitative study of the classification of Extremely Red Objects (EROs). The analysis is based on the multi-band spatial- and ground-based observations (HST/ACS-$BViz$, HST/NICMOS-$JH$, VLT-$JHK$) in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field ... More
Faster Convergence of a Randomized Coordinate Descent Method for Linearly Constrained Optimization ProblemsSep 04 2017The problem of minimizing a separable convex function under linearly coupled constraints arises from various application domains such as economic systems, distributed control, and network flow. The main challenge for solving this problem is that the size ... More
Studying of Bs --> K(*)-pi+, K(*)-rho+ decays within supersymmetryJul 17 2010Recent results from CDF Collaboration favor a large CP asymmetry in $B_s\rightarrow K^-\pi^+$ decay, while the Standard Model prediction is very small. Moreover, the measurement of its branching ratio is lower than the Standard Model prediction based ... More
Rational Solitons in the Parity-Time-Symmetric Nonlocal Nonlinear Schrödinger ModelMar 08 2015Nov 16 2016In this paper, via the generalized Darboux transformation, rational soliton solutions are derived for the parity-time-symmetric nonlocal nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger (NLS) model with the defocusing-type nonlinearity. We find that the first-order solution ... More
Waiting Time Distribution of Quantum Electronic Transport in Transient RegimeMar 06 2014May 20 2014Waiting time is an important transport quantity that is complementary to average current and its fluctuation. So far all the studies of waiting time distribution (WTD) are limited to steady state transport (either dc or ac). In this work, we present a ... More
Strong rainbow connection numbers of toroidal meshesFeb 26 2017Mar 01 2017In 2011, Li et al. \cite{LLL} obtained an upper bound of the strong rainbow connection number of an $r$-dimensional undirected toroidal mesh. In this paper, this bound is improved. As a result, we give a negative answer to their problem.
Automatic Detection and Diagnosis of Biased Online ExperimentsJul 31 2018We have seen a massive growth of online experiments at LinkedIn, and in industry at large. It is now more important than ever to create an intelligent A/B platform that can truly democratize A/B testing by allowing everyone to make quality decisions, ... More
Anti-dark and Mexican-hat solitons in the Sasa-Satsuma equation on the continuous wave backgroundAug 19 2014Feb 04 2015In this letter, via the Darboux transformation method we construct new analytic soliton solutions for the Sasa-Satsuma equation which describes the femtosecond pulses propagation in a monomode fiber. We reveal that two different types of femtosecond solitons, ... More
A pathway-based mean-field model for E. coli chemotaxis: Mathematical derivation and Keller-Segel limitMar 12 2013Apr 26 2013A pathway-based mean-field theory (PBMFT) was recently proposed for E. coli chemotaxis in [G. Si, T. Wu, Q. Quyang and Y. Tu, Phys. Rev. Lett., 109 (2012), 048101]. In this paper, we derived a new moment system of PBMFT by using the moment closure technique ... More
Higgs boson production in photon-photon collision at ILC: a comparative study in different little Higgs modelsNov 15 2009Jan 07 2010We study the process \gamma\gamma->h->bb_bar at ILC as a probe of different little Higgs models, including the simplest little Higgs model (SLH), the littlest Higgs model (LH), and two types of littlest Higgs models with T-parity (LHT-I, LHT-II). Compared ... More
Location of Poles for the Hastings-McLeod Solution to the Second Painlevé EquationOct 13 2014Jul 09 2015We show that the well-known Hastings-McLeod solution to the second Painlev\'{e} equation is pole-free in the region $\arg x \in [-\frac{\pi}{3},\frac{\pi}{3}]\cup [\frac{2\pi}{3},\frac{ 4 \pi}{3}]$, which proves an important special case of a general ... More
Voltage-driven charge-mediated fast 180 degree magnetization switching in nanoheterostructure at room temperatureFeb 13 2017Sep 10 2017Voltage-driven 180$^\circ$ magnetization switching without electric current provides the possibility for revolutionizing the spintronics. We demonstrated the voltage-driven charge-mediated 180$^\circ$ magnetization switching at room temperature by combining ... More
Strain-mediated magnetoelectric effect for the electric-field control of magnetic states in nanomagnetsFeb 13 2017Feb 21 2017Electric-field control of magnetism without electric currents potentially revolutionizes spintronics towards ultralow power. Here by using mechanically coupled phase field simulations, we computationally demonstrate the application of the strain-mediated ... More
