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Two coloring problems on matrix graphsDec 22 2015In this paper, we propose a new family of graphs, matrix graphs, whose vertex set $\mathbb{F}^{N\times n}_q$ is the set of all $N\times n$ matrices over a finite field $\mathbb{F}_q$ for any positive integers $N$ and $n$. And any two matrices share an ... More
Thermal properties of bended graphene nanoribbons from nonequilibrium molecular dynamicsFeb 29 2012We have studied the thermal properties of bended graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) using nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulations. The thermal conductivity of bended GNRs shows a non-monotonous relationship with the bending angle, due to the influence ... More
Chiral selection and frequency response of spiral waves in reaction-diffusion systems under a chiral electric fieldMar 05 2014Apr 25 2014Chirality is one of the most fundamental properties of many physical, chemical and biological systems. However, the mechanisms underlying the onset and control of chiral symmetry are largely understudied. We investigate possibility of chirality control ... More
Shear Viscosity in Weakly Coupled N-Component Scalar Field TheoriesOct 15 2010Nov 18 2010The rich phenomena of the shear viscosity (eta) to entropy density (s) ratio, eta/s, in weakly coupled N-component scalar field theories are studied. eta/s can have a "double dip" behavior due to resonances and the phase transition. If an explicit goldstone ... More
On Symplectic, Multisymplectic Structures-Preserving in Simple Finite Element MethodApr 18 2001By the simple finite element method, we study the symplectic, multisymplectic structures and relevant preserving properties in some semi-linear elliptic boundary value problem in one-dimensional and two-dimensional spaces respectively. We find that with ... More
Prior-aware Neural Network for Partially-Supervised Multi-Organ SegmentationApr 12 2019Accurate multi-organ abdominal CT segmentation is essential to many clinical applications such as computer-aided intervention. As data annotation requires massive human labor from experienced radiologists, it is common that training data are partially ... More
Simple rate-adaptive LDPC coding for quantum key distributionMay 24 2015Although quantum key distribution (QKD) comes from the development of quantum theory, the implementation of a practical QKD system does involve a lot of classical process, such as key reconciliation and privacy amplification, which is called post-processing. ... More
Lepton-number violating four-body decays of heavy mesonsApr 13 2013Jul 11 2013Neutrinoless hadron Lepton Number Violating (LNV) decays can be induced by virtual Majorana neutrino, which in turn indubitably show the Majorana nature of neutrinos. Many three-body LNV processes and Lepton Flavour Violating (LFV) processes have been ... More
A Fully Decentralized Control of Grid-Connected Cascaded InvertersSep 09 2017This letter proposes a decentralized control scheme for grid-connected cascaded modular inverters without any communication, and each module makes decisions based on its own local information. In contrast, the conventional methods are usually centralized ... More
Activity Analyses for Solar-type Stars Observed with Kepler. II. Magnetic Feature Versus Flare ActivityMay 25 2017May 06 2018The light curves of solar-type stars present both periodic fluctuation and flare spikes. The gradual periodic fluctuation is interpreted as the rotational modulation of magnetic features on the stellar surface and is used to deduce magnetic feature activity ... More
Measurement-device-independent QKD with Modified Coherent StateFeb 11 2014The measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution (MDI-QKD) protocol has been proposed for the purpose of removing the detector side channel attacks. Due to the multi-photon events of coherent states sources, real-life implementations of MDI-QKD ... More
Performance of various correlation measures in quantum renormalization-group method: A case study of quantum phase transitionJun 06 2012Mar 20 2013We have investigated quantum phase transition employing the quantum renormalization group (QRG) method while in most previous literature barely entanglement (concurrence) has been demonstrated. However, it is now well known that entanglement is not the ... More
Running Neutrino Masses, Leptonic Mixing Angles and CP-Violating Phases: From $M_{\rm Z}$ to $Λ_{\rm GUT}$Feb 02 2005Mar 25 2005We derive renormalization group equations for neutrino masses, leptonic mixing angles and CP-violating phases running at energies above the seesaw threshold, both in the Standard Model and in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model extended with three ... More
BMO estimate of lacunary Fourier series on nonabelian discrete groupsMar 07 2017Mar 11 2017We show that the classical equivalence between the BMO norm and the $L^2$ norm of a lacunary Fourier series has an analogue on any discrete group $G$ equipped with a conditionally negative function.
