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Local and Non-Local Dirichlet Forms on the Sierpiński Gasket and the Sierpiński CarpetJan 21 2019This thesis is about local and non-local Dirichlet forms on the Sierpi\'nski gasket and the Sierpi\'nski carpet. We are concerned with the following three problems in analysis on the Sierpi\'nski gasket and the Sierpi\'nski carpet. First, a unified purely ... More
Equivalent Semi-Norms of Non-Local Dirichlet Forms on the Sierpiński Gasket and ApplicationsDec 15 2016Oct 02 2017We construct equivalent semi-norms of non-local Dirichlet forms on the Sierpi\'nski gasket and apply these semi-norms to a convergence problem and a trace problem. We also construct explicitly a sequence of non-local Dirichlet forms with jumping kernels ... More
Construction of Local Regular Dirichlet Form on the Sierpiński Gasket using $Γ$-ConvergenceJun 15 2017Jul 08 2019We construct a self-similar local regular Dirichlet form on the Sierpi\'nski gasket using $\Gamma$-convergence of stable-like non-local closed forms. As a continuation of a recent paper by Grigor'yan and the author, we give the first \emph{unified} purely ... More
WD + MS systems as the progenitor of SNe IaDec 04 2009We show the initial and final parameter space for SNe Ia in a ($\log P^{\rm i}, M_{\rm 2}^{\rm i}$) plane and find that the positions of some famous recurrent novae, as well as a supersoft X-ray source (SSS), RX J0513.9-6951, are well explained by our ... More
Companion Stars of Type Ia supernovae with different metallicitiesSep 11 2009Meng, Chen & Han (2009) comprehensively and systemically studied the WD + MS system by detailed binary evolution calculations. Following their studies, we have carried out a series of binary population synthesis studies about the properties of the companions ... More
Feature Selection in Conditional Random Fields for Map Matching of GPS TrajectoriesSep 02 2014Map matching of the GPS trajectory serves the purpose of recovering the original route on a road network from a sequence of noisy GPS observations. It is a fundamental technique to many Location Based Services. However, map matching of a low sampling ... More
Binary population synthesis study on supersoft X-ray phase of single degenerate type Ia supernova progenitorsMay 04 2011In the single degenerate (SD) scenario for type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia), a mass-accreting white dwarf is expected to experience a supersoft X-ray source (SSS) phase. However, some recent observations showed that the expected number of the mass-accreting ... More
Classification of symmetry fractionalization in gapped $\mathbb Z_2$ spin liquidsJun 14 2016Mar 20 2018In quantum spin liquids, fractional spinon excitations carry half-integer spins and other fractional quantum numbers of lattice and time-reversal symmetries. Different patterns of symmetry fractionalization distinguish different spin liquid phases. In ... More
The birth rate of supernovae from double-degenerate and core-degenerate systemsMay 11 2012May 24 2012We make a series of Monte Carlo simulations by a rapid binary evolution code and take two treatments of CE evolution, i.e. $\alpha$-formalism and $\gamma$-algorithm. We find that only for the $\alpha$-formalism with a high CE ejection efficiency, the ... More
The companion properties of SNe Ia from the single degenerate modelDec 01 2011Although Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) play very important roles in many astrophysical fields, the exact nature of the progenitors of SNe Ia is still unclear. At present, the single degenerate (SD) model is a very likely one. Following the comprehensive ... More
The correlation between C/O ratio, metallicity and the initial WD mass for SNe IaMay 14 2011In this paper, we want to check whether or not the carbon abundance can be affected by initial metallicity. We calculated a series of stellar evolution. We found that when $Z\leq0.02$, the carbon abundance is almost independent of metallicity if it is ... More
A comprehensive progenitor model for SNe IaOct 26 2009Jan 09 2010Incorporating the effect of mass-stripping and accretion-disk instability on the evolution of WD binary, we carried out binary stellar evolution calculations for more than 1600 close WD binaries. As a result, the initial parameter spaces for SNe Ia are ... More
