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Dynamics and density evolution in piecewise deterministic growth processesApr 15 2008Jul 09 2008A new sufficient condition is proved for the existence of stochastic semigroups generated by the sum of two unbounded operators. It is applied to one-dimensional piecewise deterministic Markov processes, where we also discuss the existence of a unique ... More
Central Limit Theorems for Non-Invertible Measure Preserving MapsAug 25 2006Apr 15 2008We establish a new functional central limit theorem result for non-invertible measure preserving maps that are not necessarily ergodic, using the Perron-Frobenius operator. We apply the result to asymptotically periodic transformations and give an extensive ... More
Modified Special Relativity (HMSR) -- A new possible way to introduce an isotropic Lorentz Invariance Violation in particle Standard ModelJun 13 2019This work explores a Standard Model (S.M.) extension possibility, that violates Lorentz invariance, preserving the space-time isotropy and homogeneity. In this sense HMSR represents an attempt to introduce an isotropic Lorentz Invariance Violation in ... More
Homogeneously Modified Special Relativity (HMSR) -- A new possible way to introduce an isotropic Lorentz Invariance Violation in particle Standard ModelJun 13 2019Jun 15 2019This work explores a Standard Model (S.M.) extension possibility, that violates Lorentz invariance, preserving the space-time isotropy and homogeneity. In this sense HMSR represents an attempt to introduce an isotropic Lorentz Invariance Violation in ... More
Hitting probabilities for non-linear systems of stochastic wavesMay 14 2012Oct 01 2013We consider a $d$-dimensional random field $u = \{u(t,x)\}$ that solves a non-linear system of stochastic wave equations in spatial dimensions $k \in \{1,2,3\}$, driven by a spatially homogeneous Gaussian noise that is white in time. We mainly consider ... More
Hlder-Sobolev regularity of the solution to the stochastic wave equation in dimension 3Dec 23 2005We study the sample path regularity of the solution of a stochastic wave equation in spatial dimension $d=3$. The driving noise is white in time and with a spatially homogeneous covariance defined as a product of a Riesz kernel and a smooth function. ... More
The combined effects of Feller diffusion and transcriptional/translational bursting in simple gene networksMay 30 2018Jul 18 2018We study a stochastic model of biosynthesis of proteins in generic bacterial operons. The stochasticity arises from two different processes, namely from `bursting' production of either mRNA and/or protein (in the transcription/translation process) and ... More
Isoperimetric problem for exponential measure on the plane with l_1-metricJun 10 2016We give a solution to the isoperimetric problem for the exponential measure on the plane with the $\ell_1$-metric. As it turns out, among all sets of a given measure, the simplex or its complement (i.e. the ball in the $\ell_1$-metric or its complement) ... More
Almost complex connections on almost complex manifolds with Norden metricApr 29 2011A four-parametric family of linear connections preserving the almost complex structure is defined on an almost complex manifold with Norden metric. Necessary and sufficient conditions for these connections to be natural are obtained. A two-parametric ... More
On the penultimate tail behavior of Weibull-type modelsSep 14 2011Sep 26 2011The Gumbel max-domain of attraction corresponds to a null tail index which do not distinguish the different tail weights that might exist between distributions within this class. The Weibull-type distributions form an important subgroup of this latter ... More
On the compactness of finite energy weak solutions to the quantum Navier-Stokes equationsDec 23 2015May 12 2016We consider the Quantum Navier-Stokes system in three space dimensions. We prove compactness of finite energy weak solutions for large initial data. The main novelties are that vacuum regions are included in the weak formulation and no extra terms, like ... More
Global Existence of Finite Energy Weak Solutions of Quantum Navier-Stokes EquationsMay 11 2016Jun 02 2016In this paper we consider the Quantum Navier-Stokes system both in two and in three space dimensions and prove global existence of finite energy weak solutions for large initial data. In particular, the notion of weak solutions is the standard one. This ... More
