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Cognitive Forwarding Control in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks with Slow Fading ChannelsFeb 03 2014Jun 01 2015We propose a decentralized stochastic control solution for the broadcast message dissemination problem in wireless ad hoc networks with slow fading channels. We formulate the control problem as a dynamic robust game which is well justified by two key ... More
Generalized moving least squares and moving kriging least squares approximations for solving the transport equation on the sphereApr 11 2019In this work, we apply two meshless methods for the numerical solution of the time-dependent transport equation defined on the sphere in spherical coordinates. The first technique, which was introduced by Mirzaei (BIT Numerical Mathematics, 54 (4) 1041-1063, ... More
Learning Stationary Correlated Equilibria in Constrained General-Sum Stochastic GamesFeb 05 2014Jun 01 2015We study constrained general-sum stochastic games with unknown Markovian dynamics. A distributed constrained no-regret Q-learning scheme (CNRQ) is presented to guarantee convergence to the set of stationary correlated equilibria of the game. Prior art ... More
Decentralized Adaptive Helper Selection in Multi-channel P2P Streaming SystemsJun 10 2014In Peer-to-Peer (P2P) multichannel live streaming, helper peers with surplus bandwidth resources act as micro-servers to compensate the server deficiencies in balancing the resources between different channel overlays. With deployment of helper level ... More
Distributed Power Control for Delay Optimization in Energy Harvesting Cooperative Relay NetworksSep 04 2016Oct 24 2018We consider cooperative communications with energy harvesting (EH) relays, and develop a distributed power control mechanism for the relaying terminals. Unlike prior art which mainly deal with single-relay systems with saturated traffic flow, we address ... More
Distributed Power Control for Delay Optimization in Energy Harvesting Cooperative Relay NetworksSep 04 2016We consider cooperative communications with energy harvesting (EH) relays, and develop a distributed power control mechanism for the relaying terminals. Unlike prior art which mainly deal with single-relay systems with saturated traffic flow, we address ... More
Characterizing of Inner Product Spaces by the Mapping $n_{x,y}$Feb 08 2015For the vectors $x$ and $y$ in a normed linear spaces $X$, the mapping $n_{x,y}: \mathbb{R}\to \mathbb{R}$ is defined by $n_{x,y}(t)=\|x+ty\|$. In this note, comparing the mappings $n_{x,y}$ and $n_{y,x}$ we obtain a simple and useful characterization ... More
A Characterization of Inner Product Spaces Related to the Skew-Angular DistanceJan 06 2013A new refinement of the triangle inequality is presented in normed linear spaces. Moreover, a simple characterization of inner product spaces is obtained by using the skew-angular distance.
On the semi-proper orientations of graphsMay 08 2019A {\it semi-proper orientation} of a given graph $G$ is a function $(D,w)$ that assigns an orientation $D(e)$ and a positive integer weight $ w(e)$ to each edge $e$ such that for every two adjacent vertices $v$ and $u$, $S_{(D,w)}(v) \neq S_{(D,w)}(u) ... More
To Send or Not to Send: An Optimal Stopping Approach to Network Coding in Multi-hop Wireless NetworksOct 23 2017Network coding is all about combining a variety of packets and forwarding as much packets as possible in each transmission operation. The network coding technique improves the throughput efficiency of multi-hop wireless networks by taking advantage of ... More
Augmentation Scheme for Dealing with Imbalanced Network Traffic Classification Using Deep LearningJan 01 2019One of the most important tasks in network management is identifying different types of traffic flows. As a result, a type of management service, called Network Traffic Classifier (NTC), has been introduced. One type of NTCs that has gained huge attention ... More
A numerical method based on the reproducing kernel Hilbert space method for the solution of fifth-order boundary-value problemsMay 20 2013In this paper, we present a fast and accurate numerical scheme for the solution of fifth-order boundary-value problems. We apply the reproducing kernel Hilbert space method (RKHSM) for solving this problem. The analytic results of the equations have been ... More
To overhear or not to overhear: a dilemma between network coding gain and energy consumption in multi-hop wireless networksMay 02 2018Any properly designed network coding technique can result in increased throughput and reliability of multi-hop wireless networks by taking advantage of the broadcast nature of wireless medium. In many inter-flow network coding schemes nodes are encouraged ... More
Metric projection and convergence theorems for nonexpansive mappings in Hadamard spacesOct 05 2014For a nonempty convex subset $C$ of a Hadamard space $X$, it is proved that $u=P_Cx$ if and only if $\langle\overrightarrow{xu},\overrightarrow{uy}\rangle \geqslant0$ for all $y\in C$. As an application of this characterization, we prove strong convergence ... More
A Characterization of Metric Projection in CAT(0) SpacesNov 17 2013In this paper, we present a characterization of metric projection in CAT(0) spaces by using the concept of quasilinearization. Furthermore, some basic properties of matric projection are investigated.
