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Two coloring problems on matrix graphsDec 22 2015In this paper, we propose a new family of graphs, matrix graphs, whose vertex set $\mathbb{F}^{N\times n}_q$ is the set of all $N\times n$ matrices over a finite field $\mathbb{F}_q$ for any positive integers $N$ and $n$. And any two matrices share an ... More
Synchronization in nonlinear oscillators with conjugate couplingMar 25 2014In this work, we investigate the synchronization in oscillators with conjugate coupling in which oscillators interact via dissimilar variables. The synchronous dynamics and its stability are investigated theoretically and numerically. We find that the ... More
Relativistic configuration interaction calculation on the ground and excited states of iridium monoxideDec 03 2014We present the fully relativistic multi-reference configuration interaction calculations of the ground and low-lying excited electronic states of IrO for individual spin-orbit component. The lowest states for four spin-orbit components 1/2, 3/2, 5/2, ... More
Pair production of charged Higgs bosons in the Left-Right Twin Higgs model at the ILC and LHCJan 20 2007Nov 29 2007Left-Right twin Higgs(LRTH) model predicts the existence of a pair of charged Higgs $\phi^{\pm}$. In this paper, we study the production of the charged Higgs bosons pair $\phi^{\pm}$ via the process $e^{+}e^{-}\to \phi^{+}\phi^{-}$ at the International ... More
Joint Power Minimization Over Multi-Carrier Two-Way Relay NetworksDec 13 2015Sep 02 2017The study considers a three-node, two-way relaying network (TWRN) over a multi-carrier system, aiming to minimize the total power consumption of all the transmit and receiver activities. By employing digital network coding (DNC) and physical-layer network ... More
A Fully Decentralized Control of Grid-Connected Cascaded InvertersSep 09 2017This letter proposes a decentralized control scheme for grid-connected cascaded modular inverters without any communication, and each module makes decisions based on its own local information. In contrast, the conventional methods are usually centralized ... More
Optimal Decentralized Economical-sharing Scheme in Islanded AC Microgrids with Cascaded InvertersApr 26 2017To address the economical dispatch problem without communications in islanded AC microgrids consisting of cascaded inverters, this paper proposes an optimal decentralized economical-sharing scheme. In proposed scheme, optimal sharing function of the current ... More
Stability Analysis of DC Microgrids with Constant Power Load under Distributed Control MethodJan 27 2017Nov 19 2017DC microgrids are becoming popular as effective means to integrate various renewable energy resources. Constant power loads (CPLs) may yield instability due to the negative impedance characteristic. This paper analyzes the stability of the DC microgrid ... More
Shear Viscosity in Weakly Coupled N-Component Scalar Field TheoriesOct 15 2010Nov 18 2010The rich phenomena of the shear viscosity (eta) to entropy density (s) ratio, eta/s, in weakly coupled N-component scalar field theories are studied. eta/s can have a "double dip" behavior due to resonances and the phase transition. If an explicit goldstone ... More
Prior-aware Neural Network for Partially-Supervised Multi-Organ SegmentationApr 12 2019Accurate multi-organ abdominal CT segmentation is essential to many clinical applications such as computer-aided intervention. As data annotation requires massive human labor from experienced radiologists, it is common that training data are partially ... More
Phase Transitions and the Perfectness of FluidsSep 21 2007Oct 11 2008We calculate the ratio eta/s, the shear viscosity (eta) to entropy density (s), which characterizes how perfect a fluid is, in weakly coupled real scalar field theories with different types of phase transitions. The mean-field results of the eta/s behaviors ... More
Handwritten Chinese Font Generation with Collaborative Stroke RefinementApr 30 2019May 06 2019Automatic character generation is an appealing solution for new typeface design, especially for Chinese typefaces including over 3700 most commonly-used characters. This task has two main pain points: (i) handwritten characters are usually associated ... More
