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Complementary Graphs with Flows Less Than ThreeMar 14 2019X. Hou, H.-J. Lai, P. Li and C.-Q. Zhang [J. Graph Theory 69 (2012) 464-470] showed that for a simple graph $G$ with $|V(G)|\ge 44$, if $\min\{\delta(G),\delta(G^c)\}\ge 4$, then either $G$ or its complementary graph $G^c$ has a nowhere-zero $3$-flow. ... More
Fully Computable Error Bounds for Eigenvalue ProblemJan 07 2016Jun 19 2016This paper is concerned with the computable error estimates for the eigenvalue problem which is solved by the general conforming finite element methods on the general meshes. Based on the computable error estimate, we can give an asymptotically lower ... More
A new insight into the secondary path modeling problem in active noise controlNov 09 2018Jan 18 2019The close relationship between the feedforward ANC system and the stereo acoustic echo cancellation system is revealed in this paper. Accordingly, the convergence behavior of the ANC system can be analyzed by investigating the joint auto-correlation matrix ... More
Non-Gaussian statistics for the motion of self-propelled Janus particles: experiment versus theoryAug 25 2013Spherical Janus particles are one of the most prominent examples for active Brownian objects. Here, we study the diffusiophoretic motion of such microswimmers in experiment and in theory. Three stages are found: simple Brownian motion at short times, ... More
A Monte Carlo Study on the Identification of Quark and Gluon JetsNov 29 2001Dec 25 2001Three jets events in the e$^+$e$^-$ collisions at 91.2 GeV are investigated using both HERWIG and JETSET Monte Carlo generators. The angles between the three jets are used to identify the quark and gluon jets. The analysis at parton level is done to ensure ... More
Examining the crossover from hadronic to partonic phase in QCDDec 11 2007It is argued that, due to the existence of two vacua -- perturbative and physical -- in QCD, the mechanism for the crossover from hadronic to partonic phase is hard to construct. The challenge is: how to realize the transition between the two vacua during ... More
Investigation on the contribution of the particle mass to the interaction measureNov 20 2012Collective phenomena from RHIC and LHC experiments indicate a strongly coupled quark gluon plasma. Finite temperature lattice QCD calculations show the interaction measure, $\Delta\equiv(\epsilon-3p)/T^4$, is sizeable over a considerable range of temperatures ... More
Interrogating the Escherichia coli cell cycle by cell dimension perturbationsJan 03 2017Bacteria tightly regulate and coordinate the various events in their cell cycles to duplicate themselves accurately and to control their cell sizes. Growth of Escherichia coli, in particular, follows a relation known as Schaechter 's growth law. This ... More
An Empirical Study of Boosted Neural Network for Particle Classification in High Energy CollisionsJun 24 2006The possible application of boosted neural network to particle classification in high energy physics is discussed. A two-dimensional toy model, where the boundary between signal and background is irregular but not overlapping, is constructed to show how ... More
Pair distribution function of strongly coupled quark gluon plasma in a molecule-like aggregation modelMay 12 2008Jul 17 2008Pair distribution function for delocalized quarks in the strongly coupled quark gluon plasma (sQGP) as well as in the states at intermediate stages of crossover from hadronic matter to sQGP are calculated using a molecule-like aggregation model. The shapes ... More
Effect of equilibrium phase transition on multiphase transport in relativistic heavy ion collisionsJun 24 2006The hadronization scheme for parton transport in relativistic heavy ion collisions is considered in detail. It is pointed out that the traditional scheme for particles being freezed out one by one leads to serious problem on unreasonable long lifetime ... More
