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Direct probing of the cluster structure in ${}^{12}$Be via $α$-knockout reactionFeb 08 2019Feb 14 2019Background: Recent theoretical and experimental researches using proton-induced $\alpha$-knockout reactions provide direct manifestation of $\alpha$-cluster formation in nuclei. In recent and future experiments, $\alpha$-knockout data are available for ... More
Investigation of $^{23}$N in a three-body modelDec 31 2014The neutron-drip-line nucleus $^{23}$N is investigated in a three-body model consisting of a $^{21}$N core and two valence neutrons. By solving the Faddeev equations with the realistic neutron-neutron potentials and the neutron-core potentials, we calculate ... More
Direct probing of the cluster structure in ${}^{12}$Be via $α$-knockout reactionFeb 08 2019Background: Recent theoretical and experimental researches using proton-induced $\alpha$-knockout reactions provide direct manifestation of $\alpha$-cluster formation in nuclei. In recent and future experiments, $\alpha$-knockout data are available for ... More
A dynamic logic method for determining behaviors of biological networksJun 10 2008A dynamic logic method was developed to analyze molecular networks of cells by combining Kauffman and Thomas's logic operations with molecular interaction parameters. The logic operations characterize the discrete interactions between biological components. ... More
Interpretation and Generalization of Score MatchingMay 09 2012Score matching is a recently developed parameter learning method that is particularly effective to complicated high dimensional density models with intractable partition functions. In this paper, we study two issues that have not been completely resolved ... More
Phase transition in firefly cellular automata on finite treesOct 04 2016We study a one-parameter family of discrete dynamical systems called the $\kappa$-color firefly cellular automata, proposed by the author in [13] as discrete models for finite-state pulse-coupled inhibitory oscillators. At each discrete time $t$, each ... More
Chromatic number, induced cycles, and non-separating cyclesNov 03 2012Oct 05 2016We show that connected graphs with large chromatic number must contain a large number of induced cycles, and that 3-connected graphs with large clique minor contains many induced non-separating cycles, which are known to generate the cycle space of any ... More
Investigation of 10Be and its cluster dynamics from nonlocalized clustering conceptDec 24 2015We extend the new concept of nonlocalized clustering to the nucleus 10Be with proton number Z=4 and neutron number N=6 (N=Z+2). The Tohsaki-Horiuchi-Schuck-R\"opke (THSR) wave function is formulated for the description of different structures of 10Be. ... More
Synchronization of finite-state pulse-coupled oscillatorsJul 04 2014Mar 30 2015We propose a novel generalized cellular automaton(GCA) model for discrete-time pulse-coupled oscillators and study the emergence of synchrony. Given a finite simple graph and an integer $n\ge 3$, each vertex is an identical oscillator of period $n$ with ... More
A Note on Graph Characteristics and Hadwiger's ConjectureMar 16 2012Nov 27 2012This is a note on three graph parameters motivated by the Euler-Poincare characteristic for simplicial complex. We show those three graph parameters of a given connected graph $G$ is greater than or equal to that of the complete graph with $\max(h(G),\chi(G))$ ... More
Phase synchronization of pulse-coupled excitable clocksApr 28 2016Consider a distributed network on a simple graph $G=(V,E)$ where each node has a phase oscillator revolving on $S^{1}=\mathbb{R}/\mathbb{Z}$ with natural period of 1 second. Pulse-coupling is a class of distributed time evolution rule for such networked ... More
Investigation of ${}^9$Be from nonlocalized clustering conceptAug 22 2014Dec 31 2014The nonlocalized aspect of clustering, which is a new concept for self-conjugate nuclei, is extended for the investigation of the N{\not=}Z nucleus ${}^9$Be. A modified version of the THSR (Tohsaki-Horiuchi-Schuck-R\"opke) wave function is introduced ... More
Variational calculation of nuclear matter in finite particle number approach using unitary correlation operator and high-momentum pair methodsJan 31 2019We propose a new variational method for describing nuclear matter from nucleon-nucleon interaction. We use the unitary correlation operator method (UCOM) for central correlation to treat the short-range repulsion and further include the two-particle two-hole ... More