On the algorithmic complexity of adjacent vertex closed distinguishing colorings number of graphsNov 10 2016An assignment of numbers to the vertices of graph G is closed distinguishing if for any two adjacent vertices v and u the sum of labels of the vertices in the closed neighborhood of the vertex v differs from the sum of labels of the vertices in the closed ... More
The algebraic hyperstructure of elementary particles in physical theoryAug 04 2010Algebraic hyperstructures represent a natural extension of classical algebraic structures. In a classical algebraic structure, the composition of two elements is an element, while in an algebraic hyperstructure, the composition of two elements is a set. ... More
Spectral analysis and multigrid preconditioners for two-dimensional space-fractional diffusion equationsJun 21 2017Fractional diffusion equations (FDEs) are a mathematical tool used for describing some special diffusion phenomena arising in many different applications like porous media and computational finance. In this paper, we focus on a two-dimensional space-FDE ... More
An approximation algorithm for the solution of the nonlinear Lane-Emden type equations arising in astrophysics using Hermite functions collocation methodAug 12 2010In this paper we propose a collocation method for solving some well-known classes of Lane-Emden type equations which are nonlinear ordinary differential equations on the semi-infinite domain. They are categorized as singular initial value problems. The ... More
Analysis of a Legendre spectral element method (LSEM) for the two-dimensional system of a nonlinear stochastic advection-reaction-diffusion modelsApr 12 2019In this work, we develop a Legendre spectral element method (LSEM) for solving the stochastic nonlinear system of advection-reaction-diffusion models. The used basis functions are based on a class of Legendre functions such that their mass and diffuse ... More
Clusters, Groups, and Filaments in the Chandra Deep Field-South up to Redshift 1Dec 19 2013We present a comprehensive structure detection analysis of the 0.3 square degree area of the MUSYC-ACES field which covers the Chandra Deep Field-South (CDFS). Using a density-based clustering algorithm on the MUSYC and ACES photometric and spectroscopic ... More
Robust Image Watermarking in the Wavelet Domain for Copyright ProtectionJan 04 2010In this paper a new approach to image watermarking in wavelet domain is presented. The idea is to hide the watermark data in blocks of the block segmented image. Two schemes are presented based on this idea by embedding the watermark data in the low pass ... More
Fractional Sturm-Liouville eigenvalue problems, IIDec 28 2017We continue the study of a non self-adjoint fractional three-term Sturm-Liouville boundary value problem (with a potential term) formed by the composition of a left Caputo and left-Riemann-Liouville fractional integral under {\it Dirichlet type} boundary ... More
On Computing the Number of Short Cycles in Bipartite Graphs Using the Spectrum of the Directed Edge MatrixMar 20 2019Counting short cycles in bipartite graphs is a fundamental problem of interest in many fields including the analysis and design of low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes. There are two computational approaches to count short cycles (with length smaller ... More
Tailed Radio Galaxies as Probes of Cluster Physics in the Square Kilometre Array EraJan 25 2015In recent years, the use of tailed radio galaxies as environmental probes has gained momentum as a method for galaxy cluster detection, examining the dynamics of individual clusters, measuring the density and velocity flows in the intra-cluster medium, ... More
Cospectral Bipartite Graphs with the Same Degree Sequences but with Different Number of Large CyclesMay 31 2019Finding the multiplicity of cycles in bipartite graphs is a fundamental problem of interest in many fields including the analysis and design of low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes. Recently, Blake and Lin computed the number of shortest cycles ($g$-cycles, ... More