Role of initial system-bath correlation on coherence trappingFeb 09 2015We study the coherence trapping of a qubit correlated initially with a non-Markovian bath in a pure dephasing channel. By considering the initial qubit-bath correlation and the bath spectral density, we find that the initial qubit-bath correlation can ... More
A Note on Symplectic, Multisymplectic Scheme in Finite Element MethodApr 06 2001We find that with uniform mesh, the numerical schemes derived from finite element method can keep a preserved symplectic structure in one-dimensional case and a preserved multisymplectic structure in two-dimentional case in certain discrete version respectively. ... More
Thoracic Disease Identification and Localization with Limited SupervisionNov 17 2017Jun 20 2018Accurate identification and localization of abnormalities from radiology images play an integral part in clinical diagnosis and treatment planning. Building a highly accurate prediction model for these tasks usually requires a large number of images manually ... More
Abnormal Chest X-ray Identification With Generative Adversarial One-Class ClassifierMar 05 2019Being one of the most common diagnostic imaging tests, chest radiography requires timely reporting of potential findings in the images. In this paper, we propose an end-to-end architecture for abnormal chest X-ray identification using generative adversarial ... More
Probing Localization in Absorbing Systems via Loschmidt EchosJan 28 2009We measure Anderson localization in quasi-one-dimensional waveguides in the presence of absorption by analyzing the echo dynamics due to small perturbations. We specifically show that the inverse participation number of localized modes dictates the decay ... More
Effects of Geometry and Symmetry on Electron Transport through Graphene-Carbon-Chain JunctionsSep 12 2013The electron transport between two zigzag graphene nanoribbons (ZGNRs) connected by carbon atomic chains has been investigated by the nonequilibrium Green's function method combined with the density functional theory. The symmetry of the orbitals in the ... More
Chromospheric activity on the late-type star V1355 Ori using Lijiang 1.8-m and 2.4-m telescopesDec 09 2016We obtained new high-resolution spectra using the Lijiang 1.8-m and 2.4-m telescopes to investigate the chromospheric activities of V1355 Ori as indicated in the behaviors of Ca ii H&K, Hdelta, Hgamma, Hbeta, Na i D1, D2, Halpha and Ca ii infrared triplet ... More
Measurement-device-independent QKD with Modified Coherent StateFeb 11 2014The measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution (MDI-QKD) protocol has been proposed for the purpose of removing the detector side channel attacks. Due to the multi-photon events of coherent states sources, real-life implementations of MDI-QKD ... More
Global Classical Solutions to the 2D Compressible MHD Equations with Large Data and VacuumSep 19 2014In this paper, we study the global well-posedness of classical solutions to the 2D compressible MHD equations with large initial data and vacuum. With the assumption $\mu=const.$ and $\lambda=\rho^\beta,~\beta>1$ (Va\v{i}gant-Kazhikhov Model) for the ... More
Helicity Observation of Weak and Strong FieldsJun 09 2006We report in this letter our analysis of a large sample of photospheric vector magnetic field measurements. Our sample consists of 17200 vector magnetograms obtained from January 1997 to August 2004 by Huairou Solar Observing Station of the Chinese National ... More
Retarded Interaction of Electromagnetic field and Symmetry Violation of Time Reversal in Non-linear OpticsApr 19 2008Based on Document (1), by considering the retarded interaction of radiation fields, the third order transition probabilities of stimulated radiations and absorptions of light are calculated. The revised formulas of nonlinear polarizations are provided. ... More
Rationality Problems of the Principles of Equivalence and General RelativitySep 06 2006It is pointed out that at present we only prove that inertial static mass and gravitational static mass are equivalent. We have not proved that inertial moving mass and gravitational moving mass are also equivalent. It is proved by the dynamic effect ... More