A new global 1-form in Lyra geometric cosmos modelOct 24 2012May 09 2014Dark energy phenomena has inspired lots of investigations on the cosmological constant problems. In order to understand its origin and properties as well as its impacts on universe's evolutions, there are many approaches to modify the well-known General ... More
A High Fraction of Double-peaked Narrow Emission Lines in Powerful Active Galactic NucleiJun 21 2016Aug 09 2016One percent of redshift z~0.1 Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs) show velocity splitting of a few hundred km/s in the narrow emission lines in spatially integrated spectra. Such line profiles have been found to arise from the bulk motion of ionized gas clouds ... More
De-identification without losing facesFeb 12 2019Training of deep learning models for computer vision requires large image or video datasets from real world. Often, in collecting such datasets, we need to protect the privacy of the people captured in the images or videos, while still preserve the useful ... More
Learning color space adaptation from synthetic to real images of cirrus cloudsOct 24 2018Training on synthetic data is becoming popular in vision due to the convenient acquisition of accurate pixel-level labels. But the domain gap between synthetic and real images significantly degrades the performance of the trained model. We propose a color ... More
On high order accurate schemes for space fractional diffusion equations with variable coefficientsAug 29 2016Sep 29 2016We study high order schemes for spatial fractional differential equations with variable coefficients. Approximations of fractional derivatives basing on the weighted and shifted Gr\"unwald-Letnikov formulas and weighted and shifted Lubich formulas are ... More
The phase structure of asymmetric ballistic annihilationNov 20 2018Feb 03 2019In ballistic annihilation, particles are placed throughout the real line with independent spacings and each is assigned a velocity. The particles then move at their assigned velocity and annihilate upon colliding. We develop a framework based on a mass ... More
LSTM with Working MemoryMay 06 2016May 13 2016LSTM is arguably the most successful RNN architecture for many tasks that involve sequential information. In the past few years there have been several proposed improvements to LSTM. We propose an improvement to LSTM which allows communication between ... More
Ferromagnetism in diluted magnetic semiconductor quantum dot arrays embedded in semiconductorsOct 29 2002We present an Anderson-type model Hamiltonian with exchange coupling between the localized spins and the confined holes in the quantum dots to study the ferromagnetism in diluted magnetic semiconductor (DMS) quantum dot arrays embedded in semiconductors. ... More
Quantitative MRI: Absolute T1, T2 and Proton Density Parameters from Deep LearningJun 19 2018Quantitative MRI is highly desirable in terms of intrinsic tissue parameters such as T1, T2 and proton density. This approach promises to minimize diagnostic variability and differentiate normal and pathological tissues by comparing tissue parameters ... More
The largest eigenvalue distribution of the Laguerre unitary ensembleNov 03 2015We study the probability that all eigenvalues of the Laguerre unitary ensemble of n by n matrices are between 0 and t, i.e., the largest eigenvalue distribution. Associated with this probability, in the ladder operator approach for orthogonal polynomials, ... More
Tunneling magnetoresistance in diluted magnetic semiconductor tunnel junctionsJan 15 2001Using the spin-polarized tunneling model and taking into account the basic physics of ferromagnetic semiconductors, we study the temperature dependence of the tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) in the diluted magnetic semiconductor (DMS) trilayer heterostructure ... More
Remarks on Automorphism and Cohomology of Cyclic CoveringsMay 18 2017We show that the automorphism group of a smooth cyclic covering acts on its cohomology faithfully with a few well known exceptions. Firstly, we prove the faithfulness of the action in characteristic zero. The main ingredients of the proof are equivariant ... More