The spreading fronts in a mutualistic model with delayMay 18 2014This article is concerned with a system of semilinear parabolic equations with two free boundaries describing the spreading fronts of the invasive species in a mutualistic ecological model. The local existence and uniqueness of a classical solution are ... More
Comments on "A note on optimal detection of a change in distribution," by Benjamin YakirAug 02 2006The purpose of this note is to show that in a widely cited paper by Yakir [Ann. Statist. 25 (1997) 2117--2126, doi:10.1214/aos/1069362390], the proof that the so-called modified Shiryayev--Roberts procedure is exactly optimal is incorrect. We also clarify ... More
Unconventional Color SuperconductorJan 31 2007Superfluidity or superconductivity with mismatched Fermi momenta appears in many systems such as charge neutral dense quark matter, asymmetric nuclear matter, and in imbalanced cold atomic gases. The mismatch plays the role of breaking the Cooper pairing, ... More
Large deviations and exact asymptotics for constrained exponential random graphsDec 18 2014Aug 01 2015We present a technique for approximating generic normalization constants subject to constraints. The method is then applied to derive the exact asymptotics for the conditional normalization constant of constrained exponential random graphs.
On the General Kerr/CFT Correspondence in Arbitrary DimensionsFeb 19 2012We study conformal symmetries on the horizon of a general stationary and axisymmetric black hole. We find that there exist physically reasonable boundary conditions that uniquely determine a set of symmetry generators, which form one copy of the Virasoro ... More
Relativistic configuration interaction calculation on the ground and excited states of iridium monoxideDec 03 2014We present the fully relativistic multi-reference configuration interaction calculations of the ground and low-lying excited electronic states of IrO for individual spin-orbit component. The lowest states for four spin-orbit components 1/2, 3/2, 5/2, ... More
Mismatched-basis statistics enable quantum key distribution with uncharacterized qubit sourcesJul 08 2014Nov 27 2014In the postprocessing of quantum key distribution, the raw key bits from the mismatched-basis measurements, where two parties use different bases, are normally discarded. Here, we propose a postprocessing method that exploits measurement statistics from ... More
Human vs. Computer Go: Review and ProspectJun 07 2016The Google DeepMind challenge match in March 2016 was a historic achievement for computer Go development. This article discusses the development of computational intelligence (CI) and its relative strength in comparison with human intelligence for the ... More
Quantum discord in quantum random access codes and its connection with dimension witnessJul 05 2012Mar 20 2013We exploit quantum discord (and geometric discord) to detect quantum correlations present in a well-known communication model called quantum random access codes (QRACs), which has a variety of applications in areas ranging form quantum communication complexity, ... More
Measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution with uncharacterized qubit sourcesSep 16 2013Dec 23 2013Measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution (MDIQKD) is proposed to be secure against any possible detection attacks. The security of the original proposal relies on the assumption that the legitimate users can fully characterize the encoding ... More
Synchronization in nonlinear oscillators with conjugate couplingMar 25 2014In this work, we investigate the synchronization in oscillators with conjugate coupling in which oscillators interact via dissimilar variables. The synchronous dynamics and its stability are investigated theoretically and numerically. We find that the ... More
Decoy state measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution based on the Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt inequalityAug 04 2014Sep 18 2014The measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution (MDI-QKD) protocol is proposed to remove the detector side channel attacks, while its security relies on the assumption that the encoding systems are perfectly characterized. In contrast, the ... More
A Cascading Failure Model by Quantifying InteractionsJan 10 2013Dec 31 2013Cascading failures triggered by trivial initial events are encountered in many complex systems. It is the interaction and coupling between components of the system that causes cascading failures. We propose a simple model to simulate cascading failure ... More
Hessian formulas and estimates for parabolic Schrödinger operatorsOct 29 2016We study the Hessian of the fundamental solution to the parabolic problem for weighted Schr\"odinger operators of the form $\frac 12 \Delta+\nabla h-V$ proving a second order Feynman-Kac formula and obtaining Hessian estimates. For manifolds with a pole, ... More
Strict local martingales: examplesSep 04 2016Using a criterion for the strictly localness of a continuous local martingale, we construct a family of strict local martingales.
