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Deep KnockoffsNov 16 2018This paper introduces a machine for sampling approximate model-X knockoffs for arbitrary and unspecified data distributions using deep generative models. The main idea is to iteratively refine a knockoff sampling mechanism until a criterion measuring ... More
Gene Hunting with Knockoffs for Hidden Markov ModelsJun 14 2017Modern scientific studies often require the identification of a subset of relevant explanatory variables, in the attempt to understand an interesting phenomenon. Several statistical methods have been developed to automate this task, but only recently ... More
Rejoinder: "Gene Hunting with Hidden Markov Model Knockoffs"Mar 13 2019In this paper we deepen and enlarge the reflection on the possible advantages of a knockoff approach to genome wide association studies (Sesia et al., 2018), starting from the discussions in Bottolo & Richardson (2019); Jewell & Witten (2019); Rosenblatt ... More
Common factors, trends, and cycles in large datasetsSep 05 2017Nov 07 2017This paper considers a non-stationary dynamic factor model for large datasets to disentangle long-run from short-run co-movements. We first propose a new Quasi Maximum Likelihood estimator of the model based on the Kalman Smoother and the Expectation ... More
Clustering dynamics in a class of normalised generalised gamma dependent priorsAug 02 2016Nov 04 2016Normalised generalised gamma processes are random probability measures that induce nonparametric prior distributions widely used in Bayesian statistics, particularly for mixture modelling. We construct a class of dependent normalised generalised gamma ... More
Clustering dynamics in a class of normalised generalised gamma dependent priorsAug 02 2016Normalised generalised gamma processes are random probability measures that induce nonparametric prior distributions widely used in Bayesian statistics, particularly for mixture modelling. We construct a class of dependent normalised generalised gamma ... More
Some insights on bicategories of fractions: representations and compositions of 2-morphismsOct 15 2014Apr 20 2016In this paper we investigate the construction of bicategories of fractions originally described by D. Pronk: given any bicategory $\mathcal{C}$ together with a suitable class of morphisms $\mathbf{W}$, one can construct a bicategory $\mathcal{C}[\mathbf{W}^{-1}]$, ... More
Chemically-exfoliated single-layer MoS$_2$ : stability, lattice dynamics and catalytic adsorption from first principlesDec 05 2013Chemically and mechanically exfoliated MoS$_2$ single-layer samples have substantially different properties. While mechanically exfoliated single-layers are mono-phase (1H polytype with Mo in trigonal prismatic coordination), the chemically exfoliated ... More
Cosmology with the lyman-alpha forest in the WMAP eraOct 15 2003In the WMAP era of high precision cosmology an accurate determination of the matter power spectrum from lyman-alpha forest data becomes crucial. When combining the matter power spectrum derived from CMB experiments with that inferred from lyman-alpha ... More
The coherent interaction between matter and radiation - A tutorial on the Jaynes-Cummings modelNov 04 2011The Jaynes-Cummings (JC) model is a milestone in the theory of coherent interaction between a two-level system and a single bosonic field mode. This tutorial aims to give a complete description of the model, analyzing the Hamiltonian of the system, its ... More
On the strong coupling expansion in the su(1|1) sector of N=4 SYMMay 08 2008May 12 2008We consider the anomalous dimension of the fermionic highest states Tr(psi^L) in the su(1|1) sector of N=4 SYM at strong coupling. In the thermodynamical L->OO limit it is described by a BES-like integral equation recently proposed by Rej, Staudacher ... More
Universality of three gaugino anomalous dimensions in N=4 SYMMay 04 2007May 05 2007We study maximal helicity three gaugino operators in N=4 Super Yang-Mills theory. We show that the lowest anomalous dimension of scaling operators with generic finite spin can be expressed in terms of the universal anomalous dimension appearing at twist-2. ... More
