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Cyclotomic expansions of HOMFLY-PT colored by rectangular Young diagramsFeb 06 2019Feb 14 2019We conjecture a closed form expression of HOMFLY-PT invariants of double twist knots colored by rectangular Young diagrams where the twist is encoded in interpolation Macdonald polynomials. We also put forth a conjecture of cyclotomic expansions of HOMFLY-PT ... More
On a Poincaré polynomial from Khovanov homology and Vassiliev invariantsMay 14 2019We introduce a Poincar\'{e} polynomial with two-variable $t$ and $x$ for knots, derived from Khovanov homology, where the specialization $(t, x)$ $=$ $(1, -1)$ is a Vassiliev invariant of order $n$. Since for every $n$, there exist non-trivial knots with ... More
Refined large N duality for knotsMar 15 2017Jun 07 2017We formulate large $N$ duality of $\mathrm{U}(N)$ refined Chern-Simons theory with a torus knot/link in $S^3$. By studying refined BPS states in M-theory, we provide the explicit form of low-energy effective actions of Type IIA string theory with D4-branes ... More
Recognizing Referential Links: An Information Extraction PerspectiveJul 18 1997We present an efficient and robust reference resolution algorithm in an end-to-end state-of-the-art information extraction system, which must work with a considerably impoverished syntactic analysis of the input sentences. Considering this disadvantage, ... More
Coding and tiling of Julia sets for subhyperbolic rational mapsJun 25 2003Let $f:\hat{C}\to\hat{C}$ be a subhyperbolic rational map of degree $d$. We construct a set of coding maps $Cod(f)=\{\pi_r:\Sigma\to J\}_r$ of the Julia set $J$ by geometric coding trees, where the parameter $r$ ranges over mappings from a certain tree ... More
Indefeasible Semantics and Defeasible PragmaticsJun 14 1995An account of utterance interpretation in discourse needs to face the issue of how the discourse context controls the space of interacting preferences. Assuming a discourse processing architecture that distinguishes the grammar and pragmatics subsystems ... More
Stressed and Unstressed Pronouns: Complementary PreferencesJul 18 1997I present a unified account of interpretation preferences of stressed and unstressed pronouns in discourse. The central intuition is the Complementary Preference Hypothesis that predicts the interpretation preference of a stressed pronoun from that of ... More
Intrasentential Centering: A Case StudyJul 16 1997One of the necessary extensions to the centering model is a mechanism to handle pronouns with intrasentential antecedents. Existing centering models deal only with discourses consisting of simple sentences. It leaves unclear how to delimit center-updating ... More
Cyclotomic expansions of HOMFLY-PT colored by rectangular Young diagramsFeb 06 2019We conjecture a closed form expression of HOMFLY-PT invariants of double twist knots colored by rectangular Young diagrams where the twist is encoded in interpolation Macdonald polynomials. We also put forth a conjecture of cyclotomic expansions of HOMFLY-PT ... More
Minimal surfaces in $q$-deformed AdS$_5\times$S$^5$ with Poincare coordinatesOct 21 2014Apr 24 2015We study minimal surfaces in $q$-deformed AdS$_5\times$S$^5$ with a new coordinate system introduced in the previous work 1408.2189. In this letter, we introduce Poincare coordinates for the deformed theory. Then we construct minimal surfaces whose boundary ... More
Discourse Preferences in Dynamic LogicJul 16 1997In order to enrich dynamic semantic theories with a `pragmatic' capacity, we combine dynamic and nonmonotonic (preferential) logics in a modal logic setting. We extend a fragment of Van Benthem and De Rijke's dynamic modal logic with additional preferential ... More
A new coordinate system for q-deformed AdS_5 x S^5 and classical string solutionsAug 10 2014Dec 03 2014We study a GKP-like classical string solution on a q-deformed AdS_5 x S^5 background and argue the spacetime structure by using it as a probe. The solution cannot stretch beyond the singularity surface and this result may suggest that the holographic ... More
Anisotropic Landau-Lifshitz sigma models from q-deformed AdS_5 x S^5 superstringsMay 18 2014Aug 10 2014We consider bosonic subsectors of the q-deformed AdS_5 x S^5 superstring action and study the classical integrable structure of anisotropic Landau-Lifshitz sigma models (LLSMs) derived by taking fast-moving limits. The subsectors are 1) deformed AdS_3 ... More
A relation between the shape of a permutation and the shape of the base poset derived from the Lehmer codesNov 14 2011For a permutation $\omega \in S_{n}$ Denoncourt constructed a poset $M_{\omega}$ which is the set of join-irreducibles of the Lehmer codes of the permutations in $[e, \omega]$ in the inversion order on $S_{n}$. In this paper we show that $M_{\omega}$ ... More
