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The peculiar shapes of Saturn's small inner moons as evidence of mergers of similar-sized moonletsMay 22 2018The Cassini spacecraft revealed the spectacular, highly irregular shapes of the small inner moons of Saturn, ranging from the unique "ravioli-like" forms of Pan and Atlas to the highly elongated structure of Prometheus. Closest to Saturn, these bodies ... More
The chemical connection between 67P/C-G and IRAS 16293-2422Feb 08 2018The chemical evolution of a star- and planet-forming system begins in the prestellar phase and proceeds across the subsequent evolutionary phases. The chemical trail from cores to protoplanetary disks to planetary embryos can be studied by comparing distant ... More
On Kinetic Delaunay Triangulations: A Near Quadratic Bound for Unit Speed MotionsDec 08 2013Let $P$ be a collection of $n$ points in the plane, each moving along some straight line at unit speed. We obtain an almost tight upper bound of $O(n^{2+\epsilon})$, for any $\epsilon>0$, on the maximum number of discrete changes that the Delaunay triangulation ... More
The Vertical Slice Transform in Spherical TomographyJul 20 2018The vertical slice transform takes a function on the n-dimensional unit sphere to integrals of that function over spherical slices parallel to the last coordinate axis. This transform arises in thermoacoustic tomography. We obtain new inversion formulas ... More
Comparison of volumes of convex bodies in real, complex, and quaternionic spacesDec 06 2008Mar 30 2009The classical Busemann-Petty problem (1956) asks, whether origin-symmetric convex bodies in $\mathbb {R}^n$ with smaller hyperplane central sections necessarily have smaller volumes. It is known, that the answer is affirmative if $n\le 4$ and negative ... More
The generalized Busemann-Petty problem with weightsMay 30 2005The generalized Busemann-Petty problem asks whether origin-symmetric convex bodies with lower-dimensional smaller sections necessarily have smaller volume. We study the weighted version of this problem corresponding to the physical situation when bodies ... More
Controlling Selmer groups in the higher core rank caseDec 14 2013We define Kolyvagin systems and Stark systems attached to $p$-adic representations in the case of arbitrary `core rank' (the core rank is a measure of the generic Selmer rank in a family of Selmer groups). Previous work dealt only with the case of core ... More
A classification of CO spaces which are continuous images of compact ordered spacesJun 12 2007A compact Hausdorff space X is called a CO space, if every closed subset of X is homeomorphic to an open subset of X. Every successor ordinal with its order topology is a CO space. We find an explicit characterization of the class K of CO spaces which ... More
Explanation, Evolution and Subjective Probability in Everett Quantum Mechanics with Positive PreclusionDec 21 2009Mar 28 2010The usual interpretational rule of quantum mechanics which states that outcomes do not occur when their weights are zero is changed so as to preclude outcomes with weights less than a small but positive value. With this "positive preclusion" rule, and ... More
Observers and Locality in Everett Quantum Field TheorySep 14 2009Feb 23 2011A model for measurement in collapse-free nonrelativistic fermionic quantum field theory is presented. In addition to local propagation and effectively-local interactions, the model incorporates explicit representations of localized observers, thus extending ... More
Selmer companion curvesMar 03 2012Aug 18 2012We say that two elliptic curves E_1, E_2 over a number field K are n-Selmer companions for a positive integer n if for every quadratic character \chi of K, there is an isomorphism between the n-Selmer groups Sel_n(E_1^\chi/K) and Sel_n(E_2^\chi/K) of ... More
Sufficient Conditions for Graphicality of Bidegree SequencesNov 07 2015Oct 21 2016There are a variety of existing conditions for a degree sequence to be graphic. When a degree sequence satisfies any of these conditions, there exists a graph that realizes the sequence. We formulate several novel sufficient graphicality criteria that ... More
CT-To-MR Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks for Ischemic Stroke Lesion SegmentationApr 30 2019Infarcted brain tissue resulting from acute stroke readily shows up as hyperintense regions within diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DWI). It has also been proposed that computed tomography perfusion (CTP) could alternatively be used to triage ... More
Seasonal changes of the volatile density in the coma and on the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-GerasimenkoApr 12 2017Starting from several monthly data sets of Rosetta's COmetary Pressure Sensor we reconstruct the gas density in the coma around comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The underlying inverse gas model is constructed by fitting ten thousands of measurements to ... More
A Cloudy Bag Model for the S-D Wave $\Kbar-N$ SystemAug 02 1993Aug 09 1993The cloudy quark bag model is applied to the coupled ($\Kbar N$, $\Sigma \pi$, $\Lambda \pi$) system for $S-D$ partial waves. Energy--dependent separable potentials are derived, as are new numerical algorithms for solving the coupled Lippmann-Schwinger ... More
Reconstruction theorem for homeomorphism groups without small sets and non-shrinking functions of a normed spaceOct 06 2005We prove a reconstruction theorem for homeomorphism groups of open sets in metrizable locally convex topological vector spaces. We show that certain small subgroups of the full homeomorphism group obey the conditions of the above theorem.
