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Outflows in rho Ophiuchi as Seen with the Spitzer Infrared Array CameraOct 03 2009Oct 15 2009Using the IRAC images from the Spitzer c2d program, we have made a survey of mid-infrared outflows in the rho Ophiuchi molecular cloud. Extended objects that have prominent emission in IRAC channel 2 (4.5 micron) compared to IRAC channel 1 (3.6 micron) ... More
Hybrid Nonlinear Observers for Inertial Navigation Using Landmark MeasurementsJun 11 2019This paper considers the problem of attitude, position and linear velocity estimation for rigid body systems relying on landmark measurements. We propose two hybrid nonlinear observers on the matrix Lie group $SE_2(3)$, leading to global exponential stability. ... More
Herbig-Haro objects and mid-infrared outflows in the Vela C molecular cloudMay 30 2014We have performed a deep [SII]6717/6731 wide field Herbig-Haro (HH) object survey toward the Vela C molecular cloud with a sky coverage of about 2 deg2. In total, 18 new HH objects, HH 1090-1107, are discovered and the two previously known HH objects, ... More
A Large-field J=1-0 Survey of CO and Its Isotopologues Toward the Cassiopeia A Supernova RemnantMay 24 2019We have conducted a large-field simultaneous survey of $^{12}$CO, $^{13}$CO, and C$^{18}$O $J=1-0$ emission toward the Cassiopeia A (Cas A) supernova remnant (SNR), which covers a sky area of $3.5^{\circ}\times3.1^{\circ}$. The Cas giant molecular cloud ... More
Regularity for harmonic maps into certain Pseudo-Riemannian manifoldsJan 10 2011Mar 20 2012In this article, we investigate the regularity for certain elliptic systems without a $L^2$-antisymmetric structure. As applications, we prove some $\epsilon$-regularity theorems for weakly harmonic maps from the unit ball $B= B(m) \subset \mathbb{R}^m ... More
Harmonic maps from degenerating Riemann surfacesMar 25 2008We study harmonic maps from degenerating Riemann surfaces with uniformly bounded energy and show the so-called generalized energy identity. We find conditions that are both necessary and sufficient for the compactness in $W^{1,2}$ and $C^{0}$ modulo bubbles ... More
Dirac-harmonic maps from degenerating spin surfaces I: the Neveu-Schwarz caseMar 26 2008We study Dirac-harmonic maps from degenerating spin surfaces with uniformly bounded energy and show the so-called generalized energy identity in the case that the domain converges to a spin surface with only Neveu-Schwarz type nodes. We find condition ... More
Refined-Segmentation R-CNN: A Two-stage Convolutional Neural Network for Punctate White Matter Lesion Segmentation in Preterm InfantsJun 24 2019Accurate segmentation of punctate white matter lesion (PWML) in infantile brains by an automatic algorithm can reduce the potential risk of postnatal development. How to segment PWML effectively has become one of the active topics in medical image segmentation ... More
A deep near-infrared survey toward the Aquila molecular cloud - I. Molecular hydrogen outflowsJun 28 2015We have performed an unbiased deep near-infrared survey toward the Aquila molecular cloud with a sky coverage of ~1 deg2. We identified 45 molecular hydrogen emission-line objects(MHOs), of which only 11 were previously known. Using the Spitzer archival ... More
Thermally driven continuous-wave and pulsed optical vortexDec 03 2013We demonstrated the continuous-wave (cw) and pulsed optical vortex with topological charges driven by heat generated during the lasing process without introducing the astigmatism effect and reducing lasing efficiency. During the lasing process, the topological ... More
PS-TRUST: Provably Secure Solution for Truthful Double Spectrum AuctionsJul 29 2013Truthful spectrum auctions have been extensively studied in recent years. Truthfulness makes bidders bid their true valuations, simplifying greatly the analysis of auctions. However, revealing one's true valuation causes severe privacy disclosure to the ... More
Scalable Modeling of Conversational-role based Self-presentation Characteristics in Large Online ForumsDec 10 2015Online discussion forums are complex webs of overlapping subcommunities (macrolevel structure, across threads) in which users enact different roles depending on which subcommunity they are participating in within a particular time point (microlevel structure, ... More
