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Stellar Flares from the First Tess Data Release: Exploring a New Sample of M-dwarfsJan 02 2019We perform a study of stellar flares for the 24,809 stars observed with 2 minute cadence during the first two months of the TESS mission. Flares may erode exoplanets' atmospheres and impact their habitability, but might also trigger the genesis of life ... More
The local geometry of compact homogeneous Lorentz spacesFeb 09 2015In 1995, S. Adams and G. Stuck as well as A. Zeghib independently provided a classification of non-compact Lie groups which can act isometrically and locally effectively on compact Lorentzian manifolds. In the case that the corresponding Lie algebra contains ... More
Isometry groups of Lorentzian manifolds of finite volume and The local geometry of compact homogeneous Lorentz spacesJun 27 2011Oct 06 2011Based on the work of Adams and Stuck as well as on the work of Zeghib, we classify the Lie groups which can act isometrically and locally effectively on Lorentzian manifolds of finite volume. In the case that the corresponding Lie algebra contains a direct ... More
A New Yield Simulator for Transiting Planets and False Positives: Application to the Next Generation Transit SurveyNov 08 2016We present a yield simulator to predict the number and characteristics of planets, false positives and false alarms in transit surveys. The simulator is based on a galactic model and the planet occurrence rates measured by the Kepler mission. It takes ... More
NGTS-2b: An inflated hot-Jupiter transiting a bright F-dwarfMay 26 2018Sep 20 2018We report the discovery of NGTS-2b, an inflated hot-Jupiter transiting a bright F5V star (2MASS J14202949-3112074; $T_{\rm eff}$=$6478^{+94}_{-89}$ K), discovered as part of the Next Generation Transit Survey (NGTS). The planet is in a P=4.51 day orbit ... More
The Critical Numbers of Rankin-Selberg Convolutions of Cohomological RepresentationsApr 14 2016May 30 2016We study the critical numbers of the Rankin-Selberg convolution of arbitrary pairs of cohomological cuspidal automorphic representations and we parametrize these critical numbers by certain 1-dimensional subrepresentations attached to the corresponding ... More
Two-phase flow with mass density contrast: stable schemes for a thermodynamic consistent and frame-indifferent diffuse-interface modelOct 18 2012In this paper, we present a numerical scheme for the diffuse-interface model in [Abels, Garcke, Gr\"un, M3AS 22(3), 2012] for two-phase flow of immiscible, incompressible fluids. As that model is in particular consistent with thermodynamics, energy estimates ... More
Disconnection by level sets of the discrete Gaussian free field and entropic repulsionFeb 07 2018Nov 06 2018We derive asymptotic upper and lower bounds on the large deviation probability that the level set of the Gaussian free field on $Z^d$, d bigger or equal to three, below a given level disconnects the discrete blow-up of a compact set A from the boundary ... More
A Super-Earth and two sub-Neptunes transiting the bright, nearby, and quiet M-dwarf TOI-270Mar 14 2019We report the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) discovery of three small planets transiting one of the brightest (K-mag 8.3) and nearest (22.5 parsec) M-dwarf hosts to date, TOI-270 (TIC 259377017). The system is observationally favourable, ... More
Figuring Out Art HistoryOct 22 2015World population and the number of cultural artifacts are growing exponentially or faster, while cultural interaction approaches the fidelity of a global nervous system. Every day hundreds of millions of images are loaded into social networks by users ... More
Projective Structures in Loop Quantum CosmologySep 03 2013May 05 2015Projective structures have successfully been used for the construction of measures in the framework of loop quantum gravity. In the present paper, we establish such structures for the configuration space $\mathbb{R}\sqcup \mathbb{R}_{\mathbb{Bohr}}$, ... More
Dynamical self-averaging for a lattice Schrödinger equation with weak random potentialDec 25 2013Jun 20 2015We study the kinetic, weak coupling limit of the dynamics governed by a discrete random Schr\"odinger operator on $\mathbb{Z}^3$. For sequences of $\ell^2\left(\mathbb{Z}^3\right)$-bounded initial states and convergent initial Wigner transform, we prove ... More