The envelope mass of red giant donors in Type Ia supernova progenitorsMar 13 2010Apr 02 2010We compute the remaining amounts of hydrogen in red giant donors to see whether the conflict between theory and observations can be overcome. By considering the mass-stripping effect from an optically thick wind and the effect of thermally unstable disk, ... More
Models of $μ$ Her with asteroseismic constraintsNov 04 2009Using the Yale stellar evolution code, models of mu Her based on asteroseismic measurements are constructed. A $\chi^{2}$ minimization is performed to approach the best modeling parameters which reproduce the observations within their errors. By combining ... More
Frequency separation variations of the solar low-degree p-modesNov 08 2009Variations of frequency separations of low-degree p-modes are studied over the solar activity cycle. The separations studied are obtained from the frequencies of low-degree p-modes of the Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG). 10.7 cm radio flux is ... More
Feature Engineering for Map Matching of Low-Sampling-Rate GPS Trajectories in Road NetworkSep 02 2014Map matching of GPS trajectories from a sequence of noisy observations serves the purpose of recovering the original routes in a road network. In this work in progress, we attempt to share our experience of feature construction in a spatial database by ... More
Planar Orthogonal Polynomials As Type II Multiple Orthogonal PolynomialsJan 03 2018Mar 02 2018We show that the planar orthogonal polynomials with $l$ logarithmic singularities in the potential are the multiple orthogonal polynomials (Hermite-Pad\'e polynomials) of Type II with $l$ measures. We also find the ratio between the determinant of the ... More
Discontinuity in the asymptotic behavior of planar orthogonal polynomials under a perturbation of the Gaussian weightJul 11 2016Mar 15 2017We consider the orthogonal polynomials, $\{P_n(z)\}_{n=0,1,\cdots}$, with respect to the measure $$|z-a|^{2c} e^{-N|z|^2}dA(z)$$ supported over the whole complex plane, where $a>0$, $N>0$ and $c>-1$. We look at the scaling limit where $n$ and $N$ tend ... More
Non-asymptotic Equipartition Properties for Independent and Identically Distributed SourcesApr 16 2012Given an independent and identically distributed source $X = \{X_i \}_{i=1}^{\infty}$ with finite Shannon entropy or differential entropy (as the case may be) $H(X)$, the non-asymptotic equipartition property (NEP) with respect to $H(X)$ is established, ... More
Local and Non-Local Dirichlet Forms on the Sierpiński CarpetJun 11 2017Nov 08 2018We give a purely analytic construction of a self-similar local regular Dirichlet form on the Sierpi\'nski carpet using approximation of stable-like non-local closed forms which gives an answer to an open problem in analysis on fractals.
Phases and magnetization process of an anisotropic Shastry-Sutherland modelAug 22 2008We examine ground state properties of the spin-1/2 easy-axis Heisenberg model on the Shastry-Sutherland lattice with ferromagnetic transverse spin exchange using quantum Monte Carlo and degenerate perturbation theory. For vanishing transverse exchange, ... More
Black holes of dimensionally continued gravity coupled to Born-Infeld electromagnetic fieldDec 23 2017Mar 23 2018In this paper, for dimensionally continued gravity coupled to Born-Infeld electromagnetic field, we construct topological black holes in diverse dimensions and construct dyonic black holes in general even dimensions. We study thermodynamics of the black ... More
Jar Decoding: Non-Asymptotic Converse Coding Theorems, Taylor-Type Expansion, and OptimalityApr 16 2012Recently, a new decoding rule called jar decoding was proposed; under jar decoding, a non-asymptotic achievable tradeoff between the coding rate and word error probability was also established for any discrete input memoryless channel with discrete or ... More
Interactive Encoding and Decoding Based on Binary LDPC Codes with Syndrome AccumulationJan 25 2012Interactive encoding and decoding based on binary low-density parity-check codes with syndrome accumulation (SA-LDPC-IED) is proposed and investigated. Assume that the source alphabet is $\mathbf{GF}(2)$, and the side information alphabet is finite. It ... More
New Non-asymptotic Random Channel Coding TheoremsMar 03 2013New non-asymptotic random coding theorems (with error probability $\epsilon$ and finite block length $n$) based on Gallager parity check ensemble and Shannon random code ensemble with a fixed codeword type are established for discrete input arbitrary ... More