Anomalous dimensions at twist-3 in the sl(2) sector of N=4 SYMApr 26 2007We consider twist-3 operators in the sl(2) sector of N=4 SYM built out of three scalar fields with derivatives. We extract from the Bethe Ansatz equations of this sector the exact lowest anomalous dimension gamma(s) of scaling fields for several values ... More
Wave functions for Hamiltonian Lattice Gauge TheoryMar 21 2000We study four dimensional SU(2) lattice gauge theory in the Hamiltonian formalism by Green's Function Monte Carlo methods. A trial ground state wave function is introduced to improve the configuration sampling and we discuss the interplay between its ... More
Verification of Reachability Problems for Time Basic Petri NetsSep 09 2014Time-Basic Petri nets, is a powerful formalism for model- ing real-time systems where time constraints are expressed through time functions of marking's time description associated with transition, representing possible firing times. We introduce a technique ... More
Ultraluminous X-ray sources: three exciting yearsOct 19 2015The extreme extragalactic sources known as Ultraluminous X-ray Sources (ULX) represent a unique testing environment for compact objects population studies and the accretion process. Their nature has long been disputed. Their luminosity, well above the ... More
On the classification of complete area-stationary and stable surfaces in the sub-Riemannian Sol manifoldMay 25 2013Aug 17 2013We study the classification of area-stationary and stable $C^2$ regular surfaces in the space of the rigid motions of the Minkowski plane E(1,1), equipped with its sub-Riemannian structure. We construct examples of area-stationary surfaces that are not ... More
Hadronic Production of Heavy QuarksOct 29 1997We review the status of theoretical evaluations of heavy quark and heavy quarkonium hadroproduction cross sections and their comparisons with experimental data.
Jet Areas, and What They are Good ForJun 19 2007We introduce the concept of the area of a jet, and show how it can be used to perform the subtraction of even a large amount of diffuse noise from hard jets.
pQCD Calculations of Heavy Quark and J/psi ProductionFeb 20 2007We review the present status of theoretical predictions for both closed (J/psi) and open heavy quark production in high energy collisions, and their comparisons to experimental data.
QCD Predictions for Charm and Bottom Production at RHICDec 20 2005We present up-to-date QCD predictions for open charm and bottom production at RHIC in nucleon-nucleon collisions at \sqrt{S} = 200 GeV. The electron spectrum resulting from heavy flavor decays is also evaluated for direct comparison to the PHENIX and ... More
Rise and Fall of the Bottom Quark Production ExcessJul 16 2004We review the history of comparisons between bottom production measurements and QCD predictions. We challenge the existence of a `significant discrepancy', and argue that standard approaches to QCD calculations do a good job in describing the experimental ... More
An equilibrated fluxes approach to the Certified Descent Algorithm for shape optimization using conforming Finite Element and Discontinuous Galerkin discretizationsNov 10 2016The Certified Descent Algorithm (CDA) is a gradient-based method for shape optimization which certifies that the direction computed using the shape gradient is a genuine descent direction for the objective functional under analysis. It relies on the computation ... More
Gravity, holography and applications to condensed matterOct 09 2016Oct 17 2016Momentum relaxation is an ever-present and unavoidable ingredient of any realistic condensed matter system. In real-world materials the presence of a lattice, impurities or disorder forces momentum to dissipate and leads to relevant physical effects such ... More
Stress-corrosion mechanisms in silicate glassesJan 19 2009Apr 01 2009The present review is intended to revisit the advances and debates in the comprehension of the mechanisms of subcritical crack propagation in silicate glasses almost a century after its initial developments. Glass has inspired the initial insights of ... More
