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The first SPIE software Hack DayAug 06 2014We report here on the software Hack Day organised at the 2014 SPIE conference on Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation in Montreal. The first ever Hack Day to take place at an SPIE event, the aim of the day was to bring together developers to collaborate ... More
Kepler's Discoveries Will Continue: 21 Important Scientific Opportunities with Kepler & K2 Archive DataOct 30 2018NASA's Kepler Space Telescope has collected high-precision, high-cadence time series photometry on 781,590 unique postage-stamp targets across 21 different fields of view. These observations have already yielded 2,496 scientific publications by authors ... More
A catalog of 29 open clusters and associations observed by the Kepler and K2 MissionsOct 29 2018Over the past nine years, the Kepler and K2 Missions have carried out high precision photometric monitoring of more than half a million stars. Among these targets are 29 clusters and associations, with ages from 1 Myr to over 11 Gyr. We have generated ... More
Placing the spotted T Tauri star LkCa 4 on an HR diagramJan 24 2017Ages and masses of young stars are often estimated by comparing their luminosities and effective temperatures to pre-main sequence stellar evolution tracks, but magnetic fields and starspots complicate both the observations and evolution. To understand ... More
The Architecture of the GW Ori Young Triple Star System and Its Disk: Dynamical Masses, Mutual Inclinations, and Recurrent EclipsesOct 09 2017Nov 20 2017We present spatially and spectrally resolved Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) observations of gas and dust orbiting the pre-main sequence hierarchical triple star system GW Ori. A forward-modeling of the ${}^{13}$CO and C${}^{18}$O ... More
Gaps and Rings in an ALMA Survey of Disks in the Taurus Star-forming RegionOct 14 2018Rings are the most frequently revealed substructure in ALMA dust observations of protoplanetary disks, but their origin is still hotly debated. In this paper, we identify dust substructures in 12 disks and measure their properties to investigate how they ... More
The Eruption of the Candidate Young Star ASASSN-15qiJul 21 2016Aug 15 2016Outbursts on young stars are usually interpreted as accretion bursts caused by instabilities in the disk or the star-disk connection. However, some protostellar outbursts may not fit into this framework. In this paper, we analyze optical and near-infrared ... More
Constraining Stellar Photospheres as an Essential Step for Transmission Spectroscopy of Small ExoplanetsMar 14 2019Transmission spectra probe the atmospheres of transiting exoplanets, but these observations are also subject to signals introduced by magnetic active regions on host stars. Here we outline scientific opportunities in the next decade for providing useful ... More
Optical characterization of gaps in directly bonded Si compound optics using infrared spectroscopyNov 04 2015Silicon direct bonding offers flexibility in the design and development of Si optics by allowing manufacturers to combine subcomponents with a potentially lossless and mechanically stable interface. The bonding process presents challenges in meeting the ... More
The effect of spots on the luminosity spread of the PleiadesOct 24 2018Cool spots on the surface of magnetically-active stars modulate their observed brightnesses and temperatures, thereby affecting the stellar locus on the H-R diagram. Recent high precision space-based photometric surveys reveal the rotational modulation ... More
A Grism Design Review and the as-built performance of the silicon grisms for JWST-NIRCAMNov 29 2016Grisms are dispersive transmission optics that find their most frequent use in instruments that combine imaging and spectroscopy. This application is particularly popular in the infrared where imagers frequently have a cold pupil in their optical path ... More
K2SUPERSTAMP: The release of calibrated mosaics for the {\em Kepler/K2} MissionFeb 18 2018We describe the release of a new High Level Science Product (HLSP) available at the MAST archive. The HLSP, called K2Superstamp, consists of a series of FITS images for four open star clusters observed by the K2 Mission using so-called "superstamp" pixel ... More
Frequency analysis and resonant operation for efficient capacitive deionizationJun 07 2018Capacitive deionization (CDI) performance metrics can vary widely with operating methods. We here develop a theory around and experimentally demonstrate a new operation for CDI that uses sinusoidal forcing voltage (or sinusoidal current). We use a dynamic ... More
The newborn planet population emerging from ring-like structures in discsMar 12 2019ALMA has observed a plethora of ring-like structures in planet forming discs at distances of 10-100 au from their host star. Although several mechanisms have been invoked to explain the origin of such rings, a common explanation is that they trace new-born ... More
