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Ordinary and Z/2Z-graded Cocharacters of UT_2(E)Mar 22 2010Let E be the infinite dimensional Grassmann algebra over a field F of characteristic 0. In this paper we compute the ordinary and the Z/2Z-graded cocharacters of the algebra of 2x2 upper triangular matrices with coefficients in E, using the tool of proper ... More
The Burkill-Cesari integral as a semivalue on subspaces of ACJul 06 2012We prove the simmetry of the Burkill-Cesari integral and discuss its continuity with respect to both the $ BV$ norm of Aumann and Shapley and to the Lipschitz norm. As a consequence, we provide an existence result of a value, different from the Aumann ... More
Y-proper graded cocharacters of upper-triangular matrices od order m graded by the m-tuple φ=(0,0,1,...,m-2)Jul 07 2014Let F be a field of characteristic 0. We consider the algebra UT_m(F) of upper triangular matrices of order m endowed with na elementar Z_m-grading induced by the m-tuple phi=(0,0,1,...,m-2), then we compute its Y-proper graded cocharacter sequence and ... More
On the reliability of the fractal dimension measure of solar magnetic features and on its variation with solar cycleSep 27 2006Several studies have investigated the fractal and multifractal nature of magnetic features in the solar photosphere and its variation with the solar magnetic activity cycle. Here we extend those studies by examining the fractal geometry of bright magnetic ... More
On the Z_2-graded codimensions of the Grassmann algebra over a finite fieldFeb 03 2016Let E be the infinite dimensional Grassmann algebra over a finite field F of characteristic not 2. In this paper we deal with the homogeneous Z_2-gradings of E. In particular, we compute an exact value for the Z_2-graded homogeneous codimensions of E, ... More
Polarization-driven spin precession of mesospheric sodium atomsSep 11 2018We report experimental results on the first on-sky observation of atomic spin precession of mesospheric sodium driven by polarization modulation of a continuous-wave laser. The magnetic resonance was remotely detected from the ground by observing the ... More
Z_2-graded Gelfand-Kirillov dimension of the Grassmann algebraFeb 06 2014We consider the infinite dimensional Grassmann algebra E over a field F of characteristic 0 or p, where p>2, and we compute its Z_2-graded Gelfand-Kirillov dimension as a Z_2-graded PI-algebra.
Remote sensing of geomagnetic fields and atomic collisions in the mesosphereFeb 09 2018Magnetic-field sensing has contributed to the formulation of the plate-tectonics theory, the discovery and mapping of underground structures on Earth, and the study of magnetism in other planets. Filling the gap between space-based and near-Earth observation, ... More
Action of Pontryagin dual of semilattices grading algebrasNov 28 2012Let A be a unitary algebra and G be a finite abelian group. Then a G-graded algebra is merely a G-algebra and viceversa because of the fact that G and its group of characters G* are isomorphic. This fact is no longer true if we substitute G with infinite ... More
Gelfand-Kirillov dimension and Jordan algebrasAug 19 2015Oct 07 2016Let A be any associative algebra graded by a finite abelian group G, then if we denote by GKdim_k(A) and GKdim^G_k (A) the Gelfand-Kirillov dimension of its relatively free algebra and its relatively free G-graded algebra in k variables respectively, ... More
A note on stochastic Fubini's theorem and stochastic convolutionJun 20 2016We provide a version of the stochastic Fubini's theorem which does not depend on the particular stochastic integrator chosen as far as the stochastic integration is built as a continuous linear operator from an $L^p$ space of Banach space-valued processes ... More
Path-dependent SDEs in Hilbert spacesJun 20 2016Aug 05 2016We study path-dependent SDEs in Hilbert spaces. By using methods based on contractions in Banach spaces, we prove existence and uniqueness of mild solutions, continuity of mild solutions with respect to perturbations of all the data of the system, G\^ateaux ... More
Stochastic dynamics of the prisoner's dilemma with cooperation facilitatorsJul 09 2012Aug 01 2012In the framework of the paradigmatic prisoner's dilemma, we investigate the evolutionary dynamics of social dilemmas in the presence of "cooperation facilitators". In our model, cooperators and defectors interact as in the classical prisoner's dilemma ... More
Exact multipoint and multitime correlation functions of a one-dimensional model of adsorption and evaporation of dimersApr 05 2002Apr 06 2002In this work, we provide a method which allows to compute exactly the multipoint and multi-time correlation functions of a one-dimensional stochastic model of dimer adsorption-evaporation with random (uncorrelated) initial states. In particular explicit ... More
An elementary proof of the uniqueness of the solutions of linear odesOct 07 2009In this note, we present an elementary proof of the uniqueness of the solutions of the initial value problems of linear ordinary differential equations (odes).