Localisation in 2+1 dimensional SU(3) pure gauge theory at finite temperatureMar 12 2019I study the localisation properties of low Dirac eigenmodes in 2+1 dimensional SU(3) pure gauge theory, both in the low-temperature, confined and chirally-broken phase and in the high-temperature, deconfined and chirally-restored phase, by means of numerical ... More
Radial and cylindrical symmetry of solutions to the Cahn-Hilliard equationFeb 01 2019The paper is devoted to the classification of entire solutions to the Cahn-Hilliard equation $-\Delta u = u-u^3-\delta$ in $\R^N$, with particular interest in those solutions whose nodal set is either bounded or contained in a cylinder. The aim is to ... More
Lyapunov exponents, holomorphic flat bundles and de Rham moduli spaceOct 30 2018We consider Lyapunov exponents for flat bundles over hyperbolic curves defined via parallel transport over the geodesic flow. We refine a lower bound obtained by Eskin, Kontsevich, Moeller and Zorich showing that the sum of the first k exponents is greater ... More
Top production at large p_t at NLO+NLL accuracySep 18 2018We introduce a new version of the FONLL code, now capable of calculating differential distributions for top quark production with next-to-leading-log resummation of log(p_t/m) terms. Numerical results for LHC and FCC kinematics are presented. In the transverse ... More
Thermodynamic laws for populations and quantum coherence: A self-contained introduction to the resource theory approach to thermodynamicsJul 30 2018In these notes I give a self-contained introduction to the resource theory approach to quantum thermodynamics. I will introduce in an elementary manner the technical machinery necessary to unpack and prove the core statements of the theory. The topics ... More
On a homotopy version of the Duflo isomorphismDec 19 2017For a finite dimensional Lie algebra $\mathfrak{g}$, the Duflo map $S\mathfrak{g}\rightarrow U\mathfrak{g}$ defines an isomorphism of $\mathfrak{g}$-modules. On $\mathfrak{g}$-invariant elements it gives an isomorphism of algebras. Moreover, it induces ... More
Thermal properties of a string bit model at large NSep 06 2017We study the finite temperature properties of a recently introduced string bit model designed to capture some features of the emergent string in the tensionless limit. The model consists of a pair of bosonic and fermionic bit operators transforming in ... More
Filtrations on graph complexes and the Grothendieck-Teichmüller Lie algebra in depth twoJul 03 2017We establish an isomorphism between the Grothendieck-Teichm\"uller Lie algebra $\mathfrak{grt}_1$ in depth two modulo higher depth and the cohomology of the two-loop part of the graph complex of internally connected graphs $\mathsf{ICG}(1)$. In particular, ... More
A temporal semantics for Nilpotent Minimum logicOct 22 2013In [Ban97] a connection among rough sets (in particular, pre-rough algebras) and three-valued {\L}ukasiewicz logic {\L}3 is pointed out. In this paper we present a temporal like semantics for Nilpotent Minimum logic NM ([Fod95, EG01]), in which the logic ... More
A bicategory of reduced orbifolds from the point of view of differential geometry - IApr 25 2013Jan 09 2015We describe a bicategory $(\mathcal{R}ed\,\mathcal{O}rb)$ of reduced orbifolds in the framework of classical differential geometry (i.e. without any explicit reference to notions of Lie groupoids or differentiable stacks, but only using orbifold atlases, ... More
Interior regularity of solutions of non-local equations in Sobolev and Nikol'skii spacesJan 12 2016We prove interior $H^{2s-\varepsilon}$ regularity for weak solutions of linear elliptic integro-differential equations close to the fractional $s$-Laplacian. The result is obtained via intermediate estimates in Nikol'skii spaces, which are in turn carried ... More
