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Diffusion monte carlo calculations of three-body systemsApr 20 2018Application of diffusion Monte Carlo algorithm in three-body systems is studied. We develop a program and use it to calculate the property of various three-body systems. Regular Coulomb systems such as atoms, molecules and ions are investigated. Calculation ... More
Investigation of the pairing effect in 10B nucleus compared with 10Be and 10C nuclei by using the extended THSR wave functionOct 10 2018Oct 11 2018In order to study the nucleon-nucleon pairing effects in clustering nuclei, we formulate a superposed Tohsaki-Horiuchi-Schuck-Roepke (THSR) wave function, which includes both molecular-orbit and pairing configurations explicitly. With this new wave function, ... More
Investigation of $^{23}$N in a three-body modelDec 31 2014The neutron-drip-line nucleus $^{23}$N is investigated in a three-body model consisting of a $^{21}$N core and two valence neutrons. By solving the Faddeev equations with the realistic neutron-neutron potentials and the neutron-core potentials, we calculate ... More
Direct probing of the cluster structure in ${}^{12}$Be via $α$-knockout reactionFeb 08 2019Background: Recent theoretical and experimental researches using proton-induced $\alpha$-knockout reactions provide direct manifestation of $\alpha$-cluster formation in nuclei. In recent and future experiments, $\alpha$-knockout data are available for ... More
Manifestation of α-clustering in $^{10}$Be via α-knockout reactionDec 28 2017Apr 01 2018Background: Proton-induced {\alpha}-knockout reactions empower direct experimental manifestations of {\alpha}-clustering in nuclei. This is obtained by relating the theoretical descriptions of clustering states with experimental reaction observables. ... More
Direct probing of the cluster structure in ${}^{12}$Be via $α$-knockout reactionFeb 08 2019Feb 14 2019Background: Recent theoretical and experimental researches using proton-induced $\alpha$-knockout reactions provide direct manifestation of $\alpha$-cluster formation in nuclei. In recent and future experiments, $\alpha$-knockout data are available for ... More
Phase transition in firefly cellular automata on finite treesOct 04 2016We study a one-parameter family of discrete dynamical systems called the $\kappa$-color firefly cellular automata, proposed by the author in [13] as discrete models for finite-state pulse-coupled inhibitory oscillators. At each discrete time $t$, each ... More
A dynamic logic method for determining behaviors of biological networksJun 10 2008A dynamic logic method was developed to analyze molecular networks of cells by combining Kauffman and Thomas's logic operations with molecular interaction parameters. The logic operations characterize the discrete interactions between biological components. ... More
Interpretation and Generalization of Score MatchingMay 09 2012Score matching is a recently developed parameter learning method that is particularly effective to complicated high dimensional density models with intractable partition functions. In this paper, we study two issues that have not been completely resolved ... More
Investigation of 10Be and its cluster dynamics from nonlocalized clustering conceptDec 24 2015We extend the new concept of nonlocalized clustering to the nucleus 10Be with proton number Z=4 and neutron number N=6 (N=Z+2). The Tohsaki-Horiuchi-Schuck-R\"opke (THSR) wave function is formulated for the description of different structures of 10Be. ... More
Chromatic number, induced cycles, and non-separating cyclesNov 03 2012Oct 05 2016We show that connected graphs with large chromatic number must contain a large number of induced cycles, and that 3-connected graphs with large clique minor contains many induced non-separating cycles, which are known to generate the cycle space of any ... More
Universal generation of the cylinder homomorphism of cubic hypersurfacesOct 29 2018Dec 16 2018In this article, we prove that the Chow group of algebraic cycles of a smooth cubic hypersurface $X$ over an arbitrary field $k$ is generated, via the natural cylinder homomorphism, by the algebraic cycles of its Fano variety of lines $F(X)$, under an ... More
Synchronization of finite-state pulse-coupled oscillatorsJul 04 2014Mar 30 2015We propose a novel generalized cellular automaton(GCA) model for discrete-time pulse-coupled oscillators and study the emergence of synchrony. Given a finite simple graph and an integer $n\ge 3$, each vertex is an identical oscillator of period $n$ with ... More
New cluster approach on properties of 8-11Be isotopes with isospin-dependent spin-orbit potentialJun 20 2017The nonlocalized clustering approach is generalized to 8-11Be isotopes with isospin dependent spin-orbit potential. A new form of the Tohsaki-Horiuchi-Schuck-R\"opke (THSR) wave function is introduced to provide a correct description for the {\sigma}-binding ... More
Investigation of ${}^9$Be from nonlocalized clustering conceptAug 22 2014Dec 31 2014The nonlocalized aspect of clustering, which is a new concept for self-conjugate nuclei, is extended for the investigation of the N{\not=}Z nucleus ${}^9$Be. A modified version of the THSR (Tohsaki-Horiuchi-Schuck-R\"opke) wave function is introduced ... More