Stability of Switched Linear Systems under Dwell Time Switching with Piece-Wise Quadratic FunctionsNov 28 2014This paper provides sufficient conditions for stability of switched linear systems under dwell-time switching. Piece-wise quadratic functions are utilized to characterize the Lyapunov functions and bilinear matrix inequalities conditions are derived for ... More
Symmetry Reduction of the Two-Dimensional Ricci Flow EquationJul 31 2014This paper is devoted to obtain the one-dimensional group invariant solutions of the two-dimensional Ricci flow ((2D) Rf) equation. By classifying the orbits of the adjoint representation of the symmetry group on its Lie algebra, the optimal system of ... More
Some general new Einstein Walker manifoldsJun 17 2012In this paper, Lie symmetry group method is applied to find the lie point symmetries group of a PDE system that is determined general form of four-dimensional Einstein Walker manifold. Also we will construct the optimal system of one-dimensional Lie subalgebras ... More
An Optical Analysis of the Merging Cluster Abell 3888Feb 11 2016In this paper we present new AAOmega spectroscopy of 254 galaxies within a 30' radius around Abell 3888. We combine these data with the existing redshifts measured in a one degree radius around the cluster and performed a substructure analysis. We confirm ... More
Deep Tracking: Visual Tracking Using Deep Convolutional NetworksDec 13 2015In this paper, we study a discriminatively trained deep convolutional network for the task of visual tracking. Our tracker utilizes both motion and appearance features that are extracted from a pre-trained dual stream deep convolution network. We show ... More
Disease Detection in Weakly Annotated Volumetric Medical Images using a Convolutional LSTM NetworkDec 03 2018We explore a solution for learning disease signatures from weakly, yet easily obtainable, annotated volumetric medical imaging data by analyzing 3D volumes as a sequence of 2D images. We demonstrate the performance of our solution in the detection of ... More
Using Tailed Radio Galaxies to Probe the Environment and Magnetic Field of Galaxy Clusters in the SKA EraJan 05 2015The morphology of tailed radio galaxies is an invaluable source of environmental information, in which a history of the past interactions in the intra-cluster medium, such as complex galaxy motions and cluster merger shocks, are preserved. In recent years, ... More
Social well-being of a sample of Iranian nurses: a descriptive-analytic studyMar 31 2014Nurses social well-being deserves special attention. Effective well-being promotion strategies should be executed for promoting their social well-being particularly in areas of social integration and social acceptance. Moreover, nurses, particularly female ... More
Is there any polynomial upper bound for the universal labeling of graphs?Jan 23 2017A {\it universal labeling} of a graph $G$ is a labeling of the edge set in $G$ such that in every orientation $\ell$ of $G$ for every two adjacent vertices $v$ and $u$, the sum of incoming edges of $v$ and $u$ in the oriented graph are different from ... More
Point Source Detection Software in the SKA EraJan 01 2016The generation of a sky model for calibration of Square Kilometre Array observations requires a fast method of automatic point source detection and characterisation. In recent years, point source detection in two-dimensional images has been implemented ... More
Using the morphology and magnetic fields of tailed radio galaxies as environmental probesDec 30 2014Bent-tailed (BT) radio sources have long been known to trace over densities in the Universe up to z ~ 1 and there is increasing evidence this association persists out to redshifts of 2. The morphology of the jets in BT galaxies is primarily a function ... More
Optimal voltage control using singular value decomposition of fast decoupled load flow jacobianAug 06 2018The problem of regulating voltages within the required limits is complicated by the fact that power system supplies power to a vast number of loads and is fed from many generating units. As loads vary, reactive power requirements of the transmission system ... More
Lower Bound For DilatationsOct 13 2016We prove a new lower bound for the dilatation of an arbitrary pseudo-Anosov map on a surface of genus g with n punctures. Our bound improves the former exponential dependence on the genus by a polynomial dependence.