Distinction of Tripartite Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger and W States Entangled in Time (or Energy) and SpaceMar 13 2009In tripartite discrete systems, two classes of genuine tripartite entanglement have been discovered, namely, the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) class and the W class. To date, much research effort has been concentrated on the polarization entangled ... More
The Theory of Two-Photon Interference in an EIT SystemJun 22 2004Jun 23 2004We examine the possibility of storing and retrieving a single photon using electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT). We consider the theory of a proof of principle two-photon interference experiment, in which an atomic vapor cell is placed in one ... More
Molecular Oxygen in Oort Cloud Comet 1P/HalleyDec 05 2015Recently the ROSINA mass spectrometer suite on board the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft discovered an abundant amount of molecular oxygen, O2, in the coma of Jupiter family comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko of O2/H2O = 3.80+/-0.85%. It could ... More
Surface localization of gas sources on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko based on DFMS/COPS dataApr 18 2018Nov 13 2018We reconstruct the temporal evolution of the source distribution for the four major gas species H2O, CO2, CO, and O2 on the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko during its 2015 apparition. The analysis applies an inverse coma model and fits to data ... More
On the Richter-Thomassen Conjecture about Pairwise Intersecting Closed CurvesDec 20 2014A long standing conjecture of Richter and Thomassen states that the total number of intersection points between any $n$ simple closed Jordan curves in the plane, so that any pair of them intersect and no three curves pass through the same point, is at ... More
Planar Point Sets Determine Many Pairwise Crossing SegmentsApr 18 2019We show that any set of $n$ points in general position in the plane determines $n^{1-o(1)}$ pairwise crossing segments. The best previously known lower bound, $\Omega\left(\sqrt n\right)$, was proved more than 25 years ago by Aronov, Erd\H os, Goddard, ... More
Improving Covariate Balance in 2^K Factorial Designs via RerandomizationNov 06 2015Factorial designs are widely used in agriculture, engineering, and the social sciences to study the causal effects of several factors simultaneously on a response. The objective of such a design is to estimate all factorial effects of interest, which ... More
Inflationary limits on the size of compact extra spaceMar 13 2019We study restrictions imposed on the parameters of the Kaluza-Klein extra space supplied by the standard inflationary models. It is shown that the size of the extra space cannot be larger than $\sim 10^{-27}$cm and the $D$-dimensional Planck mass should ... More
Comparison of one-dimensional and quasi-one-dimensional Hubbard models from the variational two-electron reduced-density-matrix methodApr 21 2014Minimizing the energy of an $N$-electron system as a functional of a two-electron reduced density matrix (2-RDM), constrained by necessary $N$-representability conditions (conditions for the 2-RDM to represent an ensemble $N$-electron quantum system), ... More
Sustained eruptions on Enceladus explained by turbulent dissipation in tiger stripesMay 31 2016Spacecraft observations suggest that the plumes of Saturn's moon Enceladus draw water from a subsurface ocean, but the sustainability of conduits linking ocean and surface is not understood. Observations show sustained (though tidally modulated) fissure ... More
Giant QCD K-factors beyond NLOJun 10 2010Jul 03 2010Hadronic observables in Z+jet events can be subject to large NLO corrections at TeV scales, with K-factors that even reach values of order 50 in some cases. We develop a method, LoopSim, by which approximate NNLO predictions can be obtained for such observables, ... More
The geometry of entanglement witnesses and local detection of entanglementJul 03 2002Let $H^{[ N]}=H^{[ d_{1}]}\otimes ... \otimes H^{[ d_{n}]}$ be a tensor product of Hilbert spaces and let $\tau_{0}$ be the closest separable state in the Hilbert-Schmidt norm to an entangled state $\rho_{0}$. Let $\tilde{\tau}_{0}$ denote the closest ... More
