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Toward a Procedural Fruit Tree Rendering Framework for Image AnalysisJul 10 2019We propose a procedural fruit tree rendering framework, based on Blender and Python scripts allowing to generate quickly labeled dataset (i.e. including ground truth semantic segmentation). It is designed to train image analysis deep learning methods ... More
Finite-Type Invariants of Order One for Framed Virtual KnotsSep 24 2015Oct 11 2016A. Henrich proved the existence of the universal finite-type invariant of order one for virtual knots. We extend the construction and the methods of her paper to framed virtual knots. To do so, we introduce the notions of virtual strings and based matrices ... More
Observations of magnetic fields in hot starsOct 11 2010The presence of magnetic fields at the surfaces of many massive stars has been suspected for decades, to explain the observed properties and activity of OB stars. However, very few genuine high-mass stars had been identified as magnetic before the advent ... More
Index Polynomials for Virtual TanglesMay 21 2018We generalize the index polynomial invariant to the case of virtual tangles. Three polynomial invariants result from this generalization; we give a brief overview of their definition and some basic properties.
Quantization of spectral curves and DQ-modulesJul 15 2015Aug 16 2015Given an holomorphic Higgs bundle on a compact Riemann surface of genus greater than one, we construct a DQ-module supported by the spectral curve associated to this bundle. Then, we relate quantum curves arising in various situations (quantization of ... More
"Model and Run" Constraint Networks with a MILP EngineNov 27 2016Constraint Programming (CP) users need significant expertise in order to model their problems appropriately, notably to select propagators and search strategies. This puts the brakes on a broader uptake of CP. In this paper, we introduce MICE, a complete ... More
A linear version of Dawson-Gärtner's theoremMar 22 2011We prove a linear version of Dawson-G\"artner's theorem saying that weak large deviations principles and the equivalence of ensembles are preserved through linear projective limits. ----- Nous d\'emontrons une version lin\'eaire du th\'eor\`eme de Dawson-G\"artner ... More
The Codimension-Three conjecture for holonomic DQ-modulesJun 27 2014Dec 02 2014We prove an analogue for holonomic DQ-modules of the codimension-three conjecture for microdifferential modules recently proved by Kashiwara and Vilonen. Our result states that any holonomic DQ-module having a lattice extends uniquely beyond an analytic ... More
DG Affinity of DQ-modulesMar 01 2011Mar 05 2011In this paper, we prove the dg affinity of formal deformation algebroid stacks over complex smooth algebraic varieties. For that purpose, we introduce the triangulated category of formal deformation modules which are cohomologically complete and whose ... More
Boundary behaviour of harmonic functions on hyperbolic manifoldsFeb 24 2013Let $M$ be a complete simply connected manifold which is in addition Gromov hyperbolic, coercive and roughly starlike. For a given harmonic function on $M$, a local Fatou Theorem and a pointwise criteria of non-tangential convergence coming from the density ... More
Cramér's theorem in measurable locally convex spacesMar 22 2011We give a general setting for Cram\'er's large deviations theorem for the empirical means of a sequence of i.i.d. random vectors, which contains Cram\'er's theorem in a Banach space and Sanov's theorem. ----- Nous \'etablissons un cadre g\'en\'eral pour ... More
A Riemann-Roch Theorem for dg AlgebrasApr 02 2010Nov 19 2012Given a smooth proper dg-algebra $A$, a perfect dg $A$-module $M$, and an endomorphism $f$ of $M$, we define the Hochschild class of the pair $(M,f)$ with values in the Hochschild homology of $A$. Our main result is a Riemann-Roch type formula involving ... More
Spectropolarimetry of cool starsMar 27 2007In recent years, the development of spectropolarimetric techniques deeply modified our knowledge of stellar magnetism. In the case of solar-type stars, the challenge is to measure a geometrically complex field and determine its evolution over very different ... More
Tempered subanalytic topology on algebraic varietiesMar 02 2017On a smooth algebraic variety over $\mathbb{C}$, we build the tempered subanalytic and Stein tempered subanalytic sites. We construct the sheaf of holomorphic functions tempered at infinity over these sites and study their relations with the sheaf of ... More
Finite-Type Invariants of order one for long virtual knotsFeb 25 2016Oct 11 2016We extend to the long virtual knot case the constructions first presented by A. Henrich and later generalized by the author to the framed virtual knot case. These consist of three Vassiliev invariants of order one, including a universal one, as well as ... More
Fourier-Mukai transform in the quantized settingFeb 14 2013We prove that a coherent DQ-kernel induces an equivalence between the derived categories of DQ-modules with coherent cohomology if and only if the graded commutative kernel associated to it induces an equivalence between the derived categories of coherent ... More
The Lefschetz-Lunts formula for deformation quantization modulesDec 09 2011Jan 22 2013We adapt to the case of deformation quantization modules a formula of V. Lunts who calculates the trace of a kernel acting on Hochschild homology.
