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Partition of Optical Properties Into Orbital ContributionsJul 10 2019Nonlinear optical properties (NLOPs) play a major role in photonics, electro-optics and optoelectronics, and other fields of modern optics. The design of new NLO molecules and materials has benefited from the development of computational tools to analyze ... More
Singling Out Dynamic and Nondynamic CorrelationJul 09 2019The correlation part of the pair density is separated into two components, one of them being predominant at short electronic ranges and the other at long ranges. The analysis of the intracular part of these components permits to classify molecular systems ... More
Short time solution to the master equation of a first order mean field game systemNov 21 2018Apr 10 2019The goal of this paper is to show existence of short-time classical solutions to the so called Master Equation of \emph{first order} Mean Field Games, which can be thought of as the limit of the corresponding master equation of a stochastic mean field ... More
Bonding Description of the Harpoon MechanismOct 26 2015Nov 11 2015The lowest-lying states of LiH have been widely used to develop and calibrate many different methods in quantum mechanics. In this paper we show that the electron-transfer processes occurring in these two states are a difficult test for chemical bonding ... More
Phase Dilemma in Natural Orbital Functional Theory from the N-representability PerspectiveApr 17 2018Any rigorous approach to first-order reduced density (1RDM) matrix functional theory faces the phase dilemma, that is, having to deal with a large number of possible combinations of signs in terms of the electron-electron interaction energy. This problem ... More
Linearization functors on real convex setsMar 05 2012Jul 24 2013We prove that linearizing certain families of polynomial optimization problems leads to new functorial operations in real convex sets. We show that under some conditions these operations can be computed or approximated in ways amenable to efficient computation. ... More
Optimal execution strategy in the presence of permanent price impact and fixed transaction costJul 01 2010Aug 24 2011We study a single risky financial asset model subject to price impact and transaction cost over an infinite horizon. An investor needs to execute a long position in the asset affecting the price of the asset and possibly incurring in fixed transaction ... More
Stably positive Lyapunov exponents for $SL(2,\mathbb{R})$ linear cocycles over partially hyperbolic diffeomorphismsApr 29 2016Jun 30 2016A result of Avila asserts that $\SL$ cocycles with non-zero Lyapunov exponents are dense in a very general setting. In this paper, we are concerned with \emph{stably non-zero} exponents. We consider $\SL$ cocycles over partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms ... More
Salient Signature of van der Waals InteractionsOct 10 2017Nov 12 2017van der Waals interactions govern the physics of a plethora of molecular structures. It is well known that the leading term in the distance-based London expansion of the van der Waals energy for atomic and molecular dimers decays as $1/R^6$, where $R$ ... More
High U(1) charges in type IIB models and their F-theory liftNov 28 2018We construct models with U(1) gauge group and matter with charges up to 6, in the context of type IIB compactifications. We show explicitly that models with charges up to 4 can be derived from corresponding models in F-theory by applying the Sen weak ... More
Symmetries of exotic negatively curved manifoldsJan 03 2019Let $N$ be a smooth manifold that is homeomorphic but not diffeomorphic to a closed hyperbolic manifold $M$. In this paper, we study the extent to which $N$ admits as much symmetry as $M$. Our main results are examples of $N$ that exhibit two extremes ... More
Compact minimal vertical graphs with non-connected boundary in $\mathbb{H}^n\times\mathbb{R}$Mar 13 2013Jan 21 2014We study the existence and uniqueness problem of compact minimal vertical graphs in $\mathbb{H}^n\times\mathbb{R}$, $n\geq 2$, over bounded domains in the slice $\mathbb{H}^n\times\{0\}$, with non-connected boundary having a finite number of $C^0$ hypersufaces ... More
Rigidity of graph products of abelian groupsOct 13 2007We show that if $G$ is a group and $G$ has a graph-product decomposition with finitely-generated abelian vertex groups, then $G$ has two canonical decompositions as a graph product of groups: a unique decomposition in which each vertex group is a directly-indecomposable ... More
Semidefinite approximations of conical hulls of measured setsSep 29 2014Oct 10 2014Let $C$ be a proper convex cone generated by a compact set which supports a measure $\mu$. A construction due to A.Barvinok, E.Veomett and J.B. Lasserre produces, using $\mu$, a sequence $(P_k)_{k\in \mathbb{N}}$ of nested spectrahedral cones which contains ... More
A syzygetic approach to the smoothability of zero-dimensional schemesDec 17 2008Jan 11 2010We consider the question of which zero-dimensional schemes deform to a collection of distinct points; equivalently, we ask which Artinian k-algebras deform to a product of fields. We introduce a syzygetic invariant which sheds light on this question for ... More
Simple Lyapunov spectrum for certain linear cocycles over partially hyperbolic mapsOct 17 2016Nov 06 2018Criteria for the simplicity of the Lyapunov spectra of linear cocycles have been found by Furstenberg, Guivarc'h-Raugi, Gol'dsheid-Margulis and, more recently, Bonatti-Viana and Avila-Viana. In all the cases, the authors consider cocycles over hyperbolic ... More
A Berry Esseen type limit theorem for Boolean convolutionNov 23 2017We give estimates on the rate of convergence in the Boolean central limit theorem for the L\'evy distance. In the case of measures with bounded support we obtain a sharp estimate by giving a qualitative description of this convergence.
