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Yukawa corrections to top pair production in photon-photon collisionJun 19 1996The $O(\alpha m_t^2/m_W^2)$ Yukawa corrections to top pair production in photon-photon collision are calculated in the standard model (SM), the general two-Higgs-doublet model (2HDM) as well as the minimal supersymmetric model (MSSM). We found that the ... More
Learning Diverse Image ColorizationDec 06 2016Apr 27 2017Colorization is an ambiguous problem, with multiple viable colorizations for a single grey-level image. However, previous methods only produce the single most probable colorization. Our goal is to model the diversity intrinsic to the problem of colorization ... More
Strong supersymmetric quantum effects on top quark production at the Fermilab TevatronJun 07 1996The supersymmetric QCD corrections to top quark pair production by $q\bar q$ annihilation in $p\bar p$ collisions are calculated in the minimal supersymmetric model. We consider effects of the mixing of the scalar top quarks on the corrections to the ... More
Supersymmetric QCD Corrections to Single Top Quark Production at the Fermilab TevatronJun 19 1997Jul 02 1997We evaluate the supersymmetric QCD corrections to single top quark production via $q \bar q'\to t \bar b$ at the Fermilab Tevatron in the minimal supersymmetric model. We find that within the allowed range of squark and gluino masses the supersymmetric ... More
Big but Imperceptible Adversarial Perturbations via Semantic ManipulationApr 12 2019Machine learning, especially deep learning, is widely applied to a range of applications including computer vision, robotics and natural language processing. However, it has been shown that machine learning models are vulnerable to adversarial examples, ... More
Hyperbolicity of minimal periodic orbitsFeb 20 2013Feb 26 2013For positive definite Lagrange systems with two degrees of freedom, it is a typical phenomenon that all minimal periodic orbits are hyperbolic.
From time inversion to nonlinear QEDJan 11 2000Jan 21 2001In Minkowski flat space-time, it is perceived that time inversion is unitary rather than antiunitary, with energy being a time vector changing sign under time inversion. The Dirac equation, in the case of electromagnetic interaction, is not invariant ... More
Quantization of Dirac fields in static spacetimeSep 04 2000On a static spacetime, the solutions of the Dirac equation are generated by a time-independent Hamiltonian. We study this Hamiltonian and characterize the split into positive and negative energy. We use it to find explicit expressions for advanced and ... More
Common Space of Spin and SpacetimeSep 02 2004Aug 18 2006Given Lorentz invariance in Minkowski spacetime, we investigate a common space of spin and spacetime. To obtain a finite spinor representation of the non-compact homogeneous Lorentz group including Lorentz boosts, we introduce an indefinite inner product ... More
A Fast Way to Compute Functional Determinants of Radially Symmetric Partial Differential Operators in General DimensionsMay 01 2008Recently the partial wave cutoff method was developed as a new calculational scheme for a functional determinant of quantum field theory in radial backgrounds. For the contribution given by an infinite sum of large partial waves, we derive explicitly ... More
Nonstationary iterated Tikhonov regularization in Banach spaces with uniformly convex penalty termsJan 18 2014We consider the nonstationary iterated Tikhonov regularization in Banach spaces which defines the iterates via minimization problems with uniformly convex penalty term. The penalty term is allowed to be non-smooth to include $L^1$ and total variation ... More
Scattering of massive Dirac fields on the Schwarzschild black hole spacetimeSep 04 2000With a generally covariant equation of Dirac fields outside a black hole, we develop a scattering theory for massive Dirac fields. The existence of modified wave operators at infinity is shown by implementing a time-dependent logarithmic phase shift from ... More
Mechanoluminescent MOF nanoplates: spatial molecular isolation of light-emitting guests in a sodalite framework structureJul 27 2017Mechanoluminescent materials have a wide range of promising nanotechnological applications, such as photonics based sensors and smart optoelectronics. Examples of mechanoluminescent metal-organic framework (MOF) materials, however, are relatively scarce ... More
Sensitivity of parameter estimation near the exceptional point of a non-Hermitian systemSep 15 2018The exceptional points of non-Hermitian systems, where $n$ different energy eigenstates merge into an identical one, have many intriguing properties that have no counterparts in Hermitian systems. In particular, the $\epsilon^{1/n}$ dependence of the ... More