A Fast 2-Approximation Algorithm for Guarding Orthogonal TerrainsMay 11 2016May 17 2016Terrain Guarding Problem(TGP), which is known to be NP-complete, asks to find a smallest set of guard locations on a terrain $T$ such that every point on $T$ is visible by a guard. Here, we study this problem on 1.5D orthogonal terrains where the edges ... More
On high order accurate schemes for space fractional diffusion equations with variable coefficientsAug 29 2016Oct 14 2016We study high order schemes for spatial fractional differential equations with variable coefficients. Approximations of fractional derivatives basing on the weighted and shifted Gr\"unwald-Letnikov formulas and weighted and shifted Lubich formulas are ... More
Extremal digraphs avoiding an orientation of $C_4$Feb 09 2018Let $P_{2,2}$ be the orientation of $C_4$ which consists of two 2-paths with the same initial and terminal vertices. In this paper, we determine the maximum size of $P_{2,2}$-free digraphs of order $n$ as well as the extremal digraphs attaining the maximum ... More
Four-Dimensional Discrete-time Lotka-Volterra Models with an Application to EcologyNov 26 2012This paper presents a study of the two-predators-two-preys discrete-time Lotka-Volterra model with self- inhibition terms for preys with direct applications to ecological problems. Parameters in the model are modified so that each of them has its own ... More
A Unified Gradient Regularization Family for Adversarial ExamplesNov 19 2015Adversarial examples are augmented data points generated by imperceptible perturbation of input samples. They have recently drawn much attention with the machine learning and data mining community. Being difficult to distinguish from real examples, such ... More
A Survey of Point-of-interest Recommendation in Location-based Social NetworksJul 03 2016Point-of-interest (POI) recommendation that suggests new places for users to visit arises with the popularity of location-based social networks (LBSNs). Due to the importance of POI recommendation in LBSNs, it has attracted much academic and industrial ... More
N-Version Obfuscation: Impeding Software Tampering Replication with Program DiversityJun 08 2015Tamper-resistance is a fundamental software security research area. Many approaches have been proposed to thwart specific procedures of tampering, e.g., obfuscation and self-checksumming. However, to our best knowledge, none of them can achieve theoretically ... More
Context-Aware Reliability Prediction of Black-Box ServicesFeb 28 2015Reliability prediction is an important research problem in software reliability engineering, which has been widely studied in the last decades. However, modelling and predicting user-perceived reliability of black-box services remain an open problem. ... More
Markov chain Monte Carlo Methods For Lattice Gaussian Sampling: Lattice Reduction and Decoding OptimizationDec 01 2018Sampling from the lattice Gaussian distribution has emerged as an important problem in coding, decoding and cryptography. In this paper, lattice reduction technique is adopted to Gibbs sampler for lattice Gaussian sampling. Firstly, with respect to lattice ... More
Dust in Active Galactic Nuclei: Anomalous Silicate to Optical Extinction Ratios?Jul 03 2014Sep 04 2014Dust plays a central role in the unification theory of active galactic nuclei (AGNs). However, little is known about the nature (e.g., size, composition) of the dust which forms a torus around the AGN. In this Letter we report a systematic exploration ... More
Understanding the Sparse Vector Technique for Differential PrivacyMar 05 2016Sep 17 2016The Sparse Vector Technique (SVT) is a fundamental technique for satisfying differential privacy and has the unique quality that one can output some query answers without apparently paying any privacy cost. SVT has been used in both the interactive setting, ... More
Limiting behavior of 3-color excitable media on arbitrary graphsOct 24 2016Fix a simple graph $G=(V,E)$ and choose a random initial 3-coloring of vertices drawn from a uniform product measure. The 3-color cycle cellular automaton is a process in which at each discrete time step in parallel, every vertex with color $i$ advances ... More