A large-scale survey of CO and its isotopologues toward the Rosette molecular cloudAug 28 2018Sep 04 2018Using the PMO-13.7m millimeter telescope at Delingha in China, we have conducted a large-scale simultaneous survey of $^{12}$CO, $^{13}$CO, and C$^{18}$O J=1-0 emission toward the Rosette molecular cloud (RMC) region with a sky coverage of 3.5 $\times$ ... More
Well-Posedness of a kind of the free surface equation of shallow water waveJan 05 2019This paper is concerned with the Cauchy problem of the one-dimensional free surface equation of shallow water wave, we obtain local well-posedness of the free surface equation of shallow water wave in Sobolev spaces. In addition, we also derive a wave-breaking ... More
Square-mean almost automorphic solutions for some stochastic differential equationsJan 18 2010The concept of square-mean almost automorphy for stochastic processes is introduced. The existence and uniqueness of square-mean almost automorphic solutions to some linear and non-linear stochastic differential equations are established provided the ... More
Regularity for Dirac-harmonic maps into certain pseudo-Riemannian manifoldsJul 30 2018We show the smoothness of weakly Dirac-harmonic maps from a closed spin Riemann surface into stationary Lorentzian manifolds, and obtain a regularity theorem for a class of critical elliptic systems without anti-symmetry structures.
Pencils of pairs of projectionsSep 04 2017Let $T$ be a self-adjoint operator on a complex Hilbert space $\mathcal{H}$. We give a sufficient and necessary condition for $T$ to be the pencil $\lambda P+Q$ of a pair $( P, Q)$ of projections at some point $\lambda\in\mathbb{R}\backslash\{-1, 0\}$. ... More
Bringing a Blurry Frame Alive at High Frame-Rate with an Event CameraNov 26 2018Nov 27 2018Event-based cameras can measure intensity changes (called `{\it events}') with microsecond accuracy under high-speed motion and challenging lighting conditions. With the active pixel sensor (APS), the event camera allows simultaneous output of the intensity ... More
Accuracy Directly Controlled Fast Direct Solutions of General ${\cal H}^2$-Matrices and Its Application to Electrically Large Integral-Equation-Based Electromagnetic AnalysisMar 17 2017The dense matrix resulting from an integral equation (IE) based solution of Maxwell's equations can be compactly represented by an ${\cal H}^2$-matrix. Given a general dense ${\cal H}^2$-matrix, prevailing fast direct solutions involve approximations ... More
Cryptanalysis of a lattice-based proxy signature schemeOct 19 2011Feb 11 2012A proxy signature scheme allows a proxy signer to sign messages on behalf of an original signer. Proxy signature schemes have found numerous practical applications such as grid computing, mobile agent systems and cloud applications. Recently, Jiang et ... More
Regularity at the free boundary for Dirac-harmonic maps from surfacesJun 18 2013Nov 19 2015We establish the regularity theory for certain critical elliptic systems with an anti-symmetric structure under inhomogeneous Neumann and Dirichlet boundary constraints. As applications, we prove full regularity and smooth estimates at the free boundary ... More
High Frame Rate Video Reconstruction based on an Event CameraMar 12 2019Apr 23 2019Event-based cameras measure intensity changes (called events) with microsecond accuracy under high-speed motion and challenging lighting conditions. With the active pixel sensor (APS), event cameras allow simultaneous output of intensity frames. However, ... More
Existence and general stabilization of the Timoshenko system with a thermo-viscoelastic damping and a delay term in the internal feedbackMay 08 2015In this paper, we consider a Timoshenko system with a thermo-viscoelastic damping and a delay term in the internal feedback together with initial datum and boundary conditions of Dirichlet type, where g is a positive non-increasing relaxation function ... More
Oscillator Model of SpinMay 19 2014The Schwinger's representation of angular momentum(AM) relates two important fundamental models, that of AM and that of harmonic oscillator(HO). However, the representation offers only the relations of operators but not states. Here, by developing a graphic ... More
Model Averaging for Generalized Linear Model with Covariates that are Missing completely at RandomOct 25 2017In this paper, we consider the estimation of generalized linear models with covariates that are missing completely at random. We propose a model averaging estimation method and prove that the corresponding model averaging estimator is asymptotically optimal ... More