Möbius numbers of some modified generalized noncrossing partitionsMay 11 2009May 11 2009In this paper we will give a M\"obius number of $NC^{k}(W) \setminus \bf{mins} \cup \{\hat{0} \}$ for a Coxeter group $W$ which contains an affirmative answer for the conjecture 3.7.9 in Armstrong's paper [ Generalized noncrossing partitions and combinatorics ... More
Chiral Zeromodes on Vortex-type Intersecting Heterotic Five-branesNov 25 2011We solve the gaugino Dirac equation on a smeared intersecting five-brane solution in E_8\times E_8 heterotic string theory to search for localized chiral zeromodes on the intersection. The background is chosen to depend on the full two-dimensional overall ... More
Two listing of binary words and Gray codes for $132$-$312$ avoiding permutationsDec 12 2016In this paper, we give two listings for binary words of given length. From this, we provide two Gray codes for $132$-$312$-avoiding permutations of given size, in which two adjacent permutations differ by at most two adjacent transpositions and two adjacent ... More
Hamiltonian cycles for the square of the augmentation graphs and Gray codes for restricted permutations and ascent sequencesDec 12 2016Mar 28 2019In this paper, we construct a listing for the vertices of the augmentation graph of given size, and as a consequence, we obtain a Hamiltonian cycle for the square of the augmentation graph of given size. As applications, we have a Gray code for the $132$-$312$ ... More
A note on small periodic solutions of discrete nonlinear Klein-Gordon equationsMar 07 2016In this note, we consider discrete nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations with potential. By the pioneering work of Sigal, it is known that for the "continuous" nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation, no small time periodic solution exists generically. However, for ... More
Metastable spin textures and Nambu-Goldstone modes of a ferromagnetic spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensate confined in a ring trapAug 18 2014Dec 23 2014We investigate the metastability of a ferromagnetic spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensate confined in a quasi-one-dimensional rotating ring trap by solving the spin-1 Gross-Pitaevskii equation. We find analytical solutions that exhibit spin textures. By performing ... More
A generalization of Chebyshev polynomials and non rooted posetsApr 05 2007Apr 08 2007In this paper we give a generalization of Chebyshev polynomials and using this we describe the M\"obius function of the generalized subword order from a poset {a1,,c |ai<c}, which contains an affirmative answer for the conjecture by Bj\"orner, Sagan, ... More
NBB bases of some pattern avoiding latticesDec 23 2009In this paper we will determine the NBB bases with respect to standard ordering of coatoms (resp.atoms) of 123-132-213-avoiding (resp.321-avoiding) lattices. Using these expression we will calculate the M\"obius numbers of 123-132-213-avoiding lattices ... More
Evolutionary Quantum Logic Synthesis of Boolean Reversible Logic Circuits Embedded in Ternary Quantum Space using HeuristicsJul 18 2011It has been experimentally proven that realizing universal quantum gates using higher-radices logic is practically and technologically possible. We developed a Parallel Genetic Algorithm that synthesizes Boolean reversible circuits realized with a variety ... More
Context Based Visual Content VerificationSep 01 2017In this paper the intermediary visual content verification method based on multi-level co-occurrences is studied. The co-occurrence statistics are in general used to determine relational properties between objects based on information collected from data. ... More
Answer-Type Modification without Tears: Prompt-Passing Style Translation for Typed Delimited-Control OperatorsJun 21 2016The salient feature of delimited-control operators is their ability to modify answer types during computation. The feature, answer-type modification (ATM for short), allows one to express various interesting programs such as typed printf compactly and ... More
Reasoning and Algorithm Selection Augmented Symbolic SegmentationAug 12 2016In this paper we present an alternative method to symbolic segmentation: we approach symbolic segmentation as an algorithm selection problem. That is, let there be a set A of available algorithms for symbolic segmentation, a set of input features $F$, ... More
Symbolic Segmentation Using Algorithm SelectionMay 29 2015In this paper we present an alternative approach to symbolic segmentation; instead of implementing a new method we approach symbolic segmentation as an algorithm selection problem. That is, let there be $n$ available algorithms for symbolic segmentation, ... More
On weak interaction between a ground state and a trapping potentialApr 25 2014We study the interaction of a ground state with a class of trapping potentials. We track the precise asymptotic behavior of the solution if the interaction is weak, either because the ground state moves away from the potential or is very fast.