Routh reduction and Cartan mechanicsJun 08 2016Sep 06 2016In the present work a Cartan mechanics version for Routh reduction is considered, as an intermediate step toward Routh reduction in field theory. Motivation for this generalization comes from an scheme for integrable systems [12], used for understanding ... More
Void Statistics in Large Galaxy Redshift Surveys: Does Halo Occupation of Field Galaxies Depend on Environment?Jul 23 2007We use measurements of the projected galaxy correlation function w_p and galaxy void statistics to test whether the galaxy content of halos of fixed mass is systematically different in low density environments. We present new measurements of the void ... More
Nitrate removal from water using electrostatic regeneration of functionalized adsorbentJun 17 2017Nitrate is an important pollutant in drinking water worldwide, and a number of methods exist for the removal of nitrate from water including ion exchange and reverse osmosis. However, these approaches suffer from a variety of disadvantages including requirements ... More
Truncation in Hahn Fields is Undecidable and WildJun 12 2017We show that in any nontrivial Hahn field with truncation as a primitive operation we can interpret the monadic second-order logic of the additive monoid of natural numbers and are thus undecidable. We also specify a definable binary relation on such ... More
Facial reduction for exact polynomial sum of squares decompositionsOct 09 2018We study the problem of decomposing a non-negative polynomial as an exact sum of squares (SOS) in the case where the associated semidefinite program is feasible but not strictly feasible (for example if the polynomial has real zeros). Computing symbolically ... More
Four quasars above redshift 6 discovered by the Canada-France High-z Quasar SurveyJun 06 2007Aug 30 2007The Canada-France High-z Quasar Survey (CFHQS) is an optical survey designed to locate quasars during the epoch of reionization. In this paper we present the discovery of the first four CFHQS quasars at redshift greater than 6, including the most distant ... More
Hidden invariance of the free classical particleJun 07 1993Mar 12 1994A formalism describing the dynamics of classical and quantum systems from a group theoretical point of view is presented. We apply it to the simple example of the classical free particle. The Galileo group $G$ is the symmetry group of the free equations ... More
Cores of Symplectic Double Groupoids via ReductionSep 05 2013We use symplectic reduction to give a new construction of the core $C$ of a symplectic double groupoid $D$ as the common leaf space of characteristic foliations associated to various coisotropic submanifolds of $D$. In the case of the cotangent double ... More
Unified formalism for Palatini gravityJul 19 2017The present article is devoted to the construction of a unified formalism for Palatini and unimodular gravity. The basic idea is to employ a relationship between unified formalism for a Griffiths variational problem and its classical Lepage-equivalent ... More
Differential geometry, Palatini gravity and reductionSep 17 2012Nov 29 2013The present article deals with a formulation of the so called (vacuum) Palatini gravity as a general variational principle. In order to accomplish this goal, some geometrical tools related to the geometry of the bundle of connections of the frame bundle ... More
AKS systems and Lepage equivalent problemsJan 06 2011The integrable systems known as "AKS systems" admit a natural formulation in terms of a Hamiltonian picture. The Lagrangian side of these systems are far less known; a version in these terms can be found in a work of Feher et al. The purpose of these ... More
A Numerical Approach to the Estimation of the Solutions of some Variational Problems with Convexity CostraintsMar 06 2008We present an algorithm to approximate the solutions to variational problems where set of admissible functions consists of convex functions. The main motivator behind this numerical method is estimating solutions to Adverse Selection problems within a ... More
Canonical isometric embeddings of projective spaces into spheresDec 25 2018We define inductively isometric embeddings of $\mb{P}^n(\mb{R})$ and $\mb{P}^n(\mb{C})$ (with their canonical metrics conveniently scaled) into the standard unit sphere, which present the former as the restriction of the latter to the set of real points. ... More
Parametrization of abelian $K$-surfaces with quaternionic multiplicationJun 14 2009Mar 24 2010We prove that the abelian $K$-surfaces whose endomorphism algebra is a quaternion algebra are parametrized, up to isogeny, by the $K$-rational points of the quotient of certain Shimura curves by the group of their Atkin-Lehner involutions.
