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Journal Name Extraction from Japanese Scientific News ArticlesJun 11 2019In Japanese scientific news articles, although the research results are described clearly, the article's sources tend to be uncited. This makes it difficult for readers to know the details of the research. In this paper, we address the task of extracting ... More
Enhancement of the Transition Magnetic Moments of a Neutrino by Degenerate ElectronsOct 18 1995The one-loop induced magnetic dipole moments of a neutrino are examined in a background of degenerate electrons in the standard model. For the nonrelativistic neutrino, they are enhanced by a factor \( (8\pF/3\mnu) \), where \pF\ is the electron Fermi ... More
Radiative corrections to Higgs coupling constants in two Higgs doublet modelsDec 01 2014A pattern of deviations in the Standard Model (SM) like Higgs boson ($h$) couplings from their SM predictions depends on the structure of the Higgs sector and the Yukawa interaction. In particular, in Two Higgs Doublet Models (THDMs) with a softly-broken ... More
A proposal to first principles electronic structure calculation: Symbolic-Numeric methodSep 23 2012Feb 25 2013This study proposes an approach toward the first principles electronic structure calculation with the aid of symbolic-numeric solving. The symbolic computation enables us to express the Hartree-Fock-Roothaan equation and the molecular integrals in analytic ... More
Fermion Determinant CalculusMar 29 1999Sep 28 2002The path-integral of the fermionic oscillator with a time-dependent frequency is analyzed. We give the exact relation between the boundary condition to define the domain in which the path-integral is performed and the transition amplitude that the path-integral ... More
Chiral phase dependence of fermion partition function in two dimensionJun 14 1993The chiral phase dependence of fermion partition function in spherically symmetric U(1) gauge field background is analyzed in two dimensional space-time. A well-defined method to calculated the path integral which apply to the continuous fermion spectrum ... More
Flavor-Changing Magnetic Dipole Moment and Oscillation of a Neutrino in a Degenerate Electron PlasmaAug 21 1995Aug 23 1995The standard model prediction for a magnetic dipole moment of a neutrino is proportional to the neutrino mass and extremely small. It also generates a flavor-changing process, but the GIM mechanism reduces the corresponding amplitude. These properties ... More
Poincare invariance in temporal gauge canonical quantization and \(θ\)-vacuaFeb 09 1993The Poincare invariance in the temporal gauge canonical quantization of QCD is shown manifestly by verifying the energy-momentum-vector and angular-momentum-tensor satisfy the Poincare algebra in the physical Hilbert space. Two different values of \(\theta\) ... More
Finding Association Rules by Direct Estimation of Likelihood RatiosSep 25 2017In this paper, we propose a cost function that corresponds to the mean square errors between estimated values and true values of conditional probability in a discrete distribution. We then obtain the values that minimize the cost function. This minimization ... More
Confidence Interval of Probability Estimator of Laplace SmoothingSep 25 2017Sometimes, we do not use a maximum likelihood estimator of a probability but it's a smoothed estimator in order to cope with the zero frequency problem. This is often the case when we use the Naive Bayes classifier. Laplace smoothing is a popular choice ... More
Using Conservative Estimation for Conditional Probability instead of Ignoring Infrequent CaseSep 25 2017There are several estimators of conditional probability from observed frequencies of features. In this paper, we propose using the lower limit of confidence interval on posterior distribution determined by the observed frequencies to ascertain conditional ... More
Exponential mixing for generic volume-preserving Anosov flows in dimension threeJan 01 2016Aug 31 2016Let $M$ be a closed $3$-dimensional Riemann manifold and let $3\le r\le \infty$. We prove that there exists an open dense subset in the space of $C^r$ volume-preserving Anosov flows on $M$ such that all the flows in it are exponentially mixing.