Existence and Asymptotic Stability of Periodic Solutions for Impulsive Delay Evolution EquationsJan 02 2018In this paper, we are devoted to consider the periodic problem for the impulsive evolution equations with delay in Banach space. By using operator semigroups theory and fixed point theorem, we establish some new existence theorems of periodic mild solutions ... More
Deep Face Recognition: A SurveyApr 18 2018Feb 12 2019Deep learning applies multiple processing layers to learn representations of data with multiple levels of feature extraction. This emerging technique has reshaped the research landscape of face recognition since 2014, launched by the breakthroughs of ... More
Matrix product solution of the stationary states of two-species open zero range processesSep 21 2018Dec 04 2018Using the matrix product ansatz, we obtain solutions of the steady-state distribution of the two-species open one-dimensional zero range process. Our solution is based on a conventionally employed constraint on the hop rates, which eventually allows us ... More
Cutoff regulators in chiral nuclear effective field theoryMay 07 2016Three-dimensional cutoff regulators are frequently employed in multi-nucleon calculations, but they violate chiral symmetry and Lorentz invariance. A cutoff regularization scheme is proposed to compensate systematically at subleading orders for these ... More
The Neural Hawkes Process: A Neurally Self-Modulating Multivariate Point ProcessDec 29 2016Nov 21 2017Many events occur in the world. Some event types are stochastically excited or inhibited---in the sense of having their probabilities elevated or decreased---by patterns in the sequence of previous events. Discovering such patterns can help us predict ... More
Monodromy and isotopy of monotone Lagrangian toriJul 22 2008May 23 2009We define new Hamiltonian isotopy invariants for a monotone Lagrangian torus embedded in a symplectic 4-manifold. We show that, in the standard symplectic 4-space, these invariants distinguish a monotone Clifford torus from a Chekanov torus.
Zero-mode contribution and quantized first order phase transition in a droplet quark matterMar 20 2019The finite size effect on hadron physics and quark matter has attracted much interest for more than three decades, it is still in suspense whether the periodic (with zero-momentum mode) or the anti-periodic (without zero-momentum mode) spatial boundary ... More
Holographic description of total hadronic cross sections at high energiesSep 14 2018We investigate the hadron-hadron total cross sections at high energies in the framework of holographic QCD. In our model setup, the involved strong interaction is described by the Brower-Polchinski-Strassler-Tan Pomeron exchange kernel, and the two form ... More
Discriminants of Brauer algebrasJul 11 2006May 03 2007In this paper, we compute the discriminant of the Gram matrix associated to each cell module of the Brauer algebra $\cba{n}$. Theoretically, we know when a cell module of $\cba{n}$ is equal to its simple head. This gives a solution of this long standing ... More
Gram determinants and semisimplity criteria for Birman-Wenzl algebrasJul 11 2006Feb 18 2008In this paper, we compute the Gram determinants associated to each cell module of the Birman-Wenzl algebras. As a by-product, we give the necessary and sufficient condition for semisimple Birman-Wenzl algebras over an arbitrary field.
Bessel polynomials, double factorials and context-free grammarsAug 27 2012Sep 03 2012The purpose of this paper is to show that Bessel polynomials, double factorials and Catalan triangle can be generated by using context-free grammars.
Uplink Cooperative NOMA for Cellular-Connected UAVSep 11 2018Feb 14 2019Aerial-ground interference mitigation is a challenging issue in the cellular-connected unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) communications. Due to the strong line-of-sight (LoS) air-to-ground (A2G) channels, the UAV may impose/suffer more severe uplink/downlink ... More
Extended Symmetries at Black Hole Horizons in Generic DimensionsNov 29 2016Jun 06 2017Recently it has been shown that there is asymptotic BMS-like symmetry associated with the near-horizon geometry of black holes in three and four dimensions. In this paper, we show that the presence of such BMS-like symmetry is a ubiquitous feature for ... More
Elliptic estimates for Dirichlet-Neumann operator on a corner domainDec 10 2015Sep 24 2016We consider the elliptic estimates for Dirichlet-Neumann operator related to the water-wave problem on a two-dimensional corner domain in this paper. Due to the singularity of the boundary, there will be singular parts in the solution of the elliptic ... More
A Modified Generalized Chaplygin Gas as the Unified Dark Matter-Dark Energy RevisitedOct 10 2011A modified generalized Chaplygin gas (MGCG) is considered as the unified dark matter-dark energy revisited. The character of MGCG is endued with the dual role, which behaves as matter at early times and as an quiessence dark energy at late times. The ... More
On the density of ratios of Chern numbers of embedded threefoldsNov 22 1996We show that the limit points of (x,y) for all 3-folds in P^5 with the Chern ratios $x=c_1^3/c_1c_2$, $y=c_3/c_1c_2$ must lie on the line segment $x+y=2$, $1\le x\le 2$. (Note that the determinantal ones already give x+y=2, $1\le x\le 17/12$.)