Supersymmetric Electroweak Corrections to Sbottom Decay into Lighter Stop and Charged Higgs BosonJun 22 2001Sep 29 2001The Yukawa corrections of order ${\cal O}(\alpha_{ew}m_{t(b)}^2/m_W^2)$, ${\cal O}(\alpha_{ew}m_{t(b)}^3/m_W^3)$ and ${\cal O}(\alpha_{ew}m_{t(b)}^4/m_W^4)$ to the width of sbottom decay into lighter stop plus charged Higgs boson are calculated in the ... More
An Extension for Direct Gauge Mediation of Metastable Supersymmetry BreakingDec 26 2007Apr 03 2009We study the direct mediation of metastable supersymmetry breaking by a \Phi^2-deformation to the ISS model and extend it by splitting both Tr\Phi and Tr\Phi^2 terms in the superpotential and gauging the flavor symmetry. We find that with such an extension ... More
Constraints on Hybrid Inflation from Flat Directions in SupersymmetryAug 30 2006Oct 19 2006We examine the constraints on F-term hybrid inflation by considering the flat directions in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM). We find that some coupling terms between the flat direction fields and the field which dominates the energy density ... More
SUSY effects in $R_b$: revisited under current experimental constraintsJan 28 2016Apr 11 2016In this note we revisit the SUSY effects in $R_b$ under current experimental constraints including the LHC Higgs data, the $B$-physics measurements, the dark matter relic density and direct detection limits, as well as the precision electroweak data. ... More
B-meson dileptonic decays enhanced by supersymmetry with large $\tanβ$May 25 2001Oct 20 2001We examined the rare decays $B\to X_s\ell^+\ell^-$ and $B_s\to\ell^+\ell^-\gamma$ in the minimal supersymmetric model with large $\tan\beta$. Taking into account the gluino-loop and neutralino-loop effects, we found that for a large $\tan\beta$ the neutral ... More
B_{s,d}--> mu^+ mu^- in technicolor model with scalarsAug 15 2002Sep 11 2002Rare decays B_{s,d}-->mu^+ mu^- are evaluated in technicolor model with scalars. R_b is revisited to constrain the model parameter space. It is found that restriction on f/f' arising from R_b which was not considered in previous studies requires f/f' ... More
A Framework for Fast and Efficient Neural Network CompressionNov 30 2018Dec 04 2018Network compression reduces the computational complexity and memory consumption of deep neural networks by reducing the number of parameters. In SVD-based network compression, the right rank needs to be decided for every layer of the network. In this ... More
Quasi-Normal Modes of a Natural AdS Wormhole in Einstein-Born-Infeld GravityAug 11 2018Nov 27 2018We study the matter perturbations of a new AdS wormhole in (3+1)-dimensional Einstein-Born-Infeld gravity, called "natural wormhole", which does not require exotic matters. We discuss the stability of the perturbations by numerically computing the quasi-normal ... More
Economics of WiFi Offloading: Trading Delay for Cellular CapacityJul 27 2012Dec 31 2012Cellular networks are facing severe traffic overloads due to the proliferation of smart handheld devices and traffic-hungry applications. A cost-effective and practical solution is to offload cellular data through WiFi. Recent theoretical and experimental ... More
Next-to-leading order QCD predictions for associated production of top squarks and charginos at the CERN LHCOct 26 2002Mar 27 2004We present the calculations of the complete next-to-leading order (NLO) inclusive total cross sections for the associated production processes $pp\to \tilde{t}_i\tilde{\chi}_k^-+X$ in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model at the CERN Large Hadron ... More
Quantum coherence versus quantum discord in two coupled semiconductor double-dot molecules via a transmission line resonatorNov 10 2010Mar 31 2011We study the dynamics of quantum coherence and quantum correlations in two semiconductor double-dot molecules separated by a distance and indirectly coupled via a transmission line resonator. Dominant dissipation processes are considered. The numerical ... More
A physical mechanism of heterogeneity in stem cell, cancer and cancer stem cellFeb 27 2019Heterogeneity is ubiquitous in stem cells (SC), cancer cells (CS), and cancer stem cells (CSC). SC and CSC heterogeneity is manifested as diverse sub-populations with self-renewing and unique regeneration capacity. Moreover, the CSC progeny possesses ... More