On dilatation factors of braids on three strandsJul 26 2013In this work we present a natural surjective map from rigid braids in B_3 (in Garside sense) to SL_2(N). This map provides an upper and a lower bound for the dilatation factor of a pseudo-Anosov 3-strand braid. These bounds only depend on the canonical ... More
Complex connections on conformal Kähler manifolds with Norden metricApr 28 2011An eight-parametric family of complex connections on a class complex manifolds with Norden metric is introduced. The form of the curvature tensor with respect to each of these connections is obtained. The conformal group of the considered connections ... More
Inheriting of chaos in nonautonomous dynamical systemsNov 16 2013We consider nonautonomous discrete dynamical systems $\{ f_n\}_{n\ge 1}$, where every $f_n$ is a surjective continuous map $[0,1]\to [0,1]$ such that $f_n$ converges uniformly to a map $f$. We show, among others, that if $f$ is chaotic in the sense of ... More
On rationally connected varieties over $C_1$ fields of characteristic $0$May 06 2019We use birational geometry to show that the existence of rational points on proper rationally connected varieties over fields of characteristic $0$ is a consequence of the existence of rational points on terminal Fano varieties. We discuss several consequences ... More
The minimal resolution conjecture for points on the cubic surfaceNov 06 2006In this paper we prove that the generalized version of the Minimal Resolution Conjecture stated by Mustata holds for certain general sets of points on a smooth cubic surface $X \subset \mathbb{P}^3$. The main tool used is Gorenstein liaison theory and, ... More
Torsion normal generators of the mapping class group of a non-orientable surfaceMar 25 2019We show that the normal closure of any periodic element of the mapping class group of a non-orientable surface whose order is greater than 2 contains the commutator subgroup, which for $g\geq 7$ is equal to the twist subgroup, and provide necessary and ... More
Gonality of complete graphs with a small number of omitted edgesMar 04 2015Feb 22 2016Let $K_d$ be the complete metric graph on $d$ vertices. We compute the gonality of graphs obtained from $K_d$ by omitting edges forming a $K_h$, or general configurations of at most $d-2$ edges. We also investigate if these graphs can be lifted to curves ... More
Lie groups as four-dimensional special complex manifolds with Norden metricApr 28 2011An example of a four-dimensional special complex manifold with Norden metric of constant holomorphic sectional curvature is constructed via a two-parametric family of solvable Lie algebras. The curvature properties of the obtained manifold are studied. ... More
Conjugate connections and statistical structures on almost Norden manifoldsDec 11 2018Relations between conjugate connections with respect to the pair of Norden metrics and to the almost complex structure on almost Norden manifolds are studied. Conjugate connections of the Levi-Civita connections induced by the Norden metrics are obtained. ... More
On Galois descent of complete intersectionsMay 01 2019May 09 2019We introduce a notion of strict complete intersections with respect to Cox rings and we prove Galois descent for this new notion.
Global well-posedness for cubic NLS with nonlinear dampingMay 18 2009Nov 24 2009We study the Cauchy problem for the cubic nonlinear Schroedinger equation, perturbed by (higher order) dissipative nonlinearities. We prove global in-time existence of solutions for general initial data in the energy space. In particular we treat the ... More
On the Finite Energy Weak Solutions to a System in Quantum Fluid DynamicsFeb 06 2008In this paper we consider the global existence of weak solutions to a class of Quantum Hydrodynamics (QHD) systems with initial data, arbitrarily large in the energy norm. These type of models, initially proposed by Madelung, have been extensively used ... More
On the metastable behavior of solutions to a class of parabolic systemsJul 04 2014In this paper we describe the metastable behavior of solutions to a class of parabolic systems. In particular, we improve some results contained in \cite{MS} by using different techniques to describe the slow motion of the internal layers. Numerical simulations ... More
On a Class Almost Contact Manifolds with Norden MetricApr 28 2011Certain curvature properties and scalar invariants of the manifolds belonging to one of the main classes almost contact manifolds with Norden metric are considered. An example illustrating the obtained results is given and studied.