Joint Power Minimization Over Multi-Carrier Two-Way Relay NetworksDec 13 2015Sep 02 2017The study considers a three-node, two-way relaying network (TWRN) over a multi-carrier system, aiming to minimize the total power consumption of all the transmit and receiver activities. By employing digital network coding (DNC) and physical-layer network ... More
Pair production of charged Higgs bosons in the Left-Right Twin Higgs model at the ILC and LHCJan 20 2007Nov 29 2007Left-Right twin Higgs(LRTH) model predicts the existence of a pair of charged Higgs $\phi^{\pm}$. In this paper, we study the production of the charged Higgs bosons pair $\phi^{\pm}$ via the process $e^{+}e^{-}\to \phi^{+}\phi^{-}$ at the International ... More
Note on the Hölder norm estimate of the function $x\sin(1/x)$Jul 25 2014In this paper, we prove the following inequality: for any $x, y>0$, there holds $$\big|x\sin\frac{1}{x} - y\sin\frac{1}{y} \big| \leq \sqrt{2|x - y|}.$$
Ricci-Flat and Charged Wormholes in Five DimensionsJun 19 2008Jun 28 2008We construct stationary Ricci-flat inter-universe Lorentzian wormhole solutions in all D\ge 5 dimensions that connect two flat asymptotic spacetimes. Such a solution can be viewed as the gravity dual of a string tachyon state whose linear momentum is ... More
The extended Kerr-Schild approach to general relativityNov 28 2016We study in some detail the "extended Kerr-Schild" formulation of general relativity, which decomposes the gauge-independent degrees of freedom of a generic metric into two arbitrary functions and the choice of a flat background tetrad. We recast Einstein's ... More
Short character sums for composite moduliDec 31 2011May 07 2014We establish new estimates on short character sums for arbitrary composite moduli with small prime factors. Our main result improves on the Graham-Ringrose bound for square free moduli and also on the result due to Gallagher and Iwaniec when the core ... More
Free Hilbert TransformsMay 07 2016Sep 05 2016We study analogues of classical Hilbert transforms as fourier multipliers on free groups. We prove their complete boundedness on non commutative $L^p$ spaces associated with the free group von Neumann algebras for all $1<p<\infty$. This implies that the ... More
Polynomials with only real zeros and the Eulerian polynomials of type DMay 29 2012Jun 04 2012A remarkable identity involving the Eulerian polynomials of type D was obtained by Stembridge (Adv. Math. 106 (1994), p. 280, Lemma 9.1). In this paper we explore an equivalent form of this identity. We prove Brenti's real-rootedness conjecture for the ... More
Optimal Decentralized Economical-sharing Criterion and Scheme for MicrogridSep 09 2017In order to address the economical dispatch problem in islanded microgrid, this letter proposes an optimal criterion and two decentralized economical-sharing schemes. The criterion is to judge whether global optimal economical-sharing can be realized ... More
Associated charged gauge boson $W_{H}^{-}$ and top quark production in the left-right twin higgs model at the LHCMar 26 2007Oct 30 2010This paper has been withdrawn by the author(s) due to some mistakes in this paper.