Energy shift of magnons in a ferromagnetic spinor-dipolar Bose-Einstein condensateFeb 14 2015Mar 26 2015Motivated by the recent experiment performed by the Berkeley group [G. E. Marti {\it et al.}, Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 113}, 155302 (2014)], we consider the dynamics of magnons in a spin-1 spinor-dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate, using mean-field theory. ... More
T-duality Transformation of Gauged Linear Sigma Model with F-termMay 31 2014Aug 28 2014We develop the duality transformation rules in two-dimensional theories in the superfield formalism. Even if the chiral superfield which we dualize involves an F-term, we can dualize it by virtue of the property of chiral superfields. We apply the duality ... More
Theory of Magnetism-Driven Negative Thermal Expansion in Inverse Perovskite AntiferromagnetsFeb 24 2019Magnetism-induced negative thermal expansion (NTE) observed in inverse perovskite antiferromagnets Mn3AN (A=Zn, Ga, etc.) is theoretically studied by a classical spin model with competing bond-length-dependent exchange interactions. We numerically reproduce ... More
Long time oscillation of solutions of nonlinear Schrödinger equations near minimal mass ground stateSep 18 2018In this paper, we consider the long time dynamics of radially symmetric solutions of nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations (NLS) having a minimal mass ground state. In particular, we show that there exist solutions with initial data near the minimal mass ... More
On orbital instability of spectrally stable vortices of the NLS in the planeAug 13 2015Aug 02 2016We explain how spectrally stable vortices of the Nonlinear Schr\"odinger Equation in the plane can be orbitally unstable. This relates to the nonlinear Fermi golden rule, a mechanism which exploits the nonlinear interaction between discrete and continuous ... More
On small energy stabilization in the NLS with a trapping potentialSep 03 2013May 15 2015We describe the asymptotic behavior of small energy solutions of an NLS with a trapping potential. In particular we generalize work of Soffer and Weinstein, and of Tsai et. al. The novelty is that we allow generic spectra associated to the potential. ... More
Continuous limits of linear and nonlinear quantum walksFeb 06 2019In this paper, we consider the continuous limit of a nonlinear quantum walk (NLQW) that incorporates a linear quantum walk as a special case. In particular, we rigorously prove that the walker (solution) of the NLQW on a lattice $\delta \mathbb Z$ uniformly ... More
Upper bound of one-magnon excitation and lower bound of effective mass for ferromagnetic spinor Bose and Fermi gasesMar 13 2015Apr 17 2015Using a variational method, we derive an exact upper bound for one-magnon excitation energy in ferromagnetic spinor gases, which limits the quantum corrections to the effective mass of a magnon to be positive. We also derive an upper bound for one-magnon ... More
Gauge Five-brane Solutions of Co-dimension Two in Heterotic SupergravityAug 27 2017Nov 21 2017We continue to study the BPS gauge five-brane solutions of codimension two in ten-dimensional heterotic supergravity. The geometry including the dilaton and the NS-NS $B$-field are sourced from the monopole chain in $\mathbb{R}^2 \times S^1$. We find ... More
Photonic Topological Insulating Phase Induced Solely by Gain and LossOct 25 2017Jul 04 2018We reveal a one-dimensional topological insulating phase induced solely by gain and loss control in non-Hermitian optical lattices. The system comprises units of four uniformly coupled cavities, where successive two have loss, the others experience gain ... More
Precursor phenomena of nucleations of quantized vortices in the presence of a uniformly moving obstacle in Bose-Einstein condensatesMay 17 2013Oct 19 2013We investigate excitations and fluctuations of Bose-Einstein condensates in a two-dimensional torus with a uniformly moving Gaussian potential by solving the Gross-Pitaevskii equation and the Bogoliubov equation. The energy gap $\Delta$ between the current-flowing ... More
Mean-field and stability analysis of two-dimensional flowing soft-core bosons modeling a supersolidMay 09 2012Sep 17 2012The soft-core boson system is one of the simplest models of supersolids, which have both off-diagonal long-range order (Bose-Einstein condensation) and diagonal long-range order (crystalline order). Although this model has been studied from various points ... More
Thermally activated phase slips of one-dimensional Bose gases in shallow optical latticesOct 27 2016We study the decay of superflow via thermally activated phase slips in one-dimensional Bose gases in a shallow optical lattice. By using the Kramers formula, we numerically calculate the nucleation rate of a thermally activated phase slip for various ... More
On weak interaction between a ground state and a non-trapping potentialSep 19 2013We show that ground states of the NLS moving at nonzero speed are asymptotically stable if they either stay far from the potential, or the potential is small, or the ground state has large speed.