Physics of Psychophysics: it is critical to senseNov 06 2006It has been known for about a century that psychophysical response curves (perception of a given physical stimulus vs. stimulus intensity) have a large dynamic range: many decades of stimulus intensity can be appropriately discriminated before saturation. ... More
Renormalization Group and the Ricci flowJan 20 2010We discuss from a geometric point of view the connection between the renormalization group flow for non--linear sigma models and the Ricci flow. This offers new perspectives in providing a geometrical landscape for 2D quantum field theories. In particular ... More
Fokker-Planck Dynamics and Entropies for the Normalized Ricci FlowJul 15 2005Feb 08 2007We consider some elementary aspects of the geometry of the space of probability measures endowed with Wasserstein distance. In such a setting, we discuss the various terms entering Perelman's shrinker entropy, and characterize two new monotonic functionals ... More
A New Quantization MapMay 12 2003In this paper we find a simple rule to reproduce the algebra of quantum observables using only the commutators and operators which appear in the Koopman-von Neumann (KvN) formulation of classical mechanics. The usual Hilbert space of quantum mechanics ... More
A Gamma-convergence approach to large deviationsApr 03 2012A rigorous connection between large deviations theory and Gamma-convergence is established. Applications include representations formulas for rate functions, a contraction principle for measurable maps, a large deviations principle for coupled systems ... More
Next Challenge in Neutrino Physics: the theta(13) AngleMay 18 2009A new generation of oscillation experiments optimized to measure theta(13) is ready to start. Performances, complementarity and competition of these accelerator and reactor experiments will be shortly illustrated. The capability of measuring theta(13) ... More
On some hydrodynamical aspects of quantum mechanicsFeb 04 2009In this note we first set up an analogy between spin and vorticity of a perfect 2d-fluid flow, based on the Borel-Weil contruction of the irreducible unitary representations of SU(2), and looking at the Madelung-Bohm velocity attached to the ensuing spin ... More
Broad-band Spectral Properties of Accreting X-ray Binary PulsarsOct 10 2005Broad-band spectra of accreting X-ray binary pulsars can be fit by a phenomenological model composed by a power law with a high energy rollover above 10 keV, plus a blackbody component with a temperature of few hundred eV. While, at least qualitatively, ... More
Driven lattice glass as a ratchet and pawl machineSep 17 2001Oct 24 2001Boundary-induced transport in particle systems with anomalous diffusion exhibits rectification, negative resistance, and hysteresis phenomena depending on the way the drive acts on the boundary. The solvable case of a 1D system characterized by a power-law ... More
Kinetic glass transitionDec 14 1999Kinetic lattice-gas models display fragile glass behavior, in spite of their trivial Gibbs-Boltzmann measure. This suggests that the nature of glass transition might be, at least in some cases, understood in purely kinetic or dynamical terms.