Automatic tracking of protein vesiclesJun 05 2015With the advance of fluorescence imaging technologies, recently cell biologists are able to record the movement of protein vesicles within a living cell. Automatic tracking of the movements of these vesicles become key for qualitative analysis of dynamics ... More
Shadows of Kerr-like black holes in a modified gravity theoryOct 30 2018In this paper, the shadows casted by non-rotating and rotating modified gravity black holes are investigated. In addition to the black hole spin parameter $a$ and the inclination angle $\theta$ of observer, another parameter $\alpha$ measuring the deviation ... More
Steady state current fluctuations and dynamical control in a nonequilibrium single-site Bose-Hubbard systemNov 01 2017We investigate nonequilibrium energy transfer in a single-site Bose-Hubbard model coupled to two thermal baths. By including a quantum kinetic equation combined with full counting statistics, we investigate the steady state energy flux and noise power. ... More
Waiting times and stopping probabilities for patterns in Markov chainsFeb 21 2016Feb 20 2017Suppose that $\mathcal C$ is a finite collection of patterns. Observe a Markov chain until one of the patterns in $\mathcal C$ occurs as a run. This time is denoted by $\tau$. In this paper, we aim to give an easy way to calculate the mean waiting time ... More
Notes on Chern's Affine Bernstein ConjectureApr 04 2011There were two famous conjectures on complete affine maximal surfaces, one due to E. Calabi, the other to S.S. Chern. Both were solved with different methods about one decade ago by studying the associated Euler-Lagrange equation. Here we survey two proofs ... More
Multiscale examination of strain effects in Nd-Fe-B permanent magnetsNov 28 2016Jul 14 2017We have performed a combined first-principles and micromagnetic study on the strain effects in Nd-Fe-B magnets. First-principles calculations on Nd2Fe14B reveal that the magnetocrystalline anisotropy (K) is insensitive to the deformation along c axis ... More
Quantum Cosmology of $f(R,T)$ gravityJul 30 2016Modified gravity theories have the potential of explaining the recent acceleration of the Universe without resorting to the mysterious concept of dark energy. In particular, it has been pointed out that matter-geometry coupling may be responsible for ... More
A TFD model for the Electrospheres of Bare Strange Quark StarsDec 17 2007We study the layer of electrons on bare strange star surfaces, taking the Dirac exchange-energy into account. Because electrons are fermions, the electron wave function must be of exchange-antisymmetry. The Dirac exchange-energy originates, consequently, ... More
Multi-task Learning for Macromolecule Classification, Segmentation and Coarse Structural Recovery in Cryo-TomographyMay 16 2018Cellular Electron Cryo-Tomography (CECT) is a powerful 3D imaging tool for studying the native structure and organization of macromolecules inside single cells. For systematic recognition and recovery of macromolecular structures captured by CECT, methods ... More
Probing the R-parity violating supersymmetric effects in the exclusive b\to c\ell^-\barν_\ell decaysFeb 21 2016Motivated by recent results from the LHCb, BABAR and Belle collaborations on B\to D^{(*)}\ell^-\bar{\nu}_\ell decays, which significantly deviate from the Standard Model and hint the possible new physics beyond the Standard Model, we probe the R-parity ... More
Integrative analysis of gene expression and phenotype dataJun 29 2015The linking genotype to phenotype is the fundamental aim of modern genetics. We focus on study of links between gene expression data and phenotype data through integrative analysis. We propose three approaches. 1) The inherent complexity of phenotypes ... More
Global Gene Expression Analysis Using Machine Learning MethodsJun 05 2015Microarray is a technology to quantitatively monitor the expression of large number of genes in parallel. It has become one of the main tools for global gene expression analysis in molecular biology research in recent years. The large amount of expression ... More
Feature Decomposition Based Saliency Detection in Electron Cryo-TomogramsJan 31 2018Electron Cryo-Tomography (ECT) allows 3D visualization of subcellular structures at the submolecular resolution in close to the native state. However, due to the high degree of structural complexity and imaging limits, the automatic segmentation of cellular ... More
Model compression for faster structural separation of macromolecules captured by Cellular Electron Cryo-TomographyJan 31 2018Electron Cryo-Tomography (ECT) enables 3D visualization of macromolecule structure inside single cells. Macromolecule classification approaches based on convolutional neural networks (CNN) were developed to separate millions of macromolecules captured ... More
