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Improving Prognostic Value of CT Deep Radiomic Features in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Using Transfer LearningMay 23 2019Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is one of the most aggressive cancers with an extremely poor prognosis. Radiomics has shown prognostic ability in multiple types of cancer including PDAC. However, the prognostic value of traditional radiomics pipelines, ... More
Improving Prognostic Performance in Resectable Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma using Radiomics and Deep Learning Features Fusion in CT ImagesJul 10 2019As an analytic pipeline for quantitative imaging feature extraction and analysis, radiomics has grown rapidly in the past a few years. Recent studies in radiomics aim to investigate the relationship between tumors imaging features and clinical outcomes. ... More
CNN-based Survival Model for Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma in Medical ImagingJun 25 2019Cox proportional hazard model (CPH) is commonly used in clinical research for survival analysis. In quantitative medical imaging (radiomics) studies, CPH plays an important role in feature reduction and modeling. However, the underlying linear assumption ... More
Prostate Cancer Detection using Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksMay 30 2019Prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer and the third leading cause of cancer death in North America. As an integrated part of computer-aided detection (CAD) tools, diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DWI) has been intensively ... More
Discovery Radiomics via Evolutionary Deep Radiomic Sequencer Discovery for Pathologically-Proven Lung Cancer DetectionMay 10 2017Oct 20 2017While lung cancer is the second most diagnosed form of cancer in men and women, a sufficiently early diagnosis can be pivotal in patient survival rates. Imaging-based, or radiomics-driven, detection methods have been developed to aid diagnosticians, but ... More
Sparse Reconstruction of Compressive Sensing MRI using Cross-Domain Stochastically Fully Connected Conditional Random FieldsDec 25 2015Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a crucial medical imaging technology for the screening and diagnosis of frequently occurring cancers. However image quality may suffer by long acquisition times for MRIs due to patient motion, as well as result in great ... More
Noise-Compensated, Bias-Corrected Diffusion Weighted Endorectal Magnetic Resonance Imaging via a Stochastically Fully-Connected Joint Conditional Random Field ModelDec 15 2015Jul 05 2016Diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DW-MR) is a powerful tool in imaging-based prostate cancer screening and detection. Endorectal coils are commonly used in DW-MR imaging to improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the acquisition, at the ... More
Discovery Radiomics for Pathologically-Proven Computed Tomography Lung Cancer PredictionSep 01 2015Mar 28 2017Lung cancer is the leading cause for cancer related deaths. As such, there is an urgent need for a streamlined process that can allow radiologists to provide diagnosis with greater efficiency and accuracy. A powerful tool to do this is radiomics: a high-dimension ... More
Discovery Radiomics for Multi-Parametric MRI Prostate Cancer DetectionSep 01 2015Oct 20 2015Prostate cancer is the most diagnosed form of cancer in Canadian men, and is the third leading cause of cancer death. Despite these statistics, prognosis is relatively good with a sufficiently early diagnosis, making fast and reliable prostate cancer ... More
Discovery Radiomics for Computed Tomography Cancer DetectionSep 01 2015Oct 20 2015Objective: Lung cancer is the leading cause for cancer related deaths. As such, there is an urgent need for a streamlined process that can allow radiologists to provide diagnosis with greater efficiency and accuracy. A powerful tool to do this is radiomics. ... More
ProstateGAN: Mitigating Data Bias via Prostate Diffusion Imaging Synthesis with Generative Adversarial NetworksNov 14 2018Nov 21 2018Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) have shown considerable promise for mitigating the challenge of data scarcity when building machine learning-driven analysis algorithms. Specifically, a number of studies have shown that GAN-based image synthesis ... More
Monte Carlo-based Noise Compensation in Coil Intensity Corrected Endorectal MRIJul 25 2015Background: Prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer found in males making early diagnosis important. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been useful in visualizing and localizing tumor candidates and with the use of endorectal coils ... More