Posterior predictive p-values and the convex orderDec 10 2014Mar 29 2015Posterior predictive p-values are a common approach to Bayesian model-checking. This article analyses their frequency behaviour, that is, their distribution when the parameters and the data are drawn from the prior and the model respectively. We show ... More
Narrow-Band Biphoton Generation near Atomic ResonanceApr 24 2008Generating nonclassical light offers a benchmark tool for the fundamental research and potential applications in quantum optics. Conventionally, it has become a standard technique to produce the nonclassical light through the nonlinear optical processes ... More
Multiscaled wavelet transforms, ridgelet transforms, and Radon transforms on the space of matricesSep 07 2004Let $M$ be the space of real $n\times m$ matrices which can be identified with the Euclidean space $R^{nm}$. We introduce continuous wavelet transforms on $M$ with a multivalued scaling parameter represented by a positive definite symmetric matrix. These ... More
Krypton isotopes and noble gas abundances in the coma of comet 67P/Churyumov-GerasimenkoJul 11 2018The ROSINA mass spectrometer DFMS on board ESA's Rosetta spacecraft detected the major isotopes of the noble gases argon, krypton, and xenon in the coma of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Earlier, it has been shown that xenon exhibits an isotopic composition ... More
Thin shells joining local cosmic string geometriesAug 16 2016In this article we present a theoretical construction of spacetimes with a thin shell that joins two different local cosmic string geometries. We study two types of global manifolds, one representing spacetimes with a standard thin shell and the other ... More
On topological changes in the Delaunay triangulation of moving pointsApr 12 2013Let $P$ be a collection of $n$ points moving along pseudo-algebraic trajectories in the plane. One of the hardest open problems in combinatorial and computational geometry is to obtain a nearly quadratic upper bound, or at least a subcubic bound, on the ... More
On the Funk-Radon-Helgason Inversion Method in Integral GeometryJul 21 2012The paper deals with totally geodesic Radon transforms on constant curvature spaces. We study applicability of the historically the first Funk-Radon-Helgason method of mean value operators to reconstruction of continuous and $L^p$ functions from their ... More
The Lower Dimensional Busemann-Petty Problem for Bodies with the Generalized Axial SymmetryJan 11 2007May 03 2007The lower dimensional Busemann-Petty problem asks, whether n-dimensional centrally symmetric convex bodies with smaller i-dimensional central sections necessarily have smaller volumes. The paper contains a complete solution to the problem when the body ... More
The Radon Transform on the Heisenberg Group and the Transversal Radon TransformOct 13 2009The notion of the Radon transform on the Heisenberg group was introduced by R. Strichartz and inspired by D. Geller and E.M. Stein's related work. The more general transversal Radon transform integrates functions on the m-dimensional real Euclidean space ... More
Spherical Means in Odd Dimensions and EPD equationsNov 13 2007The paper contains a simple proof of the Finch-Patch-Rakesh inversion formula for the spherical mean Radon transform in odd dimensions. This transform arises in thermoacoustic tomography. Applications are given to the Cauchy problem for the Euler-Poisson-Darboux ... More
On the Determination of Star Bodies from Their Half-SectionsSep 07 2016We obtain explicit inversion formulas for the Radon-like transform that assigns to a function on the unit sphere the integrals of that function over hemispheres lying in lower dimensional central cross-sections. The results are applied to determination ... More
Gegenbauer-Chebyshev Integrals and Radon TransformsOct 15 2014Jan 23 2015We suggest new modifications of Helgason's support theorems and descriptions of the kernels for several projectively equivalent transforms of integral geometry. The paper deals with the hyperplane Radon transform and its dual, the totally geodesic transforms ... More
