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Ohmic contact engineering in few-layer black Phosphorus field effect transistorsMay 14 2019Achieving good quality Ohmic contacts to van der Waals materials is a challenge, since at the interface between metal and van der Waals material, different conditions can occur, ranging from the presence of a large energy barrier between the two materials ... More
Enhanced ambient stability of exfoliated black phosphorus by passivation with nickel nanoparticlesAug 01 2019Since its discovery, the environmental instability of exfoliated black phosphorus (2D bP) has emerged as a challenge that hampers its wide application in chemistry, physics, and materials science. Many studies have been carried out to overcome this drawback. ... More
Modelling Strategies for the Covalent Functionalization of 2D PhosphoreneSep 17 2018The paper is an excursus on potential acid-base adducts formed by an unsaturated main group or transition metal species and P atoms of phosphorene (P n ), which derives from the black phosphorus exfoliation. Various possibilities of attaining a realistic ... More
Non-Classical Longitudinal Magneto-Resistance in Anisotropic Black PhosphorusAug 02 2018Dec 05 2018Resistivity measurements of a few-layer black phosphorus (bP) crystal in parallel magnetic fields up to 45 T are reported as a function of the angle between the in-plane field and the source-drain (S-D) axis of the device. The crystallographic directions ... More
A Perspective on Recent Advances in Phosphorene Functionalization and its Application in DevicesMar 28 2019Phosphorene, the 2D material derived from black phosphorus, has recently attracted a lot of interest for its properties, suitable for applications in material science. In particular, the physical features and the prominent chemical reactivity on its surface ... More
The role of water in the preparation and stabilization of high quality phosphorene flakesNov 13 2015Water is believed to be harmful for the stability of phosphorene.On the contrary, the presence of small amount of water allows the synthesis of high-quality material in liquid exfoliation of black phosphorus using dimethylsulfoxide as solvent. A phosphorus/water ... More
Hybrid 2D Black Phosphorus/Polymer Materials: New Platforms for Device FabricationFeb 04 2018Hybrid materials, containing a 2D filler embedded in a polymeric matrix, are an interesting platform for several applications, because of the variety of properties that the filler can impart to the polymer matrix when dispersed at the nanoscale. Moreover, ... More
Decoration of exfoliated black phosphorus with nickel nanoparticles and application in catalysisSep 16 2016Aug 28 2017Nickel nanoparticles were dispersed on the surface of exfoliated black phosphorus and the resulting nanohybrid Ni/2DBP showed an improved stability respect to pristine 2D BP when kept in ambient conditions in the darkness. Ni/2DBP was applied as catalyst ... More
Novel polystyrene-based nanocomposites by phosphorene dispersionFeb 14 2017Polystyrene-based phosphorene nanocomposites were prepared by a solvent blending procedure allowing the embedding of black phosphorus (BP) nanoflakes in the polymer matrix. Raman spectroscopy, X Ray Diffraction and TEM microscopy were employed to characterize ... More
Noncovalent functionalization of few-layer black phosphorus with metal nanoparticles and its application in catalysisSep 16 2016Transition metal nanoparticles of Ni, Pd, Ru and Au, each of them stabilized by a suitable capping agent, were dispersed on the surface of few-layer black phosphorus (2D BP) achieving new nanocomposite 2D materials. Ni nanoparticles supported on 2D BP ... More
The radio-frequency quadrupoleMar 27 2013Radio-frequency quadrupole (RFQ) linear accelerators appeared on the accelerator scene in the late 1970s and have since revolutionized the domain of low-energy proton and ion acceleration. The RFQ makes the reliable production of unprecedented ion beam ... More
Walking in the third millenniumSep 11 2006Based on recent progress in the study of strong dynamics in conformal field theories, I construct a simple, one family model of dynamical electro-weak symmetry breaking. Non-perturbative effects can be computed systematically. The model does not suffer ... More
Neutrini in profondità: Vita, morte e miracoli dei neutrini rivelati sotto terra, sotto i ghiacci o in fondo al mareSep 21 2016The neutrino is the most elusive particle that we know and for many years physicists doubted that neutrinos might never be revealed. Today we know and we reveal neutrinos produced by different astrophysical objects and by interactions of cosmic rays (natural ... More