Finite generation of iterated wreath products in product actionMay 30 2015Jun 21 2015Let $\mathcal{S}$ be a sequence of finite perfect transitive permutation groups with uniformly bounded number of generators. We prove that the infinitely iterated wreath product in product action of the groups in $\mathcal{S}$ is topologically finitely ... More
Combinatorially two-orbit convex polytopesNov 06 2014Feb 19 2015Any convex polytope whose combinatorial automorphism group has two orbits on the flags is isomorphic to one whose group of Euclidean symmetries has two orbits on the flags (equivalently, to one whose automorphism group and symmetry group coincide.) Hence, ... More
Contracting rigid germs in higher dimensionsSep 30 2011Jan 09 2013Following Favre, we define a holomorphic germ f:(C^d,0) -> (C^d,0) to be rigid if the union of the critical set of all iterates has simple normal crossing singularities. We give a partial classification of contracting rigid germs in arbitrary dimensions ... More
A Poincaré-Dulac renormalization theorem for attracting rigid germs in $\mathbb{C}^d$Mar 14 2011Sep 30 2011Studying the dynamics of attracting rigid germs $f:(\mathbb{C}^d, 0) \rightarrow (\mathbb{C}^d, 0)$ in dimension $d \geq 3$, a new phenomenon arise: principal resonances. The resonances of the classic Poincar\'e-Dulac theory are given by (multiplicative) ... More
The classification of isotrivially fibred surfaces with p_g=q=2Apr 08 2009Jul 29 2010An isotrivially fibred surface is a smooth projective surface endowed with a morphism onto a curve such that all the smooth fibres are isomorphic to each other. The first goal of this paper is to classify the isotrivially fibred surfaces with $p_g=q=2$ ... More
A Law of Large Numbers for an Interacting Particle System with Confining PotentialJan 03 2007In this paper we consider an interacting particle system modeled as a system of $N$ stochastic differential equations driven by Brownian motions with a drift term including a confining potential acting on each particle, and an interaction potential modeling ... More
Useful axiomsOct 10 2016We give a brief survey on the interplay between forcing axioms and various other non-constructive principles widely used in many fields of abstract mathematics, such as the axiom of choice and Baire's category theorem. First of all we outline how, using ... More
The Proper Forcing Axiom and the Singular Cardinal HypothesisSep 27 2005We show that the Proper Forcing Axiom implies the Singular Cardinal Hypothesis. The proof is by interpolation and uses the Mapping Reflection Principle.
The Credibility Theory applied to backtesting Counterparty Credit RiskSep 17 2014Credibility theory provides tools to obtain better estimates by combining individual data with sample information. We apply the Credibility theory to a Uniform distribution that is used in testing the reliability of forecasting an interest rate for long ... More
A complete proof of coherence for symmetric monoidal categories using rewritingJun 06 2016A symmetric monoidal category is a category equipped with an associative and commutative (binary) product and an object which is the unit for the product. In fact, those properties only hold up to natural isomorphisms which satisfy some coherence conditions. ... More
Mean of Ratios or Ratio of Means: statistical uncertainty applied to estimate Multiperiod Probability of DefaulSep 17 2014The estimate of a Multiperiod probability of default applied to residential mortgages can be obtained using the mean of the observed default, so called the Mean of ratios estimator, or aggregating the default and the issued mortgages and computing the ... More
Thermodynamics of inequalities: from precariousness to economic stratificationJun 25 2014Nov 30 2014Growing economic inequalities are observed in several countries throughout the world. Following Pareto, the power-law structure of these inequalities has been the subject of much theoretical and empirical work. But their nonequilibrium dynamics, e.g. ... More
On the supersymmetric vacua of the Veneziano-Wosiek modelJan 24 2007We study the supersymmetric vacua of the Veneziano-Wosiek model in sectors with fermion number F=2, 4 at finite 't Hooft coupling lambda. We prove that for F=2 there are two zero energy vacua for lambda > lambda_c = 1 and none otherwise. We give the analytical ... More