Determination of the Walk Dimension of the Sierpiński Gasket Without Using DiffusionOct 27 2016Oct 16 2018We determine the walk dimension of the Sierpi\'nski gasket without using diffusion. We construct non-local regular Dirichlet forms on the Sierpi\'nski gasket from regular Dirichlet forms on the Sierpi\'nski graph whose suitable boundary is the Sierpi\'nski ... More
Nonuniform $(h,k,μ,ν)$-dichotomy and Stability of Nonautonomous Discrete DynamicsApr 18 2015In this paper, a new notion called the general nonuniform $(h,k,\mu,\nu)$-dichotomy for a sequence of linear operators is proposed, which occurs in a more natural way and is related to nonuniform hyperbolicity. Then, sufficient criteria are established ... More
Nonuniform $(h,k,μ,ν)$-Dichotomy with Applications to Nonautonomous Dynamical SystemsApr 18 2015The paper develops and studies a very general notion of dichotomy, referred to as "nonuniform $(h,k,\mu,\nu)$-dichotomy". The new notion contains as special cases most versions of dichotomy existing in the literature. The paper then provides corresponding ... More
Dichromatic Dark MatterDec 04 2012Both the robust INTEGRAL 511 keV gamma-ray line and the recent tentative hint of the 135 GeV gamma-ray line from Fermi-LAT have similar signal morphologies, and may be produced from the same dark matter annihilation. Motivated by this observation, we ... More
Possible Molecular States Composed of Doubly Charmed Baryons with Couple-channel EffectJun 12 2019We systematically investigate the possible molecular states composed of (1) two spin-$\frac{3}{2}$ doubly charmed baryons, and (2) a pair of spin-$\frac{3}{2}$ and spin-$\frac{1}{2}$ doubly charmed baryons. The one-boson-exchange (OBE) model is used to ... More
WD+MS Systems as the Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae with Different MetallicitiesAug 18 2009The single-degenerate model for the progenitors of type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) is one of the two most popular models, in which a carbon-oxygen white dwarf (CO WD) accretes hydrogen-rich material from its companion, increases its mass to the Chandrasekhar ... More
An Adaptive Population Size Differential Evolution with Novel Mutation Strategy for Constrained OptimizationMay 11 2018Differential evolution (DE) has competitive performance on constrained optimization problems (COPs), which targets at searching for global optimal solution without violating the constraints. Generally, researchers pay more attention on avoiding violating ... More
On the existence of optimal controls for backward stochastic partial differential equationsDec 06 2016This paper is concerned with the existence of optimal controls for backward stochastic partial differential equations with random coefficients, in which the control systems are represented in an abstract evolution form, i.e. backward stochastic evolution ... More
Symmetry fractionalization of visons in $\mathbb Z_2$ spin liquidsSep 09 2015In this work we study symmetry fractionalization of vison excitations in topological $\mathbb{Z}_2$ spin liquids. We show that in the presence of the full $\mathrm{SO}(3)$ spin rotational symmetry and if there is an odd number of spin-$\frac12$ per unit ... More
On Error Bound Moduli for Locally Lipschitz and Regular FunctionsAug 11 2016In this paper we study local error bound moduli for a locally Lipschitz and regular function via its outer limiting subdifferential set. We show that the distance of 0 from the outer limiting subdifferential of the support function of the subdifferential ... More
Dark Matter Annihilation from Nearby Ultra-compact Micro Halos to Explain the Tentative Excess at ~1.4 TeV in DAMPE dataDec 05 2017Dec 12 2017The tentative 1.4 TeV excess in the $e^+e^-$ spectrum measured by The DArk Matter Particle Explorer (DAMPE) motivates the possible existence of one or more local dark matter concentrated regions. In particular, Ultra-compact Micro Halos (UCMHs) seeded ... More
Is SN 2006X from a WD + MS system with optically thick wind?Oct 10 2009The single-degenerate channel is widely accepted as the progenitors of type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia). Following the work of Meng, Chen and Han (2009), we reproduced the birth rate and age of supernovae like SN 2006X by the single-degenerate model (WD + ... More
Boundedness of Maximal Calderón-Zygmund Operators on Non-homogeneous Metric Measure SpacesAug 27 2013Let $(\cx,\,d,\,\mu)$ be a metric measure space and satisfy the so-called upper doubling condition and the geometrically doubling condition. In this paper, the authors show that for the maximal Calder\'on-Zygmund operator associated with a singular integral ... More