Construction of blow-up solutions for Zakharov system on $\mathbb{T}^2$Sep 16 2011Sep 04 2012We consider the Zakharov system in two space dimension with periodic boundary condition. We prove the existence of finite time blow-up solutions. Further, we show there exists no minimal mass blow-up solution.
Non-equilibrium steady states of Bose-Einstein condensates with a local particle loss in double potential barriersJun 09 2019We investigate stability of non-equilibrium steady states of Bose-Einstein condensates with a local one-body loss in the presence of double potential barriers. We construct an exactly solvable mean-field model, in which the local loss and the potential ... More
Gauged Linear Sigma Model with F-term for A-type ALE SpaceFeb 23 2014Apr 21 2014We construct yet another ${\mathcal N}=(4,4)$ gauged linear sigma model for the $A_N$-type ALE space. In our construction the toric data of the ALE space are manifest. Due to the $SU(2)_R$ symmetry, the F-term is automatically determined. The toric data, ... More
Laser-induced Kondo effect in ultracold alkaline-earth fermionsJun 09 2015Oct 19 2015We demonstrate that laser excitations can coherently induce a novel Kondo effect in ultracold atoms in optical lattices. Using a model of alkaline-earth fermions with two orbitals, it is shown that the optically coupled two internal states are dynamically ... More
Non-geometric Five-branes in Heterotic SupergravityAug 04 2016Aug 10 2016We study T-duality chains of five-branes in heterotic supergravity where the first order $\alpha'$-corrections are present. By performing the $\alpha'$-corrected T-duality transformations of the heterotic NS5-brane solutions, we obtain the KK5-brane and ... More
Non-geometric Five-branes in Heterotic SupergravityAug 04 2016Nov 17 2016We study T-duality chains of five-branes in heterotic supergravity where the first order $\alpha'$-corrections are present. By performing the $\alpha'$-corrected T-duality transformations of the heterotic NS5-brane solutions, we obtain the KK5-brane and ... More
A Language Support for Exhaustive Fault-Injection in Message-Passing System ModelsNov 14 2014This paper presents an approach towards specifying and verifying adaptive distributed systems. We here take fault-handling as an example of adaptive behavior and propose a modeling language Sandal for describing fault-prone message-passing systems. One ... More
Machine learning technique to find quantum many-body ground states of bosons on a latticeSep 16 2017We develop a variational method to obtain many-body ground states of the Bose-Hubbard model using feedforward artificial neural networks. A fully-connected network with a single hidden layer works better than a fully-connected network with multiple hidden ... More
Deep Learning for Forecasting Stock Returns in the Cross-SectionJan 03 2018Jun 13 2018Many studies have been undertaken by using machine learning techniques, including neural networks, to predict stock returns. Recently, a method known as deep learning, which achieves high performance mainly in image recognition and speech recognition, ... More
Non-equilibrium topological phase transitions in two-dimensional optical latticesOct 18 2013Jan 30 2014Recently, concepts of topological phases of matter are extended to non-equilibrium systems, especially periodically driven systems. In this paper, we construct an example which shows non-equilibrium topological phase transitions using ultracold fermions ... More
An example of stable excited state on nonlinear Schrödinger equation with nonlocal nonlinearitySep 13 2011In this article, we consider nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation with nonlocal nonlinearity which is a generalized model of the Schr\"odinger-Poisson system (Schr\"odinger-Newton equations) in low dimensions. We first prove the global well-posedness in wider ... More
Metastability, excitations, fluctuations, and multiple-swallowtail structures of a superfluid in a Bose-Einstein condensate in the presence of a uniformly moving defectJul 30 2014May 12 2015We solve the Gross-Pitaevskii (GP) and Bogoliubov equations to investigate the metastability of superfluidity in a Bose-Einstein condensate in the presence of a uniformly moving defect potential in a two-dimensional torus. We calculate the total energy ... More