Fluctuation relation and heterogeneous superdiffusion in glassy transportMar 19 2009Jul 28 2009Current fluctuations and related steady state fluctuation relation are investigated in simple coarse-grained lattice-gas analogs of a non-Newtonian fluid driven by a constant and uniform force field, in two regimes of small entropy production. Non-Gaussian ... More
Classification of inflationary models and constraints on fundamental physicsNov 11 2016This work is focused on the study of early time cosmology and in particular on the study of inflation. After an introduction on the standard Big Bang theory, we discuss the physics of CMB and we explain how its observations can be used to set constraints ... More
Functional Itō calculus in Hilbert spaces and application to path-dependent Kolmogorov equationsJun 20 2016Jun 20 2018Recently, functional It\=o calculus has been introduced and developed in finite dimension for functionals of continuous semimartingales. With different techniques, we develop a functional It\=o calculus for functionals of Hilbert spacevalued diffusions. ... More
Surface plasmon enhancement of spontaneous emission in graphene waveguidesSep 13 2016This work analyzes the spontaneous emission of a single emitter placed near the graphene waveguide formed by two parallel graphene monolayers, with an insulator spacer layer. In this case, the eigenmodes supported by the structure, such as surface plasmon ... More
Derived complex analytic geometry I: GAGA theoremsJun 30 2015Dec 21 2018In this paper, we expand the foundations of derived complex analytic geometry introduced in [DAG-IX] by J. Lurie. We start by studying the analytification functor and its properties. In particular, we prove that for a derived complex scheme locally almost ... More
Derived complex analytic geometry II: square-zero extensionsJul 23 2015We continue the explorations of derived \canal geometry started in [DAG-IX] and in We describe the category of $\mathcal O_X$-modules over a derived complex analytic space $X$ as the stabilization of a suitable category ... More
The topological entropy of endomorphisms of Lie groupsNov 06 2017Apr 29 2018In this paper, we determine the topological entropy $h(\phi)$ of a continuous endomorphism $\phi$ of a Lie group $G$. This computation is a classical topic in ergodic theory which seemed to have long been solved. But, when $G$ is noncompact, the well ... More
Zeta functions and regularized determinants on projective spacesOct 17 2001A Hermite type formula is introduced and used to study the zeta function over the real and complex n-projective space. This approach allows to compute the residua at the poles and the value at the origin as well as the value of the derivative at the origin, ... More
The derived Riemann-Hilbert correspondenceMar 11 2017In this short paper we prove a derived version of the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence of Deligne and Simpson. Our generalization is twofold: on one side we consider families of representations of the full homotopy type of a smooth analytic space $X$ in ... More
Cohomology of the moduli space of non-hyperelliptic genus four curvesDec 10 2018We compute the intersection Betti numbers of the GIT model of the moduli space of non-hyperelliptic Petri-general curves of genus 4. This space was shown to be the final non-trivial log canonical model for the moduli space of stable genus four curves, ... More
Commitment versus persuasion in the three-party constrained voter modelJul 26 2012Nov 26 2012In the framework of the three-party constrained voter model, where voters of two radical parties (A and B) interact with "centrists" (C and Cz), we study the competition between a persuasive majority and a committed minority. In this model, A's and B's ... More
A Gamma-convergence approach to large deviationsApr 03 2012Feb 01 2018A rigorous connection between large deviations theory and Gamma-convergence is established. Applications include representations formulas for rate functions, a contraction principle for measurable maps, a large deviations principle for coupled systems ... More
Rovelli' s relational quantum mechanics, monism and quantum becomingAug 31 2013In this paper I present and defend Rovelli's relation quantum mechanics from some foreseeable objections, so as to clarify its philosophical implications vis a vis rival interpretations. In particular I ask whether RQM presupposes a hidden recourse to ... More
Asymmetric exclusion processes with constrained dynamicsMar 16 2008Jul 01 2008Asymmetric exclusion processes with locally reversible kinetic constraints are introduced to investigate the effect of non-conservative driving forces in athermal systems. At high density they generally exhibit rheological-like behavior, negative differential ... More
Effective temperature and compactivity of a lattice-gas under gravityJul 18 2002Aug 26 2002The notion of longitudinal effective temperature and its relation with the Edwards compactivity are investigated in an abstract lattice gas model of granular material compacting under gravity and weak thermal vibration.
Fluctuation-dissipation ratio in lattice-gas models with kinetic constraintsApr 16 1998We investigate by Montecarlo simulation the linear response function of three dimensional structural glass models defined by short-range kinetic constraints and a trivial equilibrium Boltzmann-Gibbs measure. The breakdown of the fluctuation-dissipation ... More
A Hard X-ray View of Accreting X-ray Binary PulsarsFeb 26 2004The study of the hard (E>10 keV) energy spectra of X-ray binary pulsars can give a wealth of information on the physical processes that occur close to the neutron star surface. Extreme matter regimes are probed, and precious information on how matter ... More
An elementary proof of the robustness of the linear hyperbolic flowsSep 20 2009We present an elementary proof that the qualitative picture of a linear hyperbolic flow is insensitive to slight measurements errors in its associated vector field.