Maximal Stability Regions for Superconducting Ground States of Generalized Hubbard ModelsApr 09 1999For a class of generalized Hubbard models, we determine the maximal stability region for the superconducting eta-pairing ground state. We exploit the Optimized Ground State (OGS) approach and the Lanczos diagonalization procedure to derive a sequence ... More
Bosonization and the lattice Gross-Neveu modelDec 06 1993We consider a lattice version of the bosonized Gross-Neveu model. It is explicitely chiral symmetric and its numerical simulation does not involve any anticommuting field. We study its non trivial $1/N$ expansion up to the next-to-leading term comparing ... More
Surfaces isogenous to a product of curves, braid groups and mapping class groupsNov 22 2013This article is a revised version of the talk I gave at the conference ``Beauville Surfaces and groups'' held in Newcastle in June 2012. It presents some group theoretical methods to give bounds on the number of connected components of the moduli space ... More
Spiraling toward market completeness and financial instabilityJun 08 2009I study the limit of a large random economy, where a set of consumers invests in financial instruments engineered by banks, in order to optimize their future consumption. This exercise shows that, even in the ideal case of perfect competition, where full ... More
First and second variation formulae for the sub-Riemannian area in three-dimensional pseudo-hermitian manifoldsSep 28 2011Oct 03 2011We calculate the first and the second variation formula for the sub-Riemannian area in three dimensional pseudo-hermitian manifolds. We consider general variations that can move the singular set of a C^2 surface and non-singular variation for C_H^2 surfaces. ... More
The regularity of Euclidean Lipschitz boundaries with prescribed mean curvature in three-dimensional contact sub-Riemannian manifoldsJul 26 2015Feb 09 2016In this paper we consider a set $E\subset\Omega$ with prescribed mean curvature $f\in C(\Omega)$ and Euclidean Lipschitz boundary $\partial E=\Sigma$ inside a three-dimensional contact sub-Riemannian manifold $M$. We prove that if $\Sigma$ is locally ... More
FastJet: a code for fast k_t clustering, and moreJul 06 2006Two main classes of jet clustering algorithms, cone and k_t, are briefly discussed. It is argued that the former can be often cumbersome to define and implement, and difficult to analyze in terms of its behaviour with respect to soft and collinear emissions. ... More
Soft-Gluon Resummation in Heavy Quarkonium PhysicsOct 20 1999Soft-gluon resummation within the framework of heavy quarkonium hadroproduction is considered. A few selected cases are studied in detail. A sizeable increase of the cross sections with respect to the next-to-leading order predictions with central factorization/renormalization ... More
Computational Interpretations of Markov's principleNov 11 2016Markov's principle is a statement that originated in the Russian school of Constructive Mathematics and stated originally that "if it is impossible that an algorithm does not terminate, then it will terminate". This principle has been adapted to many ... More
Wilson-loop formalism for Reggeon exchange at high energySep 26 2012I will discuss how the non-vacuum, quark-antiquark Reggeon-exchange contribution to meson-meson elastic scattering, at high energy and low tranferred momentum, can be related to the path-integral of a certain Wilson-loop expectation value over the trajectories ... More
Approximation and Loewner Theory of holomorphic covering mappingsOct 03 2018We give conditions in order to approximate locally uniformly holomorphic covering mappings of the unit ball of $\mathbb{C}^n$ with respect to an arbitrary norm, with entire holomorphic covering mappings. The results rely on a generalization of the Loewner ... More