A More Rational and Perfect Scheme for C, P, T Transformations as well as C, T and CP Violations in the Regularization and Renormalization Processes of High Order PerturbationsJul 17 2002Mar 13 2010Based on the original meanings of C, P, T transformations, a more perfect and rational scheme is advanced. According to new scheme, the propagation function of Femion would change a negative sign under C, T transformations, while that of boson does not. ... More
Tent Spaces Associated with Semigroups of OperatorsSep 26 2007Dec 07 2008We study tent spaces on general measure spaces $(\Omega, \mu)$. We assume that there exists a semigroup of positive operators on $L^p(\Omega, \mu)$ satisfying a monotone property but do not assume any geometric/metric structure on $\Omega$. The semigroup ... More
Understanding magnetic instability in gapless superconductorsSep 18 2005Magnetic instability in gapless superconductors still remains as a puzzle. In this article, we point out that the instability might be caused by using BCS theory in mean-field approximation, where the phase fluctuation has been neglected. The mean-field ... More
Sequential change-point detection when unknown parameters are present in the pre-change distributionMay 12 2006May 15 2006In the sequential change-point detection literature, most research specifies a required frequency of false alarms at a given pre-change distribution $f_{\theta}$ and tries to minimize the detection delay for every possible post-change distribution $g_{\lambda}$. ... More
An H1-BMO duality theory for semigroups of operatorsApr 23 2012Apr 29 2012Let (M,\mu) be a sigma-finite measure space. Let (T_t) be a semigroup of positive preserving maps on (M,\mu) with standard assumptions. We prove a H_1-BMO duality theory with assumptions only on T_t. The BMO is defined as spaces of functions f such that ... More
Notes on Matrix Valued ParaproductsDec 16 2005Jan 18 2006Denote by $M_n$ the algebra of $n\times n$ matrices. We consider the dyadic paraproducts $\pi_b$ associated with $M_n$ valued functions $b$, and show that the $L^\infty (M_n)$ norm of $b$ does not dominate $||\pi_b||_{L^2(\ell _n^2)\to L^2(\ell_n^2)}$ ... More
Correlation between the ionizing continuum and variable C iv broad absorption line in multi-epoch observations of SDSS J141007.74+541203.3May 07 2019Correlation between the variations of quasar absorption lines and the ionizing continuum have been recently confirmed in systematic studies. However, no convincing individual case is reported. We present a statistical analysis of the variable C iv broad ... More
Evidence for photoionization-driven variability in narrow absorption linesJun 02 2017In this Letter, we report the discovery of a strong correlation between the variability of narrow absorption lines (NALs) and the ionizing continuum from a two-epoch spectra sample of 40 quasars containing 52 variable C iv {\lambda}{\lambda}1548; 1551 ... More
Human vs. Computer Go: Review and ProspectJun 07 2016The Google DeepMind challenge match in March 2016 was a historic achievement for computer Go development. This article discusses the development of computational intelligence (CI) and its relative strength in comparison with human intelligence for the ... More
A Low-Noise CMOS Pixel Direct Charge Sensor, Topmetal-II-Sep 29 2015Dec 22 2015We report the design and characterization of a CMOS pixel direct charge sensor, Topmetal-II-, fabricated in a standard 0.35um CMOS Integrated Circuit process. The sensor utilizes exposed metal patches on top of each pixel to directly collect charge. Each ... More
Mismatched-basis statistics enable quantum key distribution with uncharacterized qubit sourcesJul 08 2014Nov 27 2014In the postprocessing of quantum key distribution, the raw key bits from the mismatched-basis measurements, where two parties use different bases, are normally discarded. Here, we propose a postprocessing method that exploits measurement statistics from ... More
Observation of topological magnon insulator states in a superconducting circuitJan 17 2019Searching topological states of matter in tunable artificial systems has recently become a rapidly growing field of research. Meanwhile, significant experimental progresses on observing topological phenomena have been made in superconducting circuits. ... More
On the monotonicity of positive invariant harmonic functions in the unit ballFeb 03 2007A monotonicity property of Harnack inequality is proved for positive invariant harmonic functions in the unit ball.