Experimental Simulation of a Pairing Hamiltonian on an NMR Quantum ComputerOct 19 2004Oct 28 2004We have developed a concrete quantum simulation scheme and experimentally simulated a pairing model on an NMR quantum computer. The design of our experiment includes choosing an appropriate initial state in order to make our scheme scalable in near future, ... More
On Configurable Defense against Adversarial Example AttacksDec 06 2018Machine learning systems based on deep neural networks (DNNs) have gained mainstream adoption in many applications. Recently, however, DNNs are shown to be vulnerable to adversarial example attacks with slight perturbations on the inputs. Existing defense ... More
Phase-field modeling of non-isothermal grain coalescence in the unconventional sintering techniquesJun 07 2018A thermodynamically consistent phase-field model is developed to study the non-isothermal grain coalescence during the sintering process, with a potential application to the simulation in unconventional sintering techniques, e.g. spark plasma sintering, ... More
Ultrafast laser-induced subwavelength structures towards nanoscale: the significant role of plasmonic effectsSep 30 2011May 28 2012Nowadays, via controlling surface plasmons (SPs) on elaborate man-made structures, plasmonics aiming at manipulating light beyond the diffraction limit has aroused great interest. Here, nevertheless, we demonstrate in short-pulse laser ablation ultrafast ... More
Generating Grasp Poses for a High-DOF Gripper Using Neural NetworksMar 01 2019We present a learning-based method to represent grasp poses of a high-DOF hand using neural networks. Due to the redundancy in such high-DOF grippers, there exists a large number of equally effective grasp poses for a given target object, making it difficult ... More
Classification of Extremely Red Objects in the COSMOS FieldAug 20 2009We present a study of the classification of z ~1 extremely red objects (EROs), using a combination of HST/ACS, Spitzer/IRAC, and ground-based images of the COSMOS field. Our sample includes about 5300 EROs with i-Ks>2.45 (AB, equivalently I-Ks=4 in Vega) ... More
Feasibility study of channeling acceleration experiment at the Fermilab ASTA facilityFeb 06 2015Crystal channeling technology has offered various opportunities in accelerator community with a viability of ultrahigh gradient (TV/m) acceleration for future HEP collider in Energy Frontier. The major challenge of the channeling acceleration is that ... More
Adjoint-based optimization for thrust performance of a three-dimensional pitching-rolling plateSep 11 2018An adjoint-based optimization is applied to study the thrust performance of a pitching-rolling ellipsoidal plate in a uniform stream at Reynolds number 100. To achieve the highest thrust, the optimal kinematics of pitching-rolling motion is sought in ... More
Respond-CAM: Analyzing Deep Models for 3D Imaging Data by VisualizationsMay 31 2018Jun 07 2018The convolutional neural network (CNN) has become a powerful tool for various biomedical image analysis tasks, but there is a lack of visual explanation for the machinery of CNNs. In this paper, we present a novel algorithm, Respond-weighted Class Activation ... More
Large-Scale Online Experimentation with Quantile MetricsMar 20 2019Online experimentation (or A/B testing) has been widely adopted in industry as the gold standard for measuring product impacts. Despite the wide adoption, few literatures discuss A/B testing with quantile metrics. Quantile metrics, such as 90th percentile ... More
Shadows of Kerr-like black holes in a modified gravity theoryOct 30 2018Apr 05 2019In this paper, the shadows cast by non-rotating and rotating modified gravity black holes are investigated. In addition to the black hole spin parameter $a$ and the inclination angle $\theta$ of observer, another parameter $\alpha$ measuring the deviation ... More
Attention-based Walking Gait and Direction Recognition in Wi-Fi NetworksNov 17 2018Jan 31 2019The study of human gait recognition has been becoming an active research field. In this paper, we propose to adopt the attention-based Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) encoder-decoder framework to implement a cycle-independent human gait and walking direction ... More
Manipulating the magnetic anisotropy of cobalt doped titanium dioxide by carrier accumulationDec 02 2012Jan 18 2013Based on first-principles calculations, we predict that the magnetic anisotropy energy (MAE) of Co-doped TiO$_2$ sensitively depends on carrier accumulation. This magnetoelectric phenomenon provides a promising route to directly manipulate the magnetization ... More