Stochastic models of gene transcription with upstream drives: exact solution and sample path characterizationMay 23 2016Gene transcription is a highly stochastic and dynamic process. As a result, the mRNA copy number of a given gene is heterogeneous both between cells and across time. We present a framework to model gene transcription in populations of cells with time-varying ... More
Test Sets for Nonnegativity of Polynomials Invariant under a Finite Reflection GroupFeb 01 2015A set $S\subset \mathbb{R}^n$ is a nonnegativity witness for a set $U$ of real homogeneous polynomials if $F$ in $U$ is nonnegative on $\mathbb{R}^n$ if and only if it is nonnegative at all points of $S$. We prove that the union of the hyperplanes perpendicular ... More
Spinning Brownian motionSep 03 2012Jun 09 2015We prove strong existence and uniqueness for a reflection process $X$ in a smooth, bounded domain $D$ that behaves like obliquely-reflected-Brownian-motion, except that the direction of reflection depends on a (spin) parameter $S$, which only changes ... More
Un théorème sur les actions de groupes de dimension infinieApr 16 2009Apr 17 2009We give an infinitesimal criterion, in the analytic setting, for a vector space to be locally homogeneous under some group action. Our approach differs from those which resort to an inverse function theorem (e.g. those of Moser, Zehnder or Sergeraert), ... More
Random product of quasi-periodic cocyclesJul 01 2019Given a finite set of quasi-periodic cocycles the random product of them is defined as the random composition according to some probability measure. We prove that the set of $C^r$, $0\leq r \leq \infty$ (or analytic) $k+1$-tuples of quasi periodic cocycles ... More
On the Near Horizon Canonical Quantum Microstates from $AdS_2/CFT_1$ and Conformal Weyl GravityJul 18 2017We compute the full asymptotic symmetry group of black holes belonging to the same equivalence class of solutions within the Conformal Weyl Gravity formalism. We do this within an $AdS_2/CFT_1$ correspondence and by performing a Robinson-Wilczek two dimensional ... More
Natural orbital functional for spin-polarized periodic systemsJan 21 2019Natural orbital functional theory is considered for systems with one or more unpaired electrons. An extension of the Piris natural orbital functional (PNOF) based on electron pairing approach is presented, specifically, we extend the independent pair ... More
The Coulomb Hole of the Ne atomDec 05 2017We analyze the Coulomb hole of Ne from highly-accurate CISD wave functions obtained from optimized even-tempered basis sets. Using a two-fold extrapolation procedure we obtain highly accurate results that recover 97% of the correlation energy. We confirm ... More
The Coulomb Hole of the Ne atomDec 05 2017May 14 2019We analyze the Coulomb hole of Ne from highly-accurate CISD wave functions obtained from optimized even-tempered basis sets. Using a two-fold extrapolation procedure we obtain highly accurate results that recover 97\% of the correlation energy. We confirm ... More
Sub-Riemannian geodesics and heat operator on odd dimensional spheresAug 31 2010In this article we study the sub-Riemannian geometry of the spheres $S^{2n+1}$ and $S^{4n+3}$, arising from the principal $S^1-$bundle structure defined by the Hopf map and the principal $S^3-$bundle structure given by the quaternionic Hopf map respectively. ... More