Synchronised Similar Triangles for Three-Body Orbit with Zero Angular MomentumApr 24 2004Geometrical properties of three-body orbits with zero angular momentum are investigated. If the moment of inertia is also constant along the orbit, the triangle whose vertexes are the positions of the bodies, and the triangle whose perimeters are the ... More
Combining the bi-Yang-Baxter deformation, the Wess-Zumino term and TsT transformations in one integrable sigma-modelJul 26 2017Nov 15 2017A multi-parameter integrable deformation of the principal chiral model is presented. The Yang-Baxter and bi-Yang-Baxter sigma-models, the principal chiral model plus a Wess-Zumino term and the TsT transformation of the principal chiral model are all recovered ... More
Lax pairs on Yang-Baxter deformed backgroundsSep 01 2015Oct 30 2015We explicitly derive Lax pairs for string theories on Yang-Baxter deformed backgrounds, 1) gravity duals for noncommutative gauge theories, 2) $\gamma$-deformations of S$^5$, 3) Schr\"odinger spacetimes and 4) abelian twists of the global AdS$_5$\,. Then ... More
Three-parameter integrable deformation of Z_4 permutation supercosetsNov 01 2018Jan 07 2019A three-parameter integrable deformation of $\mathbb{Z}_4$ permutation supercosets is constructed. These supercosets are of the form $ {\widehat{F}} / {F_0}$ where $F_0$ is the bosonic diagonal subgroup of the product supergroup $\widehat{F}=\widehat{G} ... More
Affine q-deformed symmetry and the classical Yang-Baxter sigma-modelJan 13 2017Mar 13 2017The Yang-Baxter $\sigma$-model is an integrable deformation of the principal chiral model on a Lie group $G$. The deformation breaks the $G \times G$ symmetry to $U(1)^{\textrm{rank}(G)} \times G$. It is known that there exist non-local conserved charges ... More
Minimization of Quantum Circuits using Quantum Operator FormsJan 08 2017In this paper we present a method for minimizing reversible quantum circuits using the Quantum Operator Form (QOF); a new representation of quantum circuit and of quantum-realized reversible circuits based on the CNOT, CV and CV$^\dagger$ quantum gates. ... More
Information Propagation Analysis of Social Network Using the Universality of Random MatrixApr 04 2018Spectral graph theory gives an algebraical approach to analyze the dynamics of a network by using the matrix that represents the network structure. However, it is not easy for social networks to apply the spectral graph theory because the matrix elements ... More
The Rectilinar Three-body Problem using Symbol Sequence II. Role of the periodic orbitsNov 13 2007We study the change of phase space structure of the rectilinear three-body problem when the mass combination is changed. Generally, periodic orbits bifurcate from the stable Schubart periodic orbit and move radially outward. Among these periodic orbits ... More
Building a Completely Reversible ComputerFeb 28 2017A critical analysis of the feasibility of reversible computing is performed. The key question is: Is it possible to build a completely reversible computer? A closer look into the internal aspects of the reversible computing as well as the external constraints ... More
Satellite galaxies in the Illustris-1 simulation: anisotropic locations around relatively isolated hostsNov 12 2018We investigate the locations of luminous satellite galaxies in the z = 0 redshift slice of the hydrodynamical Illustris-1 simulation. As expected from previous studies, the satellites are distributed anisotropically in the plane of the sky, with a preference ... More
Family Unification via Quasi-Nambu-Goldstone Fermions in String TheoryNov 26 2012Some of the supersymmetric nonlinear sigma models on exceptional groups (E7 or E8) are known to yield almost minimal necessary content of matter fields for phenomenological model building, including three chiral families and a Higgs multiplet. We explore ... More