On existence and stability of equilibria of DC Microgrid with constant power loadsNov 19 2017Jan 04 2018The problem of existence and stability of equilibria of DC microgirds with constant power loads methods is addressed in this paper. Constant power loads (CPLs) often cause instability due to its negative impedance characteristics. What is the worse, CPLs ... More
Mechanical Self-Assembly of a Strain-Engineered Flexible Layer: Wrinkling, Rolling, and TwistingDec 09 2015Self-shaping of curved structures, especially those involving flexible thin layers, has attracted increasing attention because of their broad potential applications in e.g. nanoelectromechanical/micro-electromechanical systems (NEMS/MEMS), sensors, artificial ... More
Field and long-term demonstration of a wide area quantum key distribution networkSep 04 2014Sep 10 2014A wide area quantum key distribution (QKD) network deployed on communication infrastructures provided by China Mobile Ltd. is demonstrated. Three cities and two metropolitan area QKD networks were linked up to form the Hefei-Chaohu-Wuhu wide area QKD ... More
Deformation and quasiregular extension of cubical Alexander mapsApr 19 2019In this article we prove that, for an oriented PL $n$-manifold $M$ with $m$ boundary components and $d_0\in \mathbb N$, there exist mutually disjoint closed Euclidean balls and a $\mathsf K$-quasiregular mapping $M \to \mathbb S^n \setminus \mathrm{int}(B_1\cup ... More
The impact of neutral impurity concentration on charge drift mobility in germaniumJul 08 2016Dec 20 2016We reported a new result of the neutral impurity scattering of holes that has impact on the charge drift mobility in high purity p-type germanium crystals at 77 Kelvin. The charge carrier concentration, mobility and resistivity are measured by Hall Effect ... More
Fault diagnosability of data center networksJan 29 2017The data center networks $D_{n,k}$, proposed in 2008, has many desirable features such as high network capacity. A kind of generalization of diagnosability for network $G$ is $g$-good-neighbor diagnosability which is denoted by $t_g(G)$. Let $\kappa^g(G)$ ... More
Stacking sequence dependence of electronic properties in double-layer graphene heterostructuresDec 12 2014First-principles calculation has been performed to investigate the stability and electronic properties of double-layer graphene heterostructure (DLGH). In this system, two graphene layers are separated by hexagonal boron-nitride (h-BN) layers which work ... More
Optimally chosen Nakajima-Zwanzig master equation for mean field approximationOct 11 2011We define an ensemble of projection operators, each of which has an exact associated Nakajima-Zwanzig master equation for quantum open system evolution. A mean field approximation for the memory kernels is introduced that yields, for an optimally chosen ... More
Comparison Tests of Variable-Stepsize Algorithms for Stochastic Ordinary Differential Equations of FinanceJun 11 2006Since the introduction of the Black-Scholes model stochastic processes have played an increasingly important role in mathematical finance. In many cases prices, volatility and other quantities can be modeled using stochastic ordinary differential equations. ... More
Thermal Gravitational Radiation and Condensed UniverseDec 07 2016The perfect Planck spectrum of the observed cosmic microwave background radiation indicates that our universe must be in thermal equilibrium. The dark sector of the universe should also be in the same equilibrium state with dark matter and dark energy ... More
Strongly coupled matter near phase transitionDec 17 2008In the Hartree approximation of Cornwall-Jackiw-Tomboulis (CJT) formalism of the real scalar field theory, we show that for the strongly coupled scalar system near phase transition, the shear viscosity over entropy density is small, however, the bulk ... More
Chromomagnetic instability in dense quark matterJul 05 2004Sep 08 2004The results for the Debye and Meissner screening masses of the gluons and the photon in the case of neutral and beta-equilibrated dense two-flavor quark matter are presented. In the limits of the normal phase and the ideal two-flavor color superconducting ... More
The 1/k-Eulerian polynomials and k-Stirling permutationsSep 23 2014In this paper, we establish a connection between the 1/k-Eulerian polynomials introduced by Savage and Viswanathan (Electron. J. Combin. 19(2012), P9) and k-Stirling permutations. We also introduce the dual set of Stirling permutations.