Ab initio study of magnetic anisotropy in cobalt doped zinc oxide with electron-fillingNov 30 2012Jan 18 2013Based on first-principles calculation, it has been predicted that the magnetic anisotropy energy (MAE) in Co-doped ZnO (Co:ZnO) depends on electron-filling. Results show that the charge neutral Co:ZnO presents a "easy plane" magnetic state. While modifying ... More
2PFPCE: Two-Phase Filter Pruning Based on Conditional EntropySep 06 2018Deep Convolutional Neural Networks~(CNNs) offer remarkable performance of classifications and regressions in many high-dimensional problems and have been widely utilized in real-word cognitive applications. However, high computational cost of CNNs greatly ... More
Causal inference from observational data: Estimating the effect of contributions on visitation frequency atLinkedInMar 18 2019Randomized experiments (A/B testings) have become the standard way for web-facing companies to guide innovation, evaluate new products, and prioritize ideas. There are times, however, when running an experiment is too complicated (e.g., we have not built ... More
Propagation characteristics of complementary split-ring resonators excited by internal cylindrical waveJan 04 2012Jan 09 2012For a complementary split-ring resonators (CSRRs) etched on one screen of two infinite and perfectly conducting plates under cylindrical plane wave illumination, the transmission coefficients analysis were performed through finite-difference time-domain ... More
Efficient Active Algorithms for Hierarchical ClusteringJun 18 2012Advances in sensing technologies and the growth of the internet have resulted in an explosion in the size of modern datasets, while storage and processing power continue to lag behind. This motivates the need for algorithms that are efficient, both in ... More
Theoretical Design of Solid Electrolytes with Superb Ionic Conductivity: Alloying Effect on Li+ Transportation in Cubic Li6PA5X ChalcogenidesJul 14 2017It is of great importance to develop inorganic solid electrolytes with high ionic conductivity, thus enabling solid state Li-ion batteries to address the notorious safety issue about the current technology due to use of highly flammable liquid organic ... More
Performance Optimization and Parallelization of a Parabolic Equation Solver in Computational Ocean Acoustics on Modern Many-core ComputerOct 31 2017Nov 11 2017As one of open-source codes widely used in computational ocean acoustics, FOR3D can provide a very good estimate for underwater acoustic propagation. In this paper, we propose a performance optimization and parallelization to speed up the running of FOR3D. ... More
A Robust Background Initialization Algorithm with Superpixel Motion DetectionMay 17 2018Scene background initialization allows the recovery of a clear image without foreground objects from a video sequence, which is generally the first step in many computer vision and video processing applications. The process may be strongly affected by ... More
An integration of fast alignment and maximum-likelihood methods for electron subtomogram averaging and classificationApr 04 2018Motivation: Cellular Electron CryoTomography (CECT) is an emerging 3D imaging technique that visualizes subcellular organization of single cells at submolecular resolution and in near-native state. CECT captures large numbers of macromolecular complexes ... More
High-dimensional cryptographic quantum parameter estimationAug 04 2017May 29 2018We investigate cryptographic quantum parameter estimation with a high-dimensional system that allows only Bob (Receiver) to access the result and achieve optimal parameter precision from Alice (Sender). Eavesdropper (Eve) only can disturb the parameter ... More
B_s\to K^{(*)-}K^{(*)+}, K^{(*)-}π^{+}, K^{(*)-}ρ^{+} decays in R-parity violating supersymmetryMar 02 2009May 08 2009With the first measurements of the branching ratios and the direct CP asymmetries of $B_s\to K^{-}K^{+}$, $K^{-}\pi^{+}$ decays by the CDF collaboration, we constrain the relevant parameter space of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model with R-parity ... More
Probe R-parity Violating Supersymmetry Effects in $B\to K^{(*)}\ell^+\ell^-$ and $B_s\to \ell^+\ell^-$ DecaysOct 25 2006Nov 04 2006We study the decays $B\to K^{(*)}\ell^+\ell^-$ and $B_s\to \ell^+\ell^- (\ell=e,\mu)$ in the minimal supersymmetric standard model with R-parity violation (RPV). From the recent measurements of their branching ratios, we have derived new upper bounds ... More
Learning-Based Computation Offloading for IoT Devices with Energy HarvestingDec 23 2017Internet of Things (IoT) devices can apply mobile-edge computing (MEC) and energy harvesting (EH) to provide the satisfactory quality of experiences for computation intensive applications and prolong the battery lifetime. In this article, we investigate ... More