Automated languages phylogeny from Levenshtein distanceNov 17 2009Jul 02 2012Languages evolve over time in a process in which reproduction, mutation and extinction are all possible, similar to what happens to living organisms. Using this similarity it is possible, in principle, to build family trees which show the degree of relatedness ... More
Random dynamical systems, entropies and informationJun 23 1999Prediction of events is the challenge in many different disciplines, from meteorology to finance; the more this task is difficult, the more a system is {\it complex}. Nevertheless, even according to this restricted definition, a general consensus on what ... More
Mitochondrial Dna Replacement Versus Nuclear Dna PersistenceJul 05 2006In this paper we consider two populations whose generations are not overlapping and whose size is large. The number of males and females in both populations is constant. Any generation is replaced by a new one and any individual has two parents for what ... More
On the Genealogy of Populations: Trees, Branches and OffspringsMar 22 2005We consider a neutral haploid population whose generations are not overlapping and whose size is large and constantly of $N$ individuals. Any generation is replaced by a new one and any individual has a single parent. We do not choose the stochastic rule ... More
The Calogero-Moser partition and Rouquier families for complex reflection groupsJan 10 2008Mar 13 2009Let $W$ be a complex reflection group. We formulate a conjecture relating blocks of the corresponding restricted rational Cherednik algebras and Rouquier families for cyclotomic Hecke algebras. We verify the conjecture in the case that $W$ is a wreath ... More
On perfect hashing of numbers with sparse digit representation via multiplication by a constantMar 16 2010Oct 15 2011Consider the set of vectors over a field having non-zero coefficients only in a fixed sparse set and multiplication defined by convolution, or the set of integers having non-zero digits (in some base $b$) in a fixed sparse set. We show the existence of ... More
Determination of the number of isomorphism classes of extensions of a $\kp$-adic fieldNov 01 2010Oct 15 2011We deduce a formula enumerating the isomorphism classes of extensions of a $\kp$-adic field $K$ with given ramification $e$ and inertia $f$. The formula follows from a simple group-theoretic lemma, plus the Krasner formula and an elementary class field ... More
Finite-dimensional global attractor for a nonlocal phase-field systemAug 01 2011We analyze a phase-field system where the energy balance equation is linearly coupled with a nonlinear and nonlocal ODE for the order parameter $\chi$. The latter equation is characterized by a space convolution term which models particle interaction ... More
Concentration in the mobile operating systems marketMay 16 2016Concentration phenomena concern the ICT market. Though the regulatory action has been active mainly in the telecom network operators industry, even more significant worldwide concentration phenomena affect other industries. The market of mobile operating ... More
Hints of new physics from starsNov 15 2016We review and update the current status of the observed anomalies in stellar cooling and their interpretation in terms of axions and axion like particles.
Vector mesons from AdS/TC to the LHCApr 17 2007With the use of the AdS/CFT dictionary, a five-dimensional effective description of dynamical electro-weak symmetry breaking with walking behavior is constructed. The minimal model contains only two new parameters, the confinement scale and the effective ... More
Bayesian Inference for Gaussian Process Classifiers with Annealing and Pseudo-Marginal MCMCNov 28 2013May 26 2014Kernel methods have revolutionized the fields of pattern recognition and machine learning. Their success, however, critically depends on the choice of kernel parameters. Using Gaussian process (GP) classification as a working example, this paper focuses ... More
Measurements of T-odd observablesSep 15 2015The study of T-odd observables using four-body hadronic final states of charm meson decays provides complementary insight to measuring CP asymmetries via decay rate asymmetries. New results based on the full LHCb dataset are presented.
A review of sentiment computation methods with R packagesJan 24 2019Four packages in R are analyzed to carry out sentiment analysis. All packages allow to define custom dictionaries. Just one - Sentiment R - properly accounts for the presence of negators.