Structured Depth Prediction in Challenging Monocular Video SequencesNov 19 2015In this paper, we tackle the problem of estimating the depth of a scene from a monocular video sequence. In particular, we handle challenging scenarios, such as non-translational camera motion and dynamic scenes, where traditional structure from motion ... More
The Super-Toda System and Bubbling of SpinorsSep 02 2017We introduce the super-Toda system on Riemann surfaces and study the blow-up analysis for a sequence of solutions to the super-Toda system on a closed Riemann surface with uniformly bounded energy. In particular, we show the energy identities for the ... More
Energy quantization for a nonlinear sigma model with critical gravitinosFeb 12 2017We study some analytical and geometric properties of a two-dimensional nonlinear sigma model with gravitino which comes from supersymmetric string theory. When the action is critical w.r.t. variations of the various fields including the gravitino, there ... More
On the security of an enhanced short signature schemeJan 12 2012Mar 16 2012Currently, short signature is receiving significant attention since it is particularly useful in low-bandwidth communication environments. However, most of the short signature schemes are only based on one intractable assumption. Recently, Su presented ... More
Energy identity for a class of approximate Dirac-harmonic maps from surfaces with boundarySep 19 2018For a sequence of coupled fields $\{(\phi_n,\psi_n)\}$ from a compact Riemann surface $M$ with smooth boundary to a general compact Riemannian manifold with uniformly bounded energy and satisfying the Dirac-harmonic system up to some uniformly controlled ... More
Harmonic maps with free boundary from degenerating bordered Riemann surfacesApr 02 2019We study the blow-up analysis and qualitative behavior for a sequence of harmonic maps with free boundary from degenerating bordered Riemann surfaces with uniformly bounded energy. With the help of Pohozaev type constants associated to harmonic maps defined ... More
Asymptotics of the Teichmüller harmonic map flowSep 17 2012The Teichm\"uller harmonic map flow, introduced in [9], evolves both a map from a closed Riemann surface to an arbitrary compact Riemannian manifold, and a constant curvature metric on the domain, in order to reduce its harmonic map energy as quickly ... More
Single Image Deblurring and Camera Motion Estimation with Depth MapMar 01 2019Camera shake during exposure is a major problem in hand-held photography, as it causes image blur that destroys details in the captured images.~In the real world, such blur is mainly caused by both the camera motion and the complex scene structure.~While ... More
Semantic-Aware Depth Super-Resolution in Outdoor ScenesMay 31 2016While depth sensors are becoming increasingly popular, their spatial resolution often remains limited. Depth super-resolution therefore emerged as a solution to this problem. Despite much progress, state-of-the-art techniques suffer from two drawbacks: ... More
Some explicit constructions of Dirac-harmonic mapsAug 24 2009We construct explicit examples of Dirac-harmonic maps $(\phi, \psi)$ between Riemannian manifolds $(M,g)$ and $(N,g')$ which are non-trivial in the sense that $\phi$ is not harmonic. When $\dim M=2$, we also produce examples where $\phi$ is harmonic, ... More
The qualitative behavior at the free boundary for approximate harmonic maps from surfacesSep 19 2018Let $\{u_n\}$ be a sequence of maps from a compact Riemann surface $M$ with smooth boundary to a general compact Riemannian manifold $N$ with free boundary on a smooth submanifold $K\subset N$ satisfying \[ \sup_n \ \left(\|\nabla u_n\|_{L^2(M)}+\|\tau(u_n)\|_{L^2(M)}\right)\leq ... More
Compactness of solutions to nonlocal elliptic equationsJul 05 2017We show that all nonnegative solutions of the critical semilinear elliptic equation involving the regional fractional Laplacian are locally universally bounded. This strongly contrasts with the standard fractional Laplacian case. Second, we consider the ... More