On laws of large numbers in $L^2$ for supercritical branching Markov processes beyond $λ$-positivityNov 15 2017We give necessary and sufficient conditions for laws of large numbers to hold in $L^2$ for the empirical measure of a large class of branching Markov processes, including $\lambda$-positive systems but also some $\lambda$-transient ones, such as the branching ... More
Performance Metrics for the Objective Assessment of Capacitive Deionization SystemsApr 24 2018Jul 31 2018In the growing field of capacitive deionization (CDI), a number of performance metrics have emerged to describe the desalination process. Unfortunately, the separation conditions under which these metrics are measured are often not specified, resulting ... More
Envelopes of holomorphy and extension of functions of bounded typeApr 15 2009Sep 14 2011We study the extension of holomorphic functions of bounded type defined on an open subset of a Banach space, to larger domains. For this, we first characterize the envelope of holomorphy of a Riemann domain over a Banach space, with respect to the algebra ... More
Tolman-like temperature gradients in stationary spacetimesJul 09 2018It is (or should be) well known that specification of a heat bath requires both a temperature and a 4-velocity, the rest frame of the heat bath. In static spacetimes there is a very natural and unique candidate for the 4-velocity of the heat bath, the ... More
A procedure for computing the log canonical threshold of a binomial idealMay 15 2014Feb 11 2017We present a procedure for computing the log-canonical threshold of an arbitrary ideal generated by binomials and monomials. The computation of the log canonical threshold is reduced to the problem of computing the minimum of a function, which is defined ... More
The (small) vibrations of thin platesMay 10 2018Dec 02 2018We describe the equations of motion of elastodynamic bounded bodies in 3-space, and their linearizations at a stationary point. Using the latter as an approximation to model small motions, we develop a scheme to find numerical solutions of these equations. ... More
Cartan algorithm and Dirac constraints for Griffiths variational problemsSep 16 2013Dirac algorithm allows to construct Hamiltonian systems for singular systems, and so contributing to its successful quantization. A drawback of this method is that the resulting quantized theory does not have manifest Lorentz invariance. This motivated ... More
Understanding Stellar Contamination in Exoplanet Transmission Spectra as an Essential Step in Small Planet CharacterizationMar 23 2018Transmission spectroscopy during planetary transits is expected to be a major source of information on the atmospheres of small (approximately Earth-sized) exoplanets in the next two decades. This technique, however, is intrinsically affected by stellar ... More
Small World Model based on a Sphere Homeomorphic GeometryAug 02 2018We define a small world model over the octahedron surface and relate its distances with those of embedded spheres, preserving constant bounded distortions. The model builds networks with both number of vertices and size $\Theta\left(n^2\right)$, where ... More
The Ring Structure in the MWC 480 Disk Revealed by ALMANov 07 2018Gap-like structures in protoplanetary disks are likely related to planet formation processes. In this paper, we present and analyze high resolution (0.17*0.11 arcsec) 1.3 mm ALMA continuum observations of the protoplanetary disk around the Herbig Ae star ... More
Tolman temperature gradients in a gravitational fieldMar 12 2018Tolman's relation for the temperature gradient in an equilibrium self-gravitating general relativistic fluid is broadly accepted within the general relativity community. However, the concept of temperature gradients in thermal equilibrium continues to ... More
Small Random Perturbations of a Dynamical System with Blow-upNov 15 2010We study small random perturbations by additive white-noise of a spatial discretization of a reaction-diffusion equation with a stable equilibrium and solutions that blow up in finite time. We prove that the perturbed system blows up with total probability ... More