KAM Theory. Part II. Kolmogorov spacesSep 09 2018This is part II of our book on KAM theory. We start by defining functorial analysis and then switch to the particular case of Kolmogorov spaces. We develop functional calculus based on the notion of local operators. This allows to define the exponential ... More
Reflected Light Phase Curves in the TESS EraMay 29 2019The reflected light signal from a planet throughout its orbit is a powerful probe of a planet's atmospheric properties. There are a number of planets that are amenable to reflected light phase curve studies with present and future space-based instrumentation ... More
Open problems in Banach spaces and measure theoryJul 26 2016We collect several open questions in Banach spaces, mostly related to measure theoretic aspects of the theory. The problems are divided into five categories: miscellaneous problems in Banach spaces (non-separable $L^p$ spaces, compactness in Banach spaces, ... More
Riemannian and Sub-Riemannian geodesic flowsFeb 20 2015In the present paper we show that the geodesic flows of a sub-Riemannian metric and that of a Riemannian extension commute if and only if the extended metric is parallel with respect to a certain connection. This helps us to describe the geodesic flow ... More
The Sub-Riemannian cut locus of $H$-type groupsOct 09 2014In the present paper we give a proof of the fact that the sub-Riemannian cut locus of a wide class of nilpotent groups of step two, called $H$-type groups, starting from the origin corresponds to the center of the group. We obtain this result by completely ... More
Sub-Riemannian geometry of parallelizable spheresJan 11 2009The first aim of the present paper is to compare various sub-Riemannian structures over the three dimensional sphere $S^3$ originating from different constructions. Namely, we describe the sub-Riemannian geometry of $S^3$ arising through its right Lie ... More
Two-fluid evolving Lorentzian wormholesApr 03 2012We investigate the evolution of a family of wormholes sustained by two matter components: one with homogeneous and isotropic properties $\rho(t)$ and another inhomogeneous and anisotropic $\rho_{in}(t,r)$. The rate of expansion of these evolving wormholes ... More
A New Pedagogical Way of Finding Out the Gauge Field Strength Tensor in Abelian and Non-Abelian Local Gauge Field TheoriesDec 03 2015Sep 06 2016The gauge field strength tensor $F_{\mu \nu}$ in Abelian and non-Abelian local gauge field theories is a key object in the construction of the Lagrangian since it provides the kinetic term(s) of the gauge field(s) $A_\mu$. When introducing this object, ... More
Development of a wheelchair simulator for children with multiple disabilitiesJan 18 2016Virtual reality allows to create situations which can be experimented under the control of the user, without risks, in a very flexible way. This allows to develop skills and to have confidence to work in real conditions with real equipment. VR is then ... More
Abelian Endoregular ModulesMar 09 2019In this paper, we introduce the notion of abelian endoregular modules as those modules whose endomorphism rings are abelian von Neumann regular. We characterize an abelian endoregular module $M$ in terms of its $M$-generated submodules. We prove that ... More
KAM THEORY. Part 3. ApplicationsOct 22 2018We apply the general normal form theorems in Kolmogorov spaces to three classical cases: deformations of hypersurface singularities, normal forms of vector fields and invariant tori in Hamiltonian systems.