Supersymmetric Electroweak Corrections to Heavier Top Squark Decay into Lighter Top Squark and Neutral Higgs BosonJul 31 2002We calculate the Yukawa corrections of order ${\cal O}(\alpha_{ew}m_{t(b)}^2/m_W^2)$, ${\cal O}(\alpha_{ew}m_{t(b)}^3/m_W^3)$ and ${\cal O}(\alpha_{ew}m_{t(b)}^4/m_W^4)$ to the widths of the decays $\tilde t_2\to \tilde t_1 + (h^0,H^0,A^0)$ in the Minimal ... More
Fast generation of three-dimensional entanglement between two spatially separated atoms via invariant-based shortcutMay 20 2016May 24 2016A scheme is proposed for the fast generation of three-dimensional entanglement between two atoms trapped in two cavities connected by a fiber via invariant-based shortcut to adiabatic passage. With the help of quantum Zeno dynamics, the technique of invariant-based ... More
Search for light gauge boson $Z^{}_{μτ}$ via ${t}\bar{t}h^{}_{1}$ production at LHCJul 26 2018Jul 31 2018We consider the production of the new gauge boson $Z^{}_{\mu\tau}$ predicted by the ${U(1)}_{L^{}_{\mu} - L^{}_{\tau}}$ model via SM-like Higgs boson $h^{}_{1}$ decaying in the ${t}\bar{t}h^{}_{1}$ production at LHC. Considering the current constraints ... More
On thermal production of self-interacting dark matterOct 15 2016Dec 20 2016We consider thermal production mechanisms of self-interacting dark matter in models with gauged $Z_3$ symmetry. A complex scalar dark matter is stabilized by the $Z_3$, that is the remnant of a local dark $U(1)_d$. Light dark matter with large self-interaction ... More
Forbidden Channels and SIMP Dark MatterAug 20 2017In this review, we focus on dark matter production from thermal freeze-out with forbidden channels and SIMP processes. We show that forbidden channels can be dominant to produce dark matter depending on the dark photon and / or dark Higgs mass compared ... More
On thermal production of self-interacting dark matterOct 15 2016We consider thermal production mechanisms of self-interacting dark matter in models with gauged $Z_3$ symmetry. A complex scalar dark matter is stabilized by the $Z_3$, that is the remnant of a local dark $U(1)_d$. Light dark matter with large self-interaction ... More
Thermal self-oscillations in radiative heat exchangeDec 10 2014Jan 19 2015We report the effect of relaxation-type self-induced temperature oscillations in the system of two parallel plates of SiO$_2$ and VO$_2$ which exchange heat by thermal radiation in vacuum. The non-linear feedback in the self-oscillating system is provided ... More
Diphoton resonance confronts dark matterMay 16 2016Jun 29 2016As an interpretation of the 750 GeV diphoton excesses recently reported by both ATLAS and CMS collaborations, we consider a simple extension of the Standard Model with a Dirac fermion dark matter where a singlet complex scalar field mediates between dark ... More
Optochemically Responsive 2D Nanosheets of a 3D Metal-Organic Framework MaterialMar 16 2017Outstanding functional tunability underpinning metal-organic framework (MOF) confers a versatile platform to contrive next-generation chemical sensors, optoelectronics, energy harvesters and converters. We report a rare exemplar of a porous 2D nanosheet ... More
Spectral function and quark diffusion constant in non-critical holographic QCDMay 18 2011Oct 21 2011Motivated by recent studies of intersecting D-brane systems in critical string theory and phenomenological AdS/QCD models, we present a detailed analysis for the vector and scalar fluctuations in a non-critical holographic QCD model in the high temperature ... More
Calculation of renormalized fermion effective actions in radially symmetric non-Abelian backgroundsAug 09 2011Aug 11 2011Our recent method to calculate renormalized functional determinants, the partial wave cutoff method, is extended for the evaluation of 4-D fermion one-loop effective action with arbitrary mass in certain types of radially symmetric, non-Abelian, background ... More
Some chirality-related properties of the 4-D massive Dirac propagator and determinant in an arbitrary gauge fieldJul 27 2010Jul 28 2010For a 4-D massive Dirac field in the background of arbitrary gauge fields, we show that the Dirac propagator and functional determinant are completely determined by knowledge of the corresponding quantities for just one of the chirality sectors of the ... More
Status and prospects of light bino-higgsino dark matter in natural SUSYMay 25 2017Dec 20 2017Given the recent progress in dark matter direction detection experiments, we examine a light bino-higgsino dark matter (DM) scenario ($M_1<100$ GeV and $\mu<300$ GeV) in natural supersymmetry with the electroweak fine tuning measure $\Delta_{EW}<30$. ... More