Quasiparticle self-consistent $GW$ electronic band structures of Be-IV-N$_2$ compoundsJan 11 2019Feb 06 2019The electronic band structures of BeSiN$_2$ and BeGeN$_2$ compounds are calculated using the quasiparticle self-consistent $GW$ method. The lattice parameters are calculated for the wurtzite based crystal structure commonly found in other II-IV-N$_2$ ... More
Turán problems for digraphs avoiding distinct walks of a given length with the same endpointsAug 22 2016Let $n \ge 5$ and $k\ge 4$ be positive integers. We determine the maximum size of digraphs of order n that avoid distinct walks of length k with the same endpoints. We also characterize the extremal digraphs attaining this maximum number when $k \ge 5$. ... More
Painlevé III$'$ and the Hankel Determinant Generated by a Singularly Perturbed Gaussian WeightJul 16 2018In this paper, we study the Hankel determinant generated by a singularly perturbed Gaussian weight $$ w(x,t)=\mathrm{e}^{-x^{2}-\frac{t}{x^{2}}},\;\;x\in(-\infty, \infty),\;\;t>0. $$ By using the ladder operator approach associated with the orthogonal ... More
The Electronics and Data Acquisition System for the PandaX-I Dark Matter ExperimentFeb 02 2016Apr 12 2016We describe the electronics and data acquisition system used in the first phase of the PandaX experiment -- a 120 kg dual-phase liquid xenon dark matter direct detection experiment in the China Jin-Ping Underground Laboratory. This system utilized 180 ... More
Localization in Quantum Walks on a Honeycomb NetworkSep 14 2015Nov 10 2015We systematically study the localization effect in discrete-time quantum walks on a honeycomb network and establish the mathematical framework. We focus on the Grover walk first and rigorously derive the limit form of the walker's state, showing it has ... More
Lattice Reduction over Imaginary Quadratic FieldsJun 08 2018Nov 09 2018In this work, we extend the celebrated Lenstra-Lenstra-Lov\'asz (LLL) reduction from over real bases to over complex bases. The complex bases, along with direct-sums defined by rings of imaginary quadratic integers, induce algebraic lattices. We first ... More
Learning to Rank Using Localized Geometric Mean MetricsMay 22 2017Many learning-to-rank (LtR) algorithms focus on query-independent model, in which query and document do not lie in the same feature space, and the rankers rely on the feature ensemble about query-document pair instead of the similarity between query instance ... More
The Contribution of Host Galaxies to the Infrared Energy Output of $z\gtrsim5.0$ QUASARSNov 18 2015The infrared spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of $z\gtrsim 5$ quasars can be reproduced by combining a low-metallicity galaxy template with a standard AGN template. The host galaxy is represented by Haro 11, a compact, moderately low metallicity, ... More
Prediction of noise from serrated trailing-edgesAug 10 2015A new analytical model is developed for the prediction of noise from serrated trailing-edges. The model generalizes Amiet's trailing-edge noise theory to sawtooth trailing-edges, resulting in an inhomogeneous partial differential equation. The equation ... More
Cyclical Multiple Access in UAV-Aided Communications: A Throughput-Delay TradeoffAug 10 2016This letter studies a wireless system consisting of distributed ground terminals (GTs) communicating with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that serves as a mobile base station (BS). The UAV flies cyclically above the GTs at a fixed altitude, which results ... More
Size effect of Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida interaction mediated by electrons in nanoribbonsSep 19 2011We calculated the Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida (RKKY) interaction between the magnetic impurities mediated by electrons in nanoribbons. It was shown that the RKKY interaction is strongly dependent on the width of the nanoribbon and the transverse positions ... More
SARN: Relational Reasoning through Sequential AttentionNov 01 2018This paper proposes an attention module augmented relational network called SARN(Sequential Attention Relational Network) that can carry out relational reasoning by extracting reference objects and making efficient pairing between objects. SARN greatly ... More
Krypton and radon background in the PandaX-I dark matter experimentJan 25 2017We discuss an in-situ evaluation of the $^{85}$Kr, $^{222}$Rn, and $^{220}$Rn background in PandaX-I, a 120-kg liquid xenon dark matter direct detection experiment. Combining with a simulation, their contributions to the low energy electron-recoil background ... More