Origin of the anomalous semiconducting behaviour in dense lithiumFeb 25 2018May 21 2018Experimentally, it is known that lithium undergoes a metal to semiconductor transition at about 80 GPA and a reentrant semiconductor to metal transition near 120 GPA. This unusual behaviour has been attributed to the formation of high-pressure electrides ... More
Dual toric codes and polytopes of degree oneApr 15 2014We define a statistical measure of the typical size of short words in a linear code over a finite field. We prove that the dual toric codes coming from polytopes of degree one are characterized, among all dual toric codes, by being extremal with respect ... More
Morris-Thorne wormholes in static pseudo-spherically symmetric spacetimesJun 15 2015Jun 25 2015In this paper we study classical general relativistic static wormhole configurations with pseudo-spherical symmetry. We show that in addition to the hyperbolic wormhole solutions discussed by Lobo and Mimoso in the Ref. Phys.\ Rev.\ D {\bf 82}, 044034 ... More
The Signature of a ManifoldAug 10 2005Jun 01 2015Let us consider a compact oriented riemannian manifold M without boundary and of dimension n=4k. The signature of M is defined as the signature of a given quadratic form Q. Two different products could be used to define Q and they render equivalent definitions: ... More
On the Teichmüller geodesic generated by the L-shaped translation surface tiled by three squaresJul 15 2012Jul 18 2012We study the one parameter family of genus 2 Riemann surfaces defined by the orbit of the L-shaped translation surface tiled by three squares under the Teichm\"uller geodesic flow. These surfaces are real algebraic curves with three real components. We ... More
The Different Varieties of the Suyama-Yamaguchi Consistency RelationMay 31 2013We present the different consistency relations that can be seen as variations of the well known Suyama-Yamaguchi (SY) consistency relation \tau_{NL} \geqslant (\frac{6}{5} f_{NL})^2, the latter involving the levels of non-gaussianity f_{NL} and \tau_{NL} ... More
Iron abundance in HII regionsMar 22 2002Optical CCD spectra are used to determine the Fe abundances at several positions inside seven bright Galactic HII regions. The observed [FeIII] line ratios are compared with the predictions of different sets of collision strengths and transition probabilities ... More
[Fe IV] emission in ionized nebulaeJan 22 2003Feb 25 2003This paper presents an analysis of [Fe IV] emission based on new identifications and previous measurements of [Fe IV] lines in 30 Doradus, IC 4846, M42, SMC N88A, and SBS 0335-052. The Fe abundances obtained by adding the abundances of the relevant Fe ... More
A Review of Software Quality Models for the Evaluation of Software ProductsDec 09 2014Actually, software products are increasing in a fast way and are used in almost all activities of human life. Consequently measuring and evaluating the quality of a software product has become a critical task for many companies. Several models have been ... More
Simulation in BiologyJun 10 2006An invitation to simulation is made into a realizable challenge: the reader is taken from scratch to games with words, to mathematical models, to statistical analysis, to simulation of evolution. No special requirements are needed: we work with the inbuilt ... More
The genome is software and evolution is a software developerMar 02 2010The genome is software because it a set of verbal instructions for a programmable computer, the ribosome. The theory of evolution now reads: evolution is the software developer responsible for the existence of the genome. We claim that this setting, whose ... More
Advances towards a General-Purpose Societal-Scale Human-Collective Problem-Solving EngineJan 03 2005Human collective intelligence has proved itself as an important factor in a society's ability to accomplish large-scale behavioral feats. As societies have grown in population-size, individuals have seen a decrease in their ability to activeily participate ... More
Metalinguistic Information Extraction for TerminologyApr 15 2005This paper describes and evaluates the Metalinguistic Operation Processor (MOP) system for automatic compilation of metalinguistic information from technical and scientific documents. This system is designed to extract non-standard terminological resources ... More
A partial data result for less regular conductivities in admissible geometriesDec 03 2014Feb 13 2016We consider the Calder\'on problem with partial data in certain admissible geometries, that is, on compact Riemannian manifolds with boundary which are conformally embedded in a product of the Euclidean line and a simple manifold. We show that measuring ... More
Electromagnetism and geometryJun 09 2008This work is an introduction to modern mathematical physics. We begin with Maxwell laws and vector calculus, pass next to consider the action and the Feynman integral in quantum mechanics, next relativity and differential geometry to formulate the electromagnetic ... More
Technical Report: CSVM EcosystemSep 11 2012The CSVM format is derived from CSV format and allows the storage of tabular like data with a limited but extensible amount of metadata. This approach could help computer scientists because all information needed to uses subsequently the data is included ... More