SUSY-Induced Top Quark FCNC Processes at Linear CollidersAug 04 2002Oct 29 2002In the Minimal Supersymmetric Model (MSSM) the hitherto unconstrained flavor mixing between top-squark and charm-squark will induce the flavor-changing neutral-current (FCNC) interaction between top quark and charm quark, which then give rise to various ... More
Higgs boson production in photon-photon collision at ILC: a comparative study in different little Higgs modelsNov 15 2009Jan 07 2010We study the process \gamma\gamma->h->bb_bar at ILC as a probe of different little Higgs models, including the simplest little Higgs model (SLH), the littlest Higgs model (LH), and two types of littlest Higgs models with T-parity (LHT-I, LHT-II). Compared ... More
PenPC: A Two-step Approach to Estimate the Skeletons of High Dimensional Directed Acyclic GraphsMay 07 2014Estimation of the skeleton of a directed acyclic graph (DAG) is of great importance for understanding the underlying DAG and causaleffects can be assessed from the skeleton when the DAG is notidentifiable. We propose a novel method named PenPC toestimate ... More
Convexity Analysis of Optimization Framework of Attitude Determination from Vector ObservationsJul 13 2018In the past several years, there have been several representative attitude determination methods developed using derivative-based optimization algorithms. Optimization techniques e.g. gradient-descent algorithm (GDA), Gauss-Newton algorithm (GNA), Levenberg-Marquadt ... More
Can MSSM with light sbottom and light gluino survive Z-peak constraints ?Nov 12 2001Mar 04 2002In the framework of minimal supersymmetric model we examine the Z-peak constraints on the scenario of one light sbottom (2--5.5 GeV) and light gluino (12--16 GeV), which has been successfully used to explain the excess of bottom quark production in hadron ... More
Residual effects of heavy sparticles in the bottom quark Yukawa coupling: a comparative study for the MSSM and NMSSMJan 24 2009Aug 27 2009If the sparticles are relatively heavy (a few TeV) while the Higgs sector is not so heavy ($m_A$ is not so large), the Higgs boson Yukawa couplings can harbor sizable quantum effects of sparticles and these large residual effects may play a special role ... More
Natural SUSY from SU(5) Orbifold GUTApr 21 2013Nov 28 2013We propose a realistic 5D orbifold GUT model that can reduce to natural (or radiative natural) supersymmetry as the low energy effective theory. Supersymmetry as well as gauge symmetry are broken by the twist boundary conditions. We find that it is non-trivial ... More
Reconcile muon g-2 anomaly with LHC data in SUGRA with generalized gravity mediationApr 02 2015May 29 2015From generalized gravity mediation we build a SUGRA scenario in which the gluino is much heavier than the electroweak gauginos at the GUT scale. We find that such a non-universal gaugino scenario with very heavy gluino at the GUT scale can be naturally ... More
Probing Topcolor-Assisted Technicolor from Top-Charm Associated Production at LHCDec 08 2002Apr 01 2003We propose to probe the topcolor-assisted technicolor (TC2) model from the top-charm associated productions at the LHC, which are highly suppressed in the Standard Model. Due to the flavor-changing couplings of the top quark with the scalars (top-pions ... More
Dynamical Self-assembly during Colloidal Droplet Evaporation Studied by in situ Small Angle X-ray ScatteringMar 17 2004The nucleation and growth kinetics of highly ordered nanocrystal superlattices during the evaporation of nanocrystal colloidal droplets was elucidated by in situ time resolved small-angle x-ray scattering. We demonstrated for the first time that evaporation ... More
Analytic Form of the QCD Instanton Determinant for Small Quark MassSep 30 2009Nov 20 2009We use a novel method to calculate analytically the QCD instanton prefactor due to a quark field carrying a small mass parameter $m$. In the SU(2) instanton background of size $\rho$, the spinor effective action $\Gamma^F$ (in the minimal subtraction ... More
Probing a pseudoscalar at the LHC in light of $R(D^{(*)})$ and muon g-2 excessesOct 18 2016Oct 23 2016We study the excesses of $R(D^{(*)})$ and muon $g-2$ in the framework of a two-Higgs-doublet model with top quark flavor-changing neutral-current (FCNC) couplings. Considering the relevant theoretical and experimental constraints, we find that the $R(D^{(*)})$ ... More
Fundamental and Progress of Bi2Te3-based Thermoelectric MaterialsMar 09 2018Thermoelectric materials, enabling the directing conversion between heat and electricity, are one of the promising candidates for overcoming environmental pollution and the upcoming energy shortage caused by the over-consumption of fossil fuels. Bi2Te3-based ... More