Harmonic functions on hyperbolic graphsMay 26 2009Mar 11 2013We consider admissible random walks on hyperbolic graphs. For a given harmonic function on such a graph, we prove that asymptotic properties of non-tangential boundedness and non-tangential convergence are almost everywhere equivalent. The proof is inspired ... More
The maximal decomposition of the Turaev-Viro TQFTAug 20 2009Sep 01 2009In a previous work arXiv:0903.4512, we have built an homotopical Turaev-Viro invariant and an HQFT from the universal graduation of a spherical category. In the present paper, we show that every graduation $(G,p)$ of a spherical category $\C$ defines ... More
Mok-Siu-Yeung type formulas on contact locally sub-symmetric spacesJun 26 2007We derive Mok-Siu-Yeung type formulas for horizontal maps from compact contact locally sub-symmetric spaces into strictly pseudoconvex CR manifolds and we obtain some rigidity theorems for the horizontal pseudoharmonic maps.
Developmental Bayesian Optimization of Black-Box with Visual Similarity-Based Transfer LearningSep 26 2018Oct 19 2018We present a developmental framework based on a long-term memory and reasoning mechanisms (Vision Similarity and Bayesian Optimisation). This architecture allows a robot to optimize autonomously hyper-parameters that need to be tuned from any action and/or ... More
Desynchronization induced by time-varying networkFeb 19 2018Apr 13 2018The synchronous dynamics of an array of excitable oscillators, coupled via a generic graph, is studied. Non homogeneous perturbations can grow and destroy synchrony, via a self-consistent instability which is solely instigated by the intrinsic network ... More
Applications of improved duality lemmas to the discrete coagulation-fragmentation equations with diffusionJun 24 2016In this paper, we investigate the use of so called "duality lemmas" to study the system of discrete coagulation-fragmentation equations with diffusion. We prove that strong enough fragmentation can prevent gelation even for superlinear coagulation, a ... More
Applications of improved duality lemmas to the discrete coagulation-fragmentation equations with diffusionJun 24 2016Feb 23 2017In this paper, we investigate the use of so called "duality lemmas" to study the system of discrete coagulation-fragmentation equations with diffusion. When the fragmentation is strong enough with respect to the coagulation, we show that we have creation ... More
Equidistribution of phase shifts in trapped scatteringJan 30 2016Dec 03 2016We prove an equidistribution result for the eigenvalues of the scattering matrix associated to an operator of the form $-h^2\Delta + V-1$, where $V\in C_c^\infty(\mathbb{R}^d)$ is a compactly supported potential, under the assumption that the incoming ... More
Distorted plane waves in chaotic scatteringJul 10 2015Dec 03 2016Distorted plane waves, sometimes called Eisenstein functions, are a family of eigenfunctions of a Schr\"odinger operator that are not square integrable. More precisely, they can be written as the sum of a plane wave and an outgoing wave. We shall study ... More
Production of faces of the Kronecker cone containing only stable triplesMay 25 2018One way to study the Kronecker coefficients is to focus on the Kronecker cone, which is generated by the triples of partitions corresponding to non-zero Kronecker coefficients. In this article we are interested in producing particular faces of this cone, ... More
Generating OWA weights using truncated distributionsSep 13 2017Feb 23 2018Ordered weighted averaging (OWA) operators have been widely used in decision making these past few years. An important issue facing the OWA operators' users is the determination of the OWA weights. This paper introduces an OWA determination method based ... More
Semiclassical limits of distorted plane waves in chaotic scattering without a pressure conditionJun 22 2017In this paper, we study the semi-classical behavior of distorted plane waves, on manifolds that are Euclidean near infinity or hyperbolic near infinity, and of non-positive curvature. Assuming that there is a strip without resonances below the real axis, ... More