Simple security proof of quantum key distribution via uncertainty principleMay 14 2005We present an approach to the unconditional security of quantum key distribution protocols based on the uncertainty principle. The approach applies to every case that has been treated via the argument by Shor and Preskill, and relieve them from the constraints ... More
Unconditional security of coherent-state quantum key distribution with strong phase-reference pulseMar 18 2004We prove the unconditional security of a quantum key distribution protocol in which bit values are encoded in the phase of a weak coherent-state pulse relative to a strong reference pulse. In contrast to implementations in which a weak pulse is used as ... More
Seiberg Duality, 5d SCFTs and Nekrasov Partition FunctionsJan 28 2014It is known that a 4d N = 1 SCFT lives on D3-branes probing a local del Pezzo Calabi-Yau singularity. The Seiberg (or toric) duality of this SCFT arises from the Picard-Lefshetz transformation of the affine E_N 7-brane background that is associated with ... More
Unitary Matrix Models and Phase TransitionMay 16 1997Jul 23 1997We study the unitary matrix model with a topological term. We call the topological term the theta term. In the symmetric model there is the phase transition between the strong and weak coupling regime at $\lambda_{c}=2$. If the Wilson term is bigger than ... More
Structural and magnetic properties in sputtered iron oxide epitaxial thin films -- Magnetite Fe$_3$O$_4$ and epsilon ferrite e-Fe$_2$O$_3$Mar 04 2019Epitaxial thin film fabrication of iron oxides including magnetite Fe3O4 and epsilon-ferrite epsilon-Fe2O3 with the potential for advancing electromagnetic devices has been investigated, which led to the first ever epsilon-ferrite epitaxial layer being ... More
Cosmological solutions for model with a $1/H^{2}$ termNov 07 2006Mar 14 2007We drive the cosmological solutions of five-dimensional model with $1/H^{2}$ term $(H^{2}\equiv H_{MNPQ}H^{MNPQ})$, where $H_{MNPQ}$ is 4-form field strength. The behaviors of the scale factors and the scalar potential in effective theory are examined.As ... More
Constructing families of elliptic curves with prescribed mod 3 representation via Hessian and Cayleyan curvesDec 29 2011Sep 18 2012For a given elliptic curve $E_0$ defined over a number field $k$, we construct two families of elliptic curves whose mod 3 representations are isomorphic to that of $E_0$. The isomorphisms in the first family are symplectic, and those in the second family ... More
Global well-posedness of complex Ginzburg-Landau equation with a space-time white noiseApr 14 2017We show the global-in-time well-posedness of the complex Ginzburg-Landau (CGL) equation with a space-time white noise on the 3-dimensional torus. Our method is based on [14], where Mourrat and Weber showed the global well-posedness for the dynamical $\Phi_3^4$ ... More
Paracontrolled calculus and Funaki-Quastel approximation for the KPZ equationMay 09 2016Feb 26 2017In this paper, we consider the approximating KPZ equation introduced by Funaki and Quastel [2], which is suitable for studying invariant measures. They showed that the stationary solution of the approximating equation converges to the Cole-Hopf solution ... More
Quasi-compactness of transfer operators for contact Anosov flowsJun 04 2008Apr 08 2010For any $C^r$ contact Anosov flow with $r\ge 3$, we construct a scale of Hilbert spaces, which are embedded in the space of distributions on the phase space and contain all $C^r$ functions, such that the transfer operators for the flow extend to them ... More
A directed graph structure of alternating sign matricesMar 20 2019We introduce a new directed graph structure into the set of alternating sign matrices. This includes Bruhat graph (Bruhat order) of the symmetric groups as a subgraph (subposet). Drake-Gerrish-Skandera (2004, 2006) gave characterizations of Bruhat order ... More
Pseudo Evolution of Galaxy-Cluster Masses and Its Impact on Mass Density ProfileMay 20 2019A mass of galaxy cluster is commonly defined by a spherical over-density (SO) mass with respect to a reference density, whereas the time evolution of SO mass can be affected by redshift evolution of the reference density, as well as physical mass accretion ... More
Solutions in the generalized Proca theory with the nonminimal coupling to the Einstein tensorJul 21 2016Oct 10 2016We investigate the static and spherically-symmetric solutions in a class of the generalized Proca theory with the nonminimal coupling to the Einstein tensor. First, we show that the solutions in the scalar-tensor theory with the nonminimal derivative ... More