Technical report: CSVM dictionariesAug 08 2012CSVM (CSV with Metadata) is a simple file format for tabular data. The possible application domain is the same as typical spreadsheets files, but CSVM is well suited for long term storage and the inter-conversion of RAW data. CSVM embeds different levels ... More
Electronic properties of Jahn-Teller and photoluminescence systems under pressureSep 14 2006Mar 21 2007Photoluminescence (PL) properties of materials containing transition-metal ions depend on a variety of structural factors such as electronic structure, site symmetry and neighbouring atoms. These factors play a crucial role for the occurrence PL i.e. ... More
Fluorescence of [Fe II] in H II regionsJun 17 1999A study of [Fe II] lines at various positions within the H II regions M42 and M43 is presented. The relative intensities of selected optical [Fe II] lines are shown to be correlated with the intensity of the apparent nebular continuous spectrum. Since ... More
Bell tests with photon-entanglement: LHV models and critical efficiencies at the light of Wigner-PDC opticsDec 15 2011Within the Wigner-PDC picture of photon entanglement, detection "errors" are not independent (though they may look, on average), nor can they be controlled by means of a technological improvement on the detectors. Those two elements make possible the ... More
A classical, elementary approach to the foundations of Quantum MechanicsDec 13 2011Mar 07 2013Elementary particles are found in two different situations: (i) bound to metastable states of matter, for which angular momentum is quantized, and (ii) free, for which, due to their high energy-momentum and leaving aside inner a.m. or spin, the $h$-quantization ... More
Default Bayesian Analysis for the Multivariate Ewens DistributionSep 08 2012We derive the Jeffreys prior for the parameter of the Multivariate Ewens Distribution and study some of its properties. In particular, we show that this prior is proper and has no finite moments. We also investigate the impact of this default prior on ... More
Analysis of Vector-Inflation Models Using Dynamical SystemsApr 07 2015We analyze two possible vector-field models using the techniques of dynamical systems. The first model involves a U(1)-vector field and the second a triad of SU(2)-vector fields. Both models include a gauge-fixing term and a power-law potential. A dynamical ... More
EUTelescope Guide for ATLAS ITk Strip: Reconstruction and AnalysisJul 14 2017EUTelescope is arguably the most used software to reconstruct tracks from telescope data. This guide explains how to install a version adapted for the reconstruction of ITk Strip test beam data. In this version, an example of such reconstruction with ... More
Short time solution to the master equation of a first order mean field game systemNov 21 2018Dec 02 2018The goal of this paper is to show existence of short-time classical solutions to the so called Master Equation of \emph{first order} Mean Field Games, which can be thought of as the limit of the corresponding master equation of a stochastic mean field ... More
Local angles and dimension estimation from data on manifoldsMay 04 2018For data living in a manifold $M\subseteq \mathbb{R}^m$ and a point $p\in M$ we consider a statistic $U_{k,n}$ which estimates the variance of the angle between pairs of vectors $X_i-p$ and $X_j-p$, for data points $X_i$, $X_j$, near $p$, and evaluate ... More
Modeling temporal constraints for a system of interactive scoresMay 03 2017In this chapter we explain briefly the fundamentals of the interactive scores formalism. Then we develop a solution for implementing the ECO machine by mixing petri nets and constraints propagation. We also present another solution for implementing the ... More
An Extension of Interactive Scores for Multimedia Scenarios with Temporal Relations for Micro and Macro ControlsOct 11 2015Software to design multimedia scenarios is usually based either on a fixed timeline or on cue lists, but both models are unrelated temporally. On the contrary, the formalism of interactive scores can describe multimedia scenarios with flexible and fixed ... More
Inflationary expansion of the universe with variable timescaleMay 07 2018Dec 20 2018We explore a cosmological model in which the time scale is variable with the expansion of the universe and the effective spacetime is driven by the inflaton field. An example is considered and their predictions are contrasted between Planck 2018 data. ... More
Large scale solitonic back-reaction effects in pre-inflationMay 15 2017Using Relativistic Quantum Geometry (RQG), we study the emergence of back-reaction modes with solitonic properties, on astrophysical and cosmological scales, in a model of pre-inflation where the universe emerge from a topological phase transition. We ... More
Mass density of the Earth from a Gravito-Electro-Magnetic 5D vacuumJun 28 2016We calculate the mass density of the Earth using a Gravito-Electro-Magnetic theory on an extended 5D Schwarzschild-de Sitter metric, in which we define the vacuum. Our results are in very good agreement with that of the Dziewonski-Anderson model.