QCD phase diagram and locating critical point using RHIC low energy scan dataFeb 28 2009It is shown that the RHIC energy-scan experiments can serve as an effective tool for studying the system evolution along the first order phase transition line passing the critical point, which is a second order phase transition process. During this process ... More
A Monte Carlo study on the production scale and internal structure of jets in high energy collisionsOct 18 2006The production scale and internal structure of jets produced in high energy collisions are studied using Jetset7.4 and Herwig5.9 Monte Carlo generators. Two scales are found. One is the jet-development scale, which determines the size of the jet developed ... More
Levy Stability Index from Multifractal SpectrumDec 10 1998A method for extracting the Levy stability index $\mu$ from the multi-fractal spectrum $f(\alpha)$ in high energy multiparticle production is proposed. This index is an important parameter, characterizing the non-linear behaviour of dynamical fluctuations ... More
A Multigrid Method for the Ground State Solution of Bose-Einstein Condensates Based on Newton IterationApr 18 2016In this paper, a new kind of multigrid method is proposed for the ground state solution of Bose-Einstein condensates based on Newton iteration method. Instead of treating eigenvalue $\lambda$ and eigenvector $u$ respectively, we regard the eigenpair $(\lambda, ... More
The cloverleaf antenna: A compact wide-bandwidth dual-polarization feed for CHIMEAug 28 2017We have developed a compact, wide-bandwidth, dual-polarization cloverleaf-shaped antenna to feed the CHIME radio telescope. The antenna has been tuned using CST to have smaller than -10dB s11 for over an octave of bandwidth, covering the full CHIME band ... More
Model investigation on the probability of QGP formation in relativistic heavy ion collisionsJan 18 2009The formation probability of quark-gluon plasma in relativistic heavy ion collisions for colliding nuclei of different sizes is investigated in the framework of a bond percolation model. The results show that nuclei with sizes smaller than that of Pb ... More
Energy Error Estimates of Subspace Method and Multigrid Algorithm for Eigenvalue ProblemsMay 08 2017Aug 23 2017This paper is to give a new understanding and applications of the subspace projection method for selfadjoint eigenvalue problems. A new error estimate in the energy norm, which is induced by the stiff matrix, of the subspace projection method for eigenvalue ... More
Existence, uniqueness and optimal decay rates for the 3D compressible Hall-magnetohydrodynamic systemJun 07 2018We are concerned with the study of the Cauchy problem to the 3D compressible Hall-magnetohydrodynamic system. We first establish the unique global solvability of strong solutions to the system when the initial data are close to a stable equilibrium state ... More
A compression scheme for radio data in high performance computingMar 02 2015Sep 16 2015We present a procedure for efficiently compressing astronomical radio data for high performance applications. Integrated, post-correlation data are first passed through a nearly lossless rounding step which compares the precision of the data to a generalized ... More
A novel application of probabilistic teleportation: p-Rabin qubit-oblivious transferJul 31 2018All existing quantum oblivious transfer protocols are to realize the oblivious transfer of bit or bit-string. In this paper, p-Rabin quantum oblivious transfer of a qubit (abbr. p-Rabin qubit-OT) is achieved by using a probabilistic teleportation (abbr. ... More
MONICA in Hamburg: Towards Large-Scale IoT Deployments in a Smart CityMar 19 2018May 15 2018Modern cities and metropolitan areas all over the world face new management challenges in the 21st century primarily due to increasing demands on living standards by the urban population. These challenges range from climate change, pollution, transportation, ... More
SNR-based adaptive acquisition method for fast Fourier ptychographic microscopySep 19 2017Oct 02 2017Fourier ptychographic microscopy (FPM) is a computational imaging technique with both high resolution and large field-of-view. However, the effective numerical aperture (NA) achievable with a typical LED panel is ambiguous and usually relies on the repeated ... More