3x3 transfer matrix modelling of integrated optical devicesMar 16 2018Unlike common devices based on ring resonators, the structure in Fig. 1.a involves not only 2x2 couplers but also a 3x3 coupler, which means that a 3x3 transfer matrix approach is required to model the system. To the best of our knowledge, no such a model ... More
Elliptic Genus Derivation of 4d Holomorphic BlocksNov 20 2017Mar 09 2018We study elliptic vortices on $\mathbb{C}\times T^2$ by considering the 2d quiver gauge theory describing their moduli spaces. The elliptic genus of these moduli spaces is the elliptic version of vortex partition function of the 4d theory. We focus on ... More
Oblique projections on metric spacesNov 10 2017It is known that complementary oblique projections $\hat{P}_0 + \hat{P}_1 = I$ on a Hilbert space $\mathscr{H}$ have the same standard operator norm $\|\hat{P}_0\| = \|\hat{P}_1\|$ and the same singular values, but for the multiplicity of $0$ and $1$. ... More
IKA: Independent Kernel ApproximatorSep 05 2018This paper describes a new method for low rank kernel approximation called IKA. The main advantage of IKA is that it produces a function $\psi(x)$ defined as a linear combination of arbitrarily chosen functions. In contrast the approximation produced ... More
Higher order dispersive deformations of multidimensional Poisson brackets of hydrodynamic typeOct 23 2017Dec 15 2017The theory of multidimensional Poisson vertex algebras (mPVAs) provides a completely algebraic formalism to study the Hamiltonian structure of PDEs, for any number of dependent and independent variables. In this paper, we compute the cohomology of the ... More
Cohomological and projective dimensionsApr 15 2012Nov 14 2012In this paper we give an upper bound, in characteristic 0, for the cohomological dimension of a graded ideal in a polynomial ring such that the quotient has depth at least 3. In positive characteristic the same bound holds true by a well-known theorem ... More
Computational Interpretations of Markov's principleNov 11 2016Dec 16 2016Markov's principle is a statement that originated in the Russian school of Constructive Mathematics and stated originally that "if it is impossible that an algorithm does not terminate, then it will terminate". This principle has been adapted to many ... More
Optimal price management in retail energy markets: an impulse control problem with asymptotic estimatesMar 21 2018Mar 30 2019We consider a retailer who buys energy in the wholesale market and resells it to final consumers. The retailer has to decide when to intervene to change the price he asks to his customers, in order to maximize his income. We model the problem as an infinite-horizon ... More
Clifford Tori and the singularly perturbed Cahn-Hilliard equationSep 03 2015In this paper we construct entire solutions $u_{\varepsilon}$ to the Cahn-Hilliard equation $-\varepsilon^{2}\Delta(-\varepsilon^{2}\Delta u+W^{'}(u))+W^{"}(u)(-\varepsilon^{2}\Delta u+W^{'}(u))=0$, under the volume constraint $\int_{\mathbb{R}^{3}}(1-u_{\varepsilon})dx=4\sqrt{2}\pi^{2}$, ... More
Rigidification of holomorphic germs with non-invertible differentialNov 20 2009Dec 23 2010We study holomorphic germs $f:(\mathbb{C}^2, 0) \rightarrow (\mathbb{C}^2,0) with non-invertible differential $df_0$. In order to do this, we search for a modification $\pi:X \rightarrow (\mathbb{C}^2,0)$ (i.e., a composition of point blow-ups over the ... More
Random Energy Models, Optimal Learning Machines and BeyondApr 19 2019I consider an ensemble of optimisation problems over random functions of many variables, part of which describe a sub-system and the rest account for its interaction with the environment. The function being optimised is drawn from a stretched exponential ... More
Viral Search algorithmJun 14 2016The article, after a brief introduction on genetic algorithms and their functioning, presents a kind of genetic algorithm called Viral Search. We present the key concepts, we formally derive the algorithm and we perform numerical tests designed to illustrate ... More
On the irrationality of certain coefficients of the Alekseev-Torossian associatorMar 23 2016We give explicit formulas for the first few coefficients of the Alekseev-Torossian associator and a second Drinfeld associator. This is done by analyzing the free and transitive action of the Grothendieck-Teichm\"uller group and its Lie algebra $\mathfrak{grt}_1$ ... More