Superrigidity from Chevalley groups into acylindrically hyperbolic groups via quasi-cocyclesFeb 12 2015Dec 08 2015We prove that every homomorphism from the elementary Chevalley group over a finitely generated unital commutative ring associated with reduced irreducible classical root system of rank at least 2, and ME analogues of such groups, into acylindrically hyperbolic ... More
de Sitter Thin Brane ModelAug 26 2015Jul 28 2016We discuss the large mass hierarchy problem in a braneworld model which represents our acceleratively expanding universe. The Randall-Sundrum (RS) model with warped one extra dimension added to flat 4-dimensional space-time cannot describe our expanding ... More
Characteristic Matrices and Trellis Reduction for Tail-Biting Convolutional CodesMay 11 2017May 23 2017Basic properties of a characteristic matrix for a tail-biting convolutional code are investigated. A tail-biting convolutional code can be regarded as a linear block code. Since the corresponding scalar generator matrix Gt has a kind of cyclic structure, ... More
Warped Geometry in Higher Dimensions with an Orbifold Extra DimensionMay 19 2001Oct 24 2001We solve the Einstein equations in higher dimensions with warped geometry where an extra dimension is assumed to have orbifold symmetry $S^{1}/Z_{2}$. The setup considered here is an extension of the five-dimensional Randall-Sundrum model to $5+D$ dimensions, ... More
Anisotropic Evolution Driven by Kinetic TermMar 30 2009Apr 26 2009We present a simple model where anisotropic evolution is driven by kinetic term in extra dimensions. By introducing a canonical or a ghost kinetic term, the possibility of anisotropy is studied.
Newton's law in braneworlds with an infinite extra dimensionDec 23 2001Apr 01 2002We study the behavior of the four$-$dimensional Newton's law in warped braneworlds. The setup considered here is a $(3+n)$-brane embedded in $(5+n)$ dimensions, where $n$ extra dimensions are compactified and a dimension is infinite. We show that the ... More
Bruhat order and graph structures of lower intervals in Coxeter groupsDec 15 2018We show that any lower Bruhat interval in a Coxeter group is a disjoint union of certain two-sided cosets as a consequence of Lifting Property and Subword Property. Furthermore, we describe these details in terms of Bruhat graphs, graded posets, and two-sided ... More
Inequalities on Bruhat graphs, R- and Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomialsNov 19 2012From a combinatorial perspective, we establish three inequalities on coefficients of $R$- and Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials for crystallographic Coxeter groups: (1) Nonnegativity of $(q-1)$-coefficients of $R$-polynomials, (2) a new criterion of rational ... More
Non-Linear Estimation of Convolutionally Encoded SequencesJun 06 2019Suppose that a convolutionally encoded sequence is transmitted symbol by symbol over an AWGN channel using BPSK modulation. In this case, pairs of the signal (i.e., code symbol) and observation are not jointly Gaussian and therefore, a linear estimation ... More
Weighted counting of inversions on alternating sign matricesApr 03 2019Apr 11 2019We extend the author's formula (2011) of weighted counting of inversions on permutations to the one on alternating sign matrices. The proof is based on the sequential construction of alternating sign matrices from the unit matrix recently shown by Brualdi-Schroeder ... More
Contact Anosov flows and the FBI transformOct 03 2010Jun 22 2011This paper is about spectral properties of transfer operators for contact Anosov flows. The main result gives the essential spectral radius of the transfer operators acting on the so-called anisotropic Sobolev space exactly in terms of dynamical exponents. ... More
KPZ Equation and Surface Growth ModelDec 04 1998We consider the ultra-discrete Burgers equation. All variables of the equation are discrete. We classify the equation into five regions in the parameter space. We discuss behavior of solutions. Using this equation we construct the deterministic surface ... More
The Davey Stewartson system and the Bäcklund TransformationsApr 09 1998Apr 14 1998We consider the (coupled) Davey-Stewartson (DS) system and its B\"{a}cklund transformations (BT). Relations among the DS system, the double Kadomtsev-Petviashvili (KP) system and the Ablowitz-Ladik hierarchy (ALH) are established. The DS hierarchy and ... More
Exponential mixing for generic volume-preserving Anosov flows in dimension threeJan 01 2016Oct 25 2016Let $M$ be a closed $3$-dimensional Riemann manifold and let $3\le r\le \infty$. We prove that there exists an open dense subset in the space of $C^r$ volume-preserving Anosov flows on $M$ such that all the flows in it are exponentially mixing.