Dynamical Topological Phase Transition in a Bose-Einstein CondensateMay 09 2019We study a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) at low energy limit and show that their collective dynamics exhibit interesting topological behavior. The system undergoes dynamical topological phase transition at its global periods if its dispersion relation ... More
Character degrees of extensions of the Suzuki groups $^2B_2(q^2)$Aug 02 2016Let $S$ be a Suzuki group $^2B_2(q^2)$, where $q^2=2^{2f+1}$, $f\geqslant 1$. In this paper, we determine the degrees of the ordinary complex irreducible characters of every group $G$ such that $S\leqslant G\leqslant \Aut(S)$.
Recurrence Divisibility TestsJul 16 2005In this note, we are going to introduce some recurrence divisibility tests for all primes except than 2 and 5.
Stability under deformations of Hermite-Einstein almost-Kähler metricsApr 24 2012Sep 30 2013On a 4-dimensional compact symplectic manifold, we consider a smooth family of compatible almost-complex structures such that at time zero the induced metric is Hermite-Einstein almost-K\"ahler metric with zero or negative Hermitian scalar curvature. ... More
Wilson's Theorem for Finite FieldsFeb 19 2006Feb 23 2006In this short note, we introduce an analogue of Wilson's theorem for all nonzero elements $a_1,a_2,...,a_{q-1}$ of a finite filed $\mathbb{F}$ with $|\mathbb{F}|=q\geq 3$, as follows: $$ \sum_{1\leq i_1< i_2<...< i_k\leq q-1}a_{i_1}a_{i_2}... a_{i_k}=\left\lfloor\frac{k}{q-1}\right\rfloor(-1)^q\hspace{10mm}(k=1,2,..., ... More
A Remark on the Mandl's InequalityJun 29 2006Jul 25 2006In this note, first we refine Mandl's inequality. Then, we consider the product $p_1p_2... p_n$ and we refine some known lower bounds for it, and we find some upper bounds for it by using Mandl's inequality and its refinement and the AGM-Inequality.
On the topologies induced by a coneMar 27 2014Let $A$ be a commutative and unital $\mathbb{R}$-algebra, and $M$ be an Archimedean quadratic module of $A$. We define a submultiplicative seminorm $\|\cdot\|_M$ on $A$, associated with $M$. We show that the closure of $M$ with respect to $\|\cdot\|_M$-topology ... More
Energy-Efficient Coalition Formation in Sensor Networks: a Game-Theoretic ApproachDec 25 2015The most important challenge in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is the energy constraint. Numerous solutions have been proposed to alleviate this problem, the most efficient of which is to cluster the sensor nodes. Although clustering in the realm of ... More
The tautological ring of the moduli space M_{2,n}^rtJan 27 2011We study the tautological ring of the moduli space of stable n-pointed curves of genus two with rational tails. The algebra is described in terms of explicit generators and relations. It is proven that this algebra is Gorenstein.