Decentralized Two-Sided Sequential Tests for A Normal MeanJan 09 2009This article is concerned with decentralized sequential testing of a normal mean $\mu$ with two-sided alternatives. It is assumed that in a single-sensor network system with limited local memory, i.i.d. normal raw observations are observed at the local ... More
Exact Lagrangian tori in $T^*\mathbb{T}^n$Mar 31 2016Apr 02 2016We show that for $n\geq 2$ there exists an exact Lagrangian submanifold $L$ in the cotangent bundle $T^*\mathbb{T}^n$ of the $n$-dimensional torus $\mathbb{T}^n$ such that $L$ is symplectically but not Hamiltonian isotopic to the zero section of $T^*\mathbb{T}^n$. ... More
Invariants of Lagrangian surfacesOct 29 2004Nov 02 2004We define a nonnegative integer $\la(L,L_0;\phi)$ for a pair of diffeomorphic closed Lagrangian surfaces $L_0,L$ embedded in a symplectic 4-manifold $(M,\w)$ and a diffeomorphism $\phi\in\Diff^+(M)$ satisfying $\phi(L_0)=L$. We prove that if there exists ... More
Monodromy groups of Lagrangian tori in the symplectic 4-spaceMay 24 2009Dec 18 2011We determine the Lagrangian monodromy group L(T) and the smooth monodromy group S(T) of a Clifford torus T in the symplectic 4-space. We show that L(T) is isomorphic to the infinite dihedral group, and S(T) is generated by three reflections. We give explicit ... More
Hessian formulas and estimates for parabolic Schrödinger operatorsOct 29 2016We study the Hessian of the fundamental solution to the parabolic problem for weighted Schr\"odinger operators of the form $\frac 12 \Delta+\nabla h-V$ proving a second order Feynman-Kac formula and obtaining Hessian estimates. For manifolds with a pole, ... More
Strict local martingales: examplesSep 04 2016Using a criterion for the strictly localness of a continuous local martingale, we construct a family of strict local martingales.
The dependence of the helicity bound of force-free magnetic fields on boundary conditionsMay 13 2008This paper follows up on a previous study showing that in an open atmosphere such as the solar corona the total magnetic helicity of a force-free field must be bounded and the accumulation of magnetic helicity in excess of its upper bound would initiate ... More
Extended Symmetries at Black Hole Horizons in Generic DimensionsNov 29 2016Jun 06 2017Recently it has been shown that there is asymptotic BMS-like symmetry associated with the near-horizon geometry of black holes in three and four dimensions. In this paper, we show that the presence of such BMS-like symmetry is a ubiquitous feature for ... More
Monodromy and isotopy of monotone Lagrangian toriJul 22 2008May 23 2009We define new Hamiltonian isotopy invariants for a monotone Lagrangian torus embedded in a symplectic 4-manifold. We show that, in the standard symplectic 4-space, these invariants distinguish a monotone Clifford torus from a Chekanov torus.
A uniqueness result on ordinary differential equations with singular coefficientsDec 17 2008We consider the uniqueness of solutions of ordinary differential equations where the coefficients may have singularities. We derive upper bounds on the the order of singularities of the coefficients and provide examples to illustrate the results.