Lambert W function and hanging chain revisitedSep 19 2018Jan 18 2019In classical physics, calculating the slack of a hanging chain is a problem that has attracted interest. This study aims to solve this problem through experiment and theory. When the length and distance of both the ends of a hanging chain are given, the ... More
Cosmological constant and curved 5D geometryJun 17 2002We study the value of cosmological constant in de Sitter brane embedded in five dimensions with positive, vanishing and negative bulk cosmological constant. In the case of negative bulk cosmological constant, we show that not zero but tiny four-dimensional ... More
The $μ$-Problem and Seesaw-type Mechanism in the Higgs SectorNov 01 2000Aug 08 2001We explore a new solution to the $\mu$-problem. In the scenario of SUSY-breaking mediation through anti-generation fields, we find that the $B\mu$ term has its origin in a seesaw-type mechanism as well as in a loop diagram through gauge interactions. ... More
Physical measures for partially hyperbolic surface endomorphismsJan 22 2003Dec 20 2003We consider dynamical systems generated by partially hyperbolic surface endomorphisms of class C^r with one-dimensional strongly unstable subbundle. As the main result, we prove that such a dynamical system generically admits finitely many ergodic physical ... More
A conservative semi-Lagrangian method for oscillation-free computation of advection processesOct 10 2001Nov 20 2001The semi-Lagrangian method using the hybrid-cubic-rational interpolation function [M. Ida, Comput. Fluid Dyn. J. 10 (2001) 159] is modified to a conservative method by incorporating the concept discussed in [R. Tanaka et al., Comput. Phys. Commun. 126 ... More
Enumeration of bigrassmannian permutations below a permutation in Bruhat orderMay 18 2010In theory of Coxeter groups, bigrassmannian elements are well known as elements which have precisely one left descent and precisely one right descent. In this article, we prove formulas on enumeration of bigrassmannian permutations weakly below a permutation ... More
Similarity and Kirillov-Schilling-Shimozono bijectionApr 10 2015The behavior of the Kirillov-Schilling-Shimozono bijection is examined under the similarity map on Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystals. It enables us to define this bijection over $\mathbb{Q}$. Conjectures on the extension to $\mathbb{R}$ is also presented. ... More
Decay of correlations in suspension semi-flows of angle-multiplying mapsNov 14 2005Apr 25 2007We consider suspension semi-flows of angle-multiplying maps on the circle. Under a $C^r$generic condition on the ceiling function, we show that there exists an anisotropic Sobolev space contained in the $L^2$ space such that the Perron-Frobenius operator ... More
Hungry Volterra equation, multi boson KP hierarchy and Two Matrix ModelsJul 01 1998We consider the hungry Volterra hierarchy from the view point of the multi boson KP hierarchy. We construct the hungry Volterra equation as the B\"{a}cklund transformations (BT) which are not the ordinary ones. We call them ``fractional '' BT. We also ... More
Coupled Nonlinear Schrödinger equation and Toda equation (the Root of Integrability)Jan 31 1997Apr 11 1997We consider the relation between the discrete coupled nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation and Toda equation. Introducing complex times we can show the intergability of the discrete coupled nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation. In the same way we can show ... More