Intersection Bodies and Generalized Cosine TransformsMar 31 2007May 03 2007Intersection bodies represent a remarkable class of geometric objects associated with sections of star bodies and invoking Radon transforms, generalized cosine transforms, and the relevant Fourier analysis. The main focus of this article is interrelation ... More
Reconstruction of functions on the sphere from their integrals over hyperplane sectionsOct 21 2018We obtain new inversion formulas for the Funk type transforms of two kinds associated to spherical sections by hyperplanes passing through a common point $A$ which lies inside the n-dimensional unit sphere or on the sphere itself. Transforms of the first ... More
Generalized cosine transforms and classes of star bodiesFeb 24 2006The spherical Radon transform on the unit sphere can be regarded as a member of the analytic family of suitably normalized generalized cosine transforms. We derive new formulas for these transforms and apply them to study classes of intersections bodies ... More
The Monge-Ampère Equation with Guillemin Boundary ConditionsJan 15 2014Existence and boundary regularity away from the corners are established for two-dimensional Monge-Amp\`{e}re equations on convex polytopes with Guillemin boundary conditions. An important step is to derive an expansion in terms of functions $y^n$ and ... More
Automatic Structures: Richness and LimitationsMar 13 2007Apr 26 2007We study the existence of automatic presentations for various algebraic structures. An automatic presentation of a structure is a description of the universe of the structure by a regular set of words, and the interpretation of the relations by synchronised ... More
Weighted norm estimates for the Semyanistyi fractional integrals and Radon transformsOct 19 2012Semyanistyi's fractional integrals have come to analysis from integral geometry. They take functions on $R^n$ to functions on hyperplanes, commute with rotations, and have a nice behavior with respect to dilations. We obtain sharp inequalities for these ... More
Weighted norm inequalities for k-plane transformsJul 21 2012We obtain sharp inequalities for the k-plane transform, the "j-plane to k-plane" transform, and the corresponding dual transforms, acting on $L^p$ spaces with a radial power weight. The operator norms are explicitly evaluated. Some generalizations and ... More
On the Blaschke-Petkantschin Formula and Drury's IdentityJan 27 2018Nov 22 2018The Blaschke-Petkantschin formula is a variant of the polar decomposition of the $k$-fold Lebesgue measure on $\mathbb {R}^n$ in terms of the corresponding measures on $k$-dimensional linear subspaces of $\mathbb {R}^n$. We suggest a new elementary proof ... More
Norm Estimates for $k$-Plane Transforms and Geometric InequalitiesDec 30 2017The article is devoted to remarkable interrelation between the norm estimates for $k$-plane transforms in weighted and unweighted $L^p$ spaces and geometric integral inequalities for cross-sections of measurable sets in $\mathbb{R}^n$. We also consider ... More
Overdetermined Transforms in Integral GeometryNov 29 2013A simple example of an $n$-dimensional admissible complex of planes is given for the overdetermined $k$-plane transform in $\mathbb{R}^n$. For the corresponding restricted $k$-plane transform sharp existence conditions are obtained and explicit inversion ... More
Zeta integrals and integral geometry in the space of rectangular matricesJun 15 2004The paper is devoted to interrelation between the zeta distribution and the Radon transform on the space of $n \times m$ real matrices. We present a self-contained proof of the Fourier transform formula for this distribution. Our method differs from that ... More
Funk, Cosine, and Sine Transforms on Stiefel and Grassmann manifolds, IIMar 06 2011We investigate analytic continuation of the matrix cosine and sine transforms introduced in Part I and depending on a complex parameter $\a$. It is shown that the cosine transform corresponding to $\a=0$ is a constant multiple of the Funk-Radon transform ... More
Elementary Inversion of Riesz Potentials and Radon-John TransformsJan 26 2011New simple proofs are given to some elementary approximate and explicit inversion formulas for Riesz potentials. The results are applied to reconstruction of functions from their integrals over Euclidean planes in integral geometry.