Status of Spin PhysicsJul 09 2001Jul 12 2001Fundamental spin physics has made striking progresses in the last years; new ideas, experiments and data interpretations have been proposed and keep emerging. A review of some of the most important issues in the spin structure of nucleons is made and ... More
Spin effects in strong interactions at high energyDec 17 1994Spin effects in strong interaction high energy processes are subtle phenomena which involve both short and long distance physics and test perturbative and non perturbative aspects of QCD. Moreover, depending on quantities like interferences between different ... More
The Seyfert galaxies in the local Universe: from BeppoSAX to Simbol-XJan 28 2008The operational conditions found by $BeppoSAX$ in observing nearby (z$\leq$0.1) Seyferts were reproduced for $Simbol$-$X$ in order to simulate a realistic final database of the mission. The results indicate that, even in the worst conditions, the $Simbol$-$X$ ... More
Ricci Flow Conjugated Initial Data Sets for Einstein EquationsJun 08 2010Dec 14 2010We discuss a natural form of Ricci--flow conjugation between two distinct general relativistic data sets given on a compact $n\geq 3$-dimensional manifold $\Sigma$. We establish the existence of the relevant entropy functionals for the matter and geometrical ... More
Topics in Koopman-von Neumann TheoryJan 30 2003In this thesis we study several features of the operatorial approach to classical mechanics pionereed by Koopman and von Neumann (KvN) in the Thirties. In particular in the first part we study the role of the phases of the KvN states. We analyze, within ... More
Cartan Calculus via Pauli MatricesAug 30 2002In this paper we will provide a new operatorial counterpart of the path-integral formalism of classical mechanics developed in recent years. We call it new because the Jacobi fields and forms will be realized via finite dimensional matrices. As a byproduct ... More
A classification of unipotent spherical conjugacy classes in bad characteristicJun 27 2009Let G be a simple algebraic group over an algebraically closed field k of bad characteristic. We classify the spherical unipotent conjugacy classes of G. We also show that if the characteristic of k is 2, then the fixed point subgroup of every involutorial ... More
Theoretical Aspects of Higgs Physics at the LHCJan 15 2004The strategies recently developed to study Higgs boson properties at the LHC are reviewed. It is shown how to obtain model-independent determinations of couplings to fermions and gauge bosons by exploiting different production and decay channels. We consider ... More
$β$-function formalism for inflationary models with a non minimal coupling with gravityOct 12 2015Jan 22 2016We discuss the introduction of a non minimal coupling between the inflaton and gravity in terms of the recently proposed $\beta$-function formalism for inflation\cite{Binetruy:2014zya}. Via a field redefinition we reduce to the case of minimally coupled ... More
Local automorphisms of finite dimensional simple Lie algebrasMay 29 2018Let ${\mathfrak g}$ be a finite dimensional simple Lie algebra over an algebraically closed field $K$ of characteristic $0$. A linear map $\varphi:{\mathfrak g}\to {\mathfrak g}$ is called a local automorphism if for every $x$ in ${\mathfrak g}$ there ... More
The paper "How proper are Bayesian models in the astronomical literature?" [arXiv:1712.03549] by Tak, Ghosh and Ellis is improperDec 14 2017In their "How proper are Bayesian models in the astronomical literature?" [arXiv:1712.03549], Hyungsuk Tak, Sujit K. Ghosh and Justin A. Ellis criticised my work with false statements. This is an infamous case of straw man fallacy. They give the impression ... More
CoMaLit III. Literature Catalogs of weak Lensing Clusters of galaxies (LC^2)Sep 18 2014May 01 2015The measurement of the mass of clusters of galaxies is crucial for their use in cosmology and astrophysics. Masses can be efficiently determined with weak lensing (WL) analyses. I compiled Literature Catalogs of weak Lensing Clusters (LC$^2$). Cluster ... More
Events and the Ontology of Quantum MechanicsMar 03 2015In the first part of the paper I argue that an ontology of events is precise, flexible and general enough so as to cover the three main alternative formulations of quantum mechanics as well as theories advocating an antirealistic view of the wave function. ... More
The Wasserstein geometry of non-linear sigma models and the Hamilton-Perelman Ricci flowMay 05 2014Non linear sigma models are quantum field theories describing, in the large deviations sense, random fluctuations of harmonic maps between a Riemann surface and a Riemannian manifold. Via their formal renormalization group analysis, they provide a framework ... More