iMOD LEACH: improved MODified LEACH Protocol for Wireless Sensor NetworksSep 17 2013Increased use of Wireless sensor Networks (WSNs) in variety of applications has enabled the designers to create autonomous sensors, which can be deployed randomly, without human supervision, for the purpose of sensing and communicating valuable data. ... More
General method for extracting the quantum efficiency of dispersive qubit readout in circuit QEDNov 14 2017Apr 05 2018We present and demonstrate a general three-step method for extracting the quantum efficiency of dispersive qubit readout in circuit QED. We use active depletion of post-measurement photons and optimal integration weight functions on two quadratures to ... More
Discovery Radiomics via StochasticNet Sequencers for Cancer DetectionNov 11 2015Radiomics has proven to be a powerful prognostic tool for cancer detection, and has previously been applied in lung, breast, prostate, and head-and-neck cancer studies with great success. However, these radiomics-driven methods rely on pre-defined, hand-crafted ... More
A fast, low-leakage, high-fidelity two-qubit gate for a programmable superconducting quantum computerMar 06 2019A common approach to realize conditional-phase (CZ) gates in transmon qubits relies on flux control of the qubit frequency to make computational states interact with non-computational ones using a fast-adiabatic trajectory to minimize leakage. We develop ... More
Quantification of Ion Migration in CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells by Transient Capacitance MeasurementsJan 25 2018Jan 30 2019Solar cells based on organic-inorganic metal halide perovskites show efficiencies close to highly-optimized silicon solar cells. However, ion migration in the perovskite films leads to device degradation and impedes large scale commercial applications. ... More
Error Mitigation by Symmetry Verification on a Variational Quantum EigensolverFeb 28 2019Variational quantum eigensolvers offer a small-scale testbed to demonstrate the performance of error mitigation techniques with low experimental overhead. We present successful error mitigation by applying the recently proposed symmetry verification technique ... More
Monocular Object Orientation Estimation using Riemannian Regression and Classification NetworksJul 19 2018We consider the task of estimating the 3D orientation of an object of known category given an image of the object and a bounding box around it. Recently, CNN-based regression and classification methods have shown significant performance improvements for ... More
Radial Distribution of Production Rates, Loss Rates and Densities Corresponding to Ion Masses <=40 amu in the Inner Coma of Comet Halley: Composition and ChemistryApr 29 2005In this paper we have studied the chemistry of C, H, N, O, and S compounds corresponding to ions of masses <=40 amu in the inner coma of the comet 1P/Halley. The production rates, loss rates, and ion mass densities are calculated using the Analytical ... More
The Transactional Conflict ProblemApr 03 2018The transactional conflict problem arises in transactional systems whenever two or more concurrent transactions clash on a data item. While the standard solution to such conflicts is to immediately abort one of the transactions, some practical systems ... More
Nuclear Dependence in Weak Structure Functions and the Determination of Weak Mixing AngleNov 10 2013We have studied nuclear medium effects in the weak structure functions $F^A_2(x)$ and $F^A_3(x)$ and in the extraction of weak mixing angle using Paschos Wolfenstein(PW) relation. We have modified the PW relation for nonisoscalar nuclear target. We have ... More
Nuclear medium effects in $ν(\barν)$-nucleus deep inelastic scatteringAug 16 2011We study the nuclear medium effects in the weak structure functions $F_2(x,Q^2)$ and $F_3(x,Q^2)$ in the deep inelastic neutrino/antineutrino reactions in nuclei. We use a theoretical model for the nuclear spectral functions which incorporates the conventional ... More
The role of T-helper/T-suppressor ratio in the adaptive immune response: a dynamical modelJan 26 2017Nov 01 2018Recent experimental studies have suggested the ratio between T-helper and T-suppressor lymphocytes as an index of immunosuppression in HIV, cancer, immunosenescence and inflammatory and auto-immune diseases. However, a quantitative understanding of the ... More
A Common Framework for Natural Gradient and Taylor based Optimisation using Manifold TheoryMar 26 2018Oct 03 2018This technical report constructs a theoretical framework to relate standard Taylor approximation based optimisation methods with Natural Gradient (NG), a method which is Fisher efficient with probabilistic models. Such a framework will be shown to also ... More