Quantum thermodynamics in the interior of a Schwarzschild B-HApr 25 2019We propose an extended metric for a Schwarzschild Black-Hole (B-H) that describes a topological phase transition between the interior and the exterior of the B-H on a complex manifold. We employ the formalism of Relativistic Quantum Geometry described ... More
Critical behavior of the bulk viscosity in QCDJun 26 2019We study the behavior of the bulk viscosity $\zeta$ in QCD near a possible critical endpoint in the phase diagram. We verify the expectation that $(\zeta/s)\sim a(\xi/\xi_0)^{x_\zeta}$, where $s$ is the entropy density, $\xi$ is the correlation length, ... More
A lower bound for the determinantal complexity of a hypersurfaceMay 08 2015We prove that the determinantal complexity of a hypersurface of degree $d > 2$ is bounded below by one more than the codimension of the singular locus, provided that this codimension is at least $5$. As a result, we obtain that the determinantal complexity ... More
Symmetries of the Rolling ModelJan 11 2013In the present paper, we study the infinitesimal symmetries of the model of two Riemannian manifolds $(M,g)$ and $(\hat M,\hat g)$ rolling without twisting or slipping. We show that, under certain genericity hypotheses, the natural bundle projection from ... More
Sharp Degree Bounds for Sum-of-Squares Certificates on Projective CurvesMay 26 2016Jun 24 2018Given a real projective curve with homogeneous coordinate ring R and a nonnegative homogeneous element f in R, we bound the degree of a nonzero homogeneous sum-of-squares g in R such that the product fg is again a sum of squares. Better yet, our degree ... More
Classical and quantum integrabilityFeb 12 2008We give a sufficient condition for quantising integrable systems.
On negatively curved bundles with hyperbolic fibers outside the Igusa stable rangeNov 30 2017May 14 2018We prove that the Teichm\"{u}ller space $\mathcal{T}^{<0}(M)$ of negatively curved metrics on a hyperbolic manifold $M$ has nontrivial $i$-th rational homotopy groups for some $i> \dim M$. Moreover, some elements of infinite order in $\pi_i B\mbox{Diff}(M)$ ... More
Involution on pseudoisotopy spaces and the space of the nonnegatively curved metricsMar 22 2017We prove that certain involutions defined by Vogell and Burghelea-Fiedorowicz on the rational algebraic K-theory of spaces coincide. This gives a way to compute the positive and negative eigenspaces of the involution on rational homotopy groups of pseudoisotopy ... More
Sub-semi-Riemannian geometry of general $H$-type groupsJul 24 2012We introduce a special class of nilpotent Lie groups of step 2, that generalizes the so called $H$(eisenberg)-type groups, defined by A. Kaplan in 1980. We change the presence of inner product to an arbitrary scalar product and relate the construction ... More
Formalizing the Confluence of Orthogonal Rewriting SystemsMar 29 2013Orthogonality is a discipline of programming that in a syntactic manner guarantees determinism of functional specifications. Essentially, orthogonality avoids, on the one side, the inherent ambiguity of non determinism, prohibiting the existence of different ... More
Exponential collapse with variable time scale driven by a scalar fieldJul 02 2019We study the dynamic collapse driven by a scalar field and the global topology of a relativistic observer that falls with the collapse and cross the horizon of a Schwarzschild black-hole (BH), at $t=t_0$. During the collapse the scale of time is considered ... More
Negatively curved bundles in the Igusa stable rangeNov 30 2017Apr 24 2019We use classical results in smoothing theory to extract information about the rational homotopy groups of the space of negatively curved metrics on a high dimensional manifold. It is also shown that smooth M-bundles over spheres equipped with fiberwise ... More
An accelerated closed universeAug 03 2004We study a model in which a closed universe with dust and quintessence matter components may look like an accelerated flat Friedmann-Robertson-Walker (FRW) universe at low redshifts. Several quantities relevant to the model are expressed in terms of observed ... More
Curvature in causal BD-type inflationary cosmologyJul 15 2004We study a closed model of the universe filled with viscous fluid and quintessence matter components in a Brans-Dicke type cosmological model. The dynamical equations imply that the universe may look like an accelerated flat Friedmann-Robertson-Walker ... More
Submersions and curves of constant geodesic curvatureJul 17 2017Considering Riemannian submersions, we find necessary and sufficient conditions for when sub-Riemannian normal geodesics project to curves of constant first geodesic curvature or constant first and vanishing second geodesic curvatures. We describe a canonical ... More
Cohomology free systems and the first Betti numberSep 13 2006Sep 18 2006We prove that a cohomology free flow on a manifold M fibers over a diophantine translation on the torus T b, where b is the first Betti number of M.