Complementarity, distillable secret key, and distillable entanglementApr 27 2007We consider controllability of two conjugate observables Z and X by two parties with classical communication. The ability is specified by two alternative tasks, (i) agreement on Z and (ii) preparation of an eigenstate of X with use of an extra communication ... More
Security of quantum key distribution with discrete rotational symmetryJul 16 2005We prove the unconditional security of quantum key distribution protocols using attenuated laser pulses with M different linear polarizations. When M=4, the proof covers the so-called SARG04 protocol [V.~Scarani et al., Phys. Rev.\ Lett. {\bf 92}, 057901 ... More
Statistical connection of peak counts to power spectrum and moments in weak lensing fieldOct 04 2016The number density of local maxima of weak lensing field, referred to as weak-lensing peak counts, can be used as a cosmological probe. However, its relevant cosmological information is still unclear. We study the relationship between the peak counts ... More
Scalar potential from de Sitter brane in 5D and effective cosmological constantNov 02 2003Jun 01 2004We derive the scalar potential in zero mode effective action arising from a de Sitter brane embedded in five dimensions with bulk cosmological constant $\Lambda$. The scalar potential for a scalar field canonically normalized is given by the sum of exponential ... More
On the solutions to accelerating cosmologiesMay 15 2003Jul 22 2003Motivated by recent accelerating cosmological model, we derive the solutions to vacuum Einstein equation in $(d+1)$-dimensional Minkowski space with $n$-dimensional hyperbolic manifold. The conditions of accelerating expansion are given in such a set ... More
Casimir Energies due to Matter Fields in $T^{2}$ and $T^{2}/Z_{2}$ CompactificationsJan 20 2003Jun 18 2003We calculate the Casimir energies due to matter fields with various boundary conditions along two compact directions in $T^{2}$ compactification. We discuss whether the Casimir energies generate attractive or repulsive forces. On the theories with extra ... More
Five-Dimensional Warped Geometry with a Bulk Scalar FieldSep 05 2001Dec 05 2001We explore the diversity of warped metric function in five-dimensional gravity including a scalar field and a 3-brane. We point out that the form of the function is determined by a parameter introduced here. For a particular value of the parameter, the ... More
Invitation to higher local fields, Part I, section 9: Exponential maps and explicit formulasDec 18 2000An exponential homomorphism for a complete discrete valuation field of characteristic zero which relates differential forms and the Milnor K-groups of the field is studied. An application to explicit formulas is included.
Simplicity and similarity of Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystalsDec 03 2012We show that the Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystal B^{r,s} for nonexceptional affine types is simple and have the similarity property. As a corollary of the first fact we can derive that the tensor product of KR crystals is connected. Variations of the second ... More
Exponential mixing for generic volume-preserving Anosov flows in dimension threeJan 01 2016Sep 02 2017Let $M$ be a closed $3$-dimensional Riemann manifold and let $3\le r\le \infty$. We prove that there exists an open dense subset in the space of $C^r$ volume-preserving Anosov flows on $M$ such that all the flows in it are exponentially mixing.