Hypercyclic homogeneous polynomials on $H(\mathbb C)$Mar 14 2017Jul 28 2017It is known that homogeneous polynomials on Banach spaces cannot be hypercyclic, but there are examples of hypercyclic homogeneous polynomials on some non-normable Fr\'echet spaces. We show the existence of hypercyclic polynomials on $H(\mathbb C)$, by ... More
A simple shearlet-based reconstruction for computer tomographyJul 25 2017May 07 2018We find a new and simple inversion formula of the Radon transform RT with the only use of the shearlet system and of well-known properties of RT. No intertwining relation of differential operators in Euclidean space and Radon domain is used. As a consequence, ... More
Some remarks on the Lp regularity of second derivatives of solutions to non-divergence elliptic equations and the Dini conditionJun 17 2016In this note we prove an end-point regularity result on the Lp integrability of the second derivatives of solutions to non-divergence form uniformly elliptic equations whose second derivatives are a priori only known to be integrable. The main assumption ... More
Enhancing Geometric Deep Learning via Graph Filter DeconvolutionSep 24 2018In this paper, we incorporate a graph filter deconvolution step into the classical geometric convolutional neural network pipeline. More precisely, under the assumption that the graph domain plays a role in the generation of the observed graph signals, ... More
Towards relativistic quantum geometryJun 30 2015Oct 28 2015We obtain a gauge-invariant relativistic quantum geometry by using a Weylian-like manifold with a geometric scalar field which provides a gauge-invariant relativistic quantum theory in which the algebra of the Weylian-like field depends on observers. ... More
Labeling Algorithm and Compact Routing Scheme for a Small World Network ModelJun 05 2018This paper presents a small world networks generative model and a labeling algorithm for networks generated by this model. In the context of routing messages in networks, labeling algorithms process a network assigning labels, that are addresses, to the ... More
TYC 3637-1152-1 - a High Amplitude delta Scuti star with peculiar pulsational propertiesNov 13 2018In some delta Scuti stars, only one or two radial modes are excited (usually the fundamental mode and/or first overtone mode) and the observed peak-to-peak amplitudes exceed 0.3 mag (V). These stars are known as High Amplitude Delta Scuti (HADS) variables. ... More
On the Origin of Diffuse Ionized Gas in the Antennae GalaxyDec 12 2017Dec 14 2017The "Antennae Galaxy" (NGC 4038/39) is the closest major interacting galaxy system and therefore often taken as merger prototype. We present the first comprehensive integral field spectroscopic dataset of this system, observed with the MUSE instrument ... More
The MUSE Atlas of Disks (MAD): Resolving Star Formation Rates and Gas Metallicities on < 100pc ScalesJan 14 2019We study the physical properties of the ionized gas in local disks using the sample of 38 nearby $\sim10^{8.5-11.2}$M$_\odot$ Star-Forming Main Sequence (SFMS) galaxies observed so far as part of the MUSE Atlas of Disks (MAD). Specifically, we use all ... More
Discrete Modes in Gravitational Waves from the Big-BangOct 24 2014Mar 19 2015We develop a new approach to gravitational waves in which the Einstein equations are governed by the cosmological constant which is related to the existence of a manifold which is closed. We study an example in which the matter Lagrangian is described ... More
PHIBSS: Exploring the Dependence of the CO-H$_2$ Conversion Factor on Total Mass Surface Density at ${\it z} < 1.5$Nov 14 2016Dec 16 2016We present an analysis of the relationship between the CO-H$_{2}$ conversion factor ($\alpha_{\rm CO}$) and total mass surface density ($\Sigma_{\rm tot}$) in star-forming galaxies at $z < 1.5$. Our sample, which is drawn from the IRAM Plateau de Bure ... More
NEMO5: Achieving High-end Internode Communication for Performance Projection Beyond Moore's LawOct 15 2015Electronic performance predictions of modern nanotransistors require nonequilibrium Green's functions including incoherent scattering on phonons as well as inclusion of random alloy disorder and surface roughness effects. The solution of all these effects ... More