Subwavelength resolution Fourier ptychography with hemispherical digital condensersJun 14 2018Fourier ptychography (FP) is a promising computational imaging technique that overcomes the physical space-bandwidth product (SBP) limit of a conventional microscope by applying angular diversity illuminations. However, to date, the effective imaging ... More
Response Time Bounds for Typed DAG Parallel Tasks on Heterogeneous Multi-coresAug 07 2018Heterogeneous multi-cores utilize the strength of different architectures for executing particular types of workload, and usually offer higher performance and energy efficiency. In this paper, we study the worst-case response time (WCRT) analysis of \emph{typed} ... More
Simplification of protein representation from the contact potentials between residuesOct 19 2000Based on the concept of energy landscape a picture of the mismatch between the reduced interaction matrix of residues and the matrix of statistical contact potentials is presented. For the Miyazawa and Jernigan (MJ) matrix, rational groupings of 20 kinds ... More
Global existence of weak solution for the 2-D Ericksen-Leslie systemMay 03 2013Jun 04 2013We prove the global existence of weak solution for two dimensional Ericksen-Leslie system with the Leslie stress and general Ericksen stress under the physical constrains on the Leslie coefficients. We also prove the local well-posedness of the Ericksen-Leslie ... More
On the Design of Constant Modulus Probing Waveforms with Good Correlation Properties for MIMO Radar via Consensus-ADMM ApproachJan 16 2019In this paper, we design constant modulus probing waveforms with good correlation properties for collocated multi-input multi-output (MIMO) radar systems. The main content is as follows: first, we formulate the design problem as a fourth order polynomial ... More
An Improved Cost Function for Hierarchical Cluster TreesDec 06 2018Dec 17 2018Hierarchical clustering has been a popular method in various data analysis applications. It partitions a data set into a hierarchical collection of clusters, and can provide a global view of (cluster) structure behind data across different granularity ... More
Uniformly bounded components of normalityMar 05 2007Jun 09 2007Suppose that $f(z)$ is a transcendental entire function and that the Fatou set $F(f)\neq\emptyset$. Set $$B_1(f):=\sup_{U}\frac{\sup_{z\in U}\log(|z|+3)}{\inf_{w\in U}\log(|w|+3)}$$ and $$B_2(f):=\sup_{U}\frac{\sup_{z\in U}\log\log(|z|+30)}{\inf_{w\in ... More
Classification of pointed Hopf algebras of dimension $p^2$ over any algebraically closed fieldDec 21 2012Mar 12 2015Let $p$ be a prime. We complete the classification on pointed Hopf algebras of dimension $p^2$ over an algebraically closed field $k$. When $\text{char}k \neq p$, our result is the same as the well-known result for $\text{char}k=0$. When $\text{char}k=p$, ... More
Indicators of Hopf algebras in positive characteristicApr 18 2017Feb 19 2019The notion of $n$-th indicator for a finite-dimensional Hopf algebra was introduced by Kashina, Montgomery and Ng as gauge invariance of the monoidal category of its representations. The properties of these indicators were further investigated by Shimizu. ... More
A Kastler-Kalau-Walze Type Theorem for 5-dimensional Manifolds with BoundaryApr 24 2014The Kastler-Kalau-Walze theorem, announced by Alain Connes, shows that the Wodzicki residue of the inverse square of the Dirac operator is proportional to the Einstein-Hilbert action of general relativity. In this paper, we prove a Kastler-Kalau-Walze ... More
Tailoring Thermal Radiative Properties with Film-Coupled Concave Grating MetamaterialsSep 25 2014This work numerically investigates the radiative properties of film-coupled metamaterials made of a two-dimensional metallic concave grating on a continuous metal film separated by an ultrathin dielectric spacer. Spectrally-selective absorption is demonstrated ... More