Magnetization Densities as Replica Parameters: The Dilute FerromagnetSep 23 2009Apr 21 2011In this paper we compute exactly the ground state energy and entropy of the dilute ferromagnetic Ising model. The two thermodynamic quantities are also computed when a magnetic field with random locations is present. The result is reached in the replica ... More
Asymptotic properties of a bold random walkJun 13 2014In a recent paper we proposed a non-Markovian random walk model with memory of the maximum distance ever reached from the starting point (home). The behavior of the walker is at variance with respect to the simple symmetric random walk (SSRW) only when ... More
The settlement of Madagascar: what dialects and languages can tellJul 21 2011The dialects of Madagascar belong to the Greater Barito East group of the Austronesian family and it is widely accepted that the Island was colonized by Indonesian sailors after a maritime trek which probably took place around 650 CE. The language most ... More
Searches for magnetic monopoles and others stable massive particlesJun 05 2019The Standard Model (SM) of the microcosm provides an excellent description of the phenomena of the microcosm, with the triumph of the discovery of the Higgs boson. There are many reasons, however, to believe that the SM is incomplete and represents a ... More
A characterization of Eisenstein polynomials generating cyclic extensions of degree $p^2$ and $p^3$ over an unramified $\kp$-adic fieldSep 21 2011Let $p\neq2$ be a prime. We show a technique based on local class field theory and on the expansions of certain resultants which allows to recover very easily Lbekkouri's characterization of Eisenstein polynomials generating cyclic wild extensions of ... More
S-parts of values of univariate polynomialsJul 18 2019Let $S=\{p_1,\dots,p_s\}$ be a finite non-empty set of distinct prime numbers, let $f\in \mathbb{Z}[X]$ be a polynomial of degree $n\ge 1$, and let $S'\subseteq S$ be the subset of all $p\in S$ such that $f$ has a root in $\mathbb{Z}_p$. For any non-zero ... More
Partial Probability and Kleene LogicOct 23 2013There are two main approach to probability, one of set-theoretic character where probability is the measure of a set, and another one of linguistic character where probability is the degree of confidence in a proposition. In this work we give an unified ... More
Open clusters: probes of galaxy evolution and bench tests of stellar modelsSep 08 2014Open clusters are the only example of single-age, single initial chemical composition populations in the Galaxy, and they play an important role in the study of the formation and evolution of the Galactic disk. In addition, they have been traditionally ... More
Lectures on walking technicolor, holography and gauge/gravity dualitiesApr 01 2010Dynamical electro-weak symmetry breaking is an appealing, strongly-coupled alternative to the weakly-coupled models based on an elementary scalar field developing a vacuum expectation value. In the first two sections of this set of lectures, I summarize ... More
Approximation of the truncated Zeta distribution and Zipf's lawNov 04 2015Zipf's law appears in many application areas but does not have a closed form expression, which may make its use cumbersome. Since it coincides with the truncated version of the Zeta distribution, in this paper we propose three approximate closed form ... More
Charges and currents in quantum spin chains: late-time dynamics and spontaneous currentsAug 09 2016We review the structure of the conservation laws in noninteracting spin chains and unveil a formal expression for the corresponding currents. We briefly discuss how interactions affect the picture. In the second part we explore the effects of a localized ... More
Low-dimensional firing rate dynamics of spiking neuron networksSep 28 2016Starting from a spectral expansion of the Fokker-Plank equation for the membrane potential density in a network of spiking neurons, a low-dimensional dynamics of the collective firing rate is derived. As a result a $n$-order ordinary differential equation ... More
Entanglement entropy of a simple quantum systemAug 07 2009Feb 08 2019We propose a simple approach to the calculation of the entanglement entropy of a spherically symmetric quantum system composed of two separate regions. We consider bound states of the system described by a wave function that is scale invariant and vanishes ... More
A family of Eisenstein polynomials generating totally ramified extensions, identification of extensions and construction of class fieldsSep 21 2011Oct 24 2011Let $K$ be a local field with finite residue field, we define a normal form for Eisenstein polynomials depending on the choice of a uniformizer $\pi_K$ and of residue representatives. The isomorphism classes of extensions generated by the polynomials ... More
Accreting X-ray millisecond pulsars observed with INTEGRALFeb 17 2007Nov 07 2007I review the properties of three X-ray accreting millisecond pulsars observed with INTEGRAL. Out of seven recently discovered accretion-powered pulsars (one discovered by INTEGRAL), three were observed with the INTEGRAL satellite up to 300 keV. Detailed ... More
Precision electro-weak parameters from AdS5, localized kinetic terms and anomalous dimensionsAug 21 2006I compare the tree level estimate of the electro-weak precision parameters in two (exactly solvable) toy models of dynamical symmetry breaking in which the strong dynamics is assumed to be described by a five-dimensional (weakly coupled) gravity dual. ... More
Composite Vector Mesons and the Little Higgs MechanismSep 07 2004I review a technique to embed vector mesons in the chiral Lagrangian of QCD, and apply it to more general coset spaces, relevant for Little Higgs models. The implementation of heavy spin-1 fields in Little Higgs models allows for a better control over ... More
ANTARES constraints on a Galactic component of the IceCube cosmic neutrino fluxJan 07 2015Feb 05 2015The IceCube evidence for cosmic neutrinos has inspired a large number of hypothesis on their origin, mainly due to the poor precision on the measurement of the direction of showering events. A North/South asymmetry in the present data set suggests the ... More
Blocks of restricted rational Cherednik algebras for $G(m,d,n)$Sep 16 2010We study the Dunkl-Opdam subalgebra of the rational Cherednik algebra for wreath products at $t=0$, and use this to describe the block decomposition of restricted rational Cherednik algebras for $G(m,d,n)$.