Successive Phase Transitions in Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal SystemsOct 03 2005An axial next-nearest-neighbor XY model is studied as a model of chiral liquid crystals which exhibit many ferro-, ferri- and antiferroelectric tilted smectic phases. Depending on the values of interaction parameters, this model exhibits Ising symmetric ... More
Vortex pairs in a spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensateJan 17 2017Static and dynamic properties of vortices in a two-component Bose-Einstein condensate with Rashba spin-orbit coupling are investigated. The mass current around a vortex core in the plane-wave phase is found to be deformed by the spin-orbit coupling, and ... More
Implications of Four-Top and Top-Pair Studies on Triple-Top ProductionJun 24 2019Multi-top quark production is a staple program at the LHC. Single-top and $t\bar t$ productions are studied extensively, while current efforts are zooming in on four-top search, where the Standard Model (SM) cross section is at ${\cal O}(10)$ fb. In contrast, ... More
Laser-induced phase transitions of topological Kondo insulatorsSep 16 2015In this paper, we theoretically investigate how laser fields change the nature of topological Kondo insulators(TKIs). By employing a prototypical model of TKIs, we treat the effect of the laser fields with Floquet theory, which gives effective description ... More
Note on Anomaly Cancellation on SO(32) heterotic 5-braneOct 08 2010Oct 15 2010We show that the gauge, gravitational (tangent-bundle) and their mixed anomalies arising from the localized modes near a 5-brane in the SO(32) heterotic string theory cancel with the anomaly inflow from the bulk with the use of the Green-Schwarz mechanism ... More
Deep Recurrent Neural Network for Mobile Human Activity Recognition with High ThroughputNov 11 2016In this paper, we propose a method of human activity recognition with high throughput from raw accelerometer data applying a deep recurrent neural network (DRNN), and investigate various architectures and its combination to find the best parameter values. ... More
MeshDepth: Disconnected Mesh-based Deep Depth PredictionMay 03 2019We propose a novel method for mesh-based single-view depth estimation using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). Conventional CNN-based methods are only suitable for representing simple 3D objects because they estimate the deformation from a predefined ... More
On small energy stabilization in the NLKG with a trapping potentialNov 15 2015We consider a nonlinear Klein Gordon equation (NLKG) with short range potential with eigenvalues and show that in the contest of complex valued solutions the small standing waves are attractors for small solutions of the NLKG. This extends the results ... More
Loophole in K --> pi nu nubar Search and New Weak Leptonic ForcesDec 14 2014Apr 26 2015Weakly interacting K --> pi X^0 emission with m_{X^0} \simeq m_{pi^0} is out of sight of the current K^+ --> pi^+ nu nubar study, but it can be sensed by the K_L --> pi^0 nu nubar search. This evades the usual Grossman-Nir bound of B(K_L --> pi^0 nu nubar) ... More
Low- and high-$β$ lasers in Class-A limit: photon statistics, linewidth, and the laser-phase transition analogyApr 03 2019Nanocavity lasers are commonly characterized by the spontaneous coupling coefficient $\beta$ that represents the fraction of photons emitted into the lasing mode. While $\beta$ is conventionally discussed in relation to Class-B lasers where both the photon ... More
Hyper-Kähler with Torsion, T-duality, and Defect (p,q) Five-branesNov 13 2014Mar 25 2015We investigate a five-branes interpretation of hyper-K\"{a}hler geometry with torsion (HKT). This geometry is obtained by conformal transformation of the Taub-NUT space which represents a Kaluza-Klein five-brane. This HKT would represent an NS5-brane ... More
Correlating $B_q^0 \to μ^+μ^-$ and $K_L \to π^0ν\barν$ Decays with Four GenerationsNov 07 2014Oct 28 2015The long-awaited $B_s\to \mu^+\mu^-$ mode has finally been observed at rate consistent with Standard Model, albeit lower by 1.2$\sigma$. There is some hint for New Physics in the rarer $B_d^0 \to \mu^+\mu^-$ decay, especially if the currently 2.2$\sigma$-enhanced ... More