REECH-ME: Regional Energy Efficient Cluster Heads based on Maximum Energy Routing Protocol for WSNsJul 26 2013In this paper, we propose Regional Energy Efficient Cluster Heads based on Maximum Energy (REECH-ME) Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) . The main purpose of this protocol is to improve the network lifetime and particularly the stability ... More
DREEM-ME: Distributed Regional Energy Efficient Multi-hop Routing Protocol based on Maximum Energy in WSNsJul 26 2013Wireless distributed sensor network consists of randomly deployed sensors having low energy assets. These networks can be used for monitoring a variety of environments. Major problems of these networks are energy constraints and their finite lifetimes. ... More
3D multirater RCNN for multimodal multiclass detection and characterisation of extremely small objectsDec 21 2018Extremely small objects (ESO) have become observable on clinical routine magnetic resonance imaging acquisitions, thanks to a reduction in acquisition time at higher resolution. Despite their small size (usually $<$10 voxels per object for an image of ... More
The U(N) chiral model and exact multi-solitonsDec 10 2009We use a binary Darboux transformation to obtain exact multisoliton solutions of the principal chiral model and its noncommutative generalization. We also show that the exact multisolitons of the noncommutative principal chiral model in two dimensions ... More
General Viscosity Implicit Midpoint Rule For Nonexpansive MappingSep 20 2016In this work, we suggest a general viscosity implicit midpoint rule for nonexpansive mapping in the framework of Hilbert space. Further, under the certain conditions imposed on the sequence of parameters, strong convergence theorem is proved by the sequence ... More
Quasideterminant solutions of an integrable chiral model in two dimensionsDec 16 2009The Darboux transformation is used to obtain multisoliton solutions of the chiral model in two dimensions. The matrix solutions of the principal chiral model and its Lax pair are expressed in terms of quasideterminants. The iteration of the Darboux transformation ... More
An Energy Efficient Decoding Scheme for Wireless Body Area Sensor NetworksSep 17 2013One of the major challenges in Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs) is to prolong the lifetime of network. Traditional research work focuses on minimizing transmit power; however, in the case of short range communication the consumption power in decoding ... More
Antineutrino Charged-Current reactions on Hydrocarbon with Low Momentum TransferMar 26 2018Jan 15 2019We report on multinucleon effects in low momentum transfer ($< 0.8$ GeV/c) anti-neutrino interactions on plastic (CH) scintillator. These data are from the 2010-2011 antineutrino phase of the MINERvA experiment at Fermilab. The hadronic energy spectrum ... More
On algebraic structures in supersymmetric principal chiral modelDec 10 2009Using the Poisson current algebra of the supersymmetric principal chiral model, we develop the algebraic canonical structure of the model by evaluating the fundamental Poisson bracket of the Lax matrices that fits into the rs matrix formalism of non-ultralocal ... More
Study of Center of Mass Energy by Particles Collision in Some Black HolesJul 29 2013This paper is devoted to the study of particles collision for two well-known black holes. We consider particles moving in equatorial plane and calculate their center of mass energy. Firstly, we explore center of mass energy of a regular black hole. In ... More
A Technique for Multi-User MIMO using Spatial Channel Model for out-door environmentsJul 10 2018Any wireless communication system needs to specify a propagation channel model which acts as basis for performance evaluation and comparison. Spatial channel models can be divided into deterministic i.e ray tracing, measurement based which is based on ... More
MCMC methods for inference in a mathematical model of pulmonary circulationJan 23 2018This study performs parameter inference in a partial differential equations system of pulmonary circulation. We use a fluid dynamics network model that takes selected parameter values and mimics the behaviour of the pulmonary haemodynamics under normal ... More
Finding Botnets Using Minimal Graph ClusteringsJun 18 2012We study the problem of identifying botnets and the IP addresses which they comprise, based on the observation of a fraction of the global email spam traffic. Observed mailing campaigns constitute evidence for joint botnet membership, they are represented ... More
Centralizer of Braids and Fibonacci NumbersJan 14 2011Nov 30 2011The paper encloses computation of simple centralizer of simple braids and their connection with Fibonacci numbers. Planarity of some commuting graphs is also discussed in the last section.