Merit factors of polynomials derived from difference setsMar 19 2015Feb 11 2016The problem of constructing polynomials with all coefficients $1$ or $-1$ and large merit factor (equivalently with small $L^4$ norm on the unit circle) arises naturally in complex analysis, condensed matter physics, and digital communications engineering. ... More
Scheme for the protective measurement of a single photon using a tunable quantum Zeno effectApr 09 2018This paper presents a proof-of-principle scheme for the protective measurement of a single photon. In this scheme, the photon is looped arbitrarily many times through an optical stage that implements a weak measurement of a polarization observable followed ... More
Regularity of Lie GroupsNov 09 2017Jul 03 2018We solve the regularity problem for Milnor's infinite dimensional Lie groups in the $C^0$-topological context, and provide necessary and sufficient regularity conditions for the standard setting ($C^k$-topology). We prove that the evolution map is $C^0$-continuous ... More
Quantization of the Proca field in curved spacetimes - A study of mass dependence and the zero mass limitSep 01 2017In this thesis we investigate the Proca field in arbitrary globally hyperbolic curved spacetimes. We rigorously construct solutions to the classical Proca equation, including external sources and without restrictive assumptions on the topology of the ... More
Strengthened Reeh-Schlieder Property and Scattering in Quantum Field Theories without Mass GapsMar 24 2016May 02 2017We develop Haag-Ruelle scattering theory for Wigner particles in local relativistic Quantum Field Theory without assuming mass gaps or any other restrictions on the spectrum of the mass operator near the particle masses. Our approach is based on the Reeh-Schlieder ... More
Improved Polynomial Remainder Sequences for Ore PolynomialsNov 03 2015Polynomial remainder sequences contain the intermediate results of the Euclidean algorithm when applied to (non-)commutative polynomials. The running time of the algorithm is dependent on the size of the coefficients of the remainders. Different ways ... More
Differentiability of the Evolution Map and Mackey ContinuityDec 20 2018Jan 18 2019We solve the differentiability problem for the evolution map in Milnor's infinite dimensional setting. We first show that the evolution map of each $C^k$-semiregular Lie group $G$ (for $k\in \mathbb{N}\sqcup\{\mathrm{lip},\infty\}$) admits a particular ... More
On the hardness of deciding the equality of the induced and the uniquely restricted matching numberDec 21 2018If $G(M)$ denotes the subgraph of a graph $G$ induced by the set of vertices that are covered by some matching $M$ in $G$, then $M$ is an induced or a uniquely restricted matching if $G(M)$ is $1$-regular or if $M$ is the unique perfect matching of $G(M)$, ... More
Magic points in finance: Empirical integration for parametric option pricingNov 03 2015Nov 04 2015We propose an interpolation method for parametric option pricing tailored to the persistently recurring task of pricing liquid financial instruments. The method supports the acceleration of such essential tasks of mathematical finance as model calibration, ... More
Magic points in finance: Empirical integration for parametric option pricingNov 03 2015Nov 04 2016We propose an offline-online procedure for Fourier transform based option pricing. The method supports the acceleration of such essential tasks of mathematical finance as model calibration, real-time pricing, and, more generally, risk assessment and parameter ... More
An Eccentric Massive Jupiter Orbiting a Sub-Giant on a 9.5 Day Period Discovered in the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite Full Frame ImagesJan 28 2019We report the discovery of TOI-172 b from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission, a massive hot Jupiter transiting a slightly evolved G-star with a 9.48-day orbital period. This is the first planet to be confirmed from analysis of only ... More
Well-Posedness of a Navier-Stokes/Mean Curvature Flow systemMay 30 2017We consider a two-phase flow of two incompressible, viscous and immiscible fluids which are separated by a sharp interface in the case of a simple phase transition. In this model the interface is no longer material and its evolution is governed by a convective ... More