Searching for new scalar bosons via triple-top signature in $cg \to tS^0 \to tt\bar t$Oct 19 2017Jan 15 2018The alignment phenomenon, that the 125 GeV $h^0$ boson so resembles the Standard Model Higgs boson, can be understood in a two Higgs doublet model without discrete symmetry. New Yukawa couplings $\rho_{tt}$ and $\rho_{tc}$ offer new avenues to discover ... More
Measuring the Fourth Generation b --> s Quadrangle at the LHCJul 12 2011Nov 18 2011We show that simultaneous precision measurement of the CP-violating phase in time-dependent Bs --> J/psi phi study and the Bs --> mu+ mu- rate, together with measuring m_t' by direct search at the LHC, would determine V_{t's}^*V_{t'b} and therefore the ... More
Constraining a Lighter Exotic Scalar via Same-sign TopAug 01 2018Oct 03 2018It was shown recently that, in two Higgs doublet models without $Z_2$ symmetry, extra Yukawa couplings such as $\rho_{tc}$, $\rho_{tt}$ can fuel enough $CP$ violation for electroweak baryogenesis (EWBG). We revisit an old proposal where a pseudoscalar ... More
Taub-NUT CrystalJul 18 2011We consider the Gibbons-Hawking metric for a three-dimensional periodic array of multi-Taub-NUT centers, containing not only centers with a positive NUT charge but also ones with a negative NUT charge. The latter are regarded as representing the asymptotic ... More
World-volume Effective Action of Exotic Five-brane in M-theoryJan 21 2016Mar 01 2016We study the world-volume effective action of an exotic five-brane, known as the M-theory 5${}^3$-brane (M5${}^3$-brane) in eleven dimensions. The supermultiplet of the world-volume theory is the $\mathcal{N} = (2, 0)$ tensor multiplet in six dimensions. ... More
World-volume Effective Actions of Exotic Five-branesApr 22 2014Nov 09 2015We construct world-volume effective actions of exotic $5^2_2$-branes in type IIA and IIB string theories. The effective actions are given in fully space-time covariant forms with two Killing vectors associated with background isometries. The effective ... More
Copper Doping of BaNi$_{2}$As$_{2}$: Giant Phonon Softening and Superconductivity EnhancementApr 17 2017The effects of copper doping on the structural and superconducting phase transitions of Ba(Ni$_{1-x}$Cu$_{x}$)$_{2}$As$_{2}$ were studied by examining the resistivity, magnetic susceptibility, and specific heat. We found an abrupt increase in the superconducting ... More
Probing for Extra Top Yukawa Couplings in Light of $t\bar th(125)$ ObservationJun 15 2018Oct 14 2018The observation of $t\bar th(125)$ production at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the first direct measurement of the top Yukawa coupling. It opens the window on an extra top Yukawa coupling, $\rho_{tt}$, from a second Higgs doublet, without a $Z_2$ ... More
Z'-induced FCNC decays of top, beauty and strange quarksDec 30 2015Mar 09 2016Anomalous b --> s transitions from LHCb data may suggest a new massive gauge boson Z' that couples to the left-handed b --> s current, which in turn implies a coupling to the t --> c current. In this paper, we study flavor-changing neutral current (FCNC) ... More
String theories on warped AdS backgrounds and integrable deformations of spin chainsApr 04 2013May 02 2013We study integrable deformations of AdS/CFT by focusing upon three kinds of warped AdS_3 geometries, 1) space-like warped AdS_3, 2) time-like warped AdS_3 and 3) null warped AdS_3. These geometries are embedded into type IIB supergravity solutions and ... More
Supersymmetric Adler Functions and HolographyAug 09 2016We perform several tests on a recent proposal by Shifman and Stepanyantz for an exact expression for the current correlation functions in supersymmetric gauge theories. We clarify the meaning of the relation in superconformal theories. In particular we ... More