Scalable quantum circuit and control for a superconducting surface codeDec 24 2016We present a scalable scheme for executing the error-correction cycle of a monolithic surface-code fabric composed of fast-flux-tuneable transmon qubits with nearest-neighbor coupling. An eight-qubit unit cell forms the basis for repeating both the quantum ... More
Controlled Coupling and Occupation of Silicon Atomic Quantum DotsJul 03 2008It is discovered that the zero-dimensional character of the silicon atom dangling bond (DB) state allows controlled formation and occupation of a new form of quantum dot assemblies. Whereas on highly doped n-type substrates isolated DBs are negatively ... More
On the Impact of Mode Selection on Effective Capacity of Device-to-Device CommunicationJan 08 2019Consider a device to device (D2D) link which utilizes the mode selection to decide between the direct mode and cellular mode. This paper investigates the impact of mode selection on effective capacity (EC) (the maximum sustainable constant arrival rate ... More
Eta-Mesic Nucleus: A New Form of Nuclear MatterFeb 24 2009Formation of eta-mesic nucleus, a bound state of an eta meson in a nucleus, is reviewed in this paper. Three different theoretical approaches are used to calculate the binding energies and widths of such nuclei. The effect of eta-mesic nucleus in pion ... More
Dependence of calculated binding energies and widths of $η$-mesic nuclei on treatment of subthreshold $η$-nucleon interactionSep 24 2002We demonstrate that the binding energies and widths of eta-mesic nuclei depend strongly on subthreshold eta-N interaction. This strong dependence is made evident from comparing three different eta-nucleus optical potentials: (1) a microscopic optical ... More
Transformations between complex scattering length and binding energyNov 18 2013The use of scattering length of particle-target interaction due to real- valued potential to study the bound states of the particle-target system is well known in nuclear and atomic physics. In view of the current interest in using eta-nucleus scattering ... More
Intuitionistic Fuzzy Ideal Extensions of Γ-SemigroupsNov 01 2010In this paper the concept of the extensions of intuitionistic fuzzy ideals in a semigroup has been extended to a {\Gamma}-Semigroups. Among other results characterization of prime ideals in a {\Gamma}-Semigroups in terms of intuitionistic fuzzy ideal ... More
Cylindrical versus Spherical Resonant Antennas for Gravitational Wave DetectionFeb 07 1997The principles and detection of gravitational waves by resonant antennas are briefly discussed. But the main purpose of this short note is to compare the two geometries of resonant antennas, the well-known cylindrical to the spherical type. Some features ... More
A Novel HW/SW Based NoC Router Self-Testing MethodologySep 15 2016Network-on-Chip (NoC) architecture has been proposed to solve the global communication problem of complex Systems-on-Chips (SoCs). However, NoC testing is a main challenging problem yet. In this article, we propose novel test architecture for NoC router ... More
Classification of Vehicles Based on Audio Signals using Quadratic Discriminant Analysis and High Energy Feature VectorsApr 04 2018The focus of this paper is on classification of different vehicles using sound emanated from the vehicles. In this paper,quadratic discriminant analysis classifies audio signals of passing vehicles to bus, car, motor, and truck categories based on features ... More
FPGA Implementation of a Novel Image Steganography for Hiding ImagesSep 15 2016Oct 01 2016As the complexity of current data flow systems and according infrastructure networks increases, the security of data transition through such platforms becomes more important. Thus, different areas of steganography turn to one of the most challengeable ... More
Interference and nuclear medium effects on the eta-mesic nuclear spectrumNov 02 2010The missing-mass spectrum obtained in a recoil-free transfer reaction p($^{27}$Al,$^{3}$He)$\pi^{-}$p'X is analyzed. We find that the observed peak structure arises from the coherent contributions from two reaction processes in the energy region corresponding ... More
Quasi-Grammian Solutions of the Generalized Coupled Dispersionless Integrable SystemNov 08 2012The standard binary Darboux transformation is investigated and is used to obtain quasi-Grammian multisoliton solutions of the generalized coupled dispersionless integrable system.