The Berk-Breizman Model as a Paradigm for Energetic Particle-driven Alfven EigenmodesJan 28 2011The achievement of sustained nuclear fusion in magnetically confined plasma relies on efficient confinement of high-energy ions produced by the fusion reaction. Such particles can excite Alfven Eigenmodes (AEs), which significantly degrade their confinement ... More
Introduction to graded geometryDec 09 2015Mar 14 2017This paper aims at setting out the basics of $\mathbb{Z}$-graded manifolds theory. We introduce $\mathbb{Z}$-graded manifolds from local models and give some of their properties. The requirement to work with a completed graded symmetric algebra to define ... More
Mean field limit for the one dimensional Vlasov-Poisson equationSep 10 2013We consider systems of $N$ particles in dimension one, driven by pair Coulombian or gravitational interactions. When the number of particles goes to infinity in the so called mean field scaling, we formally expect convergence towards the Vlasov-Poisson ... More
Distorted plane waves in chaotic scatteringJul 10 2015Dec 20 2015Distorted plane waves, sometimes called Eisenstein functions, are a family of eigenfunctions of a Schr\"odinger operator that are not square integrable. More precisely, they can be written as the sum of a plane wave and an outgoing wave. We shall study ... More
Distorted plane waves on manifolds of nonpositive curvatureDec 21 2015We will consider the high frequency behaviour of distorted plane waves on manifolds of nonpositive curvature which are Euclidean or hyperbolic near infinity, under the assumption that the curvature is negative close to the trapped set of the geodesic ... More
Introduction to graded geometryDec 09 2015This paper aims at setting out the basics of $\mathbb{Z}$-graded manifolds theory. It introduces $\mathbb{Z}$-graded manifolds from local models and gives some of their properties. Moreover, it presents a proof of the existence of a local graded basis ... More
The not-so-effective mass of photons in a planar optical cavityDec 01 2015It is a well established and understood fact that photons propagating in free space interact with the gravitational field, leading to well-known effects such as gravitational redshift or gravitational lensing. While these phenomena might give an impression ... More
The Energetic Reasoning Checker RevisitedOct 16 2013Energetic Reasoning (ER) is a powerful filtering algorithm for the Cumulative constraint. Unfortunately, ER is generally too costly to be used in practice. One reason of its bad behavior is that many intervals are considered as relevant by the checker ... More
Exciton swapping in a twisted graphene bilayer as a solid-state realization of a two-brane modelSep 08 2012Dec 19 2013It is shown that exciton swapping between two graphene sheets may occur under specific conditions. A magnetically tunable optical filter is described to demonstrate this new effect. Mathematically, it is shown that two turbostratic graphene layers can ... More
Matter swapping between two braneworlds from the equivalence between two-brane worlds and noncommutative two-sheeted spacetimesFeb 01 2012It is shown that a two-brane world made of two domain walls can be seen as a noncommutative two-sheeted spacetime under certain assumptions. This equivalence implies a model-independent phenomenology: Matter swapping between the two 3-branes (or sheets) ... More
Spin dynamics and structure formation in a spin-1 condensate in a magnetic fieldApr 07 2009Jun 08 2009We study the dynamics of a trapped spin-1 condensate in a magnetic field. First, we analyze the homogeneous system, for which the dynamics can be understood in terms of orbits in phase space. We analytically solve for the dynamical evolution of the populations ... More
Angular velocity nonlinear observer from vector measurementsMar 10 2015The paper proposes a technique to estimate the angular velocity of a rigid body from vector measurements. Compared to the approaches presented in the literature, it does not use attitude information nor rate gyros as inputs. Instead, vector measurements ... More