Nowhere-zero $3$-flow and $\mathbb{Z}_3$-connectedness in Graphs with Four Edge-disjoint Spanning TreesOct 14 2016Given a zero-sum function $\beta : V(G) \rightarrow \mathbb{Z}_3$ with $\sum_{v\in V(G)}\beta(v)=0$, an orientation $D$ of $G$ with $d^+_D(v)-d^-_D(v)= \beta(v)$ in $\mathbb{Z}_3$ for every vertex $v\in V(G)$ is called a $\beta$-orientation. A graph $G$ ... More
Geometry-aware Deep Network for Single-Image Novel View SynthesisApr 17 2018This paper tackles the problem of novel view synthesis from a single image. In particular, we target real-world scenes with rich geometric structure, a challenging task due to the large appearance variations of such scenes and the lack of simple 3D models ... More
Vanishing Pohozaev constant and removability of singularitiesSep 21 2017Conformal invariance of two-dimensional variational problems is a condition known to enable a blow-up analysis of solutions and to deduce the removability of singularities. In this paper, we identify another condition that is not only sufficient, but ... More
Security of a biometric identity-based encryption schemeOct 12 2011Mar 17 2012Biometric identity-based encryption (Bio-IBE) is a kind of fuzzy identity-based encryption (fuzzy IBE) where a ciphertext encrypted under an identity w' can be decrypted using a secret key corresponding to the identity w which is close to w' as measured ... More
Coarse Regularity of Solutions to a Nonlinear Sigma-model with~$L^p$~gravitinoJan 08 2017Sep 18 2017The regularity of weak solutions of a two-dimensional nonlinear sigma model with coarse gravitino is shown. Here the gravitino is only assumed to be in $L^p$ for some $p>4$. The precise regularity results depend on the value of $p$.
Partial Regularity for a Nonlinear Sigma Model with Gravitino in Higher DimensionsSep 13 2017Apr 10 2018We study the regularity problem of the nonlinear sigma model with gravitino fields in higher dimensions. After setting up the geometric model, we derive the Euler--Lagrange equations and consider the regularity of weak solutions defined in suitable Sobolev ... More
The boundary value problem for Yang--Mills--Higgs fieldsNov 16 2017We show the existence of Yang--Mills--Higgs (YMH) fields over a Riemann surface with boundary where a free boundary condition is imposed on the section and a Neumann boundary condition on the connection. In technical terms, we study the convergence and ... More
Simultaneous Stereo Video Deblurring and Scene Flow EstimationApr 11 2017Videos for outdoor scene often show unpleasant blur effects due to the large relative motion between the camera and the dynamic objects and large depth variations. Existing works typically focus monocular video deblurring. In this paper, we propose a ... More
Depth Map Completion by Jointly Exploiting Blurry Color Images and Sparse Depth MapsNov 27 2017We aim at predicting a complete and high-resolution depth map from incomplete, sparse and noisy depth measurements. Existing methods handle this problem either by exploiting various regularizations on the depth maps directly or resorting to learning based ... More
Finite $p$-groups all of whose subgroups of index $p^3$ are abelianOct 23 2014Suppose that $G$ is a finite $p$-group. If all subgroups of index $p^t$ of $G$ are abelian and at least one subgroup of index $p^{t-1}$ of $G$ is not abelian, then $G$ is called an $\mathcal{A}_t$-group. In this paper, some information about $\mathcal{A}_t$-groups ... More
Phase-only Image Based Kernel Estimation for Single-image Blind DeblurringNov 26 2018Apr 17 2019The image blurring process is generally modelled as the convolution of a blur kernel with a latent image. Therefore, the estimation of the blur kernel is essentially important for blind image deblurring. Unlike existing approaches which focus on approaching ... More
Estimates for solutions of Dirac equations and an application to a geometric elliptic-parabolic problemJul 11 2017We develop estimates for the solutions and derive existence and uniqueness results of various local boundary value problems for Dirac equations that improve all relevant results known in the literature. With these estimates at hand, we derive a general ... More
Structures of GMC W 37Nov 04 2015We carried out observations toward the giant molecular cloud W 37 with the $J = 1 - 0$ transitions of $^{12}$CO, $^{13}$CO, and C$^{18}$O using the 13.7 m single-dish telescope at the Delingha station of Purple Mountain Observatory. Based on the three ... More