The Chow ring of the moduli space of curves of genus zeroJan 04 2011After recalling several constructions of the moduli space of curves of genus zero by different people we give our alternative construction of the moduli space. This gives a simple description of the intersection ring of this space. We give a basis for ... More
The centrifugal Jahn-Teller effect in rare-earth cage systemsJul 17 2015The analysis of the properties of rare-earth based materials relies on the Crystalline Electric Field theory. This theory has to be reconsidered in case of cage-type compounds, where the rare-earth ion can substantially depart from its, high symmetry, ... More
An Importance Sampling Algorithm for the Ising Model with Strong CouplingsApr 22 2014Jan 26 2017We consider the problem of estimating the partition function of the ferromagnetic Ising model in a consistent external magnetic field. The estimation is done via importance sampling in the dual of the Forney factor graph representing the model. Emphasis ... More
On the polymer quantization of connection theories: graph coherent statesMay 14 2018Aug 08 2018We present the construction of a new family of coherent states for quantum theories of connections obtained following the polymer quantization. The realization of these coherent states is based on the notion of graph change, in particular the one induced ... More
Continuum Modes of Nonlocal Field TheoriesJan 08 2018A class of nonlocal Lorentzian quantum field theories is introduced in arXiv:1502.01655 and arXiv:1411.6513, where the d'Alembertian operator $\Box$ is replaced by a non-analytic function of the d'Alembertian, $f(\Box)$. This is inspired by the Causal ... More
The Primal versus the Dual Ising ModelJul 04 2016Jul 22 2018We represent the Ising model of statistical physics by normal factor graphs in the primal and in the dual domains. By analogy with Kirchhoff's voltage and current laws, we show that in the primal normal factor graphs, the dependency among the variables ... More
Cloud Template, a Big Data SolutionJul 17 2013Aug 05 2013Today cloud computing has become as a new concept for hosting and delivering different services over the Internet for big data solutions. Cloud computing is attractive to different business owners of both small and enterprise as it eliminates the requirement ... More
An Importance Sampling Scheme for Models in a Strong External FieldDec 29 2015We propose Monte Carlo methods to estimate the partition function of the two-dimensional Ising model in the presence of an external magnetic field. The estimation is done in the dual of the Forney factor graph representing the model. The proposed methods ... More
A note on cover free familiesMay 26 2015Let N((r,w;d),t) denote the minimum number of points in a (r,w;d)-cover-free family having t blocks. Hajiabolhassan and Moazami (2012)[6] showed that the Hadamard conjecture is equivalent to confirm N((1,1;d)4d-1)=4d-1. Hence, it is a challenging and ... More
Pseudo-Anosov maps with small stretch factors on punctured surfacesJan 05 2018Apr 30 2019Consider the problem of estimating the minimum entropy of pseudo-Anosov maps on a surface of genus $g$ with $n$ punctures. We determine the behaviour of this minimum number for a certain large subset of the $(g,n)$ plane, up to a multiplicative constant. ... More
Strictly nearly Kahler 6-manifolds are not compatible with symplectic formsOct 26 2006Nov 06 2006We show that the almost complex structure underlying a non-Kahler, nearly Kahler 6-manifold (in particular, the standard almost complex structure of S^6) cannot be compatible with any symplectic form, even locally.
Lie group analysis of Poisson's equation and optimal system of subalgebras for Lie algebra of $3-$dimensional rigid motionsAug 25 2009Using the basic Lie symmetry method, we find the most general Lie point symmetries group of the $\nabla u=f(u)$ Poisson's equation, which has a subalgebra isomorphic to the $3-$dimensional special Euclidean group ${\rm SE}(3)$ or group of rigid motions ... More
Counting and Computing by $e$Jun 26 2006In this paper we count the number of paths and cycles in complete graphs by using the number $e$. Also, we compute the number of derangements in same way. Connection by $e$ yields some nice formulas for the number of derangements, such as $D_n=\lfloor\frac{n!+1}{e}\rfloor$ ... More