Continuous-Time Markowitz's Model with Transaction CostsJun 03 2009A continuous-time Markowitz's mean-variance portfolio selection problem is studied in a market with one stock, one bond, and proportional transaction costs. This is a singular stochastic control problem,inherently in a finite time horizon. With a series ... More
On conditional fault tolerance of hierarchical cubic networksSep 06 2017This paper considers the conditional fault tolerance, $h$-super connectivity $\kappa^{h}$ and $h$-super edge-connectivity $\lambda^{h}$ of the hierarchical cubic network $HCN_n$, an attractive alternative network to the hypercube, and shows $\kappa^h(HCN_n)=\lambda^h(HCN_n)=2^h(n+1-h)$ ... More
Generating Grasp Poses for a High-DOF Gripper Using Neural NetworksMar 01 2019Mar 05 2019We present a learning-based method to represent grasp poses of a high-DOF hand using neural networks. Due to the redundancy in such high-DOF grippers, there exists a large number of equally effective grasp poses for a given target object, making it difficult ... More
Darboux transformation and analytic solutions of the discrete \PT-symmetric nonlocal nonlinear Schrodinger equationJun 28 2016Nov 01 2016In this letter, for the discrete parity-time-symmetric nonlocal nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation, we construct the Darboux transformation, which provides an algebraic iterative algorithm to obtain a series of analytic solutions from a known one. To ... More
AAANE: Attention-based Adversarial Autoencoder for Multi-scale Network EmbeddingMar 24 2018Network embedding represents nodes in a continuous vector space and preserves structure information from the Network. Existing methods usually adopt a "one-size-fits-all" approach when concerning multi-scale structure information, such as first- and second-order ... More
Negative differential thermal conductance and heat amplification in a nonequilibrium triangle-coupled spin-boson system at strong couplingNov 01 2017We investigate the nonequilibrium quantum heat transfer in a triangle-coupled spin-boson system within a three-terminal setup. By including the nonequilibrium noninteracting blip approximation approach combined with the full counting statistics, we analytically ... More
Arbitrary function resonance tuner of the optical microcavity with sub-MHz resolutionApr 09 2019The resonance frequency of an optical whispering gallery mode (WGM) microcavity is extremely important in its various applications. Many efforts have been made to fine tune this parameter. Here, we report the design and implementation of a function resonance ... More
Gene selection for cancer classification using a hybrid of univariate and multivariate feature selection methodsJun 05 2015Various approaches to gene selection for cancer classification based on microarray data can be found in the literature and they may be grouped into two categories: univariate methods and multivariate methods. Univariate methods look at each gene in the ... More
Contagion on complex networks with persuasionMay 16 2016The threshold model has been widely adopted as a classic model for studying contagion processes on social networks. We consider asymmetric individual interactions in social networks and introduce a persuasion mechanism into the threshold model. Specifically, ... More
Telepresence Interaction by Touching Live Video ImagesDec 14 2015Aug 22 2016This paper presents a telepresence interaction framework based on touchscreen and telepresence-robot technologies. The core of the framework is a new user interface, Touchable live video Image based User Interface, called TIUI. The TIUI allows a remote ... More
Probing anomalous $WWγ$ Triple Gauge Bosons Coupling at LHeCNov 15 2017May 03 2018The precision measurement of the $WW\gamma$ vertex at the future Large Hadron electron Collider (LHeC) at CERN is discussed in this paper. We propose to measure this vertex in the $e^{-} p\to e^{-}W^{\pm}j$ channel as a complement to the conventional ... More
Efficient Hybrid Inline and Out-of-line Deduplication for Backup StorageMay 22 2014Backup storage systems often remove redundancy across backups via inline deduplication, which works by referring duplicate chunks of the latest backup to those of existing backups. However, inline deduplication degrades restore performance of the latest ... More
Deep learning based supervised semantic segmentation of Electron Cryo-SubtomogramsFeb 12 2018Cellular Electron Cryo-Tomography (CECT) is a powerful imaging technique for the 3D visualization of cellular structure and organization at submolecular resolution. It enables analyzing the native structures of macromolecular complexes and their spatial ... More