KPZ equation with fractional derivatives of white noiseFeb 15 2016In this paper, we consider the KPZ equation driven by space-time white noise replaced with its fractional derivatives of order $\gamma>0$ in spatial variable. A well-posedness theory for the KPZ equation is established by Hairer [3] as an application ... More
Commutator estimates from a viewpoint of regularity structuresMar 02 2019First we introduce the Bailleul-Hoshino's result [4], which links the theory of regularity structures and the paracontrolled calculus. As an application of their result, we give another algebraic proof of the multicomponent commutator estimate [3], which ... More
The error term of the prime orbit theorem for expanding semiflowsFeb 02 2015May 18 2015We consider suspension semiflows of an angle multiplying map on the circle and study the distributions of periods of their periodic orbits. Under generic conditions on the roof function, we give an asymptotic formula on the number $\pi(T)$ of prime periodic ... More
Efficient quantum key distribution with practical sources and detectorsSep 23 2006We consider the security of a system of quantum key distribution (QKD) using only practical devices. Currently, attenuated laser pulses are widely used and considered to be the most practical light source. For the receiver of photons, threshold (or on/off) ... More
Unitary Matrix Models with a topological term and discrete time Toda equationNov 22 1996We study the full unitary matrix models. Introducing a new term $l log U$, l plays the role of the discrete time. On the other hand, the full unitary matrix model contains a topological term. In the continuous limit it gives rise to a phase transition ... More
Five-Dimensional Gauge Theories and Whitham-Toda EquationApr 11 1997Jun 17 1997The five-dimensional supersymmetric SU(N) gauge theory is studied in the framework of the relativistic Toda chain. This equation can be embedded in two-dimensional Toda lattice hierarchy. This system has the conjugate structure. This conjugate structure ... More
Unitary Matrix Models and Painlevé IIISep 27 1996Nov 14 1996We discussed the full unitary matrix models from the view points of integrable equations and string equations. Coupling the Toda equations and the string equations, we derive a special case of the Painlev\'{e} III equation. From the Virasoro constrains, ... More
On Quasi-homomorphisms and Commutators in the Special Linear Group over a Euclidean RingNov 06 2009Feb 16 2010We prove that for any euclidean ring R and n at least 6, Gamma=SL_n(R) has no unbounded quasi-homomorphisms. From Bavard's duality theorem, this means that the stable commutator length vanishes on Gamma. The result is particularly interesting for R = ... More
Invitation to higher local fields, Part I, section 12: Two types of complete discrete valuation fieldsDec 18 2000This work sketches the author classification of complete discrete valuation fields K of characteristic 0 with residue field of characteristic p into two classes depending on the behaviour of the torsion part of a differential module. For each of these ... More
Holographic dark energy model with non-minimal couplingMay 31 2004Aug 02 2005We find that holographic dark energy model with non-minimally coupled scalar field gives rise to an accelerating universe by choosing Hubble scale as IR cutoff. We show viable range of a non-minimal coupling parameter in the framework of this model.
Correction terms to Newton law due to induced gravity in AdS backgroundNov 27 2002Jan 12 2003We calculate small correction terms to gravitational potential on Randall-Sundrum brane with an induced Einstein term. The behaviors of the correction terms depend on the magnitudes of $AdS$ radius $k^{-1}$ and a characteristic length scale $\l$ of model. ... More
Localized gravity on de Sitter brane in five dimensionsApr 14 2002Oct 25 2003We consider a single brane embedded in five dimensions with vanishing and positive bulk cosmological constant. In this setup, the existence of $dS_{4}$ brane is allowed. We explore the gravitational fluctuations on the brane, and we point out that the ... More
Linearized gravity in flat braneworlds with anisotropic brane tensionFeb 25 2002Oct 29 2002We study the four-dimensional gravitational fluctuation on anisotropic brane tension embedded in braneworlds with vanishing bulk cosmological constant. In this setup, warp factors have two types (A and B) and we point out that the two types correspond ... More
Various Types of Five-Dimensional Warp Factor and Effective Planck ScaleSep 19 2001Nov 10 2001Based on the assumption that the warp factor of four-dimensional spacetime and the one of fifth dimension are tied through a parameter $\alpha$, we consider five-dimensional gravity with a 3-brane coupled to a bulk scalar field. For arbitrary value of ... More