Entropic repulsion for the occupation-time field of random interlacements conditioned on disconnectionJan 24 2019We investigate percolation of the vacant set of random interlacements on $\mathbb{Z}^d$, $d\geq 3$, in the strongly percolative regime. We consider the event that the interlacement set at level $u$ disconnects the discrete blow-up of a compact set $A\subseteq ... More
A Multi-step Scheme based on Cubic Spline for solving Backward Stochastic Differential EquationsSep 02 2018In this work we study a multi-step scheme on time-space grids proposed by W. Zhao et al. [28] for solving backward stochastic differential equations, where Lagrange interpolating polynomials are used to approximate the time-integrands with given values ... More
Thermodynamically Consistent Diffuse Interface Models for Incompressible Two-Phase Flows with Different DensitiesNov 02 2010A new diffuse interface model for a two-phase flow of two incompressible fluids with different densities is introduced using methods from rational continuum mechanics. The model fulfills local and global dissipation inequalities and is also generalized ... More
Rate-Distortion Theory of Finite Point ProcessesApr 19 2017May 22 2018We study the compression of data in the case where the useful information is contained in a set rather than a vector, i.e., the ordering of the data points is irrelevant and the number of data points is unknown. Our analysis is based on rate-distortion ... More
Discretized Fast-Slow Systems near Transcritical SingularitiesJun 18 2018We extend slow manifolds near a transcritical singularity in a fast-slow system given by the explicit Euler discretization of the corresponding continuous-time normal form. The analysis uses the blow-up method and direct trajectory-based estimates. We ... More
A Flexible Galerkin Scheme for Option Pricing in Lévy ModelsMar 27 2016One popular approach to option pricing in L\'evy models is through solving the related partial integro differential equation (PIDE). For the numerical solution of such equations powerful Galerkin methods have been put forward e.g. by Hilber et al. (2013). ... More
Jacobsthal numbers in generalised Petersen graphsMar 11 2015We prove that the number of $1$-factorisations of a generalised Petersen graph of the type $GP(3k,k)$ is equal to the $k$th Jacobsthal number $J(k)$ if $k$ is odd, and equal to $4J(k)$, when $k$ is even. Moreover, we verify the list colouring conjecture ... More
Adversarial Robustness: Softmax versus OpenmaxAug 05 2017Deep neural networks (DNNs) provide state-of-the-art results on various tasks and are widely used in real world applications. However, it was discovered that machine learning models, including the best performing DNNs, suffer from a fundamental problem: ... More
Smooth polyhedral surfacesMar 15 2017Polyhedral surfaces are fundamental objects in architectural geometry and industrial design. Whereas closeness of a given mesh to a smooth reference surface and its suitability for numerical simulations were already studied extensively, the aim of our ... More
Entropic repulsion for the Gaussian free field conditioned on disconnection by level-setsAug 29 2018We investigate level-set percolation of the discrete Gaussian free field on $\mathbb{Z}^d$, $d\geq 3$, in the strongly percolative regime. We consider the event that the level-set of the Gaussian free field below a level $\alpha$ disconnects the discrete ... More
Diffusion and first-passage characteristics on a dynamically evolving supportMar 19 2018Apr 16 2018We propose a generalized diffusion equation for a flat Euclidean space subjected to a continuous infinitesimal scale transform. For the special cases of an algebraic or exponential expansion/contraction, governed by time-dependent scale factors $a(t)\sim ... More
The Elfe System - Verifying mathematical proofs of undergraduate studentsJan 31 2018Elfe is an interactive system for teaching basic proof methods in discrete mathematics. The user inputs a mathematical text written in fair English which is converted to a special data-structure of first-order formulas. Certain proof obligations implied ... More
Towards Cooperative Motion Planning for Automated Vehicles in Mixed TrafficAug 23 2017While motion planning techniques for automated vehicles in a reactive and anticipatory manner are already widely presented, approaches to cooperative motion planning are still remaining. In this paper, we present an approach to enhance common motion planning ... More