Coordination Over Multi-Agent Networks With Unmeasurable States and Finite-Level QuantizationMay 13 2015Apr 30 2016In this note, the coordination of linear discrete-time multi-agent systems over digital networks is investigated with unmeasurable states in agents' dynamics. The quantized-observer based communication protocols and Certainty Equivalence principle based ... More
Hadronic Molecular States Composed of Spin-$3\over 2$ Singly Charmed BaryonsOct 08 2018Feb 13 2019We investigate the possible deuteron-like molecules composed of a pair of charmed spin-$\frac{3}{2}$ baryons, or one charmed baryon and one charmed antibaryon within the one-boson-exchange (OBE) model. For the spin singlet and triplet systems, we consider ... More
The effect of metallicity on the delay-time distribution of type Ia supernovaMay 26 2011Measuring the delay-time distribution (DTD) of type Ia supernova(SNe Ia) is an important way to constrain the progenitor nature of SNe Ia. Recently, Strolger et al. (2010) obtained a very delayed DTD, which is much different from other measurements. They ... More
Diagnostics and future evolution analysis of the two parametric modelsFeb 08 2016In this paper, we apply three diagnostics including $Om$, Statefinder hierarchy and the growth rate of perturbations into discriminating the two parametric models for the effective pressure with the $\Lambda$CDM model. By using the $Om$ diagnostic, we ... More
Rule-based Modeling and Simulation of Biochemical Systems with Molecular Finite AutomataJul 08 2010Sep 15 2010We propose a theoretical formalism, molecular finite automata (MFA), to describe individual proteins as rule-based computing machines. The MFA formalism provides a framework for modeling individual protein behaviors and systems-level dynamics via construction ... More
The effects of stellar population synthesis on the distributions of the asteroseismic observables ν_max and Δν of red-clump starsJul 11 2010Jul 27 2010The distributions of the frequencies of the maximum oscillation Power ({\nu}_max) and the large frequency separation ( {\Delta}{\nu}) of red giant stars observed by CoRoT have a dominant peak. Miglio et al. (2009) identified that the stars are red-clump ... More
Grids of rotating stellar models with masses between 1.0 and 3.0 MsunDec 07 2012We calculated a grid of evolutionary tracks of rotating models with masses between 1.0 and 3.0 $M_{\odot}$ and a resolution $\delta M \leq 0.02$ $M_{\odot}$, which can be used to study the effects of rotation on stellar evolutions and on the characteristics ... More
Robust Elastic Net RegressionNov 15 2015May 01 2016We propose a robust elastic net (REN) model for high-dimensional sparse regression and give its performance guarantees (both the statistical error bound and the optimization bound). A simple idea of trimming the inner product is applied to the elastic ... More
Convergence analysis of the rectangular Morley element scheme for second order problem in arbitrary dimensionsJul 16 2015Jun 16 2016In this paper, we present the convergence analysis of the rectangular Morley element scheme utilised on the second order problem in arbitrary dimensions. Specifically, we prove that the convergence of the scheme is of $\mathcal{O}(h)$ order in energy ... More
Person Re-identification with Metric Learning using Privileged InformationApr 10 2019Despite the promising progress made in recent years, person re-identification remains a challenging task due to complex variations in human appearances from different camera views. This paper presents a logistic discriminant metric learning method for ... More
Dynamical Signature of Symmetry Fractionalization in Frustrated MagnetsMar 29 2018Jul 22 2018The nontrivialness of quantum spin liquid (QSL) typically manifests in the non-local observables that signifies their existence, however, this fact actually casts shadow on detecting QSL with experimentally accessible probes. Here, we provide a solution ... More
Bosonic SET to SPT Transition under Dyonic LSM TheoremOct 15 2018Nov 11 2018Employing large-scale quantum Monte Carlo simulatoins, we study the phase diagram of a quantum spin model which is subject to the recently developed dyonic Lieb-Shultz-Mattis (LSM) theorem. The theorem predicts there are symmetry enriched/protected topological ... More