A Holomorphic 0-Surgery Model for Open Books with Application to Cylindrical Contact HomologySep 15 2004Jun 13 2005We give a simple model in the complex plane of the 0-surgery along a fibered knot of a closed 3-manifold M to yield a mapping torus M'. This model allows explicit relations between pseudoholomorphic curves in the symplectizations of M and M'. As an application ... More
Cooperative Downlink Interference Transmission and Cancellation for Cellular-Connected UAV: A Divide-and-Conquer ApproachJun 01 2019The line-of-sight dominant air-ground channels have posed critical interference issues in cellular-connected unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) communications. In this paper, we propose a new base station (BS) cooperative beamforming (CB) technique for the ... More
Performance Impact of Data Layout on the GPU-accelerated IDW InterpolationFeb 20 2014This paper focuses on evaluating the performance impact of different data layouts on the GPU-accelerated IDW interpolation. First, we redesign and improve our previous GPU implementation that was performed by exploiting the feature CUDA Dynamic Parallel ... More
Arithmetic progressions in multiplicative groups of finite fieldsAug 18 2016Nov 17 2016Let $G$ be a multiplicative subgroup of the prime field $\mathbb F_p$ of size $|G|> p^{1-\kappa}$ and $r$ an arbitrarily fixed positive integer. Assuming $\kappa=\kappa(r)>0$ and $p$ large enough, it is shown that any proportional subset $A\subset G$ ... More
Gapless two-flavor color superconductorFeb 17 2003Apr 22 2003A new, gapless two-flavor color superconducting phase that appears under conditions of local charge neutrality and $\beta$-equilibrium is revealed. In this phase, the symmetry of the ground state is the same as in the conventional two-flavor color superconductor. ... More
Analysis of Sequential Quadratic Programming through the Lens of Riemannian OptimizationMay 22 2018Jan 31 2019We prove that a "first-order" Sequential Quadratic Programming (SQP) algorithm for equality constrained optimization has local linear convergence with rate $(1-1/\kappa_R)^k$, where $\kappa_R$ is the condition number of the Riemannian Hessian, and global ... More
LaSalle Invariance Principle for Discrete-time Dynamical Systems: A Concise and Self-contained TutorialOct 10 2017Mar 25 2019LaSalle invariance principle was originally proposed in the 1950's and has become a fundamental mathematical tool in the area of dynamical systems and control. In both theoretical research and engineering practice, discrete-time dynamical systems have ... More
Dynamical holographic QCD model: resembling renormalization group from ultraviolet to infraredNov 04 2013Resembling the renormalization group from ultraviolet to infrared, we construct a dynamical holographic model in the graviton-dilaton-scalar framework, where the dilaton background field $\Phi$ and scalar field $X$ are responsible for the gluodynamics ... More
Dynamical holographic QCD model for glueball and light meson spectraMar 27 2013Oct 30 2013In this work, we offer a dynamical soft-wall model to describe the gluodynamics and chiral dynamics in one systematical framework. We firstly construct a quenched dynamical holographic QCD (hQCD) model in the graviton-dilaton framework for the pure gluon ... More
Hemispheric Helicity Trend for Solar Cycle 24Apr 26 2011Using vector magnetograms obtained with the Spectro-polarimeter (SP) on aboard Hinode satellite, we studied two helicity parameters (local twist and current helicity) of 64 active regions occurred in the descending phase of solar cycle 23 and the ascending ... More
A Simple and Generic Paradigm for Creating Complex Networks Using the Strategy of Vertex Selecting-and-PairingJul 21 2018In many networks of scientific interest we know that the link between any pair of vertices conforms to a specific probability, such as the link probability in the Barab\'asi-Albert scale-free networks. Here we demonstrate how the distributions of link ... More
Order Preserving Maps of PosetsSep 05 2017Mar 11 2018For any two finite posets $P$ and $Q$, let $\Hom(P,Q)$ be the hom-poset consisting of all order preserving maps from $P$ to $Q$, and $J(Q)$ the collection of all order ideals of $Q$. In this paper, we study some basic properties of the hom-poset $\Hom(P,Q)$ ... More
A Cascading Failure Model by Quantifying InteractionsJan 10 2013Dec 31 2013Cascading failures triggered by trivial initial events are encountered in many complex systems. It is the interaction and coupling between components of the system that causes cascading failures. We propose a simple model to simulate cascading failure ... More
Cylindrical contact homology of subcritical Stein-fillable contact manifoldsSep 28 2004Sep 30 2004We use contact handle decompositions and a stabilization process to compute the cylindrical contact homology of a subcritical Stein-fillable contact manifold with vanishing first Chern class, and show that it is completely determined by the homology of ... More