Identification of flow-background to subtract in jet-like azimuthal correlationJan 06 2009Jan 28 2010We derive an analytical form for flow-background to jet-like azimuthal correlation in a cluster approach. We argue that the elliptic flow parameter to use in jet-correlation background is that from two-particle method excluding non-flow correlation unrelated ... More
Almost Sure Existence of Global Weak Solutions to the 3D Incompressible Navier-Stokes EquationOct 31 2016In this paper we prove the almost sure existence of global weak solution to the 3D incompressible Navier-Stokes Equation for a set of large data in $\dot{H}^{-\alpha}(\mathbb{R}^{3})$ or $\dot{H}^{-\alpha}(\mathbb{T}^{3})$ with $0<\alpha\leq 1/2$. This ... More
Coherent Optical DFT-Spread OFDMFeb 28 2011We consider application of the discrete Fourier transform-spread orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (DFT-spread OFDM) technique to high-speed fiber optic communications. The DFT-spread OFDM is a form of single-carrier technique that possesses ... More
Magnetic interactions in FeSe studied by first principle calculationsOct 19 2015Based on first principle calculations we have investigated the evolution of magnetism in free-standing monolayer FeSe with respect to lattice constant and magnetism in bulk FeSe. The computational results show that the magnetic order in free-standing ... More
Double Conformal Invariants and the Wodzicki ResidueJan 06 2011For compact real manifolds, a new double conformal invariant is constructed using the Wodzicki residue and the $d$ operator in the framework of Connes. In the flat case, we compute this double conformal invariant, and in some special cases, we also compute ... More
Recognizing number of communities and detecting community structures in complex networksMar 18 2018Recognizing number of communities and detecting community structures of complex network are discussed in this paper. As a visual and feasible algorithm, block model has been successfully applied to detect community structures in complex network. In order ... More
Dirichlet Forms Constructed from Annihilation Operators on Bernoulli FunctionalsFeb 09 2017The annihilation operators on Bernoulli functionals (Bernoulli annihilators, for short) and their adjoint operators satisfy a canonical anti-commutation relation (CAR) in equal-time. As a mathematical structure, Dirichlet forms play an important role ... More
In-phase Synchronization of Two Coupled MetronomesMay 01 2018This paper used multi-scale method and KBM method to get approximate solution of coupled Van der Pol oscillators, based on which, researchers investigated the impact several parameters have on the prerequisite of synchronization and the time it takes ... More
New Braided $T$-Categories over Hopf (co)quasigroupsJan 22 2017Let $H$ be a Hopf quasigroup with bijective antipode and let $Aut_{HQG}(H)$ be the set of all Hopf quasigroup automorphisms of $H$. We introduce a category ${_{H}\mathcal{YDQ}^{H}}(\alpha,\beta)$ with $\alpha,\beta\in Aut_{HQG}(H)$ and construct a braided ... More
Characterization of Hopf QuasigroupsFeb 26 2019In this paper, we first discuss some properties of the Galois linear maps. We provide some equivalent conditions for Hopf algebras and Hopf (co)quasigroups as its applications. Then let $H$ be a Hopf quasigroup with bijective antipode and $G$ be the set ... More
Star Formation and Metallicity Gradients in Semi-analytic Models of Disk Galaxy FormationMar 22 2013Jun 18 2013We have updated our radially-resolved SAMs of galaxy formation, which track both the atomic and molecular gas phases of the ISM. The models are adapted from those of Guo et al. using similar methodology as in Fu et al. and are run on halo merger trees ... More
Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) PathfinderJun 09 2014A pathfinder version of CHIME (the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment) is currently being commissioned at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (DRAO) in Penticton, BC. The instrument is a hybrid cylindrical interferometer designed ... More