Caution on emergent continuous symmetry: a Monte Carlo investigation of transverse-field frustrated Ising model on triangle and honeycomb latticesFeb 09 2016Jul 24 2017Continuous symmetries are believed to emerge at many quantum critical points in frustrated magnets. In this work, we study two candidates of this paradigm: the transverse-field frustrated Ising model (TFFIM) on the triangle and the honeycomb lattices. ... More
Metals' awkward cousin is foundApr 29 2019Several years ago, there were rumors that metals might have an awkward cousin, whom people are sort of expecting but have never made acquaintance. As though he/she shares metallic features -- conducting -- but is distinctively different and even invisible ... More
Regularized Robust Coding for Face RecognitionFeb 20 2012Feb 21 2012Recently the sparse representation based classification (SRC) has been proposed for robust face recognition (FR). In SRC, the testing image is coded as a sparse linear combination of the training samples, and the representation fidelity is measured by ... More
Self-Learning Monte Carlo MethodOct 11 2016Dec 20 2016Monte Carlo simulation is an unbiased numerical tool for studying classical and quantum many-body systems. One of its bottlenecks is the lack of general and efficient update algorithm for large size systems close to phase transition or with strong frustrations, ... More
Topological Spin Liquid with Symmetry-Protected Edge StatesJan 06 2017Aug 25 2017Topological spin liquids are robust quantum states of matter with long-range entanglement and possess many exotic properties such as the fractional statistics of the elementary excitations. Yet these states, short of local parameters like all topological ... More
Quantum Spin Liquid with Even Ising Gauge Field Structure on Kagome LatticeNov 10 2017Aug 03 2018Employing large-scale quantum Monte Carlo simulations, we study the extended $XXZ$ model on the kagome lattice. A $\mathbb Z_2$ quantum spin liquid phase with effective even Ising gauge field structure emerges from the delicate balance among three symmetry-breaking ... More
Acoustic Pressure Monopole, Velocity Monopole, and Hybrid MonopoleJul 23 2018We show that there are two types of acoustic monopoles, namely the pressure monopoles (PMs) and the velocity monopoles (VMs). Under one wave incidence, only the pressure field near a PM at resonance possesses monopolar symmetry, while for a VM at resonance ... More
AnonyControl: Control Cloud Data Anonymously with Multi-Authority Attribute-Based EncryptionJun 12 2012Apr 11 2013Cloud computing is a revolutionary computing paradigm which enables flexible, on-demand and low-cost usage of computing resources. However, those advantages, ironically, are the causes of security and privacy problems, which emerge because the data owned ... More
A Unified Approach for Multi-step Temporal-Difference Learning with Eligibility Traces in Reinforcement LearningFeb 09 2018Recently, a new multi-step temporal learning algorithm, called $Q(\sigma)$, unifies $n$-step Tree-Backup (when $\sigma=0$) and $n$-step Sarsa (when $\sigma=1$) by introducing a sampling parameter $\sigma$. However, similar to other multi-step temporal-difference ... More
A Frequency Scaling based Performance Indicator Framework for Big Data SystemsNov 27 2018It is important for big data systems to identify their performance bottleneck. However, the popular indicators such as resource utilizations, are often misleading and incomparable with each other. In this paper, a novel indicator framework which can directly ... More
Can decaying vacuum elucidate the late-time dynamics of the Universe ?Jan 02 2018Jan 03 2018We examine the decay vacuum model with a parameter $\epsilon$ that indicates the vacuum energy decay rate. By constraining this model with cosmic microwave background radiation, baryon acoustic oscillation, type Ia supernovae and 30 H(z) cosmic chronometer ... More
Emmy Noether looks at the deconfined quantum critical pointNov 21 2018May 04 2019Noether's theorem is one of the fundamental laws of physics, relating continuous symmetries and conserved currents. Here we explore the role of Noether's theorem at the deconfined quantum critical point (DQCP), which is the quantum phase transition beyond ... More
Coulomb liquid phases of bosonic cluster Mott insulators on a pyrochlore latticeFeb 17 2015Jul 14 2015Employing large-scale quantum Monte Carlo simulations, we reveal the full phase diagram of the extended Hubbard model of hard-core bosons on the pyrochlore lattice with partial fillings. When the intersite repulsion is dominant, the system is in a cluster ... More