Regularity of Solutions of the Nonlinear Sigma Model with GravitinoOct 07 2016Aug 18 2017We propose a geometric setup to study analytic aspects of a variant of the super symmetric two-dimensional nonlinear sigma model. This functional extends the functional of Dirac-harmonic maps by gravitino fields. The system of Euler--Lagrange equations ... More
Phase-only Image Based Kernel Estimation for Single-image Blind DeblurringNov 26 2018Nov 27 2018The image blurring process is generally modelled as the convolution of a blur kernel with a latent image. Therefore, the estimation of the blur kernel is essentially important for blind image deblurring. Unlike existing approaches which focus on approaching ... More
From harmonic maps to the nonlinear supersymmetric sigma model of quantum field theory. At the interface of theoretical physics, Riemannian geometry and nonlinear analysisOct 04 2017Harmonic maps from Riemann surfaces arise from a conformally invariant variational problem. Therefore, on one hand, they are intimately connected with moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces, and on the other hand, because the conformal group is noncompact, ... More
Symmetries and conservation laws of a nonlinear sigma model with gravitinoMar 20 2017We show that the action functional of the nonlinear sigma model with gravitino considered in a previous article [18] is invariant under rescaled conformal transformations, super Weyl transformations and diffeomorphisms. We give a careful geometric explanation ... More
Structure and Fragmentation of a high line-mass filament: NessieApr 06 2018An increasing number of hundred-parsec scale, high line-mass filaments have been detected in the Galaxy. Their evolutionary path, including fragmentation towards star formation, is virtually unknown. We characterize the fragmentation within the Nessie ... More
Star-forming content of the giant molecular filaments in the Milky WayNov 06 2018Observations have discovered numerous giant molecular filaments (GMFs) in the Milky Way. However, their role in the Galactic star formation and Galaxy-scale evolution of dense gas is still unknown. We investigate systematically the star-forming content ... More
A Low-Rank and Joint-Sparse Model for Ultrasound Signal ReconstructionDec 12 2018With the introduction of very dense sensor arrays in ultrasound (US) imaging, data transfer rate and data storage became a bottleneck in ultrasound system design. To reduce the amount of sampled channel data, we propose to use a low-rank and joint-sparse ... More
SSHMT: Semi-supervised Hierarchical Merge Tree for Electron Microscopy Image SegmentationAug 14 2016Region-based methods have proven necessary for improving segmentation accuracy of neuronal structures in electron microscopy (EM) images. Most region-based segmentation methods use a scoring function to determine region merging. Such functions are usually ... More
Regularity of Solutions of the Nonlinear Sigma Model with GravitinoOct 07 2016We propose a geometric setup to study analytic aspects of a variant of the super symmetric two-dimensional nonlinear sigma model. This functional extends the functional of Dirac-harmonic maps by gravitino fields. The system of Euler--Lagrange equations ... More
An age-of-allele test of neutrality for transposable element insertionsSep 16 2012Oct 01 2013How natural selection acts to limit the proliferation of transposable elements (TEs) in genomes has been of interest to evolutionary biologists for many years. To describe TE dynamics in populations, many previous studies have used models of transposition-selection ... More
PP-MCSA: Privacy Preserving Multi-Channel Double Spectrum AuctionOct 19 2018Auction is widely regarded as an effective way in dynamic spectrum redistribution. Recently, considerable research efforts have been devoted to designing privacy-preserving spectrum auctions in a variety of auction settings. However, none of existing ... More
The examination of stable charge states of vacancies in Cu2ZnSnS4Nov 26 2014The stable charge states of vacancies in the solar cell absorber material Cu2ZnSnS4 are investigated using Kohn-Sham (KS) defect-induced single particle levels analysis by concerning the screened Coulomb hybrid functional. We found out that the Cu, Zn ... More