Sequence Training of DNN Acoustic Models With Natural GradientApr 06 2018Deep Neural Network (DNN) acoustic models often use discriminative sequence training that optimises an objective function that better approximates the word error rate (WER) than frame-based training. Sequence training is normally implemented using Stochastic ... More
Pionic Content of Rho-N-N and Rho-N-Delta Vertex FunctionsJul 13 1994The dynamical content of rho-N-N and rho-N-Delta vertex functions is studied with a mesonic model. A set of coupled integral equations satisfied by these vertex functions were solved self-consistently. These soulutions indicate that the dominant mesonic ... More
Combining Natural Gradient with Hessian Free Methods for Sequence TrainingOct 03 2018This paper presents a new optimisation approach to train Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) with discriminative sequence criteria. At each iteration, the method combines information from the Natural Gradient (NG) direction with local curvature information of ... More
Eta-mesic nuclei: past, present, futureSep 18 2015Eta-mesic nucleus or the quasibound nuclear state of an eta ($\eta$) meson in a nucleus is caused by strong-interaction force alone. This new type of nuclear species, which extends the landscape of nuclear physics, has been extensively studied since its ... More
Eta-Mesic Nucleus and COSY-GEM DataNov 03 2010The experimental data of the COSY-GEM Collaboration for the recoil-free transfer reaction p (27Al, 3He) \pi - p' X, leading to the formation of bound state of eta (\eta) meson in 25Mg nucleus, is reanalyzed in this paper. In particular, predicted values ... More
Hemodynamic assessment of pulmonary hypertension in mice: a model based analysis of the disease mechanismDec 05 2017May 17 2018This study uses a one dimensional fluid dynamics arterial network model to infer changes in hemodynamic quantities associated with pulmonary hypertension in mice. Data for this study include blood flow and pressure measurements from the main pulmonary ... More
The merging cluster Abell 1758 revisited: multi-wavelength observations and numerical simulationsFeb 10 2011Feb 11 2011[Abriged] We discuss here the properties of the double cluster Abell 1758, at a redshift z~0.279, which shows strong evidence for merging. We analyse the optical properties of the North and South clusters of Abell 1758 based on deep imaging obtained with ... More
Convolutional Networks for Object Category and 3D Pose Estimation from 2D ImagesNov 20 2017Jul 20 2018Current CNN-based algorithms for recovering the 3D pose of an object in an image assume knowledge about both the object category and its 2D localization in the image. In this paper, we relax one of these constraints and propose to solve the task of joint ... More
A Mixed Classification-Regression Framework for 3D Pose Estimation from 2D ImagesMay 08 20183D pose estimation from a single 2D image is an important and challenging task in computer vision with applications in autonomous driving, robot manipulation and augmented reality. Since 3D pose is a continuous quantity, a natural formulation for this ... More
3D Pose Regression using Convolutional Neural NetworksAug 18 20173D pose estimation is a key component of many important computer vision tasks such as autonomous navigation and 3D scene understanding. Most state-of-the-art approaches to 3D pose estimation solve this problem as a pose-classification problem in which ... More
Can We Predict the Scenic Beauty of Locations from Geo-tagged Flickr Images?Mar 24 2018In this work, we propose a novel technique to determine the aesthetic score of a location from social metadata of Flickr photos. In particular, we built machine learning classifiers to predict the class of a location where each class corresponds to a ... More
Stanley's conjecture for critical idealsMay 07 2009Let S=K[x_1,x_2,...,x_n] be a polynomial ring in n variables over a field K. Stanley's conjecture holds for the modules I and S/I, when I is a critical monomial ideal. We calculate the Stanley depth of S/I when I is a canonical critical monomial ideal. ... More