On generalized max-linear models in max-stable random fieldsMar 09 2017In practice, it is not possible to observe a whole max-stable random field. Therefore, a way how to reconstruct a max-stable random field in $C\left([0,1]^k\right)$ by interpolating its realizations at finitely many points is proposed. The resulting interpolating ... More
Wedge wetting by electrolyte solutionsJun 29 2017Sep 13 2017The wetting of a charged wedge-like wall by an electrolyte solution is investigated by means of classical density functional theory. As in other studies on wedge wetting, this geometry is considered as the most simple deviation from a planar substrate, ... More
The Risk of Machine LearningMar 31 2017Many applied settings in empirical economics involve simultaneous estimation of a large number of parameters. In particular, applied economists are often interested in estimating the effects of many-valued treatments (like teacher effects or location ... More
Rambrain - a library for virtually extending physical memoryOct 19 2015Jun 07 2017We introduce Rambrain, a user space library that manages memory consumption of your code. Using Rambrain you can overcommit memory over the size of physical memory present in the system. Rambrain takes care of temporarily swapping out data to disk and ... More
Marangoni flow at droplet interfaces: Three-dimensional solution and applicationsDec 17 2015The Marangoni effect refers to fluid flow induced by a gradient in surface tension at a fluid-fluid interface. We determine the full three-dimensional Marangoni flow generated by a non-uniform surface tension profile at the interface of a self-propelled ... More
Classification of toric Fano 5-foldsFeb 28 2007Jul 23 2007We obtain 866 isomorphism classes of five-dimensional nonsingular toric Fano varieties using a computer program and the database of four-dimensional reflexive polytopes. The algorithm is based on the existence of facets of Fano polytopes having small ... More
Chebyshev Interpolation for Parametric Option PricingMay 18 2015Jul 08 2016Recurrent tasks such as pricing, calibration and risk assessment need to be executed accurately and in real-time. Simultaneously we observe an increase in model sophistication on the one hand and growing demands on the quality of risk management on the ... More
The dimming of RW Auriga. Is dust accretion preceding an outburst?Oct 15 2018Jan 08 2019RW Aur A has experienced various dimming events in the last years, decreasing its brightness by $\sim 2\ \textrm{mag}$ for periods of months to years. Multiple observations indicate that a high concentration of dust grains, from the protoplanetary disk's ... More
Degrees of Freedom of Generic Block-Fading MIMO Channels without A Priori Channel State InformationOct 09 2013Nov 05 2014We studynthe high-SNR capacity of generic MIMO Rayleigh block-fading channels in the noncoherent setting where neither transmitter nor receiver has a priori channel state information but both are aware of the channel statistics. In contrast to the well-established ... More
A New Approach to Online Scheduling: Approximating the Optimal Competitive RatioApr 04 2012Oct 31 2012We propose a new approach to competitive analysis in online scheduling by introducing the novel concept of competitive-ratio approximation schemes. Such a scheme algorithmically constructs an online algorithm with a competitive ratio arbitrarily close ... More
Statistical mechanics of phase-space partitioning in large-scale spiking neuron circuitsMar 15 2017May 01 2017Synaptic interactions structure the phase space of the dynamics of neural circuits and constrain neural computation. Understanding how requires methods that handle those discrete interactions, yet few exist. Recently, it was discovered that even random ... More
openXBOW - Introducing the Passau Open-Source Crossmodal Bag-of-Words ToolkitMay 22 2016We introduce openXBOW, an open-source toolkit for the generation of bag-of-words (BoW) representations from multimodal input. In the BoW principle, word histograms were first used as features in document classification, but the idea was and can easily ... More
Analysis of the $hp$-version of a first order system least squares method for the Helmholtz equationAug 23 2018Extending the wavenumber-explicit analysis of [Chen & Qiu, J. Comput. Appl. Math. 309 (2017)], we analyze the $L^2$-convergence of a least squares method for the Helmholtz equation with wavenumber $k$. For domains with an analytic boundary, we obtain ... More