Pattern Avoidance of Generalized PermutationsApr 17 2018May 14 2018In this paper, we study pattern avoidances of generalized permutations and show that the number of all generalized permutations avoiding $\pi$ is independent of the choice of $\pi\in S_3$, which extends the classic results on permutations avoiding $\pi\in ... More
Deep Visual Domain Adaptation: A SurveyFeb 10 2018May 25 2018Deep domain adaption has emerged as a new learning technique to address the lack of massive amounts of labeled data. Compared to conventional methods, which learn shared feature subspaces or reuse important source instances with shallow representations, ... More
On the correlation measure of a family of commuting Hermitian operators with applications to particle densities of the quasi-free representations of the CAR and CCRAug 14 2006Let $X$ be a locally compact, second countable Hausdorff topological space. We consider a family of commuting Hermitian operators $a(\Delta)$ indexed by all measurable, relatively compact sets $\Delta$ in $X$ (a quantum stochastic process over $X$). For ... More
Harvesting Fisheries Management Strategies With Modified Effort FunctionJan 23 2006Jan 24 2006In traditional harvesting model a fishing effort E is defined by the fishing intensity and does not address the inverse effect of fish abundance on the fishing effort. In this paper, based on a canonical differential equation model, we developed a new ... More
Constructing Social Networks From Binary DataJun 11 2018Much of applied network analysis concerns with studying the existing relationships between a set of agents; however, little focus has been given to the considerations of how to represent observed phenomena as a network object. In the case of physical ... More
BMO spaces associated with semigroups of operatorsNov 26 2011We study BMO spaces associated with semigroup of operators and apply the results to boundedness of Fourier multipliers. We prove a universal interpolation theorem for BMO spaces and prove the boundedness of a class of Fourier multipliers on noncommutative ... More
Isotropic tori in $\mathbb{C}^m$ revisitedMar 30 2016Apr 26 2016We show that for $m>n\geq 2$, there are at least two exact isotropic $n$-tori in $\mathbb{C}^m$ which are not Hamiltonian isotopic in $\mathbb{C}^m$, even though they are smoothly isotopic as isotropic $n$-tori. We apply this discovery to obtain more ... More
Vanishing of the contact homology of overtwisted contact 3--manifoldsOct 31 2004Feb 18 2005We give a proof of, for the case of contact structures defined by global contact 1-forms, a Theorem stated by Eliashberg that for any overtwisted contact structure on a closed 3-manifold, its contact homology is 0. A different proof is also outlined in ... More
Mechanical Self-Assembly of a Strain-Engineered Flexible Layer: Wrinkling, Rolling, and TwistingDec 09 2015Self-shaping of curved structures, especially those involving flexible thin layers, has attracted increasing attention because of their broad potential applications in e.g. nanoelectromechanical/micro-electromechanical systems (NEMS/MEMS), sensors, artificial ... More
Thermal properties of bended graphene nanoribbons from nonequilibrium molecular dynamicsFeb 29 2012We have studied the thermal properties of bended graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) using nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulations. The thermal conductivity of bended GNRs shows a non-monotonous relationship with the bending angle, due to the influence ... More
A New ZrCuSiAs-Type Superconductor: ThFeAsNMar 04 2016We report the first nitrogen-containing iron-pnictide superconductor ThFeAsN, which is synthesized by a solid-state reaction in an evacuated container. The compound crystallizes in a ZrCuSiAs-type structure with the space group P4/nmm and lattice parameters ... More
Who pumps spin current into nonmagnetic-metal (NM) layer in YIG/NM multilayers at ferromagnetic resonance?Apr 24 2016Spin pumping in Yttrium-iron-garnet (YIG)/nonmagnetic-metal (NM) layer systems under ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) conditions is a popular method of generating spin current in the NM layer. A good understanding of the spin current source is essential ... More
On existence and stability of equilibria of DC Microgrid with constant power loadsNov 19 2017Jan 04 2018The problem of existence and stability of equilibria of DC microgirds with constant power loads methods is addressed in this paper. Constant power loads (CPLs) often cause instability due to its negative impedance characteristics. What is the worse, CPLs ... More
Optimal Decentralized Economical-sharing Criterion and Scheme for MicrogridSep 09 2017In order to address the economical dispatch problem in islanded microgrid, this letter proposes an optimal criterion and two decentralized economical-sharing schemes. The criterion is to judge whether global optimal economical-sharing can be realized ... More
Associated charged gauge boson $W_{H}^{-}$ and top quark production in the left-right twin higgs model at the LHCMar 26 2007Oct 30 2010This paper has been withdrawn by the author(s) due to some mistakes in this paper.