Variational calculation of nuclear matter in finite particle number approach using unitary correlation operator and high-momentum pair methodsJan 31 2019We propose a new variational method for describing nuclear matter from nucleon-nucleon interaction. We use the unitary correlation operator method (UCOM) for central correlation to treat the short-range repulsion and further include the two-particle two-hole ... More
A Note on Graph Characteristics and Hadwiger's ConjectureMar 16 2012Nov 27 2012This is a note on three graph parameters motivated by the Euler-Poincare characteristic for simplicial complex. We show those three graph parameters of a given connected graph $G$ is greater than or equal to that of the complete graph with $\max(h(G),\chi(G))$ ... More
Phase synchronization of pulse-coupled excitable clocksApr 28 2016Consider a distributed network on a simple graph $G=(V,E)$ where each node has a phase oscillator revolving on $S^{1}=\mathbb{R}/\mathbb{Z}$ with natural period of 1 second. Pulse-coupling is a class of distributed time evolution rule for such networked ... More
A new global 1-form in Lyra geometric cosmos modelOct 24 2012May 09 2014Dark energy phenomena has inspired lots of investigations on the cosmological constant problems. In order to understand its origin and properties as well as its impacts on universe's evolutions, there are many approaches to modify the well-known General ... More
Contact representation of short range correlation in light nuclei studied by the High-Momentum Antisymmetrized Molecular DynamicsNov 01 2018The high-momentum antisymmetrized molecular dynamics (HMAMD) is a new promising framework with significant analytical simplicity and efficiency inherited from its antisymmetrized molecular dynamics in describing the high momentum correlations in various ... More
Investigation of the 9B nucleus and its cluster-nucleon correlationsJan 18 2018In order to study the correlation between clusters and nucleons in light nuclei, we formulate a new superposed THSR wave function which describes both spatial large spreading and cluster-correlated dynamics of valence nucleons. By using the new THSR wave ... More
Learning color space adaptation from synthetic to real images of cirrus cloudsOct 24 2018Training on synthetic data is becoming popular in vision due to the convenient acquisition of accurate pixel-level labels. But the domain gap between synthetic and real images significantly degrades the performance of the trained model. We propose a color ... More
Evaluating Complex Task through Crowdsourcing: Multiple Views ApproachMar 30 2017With the popularity of massive open online courses, grading through crowdsourcing has become a prevalent approach towards large scale classes. However, for getting grades for complex tasks, which require specific skills and efforts for grading, crowdsourcing ... More
Hybrid Vector Perturbation Precoding: The Blessing of Approximate Message PassingOct 10 2017Jun 08 2018Vector perturbation (VP) precoding is a promising technique for multiuser communication systems operating in the downlink. In this work, we introduce a hybrid framework to improve the performance of lattice reduction (LR) aided precoding in VP. First, ... More
De-identification without losing facesFeb 12 2019Training of deep learning models for computer vision requires large image or video datasets from real world. Often, in collecting such datasets, we need to protect the privacy of the people captured in the images or videos, while still preserve the useful ... More
Road Segmentation Using CNN with GRUApr 14 2018This paper presents an accurate and fast algorithm for road segmentation using convolutional neural network (CNN) and gated recurrent units (GRU). For autonomous vehicles, road segmentation is a fundamental task that can provide the drivable area for ... More
A High Fraction of Double-peaked Narrow Emission Lines in Powerful Active Galactic NucleiJun 21 2016Aug 09 2016One percent of redshift z~0.1 Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs) show velocity splitting of a few hundred km/s in the narrow emission lines in spatially integrated spectra. Such line profiles have been found to arise from the bulk motion of ionized gas clouds ... More
Median Binary-Connect Method and a Binary Convolutional Neural Nework for Word RecognitionNov 07 2018We propose and study a new projection formula for training binary weight convolutional neural networks. The projection formula measures the error in approximating a full precision (32 bit) vector by a 1-bit vector in the l_1 norm instead of the standard ... More
Network-Connected UAV: 3D System Modeling and Coverage Performance AnalysisJan 19 2019With growing popularity, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are pivotally extending conventional terrestrial Internet of Things (IoT) into the sky. To enable high-performance two-way communications of UAVs with their ground pilots/users, cellular network-connected ... More