Simulations and experiments of short intense envelope solitons of surface water wavesFeb 19 2013The problem of existence of stable nonlinear groups of gravity waves in deep water is revised by means of laboratory and numerical simulations with the focus on intense waves. Wave groups with steepness up to $A_{cr} \omega_m^2 /g \approx 0.30$ are reproduced ... More
Filtering with Wavelet Zeros and Gaussian Analytic FunctionsJul 09 2018Jul 18 2018Following the recent work of Flandrin, we propose a method to filter a signal embedded in Gaussian white noise. Whereas Flandrin's technique is based on zeros of spectrograms--dubbed "silent points"--we propose a similar method using the zeros of the ... More
Complex Rotational Modulation of Rapidly Rotating M-Stars Observed with TESSMar 05 2019We have searched for short periodicities in the light curves of stars with $T_{\rm eff}$ cooler than 4000 K made from 2-minute cadence data obtained in TESS sectors 1 and 2. Herein we report the discovery of 10 rapidly rotating M-dwarfs with highly structured ... More
Probabilistic Trajectory Segmentation by Means of Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Switching Linear Dynamical SystemsMay 29 2018Aug 07 2018Using movement primitive libraries is an effective means to enable robots to solve more complex tasks. In order to build these movement libraries, current algorithms require a prior segmentation of the demonstration trajectories. A promising approach ... More
Energetically stable discretizations for charge carrier transport and electrokinetic modelsMar 15 2015A finite element discretization using a method of lines approached is proposed for approximately solving the Poisson-Nernst-Planck (PNP) equations. This discretization scheme enforces positivity of the computed solutions, corresponding to particle density ... More
Orbital Fingerprint of Topological Fermi Arcs in a Weyl SemimetalMar 11 2018Weyl semimetals are characterized by Fermi arc surface states. As a function of surface momentum, such arcs constitute energy-degenerate line trajectories terminating at the surface projection of two bulk Weyl nodes with opposite chirality. At these projection ... More
On the integrality of Seshadri constants of abelian surfacesMay 14 2018In this paper we consider the question of when Seshadri constants on abelian surfaces are integers. Our first result concerns self-products $E\times E$ of elliptic curves: If $E$ has complex multiplication in $\Z[i]$ or in $\Z[\frac12(1+i\sqrt3)]$ or ... More
Uniqueness of the Representation in Homogeneous Isotropic LQCSep 12 2016Mar 28 2018We show that the standard representation of homogeneous isotropic loop quantum cosmology (LQC) is the GNS-representation that corresponds to the unique state on the reduced quantum holonomy-flux $^*$-algebra that is invariant under residual diffeomorphisms ... More
Sidon set systemsFeb 28 2018Sep 07 2018A family ${\mathcal A}$ of $k$-subsets of $\{1,2,\dots, N\}$ is a Sidon system if the sumsets $A+B$, $A,B\in \mathcal{A}$ are pairwise distinct. We show that the largest cardinality $F_k(N)$ of a Sidon system of $k$-subsets of $[N]$ satisfies $F_k(N)\le ... More
Non-equilibrium quantum transport coefficients and the transient dynamics of full counting statistics in the strong coupling and non-Markovian regimesJun 16 2016Dec 20 2016Non-equilibrium transport properties of quantum systems have recently become experimentally accessible in a number of platforms in so-called full-counting experiments that measure transient and steady state non-equilibrium transport dynamics. We show ... More
B $\rightarrow f_2(1270)$ form factors with light-cone sum rulesApr 09 2018We construct the quark-antiquark chiral odd distribution amplitudes including twist-four mass contributions for tensor mesons. We also give quark-antiquark-gluon distribution amplitudes, where we calculate the input parameters with QCD sum rules. With ... More
Residential Demand Response Targeting Using Machine Learning with Observational DataJul 03 2016The large scale deployment of Advanced Metering Infrastructure among residential energy customers has served as a boon for energy systems research relying on granular consumption data. Residential Demand Response aims to utilize the flexibility of consumers ... More
Electrolyte solutions at heterogeneously charged substratesApr 03 2018The influence of a chemically or electrically heterogeneous distribution of interaction sites at a planar substrate on the number density of an adjacent fluid is studied by means of classical density functional theory (DFT). In the case of electrolyte ... More