CO~($J = 1-0$) Observations of a Filamentary Molecular Cloud in the Galactic Region Centered at $l = 150\arcdeg, b = 3.5\arcdeg$Mar 04 2017Mar 24 2017We present large-field (4.25~$\times$~3.75 deg$^2$) mapping observations toward the Galactic region centered at $l = 150\arcdeg, b = 3.5\arcdeg$ in the $J = 1-0$ emission line of CO isotopologues ($^{12}$CO, $^{13}$CO, and C$^{18}$O), using the 13.7 m ... More
Bringing Blurry Alive at High Frame-Rate with an Event CameraMar 12 2019Event-based cameras can measure intensity changes (called `{\it events}') with microsecond accuracy under high-speed motion and challenging lighting conditions. With the active pixel sensor (APS), the event camera allows simultaneous output of the intensity ... More
Temporal Registration in Application to In-utero MRI Time SeriesMar 06 2019We present a robust method to correct for motion in volumetric in-utero MRI time series. Time-course analysis for in-utero volumetric MRI time series often suffers from substantial and unpredictable fetal motion. Registration provides voxel correspondences ... More
Temporal Registration in In-Utero Volumetric MRI Time SeriesAug 12 2016We present a robust method to correct for motion and deformations for in-utero volumetric MRI time series. Spatio-temporal analysis of dynamic MRI requires robust alignment across time in the presence of substantial and unpredictable motion. We make a ... More
Coeval intermediate-mass star formation in N4WMar 28 2016Protostars are mostly found in star-forming regions, where the natal molecular gas still remains. In about 5' west of the molecular bubble N4, N4W is identified as a star-forming clump hosting three Class II (IRS\,1\,--\,3), and one Class I (IRS\,4) young ... More
A Kastler-Kalau-Walze Type Theorem for 5-dimensional Manifolds with BoundaryApr 24 2014The Kastler-Kalau-Walze theorem, announced by Alain Connes, shows that the Wodzicki residue of the inverse square of the Dirac operator is proportional to the Einstein-Hilbert action of general relativity. In this paper, we prove a Kastler-Kalau-Walze ... More
Tailoring Thermal Radiative Properties with Film-Coupled Concave Grating MetamaterialsSep 25 2014This work numerically investigates the radiative properties of film-coupled metamaterials made of a two-dimensional metallic concave grating on a continuous metal film separated by an ultrathin dielectric spacer. Spectrally-selective absorption is demonstrated ... More
Identification of flow-background to subtract in jet-like azimuthal correlationJan 06 2009Jan 28 2010We derive an analytical form for flow-background to jet-like azimuthal correlation in a cluster approach. We argue that the elliptic flow parameter to use in jet-correlation background is that from two-particle method excluding non-flow correlation unrelated ... More
Almost Sure Existence of Global Weak Solutions to the 3D Incompressible Navier-Stokes EquationOct 31 2016In this paper we prove the almost sure existence of global weak solution to the 3D incompressible Navier-Stokes Equation for a set of large data in $\dot{H}^{-\alpha}(\mathbb{R}^{3})$ or $\dot{H}^{-\alpha}(\mathbb{T}^{3})$ with $0<\alpha\leq 1/2$. This ... More
Coherent Optical DFT-Spread OFDMFeb 28 2011We consider application of the discrete Fourier transform-spread orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (DFT-spread OFDM) technique to high-speed fiber optic communications. The DFT-spread OFDM is a form of single-carrier technique that possesses ... More
Magnetic interactions in FeSe studied by first principle calculationsOct 19 2015Based on first principle calculations we have investigated the evolution of magnetism in free-standing monolayer FeSe with respect to lattice constant and magnetism in bulk FeSe. The computational results show that the magnetic order in free-standing ... More
Recognizing number of communities and detecting community structures in complex networksMar 18 2018Recognizing number of communities and detecting community structures of complex network are discussed in this paper. As a visual and feasible algorithm, block model has been successfully applied to detect community structures in complex network. In order ... More
In-phase Synchronization of Two Coupled MetronomesMay 01 2018This paper used multi-scale method and KBM method to get approximate solution of coupled Van der Pol oscillators, based on which, researchers investigated the impact several parameters have on the prerequisite of synchronization and the time it takes ... More