A note on periodic differential equationsAug 19 2009Let $F$ be a Banach space and $L(F)$ be the set of all its bounded linear operators. In this note, we are interested in the asymptotic behavior (recurrence and chain recurrence) of the solution of the following initial value problem \label{eqlinear} x'(t) ... More
Existence of complete Lyapunov functions for semiflows on separable metric spacesJul 27 2011The aim of this short note is to show how to construct a complete Lyapunov function of a semiflow by using a complete Lyapunov function of its time-one map. As a byproduct we assure the existence of complete Lyapunov functions for semiflows on separable ... More
Evolutionary games with facilitators: When does selection favor cooperation?Jul 16 2013Aug 17 2013We study the combined influence of selection and random fluctuations on the evolutionary dynamics of two-strategy ("cooperation" and "defection") games in populations comprising cooperation facilitators. The latter are individuals that support cooperation ... More
Oscillatory Dynamics in Rock-Paper-Scissors Games with MutationsDec 28 2009Jan 26 2010We study the oscillatory dynamics in the generic three-species rock-paper-scissors games with mutations. In the mean-field limit, different behaviors are found: (a) for high mutation rate, there is a stable interior fixed point with coexistence of all ... More
Competition between homogeneous and local processes in a diffusive many-body systemJul 09 2003Apr 05 2005We consider a stochastic many-body system where a source refills uniformly the empty sites of a hypercubic lattice, on which each particle is allowed to jump (symmetrically) onto neighboring vacant sites. In addition, there is a local {\it trap}, in competition ... More
Single spin asymmetries in QCDJan 16 2002Measurements of single transverse spin asymmetries in high energy inclusive processes have always shown unexpected and challenging results. Several cases are considered and discussed within a QCD approach which couples perturbative dynamics to new non ... More
Transversity and Lambda polarizationFeb 02 2003Two related issues are discussed, which might be easily explored by present and future COMPASS experiments. The first one deals with the new world of transversity, the fundamental polarized parton distribution so far totally unknown. The second issue ... More
Single spin asymmetries in $\ell p^\uparrow \to hX$ and $e^-e^+ \to q\bar q \to h^\uparrow X$Oct 13 1997Spin observables may reveal much deeper properties of non perturbative hadronic physics than unpolarized quantities. We discuss here possible origins of single spin asymmetries in DIS, absent in the elementary lepton-quark interactions, and suggest strategies ... More
Phenomenological applications of non-perturbative heavy quark effective theoryOct 11 2007We briefly review the strategy to perform non-perturbative heavy quark effective theory computations and we specialize to the case of the b quark mass which has recently been computed including the 1/m term.
The number of real eigenvectors of a real polynomialJun 15 2016I investigate on the number t of real eigenvectors of a real symmetric tensor. In particular, given a homogeneous polynomial f of degree d in 3 variables, i prove that t is greater or equal than 2c+1, if d is odd and t is greater or equal than max(3,2c+1), ... More
Derived complex analytic geometry I: GAGA theoremsJun 30 2015Jul 18 2015We further develop the foundations of derived complex analytic geometry introduced in [DAG-IX] by J. Lurie. We introduce the notion of coherent sheaf on a derived complex analytic space. Moreover, building on the previous joint work with T. Y. Yu [PY], ... More
Inverse Freezing in Mean-Field Models of Fragile GlassesMar 14 2006May 25 2006A disordered spin model suitable for studying inverse freezing in fragile glass-forming systems is introduced. The model is a microscopic realization of the ``random-first order'' scenario in which the glass transition can be either continuous or discontinuous ... More
Fluctuations of entropy production in driven glassesSep 13 1998We study by Montecarlo simulation the non-equilibrium stationary behavior of a three-dimensional stochastic lattice gas with reversible kinetic constraints and in diffusive contact with two particle reservoirs at different chemical potential. When one ... More
Primordial GWs from universality classes of pseudo-scalar inflationJan 31 2017In this contribution we discuss the possibility of generating an observable gravitational wave (GW) background by coupling a pseudo-scalar inflaton to some Abelian gauge fields. This analysis is performed by dividing inflationary models into universality ... More
An Arabic-Hebrew parallel corpus of TED talksOct 03 2016We describe an Arabic-Hebrew parallel corpus of TED talks built upon WIT3, the Web inventory that repurposes the original content of the TED website in a way which is more convenient for MT researchers. The benchmark consists of about 2,000 talks, whose ... More