Non-Global Logarithms in Filtered Jet AlgorithmsFeb 24 2010May 10 2010We analytically and numerically study the effect of perturbative gluons emission on the "Filtering analysis", which is part of a subjet analysis procedure proposed two years ago to possibly identify a low-mass Higgs boson decaying into b\bar{b} at the ... More
Light Higgs searches at the LHC using jet substructureMay 13 2009Jun 26 2009It is widely believed that searching for a light Higgs boson (with a mass around 120 GeV) in the WH and ZH channels, where H decays into $b\bar{b}$, will be very challenging at the LHC. These proceedings describe how this channel can be recovered as a ... More
On elliptic curves with an isogeny of degree 7Jul 27 2010Oct 16 2012We show that if $E$ is an elliptic curve over $\mathbf{Q}$ with a $\mathbf{Q}$-rational isogeny of degree 7, then the image of the 7-adic Galois representation attached to $E$ is as large as allowed by the isogeny, except for the curves with complex multiplication ... More
Normed symmetric monoidal categoriesAug 16 2017Nov 18 2017Let $G$ be a finite group. In this paper, we study $G$-categories equipped with an ordinary symmetric monoidal structure, together with a set of specified norm maps. We give an example and explain how the Hill-Hopkins-Ravenel norm functors arise from ... More
New Inversion Formulas for the Horospherical TransformDec 10 2014The following two inversion methods for Radon-like transforms are widely used in integral geometry and related harmonic analysis. The first method invokes mean value operators in accordance with the classical Funk-Radon-Helgason scheme. The second one ... More
Constraining the Dimensionality of SN Ia Spectral Variation with TwinsMar 25 2019SNe Ia continue to play a key role in cosmological measurements. Their interpretation over a range in redshift requires a rest-frame spectral energy distribution model. For practicality, these models are parameterized with a limited number of parameters ... More
Funk, Cosine, and Sine Transforms on Stiefel and Grassmann manifoldsSep 11 2010The Funk, cosine, and sine transforms on the unit sphere are indispensable tools in integral geometry. They are also known to be interesting objects in harmonic analysis. The aim of the paper is to extend basic facts about these transforms to the more ... More
On the asymptotics of the Aubin-Yau functionalFeb 19 2015We derive an explicit formula for the asymptotic slope of the Aubin-Yau functional along Bergman geodesics. The result gives a way to check directly whether a projective variety is Chow-Mumford stable.
An Improved Bound for Weak Epsilon-Nets in the PlaneAug 08 2018We show that for any finite set $P$ of points in the plane and $\epsilon>0$ there exist $\displaystyle O\left(\frac{1}{\epsilon^{3/2+\gamma}}\right)$ points in ${\mathbb{R}}^2$, for arbitrary small $\gamma>0$, that pierce every convex set $K$ with $|K\cap ... More
Characterizations of equivariant little discs and linear isometries operadsMar 20 2019We study the indexing systems that correspond to equivariant linear isometries operads and infinite little discs operads. When $G$ is a finite abelian group, we prove that a $G$-indexing system is realized by a little discs operad if and only if it is ... More
On the realization problem for $N_\infty$ operadsMay 10 2017We show that every indexing system arises as the admissible sets of a large, but explicit, categorical $N_\infty$ operad. This positively resolves a conjecture of Blumberg and Hill on the classification of $N_\infty$ operads.