Optimal Distributed Control for Networked Control Systems with DelaysDec 12 2013In networked control systems (NCS), sensing and control signals between the plant and controllers are typically transmitted wirelessly. Thus, the time delay plays an important role for the stability of NCS, especially with distributed controllers. In ... More
Distance Priors from Planck and Dark Energy Constraints from Current DataApr 16 2013Aug 29 2013We derive distance priors from Planck first data release, and examine their impact on dark energy constraints from current observational data. We give the mean values and covariance matrix of {R, l_a, \Omega_b h^2, n_s}, which give an efficient summary ... More
Plasmonic Light Trapping in an Ultrathin Photovoltaic Layer with Film-Coupled Metamaterial StructuresSep 11 2014Feb 04 2015A film-coupled metamaterial structure is numerically investigated for enhancing the light absorption in an ultrathin photovoltaic layer of crystalline gallium arsenide (GaAs). The top subwavelength concave grating and the bottom metallic film could not ... More
Hierarchical Spatial Sum-Product Networks for Action Recognition in Still ImagesNov 17 2015Jul 08 2016Recognizing actions from still images is popularly studied recently. In this paper, we model an action class as a flexible number of spatial configurations of body parts by proposing a new spatial SPN (Sum-Product Networks). First, we discover a set of ... More
Electron Transport in Dirac and Weyl SemimetalsSep 10 2018Recently, the Dirac and Weyl semimetals have attracted extensive attention in condensed matter physics due to both the fundamental interest and the potential application of a new generation of electronic devices. Here we review the exotic electrical transport ... More
A Primal-Dual Weak Galerkin Finite Element Method for Fokker-Planck Type EquationsApr 19 2017This paper presents a primal-dual weak Galerkin (PD-WG) finite element method for a class of second order elliptic equations of Fokker-Planck type. The method is based on a variational form where all the derivatives are applied to the test functions so ... More
A Primal-Dual Weak Galerkin Finite Element Method for Second Order Elliptic Equations in Non-Divergence FormOct 13 2015This article proposes a new numerical algorithm for second order elliptic equations in non-divergence form. The new method is based on a discrete weak Hessian operator locally constructed by following the weak Galerkin strategy. The numerical solution ... More
Free boundary problems of ecological models with nonlocal and local diffusionsDec 31 2018We study a class of free boundary problems of ecological models with nonlocal and local diffusions, which are natural extensions of free boundary problems of reaction diffusion systems in there local diffusions are used to describe the population dispersal, ... More
Nonparametric Additive Model-assisted Estimation for Survey DataJan 04 2011An additive model-assisted nonparametric method is investigated to estimate the finite population totals of massive survey data with the aid of auxiliary information. A class of estimators is proposed to improve the precision of the well known Horvitz-Thompson ... More
Thermalization of small quantum systems: From the zeroth law of thermodynamicsMay 15 2019Thermalization of isolated quantum systems has been studied intensively in recent years and significant progresses have been achieved. Here, we study thermalization of small quantum systems that interact with large chaotic environments under the consideration ... More
Compatible Matrices of Spearman's Rank CorrelationOct 08 2018Oct 11 2018In this paper, we provide a negative answer to a long-standing open problem on the compatibility of Spearman's rho matrices. Following an equivalence of Spearman's rho matrices and linear correlation matrices for dimensions up to 9 in the literature, ... More
Modeling study on the validity of a possibly simplified representation of proteinsJun 23 2000The folding characteristics of sequences reduced with a possibly simplified representation of five types of residues are shown to be similar to their original ones with the natural set of residues (20 types or 20 letters). The reduced sequences have a ... More