Manipulate Temperature Dependence of Thermal Conductivity of Graphene Phononic CrystalNov 29 2015Jan 17 2016By using non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations(NEMD), the modulation on temperature dependence of thermal conductivity of graphene phononic crystals (GPnCs) are investigated. It is found that the temperature dependence of thermal conductivity ... More
Hierarchical Heuristic Learning towards Effcient Norm EmergenceMar 08 2018Social norms serve as an important mechanism to regulate the behaviors of agents and to facilitate coordination among them in multiagent systems. One important research question is how a norm can rapidly emerge through repeated local interaction within ... More
More than Word Frequencies: Authorship Attribution via Natural Frequency Zoned Word Distribution AnalysisAug 15 2012With such increasing popularity and availability of digital text data, authorships of digital texts can not be taken for granted due to the ease of copying and parsing. This paper presents a new text style analysis called natural frequency zoned word ... More
An efficient algorithm for computing the edit distance of a regular language via input-altering transducersJun 04 2014We revisit the problem of computing the edit distance of a regular language given via an NFA. This problem relates to the inherent maximal error-detecting capability of the language in question. We present an efficient algorithm for solving this problem ... More
Thermal effect on mixed state geometric phases for neutrino propagation in a magnetic fieldDec 27 2015Dec 30 2015In astrophysical environments, neutrinos may propagate over a long distance in a magnetic field. In the presence of a rotating magentic field, the neutrino spin can flip from left-handed neutrino to right-handed neutrino. Smirnov demonstrated that the ... More
Group sparse optimization via $\ell_{p,q}$ regularizationJan 28 2016In this paper, we investigate a group sparse optimization problem via $\ell_{p,q}$ regularization in three aspects: theory, algorithm and application. In the theoretical aspect, by introducing a notion of group restricted eigenvalue condition, we establish ... More
Jointly Learning Non-negative Projection and Dictionary with Discriminative Graph Constraints for ClassificationNov 14 2015Aug 05 2016Sparse coding with dictionary learning (DL) has shown excellent classification performance. Despite the considerable number of existing works, how to obtain features on top of which dictionaries can be better learned remains an open and interesting question. ... More
Evolution of rotational velocities of A-type starsFeb 03 2013It was found that the equatorial velocity of A-type stars undergoes an acceleration in the first third of the main sequence (MS) stage, but the velocity decreases as if the stars were not undergoing any redistribution of angular momentum in the external ... More
GCN-GAN: A Non-linear Temporal Link Prediction Model for Weighted Dynamic NetworksJan 26 2019In this paper, we generally formulate the dynamics prediction problem of various network systems (e.g., the prediction of mobility, traffic and topology) as the temporal link prediction task. Different from conventional techniques of temporal link prediction ... More
The geometric and topological interpretation of Berry phase on a torusApr 16 2019Illustration of the geometric and topological properties of Berry phase is often in an obscure and abstract language of fiber bundles. In this article, we demonstrate these properties with a lucid and concrete system whose parameter space is a torus. ... More
The cooling time of white dwarfs produced from type Ia supernovaeMay 18 2010Aug 13 2010Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) play a key role in measuring cosmological parameters, in which the Phillips relation is adopted. However, the origin of the relation is still unclear. Several parameters are suggested, e.g. the relative content of carbon to ... More
Wrapped Loss Function for Regularizing Nonconforming Residual DistributionsAug 21 2018Multi-output is essential in machine learning that it might suffer from nonconforming residual distributions, i.e., the multi-output residual distributions are not conforming to the expected distribution. In this paper we propose "Wrapped Loss Function" ... More