Verifying Asymptotic Time Complexity of Imperative Programs in IsabelleFeb 05 2018We present a framework in Isabelle for verifying asymptotic time complexity of imperative programs. We build upon an extension of Imperative HOL and its separation logic to include running time. In addition to the basic arguments, our framework is able ... More
Passive Reaction Analysis for Grasp StabilityJan 19 2018In this paper we focus on the following problem in multi-fingered robotic grasping: assuming that an external wrench is being applied to a grasped object, will the contact forces between the hand and the object, as well as the hand joints, respond in ... More
REFOCUS: Current & Future Search Interface Requirements for German-speaking UsersOct 29 2016While smartphones are widely used for web browsing, also other novel devices like Smart TVs become increasingly popular. Yet, current interfaces do not cater for the newly available devices beyond touch and small screens, if at all for the latter. Particularly ... More
Slow relaxation and sensitivity to disorder in trapped lattice fermions after a quenchSep 21 2016Jan 04 2017We consider a system of non-interacting fermions in one dimension subject to a single-particle potential consisting of (a) a strong optical lattice, (b) a harmonic trap, and (c) uncorrelated on-site disorder. After a quench, in which the center of the ... More
Discrete Symmetries in Heterotic/F-theory Duality and Mirror SymmetryJul 11 2016We study aspects of Heterotic/F-theory duality for compactifications with Abelian discrete gauge symmetries. We consider F-theory compactifications on genus-one fibered Calabi-Yau manifolds with n-sections, associated with the Tate-Shafarevich group Z_n. ... More
Dodelson-Widrow Production of Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter with Non-Trivial Initial AbundanceDec 16 2015The simplest way to create sterile neutrinos in the early Universe is by their admixture to active neutrinos. However, this mechanism, connected to the Dark Matter (DM) problem by Dodelson and Widrow (DW), cannot simultaneously meet the relic abundance ... More
On functional records and championsOct 15 2015Records among a sequence of iid random variables $X_1,X_2,\dotsc$ on the real line have been investigated extensively over the past decades. A record is defined as a random variable $X_n$ such that $X_n>\max(X_1,\dotsc,X_{n-1})$. Trying to generalize ... More
Crossover from conventional to inverse indirect magnetic exchange in the depleted Anderson latticeMar 13 2015May 19 2015We investigate the finite-temperature properties of an Anderson lattice with regularly depleted impurities. The physics of this model is ruled by two different magnetic exchange mechanisms: conventional Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida (RKKY) interaction ... More
Rapidity renormalized TMD soft and beam functions at two loopsFeb 04 2016May 11 2018We compute the transverse momentum dependent (TMD) soft function for the production of a color-neutral final state at the LHC within the rapidity renormalization group (RRG) framework to next-to-next-to-leading order (NNLO). We use this result to extract ... More
Novel Massive MIMO Channel Sounding Data Applied to Deep Learning-based Indoor PositioningOct 08 2018Feb 08 2019With a significant increase in area throughput, Massive MIMO has become an enabling technology for fifth generation (5G) wireless mobile communication systems. Although prototypes were built, an openly available dataset for channel impulse responses to ... More
A quadrupolar exchange-only spin qubitJul 27 2018We propose a quadrupolar exchange-only spin (QUEX) qubit that is highly robust against charge noise and nuclear spin dephasing, the dominant decoherence mechanisms in quantum dots. The qubit consists of four electrons trapped in three quantum dots, and ... More
Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of vacancy diffusion in non-dilute Ni-X (X=Re,W,Ta) alloysDec 12 2018The mobility of vacancies in alloys may limit dislocation climb. Using a combined density functional theory and kinetic Monte Carlo approach we investigate vacancy diffusion in Ni-Re, Ni-W, and Ni-Ta binary alloys up to 10 at.% solute concentration. We ... More