Detailed study of the column-based priority logic readout of Topmetal-II- CMOS pixel direct charge sensorAug 23 2016We present the detailed study of the digital readout of Topmetal-II- CMOS pixel direct charge sensor. Topmetal-II- is an integrated sensor with an array of 72X72 pixels each capable of directly collecting external charge through exposed metal electrodes ... More
Proceedings of the 11th Asia-Europe Workshop on Concepts in Information TheoryJun 26 2019This year, 2019 we celebrate 30 years of our friendship between Asian and European scientists at the AEW11 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Many of the 1989 participants are also present at the 2019 event. This year we have many participants from different ... More
Field and long-term demonstration of a wide area quantum key distribution networkSep 04 2014Sep 10 2014A wide area quantum key distribution (QKD) network deployed on communication infrastructures provided by China Mobile Ltd. is demonstrated. Three cities and two metropolitan area QKD networks were linked up to form the Hefei-Chaohu-Wuhu wide area QKD ... More
Stacking sequence dependence of electronic properties in double-layer graphene heterostructuresDec 12 2014First-principles calculation has been performed to investigate the stability and electronic properties of double-layer graphene heterostructure (DLGH). In this system, two graphene layers are separated by hexagonal boron-nitride (h-BN) layers which work ... More
Strong completeness for a class of stochastic differential equations with irregular coefficientsFeb 20 2014We prove the strong completeness for a class of non-degenerate SDEs, whose coefficients are not necessarily uniformly elliptic nor locally Lipschitz continuous nor bounded. Moreover, for each $t$, the solution flow $F_t$ is weakly differentiable and for ... More
Derivation of matrix product states for the Heisenberg spin chain with open boundary conditionsSep 26 2016Using the algebraic Bethe ansatz, we derive a matrix product representation of the exact Bethe-ansatz states of the six-vertex Heisenberg chain (either XXX or XXZ and spin-$\frac{1}{2}$) with open boundary conditions. In this representation, the components ... More
Numbers and the Heights of their HappinessNov 04 2015Sep 16 2016A generalized happy function, $S_{e,b}$ maps a positive integer to the sum of its base $b$ digits raised to the $e^\text{th}$ power. We say that $x$ is a base $b$, $e$ power, height $h$, $u$ attracted number if $h$ is the smallest positive integer so ... More
An RIP-based approach to $ΣΔ$ quantization for compressed sensingMay 01 2014In this paper, we provide a new approach to estimating the error of reconstruction from $\Sigma\Delta$ quantized compressed sensing measurements. Our method is based on the restricted isometry property (RIP) of a certain projection of the measurement ... More
Thermal Gravitational Radiation and Condensed UniverseDec 07 2016The perfect Planck spectrum of the observed cosmic microwave background radiation indicates that our universe must be in thermal equilibrium. The dark sector of the universe should also be in the same equilibrium state with dark matter and dark energy ... More
Optimally chosen Nakajima-Zwanzig master equation for mean field approximationOct 11 2011We define an ensemble of projection operators, each of which has an exact associated Nakajima-Zwanzig master equation for quantum open system evolution. A mean field approximation for the memory kernels is introduced that yields, for an optimally chosen ... More
Comparison Tests of Variable-Stepsize Algorithms for Stochastic Ordinary Differential Equations of FinanceJun 11 2006Since the introduction of the Black-Scholes model stochastic processes have played an increasingly important role in mathematical finance. In many cases prices, volatility and other quantities can be modeled using stochastic ordinary differential equations. ... More
The 1/k-Eulerian polynomials and k-Stirling permutationsSep 23 2014In this paper, we establish a connection between the 1/k-Eulerian polynomials introduced by Savage and Viswanathan (Electron. J. Combin. 19(2012), P9) and k-Stirling permutations. We also introduce the dual set of Stirling permutations.