Efficient Face Alignment via Locality-constrained Representation for Robust RecognitionJul 25 2015Oct 31 2015Practical face recognition has been studied in the past decades, but still remains an open challenge. Current prevailing approaches have already achieved substantial breakthroughs in recognition accuracy. However, their performance usually drops dramatically ... More
Superior thermal conductivity of poly (ethylene oxide) for solid-state electrolytes: a molecular dynamics studyJul 12 2018Nov 20 2018Solid-state lithium-ion batteries (SSLIBs) are considered to be the new generation of devices for energy storage due to better performance and safety. Poly (ethylene oxide) (PEO) based material becomes one of the best candidate of solid electrolytes, ... More
Time-resolved electron beam diagnostics with sub-femtosecond resolutionOct 21 2015In modern high-gain free-electron lasers, ultra-fast photon pulses designed for studying chemical, atomic and biological systems are generated from a serial of behaviors of high-brightness electron beam at the time-scale ranging from several hundred femtoseconds ... More
Is magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene near a quantum critical point?Jan 31 2019Feb 11 2019An extended Hubbard model on the honeycomb lattice with two orbitals per site at charge neutrality is investigated with unbiased large-scale quantum Monte Carlo simulations. The Fermi velocity of the Dirac fermions is renormalized as the cluster charge ... More
Describing the ADD model in a warped geometryJan 12 2015Oct 26 2018We propose a new description of the (4+N)-dimensional Arkani-Hamed-Dimopoulos-Dvali (ADD) model in a (4+1)-dimensional warped geometry to solve the gauge hierarchy problem. It has the same KK spectrum as in the ADD model and recovers its phenomenons that ... More
Region Attention Networks for Pose and Occlusion Robust Facial Expression RecognitionMay 10 2019Occlusion and pose variations, which can change facial appearance significantly, are two major obstacles for automatic Facial Expression Recognition (FER). Though automatic FER has made substantial progresses in the past few decades, occlusion-robust ... More
Collaborative Representation based Classification for Face RecognitionApr 11 2012Mar 10 2014By coding a query sample as a sparse linear combination of all training samples and then classifying it by evaluating which class leads to the minimal coding residual, sparse representation based classification (SRC) leads to interesting results for robust ... More
Generalized Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorem on bosonic symmetry protected topological phasesJul 19 2019We propose and prove a family of generalized Lieb-Schultz-Mattis (LSM) theorems for symmetry protected topological (SPT) phases on boson/spin models in any dimensions. The "conventional" LSM theorem, applicable to e.g. any translation invariant system ... More
Exactly Solvable Models for Symmetry-Enriched Topological PhasesJun 27 2016Sep 07 2017We construct fixed-point wave functions and exactly solvable commuting-projector Hamiltonians for a large class of bosonic symmetry-enriched topological (SET) phases, based on the concept of equivalent classes of symmetric local unitary transformations. ... More
Bursty Variations of Jovian 6cm Radio Emissions and Quasi-Periodic Jupiter's Polar ActivitiesJan 05 2012In reference to Jupiter south polar quasi-periodic 40-50 min (QP-40) activities and the model scenario for global QP-40 oscillations of the Jovian inner radiation belt (IRB), we validate relevant predictions and confirmations by amassing empirical evidence ... More
Cross-Entropy Adversarial View Adaptation for Person Re-identificationApr 03 2019Jul 23 2019Person re-identification (re-ID) is a task of matching pedestrians under disjoint camera views. To recognise paired snapshots, it has to cope with large cross-view variations caused by the camera view shift. Supervised deep neural networks are effective ... More
The Research and Optimization of Parallel Finite Element Algorithm based on MiniFEMay 29 2015Finite element method (FEM) is one of the most important numerical methods in modern engineering design and analysis. Since traditional serial FEM is difficult to solve large FE problems efficiently and accurately, high-performance parallel FEM has become ... More
General stationary solutions of the nonlocal nonlinear Schrödinger equation and their relevance to the PT-symmetric systemsJun 26 2019With the stationary solution assumption, we establish the connection between the nonlocal nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger (NNLS) equation and an elliptic equation. Then, we obtain the general stationary solutions and discuss the relevance of their smoothness ... More