Blocking Probability and Spatial Throughput Characterization for Cellular-Enabled UAV Network with Directional AntennaOct 28 2017The past few years have witnessed a tremendous increase on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in civilian applications, which call for high-performance communication between UAVs and their ground clients, especially when they are densely deployed. ... More
Laser Calibration System in JUNONov 01 2018Dec 14 2018A UV laser calibration system is developed for the Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO), a 20-kton liquid scintillator-based, long baseline reactor anti-neutrino experiment. This system is capable of delivering fast laser pulses (<1 ns) into ... More
Multi-view (Joint) Probability Linear Discrimination Analysis for Multi-view Feature VerificationApr 20 2017Jul 07 2017Multi-view feature has been proved to be very effective in many multimedia applications. However, the current back-end classifiers cannot make full use of such features. In this paper, we propose a method to model the multi-faceted information in the ... More
Evoking complex neuronal networks by stimulating a single neuronApr 12 2016The dynamical responses of complex neuronal networks to external stimulus injected on a \emph{single} neuron are investigated. Stimulating the largest-degree neuron in the network, it is found that as the intensity of the stimulus increases, the network ... More
On high order accurate schemes for space fractional diffusion equations with variable coefficientsAug 29 2016Sep 29 2016We study high order schemes for spatial fractional differential equations with variable coefficients. Approximations of fractional derivatives basing on the weighted and shifted Gr\"unwald-Letnikov formulas and weighted and shifted Lubich formulas are ... More
TTR-Based Rewards for Reinforcement Learning with Implicit Model PriorsMar 23 2019Model-free reinforcement learning (RL) provides an attractive approach for learning control policies directly in high dimensional state spaces. However, many goal-oriented tasks involving sparse rewards remain difficult to solve with state-of-the-art ... More
Boosted KZ and LLL AlgorithmsMar 09 2017Oct 10 2017There exist two issues among popular lattice reduction (LR) algorithms that should cause our concern. The first one is Korkine-Zolotarev (KZ) and Lenstra-Lenstra-Lovasz (LLL) algorithms may increase the lengths of basis vectors. The other is KZ reduction ... More
The phase structure of asymmetric ballistic annihilationNov 20 2018Feb 03 2019In ballistic annihilation, particles are placed throughout the real line with independent spacings and each is assigned a velocity. The particles then move at their assigned velocity and annihilate upon colliding. We develop a framework based on a mass ... More
Harnack and Shift Harnack Inequalities for Degenerate (Functional) SPDEs with Singular DriftsApr 06 2019The existence and uniqueness of the mild solutions for a class of degenerate functional SPDEs are obtained, where the drift is assumed to be H\"{o}lder-Dini continuous. Moreover, the non-explosion of the solution is proved under some reasonable conditions. ... More
On high order accurate schemes for space fractional diffusion equations with variable coefficientsAug 29 2016Oct 14 2016We study high order schemes for spatial fractional differential equations with variable coefficients. Approximations of fractional derivatives basing on the weighted and shifted Gr\"unwald-Letnikov formulas and weighted and shifted Lubich formulas are ... More
On the noise prediction for serrated leading edgesJun 14 2017An analytical model is developed for the prediction of noise radiated by an aerofoil with leading edge serration in a subsonic turbulent stream. The model makes use of the Fourier Expansion and Schwarzschild techniques in order to solve a set of coupled ... More
AMR Parsing as Graph Prediction with Latent AlignmentMay 14 2018Abstract meaning representations (AMRs) are broad-coverage sentence-level semantic representations. AMRs represent sentences as rooted labeled directed acyclic graphs. AMR parsing is challenging partly due to the lack of annotated alignments between nodes ... More
Experimental validation of the hybrid scattering model of installed jet noiseJul 31 2018Jet installation causes jet noise to be amplified significantly at low frequencies and its physical mechanism must be understood to develop effective aircraft noise reduction strategies. A hybrid semi-empirical prediction model has recently been developed ... More
Exposing DeepFake Videos By Detecting Face Warping ArtifactsNov 01 2018Mar 29 2019In this work, we describe a new deep learning based method that can effectively distinguish AI-generated fake videos (referred to as {\em DeepFake} videos hereafter) from real videos. Our method is based on the observations that current DeepFake algorithm ... More
0-1 matrices with zero trace whose squares are 0-1 matricesMar 04 2018In this paper, we determine the maximum number of nonzero entries in 0-1 matrices of order $n$ with zero trace whose squares are 0-1 matrices when $n\ge 8$. The extremal matrices attaining this maximum number are also characterized.