Study of the single neutral top-pion production process at $γγ$ colliderOct 29 2005Nov 18 2005$\gamma\gamma\to \Pi_t^0$ is the major production mechanism of neutral top-pion at the linear colliders. In this paper, we calculate the cross section of the process $\gamma\gamma \to \Pi^0_t$ and discuss the potential to observe the neutral top-pion ... More
Exploring the Systematic Uncertainties of Type Ia Supernovae as Cosmological ProbesJun 27 2013Jul 26 2013We explore the systematic uncertainties of using Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) as cosmological probes, using the Supernova Legacy Survey Three Year data (SNLS3). We focus on studying the possible evolution of the stretch-luminosity parameter $\alpha$ and ... More
WISE Detection of the Galactic Low-Mass X-Ray BinariesApr 14 2014We report on the results from our search for the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer detection of the Galactic low-mass X-ray binaries. Among 187 binaries catalogued in Liu et al. (2007), we find 13 counterparts and two candidate counterparts. For the ... More
Non-flow, and what flow to subtract in jet-correlationOct 20 2009We derive analytical forms for non-flow contributions from cluster correlation to two-particle elliptic flow (v2{2}) measure. We also derive an analytical form for jet-correlation flow-background with the same cluster approach. We argue that the elliptic ... More
Discretization of div-curl Systems by Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods on Polyhedral PartitionsJan 19 2015In this paper, the authors devise a new discretization scheme for div-curl systems defined in connected domains with heterogeneous media by using the weak Galerkin finite element method. Two types of boundary value problems are considered in the algorithm ... More
Neural Network-Based Abstract Generation for Opinions and ArgumentsJun 09 2016We study the problem of generating abstractive summaries for opinionated text. We propose an attention-based neural network model that is able to absorb information from multiple text units to construct informative, concise, and fluent summaries. An importance-based ... More
Geometrical quantities on a fuzzy sphereJul 12 2010In this paper, we consider the geometrical quantities on the fuzzy sphere from the spectral point of view, such as the area and the dimension. We find that, in contract to the standard sphere, the area and the dimension are the functions of the energy ... More
Constructing Social Networks From Binary DataJun 11 2018Much of applied network analysis concerns with studying the existing relationships between a set of agents; however, little focus has been given to the considerations of how to represent observed phenomena as a network object. In the case of physical ... More
Integrability of scalar curvature and normal metric on conformally flat manifoldsJul 14 2017On a manifold $(\mathbb{R}^n, e^{2u} |dx|^2)$, we say $u$ is normal if the $Q$-curvature equation that $u$ satisfies $(-\Delta)^{\frac{n}{2}} u = Q_g e^{nu}$ can be written as the integral form $u(x)=\frac{1}{c_n}\int_{\mathbb R^n}\log\frac{|y|}{|x-y|}Q_g(y)e^{nu(y)}dy+C$. ... More
Extreme Negative Dependence and Risk AggregationJul 25 2014We introduce the concept of an extremely negatively dependent (END) sequence of random variables with a given common marginal distribution. The END structure, as a new benchmark for negative dependence, is comparable to comonotonicity and independence. ... More
Warped cones and proper affine isometric actions of discrete groups on Banach spacesMay 23 2017Warped cones are metric spaces introduced by John Roe from discrete group actions on compact metric spaces to produce interesting examples in coarse geometry. We show that a certain class of warped cones $\mathcal{O}_\Gamma (M)$ admit a fibred coarse ... More
Soft Physics from STAROct 24 2005Oct 27 2005New results on soft hadron distributions and correlations measured with the STAR experiment are presented. Knowledge about the bulk properties of relativistic heavy-ion collisions offered by these results is discussed.