Context-Aware Adaptive Framework for e-Health MonitoringMay 10 2016For improving e-health services, we propose a context-aware framework to monitor the activities of daily living of dependent persons. We define a strategy for generating long-term realistic scenarios and a framework containing an adaptive monitoring algorithm ... More
Stretching Domain Adaptation: How far is too far?Dec 06 2017Nov 29 2018While deep learning has led to significant advances in visual recognition over the past few years, such advances often require a lot of annotated data. Unsupervised domain adaptation has emerged as an alternative approach that does not require as much ... More
Efficient Optimal Joint Channel Estimation and Data Detection for Massive MIMO SystemsMar 08 2016In this paper, we propose an efficient optimal joint channel estimation and data detection algorithm for massive MIMO wireless systems. Our algorithm is optimal in terms of the generalized likelihood ratio test (GLRT). For massive MIMO systems, we show ... More
Analysis of Interference in Wireless NetworksOct 31 2018As wireless systems grow rapidly worldwide, one of the most important things, wireless systems designers and service providers faces is interference. Interference decreases coverage, capacity [1], and limits the effectiveness of both new and existing ... More
Flat ORAM: A Simplified Write-Only Oblivious RAM Construction for Secure ProcessorsNov 04 2016Sep 10 2017Oblivious RAM (ORAM) is a cryptographic primitive which obfuscates the access patterns to a storage thereby preventing privacy leakage. So far in the current literature, only `fully functional' ORAMs are widely studied which can protect, at a cost of ... More
A Miniature-Based Image Retrieval SystemAug 19 2010Due to the rapid development of World Wide Web (WWW) and imaging technology, more and more images are available in the Internet and stored in databases. Searching the related images by the querying image is becoming tedious and difficult. Most of the ... More
Occurrence and stability of chimera states in multivariable coupled flowsMar 07 2019Study of collective phenomenon in populations of coupled oscillators are a subject of intense exploration in physical, biological, neuronal and social systems. Here we propose a scheme for the creation of chimera states, namely the coexistence of distinct ... More
DoS Attacks at Cooperative MACNov 30 2018Cooperative networking brings performance improvement to most of the issues in wireless networks, such as fading or delay due to slow stations. However, due to cooperation when data is relayed via other nodes, there network is more prone to attacks. Since, ... More
Local spectroscopy of moiré-induced electronic structure in gate-tunable twisted bilayer grapheneOct 10 2015Twisted bilayer graphene (tBLG) forms a quasicrystal whose structural and electronic properties depend on the angle of rotation between its layers. Here we present a scanning tunneling microscopy study of gate-tunable tBLG devices supported by atomically-smooth ... More
Flat ORAM: A Simplified Write-Only Oblivious RAM Construction for Secure Processor ArchitecturesNov 04 2016Oblivious RAM (ORAM) is a cryptographic primitive which obfuscates the access patterns to a storage thereby preventing privacy leakage via access patterns. So far in the current literature only 'fully functional' ORAMs are widely studied which can protect, ... More
When Agile Is Not Good Enough: an initial attempt at understanding how to make the right decisionFeb 22 2014Jul 02 2014Particularly over the last ten years, Agile has attracted not only the praises of a broad range of enthusiast software developers, but also the criticism of others. Either way, adoption or rejection of Agile seems sometimes to be based more on a questionable ... More
An Intelligent Pixel Replication Technique by Binary Decomposition for Digital Image ZoomingMay 13 2014Image zooming is the process of enlarging the spatial resolution of a given digital image. We present a novel technique that intelligently modifies the classical pixel replication method for zooming. Our method decomposes a given image into layer of binary ... More