The Calogero-Moser partition for wreath productsApr 16 2008Mar 13 2009This paper has been withdrawn - the results (with updated proofs) now appear in arXiv:0801.1627.
Exactly solvable tight-binding model on the RAN: fractal energy spectrum and Bose-Einstein condensationFeb 19 2014We initially consider a single-particle tight-binding model on the Regularized Apollonian Network (RAN). The RAN is defined starting from a tetrahedral structure with four nodes all connected (generation 0). At any successive generations, new nodes are ... More
The bold/timorous walker on the trek from homeAug 07 2013Sep 26 2013We study a one-dimensional random walk with memory. The behavior of the walker is modified with respect to the simple symmetric random walk (SSRW) only when he is at the maximum distance ever reached from his starting point (home). In this case, having ... More
Exact solution of a 2d random Ising modelMay 16 1997The model considered is a d=2 layered random Ising system on a square lattice with nearest neighbours interaction. It is assumed that all the vertical couplings are equal and take the positive value J while the horizontal couplings are quenched random ... More
Exact and Approximate Solutions for the Dilute Ising ModelAug 12 2010The ground state energy and entropy of the dilute mean field Ising model is computed exactly by a single order parameter. An analogous exact solution is obtained in presence of a magnetic field with random locations. Results allow for a complete understanding ... More
The human family tree and the Neandertal branchAug 07 2002We consider a large population of asexually reproducing individuals in absence of selective pressure. The population size is maintained constant by the environment. We find out that distances between individuals (time from the last common ancestor) exhibit ... More
New insights into the entanglement of disjoint blocksOct 17 2011Nov 21 2011We study the entanglement of two disjoint blocks in spin-1/2 chains obtained by merging solvable models, such as XX and quantum Ising models. We focus on the universal quantities that can be extracted from the R\'enyi entropies S_\alpha. The most important ... More
An introduction to astrophysical observables in gravitational wave detectionsJun 09 2019Our knowledge and understanding of the Universe is mainly based on observations of the electromagnetic radiation in a wide range of wavelengths. Only during the past two decades, new kinds of detectors have been developed, exploiting other forms of cosmic ... More
Stellar Evolution Bounds on the ALP-Photon Coupling: new Results and PerspectivesSep 29 2014Stellar evolution considerations are of fundamental importance in our understanding of the axion/ALP-photon coupling, g_{a\gamma}. Helium burning stars are the best laboratories to study this coupling. Here, we will review the bounds from massive and ... More
ALP hints from cooling anomaliesAug 30 2015We review the current status of the anomalies in stellar cooling and argue that, among the new physics candidates, an axion-like particle would represent the best option to account for the hinted additional cooling.