A Scalable Machine Learning Approach for Inferring Probabilistic US-LI-RADS CategorizationJun 15 2018We propose a scalable computerized approach for large-scale inference of Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System (LI-RADS) final assessment categories in narrative ultrasound (US) reports. Although our model was trained on reports created using a LI-RADS ... More
Self-Attention Capsule Networks for Image ClassificationApr 29 2019We propose a novel architecture for image classification, called Self-Attention Capsule Networks (SACN). SACN is the first model that incorporates the Self-Attention mechanism as an integral layer within the Capsule Network (CapsNet). While the Self-Attention ... More
Cold electrons at comet 67P/Churyumov-GerasimenkoJun 26 2018The electron temperature of the plasma is one important aspect of the environment. Electrons created by photoionization or impact ionization of atmospheric gas have energies $\sim$10 eV. In an active comet coma, the gas density is high enough for rapid ... More
Evidence for Ubiquitous Collimated Galactic-Scale Outflows along the Star-Forming Sequence at z~0.5Jul 04 2013We present an analysis of the MgII 2796, 2803 and FeII 2586, 2600 absorption line profiles in individual spectra of 105 galaxies at 0.3<z<1.4. The galaxies, drawn from redshift surveys of the GOODS fields and the Extended Groth Strip, fully sample the ... More
Dependence of the superconducting effective mass on doping in cupratesJun 14 2005Using a doping-determined multiband model spectrum of a "typical'' cuprate the effective mass of the paired carriers is calculated on the whole doping scale. Large $m_{ab}$ values quench rapidly with leaving the very underdoped region. Further slower ... More
Two-component scenario and related gaps in cupratesAug 26 2004A simple model of cuprate superconductivity with an electron spectrum prepared by doping is developed. The pair-transfer interaction couples the itinerant band with two components ("hot'' and "cold'') of the defect subsystem. There are basic defect-itinerant ... More
Navigation of Spacetime Ships in Unified Gravitational and Electromagnetic WavesMay 02 2002Oct 07 2004On the basis of a "local" principle of equivalence of general relativity, we consider a navigation in a kind of "4D-ocean" involving measurements of conformally invariant physical properties only. Then, applying the Pfaff theory for PDE to a particular ... More
A Canonical Quantization of the Baker's MapJul 17 1998We present here a canonical quantization for the baker's map. The method we use is quite different from that used in Balazs and Voros (ref. \QCITE{cite}{}{BV}) and Saraceno (ref. \QCITE{cite}{}{S}). We first construct a natural ``baker covering map'' ... More
Quantum Mechanics on a TorusJul 20 1998We present here a canonical description for quantizing classical maps on a torus. We prove theorems analagous to classical theorems on mixing and ergodicity in terms of a quantum Koopman space $ L^2 (A_\hbar},\tau_\hbar) $ obtained as the completion of ... More
Search for CP Violation in the Dalitz-Plot Analysis of D+/- -> K+ K- pi+/-Jul 28 2008Oct 09 2008We report on a search for CP asymmetry in the singly Cabibbo-suppressed decay D+ -> K+ K- pi+ using a data sample of 818 pb-1 accumulated with the CLEO-c detector on the psi(3770) resonance. A Dalitz-plot analysis is used to determine the amplitudes of ... More
Deformed extra space and the smallness of the cosmological constantSep 23 2016The mechanism of different universes formation is elaborated. Each universe is characterized by a unique cosmological constant. It is shown that the set of cosmological constants has the cardinality of the continuum and contains zero cosmological constant. ... More
Diophantine stabilityMar 16 2015May 18 2015If $V$ is an irreducible algebraic variety over a number field $K$, and $L$ is a field containing $K$, we say that $V$ is diophantine-stable for $L/K$ if $V(L) = V(K)$. We prove that if $V$ is either a simple abelian variety, or a curve of genus at least ... More