Some insights on bicategories of fractions - IIOct 19 2014Nov 21 2014We fix any bicategory $\mathscr{A}$ together with a class of morphisms $\mathbf{W}_{\mathscr{A}}$, such that there is a bicategory of fractions $\mathscr{A}[\mathbf{W}_{\mathscr{A}}^{-1}]$. Given another such pair $(\mathscr{B},\mathbf{W}_{\mathscr{B}})$ ... More
Computability of Følner setsJun 14 2016We define the notion of computability of F\o lner sets for finitely generated amenable groups. We prove, by an explicit description, that the Kharlampovich group, a finitely presented solvable group with unsolvable word problem, has computable F\o lner ... More
Constructing Coverability Graphs for Time Basic Petri NetsSep 19 2014Time-Basic Petri nets, is a powerful formalism for modeling real-time systems where time constraints are expressed through time functions of marking's time description associated with transition, representing possible firing times. We introduce a technique ... More
The generalized scaling function of AdS/CFT and semiclassical string theoryJun 23 2008Recently, Freyhult, Rej and Staudacher (FRS) proposed an integral equation determining the leading logarithmic term of the anomalous dimension of sl(2) twist-operators in N=4 SYM for large Lorentz spin M and twist L at fixed j = L/log(M). We discuss the ... More
Three loop anomalous dimensions of twist-3 gauge operators in N=4 SYMJul 11 2007We propose a closed expression for the three loop anomalous dimension of a class of twist-3 operators built with gauge fields and covariant derivatives. To this aim, we solve the long-range Bethe Ansatz equations at finite spin and provide a consistent ... More
Optimization of Trial Wave Functions for Hamiltonian Lattice ModelsDec 21 1999We propose a new Monte Carlo algorithm for the numerical study of general lattice models in Hamiltonian form. The algorithm is based on an initial Ansatz for the ground state wave function depending on a set of free parameters which are dynamically optimized. ... More
Notes About a More Aware Dependency ParserJul 20 2015In this paper I explain the reasons that led me to research and conceive a novel technology for dependency parsing, mixing together the strengths of data-driven transition-based and constraint-based approaches. In particular I highlight the problem to ... More
The Multiphase Buoyant Plume Solution of the Dusty Gas ModelJun 04 2015Sep 12 2015Starting from the balance equations of mass, momentum and energy we formulate an integral 1D model for a poly-disperse mixture injected in the atmosphere. We write all the equations, either in their most general formulation or in the more simplified, ... More
Exact cascading nonlinearity in quasi-phase-matched quadratic mediaFeb 27 2014The evolution of light pulses and beams in a quasi-phase-matched (QPM) quadratic medium is usually described by considering only the spatial harmonic of the QPM grating that minimizes the residual phase-mismatch. I show that, for strongly phase-mismatched ... More
Design of effective kernels for spectroscopy and molecular transport: time-dependent current-density-functional theoryDec 20 2010Time-dependent current-density-functional theory (TDCDFT) provides an in principle exact scheme to calculate efficiently response functions for a very broad range of applications. However, the lack of approximations valid for a range of parameters met ... More
Phenomenological and theoretical developments in jet physics at the LHCSep 08 2015We review the history of jets in high energy physics, and describe in more detail the developments of the past ten years, discussing new algorithms for jet finding and their main characteristics, and summarising the status of perturbative calculations ... More
Onium ProductionSep 03 1996The present status of our understanding of onium production is reviewed. Different models are described and comparisons of theoretical predictions with experimental data are given.