Unveiling dark states via two-dimensional magnetic pulse spectroscopyJan 02 2019The study and manipulation of low dipole moment quantum states has been historically difficult due to their inaccessibility by conventional spectroscopic techniques. Controlling the spin in such states requires unfeasibly strong magnetic fields to overcome ... More
Rokhlin dimension: duality, tracial properties, and crossed productsSep 01 2017We study compact group actions with finite Rokhlin dimension, particularly in relation to crossed products. For example, we characterize the duals of such actions, generalizing previous partial results for the Rokhlin property. As an application, we determine ... More
Holomorphic Functions and polynomial ideals on Banach spacesOct 20 2009Feb 17 2010Given $\u$ a multiplicative sequence of polynomial ideals, we consider the associated algebra of holomorphic functions of bounded type, $H_{b\u}(E)$. We prove that, under very natural conditions verified by many usual classes of polynomials, the spectrum ... More
Non-Perturbative Quantum Mechanics from Non-Perturbative StringsDec 07 2017Oct 12 2018This work develops a new method to calculate non-perturbative corrections in one-dimensional Quantum Mechanics, based on trans-series solutions to the refined holomorphic anomaly equations of topological string theory. The method can be applied to traditional ... More
Metastability for small random perturbations of a PDE with blow-upJan 08 2015We study small random perturbations by additive space-time white noise of a reaction-diffusion equation with a unique stable equilibrium and solutions which blow up in finite time. We show that for initial data in the domain of attraction of the stable ... More
Distributed-memory parallelization of the aggregated unfitted finite element methodFeb 04 2019The aggregated unfitted finite element method (AgFEM) is a methodology recently introduced in order to address conditioning and stability problems associated with embedded, unfitted, or extended finite element methods. The method is based on removal of ... More
Absolute continuity of non-homogeneous self-similar measuresSep 15 2017Mar 15 2018We prove that self-similar measures on the real line are absolutely continuous for almost all parameters in the super-critical region, in particular confirming a conjecture of S-M. Ngai and Y. Wang. While recently there has been much progress in understanding ... More
Stability of a stochastically perturbed model of intracellular single-stranded RNA virus replicationOct 03 2018Feb 25 2019Replication of single-stranded RNA virus can be complicated, compared to that of double-stranded virus, as it require production of intermediate antigenomic strands that then serve as template for the genomic-sense strands. Moreover, for ssRNA viruses, ... More
Spectral Theory and Mirror Curves of Higher GenusJul 08 2015Dec 23 2015Recently, a correspondence has been proposed between spectral theory and topological strings on toric Calabi-Yau manifolds. In this paper we develop in detail this correspondence for mirror curves of higher genus, which display many new features as compared ... More
Learning Parametric Closed-Loop Policies for Markov Potential GamesFeb 03 2018May 22 2018Multiagent systems where agents interact among themselves and with a stochastic environment can be formalized as stochastic games. We study a subclass named Markov potential games (MPGs) that appear often in economic and engineering applications when ... More
Strongly mixing convolution operators on Fréchet spaces of holomorphic functionsNov 29 2013Jul 30 2014A theorem of Godefroy and Shapiro states that non-trivial convolution operators on the space of entire functions on $\mathbb{C}^n$ are hypercyclic. Moreover, it was shown by Bonilla and Grosse-Erdmann that they have frequently hypercyclic functions of ... More
Lyapunov stability and sectional-hyperbolicity for higher-dimensional flowsJan 06 2012We study $C^1$-generic vector fields on closed manifolds without points accumulated by periodic orbits of different indices and prove that they exhibit finitely many sinks and sectional-hyperbolic transitive Lyapunov stable sets with residual basin of ... More