An RIP-based approach to $ΣΔ$ quantization for compressed sensingMay 01 2014In this paper, we provide a new approach to estimating the error of reconstruction from $\Sigma\Delta$ quantized compressed sensing measurements. Our method is based on the restricted isometry property (RIP) of a certain projection of the measurement ... More
Screening masses in neutral two-flavor color superconductorAug 24 2004Nov 12 2004The Debye and Meissner screening masses of the gluons and the photon in neutral and beta-equilibrated dense two-flavor quark matter are calculated. The results are presented in a general form that can be used in gapped as well as gapless color superconducting ... More
Barycenters of measures transported by stochastic flowsJul 22 2005We investigate the evolution of barycenters of masses transported by stochastic flows. The state spaces under consideration are smooth affine manifolds with certain convexity structure. Under suitable conditions on the flow and on the initial measure, ... More
Robust Beamforming for SWIPT System with Chance ConstraintsMar 21 2018The robust beamforming problem in multiple-input single-output (MISO) downlink networks of simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) is studied in this paper. Adopting the time switching fashion to perform energy harvesting and information ... More
Muon-Induced Background Study for Underground LaboratoriesDec 05 2005Dec 06 2005We provide a comprehensive study of the cosmic-ray muon flux and induced activity as a function of overburden along with a convenient parameterization of the salient fluxes and differential distributions for a suite of underground laboratories ranging ... More
A Comprehensive Study of Low-Energy Response for Xenon-Based Dark Matter ExperimentsApr 04 2016Feb 19 2017We report a comprehensive study of the energy response to low-energy recoils in dual-phase xenon-based dark matter experiments. A recombination model is developed to explain the recombination probability as a function of recoil energy at zero field and ... More
Germanium Detector Response to Nuclear Recoils in Searching for Dark MatterMar 20 2012Aug 22 2012The discrepancies in claims of experimental evidence in the search for weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP) dark matter necessitate a model for ionization efficiency (the quenching factor) at energies below 10 keV. We have carefully studied the ... More
The $L^2$-cohomology of a bounded smooth Stein Domain is not necessarily HausdorffMay 25 2013Mar 01 2015We give an example of a pseudoconvex domain in a complex manifold whose $L^2$-Dolbeault cohomology is non-Hausdorff, yet the domain is Stein. The domain is a smoothly bounded Levi-flat domain in a two complex-dimensional compact complex manifold. The ... More
2PN Light Propagation in the Scalar-Tensor Theory: an $N$-Point-Masses CaseJul 13 2012Within the framework of the scalar-tensor theory (STT), its second post-Newtonian (2PN) approximation is obtained with Chandrasekhar's approach. By focusing on an $N$-point-masses system as the first step, we reduce the metric to its 2PN form for light ... More
Spirallikeness of shifted hypergeometric functionsApr 18 2016In the present paper, we study spirallikenss (including starlikeness) of the shifted hypergeometric function $f(z)=z_2F_1(a,b;c;z)$ with complex parameters $a,b,c,$ where $_2F_1(a,b;c;z)$ stands for the Gaussian hypergeometric function. First, we observe ... More
Nonlinear Roth type theorems in finite fieldsAug 18 2016We obtain smoothing estimates for certain nonlinear convolution operators on prime fields, leading to quantitative nonlinear Roth type theorems. Compared with the usual linear setting (i.e. arithmetic progressions), the nonlinear nature of the operators ... More
Solve the General Constrained Optimal Control Problem with Common Integration MethodFeb 06 2018Computation of general state- and/or control-constrained Optimal Control Problems (OCPs) is difficult for various constraints, especially the intractable path constraint. For such problems, the theoretical convergence of numerical algorithms is usually ... More
The d-bar-Cauchy problem and nonexistence of Lipschitz Levi-flat hypersurfaces in CP^n with n>= 3Apr 05 2006Oct 13 2006A Lipschitz hypersurface is a hypersurface which locally is the graph of a Lipschitz function. A Lipschitz (or C^1) hypersurface is said to be Levi-flat if it is locally foliated by complex manifolds of complex dimension (n-1). We shall prove that there ... More
Viscous gravitational aether and the cosmological constant problemJul 18 2009Oct 29 2009Recently a notion of gravitational aether is advocated to solve the cosmological constant problem.Through the modification of the source of gravity one finds that the effective Newton's constant is source dependent so as to provide a simple but consistent ... More
On a paper of Erdös and SzekeresSep 28 2015Nov 12 2015Propositions 1.1 -- 1.3 stated below contribute to results and certain problems considered in a paper by Erdos and Szekeres, on the behavior of products $\prod^n_1 (1-z^{a_j}), 1\leq a_1\leq \cdots\leq a_n$ integers. In the discussion, $\{a_1, \ldots, ... More
Averaging dynamics driven by fractional Brownian motionFeb 28 2019We consider slow / fast systems where the slow system is driven by fractional Brownian motion with Hurst parameter $H>{1\over 2}$. We show that unlike in the case $H={1\over 2}$, convergence to the averaged solution takes place in probability and the ... More