Existence and Stability of Positive Periodic Solutions to Functional Differential EquationsApr 27 2016We establish several delay-independent criteria for the existence and stability of positive periodic solutions of n-dimensional nonautonomous functional differential equation by several fixed point theorems. Examples from positive and negative growth ... More
Effects of Electric Field Gradient on Sub-nanometer Spatial Resolution of Tip-enhanced Raman SpectroscopyNov 11 2014Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS) with sub-nanometer spatial resolution has been recently demonstrated experimentally. However, the physical mechanism underlying is still under discussion. Here, we theoretically investigate the electric field gradient ... More
An MM Algorithm for Split Feasibility ProblemsDec 16 2016Jan 18 2017The classical multi-set split feasibility problem seeks a point in the intersection of finitely many closed convex domain constraints, whose image under a linear mapping also lies in the intersection of finitely many closed convex range constraints. Split ... More
Sketching for Sequential Change-Point DetectionMay 25 2015Apr 30 2018We study sequential change-point detection procedures based on linear sketches of high-dimensional signal vectors using generalized likelihood ratio (GLR) statistics. The GLR statistics allow for an unknown post-change mean that represents an anomaly ... More
Characteristics of solar-like oscillations of clusters simulated by stellar population synthesisFeb 05 2011Feb 09 2011Using a stellar population-synthesis method, we studied the distributions of {\nu}_max and {\Delta}{\nu} of simulated clusters with various ages and metallicities. Except for the confirmed peak (RC peak) of {\Delta}{\nu} of red-clump (RC) stars, i.e. ... More
The birth rate of subluminous and overluminous type Ia supernovaeOct 26 2010Based on the results of Chen & Li (2009) and Pakmor et al. (2010), we carried out a series of binary population synthesis calculations and considered two treatment of common envelope (CE) evolution, i.e. $\alpha$-formalism and $\gamma$-algorithm. We found ... More
The amplitude mode in three-dimensional dimerized antiferromagnetsOct 17 2016Jan 19 2017The amplitude (Higgs) mode is a ubiquitous collective excitation related to spontaneous breaking of a continuous symmetry. We combine quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) simulations with stochastic analytic continuation to investigate the dynamics of the amplitude ... More
Index Modulation for 5G: Striving to Do More with LessDec 18 2017The fifth generation (5G) wireless communications brag both high spectrum efficiency and high energy efficiency. To meet the requirements, various new techniques have been proposed. Among these, the recently-emerging index modulation has attracted significant ... More
Dynamics of Topological Excitations in a Model Quantum Spin IceJul 01 2017Apr 18 2018We study the quantum spin dynamics of a frustrated XXZ model on a pyrochlore lattice by using large-scale quantum Monte Carlo simulation and stochastic analytic continuation. In the low-temperature quantum spin ice regime, we observe signatures of coherent ... More
Denoising Hyperspectral Image with Non-i.i.d. Noise StructureFeb 01 2017Hyperspectral image (HSI) denoising has been attracting much research attention in remote sensing area due to its importance in improving the HSI qualities. The existing HSI denoising methods mainly focus on specific spectral and spatial prior knowledge ... More
Linear convergence of inexact descent method and inexact proximal gradient algorithms for lower-order regularization problemsAug 23 2017The $\ell_p$ regularization problem with $0< p< 1$ has been widely studied for finding sparse solutions of linear inverse problems and gained successful applications in various mathematics and applied science fields. The proximal gradient algorithm is ... More
Pedestrian re-identification based on Tree branch network with local and global learningMar 31 2019Deep part-based methods in recent literature have revealed the great potential of learning local part-level representation for pedestrian image in the task of person re-identification. However, global features that capture discriminative holistic information ... More