A Stackelberg Game Model for Overlay D2D Transmission with Heterogeneous Rate RequirementsDec 19 2015This paper studies the performance of overlay device-to-device (D2D) communication links via carrier sense multiple access (CSMA) protocols. We assume that the D2D links have heterogeneous rate requirements and different willingness to pay, and each of ... More
Optimal targeting of nonlinear chaotic systems using a novel evolutionary computing strategyJun 07 2016Control of chaotic systems to given targets is a subject of substantial and well-developed research issue in nonlinear science, which can be formulated as a class of multi-modal constrained numerical optimization problem with multi-dimensional decision ... More
PersisDroid: Android Performance Diagnosis via Anatomizing Asynchronous ExecutionsDec 25 2015Android applications (apps) grow dramatically in recent years. Apps are user interface (UI) centric typically. Rapid UI responsiveness is key consideration to app developers. However, we still lack a handy tool for profiling app performance so as to diagnose ... More
Deep Learning for Inverse Problems: Bounds and RegularizersJan 31 2019Inverse problems arise in a number of domains such as medical imaging, remote sensing, and many more, relying on the use of advanced signal and image processing approaches -- such as sparsity-driven techniques -- to determine their solution. This paper ... More
Adaptations of ROUGE and BLEU to Better Evaluate Machine Reading Comprehension TaskJun 10 2018Current evaluation metrics to question answering based machine reading comprehension (MRC) systems generally focus on the lexical overlap between the candidate and reference answers, such as ROUGE and BLEU. However, bias may appear when these metrics ... More
High Resolution Gamma Ray Detection in a Dual Phase Xenon Time Projection ChamberSep 22 2013Dec 03 2013Dual phase Xenon Time Projection Chambers (XeTPCs) are being used by several experiments as a promising technique for direct detection of dark matter. We report on the design and performance of a small 3-D sensitive dual phase XeTPC. The position resolution ... More
Combined estimation for multi-measurements of branching ratioMay 06 2015A maximum likelihood method is used to deal with the combined estimation of multi-measurements of a branching ratio, where each result can be presented as an upper limit. The joint likelihood function is constructed using observed spectra of all measurements ... More
Placement Optimization of UAV-Mounted Mobile Base StationsDec 04 2016In terrestrial communication networks without fixed infrastructure, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-mounted mobile base stations (MBSs) provide an efficient solution to achieve wireless connectivity. This letter aims to minimize the number of MBSs needed ... More
Millihertz quasi-periodic oscillations in 4U 1636-53 associated with bursts with positive convexity onlyAug 24 2016We investigated the convexity of all type I X-ray bursts with millihertz quasi-periodic oscillations (mHz QPOs) in 4U 1636-53 using archival observations with the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer. We found that, at a 3.5 $\sigma$ confidence level, in all 39 ... More
GT-SEER: Geo-Temporal SEquential Embedding Rank for Point-of-interest RecommendationJun 19 2016Point-of-interest (POI) recommendation is an important application in location-based social networks (LBSNs), which learns the user preference and mobility pattern from check-in sequences to recommend POIs. However, previous POI recommendation systems ... More
A Privacy-Preserving QoS Prediction Framework for Web Service RecommendationFeb 21 2015May 02 2015QoS-based Web service recommendation has recently gained much attention for providing a promising way to help users find high-quality services. To facilitate such recommendations, existing studies suggest the use of collaborative filtering techniques ... More
Predictive Pre-allocation for Low-latency Uplink Access in Industrial Wireless NetworksJan 06 2018Driven by mission-critical applications in modern industrial systems, the 5th generation (5G) communication system is expected to provide ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC) services to meet the quality of service (QoS) demands of industrial ... More