A Novel Effective, Secure and Robust CDMA Digital Image Watermarking in YUV Color Space Using DWT2Jun 19 2012This paper is allocated to CDMA digital images watermarking for ownership verification and image authentication applications, which for more security, watermark W is converted to a sequence and then a random binary sequence R of size n is adopted to encrypt ... More
A universal coefficient theorem for twisted K-theoryJan 26 2010Jan 28 2010In this paper, we recall the definition of twisted K-theory in various settings. We prove that for a twist $\tau$ corresponding to a three dimensional integral cohomology class of a space X, there exist a "universal coefficient" isomorphism K_{*}^{\tau}(X)\cong ... More
On Thurston's Euler class one conjectureMar 11 2016In 1976, Thurston proved that taut foliations on closed hyperbolic 3-manifolds have Euler class of norm at most one, and conjectured that, conversely, any Euler class with norm equal to one is Euler class of a taut foliation. We construct counterexamples ... More
On injective dimension of local cohomology over regular ringMar 21 2016Let $R$ be a regular local ring containing a field $k$ of characteristic zero and $\I$ be an ideal of $R$. In this paper we study injective dimension of local cohomology module $H_{\I}^i(R)$. We prove if $\Dim_R(H_{\I}^d(R)) \leq 3$ then $\Dim_R(H_{\I}^d(R))-1 ... More
Einstein-Yang-Mills AdS Black Brane Solution in Massive Gravity and Viscosity BoundOct 22 2018We introduce the Einstein-Yang-Mills AdS black brane solution in context of massive gravity. The ratio of shear viscosity to entropy density is calculated for this solution. This value violates the KSS bound if we apply the Dirichlet boundary and regularity ... More
Black Brane Solution in Rastall AdS Massive Gravity and Viscosity BoundSep 23 2018In this paper, we introduced the black brane solution in Rastall theory and in the context of massive gravity. The ratio of shear viscosity to entropy density is calculated for this solution. Our result shows that the KSS bound violates for this theory. ... More
Pseudo-Anosov maps with small stretch factorsJan 05 2018Jan 11 2018We consider the problem of estimating the minimum entropy of pseudo-Anosov maps on a surface of genus g with n punctures. We determine the behaviour of this minimum number on a two-dimensional subset of the (g,n) plane, up to a multiplicative constant. ... More
A family of four-variable expanders with quadratic growthMay 11 2018We prove that if $g(x,y)$ is a polynomial of constant degree $d$ that $y_2-y_1$ does not divide $g(x_1,y_1)-g(x_2,y_2)$, then for any finite set $A \subset \mathbb{R}$ \[ |X| \gg_d |A|^2, \quad \text{where} \ X:=\left\{\frac{g(a_1,b_1)-g(a_2,b_2)}{b_2-b_1} ... More
On the injective dimension of F-finite modules and holonomic D-modulesMar 21 2016Nov 08 2017Let $R$ be a regular local ring containing a field $k$ of characteristic $p$ and $M$ be an $\mathscr{F}$-finite module. In this paper, we study the injective dimension of $M$. We prove that $\operatorname{dim}_R(M) -1 \leq\operatorname{inj.dim}_R(M)$. ... More
A little more on the zero-divisor graph and the annihilating-ideal graph of a reduced ringMay 11 2019We have tried to translate some graph properties of AG(R) and Gamma(R) to the topological properties of Zariski topology. We prove that Rad(Gamma(R)) and Rad(AG(R)) are equal and they are equal to 3, if and only if the zero ideal of R is an anti fixed-place ... More
Annihilating-Ideal Graph of $C(X)$Jul 31 2018In this article we study the annihilating-ideal graph of the ring $C(X)$. We have tried to associate the graph properties of $\mathbb{AG}(X)$, the ring properties of $C(X)$ and the topological properties of $X$. We have shown that $ X $ has an isolated ... More
Extremal almost-Kähler metricsAug 06 2009Apr 21 2010We generalize the notions of the Futaki invariant and extremal vector field of a compact K\"ahler manifold to the general almost-Kahler case and show the periodicity of the extremal vector field when the symplectic form represents an integral cohomology ... More
On the decomposition of $n!$ into primesJun 13 2006Nov 23 2007In this note, we approximate the average of prime powers in the decomposition of $n!$ into prime numbers.