Many-body studies on atomic quantum systemsJun 11 2006This thesis presents a set of studies on atomic systems where quantum effects are particularly relevant. These studies have been developed by applying a variety of tools from many-body physics. First of all, we have studied the prospects for the existence ... More
Artificially induced positronium oscillations in a two-sheeted spacetime: consequences on the observed decay processesMay 02 2005Jul 27 2007Following recent theoretical results, it is suggested that positronium (Ps) might undergo spontaneous oscillations between two 4D spacetime sheets whenever subjected to constant irrotational magnetic vector potentials. We show that these oscillations ... More
Quantum dynamics of particles in a discrete two-branes world model: Can matter particles exchange occur between branes?Sep 07 2004Jun 03 2005In a recent paper, a model for describing the quantum dynamics of massive particles in a non-commutative two-sheeted spacetime was proposed. This model considers a universe made with two spacetime sheets embedded in a 5D bulk where the fifth dimension ... More
Ephemeral persistence modules and distance comparisonFeb 26 2019Jun 26 2019We provide a definition of ephemeral multi-persistent modules and prove that the quotient of persistent modules by the ephemeral ones is equivalent to the category of $\gamma$-sheaves. In the case of one-dimensional persistence, our definition agrees ... More
Scatter of Weak RobotsJan 27 2007In this paper, we first formalize the problem to be solved, i.e., the Scatter Problem (SP). We then show that SP cannot be deterministically solved. Next, we propose a randomized algorithm for this problem. The proposed solution is trivially self-stabilizing. ... More
AMD-stability and the classification of planetary systemsMar 21 2017Mar 22 2017We present here in full detail the evolution of the angular momentum deficit (AMD) during collisions as it was described in (Laskar, PRL,2000). Since then, the AMD has been revealed to be a key parameter for the understanding of the outcome of planetary ... More
A short proof of Cramer's theorem in RFeb 18 2010We expose here a short proof of Cramer's theorem in R based on convex duality.
Michel Henon, a playfull and simplifying mindNov 17 2014Several chapters in this book present various aspects of Michel Henon's scientific acheivements that spread over a large range of subjects, and yet managed to make deep contributions to most of them. The authors of these chapters make a much better job ... More
Self-stabilizing Determinsitic GatheringMay 06 2009In this paper, we investigate the possibility to deterministically solve the gathering problem (GP) with weak robots (anonymous, autonomous, disoriented, deaf and dumb, and oblivious). We introduce strong multiplicity detection as the ability for the ... More
Self-Stabilizing Wavelets and r-Hops CoordinationJun 27 2007We introduce a simple tool called the wavelet (or, r-wavelet) scheme. Wavelets deals with coordination among processes which are at most r hops away of each other. We present a selfstabilizing solution for this scheme. Our solution requires no underlying ... More
Magnetic inhibition of convection in O star envelopesMay 31 2019It has been suggested that the absence of macroturbulence in the atmosphere of NGC 1624 - 2 is due its strong magnetic field (the strongest known for a massive O star) suppressing convection in its outer layers, removing the mechanism thought responsible ... More
Circle Formation of Weak Robots and Lyndon WordsMay 22 2006A Lyndon word is a non-empty word strictly smaller in the lexicographic order than any of its suffixes, except itself and the empty word. In this paper, we show how Lyndon words can be used in the distributed control of a set of n weak mobile robots. ... More
The Soft Cumulative ConstraintJul 06 2009Jul 07 2009This research report presents an extension of Cumulative of Choco constraint solver, which is useful to encode over-constrained cumulative problems. This new global constraint uses sweep and task interval violation-based algorithms.