New Braided $T$-Categories over Hopf (co)quasigroupsJan 22 2017Let $H$ be a Hopf quasigroup with bijective antipode and let $Aut_{HQG}(H)$ be the set of all Hopf quasigroup automorphisms of $H$. We introduce a category ${_{H}\mathcal{YDQ}^{H}}(\alpha,\beta)$ with $\alpha,\beta\in Aut_{HQG}(H)$ and construct a braided ... More
Double Conformal Invariants and the Wodzicki ResidueJan 06 2011For compact real manifolds, a new double conformal invariant is constructed using the Wodzicki residue and the $d$ operator in the framework of Connes. In the flat case, we compute this double conformal invariant, and in some special cases, we also compute ... More
Characterization of Hopf QuasigroupsFeb 26 2019In this paper, we first discuss some properties of the Galois linear maps. We provide some equivalent conditions for Hopf algebras and Hopf (co)quasigroups as its applications. Then let $H$ be a Hopf quasigroup with bijective antipode and $G$ be the set ... More
Simplification of protein representation from the contact potentials between residuesOct 19 2000Based on the concept of energy landscape a picture of the mismatch between the reduced interaction matrix of residues and the matrix of statistical contact potentials is presented. For the Miyazawa and Jernigan (MJ) matrix, rational groupings of 20 kinds ... More
Global existence of weak solution for the 2-D Ericksen-Leslie systemMay 03 2013Jun 04 2013We prove the global existence of weak solution for two dimensional Ericksen-Leslie system with the Leslie stress and general Ericksen stress under the physical constrains on the Leslie coefficients. We also prove the local well-posedness of the Ericksen-Leslie ... More
On the Design of Constant Modulus Probing Waveforms with Good Correlation Properties for MIMO Radar via Consensus-ADMM ApproachJan 16 2019In this paper, we design constant modulus probing waveforms with good correlation properties for collocated multi-input multi-output (MIMO) radar systems. The main content is as follows: first, we formulate the design problem as a fourth order polynomial ... More
An Improved Cost Function for Hierarchical Cluster TreesDec 06 2018Dec 17 2018Hierarchical clustering has been a popular method in various data analysis applications. It partitions a data set into a hierarchical collection of clusters, and can provide a global view of (cluster) structure behind data across different granularity ... More
Uniformly bounded components of normalityMar 05 2007Jun 09 2007Suppose that $f(z)$ is a transcendental entire function and that the Fatou set $F(f)\neq\emptyset$. Set $$B_1(f):=\sup_{U}\frac{\sup_{z\in U}\log(|z|+3)}{\inf_{w\in U}\log(|w|+3)}$$ and $$B_2(f):=\sup_{U}\frac{\sup_{z\in U}\log\log(|z|+30)}{\inf_{w\in ... More
Indicators of Hopf algebras in positive characteristicApr 18 2017Feb 19 2019The notion of $n$-th indicator for a finite-dimensional Hopf algebra was introduced by Kashina, Montgomery and Ng as gauge invariance of the monoidal category of its representations. The properties of these indicators were further investigated by Shimizu. ... More
Global well-posedness and scattering for Derivative Schrödinger equationSep 20 2009Jun 11 2010In this paper we study the Cauchy problem for the elliptic and non-elliptic derivative nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations in higher spatial dimensions ($n\geq 2$) and some global well-posedness results with small initial data in critical Besov spaces $B^s_{2,1}$ ... More
Optimal Distributed Control for Networked Control Systems with DelaysDec 12 2013In networked control systems (NCS), sensing and control signals between the plant and controllers are typically transmitted wirelessly. Thus, the time delay plays an important role for the stability of NCS, especially with distributed controllers. In ... More
Distance Priors from Planck and Dark Energy Constraints from Current DataApr 16 2013Aug 29 2013We derive distance priors from Planck first data release, and examine their impact on dark energy constraints from current observational data. We give the mean values and covariance matrix of {R, l_a, \Omega_b h^2, n_s}, which give an efficient summary ... More
Plasmonic Light Trapping in an Ultrathin Photovoltaic Layer with Film-Coupled Metamaterial StructuresSep 11 2014Feb 04 2015A film-coupled metamaterial structure is numerically investigated for enhancing the light absorption in an ultrathin photovoltaic layer of crystalline gallium arsenide (GaAs). The top subwavelength concave grating and the bottom metallic film could not ... More