Unveiling CP property of top-Higgs coupling with graph neural networks at the LHCJan 17 2019The top-Higgs coupling plays an important role in particle physics and cosmology. The precision measurements of this coupling can provide an insight to new physics beyond the Standard Model. In this paper, we propose to use Message Passing Neural Network ... More
Regularization of inverse problems by two-point gradient methods with convex constraintsDec 27 2018In this paper, we propose and analyze a two-point gradient method for solving inverse problems in Banach spaces which is based on the Landweber iteration and an extrapolation strategy. The method allows to use non-smooth penalty terms, including the L^1 ... More
Gravitino dark matter from gluino late decay in split supersymmetryJul 14 2005Oct 15 2005In split-supersymmetry (split-SUSY), gluino is a metastable particle and thus can freeze out in the early universe. The late decay of such a long-life gluino into the lightest supersymmetric particle (LSP) may provide much of the cosmic dark matter content. ... More
Solving the muon g-2 anomaly in deflected AMSB with messenger-matter interactionsMar 31 2017Oct 02 2017We proposed to introduce general messenger-matter interactions in the deflected anomaly mediated SUSY breaking scenario to explain the $g_\mu-2$ anomaly. Scenarios with complete or incomplete GUT multiplet messengers are discussed, respectively. The introduction ... More
Radiative natural SUSY spectrum from deflected AMSB scenario with messenger-matter interactionsFeb 04 2016May 05 2016A radiative natural SUSY spectrum are proposed in the deflected anomaly mediation scenario with general messenger-matter interactions. Due to the contributions from the new interactions, positive slepton masses as well as a large |A_t| term can naturally ... More
A Model of Fermion Masses and Flavor Mixings with Family Symmetry $SU(3)\otimes U(1)$Aug 23 2011Oct 20 2011The family symmetry $SU(3)\otimes U(1)$ is proposed to solve flavor problems about fermion masses and flavor mixings. It's breaking is implemented by some flavon fields at the high-energy scale. In addition a discrete group $Z_{2}$ is introduced to generate ... More
Subwavelength total acoustic absorption with degenerate resonatorsSep 12 2015We report the experimental realization of perfect sound absorption by sub-wavelength monopole and dipole resonators that exhibit degenerate resonant frequencies. This is achieved through the destructive interference of two resonators' transmission responses, ... More
Sound Absorption by Subwavelength Membrane Structures: A Generalized PerspectiveFeb 23 2015Decorated membrane, comprising a thin layer of elastic film with small rigid platelets fixed on top, has been found to be an efficient absorber of low frequency sound. In this work we consider the problem of sound absorption from a perspective aimed at ... More
Effects of R-parity violation in unpolarized top quark decay into polarized W-bosonJan 07 2005Jan 08 2005We calculate one-loop R-parity violating corrections to the top quark decay into a bottom quark and a polarized W-gauge boson. The corrections are presented according to the total corrections, the longitudinal corrections and the transverse corrections, ... More
A Prediction Packetizing Scheme for Reducing Channel Traffic in Transaction-Level Hardware/Software Co-EmulationOct 25 2007This paper presents a scheme for efficient channel usage between simulator and accelerator where the accelerator models some RTL sub-blocks in the accelerator-based hardware/software co-simulation while the simulator runs transaction-level model of the ... More
Breather transition dynamics, Peregrine combs/walls and modulation instability in a variable-coefficient nonlinear Schrödinger equation with higher-order effectsMar 04 2016We study a variable-coefficient nonlinear Schr\"odinger (vc-NLS) equation with higher-order effects. We show that the breather solution can be converted into four types of nonlinear waves on constant backgrounds including the multi-peak solitons, antidark ... More
Acoustic Coherent Perfect Absorbers as Sensitive Null DetectorsOct 12 2016We report the experimental realization of acoustic coherent perfect absorption (CPA) of four symmetric scatterers of very different structures. The only conditions necessary for these scatterers to exhibit CPA are that both the reflection and transmission ... More
A large-scale survey of CO and its isotopologues toward the Rosette molecular cloudAug 28 2018Sep 04 2018Using the PMO-13.7m millimeter telescope at Delingha in China, we have conducted a large-scale simultaneous survey of $^{12}$CO, $^{13}$CO, and C$^{18}$O J=1-0 emission toward the Rosette molecular cloud (RMC) region with a sky coverage of 3.5 $\times$ ... More