Is the expansion of the universe accelerating? All signs point to yesOct 27 2016Oct 31 2016The accelerating expansion of the universe is one of the most profound discoveries in modern cosmology, pointing to a universe in which 70% of the mass-energy density has an unknown form spread uniformly across the universe. This result has been well ... More
Causal Inference Through Potential Outcomes and Principal Stratification: Application to Studies with "Censoring" Due to DeathDec 27 2006Causal inference is best understood using potential outcomes. This use is particularly important in more complex settings, that is, observational studies or randomized experiments with complications such as noncompliance. The topic of this lecture, the ... More
New Inversion Formulas for Radon Transforms on Affine GrassmanniansOct 07 2016We obtain new inversion formulas for the Radon transform and the corresponding dual transform acting on affine Grassmann manifolds of planes in $R^n$. The consideration is performed in full generality on continuous functions and functions belonging to ... More
Locally Moving Groups and the Reconstruction Problem for Chains and CirclesOct 06 2005We prove that complete Boolean algebras can be reconstructed from any locally moving subgroup of their full automorphism group. We use this theorem in order to prove that linear orders and circles can be reconstructed from small subgroups of their full ... More
Reconstruction of manifolds and subsets of normed spaces from subgroups of their homeomorphism groupsOct 06 2005We prove various reconstruction theorems about open subsets of normed spaces. E.g. if the uniformly continuous homeomorphism groups of two such sets are isomorphic, then this isomorphism is induced by a uniformly continuous homeomorphism between these ... More
A Quantum Search Algorithm for a Specified Number of TargetsApr 17 2001Nov 10 2001The quantum search algorithm of Chen and Diao, which finds with certainty a single target item in an unsorted database, is modified so as to be capable of searching for an arbitrary specified number of target items. If the number of targets, nu_0, is ... More
Locality in the Everett Interpretation of Heisenberg-Picture Quantum MechanicsMar 14 2001May 10 2001Bell's theorem depends crucially on counterfactual reasoning, and is mistakenly interpreted as ruling out a local explanation for the correlations which can be observed between the results of measurements performed on spatially-separated quantum systems. ... More
Refined class number formulas for $\mathbb{G}_m$Dec 14 2013We formulate a generalization of a `refined class number formula' of Darmon. Our conjecture deals with Stickelberger-type elements formed from generalized Stark units, and has two parts: the `order of vanishing' and the `leading term'. Using the theory ... More
A Hybrid Classical/Quantum Approach for Large-Scale Studies of Quantum Systems with Density Matrix Embedding TheoryOct 21 2016Oct 24 2016Determining ground state energies of quantum systems by hybrid classical/quantum methods has emerged as a promising candidate application for near-term quantum computational resources. Short of large-scale fault-tolerant quantum computers, small-scale ... More
Relativistic Stereometric Coordinates from Relativistic Localizing Systems and the Projective Geometry of the Spacetime ManifoldJul 19 2014Jul 22 2014Relativistic stereometric coordinates supplied by relativistic auto-locating positioning systems made up of four satellites supplemented by a fifth one are defined in addition to the well-known emission and reception coordinates. Such a constellation ... More
The virialization density of peaks with general density profiles under spherical collapseNov 21 2013We calculate the non-linear virialization density, $\Delta_c$, of halos under spherical collapse from peaks with an arbitrary initial and final density profile. This is in contrast to the standard calculation of $\Delta_c$ which assumes top-hat profiles. ... More
Growth of Selmer rank in nonabelian extensions of number fieldsMar 13 2007Sep 12 2007Let p be an odd prime number, E an elliptic curve over a number field k, and F/k a Galois extension of degree twice a power of p. We study the Z_p-corank rk_p(E/F) of the p-power Selmer group of E over F. We obtain lower bounds for rk_p(E/F), generalizing ... More