PADS: Practical Attestation for Highly Dynamic Swarm TopologiesJun 14 2018Remote attestation protocols are widely used to detect device configuration (e.g., software and/or data) compromise in Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios. Unfortunately, the performances of such protocols are unsatisfactory when dealing with thousands ... More
Composite vertices that lead to soft form factorsMar 09 1995The momentum-space cut-off parameter $\Lambda$ of hadronic vertex functions is studied in this paper. We use a composite model where we can measure the contributions of intermediate particle propagations to $\Lambda$. We show that in many cases a composite ... More
LNOS - Live Network Operating SystemDec 27 2012Operating Systems exists since existence of computers, and have been evolving continuously from time to time. In this paper we have reviewed a relatively new or unexplored topic of Live OS. From networking perspective, Live OS is used for establishing ... More
Macro with Pico Cells (HetNets) System Behavior Using Well-known scheduling AlgorithmsNov 08 2014This paper demonstrates the concept of using Heterogeneous networks (HetNets) to improve Long Term Evolution (LTE) system by introducing the LTE Advance (LTE-A). The type of HetNets that has been chosen for this study is Macro with Pico cells. Comparing ... More
Effects of nuclear medium and nonisoscalarity in extracting $sin^2θ_W$ using Paschos-Wolfenstein relationNov 08 2012Mar 04 2013We study the nuclear medium effects and nonisoscalarity correction in the extraction of weak mixing angle sin$^2\theta_W$ using Paschos-Wolfenstein (PW) relation. The calculations are performed for the iron nucleus. The results are discussed along with ... More
$ν(\barν)$-$^{208}$Pb deep inelastic scatteringFeb 12 2012Nuclear-medium effects in the weak structure functions $F_2(x,Q^2)$ and $F_3(x,Q^2)$ in the charged current neutrino and antineutrino induced deep inelastic reactions in $^{208}$Pb have been studied. The calculations have been performed in a theoretical ... More
Determination of $sin^{2}θ_W$ using $ν(\barν)$-Nucleus scatteringMar 24 2013We have studied nonisoscalarity and medium effects in the extraction of weak mixing angle using Paschos and Wolfenstein relation in the iron nucleus. Paschos and Wolfenstein(PW) relation is valid for an isoscalar target. We have modified the PW relation ... More
Adaptive Traffic Fingerprinting for Darknet Threat IntelligenceAug 03 2018Darknet technology such as Tor has been used by various threat actors for organising illegal activities and data exfiltration. As such, there is a case for organisations to block such traffic, or to try and identify when it is used and for what purposes. ... More
Waveband Luminosity Correlations in Flux-Limited Multiwavelength DataJun 10 2018Jun 05 2019We explore the general question of correlations among different waveband luminosities in a flux-limited multiband observational data set. Such correlations, often observed for astronomical sources, may either be intrinsic or induced by the redshift evolution ... More
End-to-End Fine-Grained Action Segmentation and Recognition Using Conditional Random Field Models and Discriminative Sparse CodingJan 29 2018Fine-grained action segmentation and recognition is an important yet challenging task. Given a long, untrimmed sequence of kinematic data, the task is to classify the action at each time frame and segment the time series into the correct sequence of actions. ... More
Text Classification using Association Rule with a Hybrid Concept of Naive Bayes Classifier and Genetic AlgorithmSep 25 2010Text classification is the automated assignment of natural language texts to predefined categories based on their content. Text classification is the primary requirement of text retrieval systems, which retrieve texts in response to a user query, and ... More
A Nonsmooth Maximum Principle for Optimal Control Problems with State and Mixed Constraints-Convex CaseMar 11 2013Here we derive a nonsmooth maximum principle for optimal control problems with both state and mixed constraints. Crucial to our development is a convexity assumption on the "velocity set". The approach consists of applying known penalization techniques ... More