The moduli space of curves and its invariantsOct 30 2016This note is about invariants of moduli spaces of curves. It includes their intersection theory and cohomology. Our main focus in on the distinguished piece containing the so called tautological classes. These are the most natural classes on the moduli ... More
A Comparison between Digital Image Watermarking in Tow Different Color Spaces Using DWT2Jun 20 2012A novel digital watermarking for ownership verification and image authentication applications using discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is proposed in this paper. Most previous proposed watermarking algorithms embed sequences of random numbers as watermarks. ... More
An Importance Sampling Algorithm for the Ising Model with Strong CouplingsApr 22 2014Jul 22 2016We consider the problem of estimating the partition function of the two-dimensional ferromagnetic Ising model in an external magnetic field. The estimation is done via importance sampling in the dual of the Forney factor graph representing the model. ... More
On $\mathcal{H}_Y$-IdealsMay 28 2019In this article, we continue the studying of $\mathcal{H}_Y$-ideals. We introducing two notions fixed and free $\mathcal{H}_Y$-ideals as an extension of fixed and free z-ideals in C(X) and relative $\mathcal{H}_Y$-ideals as an extension of relative z-ideals. ... More
Group analysis of three dimensional Euler equations of gas dynamicsAug 25 2009In this paper, the equations governing the unsteady flow of a perfect polytropic gas in three space dimensions are considered. The basic similarity reductions for this system are performed. Reduced equations and exact solutions associated with the symmetries ... More
Largest Inscribed Rectangles in Geometric Convex SetsMay 30 2019We consider the problem of finding inscribed boxes and axis-aligned inscribed boxes of maximum volume, inside a compact and solid convex set. Our algorithms are capable of solving these two problems in any such set that can be represented with finite ... More
Stability under deformations of extremal almost-Kähler metrics in dimension 4Apr 21 2010Given a path of almost-K\"ahler metrics compatible with a fixed symplectic form on a compact 4-manifold such that at time zero the almost-K\"ahler metric is an extremal K\"ahler one, we prove, for a short time and under a certain hypothesis, the existence ... More
Integral representation of linear functionals on function spacesMar 27 2014Let $A$ be a vector space of real valued functions on a non-empty set $X$ and $L:A\rightarrow\mathbb{R}$ a linear functional. Given a $\sigma$-algebra $\mathcal{A}$, of subsets of $X$, we present a necessary condition for $L$ to be representable as an ... More
Exact solution of generalized inviscid Burgers' equationAug 25 2009Let $f,g:{\Bbb R}\to{\Bbb R}$ be integrable functions, $f$ nowhere zero, and $\phi (u)=\int du/f(u)$ be invertible. An exact solution to the generalized nonhomogeneous inviscid Burgers' equation $u_t+g(u).u_x=f(u)$ is given, by quadratures.
Counting primes in the interval (n^2,(n+1)^2)Jul 04 2006In this note, we show that there are many infinity positive integer values of $n$ in which, the following inequality holds $$ \left\lfloor{1/2}(\frac{(n+1)^2}{\log(n+1)}-\frac{n^2}{\log n})-\frac{\log^2 n}{\log\log n}\right\rfloor\leq\pi\big((n+1)^2\big)-\pi(n^2). ... More
On $\mathcal{H}_Y$-IdealsMay 28 2019Jun 08 2019In this article, we continue the studying of $\mathcal{H}_Y$-ideals. We introducing two notions fixed and free $\mathcal{H}_Y$-ideals as an extension of fixed and free z-ideals in C(X) and relative $\mathcal{H}_Y$-ideals as an extension of relative z-ideals. ... More
The tautological ring of $M_{1,n}^{ct}$Jul 19 2010We describe the tautological ring of the moduli space of $n$-pointed curves of genus one of compact type. It is proven that it is a Gorenstein algebra.