Generation of the Symmetric Field by Newton Polynomials in prime CharacteristicMar 18 2009Oct 15 2011Let $N_m = x^m + y^m$ be the $m$-th Newton polynomial in two variables, for $m \geq 1$. Dvornicich and Zannier proved that in characteristic zero three Newton polynomials $N_a, N_b, N_c$ are always sufficient to generate the symmetric field in $x$ and ... More
A Dutch Book theorem for partial subjective probabilityMay 30 2014The aim of this paper is to show that partial probability can be justified from the standpoint of subjective probability in much the same way as classical probability does. The seminal works of Ramsey and De Finetti have furnished a method for assessing ... More
Polymer-based black phosphorus (bP) hybrid materials by in situ radical polymerization: an effective tool to exfoliate bP and stabilize bP nanoflakesApr 11 2018Black phosphorus (bP) has been recently investigated for next generation nanoelectronic multifunctional devices. However, the intrinsic instability of exfoliated bP (the bP nanoflakes) towards both moisture and air has so far overshadowed its practical ... More
Phylogeny and geometry of languages from normalized Levenshtein distanceApr 22 2011Apr 29 2011The idea that the distance among pairs of languages can be evaluated from lexical differences seems to have its roots in the work of the French explorer Dumont D'Urville. He collected comparative words lists of various languages during his voyages aboard ... More
Modelling the outburst profile of X-ray powered millisecond pulsarsOct 30 2008The outbursts of low mass X-ray binaries are prolonged relative to those of dwarf nova cataclysmic variables as a consequence of X-ray irradiation of the disc. We show that the time-scale of the decay light curve and its luminosity at a characteristic ... More
On the size of the space spanned by a nonequilibrium state in a quantum spin lattice systemJan 30 2019Feb 04 2019We consider the time evolution of a state in an isolated quantum spin lattice system with energy cumulants proportional to the number of the sites $L^d$. We compute the distribution of the eigenvalues of the time averaged state over a time window $[t_0,t_0+t]$ ... More
Exploring the "Rubik's Magic" universeJan 15 2014Nov 04 2016By using two different invariants for the Rubik's Magic puzzle, one of metric type, the other of topological type, we can dramatically reduce the universe of constructible configurations of the puzzle. Finding the set of actually constructible shapes ... More
Higher-Order Hydrodynamics in 1D: a Promising Direction and a Null ResultAug 17 2017We derive a Moyal dynamical equation that describes exact time evolution in generic (inhomogeneous) noninteracting spin-chain models. Assuming quasistationarity, we develop a hydrodynamic theory. The question at hand is whether some large-time corrections ... More
On Urgency in Asynchronous Timed Session TypesOct 05 2018We study an urgent semantics of asynchronous timed session types, where input actions happen as soon as possible. We show that with this semantics we can recover to the timed setting an appealing property of untimed session types: namely, deadlock-freedom ... More
Polycomp: efficient and configurable compression of astronomical timelinesApr 27 2016This paper describes the implementation of polycomp, a open-sourced, publicly available program for compressing one-dimensional data series in tabular format. The program is particularly suited for compressing smooth, noiseless streams of data like pointing ... More
Stratifications of Marsden-Weinstein reductions for representations of quivers and deformations of symplectic quotient singularitiesMar 23 2006We investigate the Poisson geometry of the Marsden-Weinstein reductions of the moment map associated to the cotangent bundle of the space of representations of a quiver. We show that the stratification by representation type equals the stratification ... More
The Picard group of the moduli stack of stable hyperelliptic curvesMay 18 2006May 27 2006We compute the Picard group of the moduli stack of stable hyperelliptic curves of any genus, exhibiting explicit and geometrically meaningful generators and relations.
Deligne Localized FunctorsApr 22 2004In this paper we present the notion of ``Deligne localized functors'', an avatar of the derived functors, whose definition is inspired by Deligne in [SGA 4,XVII]. Their definition involves the notions of Ind and Pro categories, they always exist and are ... More
Decision Theory in an Algebraic SettingDec 02 2016In decision theory an act is a function from a set of conditions to the set of real numbers. The set of conditions is a partition in some algebra of events. The expected value of an act can be calculated when a probability measure is given. We adopt an ... More
Rank and border rank of real ternary cubicsSep 30 2014Feb 01 2016In this work we give the classification of real ternary cubic forms with respect to rank and border rank up to SL(3)-action and we examine the differences with the complex case.