Simulation technique of quantum optical emission process from multiple two-level atoms based on classical numerical methodMay 24 2019In this paper, we report a numerical method for analyzing optical radiation from a two-level atom. The proposed method can consistently consider the optical emission and absorption process of an atom, and also the interaction between atoms through their ... More
Unraveling the couplings of a Drell-Yan produced $Z'$ with heavy-flavor taggingJan 08 2018Jul 16 2018Despite no new physics so far at the LHC, a $Z'$ boson with $m_{Z'} \sim 100$ GeV could still emerge via Drell-Yan (DY) production, $q \bar q \to Z' \to \mu^+ \mu^-$, in the next few years. To unravel the nature of the $Z'$ coupling, we utilize the $c$- ... More
Hints for a Low Bs --> mu+ mu- Rate and the Fourth GenerationMar 30 2012With full 2011 LHC data analyzed, there is no indication for deviation from Standard Model (SM) in CP violating phase for Bs --> J/psi phi, nor in the forward-backward asymmetry for B0 --> K*0 mu+ mu-. SM sensitivity, however, has been reached for Bs ... More
Top-Assisted Di-Higgs boson Production Motivated by BaryogenesisJan 01 2019Apr 01 2019We study top-assisted di-Higgs production via $cg \to tH \to thh$, where $h$ is the 125 GeV scalar boson, and $H$ is the $CP$-even heavy Higgs. The context is the two Higgs doublet model without a $Z_2$ symmetry, where the extra Yukawa coupling $\rho_{tc}$ ... More
Moving obstacle potential in a spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein condensateJul 28 2017We investigate the dynamics around an obstacle potential moving in the plane-wave state of a pseudospin-$1/2$ Bose-Einstein condensate with Rashba spin-orbit coupling. We numerically investigate the dynamics of the system and find that it depends not ... More
A generalization of the steepest-edge rule and its number of simplex iterations for a nondegenerate LPMar 14 2018In this paper, we propose a $p$-norm rule, which is a generalization of the steepest-edge rule, as a pivoting rule for the simplex method. For a nondegenerate linear programming problem, we show upper bounds for the number of iterations of the simplex ... More
Generalized quark-antiquark potentials from a $q$-deformed AdS$_5 \times $S$^5$ backgroundFeb 22 2016May 01 2016We study minimal surfaces with a single cusp in a $q$-deformed AdS$_5\times$S$^5$ background. The cusp is composed of two half-lines with an arbitrary angle and is realized on a surface specified in the deformed AdS$_5$. The classical string solutions ... More
A 15.2 TFlops Simulation of Geodynamo on the Earth SimulatorOct 04 2004For realistic geodynamo simulations, one must solve the magnetohydrodynamic equations to follow time development of thermal convection motion of electrically conducting fluid in a rotating spherical shell. We have developed a new geodynamo simulation ... More
Screening Corrections to the Electron Capture Rates in Dense Stars by the Relativistically Degenerate Electron LiquidJul 05 2002Aug 02 2007We calculate the screening corrections to the electron capture rates in dense stars by the relativistically degenerate electron liquid. In order to calculate the screening corrections we adopt the linear response theory which is widely used in the field ... More
Dispersive estimates for quantum walks on 1D latticeAug 17 2018We consider quantum walks with position dependent coin on 1D lattice $\mathbb Z$. The dispersive estimate $\|U^tP_c u_0\|_{l^\infty}\lesssim (1+|t|)^{-1/3} \|u_0\|_{l^1}$ is shown under $l^{1,1}$ perturbation for the generic case and $l^{1,2}$ perturbation ... More
Wannier representation of Floquet topological statesMar 28 2019A universal feature of topological insulators is that they cannot be adiabatically connected to an atomic limit, where individual lattice sites are completely decoupled. This property is intimately related to a topological obstruction to constructing ... More
Ultrafast near infrared photoinduced absorption in a multiferroic single crystal of bismuth ferriteMar 31 2015We studied the ultrafast third-order optical nonlinearity in a single crystal of multiferroic bismuth ferrite (BiFeO3) in the near-infrared range of 0.5-1.0 eV, where the material is fundamentally transparent,at room temperature. With pump pulses at 1.55 ... More