Classification of cubics up to affine transformationsJul 19 2005Classification of cubics (that is, third order planar curves in the $R^2$ up to certain transformations is interested since Newton, and treated by several authors. We classify cubics up to affine transformations, in seven class, and give a complete set ... More
A New Method for Knowledge Representation in Expert System's (XMLKR)Dec 18 2008Knowledge representation it is an essential section of a Expert Systems, Because in this section we have a framework to establish an expert system then we can modeling and use by this to design an expert system. Many method it is exist for knowledge representation ... More
A conjectural connection between R^*(C_g^n) and R^*(M_{g,n}^rt)Dec 16 2014May 04 2017Let M_{g,n}^rt be the moduli space of stable n-pointed curves of genus g>1 with rational tails. We also consider the space C_g^n classifying smooth curves of genus g with not necessarily distinct n ordered points. There is a natural proper map from M_{g,n}^rt ... More
Approximation of the Multiplication Table FunctionMar 28 2006May 02 2006In this paper, considering the concept of Universal Multiplication Table, we show that for every $n\geq 2$, the inequality: $$ M(n)=#\{ij|1\leq i,j\leq n\}\geq\frac{n^2}{\mathfrak{N}(n^2)}, $$ holds true with: $$ \mathfrak{N}(n)=n^{\frac{\log 2}{\log\log ... More
Web geometry of a system of n first order autonomous ordinary differential equationsJul 02 2010Let $dx_i/dt=f_i(x_1,\cdots,x_n)$, ($i=1,\cdots,n$) be a system of $n$ first order autonomous ordinary differential equations. We use E. Cartan's equivalence method to study the invariants of this system under diffeomorphisms of the form $\Phi(t,x_1,\cdots,x_n)=(\varphi_0(t),\varphi_1(x_1),\cdots,\varphi_1(x_1))$. ... More
The Generalized Classical Time-SpaceNov 18 2007The newest model for space-time is based on sub-Riemannian geometry. In this paper, we use a combination of Lorentzian and sub-Riemannian geometry, the suggest a new model which likes to its ancestors, but with the most efficient in application. In continuation, ... More
Approximating fixed points of asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces by metric projectionsNov 30 2011In this paper, a strong convergence theorem for asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in a uniformly convex and smooth Banach space is proved by using metric projections. This theorem extends and improves the recent strong convergence theorem due to Matsushita ... More
Robot eye-hand coordination learning by watching human demonstrations: a task function approximation approachSep 29 2018Feb 27 2019We present a robot eye-hand coordination learning method that can directly learn visual task specification by watching human demonstrations. Task specification is represented as a task function, which is learned using inverse reinforcement learning(IRL) ... More
Long range teleoperation for fine manipulation tasks under time-delay network conditionsMar 21 2019We present a coarse-to-fine approach based semi-autonomous teleoperation system using vision guidance. The system is optimized for long range teleoperation tasks under time-delay network conditions and does not require prior knowledge of the remote scene. ... More
Using radio jets of PKS J0334-3900 to probe the intra-cluster medium in A3135Dec 30 2014We present a multi-wavelength study of the radio galaxy PKS J0334-3900, which resides at the centre of Abell 3135. Using Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) observations at 1.4, 2.5, 4.6 & 8.6 GHz, we performed a detailed analysis of PKS J0334-3900. ... More
Using head-tail galaxies to constrain the intracluster magnetic field: an in-depth study of PKS J0334-3900Mar 12 2013Apr 05 2013We present a multi-wavelength study of the radio galaxy PKS J0334-3900 at the centre of Abell 3135. The spectro-polarimetric radio observations are combined with spectroscopic optical and X-ray data to illustrate the use of Head-Tail radio galaxies to ... More
Characterizing Interest Aggregation in Content-Centric NetworksMar 25 2016The Named Data Networking (NDN) and Content-Centric Networking (CCN) architectures advocate Interest aggregation as a means to reduce end-to-end latency and bandwidth consumption. To enable these benefits, Interest aggregation must be realized through ... More
State Space Modeling of Inverter Based Microgrids Considering Distributed Secondary Voltage ControlAug 24 2017Appropriate control of high penetration renewable energies in power systems requires a complete modeling of the system. In this paper, a comprehensive state space modeling of voltage source inverters, networks and loads are studied. We have modeled a ... More
A Library-Based Synthesis Methodology for Reversible LogicApr 10 2010In this paper, a library-based synthesis methodology for reversible circuits is proposed where a reversible specification is considered as a permutation comprising a set of cycles. To this end, a pre-synthesis optimization step is introduced to construct ... More