Learning Non-Uniform Hypergraph for Multi-Object TrackingDec 10 2018The majority of Multi-Object Tracking (MOT) algorithms based on the tracking-by-detection scheme do not use higher order dependencies among objects or tracklets, which makes them less effective in handling complex scenarios. In this work, we present a ... More
Update of the trigger system of the PandaX-II experimentJul 07 2017PandaX-II experiment is a dark matter direct detection experiment using about half-ton of liquid xenon as the sensitive target. The electrical pulses detected by photomultiplier tubes from scintillation photons of xenon are recorded by waveform digitizers. ... More
Performance of Photosensors in the PandaX-I ExperimentNov 18 2015Jan 29 2016We report the long term performance of the photosensors, 143 one-inch R8520-406 and 37 three-inch R11410-MOD photomultipliers from Hamamatsu, in the first phase of the PandaX dual-phase xenon dark matter experiment. This is the first time that a significant ... More
Aloha Games with Spatial ReuseApr 12 2013Jun 29 2013Aloha games study the transmission probabilities of a group of non-cooperative users which share a channel to transmit via the slotted Aloha protocol. This paper extends the Aloha games to spatial reuse scenarios, and studies the system equilibrium and ... More
Two-Way Partial AUC and Its PropertiesAug 03 2015Jun 13 2016When people evaluate the performance of a diagnostic test, it is important to control both True Positive Rate (TPR) and False Positive Rate (FPR). In the literature, most researchers propose the partial area under the ROC curve (pAUC) with restrictions ... More
Tailoring Lattice Strain and Ferroelectric Polarization of Epitaxial BaTiO3 Thin Films on Si(001)Jan 24 2018Ferroelectric BaTiO3 films with large polarization have been integrated with Si(001) by pulsed laser deposition. High quality c-oriented epitaxial films are obtained in a substrate temperature range of about 300 deg C wide. The deposition temperature ... More
Robust Scene Text Recognition with Automatic RectificationMar 12 2016Apr 19 2016Recognizing text in natural images is a challenging task with many unsolved problems. Different from those in documents, words in natural images often possess irregular shapes, which are caused by perspective distortion, curved character placement, etc. ... More
Discriminating sample groups with multi-way dataJun 26 2016High-dimensional linear classifiers, such as the support vector machine (SVM) and distance weighted discrimination (DWD), are commonly used in biomedical research to distinguish groups of subjects based on a large number of features. However, their use ... More
Efficient and Scalable Distributed Autonomous Spatial Aloha Networks via Local Leader ElectionFeb 05 2016This paper uses a spatial Aloha model to describe a distributed autonomous wireless network in which a group of transmit-receive pairs (users) shares a common collision channel via slotted-Aloha-like random access. The objective of this study is to develop ... More
Improving Image Restoration with Soft-RoundingAug 20 2015Several important classes of images such as text, barcode and pattern images have the property that pixels can only take a distinct subset of values. This knowledge can benefit the restoration of such images, but it has not been widely considered in current ... More
A Synergized Pulsing-Imaging Network (SPIN)May 27 2018Currently, the deep neural network is the mainstream for machine learning, and being actively developed for biomedical imaging applications with an increasing emphasis on tomographic reconstruction for MRI, CT, and other imaging modalities. Multiple deep-learning-based ... More
Super-resolution MRI through Deep LearningOct 16 2018Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is extensively used for diagnosis and image-guided therapeutics. Due to hardware, physical and physiological limitations, acquisition of high-resolution MRI data takes long scan time at high system cost, and could be limited ... More
Detailed study on the intrinsic time resolution of the future MRPC detectorDec 07 2018Feb 19 2019Recent large physics experiments have proposed a higher requirement of 20 $\rm ps$ for the time resolution of Multi-gap Resistive Plate Chambers(MRPCs). In order to meet this requirement, one should have a deeper understanding of the detector physics ... More