Matter localization and resonant deconfinement in a two-sheeted spacetimeMar 24 2006Jul 11 2007In recent papers, a model of a two-sheeted spacetime M4XZ2 was introduced and the quantum dynamics of massive fermions was studied in this framework. In the present study, we show that the physical predictions of the model are perfectly consistent with ... More
Quantum dynamics of massive particles in a non-commutative two-sheeted space-timeSep 07 2004Mar 07 2005We study a formal extension of the Dirac equation in the framework of a non-commutative two-sheeted space-time. It is shown that this approach naturally extends the classical Dirac theory by doubling the number of fermionic states, which can then be identified ... More
Brane matter, hidden or mirror matter, their various avatars and mixings: many faces of the same physicsAug 09 2012Jan 22 2013Numerous papers deal with the phenomenology related to photon-hidden photon kinetic mixing and with the effects of a mass mixing on particle-hidden particle oscillations. In addition, recent papers underline the existence of a geometrical mixing between ... More
Plausible "faster-than-light" displacements in a two-sheeted spacetimeJun 27 2007Aug 16 2007In this paper, we explore the implications of a two-point discretization of an extra-dimension in a five-dimensional quantum setup. We adopt a pragmatic attitude by considering the dynamics of spin-half particles through the simplest possible extension ... More
Nonperturbative renormalization group for scalar fields in de Sitter space: beyond the local potential approximationNov 24 2016Nonperturbative renormalization group techniques have recently proven a powerful tool to tackle the nontrivial infrared dynamics of light scalar fields in de Sitter space. In the present article, we develop the formalism beyond the local potential approximation ... More
On the clique number of the square of a line graph and its relation to Ore-degreeAug 07 2017In 1985, Erd\H{o}s and Ne\v{s}et\v{r}il conjectured that the square of the line graph of a graph $G$, that is $L(G)^2$, can be colored with $\frac{5}{4}\Delta(G)^2$ colors. This conjecture implies the weaker conjecture that the clique number of such a ... More
Lattice BosonizationJan 12 1996A free lattice fermion field theory in 1+1 dimensions can be interpreted as SOS-type model, whose spins are integer-valued. We point out that the relation between these spins and the fermion field is similar to the abelian bosonization relation between ... More
Quantum regime for the nuclear energy loss of fast atoms above crystal surfacesJul 24 2018To describe the grazing scattering of keV atoms at surface, a new quantum binary collision model have been proposed where the dynamical properties of the surface atoms are considered via the wave-function of the local Debye harmonic oscillator. This leads ... More
Propagation of chaos for the Vlasov-Poisson-Fokker-Planck system in 1DOct 21 2015Nov 13 2015We consider a particle system in 1D, interacting via repulsive or attractive Coulomb forces. We prove the trajectorial propagation of molecular chaos towards a nonlinear SDE associated to the Vlasov-Poisson-Fokker-Planck equation. We obtain a quantitative ... More
A splitting method for nonlinear diffusions with nonlocal, nonpotential driftsJun 15 2016We prove an existence result for nonlinear diffusion equations in the presence of a nonlocal density-dependent drift which is not necessarily potential. The proof is constructive and based on the Helmholtz decomposition of the drift and a splitting scheme. ... More
The modular action on PSL(2,R)-characters in genus 2Sep 13 2013We explore the dynamics of the action of the mapping class group in genus 2 on the PSL(2,R)-character variety. We prove that this action is ergodic on the connected components of Euler class 1 and -1, as it was conjectured by Goldman. In the connected ... More
On the automorphism group of the asymptotic pants complex of a planar surface of infinite typeApr 15 2011We consider a planar surface \Sigma of infinite type which has the Thompson group T as asymptotic mapping class group. We construct the asymptotic pants complex C of \Sigma and prove that the group T acts transitively by automorphisms on it. Finally, ... More
The topology of Baumslag-Solitar representationsFeb 11 2019Let $\Gamma=\langle a,b | a b^{p} a^{-1} = b^{q}\rangle$ be a Baumslag--Solitar group and $G$ be a complex reductive algebraic group with maximal compact subgroup $K<G$. We show that, when $p$ and $q$ are relatively prime with distinct absolute values, ... More
Physical conditions in the central molecular zone inferred by H3+Oct 08 2015The H3+ molecule has been detected in many lines of sight within the central molecular zone (CMZ) with exceptionally large column densities and unusual excitation properties compared to diffuse local clouds. The detection of the (3,3) metastable level ... More
Quantum scalar fields in de Sitter space from the nonperturbative renormalization groupJun 19 2015Sep 29 2015We investigate scalar field theories in de Sitter space by means of nonperturbative renormalization group techniques. We compute the functional flow equation for the effective potential of O(N) theories in the local potential approximation and we study ... More
Pragmatic Side EffectsJun 17 2015In the quest to give a formal compositional semantics to natural languages, semanticists have started turning their attention to phenomena that have been also considered as parts of pragmatics (e.g., discourse anaphora and presupposition projection). ... More
Fewest repetitions in infinite binary wordsJul 24 2012A square is the concatenation of a nonempty word with itself. A word has period p if its letters at distance p match. The exponent of a nonempty word is the quotient of its length over its smallest period. In this article we give a proof of the fact that ... More
On the (non) existence of viscosity solutions of multi--time Hamilton--Jacobi equationsDec 04 2013We prove that the multi--time Hamilton--Jacobi equation in general cannot be solved in the viscosity sense, in the non-convex setting, even when the Hamiltonians are in involution.