Extremal digraphs avoiding an orientation of $C_4$Feb 09 2018Let $P_{2,2}$ be the orientation of $C_4$ which consists of two 2-paths with the same initial and terminal vertices. In this paper, we determine the maximum size of $P_{2,2}$-free digraphs of order $n$ as well as the extremal digraphs attaining the maximum ... More
LSTM with Working MemoryMay 06 2016May 13 2016LSTM is arguably the most successful RNN architecture for many tasks that involve sequential information. In the past few years there have been several proposed improvements to LSTM. We propose an improvement to LSTM which allows communication between ... More
Ferromagnetism in diluted magnetic semiconductor quantum dot arrays embedded in semiconductorsOct 29 2002We present an Anderson-type model Hamiltonian with exchange coupling between the localized spins and the confined holes in the quantum dots to study the ferromagnetism in diluted magnetic semiconductor (DMS) quantum dot arrays embedded in semiconductors. ... More
Quantitative MRI: Absolute T1, T2 and Proton Density Parameters from Deep LearningJun 19 2018Quantitative MRI is highly desirable in terms of intrinsic tissue parameters such as T1, T2 and proton density. This approach promises to minimize diagnostic variability and differentiate normal and pathological tissues by comparing tissue parameters ... More
Exposing DeepFake Videos By Detecting Face Warping ArtifactsNov 01 2018In this work, we describe a new deep learning based method that can effectively distinguish AI-generated fake videos (referred to as DeepFake videos hereafter) from real videos. Our method is based on the observations that current DeepFake algorithm can ... More
Dynamical Quantum Phase Transitions in Interacting Atomic InterferometersJul 09 2018Particle-wave duality has allowed physicists to establish atomic interferometers as celebrated complements to their optical counterparts in a broad range of quantum devices. However, interactions naturally lead to decoherence and have been considered ... More
Tunneling magnetoresistance in diluted magnetic semiconductor tunnel junctionsJan 15 2001Using the spin-polarized tunneling model and taking into account the basic physics of ferromagnetic semiconductors, we study the temperature dependence of the tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) in the diluted magnetic semiconductor (DMS) trilayer heterostructure ... More
A Univariate Bound of Area Under ROCApr 16 2018May 25 2018Area under ROC (AUC) is an important metric for binary classification and bipartite ranking problems. However, it is difficult to directly optimizing AUC as a learning objective, so most existing algorithms are based on optimizing a surrogate loss to ... More
LSTM with Working MemoryMay 06 2016Mar 30 2017Previous RNN architectures have largely been superseded by LSTM, or "Long Short-Term Memory". Since its introduction, there have been many variations on this simple design. However, it is still widely used and we are not aware of a gated-RNN architecture ... More
The phase structure of asymmetric ballistic annihilationNov 20 2018Mar 24 2019In ballistic annihilation, particles are placed throughout the real line with independent spacings and each is assigned a velocity. The particles then move at their assigned velocity and annihilate upon colliding. We develop a framework based on a mass ... More
Remarks on Automorphism and Cohomology of Cyclic CoveringsMay 18 2017We show that the automorphism group of a smooth cyclic covering acts on its cohomology faithfully with a few well known exceptions. Firstly, we prove the faithfulness of the action in characteristic zero. The main ingredients of the proof are equivariant ... More
The largest eigenvalue distribution of the Laguerre unitary ensembleNov 03 2015We study the probability that all eigenvalues of the Laguerre unitary ensemble of n by n matrices are between 0 and t, i.e., the largest eigenvalue distribution. Associated with this probability, in the ladder operator approach for orthogonal polynomials, ... More
Temporal stability analysis of jets of lobed geometryOct 17 2018A 2D temporal incompressible stability analysis is carried out for lobed jets. The jet base flow is assumed to be parallel and of a vortex-sheet type. The eigenfunctions of this simplified stability problem are expanded using the eigenfunctions of a round ... More
The Intrinsic Far-infrared Continua of Type-1 QuasarsApr 23 2017May 25 2017The range of currently proposed active galactic nucleus (AGN) far-infrared templates results in uncertainties in retrieving host galaxy information from infrared observations and also undermines constraints on the outer part of the AGN torus. We discuss ... More