Hierarchical Spatial Sum-Product Networks for Action Recognition in Still ImagesNov 17 2015Jul 08 2016Recognizing actions from still images is popularly studied recently. In this paper, we model an action class as a flexible number of spatial configurations of body parts by proposing a new spatial SPN (Sum-Product Networks). First, we discover a set of ... More
Electron Transport in Dirac and Weyl SemimetalsSep 10 2018Recently, the Dirac and Weyl semimetals have attracted extensive attention in condensed matter physics due to both the fundamental interest and the potential application of a new generation of electronic devices. Here we review the exotic electrical transport ... More
Nonparametric Additive Model-assisted Estimation for Survey DataJan 04 2011An additive model-assisted nonparametric method is investigated to estimate the finite population totals of massive survey data with the aid of auxiliary information. A class of estimators is proposed to improve the precision of the well known Horvitz-Thompson ... More
Free boundary problems of ecological models with nonlocal and local diffusionsDec 31 2018We study a class of free boundary problems of ecological models with nonlocal and local diffusions, which are natural extensions of free boundary problems of reaction diffusion systems in there local diffusions are used to describe the population dispersal, ... More
A Primal-Dual Weak Galerkin Finite Element Method for Fokker-Planck Type EquationsApr 19 2017This paper presents a primal-dual weak Galerkin (PD-WG) finite element method for a class of second order elliptic equations of Fokker-Planck type. The method is based on a variational form where all the derivatives are applied to the test functions so ... More
A Primal-Dual Weak Galerkin Finite Element Method for Second Order Elliptic Equations in Non-Divergence FormOct 13 2015This article proposes a new numerical algorithm for second order elliptic equations in non-divergence form. The new method is based on a discrete weak Hessian operator locally constructed by following the weak Galerkin strategy. The numerical solution ... More
Modeling study on the validity of a possibly simplified representation of proteinsJun 23 2000The folding characteristics of sequences reduced with a possibly simplified representation of five types of residues are shown to be similar to their original ones with the natural set of residues (20 types or 20 letters). The reduced sequences have a ... More
Study of the single neutral top-pion production process at $γγ$ colliderOct 29 2005Nov 18 2005$\gamma\gamma\to \Pi_t^0$ is the major production mechanism of neutral top-pion at the linear colliders. In this paper, we calculate the cross section of the process $\gamma\gamma \to \Pi^0_t$ and discuss the potential to observe the neutral top-pion ... More
Exploring the Systematic Uncertainties of Type Ia Supernovae as Cosmological ProbesJun 27 2013Jul 26 2013We explore the systematic uncertainties of using Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) as cosmological probes, using the Supernova Legacy Survey Three Year data (SNLS3). We focus on studying the possible evolution of the stretch-luminosity parameter $\alpha$ and ... More
WISE Detection of the Galactic Low-Mass X-Ray BinariesApr 14 2014We report on the results from our search for the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer detection of the Galactic low-mass X-ray binaries. Among 187 binaries catalogued in Liu et al. (2007), we find 13 counterparts and two candidate counterparts. For the ... More
Non-flow, and what flow to subtract in jet-correlationOct 20 2009We derive analytical forms for non-flow contributions from cluster correlation to two-particle elliptic flow (v2{2}) measure. We also derive an analytical form for jet-correlation flow-background with the same cluster approach. We argue that the elliptic ... More
Discretization of div-curl Systems by Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods on Polyhedral PartitionsJan 19 2015In this paper, the authors devise a new discretization scheme for div-curl systems defined in connected domains with heterogeneous media by using the weak Galerkin finite element method. Two types of boundary value problems are considered in the algorithm ... More