Hyperbolic surfaces with sublinearly many systoles that fillApr 03 2019For any $\varepsilon>0$, we construct a closed hyperbolic surface of genus $g=g(\varepsilon)$ with a set of at most $\varepsilon g$ systoles that fill, meaning that each component of the complement of their union is contractible. This surface is also ... More
Multiplicative quiver varieties and generalised Ruijsenaars-Schneider modelsApr 19 2017We study some classical integrable systems naturally associated with multiplicative quiver varieties for the (extended) cyclic quiver with $m$ vertices. The phase space of our integrable systems is obtained by quasi-Hamiltonian reduction from the space ... More
Convergence of the solutions of discounted Hamilton--Jacobi systemsFeb 24 2017We consider a weakly coupled system of discounted Hamilton--Jacobi equations set on a closed Riemannian manifold. We prove that the corresponding solutions converge to a specific solution of the limit system as the discount factor goes to zero. The analysis ... More
Weak KAM theoretic aspects for nonregular commuting HamiltoniansFeb 11 2011Apr 11 2012In this paper we consider the notion of commutation for a pair of continuous and convex Hamiltonians, given in terms of commutation of their Lax- Oleinik semigroups. This is equivalent to the solvability of an associated multi- time Hamilton-Jacobi equation. ... More
Generalized Geometry in AdS/CFT and Volume MinimizationNov 18 2010We study the general structure of the AdS_5/CFT_4 correspondence in type IIB string theory from the perspective of generalized geometry. We begin by defining a notion of "generalized Sasakian geometry," which consists of a contact structure together with ... More
Transverse magnetization and transient oscillations in the quantum tunneling of molecular magnetsMay 11 2007We calculate the response of a molecular magnet subject to a time-varying magnetic field and coupled to a heat bath. We propose that observations of calculated oscillations transverse to the field direction may be an effective way of demonstrating quantum ... More
Hidden Borcherds symmetries in Z_n orbifolds of M-theory and magnetized D-branes in type 0' orientifoldsJul 20 2006Nov 21 2006We study T^{11-D-q}xT^q/Z_n orbifold compactifications of 11D supergravity and M-theory by a purely algebraic method. Using the mapping between scalar fields of toroidally compactified maximal supergravity and generators of the U-duality symmetry, we ... More
Algebres de Frobenius-VirasoroJul 11 2005In this note we associate to each Frobenius algebra a vertex algebra, the simplest example being the Virasoro vertex algebra. This construction is analogous to the procedure which associates to a Lie algebra with an invariant bilinear form the vacuum ... More
Delocalisation of one-dimensional marginals of product measures and the capacity of LTI discrete channelsSep 03 2018We consider discrete linear time invariant (LTI) channels satisfying the phase independence (PI) assumption. We show that under the PI assumption the capacity of LTI channels is positive. The main technical tool that we use to establish the positivity ... More
On Kac's Chaos And Related ProblemsMay 21 2012Mar 31 2014This paper is devoted to establish quantitative and qualitative estimates related to the notion of chaos as firstly formulated by M. Kac in his study of mean-field limit for systems of $N$ undistinguishable particles. First, we quantitatively liken three ... More
The converse of the Schwarz Lemma is falseNov 21 2014Sep 03 2015Let $h:X \to Y$ be a homeomorphism between hyperbolic surfaces with finite topology. If $h$ is homotopic to a holomorphic map, then every closed geodesic in $X$ is at least as long as the corresponding geodesic in $Y$, by the Schwarz Lemma. The converse ... More
Some Banach spaces of Dirichlet seriesNov 15 2013The Hardy spaces of Dirichlet series denoted by ${\cal H}^p$ ($p\ge1$) have been studied in [12] when p = 2 and in [3] for the general case. In this paper we study some Lp-generalizations of spaces of Dirichlet series, particularly two families of Bergman ... More
Rigorous derivation of Lindblad equations from quantum jumps processes in 1DMar 25 2016We are interested by the behaviour of a 1D single heavy particle, interacting with an environment made of very fast particles in a thermal state. Assuming that the interactions are instantaneous, we construct an appropriate quantum jump process for the ... More
The holomorphic couch theoremMar 18 2015May 06 2015We prove that if two conformal embeddings between Riemann surfaces with finite topology are homotopic, then they are isotopic through conformal embeddings. Furthermore, we show that the space of all conformal embeddings in a given homotopy class deformation ... More