GraphIt: A High-Performance DSL for Graph AnalyticsMay 02 2018Oct 22 2018The performance bottlenecks of graph applications depend not only on the algorithm and the underlying hardware, but also on the size and structure of the input graph. Programmers must try different combinations of a large set of techniques to develop ... More
Polar Dust, Nuclear Obscuration and IR SED Diversity in Type-1 AGNsSep 10 2018Despite the hypothesized similar face-on viewing angles, the infrared emission of type-1 AGNs has diverse spectral energy distribution (SED) shapes that deviate substantially from the well-characterized quasar templates. Motivated by the commonly-seen ... More
Approximately Optimal Auctions for Selling Privacy when Costs are Correlated with DataApr 18 2012We consider a scenario in which a database stores sensitive data of users and an analyst wants to estimate statistics of the data. The users may suffer a cost when their data are used in which case they should be compensated. The analyst wishes to get ... More
The Electronics and Data Acquisition System for the PandaX-I Dark Matter ExperimentFeb 02 2016Apr 12 2016We describe the electronics and data acquisition system used in the first phase of the PandaX experiment -- a 120 kg dual-phase liquid xenon dark matter direct detection experiment in the China Jin-Ping Underground Laboratory. This system utilized 180 ... More
A Survey of Point-of-interest Recommendation in Location-based Social NetworksJul 03 2016Point-of-interest (POI) recommendation that suggests new places for users to visit arises with the popularity of location-based social networks (LBSNs). Due to the importance of POI recommendation in LBSNs, it has attracted much academic and industrial ... More
Discovery of a correlation between the frequency of the mHz quasi-periodic oscillations and the neutron-star temperature in the low-mass X-ray binary 4U 1636-53Sep 30 2014We detected millihertz quasi-periodic oscillations (QPOs) in an XMM-Newton observation of the neutron-star low-mass X-ray binary 4U 1636-53. These QPOs have been interpreted as marginally-stable burning on the neutron-star surface. At the beginning of ... More
Context-Aware Reliability Prediction of Black-Box ServicesFeb 28 2015Reliability prediction is an important research problem in software reliability engineering, which has been widely studied in the last decades. However, modelling and predicting user-perceived reliability of black-box services remain an open problem. ... More
A Unified Gradient Regularization Family for Adversarial ExamplesNov 19 2015Adversarial examples are augmented data points generated by imperceptible perturbation of input samples. They have recently drawn much attention with the machine learning and data mining community. Being difficult to distinguish from real examples, such ... More
Contrast Enhancement Estimation for Digital Image ForensicsJun 13 2017Inconsistency in contrast enhancement can be used to expose image forgeries. In this work, we describe a new method to estimate contrast enhancement from a single image. Our method takes advantage of the nature of contrast enhancement as a mapping between ... More
Road Segmentation Using CNN and Distributed LSTMAug 10 2018Mar 05 2019In automated driving systems (ADS) and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), an efficient road segmentation is necessary to perceive the drivable region and build an occupancy map for path planning. The existing algorithms implement gigantic convolutional ... More
N-Version Obfuscation: Impeding Software Tampering Replication with Program DiversityJun 08 2015Tamper-resistance is a fundamental software security research area. Many approaches have been proposed to thwart specific procedures of tampering, e.g., obfuscation and self-checksumming. However, to our best knowledge, none of them can achieve theoretically ... More
Exposing Deep Fakes Using Inconsistent Head PosesNov 01 2018Nov 13 2018In this paper, we propose a new method to expose AI-generated fake face images or videos (commonly known as the Deep Fakes). Our method is based on the observations that Deep Fakes are created by splicing synthesized face region into the original image, ... More
Randomized box-ball systems, limit shape of rigged configurations and Thermodynamic Bethe ansatzAug 08 2018Oct 09 2018We introduce a probability distribution on the set of states in a generalized box-ball system associated with Kirillov-Reshetikhin (KR) crystals of type $A^{(1)}_n$. Their conserved quantities induce $n$-tuple of random Young diagrams in the rigged configurations. ... More
Markov chain Monte Carlo Methods For Lattice Gaussian Sampling: Lattice Reduction and Decoding OptimizationDec 01 2018Sampling from the lattice Gaussian distribution has emerged as an important problem in coding, decoding and cryptography. In this paper, lattice reduction technique is adopted to Gibbs sampler for lattice Gaussian sampling. Firstly, with respect to lattice ... More