Mixed aggregated finite element methods for the unfitted discretization of the Stokes problemMay 04 2018In this work, we consider unfitted finite element methods for the numerical approximation of the Stokes problem. It is well-known that this kind of methods lead to arbitrarily ill-conditioned systems. In order to solve this issue, we consider the recently ... More
Sub-Wavelength Plasmonic Crystals: Dispersion Relations and Effective PropertiesOct 06 2009Nov 13 2009We obtain a convergent power series expansion for the first branch of the dispersion relation for subwavelength plasmonic crystals consisting of plasmonic rods with frequency-dependent dielectric permittivity embedded in a host medium with unit permittivity. ... More
Superimposed Oscillations in Brane InflationApr 11 2013Dec 26 2013In canonical scalar field inflation, the Starobinsky model (with a linear potential but discontinuous slope) is remarkable in that though slow-roll is violated, both the power-spectrum and bi-spectrum can be calculated exactly analytically. The two-point ... More
Mixed Bohr radius in several variablesDec 21 2017Let $K(B_{\ell_p^n},B_{\ell_q^n}) $ be the $n$-dimensional $(p,q)$-Bohr radius for holomorphic functions on $\mathbb C^n$. That is, $K(B_{\ell_p^n},B_{\ell_q^n}) $ denotes the greatest constant $r\geq 0$ such that for every entire function $f(z)=\sum_{\alpha} ... More
Phenomenology of Non-Custodial Warped ModelsJul 07 2011Aug 16 2011We study the effect of bulk fermions on electroweak precision observables in a recently proposed model with warped extra dimensions and no custodial symmetry. We find that the top-quark mass, together with the corrections to the Zbb vertex and the one-loop ... More
The Growth of Galaxy Stellar Mass Within Dark Matter HalosApr 03 2011We study the evolution of stellar mass in galaxies as a function of host halo mass, using the "MPA" and "Durham" semi-analytic models, implemented on the Millennium Run simulation. The results from both models are similar. We find that about 45% of the ... More
Abstract Certification of Global Non-Interference in Rewriting LogicJun 22 2010Non-interference is a semantic program property that assigns confidentiality levels to data objects and prevents illicit information flows from occurring from high to low security levels. In this paper, we present a novel security model for global non-interference ... More
Normalization of RingsApr 22 2009Jun 07 2010We present a new algorithm to compute the integral closure of a reduced Noetherian ring in its total ring of fractions. A modification, applicable in positive characteristic, where actually all computations are over the original ring, is also described. ... More
Scalable solvers for complex electromagnetics problemsJan 25 2019In this work, we present scalable balancing domain decomposition by constraints methods for linear systems arising from arbitrary order edge finite element discretizations of multi-material and heterogeneous 3D problems. In order to enforce the continuity ... More
Model-independent reconstruction of the linear anisotropic stress $η$Apr 30 2018Oct 17 2018In this work, we use recent data on the Hubble expansion rate $H(z)$, the quantity $f\sigma_8(z)$ from redshift space distortions and the statistic $E_g$ from clustering and lensing observables to constrain in a model-independent way the linear anisotropic ... More
Weak* and entropy approximation of nonhyperbolic measures: a geometrical approachApr 16 2018We study $C^1$-robustly transitive and nonhyperbolic diffeomorphisms having a partially hyperbolic splitting with one-dimensional central bundle and a compact closed curve tangent to the central bundle. We prove that there is a $C^1$-open and dense subset ... More
Asymptotic estimates on the von Neumann inequality for homogeneous polynomialsApr 21 2015Jun 26 2015By the von Neumann inequality for homogeneous polynomials there exists a positive constant $C_{k,q}(n)$ such that for every $k$-homogeneous polynomial $p$ in $n$ variables and every $n$-tuple of commuting operators $(T_1, \dots, T_n)$ with $\sum_{i=1}^{n} ... More