On the weak-hash metric for boundedly finite integer-valued measuresMar 06 2018Oct 13 2018It is known that the space of boundedly finite integer-valued measures on a complete separable metric space becomes itself a complete separable metric space when endowed with the weak-hash metric. It is also known that convergence under this topology ... More
Framed holonomic knotsJun 18 2002A holonomic knot is a knot in 3-space which arises as the 2-jet extension of a smooth function on the circle. A holonomic knot associated to a generic function is naturally framed by the blackboard framing of the knot diagram associated to the 1-jet extension ... More
On systems of continuity equations with nonlinear diffusion and nonlocal driftsMay 06 2015This paper is devoted to existence and uniqueness results for classes of nonlinear diffusion equations (or systems) which may be viewed as regular perturbations of Wasserstein gradient flows. First, in the case. where the drift is a gradient (in the physical ... More
Propagation of chaos for the Landau equation with moderately soft potentialsJan 08 2015We consider the 3D Landau equation for moderately soft potentials ($\gamma\in(-2,0)$ with the usual notation) as well as a stochastic system of $N$ particles approximating it. We first establish some strong/weak stability estimates for the Landau equation, ... More
Conformal grafting and convergence of Fenchel-Nielsen twist coordinatesAug 31 2014Sep 23 2014We cut a hyperbolic surface of finite area along some analytic simple closed curves, and glue in cylinders of varying moduli. We prove that as the moduli of the glued cylinders go to infinity, the Fenchel-Nielsen twist coordinates for the resulting surface ... More
Quantum vacuum emission from a refractive index frontApr 28 2015Jul 07 2015A moving boundary separating two otherwise homogeneous regions of a dielectric is known to emit radiation from the quantum vacuum. An analytical framework based on the Hopfield model, describing a moving refractive index step in 1+1 dimensions for realistic ... More
Six-point configurations in the hyperbolic plane and ergodicity of the mapping class groupSep 08 2015Let $X$ be the space of isometry classes of ordered sextuples of points in the hyperbolic plane such that the product of the six corresponding rotations of angle $\pi$ is the identity. This space $X$ is closely related to the PSL$_2(\mathbb{R})$-character ... More
Iterative Calculation of Sum Of SquaresDec 06 2018Dec 10 2018We propose an iterative algorithm for the calculations of sum of squares of polynomials, reformulated as positive interpolation. The method is based on the definition of a dual functional $G$. The domain of $G$, the boundary of the domain and the boundary ... More
Reconstructing maps out of groupsJul 05 2019We show that, in many situations, a homeomorphism $f$ of a manifold $M$ may be recovered from the (marked) isomorphism class of a finitely generated group of homeomorphisms containing $f$. As an application, we relate the notions of {\em critical regularity} ... More
On the automorphisms group of the asymptotic pants complex of an infinite surface of genus zeroAug 28 2013Feb 11 2016The braided Thompson group $\mathcal B$ is an asymptotic mapping class group of a sphere punctured along the standard Cantor set, endowed with a rigid structure. Inspired from the case of finite type surfaces we consider a Hatcher-Thurston cell complex ... More
The holomorphic couch theoremMar 18 2015Sep 15 2017We prove that if two conformal embeddings between Riemann surfaces with finite topology are homotopic, then they are isotopic through conformal embeddings. Furthermore, we show that the space of all conformal embeddings in a given homotopy class deformation ... More
A general definition of influence between stochastic processesMay 22 2009We extend the study of weak local conditional independence (WCLI) based on a measurability condition made by Commenges and G\'egout-Petit (2009) to a larger class of processes that we call D'. We also give a definition related to the same concept based ... More
Bayesian least squares deconvolutionSep 14 2015Aims. To develop a fully Bayesian least squares deconvolution (LSD) that can be applied to the reliable detection of magnetic signals in noise-limited stellar spectropolarimetric observations using multiline techniques. Methods. We consider LSD under ... More
Formal Data Validation with Event-BOct 26 2012This article presents a verification and validation activity performed in an industrial context, to validate configuration data of a metro CBTC system by creating a formal B model of these configuration data and of their properties. A double tool chain ... More