Nuclear effects and neutron structure in deeply virtual Compton scattering off 3HeApr 01 2014The study of nuclear generalized parton distributions (GPDs) could be a crucial achievement of hadronic physics since they open new ways to obtain new information on the structure of bound nucleons, in particular, to access the neutron GPDs. Here, the ... More
De-noising the galaxies in the Hubble XDF with EMPCAJul 19 2016We present a method to model optical images of galaxies using Expectation Maximization Principal Components Analysis (EMPCA). The method relies on the data alone and does not assume any pre-established model or fitting formula. It preserves the statistical ... More
Regularity results and Harnack inequalities for minimizers and solutions of nonlocal problems: a unified approach via fractional De Giorgi classesSep 29 2016We study energy functionals obtained by adding a possibly discontinuous potential to an interaction term modeled upon a Gagliardo-type fractional seminorm. We prove that minimizers of such non-differentiable functionals are locally bounded, H\"older continuous, ... More
Recent advances on inconsistency indices for pairwise comparisons - a commentaryMar 28 2015Mar 10 2016This paper recalls the definition of consistency for pairwise comparison matrices and briefly presents the concept of inconsistency index in connection to other aspects of the theory of pairwise comparisons. By commenting on a recent contribution by Koczkodaj ... More
Quantum Theory of particles and fields as an extension of a probabilistic variational approach to classical mechanics and classical field theory. IFeb 25 2009Jul 28 2009A theoretical scheme, based on a probabilistic generalization of the Hamilton's principle, is elaborated to obtain an unified description of more general dynamical behaviors determined both from a lagrangian function and by mechanisms not contemplated ... More
Martin's maximum revisitedOct 06 2011Feb 09 2012We present several results relating the general theory of the stationary tower forcing developed by Woodin with forcing axioms. The main results is that the forcing axiom MM^{++} (also known as MM^{+\omega_1}) decides the \Pi_2-theory of H_{\omega_2} ... More
Algebra of Observables and States for Quantum Abelian DualityNov 28 2016The study of dualities is a central issue in several modern approaches to quantum field theory, as they have broad consequences on the structure and on the properties of the theory itself. We call Abelian duality the generalisation to arbitrary spacetime ... More
Bayesian MIDAS Penalized Regressions: Estimation, Selection, and PredictionMar 19 2019We propose a new approach to mixed-frequency regressions in a high-dimensional environment that resorts to Group Lasso penalization and Bayesian techniques for estimation and inference. To improve the sparse recovery ability of the model, we also consider ... More
NLO prediction for the decays $τ\to \ell \ell'\ell' ν\bar ν$ and $μ\to e e e ν\barν$Nov 27 2018These proceedings review the differential decay rates and the branching ratios of the tau and muon decays $\tau \to \ell \ell' \ell' \nu \bar\nu$ (with $\ell,\ell'=\mu,e$) and $\mu \to e e e \nu \bar \nu$ in the Standard Model at NLO. These five-body ... More
On the large R-charge $\mathcal N=2$ chiral correlators and the Toda equationSep 17 2018Oct 02 2018We consider $\mathcal N=2$ $SU(N)$ SQCD in four dimensions and a weak-coupling regime with large R-charge recently discussed in arXiv:1803.00580. If $\varphi$ denotes the adjoint scalar in the $\mathcal N=2$ vector multiplet, it has been shown that the ... More
Decoding Protocols for Classical Communication on Quantum ChannelsOct 24 2017We study the problem of decoding classical information encoded on quantum states at the output of a quantum channel, with particular focus on increasing the communication rates towards the maximum allowed by Quantum Mechanics. After a brief introduction ... More
The embedding conjecture and the approximation conjecture in higher dimensionOct 05 2017In this paper we show the equivalence among three conjectures (and related open questions), namely, the embedding of univalent maps of the unit ball into Loewner chains, the approximation of univalent maps with entire univalent maps and the immersion ... More
Natural selection as coarseningJul 17 2017Oct 06 2017Analogies between evolutionary dynamics and statistical mechanics, such as Fisher's second-law-like "fundamental theorem of natural selection" and Wright's "fitness landscapes", have had a deep and fruitful influence on the development of evolutionary ... More
Self-testing Dicke statesJul 05 2017We show that, upon the observation of a specific measurement statistic, Dicke states can be self-tested. Our work is based on a generalization of the protocol considered by Wu et al. [PRA 90 042339 (2014)], and constitutes a device-independent method ... More
Nucleon 3D structure from double parton scattering: a Light-Front quark model analysisMay 30 2017Double parton distribution functions (dPDFs) represent a tool to explore the 3D partonic structure of the proton. They can be measured in high energy proton-proton and proton nucleus collisions and encode information on how partons inside a proton are ... More