The Distant Outer Gas Arm Between l=35d and l=45dAug 19 2016The Galactic plane has been mapped from l=34.75d to 45.25d and b=-5.25d to 5.25d in the CO (J=1-0) emission with the 13.7 m telescope of the Purple Mountain Observatory. The unbiased survey covers a large area of 100 square degrees sampled every 30" with ... More
Next-to-leading order QCD predictions for pair production of neutral Higgs bosons at the CERN Large Hadron ColliderJan 30 2005Apr 09 2005We present the calculations of the complete NLO inclusive total cross sections for pair production of neutral Higgs bosons through $b\bar b$ annihilation in the minimal supersymmetric standard model at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. In our calculations, ... More
Single top quark production via SUSY-QCD FCNC couplings at the CERN LHC in the unconstrained MSSMApr 11 2004Dec 13 2004We evaluate the $t\bar{c}$ and $t\bar{u}$ productions at the LHC within the general unconstrained MSSM framework. We find that these single top quark productions induced by SUSY-QCD FCNC couplings have remarkable cross sections for favorable parameter ... More
Supersymmetric Electroweak Corrections to Charged Higgs Boson Production in Association with a Top Quark at Hadron CollidersMar 16 2000Mar 17 2000We calculate the $O(\alpha_{ew}m_{t(b)}^{2}/m_{W}^{2})$ and $O(\alpha_{ew} m_{t(b)}^4/m_W^4)$ supersymmetric electroweak corrections to the cross section for the charged Higgs boson production in association with a top quark at the Tevatron and the LHC. ... More
Spin Correlations in top quark pair production near threshold at the $ e^- e^+ $ Linear ColliderMar 27 2003Apr 02 2003We investigate the spin correlations in top quark pair production near threshold at the $ e^- e^+ $ linear collider. Comparing with the results above the threshold region, we find that near the threshold region the off-diagonal basis, the optimized decomposition ... More
Next-to-Leading Order QCD Corrections to the Direct Top Quark Production via Model-independent FCNC Couplings at Hadron CollidersAug 01 2005Oct 21 2005We calculated the next-to-leading order (NLO) QCD corrections to the cross sections for direct top quark productions induced by model--independent flavour changing neutral current couplings at hadron colliders. The NLO results increase the experimental ... More
Next-to-leading order QCD predictions for $A^0Z^0$ associated production at the CERN Large Hadron ColliderJan 10 2005Aug 11 2005We present the calculations of the complete next-to-leading order (NLO) QCD corrections (including supersymmetric QCD) to the inclusive total cross sections of the associated production processes $pp\to A^0Z^0+X$ in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard ... More
Large elastic recovery of zinc dicyanoaurateFeb 16 2017We report the mechanical properties of the `giant' negative compressibility material zinc(II) dicyanoaurate, as determined using a combination of single-crystal nanoindentation measurements and \emph{ab initio} density functional theory calculations. ... More
Particle-turbulence interaction in High-Reynolds-number Sand-laden Turbulent Boundary LayerNov 16 2018Simultaneous two-phase particle image/tracking velocimetry (PIV/PTV) measurement is conducted on particle-laden turbulent boundary layer (TBL) over a horizontal smooth-flat-plate. The relatively high Reynolds number (Re{\tau}=5500 based on friction velocity ... More
Production of Scalar Higgs Bosons Associated with $Z^0$ Boson at the CERN LHC in the MSSMDec 15 2003Dec 07 2004We investigate the associated production of a scalar Higgs boson ($h^0$ or $H^0$) with $Z^0$ boson in the minimal supersymmetric extension of the standard model (MSSM) at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC), including the contributions from $b\bar{b}$ ... More
Yukawa Corrections to Charged Higgs Boson Production in Association with a Top Quark at Hadron CollidersJul 26 1999Oct 13 1999We calculate the Yukawa corrections of order $O(\alpha_{ew}m_{t(b)}^{2}/m_{W}^{2})$ to charged Higgs boson production in association with a top quark at the Tevatron and the LHC. The corrections are not very sensitive to the mass of the charged Higgs ... More
An algorithm for computing Grobner basis and the complexity evaluationJul 12 2015In this paper, we suggest a new efficient algorithm in order to compute S-polynomial reduction rapidly in the known algorithm for computing Grobner bases, and compare the complexity with others.