Nonlinear $q$-voter model with inflexible zealotsJun 16 2015Jun 25 2015We study the dynamics of the nonlinear $q$-voter model with inflexible zealots in a finite well-mixed population. In this system, each individual supports one of two parties and is either a susceptible voter or an inflexible zealot. At each time step, ... More
Exact analytical approach to differential equations with variable coefficientsMay 16 2015This paper shows how to build a formal analytical solution for a differential equation of arbitrary order and with variable coefficients. It proofs that the most known approximated solutions for such a problem can be derived from the analytical expression ... More
Theoretical investigation of the spontaneous emission on graphene plasmonic antenna in THz regimeAug 09 2018The present work deals with a theoretical research on the emission and radiation properties of a dipole emitter source close to a dimer graphene plasmonic antenna. Modification of the radiation and the quantum efficiencies resulting from varying the position ... More
Asymptotic solution for first and second order integro-differential equationsJul 31 2010This paper addresses the problem of finding an asymptotic solution for first and second order integro-differential equations containing an arbitrary kernel, by evaluating the corresponding inverse Laplace and Fourier transforms. The aim of the paper is ... More
Comment on ``Creating Metastable Schroedinger Cat States''Jul 31 1996After a careful analysis of the feedback model recently proposed by Slosser and Milburn [Phys. Rev. Lett. 75, 418 (1995)], we are led to the conclusion that---under realistic conditions---their scheme is not significantly more effective in the production ... More
Fixation and Polarization in a Three-Species Opinion Dynamics ModelApr 27 2011Jul 11 2011Motivated by the dynamics of cultural change and diversity, we generalize the three-species constrained voter model on a complete graph introduced in [J. Phys. A 37, 8479 (2004)]. In this opinion dynamics model, a population of size N is composed of "leftists" ... More
The Conjugate Linearized Ricci Flow on Closed 3-ManifoldsOct 17 2007Jul 14 2009We characterize the conjugate linearized Ricci flow and the associated backward heat kernel on closed three--manifolds of bounded geometry. We discuss their properties, and introduce the notion of Ricci flow conjugated constraint sets which characterizes ... More
Exceptional ergodic directions in Eaton lensesMar 07 2015Nov 04 2015We construct examples of ergodic vertical flows in periodic configurations of Eaton lenses of fixed radius. We achieve this by studying a family of infinite translation surfaces that are $\mathbb{Z}^2$-covers of slit tori. We show that the Hausdorff dimension ... More
The number of real eigenvectors of a real polynomialJun 15 2016Dec 15 2016I investigate on the number t of real eigenvectors of a real symmetric tensor. In particular, given a homogeneous polynomial f of degree d in 3 variables, i prove that t is greater or equal than 2c+1, if d is odd and t is greater or equal than max(3,2c+1), ... More
What do we know about the proton spin structure?Feb 02 2003A brief summary of the theoretical and experimental knowledge of the spin structure of the proton is presented. The helicity distributions of quark and gluons are discussed, together with their related sum rules. The transversity distribution is also ... More
Spin effects in vector meson production at LEPFeb 26 1998Spin observables may reveal much deeper properties of non perturbative hadronic physics than unpolarized quantities. We discuss the polarization of hadrons produced in $e^+e^-$ annihilation at LEP. We show how final state $q \bar q$ interactions may give ... More
Lyapunov, metric and flag spectraDec 08 2009We introduce the \emph{metric spectrum}, which measures the exponential rate of approximation to an isolated invariant set of points starting in its stable set, and relate it to the Lyapunov spectrum. We determine the metric spectrum of each Morse component ... More
Functional Itō calculus in Hilbert spaces and application to path-dependent Kolmogorov equationsJun 20 2016Jun 27 2016Recently, functional It\=o calculus has been introduced and developed in finite dimension for functionals of continuous semimartingales. With different techniques, we develop a functional It\=o calculus for functionals of Hilbert spacevalued diffusions. ... More
Cancellation of anomalies in a path integral formulation for classical field theoriesJul 07 2005Some symmetries can be broken in the quantization process (anomalies) and this breaking is signalled by a non-invariance of the quantum path integral measure. In this talk we show that it is possible to formulate also classical field theories via path ... More