Modelling the current accelerated expansion of the Universe with Holographic Dark EnergyMay 09 2019In this work we explore a Holographic Dark Energy Model in a flat Friedmann-Lema\^itre-Robertson-Walker Universe, which contains baryons, radiation, cold dark matter and dark energy within the framework of General Relativity. Furthermore, we consider ... More
Entropy-based disciplinarity indicator: role taxonomy of journals in scientific communication systems and isolation degree. Knowledge importation/exportation profiles from journals and disciplinesFeb 26 2013Mar 06 2013In this research, a new indicator of disciplinarity-multidisciplinarity is developed, discussed and applied. EBDI is based on the combination of the frequency distribution of subject categories of journals citing or cited by the analysis unit and the ... More
Simulating Genomes and Populations in the Mutation Space: An example with the evolution of HIV drug resistanceDec 30 2007When simulating biological populations under different evolutionary genetic models, backward or forward strategies can be followed. Backward simulations, also called coalescent-based simulations, are computationally very efficient. However, this framework ... More
Casimir Effect in systems in and out of EquilibriumJul 04 2012This thesis consists on two separate parts. In the first part, we discuss about the nature of the Casimir effect as the response of a fluctuant medium to the breakdown of the translation symmetry because the presence of intrusions in that medium. To do ... More
Casimir repulsion between Topological Insulators in the diluted regimeJul 15 2011The Pairwise Summation Approximation (PSA) of Casimir energy is applied to a system of two dielectrics with magnetoelectric coupling. In particular, the case of Topological Insulators (TI) is studied in detail. Depending on the the optical response of ... More
Invariants of complex structures on nilmanifoldsFeb 26 2013Mar 15 2013Let $(N, J)$ be a simply connected $2n$-dimensional nilpotent Lie group endowed with an invariant complex structure. We define a left invariant Riemannian metric on $N$ compatible with $J$ to be minimal, if it minimizes the norm of the invariant part ... More
Interpretations of the Web of DataMay 20 2009May 21 2009The emerging Web of Data utilizes the web infrastructure to represent and interrelate data. The foundational standards of the Web of Data include the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) and the Resource Description Framework (RDF). URIs are used to identify ... More
A Distributed Process Infrastructure for a Distributed Data StructureJul 24 2008The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is continuing to grow outside the bounds of its initial function as a metadata framework and into the domain of general-purpose data modeling. This expansion has been facilitated by the continued increase in the ... More
Social Decision Making with Multi-Relational Networks and Grammar-Based Particle SwarmsSep 07 2006Social decision support systems are able to aggregate the local perspectives of a diverse group of individuals into a global social decision. This paper presents a multi-relational network ontology and grammar-based particle swarm algorithm capable of ... More
Dichroic polarization at mid-infrared wavelengths: a Bayesian approachOct 22 2015A fast and general Bayesian inference framework to infer the physical properties of dichroic polarization using mid-infrared imaging- and spectro-polarimetric observations is presented. The Bayesian approach is based on a hierarchical regression and No-U-Turn ... More
Confinement and chiral condensates in 2-d QED with massive N-flavor fermionsFeb 06 1996We evaluate Polyakov loops and string tension in two-dimensional QED with both massless and massive $N$-flavor fermions at zero and finite temperature. External charges, or external electric fields, induce phases in fermion masses and shift the value ... More
Global rigidity of certain abelian actions by toral automorphismsSep 22 2006We prove global rigidity results for some linear abelian actions on tori. The type of actions we deal with includes in particular maximal rank semisimple actions on $\T^N$.
Stability of relative equilibria with singular momentum values in simple mechanical systemsJun 14 2005Dec 15 2006A method for testing $G_\mu$-stability of relative equilibria in Hamiltonian systems of the form "kinetic + potential energy" is presented. This method extends the Reduced Energy-Momentum Method of Simo et al. to the case of non-free group actions and ... More
Lexicographic metric spaces: basic properties and the metric dimensionJun 28 2018In this article, we introduce the concept of lexicographic metric space and, after discussing some basic properties of these metric spaces like completeness, boundedness, compactness and separableness, we obtain a formula for the metric dimension of any ... More
A 0-1 law for the massive Gaussian free fieldMay 29 2015Aug 14 2017We investigate the phase transition in a non-planar correlated percolation model with long-range dependence, obtained by considering level sets of a Gaussian free field with mass above a given height $h$. The dependence present in the model is a notorious ... More