Holographic Technidilaton and LHC searchesJul 02 2012Jul 26 2012We analyze in detail the phenomenology of a model of dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking inspired by walking technicolor, by using the techniques of the bottom-up approach to holography. The model admits a light composite scalar state, the dilaton, ... More
Pseudo-Marginal Bayesian Inference for Gaussian ProcessesOct 02 2013Apr 07 2014The main challenges that arise when adopting Gaussian Process priors in probabilistic modeling are how to carry out exact Bayesian inference and how to account for uncertainty on model parameters when making model-based predictions on out-of-sample data. ... More
Relic Antineutrino Capture on 163-Ho decaying NucleiDec 03 2010Jan 24 2011The electron capture decay of the isotope 163-Ho has been proposed since a long time as a candidate for measuring the electron neutrino mass and recently the interest on this idea has been renewed. In this paper we note that a direct observation of the ... More
Transformations of Logic Programs with Goals as ArgumentsJul 09 2003Feb 20 2004We consider a simple extension of logic programming where variables may range over goals and goals may be arguments of predicates. In this language we can write logic programs which use goals as data. We give practical evidence that, by exploiting this ... More
Evolution of entanglement entropy following a quantum quench: Analytic results for the XY chain in a transverse magnetic fieldApr 22 2008The non-equilibrium evolution of the block entanglement entropy is investigated in the XY chain in a transverse magnetic field after the Hamiltonian parameters are suddenly changed from and to arbitrary values. Using Toeplitz matrix representation and ... More
Interpretation of the measurements of total, elastic and diffractive cross sections at LHCMay 30 2013Jun 30 2013Recently at LHC one has obtained measurements of the total, elastic and diffractive cross sections in pp collisions at very high energy. The total cross section is in good agreement with predictions based on a leading behavior \sigma_{tot} (s) \propto ... More
Tip of the Red Giant Branch distances to galaxies with composite stellar populationsDec 07 2004(Abridged) We have investigated the reliability of the widely used I-band Tip of the RGB relative distances for a sample of Local Group galaxies with complex Star Formation Histories (SFR) and Age Metallicity Relationships (AMR) namely the LMC, SMC and ... More
Population effects on the red giant clump absolute magnitude: The K-bandAug 02 2002We present a detailed analysis of the behaviour of the Red Clump K-band absolute magnitude (M(K,RC)) in simple and composite stellar populations, in light of its use as standard candle for distance determinations. The advantage of using M(K,RC), following ... More
Stabilizing the gravitational action and Coleman's solution to the cosmological constant problemJan 22 1992We use the 5-th time action formalism introduced by Halpern and Greensite to stabilize the unbounded Euclidean 4-D gravity in two simple minisuperspace models. In particular, we show that, at the semiclassical level ($\hbar \rightarrow 0$), we still have ... More
Genealogical trees from genetic distancesJan 21 2009Feb 11 2009In a population with haploid reproduction any individual has a single parent in the previous generation. If all genealogical distances among pairs of individuals (generations from the closest common ancestor) are known it is possible to exactly reconstruct ... More
Observability of Market Daily VolatilityMar 27 2015We study the price dynamics of 65 stocks from the Dow Jones Composite Average from 1973 until 2014. We show that it is possible to define a Daily Market Volatility $\sigma(t)$ which is directly observable from data. This quantity is usually indirectly ... More
Time and foreign exchange marketsApr 14 2005The definition of time is still an open question when one deals with high frequency time series. If time is simply the calendar time, prices can be modeled as continuous random processes and values resulting from transactions or given quotes are discrete ... More
Random Access in DVB-RCS2: Design and Dynamic Control for Congestion AvoidanceJan 26 2015In the current DVB generation, satellite terminals are expected to be interactive and capable of transmission in the return channel with satisfying quality. Considering the bursty nature of their traffic and the long propagation delay, the use of a random ... More
VLSI Architectures for WIMAX Channel DecodersJan 26 2010This chapter describes the main architectures proposed in the literature to implement the channel decoders required by the WiMax standard, namely convolutional codes, turbo codes (both block and convolutional) and LDPC. Then it shows a complete design ... More
Turbo NOC: a framework for the design of Network On Chip based turbo decoder architecturesSep 10 2009This work proposes a general framework for the design and simulation of network on chip based turbo decoder architectures. Several parameters in the design space are investigated, namely the network topology, the parallelism degree, the rate at which ... More
Multiscale behaviour of volatility autocorrelations in a financial marketOct 19 1998We perform a scaling analysis on NYSE daily returns. We show that volatility correlations are power-laws on a time range from one day to one year and, more important, that they exhibit a multiscale behaviour.