Fixed point property for universal lattice on Schatten classesOct 21 2010Jun 07 2011The special linear group G=SL_n(Z[x1,...,xk]) (n at least 3 and k finite) is called the universal lattice. Let n be at least 4, p be any real number in (1,\infty). The main result is the following: any finite index subgroup of G has the fixed point property ... More
Hybrid-Cubic-Rational Semi-Lagrangian Method with the Optimal MixingJul 04 2001A semi-Lagrangian method for advection equation with hybrid cubic-rational interpolation is introduced. In the present method, the spatial profile of physical quantities is interpolated with a combination of a cubic and a rational function. For achieving ... More
On the Fourier transforms of self-similar measuresDec 07 2012Apr 01 2013For the Fourier transform $\mathcal{F}\mu$ of a general (non-trivial) self-similar measure $\mu$ on the real line $\mathbb{R}$, we prove a large deviation estimate \[ \lim_{c\to +0} \varlimsup_{t\to \infty}\frac{1}{t}\log (\mathrm{Leb}\{x\in [-e^t, e^t]\mid ... More
On cohomological theory of dynamical zeta functionsMay 30 2018We discuss about the conjectural cohomological theory of dynamical zeta functions in the case of general Anosov flows. Our aim is to provide a functional-analytic framework that enables us to justify the basic part of the theory rigorously. We show that ... More
Diversity in Free Energy Landscape of Proteins with the Same Native TopologyDec 09 2005Dec 28 2005In order to elucidate the role of the native state topology and the stability of subdomains in protein folding, we investigate free energy landscape of human lysozyme, which is composed of two subdomains, by Monte Carlo simulations. A realistic lattice ... More
Thermodynamics of aggregation of two proteinsMar 20 2006Apr 11 2006We investigate aggregation mechanism of two proteins in a thermodynamically unambiguous manner by considering the finite size effect of free energy landscape of HP lattice protein model. Multi-Self-Overlap-Ensemble Monte Carlo method is used for numerical ... More
Polymer drift in a solvent by force acting on one polymer endOct 09 2007We investigate the effect of hydrodynamic interactions on the non-equilibrium drift dynamics of an ideal flexible polymer pulled by a constant force applied at one end of the polymer using the perturbation theory and the renormalization group method. ... More
Relativistic Flows After Shock EmergenceNov 29 2006We investigate relativistic flows after a shock wave generated in a star arrives at the surface. First, the sphericity effect is involved through a successive approximation procedure by adding correction terms to an already known self-similar solution ... More
Low energy states of a semiflexible polymer chain with attraction and the whip-toroid transitionsDec 05 2005Jul 25 2006Based on our previous paper [cond-mat/0507477], we establish a general model for the whip-toroid transitions of a semiflexible homopolymer chain using the path integral method and the O(3) nonlinear sigma model on a line segment with the local inextensibility ... More
Explicit Estimation of Error Constants Appearing in Non-conforming Linear Triangular Finite ElementMay 27 2018Jun 15 2018The non-conforming linear ($P_1$) triangular FEM can be viewed as a kind of the discontinuous Galerkin method, and is attractive in both theoretical and practical senses. Since various error constants must be quantitatively evaluated for its accurate ... More
Multicanonical simulation of the Domb-Joyce model and the Go model: new enumeration methods for self-avoiding walksDec 10 2012May 06 2013We develop statistical enumeration methods for self-avoiding walks using a powerful sampling technique called the multicanonical Monte Carlo method. Using these methods, we estimate the numbers of the two dimensional N-step self-avoiding walks up to N=256 ... More
Approximate Alignment in Two Higgs Doublet Model with Extra Yukawa CouplingsJun 23 2017Aug 02 2018With discovery of the 125 GeV boson $h^0$, the existence of a second doublet is very plausible. We show that the "alignment" phenomenon, that $h^0$ is found to resemble closely the Standard Model Higgs boson, may correspond to Higgs quartic couplings ... More
Mean-field study of charge order with long periodicity in $θ$-(BEDT-TTF)$_2$XOct 18 2005Oct 21 2005Charge ordering phenomenon in $\theta$-(BEDT-TTF)$_2$X is studied by using 1/4-filled extended Hubbard model on an anisotropic triangular lattice through mean-field approximation. It is found that a metallic charge ordered state with 3-periodicity on ... More