Long-term Multi-granularity Deep Framework for Driver Drowsiness DetectionJan 08 2018For real-world driver drowsiness detection from videos, the variation of head pose is so large that the existing methods on global face is not capable of extracting effective features, such as looking aside and lowering head. Temporal dependencies with ... More
Dust in Active Galactic Nuclei: Anomalous Silicate to Optical Extinction Ratios?Jul 03 2014Sep 04 2014Dust plays a central role in the unification theory of active galactic nuclei (AGNs). However, little is known about the nature (e.g., size, composition) of the dust which forms a torus around the AGN. In this Letter we report a systematic exploration ... More
Understanding the Sparse Vector Technique for Differential PrivacyMar 05 2016Sep 17 2016The Sparse Vector Technique (SVT) is a fundamental technique for satisfying differential privacy and has the unique quality that one can output some query answers without apparently paying any privacy cost. SVT has been used in both the interactive setting, ... More
Two bosons in a narrowly resonant trapApr 28 2017It is rare for an $S$-wave resonance to remain narrow while approaching threshold as a result of the interaction parameters being fine tuned. Such an interaction is, however, realized by pion-charmed baryon system $\pi \Sigma_c$, which has a narrow resonance ... More
Limiting behavior of 3-color excitable media on arbitrary graphsOct 24 2016Fix a simple graph $G=(V,E)$ and choose a random initial 3-coloring of vertices drawn from a uniform product measure. The 3-color cycle cellular automaton is a process in which at each discrete time step in parallel, every vertex with color $i$ advances ... More
Quasiparticle self-consistent $GW$ electronic band structures of Be-IV-N$_2$ compoundsJan 11 2019Feb 06 2019The electronic band structures of BeSiN$_2$ and BeGeN$_2$ compounds are calculated using the quasiparticle self-consistent $GW$ method. The lattice parameters are calculated for the wurtzite based crystal structure commonly found in other II-IV-N$_2$ ... More
Turán problems for digraphs avoiding distinct walks of a given length with the same endpointsAug 22 2016Let $n \ge 5$ and $k\ge 4$ be positive integers. We determine the maximum size of digraphs of order n that avoid distinct walks of length k with the same endpoints. We also characterize the extremal digraphs attaining this maximum number when $k \ge 5$. ... More
Painlevé III$'$ and the Hankel Determinant Generated by a Singularly Perturbed Gaussian WeightJul 16 2018In this paper, we study the Hankel determinant generated by a singularly perturbed Gaussian weight $$ w(x,t)=\mathrm{e}^{-x^{2}-\frac{t}{x^{2}}},\;\;x\in(-\infty, \infty),\;\;t>0. $$ By using the ladder operator approach associated with the orthogonal ... More
On the Optimality of Gauss's Algorithm over Euclidean Imaginary Quadratic FieldsApr 10 2019In this paper, we continue our previous work on the reduction of algebraic lattices over imaginary quadratic fields for the special case when the lattice is spanned over a two dimensional basis. In particular, we show that the algebraicvariant of Gauss ... More
Harmonic State Space Modeling of a Three-Phase Modular Multilevel ConverterJun 29 2017This paper presents the harmonic state space (HSS) modeling of a three-phase modular multilevel converter (MMC). MMC is a converter system with a typical multi-frequency response due to its significant harmonics in the arm currents, capacitor voltages, ... More
Cyclical Multiple Access in UAV-Aided Communications: A Throughput-Delay TradeoffAug 10 2016This letter studies a wireless system consisting of distributed ground terminals (GTs) communicating with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that serves as a mobile base station (BS). The UAV flies cyclically above the GTs at a fixed altitude, which results ... More
Prediction of noise from serrated trailing-edgesAug 10 2015A new analytical model is developed for the prediction of noise from serrated trailing-edges. The model generalizes Amiet's trailing-edge noise theory to sawtooth trailing-edges, resulting in an inhomogeneous partial differential equation. The equation ... More
Asymptotic Gap Probability Distributions of the Gaussian Unitary Ensembles and Jacobi Unitary EnsemblesJan 01 2018In this paper, we address a class of problems in unitary ensembles. Specifically, we study the probability that a gap symmetric about 0, i.e. $(-a,a)$ is found in the Gaussian unitary ensembles (GUE) and the Jacobi unitary ensembles (JUE) (where in the ... More
SARN: Relational Reasoning through Sequential AttentionNov 01 2018This paper proposes an attention module augmented relational network called SARN(Sequential Attention Relational Network) that can carry out relational reasoning by extracting reference objects and making efficient pairing between objects. SARN greatly ... More