The software for the robotization of the TROBAR telescopeNov 02 2009The Telescopi ROBotic de ARas (TROBAR) is a new robotic facility built at Aras de Los Olmos (Valencia-Spain). This is a 60cm telescope equipped with a 4kx4k optical camera, corresponding to 30x30 arcmin2 FoV, and it will be primarily used for a systematic ... More
Disconnected glass-glass transitions and swallowtail bifurcations in microscopic spin models with facilitated dynamicsJan 30 2013Jun 12 2013It has been recently established that heterogeneous bootstrap percolation and related dynamic facilitation models exhibit a complex hierarchy of continuous and discontinuous transitions depending on lattice connectivity and kinetic constraints. Here the ... More
Cooperative heterogeneous facilitation: multiple glassy states and glass-glass transitionJun 12 2012Sep 14 2012The formal structure of glass singularities in the mode-coupling theory (MCT) of supercooled liquids dynamics is closely related to that appearing in the analysis of heterogeneous bootstrap percolation on Bethe lattices, random graphs and complex networks. ... More
On the non homogeneous quadratic Bessel zeta functionDec 06 2003We study the non homogeneous quadratic Bessel zeta function $\zeta_{RB}(s,\nu,a)$ defined as the sum of the square of the positive zeros of the Bessel function $J_\nu(z)$ plus a positive constant. In particular, we give explicit formulas for the main ... More
Path-dependent SDEs in Hilbert spacesJun 20 2016Jun 20 2018We study path-dependent SDEs in Hilbert spaces. By using methods based on contractions in Banach spaces, we prove existence and uniqueness of mild solutions, continuity of mild solutions with respect to perturbations of all the data of the system, G\^ateaux ... More
Crossover from $β$- to $α$-relaxation in cooperative facilitation dynamicsAug 11 2015Dec 16 2015$\beta$ and $\alpha$ relaxation processes are dynamical scaling regimes of glassy systems occurring on two separate time scales which both diverge as the glass state is approached. We study here the crossover scaling from $\beta$- to $\alpha$- relaxation ... More
Laws of Nature and the Reality of the Wave FunctionMar 03 2015In this paper I review three different positions on the wave function, namely: nomological realism, dispositionalism, and configuration space realism by regarding as essential their capacity to account for the world of our experience. I conclude that ... More
Analytical evaluation of the numerical coefficients in the Zassenhaus product formula and its applications to quantum and statistical mechanicsApr 03 2018This paper studies the exponential of the sum of two non-commuting operators as an infinite product of exponential operators involving repeated commutators of increasing order. It will be shown how to determine two coefficients in front of the nested ... More
Graphene coated subwavelength wires: A theoretical investigation of emission and radiation propertiesJun 18 2017This work analyzes the emission and radiation properties of a single optical emitter embedded in a graphene-coated subwavelength wire. We discuss the modifications of the spontaneous emission rate and the radiation efficiency as a function of the position ... More
Entropy and its variational principle for noncompact metric spacesApr 26 2008In the present paper, we introduce a natural extension of AKM-topological entropy for noncompact spaces and prove a variational principle which states that the topological entropy, the supremum of the measure theoretical entropies and the minimum of the ... More
The Nowicki Conjecture for relatively free algebrasAug 15 2018A linear locally nilpotent derivation of the polynomial algebra $K[X_m]$ in $m$ variables, over a field $K$ of characteristic 0, is called a Weitzenb\"ock derivation. It is well known from the classical theorem of Weitzenb\"ock that the algebra of constants ... More
Four leptons final states from $γγ$ fusionJun 04 1996I present a systematic study of all possible four leptons final states from $\gamma\gamma$ collisions. It is given a detailed account of fermion masses effects which are sizable since several collinear and $t$ channel enancements occur. The effects of ... More
Indexing Fe-phases in/on GaN using x-ray powder diffractionAug 16 2012This document reports the x-ray powder diffraction main reflections (intensity threshold >= 100) for possible Fe-related phases forming during the metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) growth of Fe in NH_3/H_2 mixture on wurtzite-GaN/sapphire. The ... More
Physics Reach of the Beta BeamFeb 07 2003Beta Beams are designed to produce pure (anti)electron neutrino beams and could be an elegant and powerful option for the search of leptonic CP violating processes. In this paper will be quantified the physics reach of a CERN based Beta Beam and of a ... More