Multi-party quantum privacy comparison of size based on d-level GHZ statesFeb 10 2019Quantum privacy comparison(QPC) plays an important role in secret ballot elections, private auctions and so on. To date, many multi-party QPC(MQPC) protocols have been proposed to compare the equality of $k(k\geq 3)$ participants. However, there are few ... More
Comparative study of manufacturing techniques for coronagraphic binary pupil masks: masks on substrates and free-standing masksJun 02 2012We present a comparative study of the manufacture of binary pupil masks for coronagraphic observations of exoplanets. A checkerboard mask design, a type of binary pupil mask design, was adopted, and identical patterns of the same size were used for all ... More
Response Aware Model-Based Collaborative FilteringOct 16 2012Previous work on recommender systems mainly focus on fitting the ratings provided by users. However, the response patterns, i.e., some items are rated while others not, are generally ignored. We argue that failing to observe such response patterns can ... More
NiCl3 Monolayer: Dirac Spin-Gapless Semiconductor and Chern InsulatorOct 03 2016The great obstacle for practical applications of the quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) effect is the lack of suitable QAH materials (Chern insulators) with large non-trivial band gap, room-temperature magnetic order and high carrier mobility. The Nickle chloride ... More
Spectral and timing analysis of the mHz QPOs in the neutron-star low-mass X-ray binary 4U 1636-53Aug 25 2015We investigate the spectral and timing properties of the millihertz quasi-periodic oscillations (mHz QPOs) in neutron-star low-mass X-ray binary 4U 1636-53 using XMM-Newton and Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) observations. The mHz QPOs in the XMM-Newton/RXTE ... More
Joint Training of Candidate Extraction and Answer Selection for Reading ComprehensionMay 16 2018While sophisticated neural-based techniques have been developed in reading comprehension, most approaches model the answer in an independent manner, ignoring its relations with other answer candidates. This problem can be even worse in open-domain scenarios, ... More
WristAuthen: A Dynamic Time Wrapping Approach for User Authentication by Hand-Interaction through Wrist-Worn DevicesOct 22 2017The growing trend of using wearable devices for context-aware computing and pervasive sensing systems has raised its potentials for quick and reliable authentication techniques. Since personal writing habitats differ from each other, it is possible to ... More
Epitaxial Integration on Si(001) of Ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Capacitors with High Retention and EnduranceFeb 14 2019Epitaxial ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 films have been successfully integrated in a capacitor heterostructure on Si(001). The orthorhombic Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 phase, [111] out-of-plane oriented, is stabilized in the films. The films present high remnant polarization ... More
Balancing Authority and Diversity in Influential Node MiningOct 14 2018Jan 21 2019Diversity is a crucial criterion in many ranking and mining tasks. In this paper, we study how to incorporate node diversity into influence maximization (IM). We consider diversity as a reverse measure of the average similarity between selected nodes, ... More
A Double Joint Bayesian Approach for J-Vector Based Text-dependent Speaker VerificationNov 17 2017J-vector has been proved to be very effective in text-dependent speaker verification with short-duration speech. However, the current state-of-the-art back-end classifiers, e.g. joint Bayesian model, cannot make full use of such deep features. In this ... More
Modelling Context with User Embeddings for Sarcasm Detection in Social MediaJul 04 2016Jul 05 2016We introduce a deep neural network for automated sarcasm detection. Recent work has emphasized the need for models to capitalize on contextual features, beyond lexical and syntactic cues present in utterances. For example, different speakers will tend ... More
The WISE Detection of an Infrared Echo in Tidal Disruption Event ASASSN-14liMay 16 2016Sep 07 2016We report the detection of a significant infrared variability of the nearest tidal disruption event (TDE) ASASSN-14li using Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer} and newly released Near-Earth Object WISE Reactivation} data. In comparison with the quiescent ... More