Cubine, a superconducting 2-dimensional copper-bismuth nano sheetApr 10 2017We report on the discovery of a 2-dimensional copper-bismuth nano sheet from \textit{ab initio} calculations, which we call cubine. According to our predictions, single layers of cubine can be isolated from the recently reported high-pressure CuBi bulk ... More
On the combinatorial classification of toric log del Pezzo surfacesOct 13 2008Toric log del Pezzo surfaces correspond to convex lattice polygons containing the origin in their interior and having only primitive vertices. An upper bound on the volume and on the number of boundary lattice points of these polygons is derived in terms ... More
On-Chip Integration of Single Solid-State Quantum Emitters with a SiO$_2$ Photonic PlatformDec 06 2018One important building block for future integrated nanophotonic devices is the scalable on-chip interfacing of single photon emitters and quantum memories with single optical modes. Here we present the deterministic integration of a single solid-state ... More
A Lower Bound on the Noncoherent Capacity Pre-log for the MIMO Channel with Temporally Correlated FadingFeb 11 2013We derive a lower bound on the capacity pre-log of a temporally correlated Rayleigh block-fading multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channel with T transmit antennas and R receive antennas in the noncoherent setting (no a priori channel knowledge at ... More
Ionization spectra of highly Stark shifted rubidium Rydberg statesMar 03 2017Jul 31 2017We report on the observation and numerical calculation of ionization spectra of highly Stark-shifted Rydberg states of rubidium beyond the classical ionization threshold. In the numerical calculations, a complex absorbing potential (CAP) allows us to ... More
The Open Energy Modelling Framework (oemof) - A new approach to facilitate open science in energy system modellingAug 24 2018Energy system models have become indispensable tools for planning future energy systems by providing insights into different development trajectories. However, sustainable systems with high shares of renewable energy are characterized by growing cross-sectoral ... More
Variance-based Robust Optimization of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous MachineSep 08 2017This paper focuses on the application of the variance-based global sensitivity analysis for a topology derivative method in order to solve a stochastic nonlinear time-dependent magnetoquasistatic interface problem. To illustrate the approach a permanent ... More
TESS full orbital phase curve of the WASP-18b systemNov 14 2018Mar 15 2019We present a visible-light full orbital phase curve of the transiting planet WASP-18b measured by the TESS Mission. The phase curve includes the transit, secondary eclipse, and sinusoidal modulations across the orbital phase shaped by the planet's atmospheric ... More
Adapted nested force-gradient integrators: the Schwinger model caseDec 11 2015Nov 03 2016We study a novel class of numerical integrators, the adapted nested force-gradient schemes, used within the molecular dynamics step of the Hybrid Monte Carlo (HMC) algorithm. We test these methods in the Schwinger model on the lattice, a well known benchmark ... More
Detection of a giant flare displaying quasi-periodic pulsations from a pre-main sequence M star with NGTSNov 05 2018We present the detection of an energetic flare on the pre-main sequence M3 star NGTS J121939.5-355557, which we estimate as only 2 Myr old. The flare had an energy of $3.2\pm^{0.4}_{0.3}\times 10^{36}$erg and a fractional amplitude of $7.2\pm0.8$, making ... More
On Deep Learning-based Massive MIMO Indoor User LocalizationApr 13 2018We examine the usability of deep neural networks for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) user positioning solely based on the orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) complex channel coefficients. In contrast to other indoor positioning systems ... More
Inferring Concept Hierarchies from Text Corpora via Hyperbolic EmbeddingsFeb 03 2019We consider the task of inferring is-a relationships from large text corpora. For this purpose, we propose a new method combining hyperbolic embeddings and Hearst patterns. This approach allows us to set appropriate constraints for inferring concept hierarchies ... More