Photon-induced production of the mirror quarks from the $LHT$ model at the $LHC$Nov 20 2008The photon-induced processes at the $LHC$ provide clean experimental conditions due to absence of the proton remnants, which might produce complementary and interesting results for tests of the standard model and for searching of new physics. In the context ... More
Dynamical and statistical phenomena of circulation and heat transfer in periodically forced rotating turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convectionSep 13 2016In this paper, we present results from an experimental study into turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection forced externally by periodically modulated unidirectional rotation rates. We find that the azimuthal rotation velocity $\dot{\theta}$(t) and thermal ... More
The SM extension with color-octet scalars: diphoton enhancement and global fit of LHC Higgs dataMar 11 2013Aug 03 2013In light of the significant progress of the LHC to determine the properties of the Higgs boson, we investigate the capability of the Manohar-Wise model in explaining the Higgs data. This model extends the SM by one family of color-octet and isospin-doublet ... More
Lepton-Specific Two-Higgs Doublet Model: Experimental Constraints and Implication on Higgs PhenomenologySep 28 2009We examine various direct and indirect constraints on the lepton-specific two-Higgs doublet model and scrutinize the property of the Higgs bosons in the allowed parameter space. These constraints come from the precision electroweak data, the direct search ... More
On A two-variable p-adic l_q functionDec 18 2007We prove that a two-variable p-adic l_q-function has the series p-adic expansion which interpolates a linear combinations of terms of the generalized q-Euler polynomials at non positive integers. The proof of this original construction is due to Kubota ... More
The FCNC top-squark decay as a probe of squark mixingDec 09 2003Jul 12 2004In supersymmetry (SUSY) the flavor mixing between top-squark (stop) and charm-squark (scharm) induces the flavor-changing neutral-current (FCNC) stop decay $\tilde t_1 \to c \tilde \chi^0_1$. Searching for this decay serves as a probe of soft SUSY breaking ... More
Revisiting lepton-specific 2HDM in light of muon g-2 anomalySep 16 2018Dec 20 2018We examine the lepton-specific 2HDM as a solution of muon $g-2$ anomaly under various theoretical and experimental constraints, especially the direct search limits from the LHC and the requirement of a strong first-order phase transition in the early ... More
Instanton Determinant with Arbitrary Quark Mass: WKB Phase-shift Method and Derivative ExpansionJul 27 2004The fermion determinant in an instanton background for a quark field of arbitrary mass is studied using the Schwinger proper-time representation with WKB scattering phase shifts for the relevant partial-wave differential operators. Previously, results ... More
Dark States and Coherent Control of Spin States in Molecular MagnetsApr 07 2006We propose a scheme to realize coherent control of spin states of molecule magnet, Ni$_4$. We introduce transverse magnetic fields with special frequencies. When the frequencies of transverse magnetic fields match in some conditions, we obtain dark states ... More
The Additional Line Component within the Iron KαProfile in MCG-6-30-15: Evidence for Blob Ejection?Jul 07 2004The EPIC data of MCG -6-30-15 observed by XMM-Newton were analyzed for the complexities of the iron K-alpha line. Here we report that the additional line component (ALC) at 6.9 keV undoubtedly appears within the broad iron Kalpha; line profile at the ... More
Hierarchical Cloth Simulation using Deep Neural NetworksFeb 09 2018Fast and reliable physically-based simulation techniques are essential for providing flexible visual effects for computer graphics content. In this paper, we propose a fast and reliable hierarchical cloth simulation method, which combines conventional ... More
Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer Between Metasurfaces: A Full-Wave Study Based on 2D Grooved Metal PlatesJul 19 2016Metamaterials possess artificial bulk and surface electromagnetic states. Tamed dispersion properties of surface waves allow one to achieve controllable super-Planckian radiative heat transfer (RHT) process between two closely spaced objects. We numerically ... More