Fine-grained Complexity Meets IP = PSPACEMay 07 2018Nov 03 2018In this paper we study the fine-grained complexity of finding exact and approximate solutions to problems in P. Our main contribution is showing reductions from exact to approximate solution for a host of such problems. As one (notable) example, we show ... More
Long Fading Mid-Infrared Emission in Transient Coronal Line Emitters: Dust Echo of Tidal Disruption FlareMay 17 2016Aug 30 2016The sporadic accretion following the tidal disruption of a star by a supermassive black hole (TDE) leads to a bright UV and soft X-ray flare in the galactic nucleus. The gas and dust surrounding the black hole responses to such a flare with an echo in ... More
Experimental demonstration of binary shaped pupil mask coronagraphs for telescopes with obscured pupilsMar 30 2016We present the fabrication and experimental demonstration of three free-standing binary shaped pupil mask coronagraphs, which are applicable for telescopes with partially obscured pupils. Three masks, designed to be complementary (labeled Mask-A, Mask-B, ... More
Multi-Color Coronagraph Experiment in a Vacuum Testbed with a Binary Shaped Pupil MaskMay 11 2011We conducted a number of multi-band coronagraph experiments using a vacuum chamber and a binary-shaped pupil mask which in principle should work at all wavelengths, in the context of the research and development on a coronagraph to observe extra-solar ... More
Long Fading Mid-Infrared Emission in Transient Coronal Line Emitters: Dust Echo of Tidal Disruption FlareMay 17 2016Dec 01 2016The sporadic accretion following the tidal disruption of a star by a super-massive black hole (TDE) leads to a bright UV and soft X-ray flare in the galactic nucleus. The gas and dust surrounding the black hole responses to such a flare with an echo in ... More
DISCO: a Spatio-Spectral Recombiner for Pupil Remapping InterferometryMar 17 2014Pupil-remapping is a new high-dynamic range imaging technique that has recently demonstrated feasibility on sky. The current prototypes present however deceiving limiting magnitude, restricting the current use to the brightest stars in the sky. We propose ... More
Multi-Passage Machine Reading Comprehension with Cross-Passage Answer VerificationMay 06 2018May 10 2018Machine reading comprehension (MRC) on real web data usually requires the machine to answer a question by analyzing multiple passages retrieved by search engine. Compared with MRC on a single passage, multi-passage MRC is more challenging, since we are ... More
Sub-Arcsecond Near-Infrared Images of Massive Star Formation Region NGC 6334 VDec 19 2006We present high spatial resolution (0$\farcs$3) polarimetric images in the $H$ and $K$ bands and direct images in the $L'$ and $M'$ bands of the NGC 6334 V infrared nebulae. The images show complex structures including the multi-shells and various knots ... More
First light from the Dome C (Antarctica) of a phase knife stellar coronagraphFeb 13 2009We report on the first daytime on-sky results of a Phase Knife stellar Coronagraph operated in the visible from the French-Italian Concordia station at Dome C of Antarctica. This site has proven in the last few years to offer excellent atmospheric seeing ... More
Improving Clinical Predictions through Unsupervised Time Series Representation LearningDec 02 2018In this work, we investigate unsupervised representation learning on medical time series, which bears the promise of leveraging copious amounts of existing unlabeled data in order to eventually assist clinical decision making. By evaluating on the prediction ... More
Auto-Encoder Guided GAN for Chinese Calligraphy SynthesisJun 27 2017In this paper, we investigate the Chinese calligraphy synthesis problem: synthesizing Chinese calligraphy images with specified style from standard font(eg. Hei font) images (Fig. 1(a)). Recent works mostly follow the stroke extraction and assemble pipeline ... More
End-fire injection of guided light into optical microcavityMay 05 2015Coupling light into microdisk plays a key role in a number of applications such as resonant filters and optical sensors. While several approaches have successfully coupled light into microdisk efficiently, most of them suffer from the ultrahigh sensitivity ... More