Software for Distributed Computation on Medical Databases: A Demonstration ProjectDec 22 2014Feb 10 2017Bringing together the information latent in distributed medical databases promises to personalize medical care by enabling reliable, stable modeling of outcomes with rich feature sets (including patient characteristics and treatments received). However, ... More
On the OVI Abundance in the Circumgalactic Medium of Low-Redshift GalaxiesNov 02 2015We analyze the mass, temperature, metal enrichment, and OVI abundance of the circumgalactic medium (CGM) around $z\sim 0.2$ galaxies of mass $10^9 M_\odot <M_\bigstar < 10^{11.5} M_\odot$ in the Illustris simulation. Among star-forming galaxies, the mass, ... More
Null Spaces of Radon TransformsApr 15 2015We obtain new descriptions of the null spaces of several projectively equivalent transforms in integral geometry. The paper deals with the hyperplane Radon transform, the totally geodesic transforms on the sphere and the hyperbolic space, the spherical ... More
The Persistence of Cool Galactic Winds in High Stellar Mass Galaxies Between z~1.4 and ~1Dec 13 2009We present an analysis of the MgII 2796, 2803 and FeII 2586, 2600 absorption line profiles in coadded spectra of 468 galaxies at 0.7 < z < 1.5. The galaxy sample, drawn from the Team Keck Treasury Redshift Survey of the GOODS-N field, has a range in stellar ... More
Modern Regularization Methods for Inverse ProblemsJan 30 2018Regularization methods are a key tool in the solution of inverse problems. They are used to introduce prior knowledge and make the approximation of ill-posed (pseudo-)inverses feasible. In the last two decades interest has shifted from linear towards ... More
Quantum integrable Toda like systemsOct 14 1998Using deformation quantization and suitable 2 by 2 quantum $R$-matrices we show that a list of Toda like classical integrable systems given by Y.B.Suris is quantum integrable in the sense that the classical conserved quantities (which are already in involution ... More
Open-closed modular operads, Cardy condition and string field theoryNov 26 2016We prove that the modular operad of diffeomorphism classes of Riemann surfaces with both `open' and `closed' boundary components, in the sense of string field theory, is the modular completion of its genus 0 part quotiented by the Cardy condition. We ... More
Deviations from He I Case B Recombination Theory and Extinction Corrections in the Orion NebulaOct 20 2006We are engaged in a comprehensive program to find reliable elemental abundances in and to probe the physical structure of the Orion Nebula, the brightest and best-resolved H II region. In the course of developing a robust extinction correction covering ... More
Temperature Variations from HST Spectroscopy of the Orion NebulaDec 10 2002We present HST/STIS long-slit spectroscopy of NGC 1976. Our goal is to measure the intrinsic line ratio [O III] 4364/5008 and thereby evaluate the electron temperature (T_e) and the fractional mean-square T_e variation (t_A^2) across the nebula. We also ... More
A Hybrid Classical/Quantum Approach for Large-Scale Studies of Quantum Systems with Density Matrix Embedding TheoryOct 21 2016Determining ground state energies of quantum systems by hybrid classical/quantum methods has emerged as a promising candidate application for near-term quantum computational resources. Short of large-scale fault-tolerant quantum computers, small-scale ... More
Sufficient Conditions for Graphicality of Bidegree SequencesNov 07 2015There are a variety of existing conditions for a degree sequence to be graphic. When a degree sequence satisfies any of these conditions, there exists a graph that realizes the sequence. We formulate several novel sufficient graphicality criteria that ... More
Interband nodal-region pairing and the antinodal pseudogap in hole doped cupratesJul 13 2009Sep 11 2009Recent experimental findings show that the pairing interaction in hole-doped cuprates resides in the nodal (FS arcs) region accompanied by the separate antinodal pseudogap. A corresponding multiband model of cuprate superconductivity is developed. It ... More