In-Medium Properties of JetsJul 05 2007Modifications of jet-like azimuthal correlations have revealed novel properties of the medium created in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. Experimental results on jet-like 2- and 3-particle correlations, specificly "punch-through" at high transverse ... More
Under-approximation of the Greatest Fixpoints in Real-Time System VerificationJan 22 2005Techniques for the efficient successive under-approximation of the greatest fixpoint in TCTL formulas can be useful in fast refutation of inevitability properties and vacuity checking. We first give an integrated algorithmic framework for both under and ... More
Measurement of Jet Modification at RHICApr 06 2004Charged hadrons (0.15 < pt < 4 GeV/c) associated with a large pt trigger particle (4 < pt < 6 GeV/c) are statistically reconstructed in the large acceptance STAR TPC for p+p and Au+Au collisions at sqrt(s_NN)=200 GeV. Preliminary results on transverse ... More
Numerical simulations of Ising spin glasses with free boundary conditions: the role of droplet excitations and domain wallsOct 25 2016The relative importance of the contributions of droplet excitations and domain walls on the ordering of short-range Edwards-Anderson spin glasses in three and four dimensions is studied. We compare the overlap distributions of periodic and free boundary ... More
Total coloring of 1-toroidal graphs of maximum degree at least 11 and no adjacent trianglesJun 18 2012Sep 16 2013A {\em total coloring} of a graph $G$ is an assignment of colors to the vertices and the edges of $G$ such that every pair of adjacent/incident elements receive distinct colors. The {\em total chromatic number} of a graph $G$, denoted by $\chiup''(G)$, ... More
Antiferromagnetic Dirac Semimetals in Two DimensionsSep 12 2016The search for symmetry-protected 2D Dirac semimetals analogous to graphene is important both for fundamental and practical interest. The 2D Dirac cones are protected by crystalline symmetries and magnetic ordering may destroy their robustness. Here we ... More
Transport equation for plasmas in a stationary-homogeneous turbulenceDec 04 2015For a plasma in a stationary homogeneous turbulence, the Fokker-Planck equation is derived from the nonlinear Vlasov equation by introducing the entropy principle. The ensemble average in evaluating the kinetic diffusion tensor, whose symmetry has been ... More
Energy-Based Analysis of Crowd Self-Driven MotionSep 11 2013Jul 06 2015For centuries, how an object moves given external forces is characterized by physical laws. As for creatures like human, their movements are self-driven, and the driving forces are generated by intention of people in a psychological sense. How to capture ... More
DIY the Integrated Climate Model and its computational performanceMay 29 2014Aug 25 2014This article describes the software engineering framework and computation performance of a global climate system model which helps the user to understand the step-by-step technical to DIY(do it yourself) a climate model by your own. The model integrates ... More
Covering with Excess One: Seeing the TopologyDec 28 2013We have initiated the study of topology of the space of coverings on grid domains. The space has the following constraint: while all the covering agents can move freely (we allow overlapping) on the domain, their union must cover the whole domain. A minimal ... More
Dynamical Trading Mechanism in Limit Order MarketsMar 13 2013This work's purpose is to understand the dynamics of limit order books in order-driven markets. We try to illustrate a dynamical trading mechanism attached to the microstructure of limit order markets. We capture the iterative nature of trading processes, ... More
Concurrent Processing MemoryAug 15 2006Sep 25 2010A theoretical memory with limited processing power and internal connectivity at each element is proposed. This memory carries out parallel processing within itself to solve generic array problems. The applicability of this in-memory finest-grain massive ... More
MathGR: a tensor and GR computation package to keep it simpleJun 06 2013Aug 18 2014We introduce the MathGR package, written in Mathematica. The package can manipulate tensor and GR calculations with either abstract or explicit indices, simplify tensors with permutational symmetries, decompose tensors from abstract indices to partially ... More
$L^p$-Wasserstein distance for stochastic differential equations driven by Lévy processesMar 17 2016Coupling by reflection mixed with synchronous coupling is constructed for a class of stochastic differential equations (SDEs) driven by L\'{e}vy noises. As an application, we establish the exponential contractivity of the associated semigroups $(P_t)_{t\ge0}$ ... More
Kaluza-Klein dimensional reduction and Gauss-Codazzi-Ricci equationsMay 29 2008In this paper we imitate the traditional method which is used customarily in the General Relativity and some mathematical literatures to derive the Gauss-Codazzi-Ricci equations for dimensional reduction. It would be more distinct concerning geometric ... More