Quantum Liouville Theory On The Riemann Sphere With $n>3$ PuncturesJun 02 1992We have studied the quantum Liouville theory on the Riemann sphere with n>3 punctures. While considering the theory on the Riemann surfaces with n=4 punctures, the quantum theory near an arbitrary but fixed puncture can be obtained via canonical quantization ... More
Smoothly slice boundary links whose derivative links have nonvanishing Milnor invariantsAug 29 2013Jul 01 2015We give an example of a 3-component smoothly slice boundary link, each of whose components has a genus one Seifert surface, such that any metaboliser of the boundary link Seifert form is represented by 3 curves on the Seifert surfaces that form a link ... More
Building Efficient CNN Architecture for Offline Handwritten Chinese Character RecognitionApr 04 2018Apr 08 2018Deep convolutional networks based methods have brought great breakthrough in images classification, which provides an end-to-end solution for handwritten Chinese character recognition(HCCR) problem through learning discriminative features automatically. ... More
Intrinsic coherence dynamics and phase localization in Aharonov-Bohm InterferometersOct 11 2010The nonequilibrium real-time dynamics of electron coherence is explored in the quantum transport through the double-dot Aharonov-Bohm interferometers. We solve the exact master equation to find the exact quantum state of the device, from which the changes ... More
Probing Higgs in Type III Seesaw at the LHCDec 14 2011We show that the type III seesaw mechanism opens up a promising possibility of searching the Higgs boson in the $b \bar b$ channel through the Higgs production associated with a charged lepton coming from the decay of the triplet seesaw particle. In particular ... More
Vacuum Stability, Perturbativity, EWPD and Higgs-to-diphoton in Type II SeesawMay 02 2013We study constraints from perturbativity and vacuum stability as well as the EWPD in the type II seesaw model. As a result, we can put stringent limits on the Higgs triplet couplings depending on the cut-off scale. The EWPD tightly constrain the Higgs ... More
Ultra-Broadband Super-Planckian Radiative Heat Transfer with Artificial Continuum Cavity States in Patterned Hyperbolic MetamaterialSep 14 2016Mar 31 2017Localized cavity resonances due to nanostructures at material surfaces can greatly enhance radiative heat transfer (RHT) between two closely placed bodies owing to stretching of cavity states in momentum space beyond light line. Based on such understanding, ... More
The role of vegetables trade network in global epidemicsOct 08 2011The outbreak of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) in May 2011 warns the potential threats of the world vegetables trade network (VTN) in spreading fatal infectious diseases. The heterogeneous weight distribution and multi-scale activity of intermediary ... More
The Spectrum of a Binding System for a Heavy Quark with an Anti-Sbottom or for a Sbottom and Anti-Sbottom PairNov 12 2002Since long-lived light bottom squark (sbottom) and its anti-particle with a mass close to the bottom quark have not been excluded by experiments so far, we consider such a sbottom to combine with its anti-particle to form a color singlet meson-like bound ... More
Interference of overlap-free entangled photons with a Mach-Zehnder-like interferometerMay 05 2010Using spontaneous parametric down conversion and a 50:50 beam splitter, we generate coaxial polarization-entangled photon pairs, of which the two photons are far separated from each other. The photons are then sent one by one through one port of a modified ... More
Effect of Long-Range Interactions in the Conserved Kardar-Parisi-Zhang EquationJun 02 1998The conserved Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation in the presence of long-range nonlinear interactions is studied by the dynamic renormalization group method. The long-range effect produces new fixed points with continuously varying exponents and gives distinct ... More