Stochastic sampling of the isothermal-isobaric ensemble: phase diagram of crystalline solids from molecular dynamics simulationJun 28 2018A methodology to sample the isothermal-isobaric ensemble using Langevin dynamics is proposed, which combines novel features of geometric integrators for the equations of motion. By employing the Trotter expansion, the methodology generates a robust, symmetric ... More
A model of synchronization over quantum networksJan 31 2017We investigate a non-Abelian generalization of the Kuramoto model proposed by Lohe and given by $N$ quantum oscillators ("nodes") connected by a quantum network where the wavefunction at each node is distributed over quantum channels to all other connected ... More
Linear Connections on Normal Almost Contact Manifolds with Norden MetricApr 28 2011Families of linear connections are constructed on almost contact manifolds with Norden metric. An analogous connection to the symmetric Yano connection is obtained on a normal almost contact manifold with Norden metric and closed structural 1-form. The ... More
Microglial memory of early life stress, epigenetic mechanisms and susceptibility to neurodegeneration in adulthoodJan 01 2019In this review we present a concept that, despite mounting evidence, received little attention so far: susceptibility to adult neurodegenerative diseases may be programmed in utero and early postnatal preventive measures may reduce the risk. We delineate ... More
Thermodynamics of relativistic multifluidsJun 07 2019The internal layers of neutron stars are expected to contain several superfluid components that can significantly affect their dynamics. The description of such objects should rely on hydrodynamic models in which it is possible to unambiguously assign ... More
Nonequilibrium free energy methods applied to magnetic systems: the degenerate Ising modelSep 07 2018In this paper, we review the physical concepts of the nonequilibrium techniques for the calculation of free energies applied to magnetic systems using Monte Carlo simulations of different nonequilibrium processes. The methodology allows the calculation ... More
The Quantum Hydrodynamics system in two space dimensionsNov 20 2010In this paper we study global existence of weak solutions for the Quantum Hydrodynamics System in 2-D in the space of energy. We do not require any additional regularity and/or smallness assumptions on the initial data. Our approach replaces the WKB formalism ... More
From MAGIC to CTA: the INAF participation to Cherenkov Telescopes experiments for Very High Energy AstrophysicsJun 26 2008The next decade can be considered the "golden age" of the Gamma Ray Astronomy with the two satellites for Gamma Ray Astronomy (AGILE and GLAST) in orbit. Therefore, thanks to many other X-ray experiments already in orbit (e.g. Swift, Chandra, NewtonXMM, ... More
Tracking Employment Shocks Using Mobile Phone DataMay 26 2015Can data from mobile phones be used to observe economic shocks and their consequences at multiple scales? Here we present novel methods to detect mass layoffs, identify individuals affected by them, and predict changes in aggregate unemployment rates ... More
Thermodynamics of uncharged relativistic multifluidsJun 07 2019Jun 17 2019The internal layers of neutron stars are expected to contain several superfluid components that can significantly affect their dynamics. The description of such objects should rely on hydrodynamic models in which it is possible to unambiguously assign ... More
Existence of solitary waves in dipolar quantum gasesOct 28 2009Oct 19 2010We study a nonlinear Schroedinger equation arising in the mean-field description of dipolar quantum gases. Under the assumption of sufficiently strong dipolar interactions, the existence of standing waves, and hence solitons, is proved together with some ... More
How an improved implementation of H2 self-shielding influences the formation of massive stars and black holesMay 01 2015Jul 16 2015High redshift quasars at z>6 have masses up to ~$10^9$ M$_\odot$. One of the pathways to their formation includes direct collapse of gas, forming a supermassive star, precursor of the black hole seed. The conditions for direct collapse are more easily ... More
Sequences of purchases in credit card data reveal life styles in urban populationsMar 01 2017Aug 06 2018Zipf-like distributions characterize a wide set of phenomena in physics, biology, economics and social sciences. In human activities, Zipf-laws describe for example the frequency of words appearance in a text or the purchases types in shopping patterns. ... More