Atomic diffusion in metal-poor stars: II. Predictions for the Spite plateauApr 25 2001We have computed a grid of up-to-date stellar evolutionary models including atomic diffusion, in order to study the evolution with time of the surface Li abundance in low-mass metal-poor stars. We discuss in detail the dependence of the surface Li evolution ... More
Examples of non-trivial rank in locally conformal Kähler geometryJan 27 2010Feb 02 2010We consider locally conformal Kaehler geometry as an equivariant, homothetic Kaehler geometry (K,\Gamma). We show that the de Rham class of the Lee form can be naturally identified with the homomorphism projecting \Gamma to its dilation factors, thus ... More
Generations of correlation averagesMay 06 2012Nov 23 2012The present paper is a dissertation on the possible consequences of a conjectural bound for the so-called \thinspace modified Selberg integral of the divisor function $d_3$, i.e. a discrete version of the classical Selberg integral, where $d_3(n)=\sum_{abc=n}1$ ... More
A generalization of Gallagher's lemma for exponential sumsOct 21 2014First we generalize a famous lemma of Gallagher on the mean square estimate for exponential sums by plugging a weight in the right hand side of Gallagher's original inequality. Then we apply it in the special case of the Cesaro weight, in order to establish ... More
Asymptotic Preserving scheme for strongly anisotropic parabolic equations for arbitrary anisotropy directionMar 21 2013May 17 2013This paper deals with the numerical study of a strongly anisotropic heat equation. The use of standard schemes in this situation leads to poor results, due to the high anisotropy. Furthermore, the recently proposed Asymptotic-Preserving method [arXiv:1203.6739] ... More
Contaminated speech training methods for robust DNN-HMM distant speech recognitionOct 10 2017Despite the significant progress made in the last years, state-of-the-art speech recognition technologies provide a satisfactory performance only in the close-talking condition. Robustness of distant speech recognition in adverse acoustic conditions, ... More
Regularity of languages generated by non context-free grammars over a singleton terminal alphabetMay 26 2017Jul 12 2018It is well-known that: (i) every context-free language over a singleton terminal alphabet is regular, and (ii) the class of languages that satisfy the Pumping Lemma is a proper super-class of the context-free languages. We show that any language in this ... More
Loss of energy concentration in nonlinear evolution beam equationsApr 28 2017Motivated by the oscillations that were seen at the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, we introduce the notion of solutions with a prevailing mode for the nonlinear evolution beam equation $$ u_{tt} + u_{xxxx} + f(u)= g(x, t) $$ in bounded space-time intervals. We ... More
Very fine near-wall structures in scalar mixingMay 20 2010Jan 13 2011Passive scalar dynamics in wall-bounded turbulence is studied via Direct Numerical Simulations of plane channel flow, for a friction Reynolds number $Re_* = 160$ and a Schmidt number $Sc=1$. Peculiar to the present research is that the spatial resolution ... More
Extra dimensions, orthopositronium decay, and stellar coolingSep 14 2007In a class of extra dimensional models with a warped metric and a single brane the photon can be localized on the brane by gravity only. An intriguing feature of these models is the possibility of the photon escaping into the extra dimensions. The search ... More
On the glueball spectrum of walking backgrounds from wrapped-D5 gravity dualsDec 11 2012Jun 19 2015We compute the mass spectrum of glueball excitations of a special class of strongly-coupled field theories via their type-IIB supergravity dual. We focus on two subclasses of backgrounds, which have different UV-asymptotics, but both of which exhibit ... More
The decay constant of the holographic techni-dilaton and the 125 GeV bosonAug 02 2012Oct 25 2012We critically discuss the possibility that the 125 GeV boson recently discovered at the LHC is the holographic techni-dilaton, a composite state emerging from a strongly-coupled model of electroweak symmetry breaking. This composite state differs from ... More
A composite light scalar, electro-weak symmetry breaking and the recent LHC searchesDec 13 2011Jun 26 2012We construct a model in which electro-weak symmetry breaking is induced by a strongly coupled sector, which is described in terms of a five-dimensional model in the spirit of the bottom-up approach to holography. We compute the precision electro-weak ... More