Size effect of Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida interaction mediated by electrons in nanoribbonsSep 19 2011We calculated the Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida (RKKY) interaction between the magnetic impurities mediated by electrons in nanoribbons. It was shown that the RKKY interaction is strongly dependent on the width of the nanoribbon and the transverse positions ... More
Who did What at Where and When: Simultaneous Multi-Person Tracking and Activity RecognitionJul 03 2018We present a bootstrapping framework to simultaneously improve multi-person tracking and activity recognition at individual, interaction and social group activity levels. The inference consists of identifying trajectories of all pedestrian actors, individual ... More
Modelling China's Credit System with Complex Network Theory for Systematic Credit Risk ControlDec 04 2018The insufficient understanding of the credit network structure was recognized as a key factor for regulators' underestimation of the destructive systematic risk during the financial crisis that started in 2007. The existing credit network research either ... More
Cellular-Connected UAV: Potentials, Challenges and Promising TechnologiesApr 06 2018Enabling high-rate, low-latency and ultra-reliable wireless communications between unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and their associated ground pilots/users is of paramount importance to realize their large-scale usage in the future. To achieve this goal, ... More
UAV-Aided Offloading for Cellular HotspotMay 25 2017May 20 2018In conventional terrestrial cellular networks, mobile terminals (MTs) at the cell edge often pose a performance bottleneck due to their long distances from the serving ground base station (GBS), especially in hotspot period when the GBS is heavily loaded. ... More
The Contribution of Host Galaxies to the Infrared Energy Output of $z\gtrsim5.0$ QUASARSNov 18 2015The infrared spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of $z\gtrsim 5$ quasars can be reproduced by combining a low-metallicity galaxy template with a standard AGN template. The host galaxy is represented by Haro 11, a compact, moderately low metallicity, ... More
A Self-paced Regularization Framework for Partial-Label LearningApr 20 2018May 08 2018Partial label learning (PLL) aims to solve the problem where each training instance is associated with a set of candidate labels, one of which is the correct label. Most PLL algorithms try to disambiguate the candidate label set, by either simply treating ... More
Learning to Rank Using Localized Geometric Mean MetricsMay 22 2017Many learning-to-rank (LtR) algorithms focus on query-independent model, in which query and document do not lie in the same feature space, and the rankers rely on the feature ensemble about query-document pair instead of the similarity between query instance ... More
Ring Compute-and-Forward over Block-Fading ChannelsMay 05 2018The Compute-and-Forward protocol in quasi-static channels normally employs lattice codes based on the rational integers $\mathbb{Z}$, Gaussian integers $\mathbb{Z}\left[i\right]$ or Eisenstein integers $\mathbb{Z}\left[\omega\right]$. In this paper, we ... More
Localization in Quantum Walks on a Honeycomb NetworkSep 14 2015Nov 10 2015We systematically study the localization effect in discrete-time quantum walks on a honeycomb network and establish the mathematical framework. We focus on the Grover walk first and rigorously derive the limit form of the walker's state, showing it has ... More
ChipNet: Real-Time LiDAR Processing for Drivable Region Segmentation on an FPGAAug 10 2018Mar 05 2019This paper presents a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) design of a segmentation algorithm based on convolutional neural network (CNN) that can process light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data in real-time. For autonomous vehicles, drivable region ... More
Real-Time Road Segmentation Using LiDAR Data Processing on an FPGANov 07 2017This paper presents the FPGA design of a convolutional neural network (CNN) based road segmentation algorithm for real-time processing of LiDAR data. For autonomous vehicles, it is important to perform road segmentation and obstacle detection such that ... More
Cooperative coevolution of real predator robots and virtual robots in the pursuit domainJan 23 2019The pursuit domain, or predator-prey problem is a standard testbed for the study of coordination techniques. In spite that its problem setup is apparently simple, it is challenging for the research of the emerged swarm intelligence. This paper presents ... More