Disks, accretion and outflows of brown dwarfsAug 02 2012Dec 11 2012Characterization of the properties of young brown dwarfs are important to constraining the formation of objects at the extreme low-mass end of the IMF. While young brown dwarfs share many properties with solar-mass T Tauri stars, differences may be used ... More
Seeing Double: ASASSN-18bt Exhibits a Two-Component Rise in the Early-Time K2 Light CurveJul 30 2018Nov 23 2018On 2018 Feb. 4.41, the All-Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN) discovered ASASSN-18bt in the K2 Campaign 16 field. With a redshift of z=0.01098 and a peak apparent magnitude of B_{max}=14.31, ASASSN-18bt is the nearest and brightest SNe Ia yet ... More
Constraining four-fermion operators using rare top decaysSep 25 2018New physics can manifest itself by an appreciable increase of the decay rate of top quarks in rare flavour-changing final states. Exploiting the large top quark production rate at the LHC, we bound four-fermion operators contributing to non-resonant $t\rightarrow ... More
Deep surface photometry of edge-on spirals in Abell galaxy clusters: constraining environmental effectsApr 29 2008There is a clear scarcity of structural parameters for stellar thick discs, especially for spiral galaxies located in high-density regions, such as galaxy clusters and compact groups. We have modelled the thin and thick discs of 4 edge-on spirals located ... More
Self-Attention Linguistic-Acoustic DecoderAug 31 2018Nov 05 2018The conversion from text to speech relies on the accurate mapping from linguistic to acoustic symbol sequences, for which current practice employs recurrent statistical models like recurrent neural networks. Despite the good performance of such models ... More
The algebra of bounded type holomorphic functions on the ballNov 09 2018We study the spectrum $M_b(U)$ of the algebra of bounded type holomorphic functions on a complete Reinhardt domain in a symmetrically regular Banach space $E$ as an analytic manifold over the bidual of the space. In the case that $U$ is the unit ball ... More
Neutrino Masses from an A4 Symmetry in Holographic Composite Higgs ModelsJan 28 2010Feb 10 2010We show that holographic composite Higgs Models with a discrete A4 symmetry naturally predict hierarchical charged lepton masses and an approximate tri-bimaximal lepton mixing with the correct scale of neutrino masses. They also satisfy current constraints ... More
Tau Custodian searches at the LHCJul 23 2010The tau lepton can be more composite than naively expected in models of strong electroweak symmetry breaking with tri-bimaximal lepton mixing. New leptonic resonances required by custodial symmetry, the tau custodians, can then be the first signal of ... More
Navigation Functions for Convex Potentials in a Space with Convex ObstaclesMay 02 2016Dec 05 2016Given a convex potential in a space with convex obstacles, an artificial potential is used to navigate to the minimum of the natural potential while avoiding collisions. The artificial potential combines the natural potential with potentials that repel ... More
On the centralizer of vector fields: criteria of triviality and genericity resultsOct 11 2018In this paper, we investigate the question of whether a typical vector field on a compact connected Riemannian manifold $M^d$ has a `small' centralizer. In the $C^1$ case, we give two criteria, one of which is $C^1$-generic, which guarantees that the ... More
A Principal-Agent Model of Trading Under Market Impact -Crossing networks interacting with dealer markets-Jul 14 2016Aug 16 2016We use a principal-agent model to analyze the structure of a book-driven dealer market when the dealer faces competition from a crossing network or dark pool. The agents are privately informed about their types (e.g. their portfolios), which is something ... More
Higgs-Dilaton Cosmology: An inflation - dark energy connection and forecasts for future galaxy surveysDec 13 2017Feb 21 2018The Higgs-Dilaton model is a scale-invariant extension of the Standard Model non-minimally coupled to gravity and containing just one additional degree of freedom on top of the Standard Model particle content. This minimalistic scenario predicts a set ... More