Muon-Electron Conversion in a Family Gauge Boson ModelAug 04 2016We study the $\mu$-$e$ conversion in muonic atoms via an exchange of family gauge boson (FGB) $A_{2}^{\ 1}$ in a $U(3)$ FGB model. Within the class of FGB model, we consider three types of family-number assignments for quarks. We evaluate the $\mu$-$e$ ... More
Dielectric response of the interacting 1D spinless fermions with disorderNov 10 2003Dielectric responces of the one-dimentional electron system is investigated numerically. We treat an interacting one-dimentional spinless fermion model with disorder by using the Density Matrix Renormalization Group(DMRG) method which is extended for ... More
Matrix product formula for $U_q(A^{(1)}_2)$-zero range processAug 09 2016Oct 09 2016The $U_q(A^{(1)}_n)$-zero range processes introduced recently by Mangazeev, Maruyama and the authors are integrable discrete and continuous time Markov processes associated with the stochastic $R$ matrix derived from the well-known $U_q(A_n^{(1)})$ quantum ... More
Teleportation cost and hybrid compression of quantum signalsMar 31 2001The amount of entanglement necessary to teleport quantum states drawn from general ensemble $\{p_i,\rho_i\}$ is derived. The case of perfect transmission of individual states and that of asymptotically faithful transmission are discussed. Using the latter ... More
Compressibility of Mixed-State SignalsMar 22 2001We present a formula that determines the optimal number of qubits per message that allows asymptotically faithful compression of the quantum information carried by an ensemble of mixed states. The set of mixed states determines a decomposition of the ... More
What is Possible Without Disturbing Partially Known Quantum States?Jan 31 2001Jan 17 2002Consider a situation in which a quantum system is secretly prepared in a state chosen from the known set of states. We present a principle that gives a definite distinction between the operations that preserve the states of the system and those that disturb ... More
Information cascade, Kirman's ant colony model, and kinetic Ising modelJan 17 2014Oct 07 2014In this paper, we discuss a voting model in which voters can obtain information from a finite number of previous voters. There exist three groups of voters: (i) digital herders and independent voters, (ii) analog herders and independent voters, and (iii) ... More
Phase transition and information cascade in a voting modelJul 28 2009Jun 24 2010We introduce a voting model that is similar to a Keynesian beauty contest and analyze it from a mathematical point of view. There are two types of voters-copycat and independent-and two candidates. Our voting model is a binomial distribution (independent ... More
A way to crosscheck $μ$-$e$ conversion in the case of no signals of $μ\to e γ$ and $μ\to 3e$Sep 05 2014We consider the case that $\mu$-$e$ conversion signal is discovered but other charged lepton flavor violating (cLFV) processes will never be found. In such a case, we need other approaches to confirm the $\mu$-$e$ conversion and its underlying physics ... More
Scalarized black holes in the presence of the coupling to Gauss-Bonnet gravityDec 09 2018Feb 12 2019In this paper, we study static and spherically symmetric black hole (BH) solutions in the scalar-tensor theories with the coupling of the scalar field to the Gauss-Bonnet (GB) term $\xi (\phi) R_{\rm GB}$, where $R_{\rm GB}:=R^2-4R^{\alpha\beta}R_{\alpha\beta}+R^{\alpha\beta\mu\nu}R_{\alpha\beta\mu\nu}$ ... More
Elliptic K3 surfaces associated with the product of two elliptic curves: Mordell-Weil lattices and their fields of definitionSep 10 2014Jul 08 2016To a pair of elliptic curves, one can naturally attach two K3 surfaces: the Kummer surface of their product and a double cover of it, called the Inose surface. They have prominently featured in many interesting constructions in algebraic geometry and ... More
Group approximation in Cayley topology and coarse geometry, Part I: Coarse embeddings of amenable groupsOct 17 2013Objective of this series is to study metric geometric properties of coarse disjoint union of Cayley graphs. We employ the Cayley topology and observe connection between large scale structure of metric spaces and group properties of Cayley limit points. ... More
Phase transition in the Bayesian estimation of the default portfolioFeb 11 2019The probability of default (PD) estimation is an important process for financial institutions. The difficulty of the estimation depends on the correlations between borrowers. In this paper, we introduce a hierarchical Bayesian estimation method using ... More