Some aspects of color superconductivity: an introductionDec 13 2009A pedagogical introduction to color superconductivity in the weak coupling limit is given. The focus is on the basic tools of thermal field theory necessary to compute observables of color superconductivity. The rich symmetry structure and symmetry breaking ... More
A Numerical Scheme for BSVIEsMay 16 2016In this paper, we consider the Euler method for backward stochastic Volterra integral equations. First, we approximate the original equation by a family of backward stochastic equations (BSDEs, for short). Then we solve the BSDEs by the Euler method. ... More
Beyond knowing that: a new generation of epistemic logicsMay 06 2016Jun 17 2016Epistemic logic has become a major field of philosophical logic ever since the groundbreaking work by Hintikka (1962). Despite its various successful applications in theoretical computer science, AI, and game theory, the technical development of the field ... More
Core-EP Decomposition and its ApplicationsJun 30 2016In this paper, we introduce the notion of the core-EP decomposition and some of its properties. By using the decomposition, we derive several characterizations of the core-EP inverse, introduce a pre-order(i.e. the core-EP order) and a partial order(i.e. ... More
Simulating thermal boundary conditions of spin-lattice models with weighted averagesJul 30 2015Mar 23 2016Thermal boundary conditions has played an increasingly important role in revealing the nature of short-range spin glasses and is likely to be relevant also for other disordered systems. Diffusion method initializing each replica with a random boundary ... More
Rational curves on hypersurfacesApr 15 2016Let $(X,D)$ be a pair where $X$ is a projective variety. We study in detail how the behavior of rational curves on $X$ as well as the positivity of $-(K_X+D)$ and $D$ influence the behavior of rational curves on $D$. In particular we give criteria for ... More
Minimal Root's embeddings for general starting and target distributionsJan 28 2016Oct 04 2016Recent works (Dupire (2005), Cox and Wang (2013), Gassiat et al. (2015)) have studied the construction of Root's embedding. However, all the results so far rely on the assumption that the corresponding stopped process is uniformly integrable, which is ... More
Another proof of Masuoka's Theorem for semisimple irreducible Hopf algebrasDec 04 2012Feb 28 2013Masuoka proved (2009) that a finite-dimensional irreducible Hopf algebra $H$ in positive characteristic is semisimple if and only if it is commutative semisimple if and only if the Hopf subalgebra generated by all primitives is semisimple. In this paper, ... More
One New Blowup Criterion for the 2D Full Compressible Navier-Stokes SystemOct 24 2012Jan 30 2013We establish a blowup criterion for the two-dimensional (2D) full compressible Navier-Stokes system. The criterion is given in terms of the divergence of the velocity field only, and is independent of the temperature. It is almost the same as that of ... More
On Zeilberger ConjectureJan 31 2014Feb 14 2014We prove a conjecture by D. Zeilberger on the determinant of a certain matrix and relate it to a problem of non-existence of 1-cycles in this note.
Searching for Debris Disks around Isolated PulsarsFeb 20 2014Apr 08 2014Different pieces of observational evidence suggest the existence of disks around isolated neutron stars. Such disks could be formed from supernova fallback when neutron stars are born in core-collapse supernova explosions. Efforts have been made to search ... More
An Algebra of Reversible Quantum ComputingJan 17 2015Based on the axiomatization of reversible computing RACP, we generalize it to quantum reversible computing which is called qRACP. By use of the framework of quantum configuration, we show that structural reversibility and quantum state reversibility must ... More
Entanglement in Quantum Process AlgebraMar 17 2014Jul 13 2015We explicitly model entanglement in quantum processes by treating entanglement as a kind of parallelism. We introduce a shadow constant quantum operation and a so-called entanglement merge into quantum process algebra qACP. The transition rules of the ... More
Formal Model of Web Service Composition: An Actor-Based Approach to Unifying Orchestration and ChoreographyDec 03 2013Web Service Composition creates new composite Web Services from the collection of existing ones to be composed further and embodies the added values and potential usages of Web Services. Web Service Composition includes two aspects: Web Service orchestration ... More
Faster Approximation of Max Flow for Directed GraphsNov 05 2012Nov 18 2012I extend the methods in "Electrical Flows, Laplacian Systems, and Faster Approximation of Maximum Flow in Undirected Graphs, with Paul Christiano, Jonathan Kelner, Daniel Spielman, and Shang-Hua Teng" to directed graphs with a variation of the framework ... More