FaceShapeGene: A Disentangled Shape Representation for Flexible Face Image EditingMay 06 2019Existing methods for face image manipulation generally focus on editing the expression, changing some predefined attributes, or applying different filters. However, users lack the flexibility of controlling the shapes of different semantic facial parts ... More
Nucleon resonances in the $γp \to φK^+ Λ$ reaction near thresholdDec 19 2014Nov 26 2015We investigate the $\gamma p \to \phi K^+ \Lambda$ reaction near threshold within an effective Lagrangian approach and the isobar model. Various nucleon resonances caused by the $\pi$ and $\eta$ meson exchanges and background contributions are considered. ... More
Adsorption and ultrafast diffusion of lithium in bilayer graphene ab initio and kinetic Monte Carlo simulation studyMar 06 2019In this work, we adopt first-principle calculations based on density functional theory and Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations to investigate the adsorption and diffusion of lithium in bilayer graphene (BLG) as anodes in lithium-ion batteries. Based on energy ... More
A bias-free quantum random number generation using photon arrival time selectivelyNov 30 2014May 20 2015We present a high-quality, bias-free quantum random number generator (QRNG) using photon arrival time selectively in accordance with the number of photon detection events within a sampling time interval in attenuated light. It is well showed in both theoretical ... More
Phase matched second harmonic generation in an on-chip lithium niobate microresonator fabricated by femtosecond laserSep 09 2015Dec 26 2015Nonlinear optical processes in whispering gallery mode (WGM) microresonators have attracted much attention. Owing to the strong confinement of light in a small volume, a WGM microresonator can dramatically boost the strength of light field, thereby promoting ... More
Mass - metallicity relation and fundamental metallicity relation of metal-poor star-forming galaxies at $0.6<z<0.9$ from the eBOSS surveyOct 21 2018The stellar mass-metallicity relation ($M_* - Z$, MZR) indicates that the metallicities of galaxies increase with increasing stellar masses. The fundamental metallicity relation (FMR) suggests that the galaxies with higher star formation rates (SFRs) ... More
Recurrent 3D Attentional Networks for End-to-End Active Object RecognitionOct 14 2016Dec 25 2018Active vision is inherently attention-driven: The agent actively selects views to attend in order to fast achieve the vision task while improving its internal representation of the scene being observed. Inspired by the recent success of attention-based ... More
The NIPS'17 Competition: A Multi-View Ensemble Classification Model for Clinically Actionable Genetic MutationsJun 26 2018This paper presents details of our winning solutions to the task IV of NIPS 2017 Competition Track entitled Classifying Clinically Actionable Genetic Mutations. The machine learning task aims to classify genetic mutations based on text evidence from clinical ... More
Virtual trions in the photoluminescence of monolayer transition-metal dichalcogenidesMay 22 2018Photoluminescence experiments from monolayer transition-metal dichalcogenides often show that the binding energy of trions is conspicuously similar to the energy of optical phonons. This enigmatic coincidence calls into question whether phonons are involved ... More
StructOpt: A modular materials structure optimization suite incorporating experimental data and simulated energiesJan 05 2019StructOpt, an open-source structure optimization suite, applies genetic algorithm and particle swarm methods to obtain atomic structures that minimize an objective function. The objective function typically consists of the energy and the error between ... More
Deep learning based subdivision approach for large scale macromolecules structure recovery from electron cryo tomogramsJan 29 2017Motivation: Cellular Electron CryoTomography (CECT) enables 3D visualization of cellular organization at near-native state and in sub-molecular resolution, making it a powerful tool for analyzing structures of macromolecular complexes and their spatial ... More
Spectrum bandwidth narrowing of Thomson scattering X-rays with energy chirped electron beams from laser wakefield accelerationDec 21 2013We study incoherent Thomson scattering between an ultrashort laser pulse and an electron beam accelerated from a laser wakefield. The energy chirp effects of the accelerated electron beam on the final radiation spectrum bandwidth are investigated. It ... More