Inclusion Ideals Associated to Uniformly Increasing HypergraphsJan 10 2011Sep 15 2013In this paper,we introduce the monomial ideals I(H) associated to a special class of non uniform hypergraphs H(X; E; d) namely uniformly increasing hypergraphs. These ideals are named as inclusion ideals. In this paper, we discuss some algebraic properties ... More
Low-temperature structural transition in FeCr_2S_4Jun 09 2004Transmission electron microscopy studies of [110] and [111] oriented FeCr_2S_4 single crystals at different temperatures reveal a structural transition at low temperatures indicating a cubic-to-triclinic symmetry reduction within crystallographic domains. ... More
Resolvability in HypergraphsAug 23 2014An ordered set $W$ of vertices of a connected graph $G$ is called a resolving set for $G$ if for every two distinct vertices $u,v \in V(G)$, there is a vertex $w \in W$ such that $d(u,w) \neq d(v,w)$. A resolving set of minimum cardinality is called a ... More
A-dependence of weak nuclear structure functionsMar 24 2013Effect of nuclear medium on the weak structure functions $F_2^A(x,Q^2)$ and $F_3^A(x,Q^2)$ have been studied using charged current (anti)neutrino deep inelastic scattering on various nuclear targets. Relativistic nuclear spectral function which incorporate ... More
Waveband Luminosity Correlations in Flux-Limited Multiwavelength DataJun 10 2018Mar 26 2019We explore the general question of correlations among different waveband luminosities in a flux-limited multiband observational data set. Such correlations, often observed for astronomical sources, may either be intrinsic or induced by the redshift evolution ... More
Energy-Efficient Mechanism for Smart Communication in Cellular NetworksSep 05 2018Apr 29 2019Internet-of-things (IoT) is gaining popularity in recent times. Cellular network can be an appropriate solution for the IoT connectivity. With the exponential increase in the number of connected IoT devices, energy consumption is a bottleneck for wireless ... More
Catalytic upgrading of hydrothermal liquefaction biocrudes: Different challenges for different feedstocksApr 09 2019Apr 11 2019Hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) followed by catalytic hydrotreating of the produced biocrude is increasingly gaining ground as an effective technology for the conversion of biomass into liquid biofuels. A strong advantage of HTL resides in its great flexibility ... More
Effective Ways to Build and Evaluate Individual Survival DistributionsNov 28 2018An accurate model of a patient's individual survival distribution can help determine the appropriate treatment for terminal patients. Unfortunately, risk scores (e.g., from Cox Proportional Hazard models) do not provide survival probabilities, single-time ... More
Resolvability in HypergraphsAug 23 2014Sep 28 2018This article emphasizes an extension of the study of metric and par- tition dimension to hypergraphs. We give a sharp lower bounds for the metric and partition dimension of hypergraphs in general and give exact values under specified conditions.eral and ... More
Large-Scale Experimental and Theoretical Study of Graphene Grain Boundary StructuresAug 03 2015We have characterized the structure of 176 different single-layer graphene grain boundaries using $>$1000 experimental HRTEM images using a semi-automated structure processing routine. We introduce a new algorithm for generating grain boundary structures ... More
Advancing the State-of-the-Art in Hardware Trojans DesignMay 26 2016Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry heavily reuses third party IP cores. These IP cores are vulnerable to insertion of Hardware Trojans (HTs) at design time by third party IP core providers or by malicious insiders in the design team. State of ... More
Boosted Dark Matter at the Deep Underground Neutrino ExperimentNov 29 2016We investigate the detection prospects of a non-standard dark sector in the context of boosted dark matter. We consider a scenario where two stable particles have a large mass difference and the heavier particle accounts for most of dark matter in our ... More