FEMPAR: An object-oriented parallel finite element frameworkAug 05 2017Sep 19 2017FEMPAR is an open source object oriented Fortran200X scientific software library for the high-performance scalable simulation of complex multiphysics problems governed by partial differential equations at large scales, by exploiting state-of-the-art supercomputing ... More
The sup-norm vs. the norm of the coefficients: equivalence constants for homogeneous polynomialsFeb 04 2016Sep 21 2018Let $A_{p,r}^m(n)$ be the best constant that fulfills the following inequality: for every $m$-homogeneous polynomial $P(z) = \sum_{|\alpha|=m} a_{\alpha} z^{\alpha}$ in $n$ complex variables, $$\big( \sum_{|\alpha|=m} |a_{\alpha}|^{r} \big)^{1/r} \leq ... More
Particle Motion Analysis in the Bronnikov black hole solutionFeb 28 2019There is a growing interest in the study of regular black holes because they eliminate the problem of the singularity that conventional black hole models present. We analyze here the motion of different types of particles (without mass, massive and massive ... More
ProtoDESI: First On-Sky Technology Demonstration for the Dark Energy Spectroscopic InstrumentOct 24 2017May 02 2018The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) is under construction to measure the expansion history of the universe using the baryon acoustic oscillations technique. The spectra of 35 million galaxies and quasars over 14,000 square degrees will be ... More
Koszul complex over skew polynomial ringsDec 21 2017We construct a Koszul complex in the category of left skew polynomial rings associated to a flat endomorphism that provides a finite free resolution of an ideal generated by a Koszul regular sequence.
Connecting the Dots: Identifying Network Structure via Graph Signal ProcessingOct 31 2018Network topology inference is a prominent problem in Network Science. Most graph signal processing (GSP) efforts to date assume that the underlying network is known, and then analyze how the graph's algebraic and spectral characteristics impact the properties ... More
An integral formula for multiple summing norms of operatorsMar 05 2015We prove that the multiple summing norm of multilinear operators defined on some $n$-dimensional real or complex vector spaces with the $p$-norm may be written as an integral with respect to stables measures. As an application we show inclusion and coincidence ... More
Absorption of charged particles in a Reissner-Nordström Black-Hole: entropy evolution from Relativistic Quantum GeometryJun 21 2016Jul 31 2016Using Relativistic Quantum Geometry we show that the entropy can decrease in very small BHs, under certain circumstances, but always increases in very massive Black-Holes.
Membrane stress and torque induced by Frank's nematic texturesMar 04 2019An elastic membrane decorated with embedded nematic molecules, is considered as a model of anisotropic membrane. The nematic texture is shown to induce additional stress on the flexible membrane described by the Canham-Helfrich model. Building upon differential ... More
YouASTRO: a web-based bibliography management system with distributed comments and rating features for SAO/NASA ADS papersDec 01 2011We present a working prototype of YouASTRO (, a web-based BibTeX-compliant reference management software (RMS) for astrophysical papers in the SAO/NASA ADS database. It also includes as a main feature the concept of distributed paper ... More
Emission of primordial bosonic radiation during inflationNov 15 2017Jun 13 2018We study the emission of neutral massless $(1, 2)\hbar$-spin bosons during power-law inflation using unified spinor field theory. We shows that during inflation gravitons and photons were emitted with wavelengths (on physical coordinates) that increase ... More
Gravitons emission during pre-inflation from unified spinor fieldsAug 31 2017Nov 02 2018We obtain the equation that describe the conditions of quantization for neutral massless bosons on an arbitrary curved space-time, obtained using a particular theoretical formalism developed in a previous work\cite{MM}. In particular, we study the emission ... More