Barycenters of measures transported by stochastic flowsJul 22 2005We investigate the evolution of barycenters of masses transported by stochastic flows. The state spaces under consideration are smooth affine manifolds with certain convexity structure. Under suitable conditions on the flow and on the initial measure, ... More
The impact of neutral impurity concentration on charge drift mobility in n-type germaniumMay 24 2017The impact of neutral impurity scattering of electrons on the charge drift mobility in high purity n-type germanium crystals at 77 Kelvin is investigated. We calculated the contributions from ionized impurity scattering, lattice scattering, and neutral ... More
Fault diagnosability of data center networksJan 29 2017The data center networks $D_{n,k}$, proposed in 2008, has many desirable features such as high network capacity. A kind of generalization of diagnosability for network $G$ is $g$-good-neighbor diagnosability which is denoted by $t_g(G)$. Let $\kappa^g(G)$ ... More
Averaging dynamics driven by fractional Brownian motionFeb 28 2019We consider slow / fast systems where the slow system is driven by fractional Brownian motion with Hurst parameter $H>{1\over 2}$. We show that unlike in the case $H={1\over 2}$, convergence to the averaged solution takes place in probability and the ... More
Solve the General Constrained Optimal Control Problem with Common Integration MethodFeb 06 2018Computation of general state- and/or control-constrained Optimal Control Problems (OCPs) is difficult for various constraints, especially the intractable path constraint. For such problems, the theoretical convergence of numerical algorithms is usually ... More
Reflected brownian motion: Selection, approximation and linearizationFeb 02 2016Mar 23 2016We construct a family of SDEs whose solutions select a reflected Brownian flow as well as a stochastic damped transports process, the latter solves the heat equation for differential 1-forms with absolute boundary conditions. The damped transport process ... More
The variation in molecular gas depletion time among nearby galaxies: II the impact of galaxy internal structuresDec 09 2014Mar 30 2015We use a data set of nearby galaxies drawn from the HERACLES, ATLAS3D, and COLD GASS surveys to study variations in molecular gas depletion time (Tdep) in galaxy structures such as bulges, grand-design spiral arms, bars and rings. Molecular gas is traced ... More
Chiral phase transition with mixing between scalar quarkonium and tetraquarkNov 06 2013Nov 14 2013In the framework of two-flavor extended linear sigma model with mixing between scalar quarkonium and tetraquark, we investigate the role of the tetraquark in the chiral phase transition. We explore various scenarios depending on the value of various parameters ... More
The Variation in Molecular Gas Depletion Time among Nearby Galaxies: What are the Main Parameter Dependencies?Apr 28 2014Jan 09 2015We re-analyze correlations between global molecular gas depletion time (Tdep) and galaxy parameters including stellar mass, specific star formation rate (sSFR), stellar mass surface density and concentration index. The analysis is based on the COLD GASS ... More
Quasiconformal extendibility of integral transforms of Noshiro-Warschawski functionsJan 22 2014May 29 2015Since the nonlinear integral transforms $J_{\alpha}[f](z) = \int_{0}^{z}(f'(u))^{\alpha} du$ and $I_{\alpha}[f](z) =\int_0^z (f(u)/u)^{\alpha} du$ with a complex number $\alpha$ have been introduced, a great number of studies were dedicated to deriving ... More
Non-removability of Sierpinski spacesDec 14 2018May 20 2019We prove that all Sierpi\'nski spaces in ${\mathbb{S}}^n$, $n\geq 2$, are non-removable for (quasi)conformal maps, generalizing the result of the first named author arXiv:1809.05605. More precisely, we show that for any Sierpi\'nski space $X\subset \mathbb{S}^n$ ... More
Deformation and quasiregular extension of cubical Alexander mapsApr 19 2019In this article we prove that, for an oriented PL $n$-manifold $M$ with $m$ boundary components and $d_0\in \mathbb N$, there exist mutually disjoint closed Euclidean balls and a $\mathsf K$-quasiregular mapping $M \to \mathbb S^n \setminus \mathrm{int}(B_1\cup ... More