Non-removability of Sierpinski spacesDec 14 2018We prove that all Sierpi\'nski spaces in ${\mathbb{S}}^n$, $n\geq 2$, are non-removable for (quasi)conformal maps, generalizing the result of the first named author arXiv:1809.05605. More precisely, we show that for any Sierpi\'nski space $X\subset \mathbb{S}^n$ ... More
Distribution-Free Tests of Independence with Applications to Testing More StructuresOct 15 2014We consider the problem of testing mutual independence of all entries in a d-dimensional random vector X=(X_1,...,X_d)^T based on n independent observations. For this, we consider two families of distribution-free test statistics that converge weakly ... More
BayeSED: A General Approach to Fitting the Spectral Energy Distribution of GalaxiesAug 27 2014We present a newly developed version of BayeSED, a general Bayesian approach to the spectral energy distribution (SED) fitting of galaxies. The new BayeSED code has been systematically tested on a mock sample of galaxies. The comparison between estimated ... More
Phase Transitions and the Perfectness of FluidsSep 21 2007Oct 11 2008We calculate the ratio eta/s, the shear viscosity (eta) to entropy density (s), which characterizes how perfect a fluid is, in weakly coupled real scalar field theories with different types of phase transitions. The mean-field results of the eta/s behaviors ... More
Role of initial system-bath correlation on coherence trappingFeb 09 2015We study the coherence trapping of a qubit correlated initially with a non-Markovian bath in a pure dephasing channel. By considering the initial qubit-bath correlation and the bath spectral density, we find that the initial qubit-bath correlation can ... More
Statistical analysis of latent generalized correlation matrix estimation in transelliptical distributionMay 29 2013Sep 28 2016Correlation matrices play a key role in many multivariate methods (e.g., graphical model estimation and factor analysis). The current state-of-the-art in estimating large correlation matrices focuses on the use of Pearson's sample correlation matrix. ... More
Decoding spectral energy distributions of dust-obscured starburst-AGNFeb 28 2012We present BayeSED, a general purpose tool for doing Bayesian analysis of SEDs by using whatever pre-existing model SED libraries or their linear combinations. The artificial neural networks (ANNs), principal component analysis (PCA) and multimodal nested ... More
Probing Localization in Absorbing Systems via Loschmidt EchosJan 28 2009We measure Anderson localization in quasi-one-dimensional waveguides in the presence of absorption by analyzing the echo dynamics due to small perturbations. We specifically show that the inverse participation number of localized modes dictates the decay ... More
Abnormal Chest X-ray Identification With Generative Adversarial One-Class ClassifierMar 05 2019Being one of the most common diagnostic imaging tests, chest radiography requires timely reporting of potential findings in the images. In this paper, we propose an end-to-end architecture for abnormal chest X-ray identification using generative adversarial ... More
Thoracic Disease Identification and Localization with Limited SupervisionNov 17 2017Jun 20 2018Accurate identification and localization of abnormalities from radiology images play an integral part in clinical diagnosis and treatment planning. Building a highly accurate prediction model for these tasks usually requires a large number of images manually ... More
Tree-based Visualization and Optimization for Image CollectionJul 17 2015The visualization of an image collection is the process of displaying a collection of images on a screen under some specific layout requirements. This paper focuses on an important problem that is not well addressed by the previous methods: visualizing ... More
A Note on Symplectic, Multisymplectic Scheme in Finite Element MethodApr 06 2001We find that with uniform mesh, the numerical schemes derived from finite element method can keep a preserved symplectic structure in one-dimensional case and a preserved multisymplectic structure in two-dimentional case in certain discrete version respectively. ... More
Evidence for a Z$_2$ topological ordered quantum spin liquid in a kagome-lattice antiferromagnetOct 09 2017Feb 15 2019A quantum spin liquid with a $Z_2$ topological order has long been thought to be important for the application of quantum computing and may be related to high-temperature superconductivity. While a two-dimensional kagome antiferromagnet may host such ... More
Electric-field control of magnetism in few-layered van der Waals magnetFeb 17 2018Manipulating quantum state via electrostatic gating has been intriguing for many model systems in nanoelectronics. When it comes to the question of controlling the electron spins, more specifically, the magnetism of a system, tuning with electric field ... More
On the Feasibility of Detecting Satellites of Extrasolar Planets via MicrolensingJul 17 2002Although many methods of detecting extra-solar planets have been proposed and successful implementation of some of these methods enabled a rapidly increasing number of exoplanet detections, little has been discussed about the method of detecting satellites ... More
Optimal View Angle in Collective Dynamics of Self-propelled AgentsJun 22 2008Apr 05 2009We study a system of self-propelled agents in which each agent has a part of omnidirectional or panoramic view of its sensor disc, the field of vision of the agent in this case is only a sector of a disc bounded by two radii and the included arc. The ... More