Automatic vetting of planet candidates from ground based surveys: Machine learning with NGTSMay 18 2018State of the art exoplanet transit surveys are producing ever increasing quantities of data. To make the best use of this resource, in detecting interesting planetary systems or in determining accurate planetary population statistics, requires new automated ... More
Ground-based detection of G star superflares with NGTSApr 10 2018We present high cadence detections of two superflares from a bright G8 star (V = 11.56) with the Next Generation Transit Survey (NGTS). We improve upon previous superflare detections by resolving the flare rise and peak, allowing us to fit a solar flare ... More
Estimating Heterogeneous Treatment Effects in Residential Demand ResponseOct 06 2017Oct 25 2018We evaluate the causal effect of hour-ahead price interventions on the reduction in residential electricity consumption using a data set from a large-scale experiment on 7,000 households in California. By estimating user-level counterfactuals using time-series ... More
A More Fine-Grained Complexity Analysis of Finding the Most Vital Edges for Undirected Shortest PathsApr 24 2018We study the NP-hard Shortest Path Most Vital Edges problem arising in the context of analyzing network robustness. For an undirected graph with positive integer edge lengths and two designated vertices $s$ and $t$, the goal is to delete as few edges ... More
A partition of unity approach to fluid mechanics and fluid-structure interactionFeb 16 2019For problems involving large deformations of thin structures, simulating fluid-structure interaction (FSI) remains challenging largely due to the need to balance computational feasibility, efficiency, and solution accuracy. Overlapping domain techniques ... More
Kilohertz binary phase modulator for pulsed laser sources using a digital micromirror deviceOct 17 2017Jan 08 2018The controlled modulation of an optical wavefront is required for aberration correction, digital phase conjugation or patterned photostimulation. For most of these applications it is desirable to control the wavefront modulation at the highest rates possible. ... More
Disentangling Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia in Heart Rate Variability RecordsFeb 02 2018Different measures of heart rate variability and particularly of respiratory sinus arrhythmia are widely used in research and clinical applications. Inspired by the ideas from the theory of coupled oscillators, we use simultaneous measurements of respiratory ... More
Additive colourful Carathéodory type results with an application to radiiDec 09 2017May 31 2018In this paper we study the behavior of the circumradius with respect to the Minkowski addition in generalized Minkowski spaces. To do so, we solve additive colourful Carath\'eodory type results, under certain equilibria conditions.
Decoding of Non-Binary LDPC Codes Using the Information Bottleneck MethodOct 21 2018Feb 23 2019Recently, a novel lookup table based decoding method for binary low-density parity-check codes has attracted considerable attention. In this approach, mutual-information maximizing lookup tables replace the conventional operations of the variable nodes ... More
Clustering with Deep Learning: Taxonomy and New MethodsJan 23 2018Sep 13 2018Clustering methods based on deep neural networks have proven promising for clustering real-world data because of their high representational power. In this paper, we propose a systematic taxonomy of clustering methods that utilize deep neural networks. ... More
Survey of astrophysical conditions in neutrino-driven supernova ejecta nucleosynthesisFeb 01 2018Core-collapse supernovae produce elements between Fe and Ag depending on the properties of the ejected matter. Despite the fast progress in supernova simulations in the last decades, there are still uncertainties in the astrophysical conditions. In this ... More
Emergence of the XY-like phase in the deformed spin-3/2 AKLT systemsMay 26 2016Affleck, Kennedy, Lieb and Taski (AKLT) constructed an exemplary spin-3/2 valence-bond solid (VBS) state on the hexagonal lattice, which is the ground state of an isotropic quantum antiferromagnet and possesses no spontaneous magnetization but finite ... More
The influence of metallicity on stellar differential rotation and magnetic activityNov 21 2017Observations of Sun-like stars over the last half-century have improved our understanding of how magnetic dynamos, like that responsible for the 11-year solar cycle, change with rotation, mass and age. Here we show for the first time how metallicity can ... More