The BeppoSAX HELLAS survey: on the nature of faint hard X-ray selected sourcesJul 10 2000The BeppoSAX 4.5-10 keV High Energy Large Area Survey has covered about 80 square degrees of sky down to a flux of F(5-10keV)~5E-14 cgs. Optical spectroscopic identification of about half of the sources in the sample (62) shows that many (~50%) are highly ... More
Asymptotic behavior of nonlinear Schroedinger Systems with Linear CouplingMar 26 2013Jun 26 2013A system of two coupled nonlinear Schroedinger equations is treated. In addition, a linear coupling which models an external driven field described by the Rabi frequency is considered. Asymptotics for large Rabi frequency are carried out. Convergence ... More
Statistical Methods and Workflow for Analyzing Human Metabolomics DataOct 10 2017Feb 20 2018High-throughput metabolomics investigations, when conducted in large human cohorts, represent a potentially powerful tool for elucidating the biochemical diversity and mechanisms underlying human health and disease. Large-scale metabolomics data, generated ... More
High precision quantum control of single donor spins in siliconMay 15 2007The Stark shift of the hyperfine coupling constant is investigated for a P donor in Si far below the ionization regime in the presence of interfaces using Tight-binding and Band Minima Basis approaches and compared to the recent precision measurements. ... More
Properties of the density for a three dimensional stochastic wave equationFeb 12 2008We consider a stochastic wave equation in space dimension three driven by a noise white in time and with an absolutely continuous correlation measure given by the product of a smooth function and a Riesz kernel. Let $p_{t,x}(y)$ be the density of the ... More
Cox rings over nonclosed fieldsAug 22 2014Sep 04 2018We give a definition of Cox rings and Cox sheaves for varieties over nonclosed fields that is compatible with torsors under quasitori, including universal torsors. We study their existence and classification, we make the relation to torsors precise, and ... More
On a Poisson space of bilinear forms with a Poisson Lie actionApr 03 2014Mar 20 2015We consider the space of bilinear forms on a complex N-dimensional vector space endowed with the quadratic Poisson bracket studied in our previous paper arXiv:1012.5251. We classify all possible quadratic brackets on the set of pairs of matrices A and ... More
Substochastic semigroups and densities of piecewise deterministic Markov processesApr 30 2008May 14 2009Necessary and sufficient conditions are given for a substochastic semigroup on $L^1$ obtained through the Kato--Voigt perturbation theorem to be either stochastic or strongly stable. We show how such semigroups are related to piecewise deterministic Markov ... More
Convergence to Lévy stable processes under some weak dependence conditionsJul 07 2009Jul 06 2010For a strictly stationary sequence of random vectors in $\mathbb{R}^d$ we study convergence of partial sum processes to L\'evy stable process in the Skorohod space with $J_1$-topology. We identify necessary and sufficient conditions for such convergence ... More
Extremal behavior of pMAX processesOct 28 2012The well-known M4 processes of Smith and Weissman are very flexible models for asymptotically dependent multivariate data. Extended M4 of Heffernan \emph{et al.} allows to also account for asymptotic independence. In this paper we introduce a more general ... More
Estimating the extremal index through local dependenceMay 08 2015The extremal index is an important parameter in the characterization of extreme values of a stationary sequence. Our new estimation approach for this parameter is based on the extremal behavior under the local dependence condition D$^{(k)}$($u_n$). We ... More
Quasi-uniform Convergence in Dynamical Systems Generated by an Amenable Group ActionOct 30 2016Jan 28 2018We study properties of the Weyl pseudometric associated with an action of a countable amenable group on a compact metric space. We prove that the topological entropy and the number of minimal subsets of the closure of an orbit are both lower semicontinuous ... More
Tail dependence and smoothnessMay 07 2019The risk of catastrophes is related to the possibility of occurring extreme values. Several statistical methodologies have been developed in order to evaluate the propensity of a process for the occurrence of high values and the permanence of these in ... More
Gorenstein Biliaison and ACM SheavesApr 28 2003Let $X$ be a normal arithmetically Gorenstein scheme in ${\mathbb P}^n$. We give a criterion for all codimension two ACM subschemes of $X$ to be in the same Gorenstein biliaison class on $X$, in terms of the category of ACM sheaves on $X$. These are sheaves ... More
Generating Markov evolutionary matrices for a given branch lengthDec 15 2011Under a markovian evolutionary process, the expected number of substitutions per site (also called branch length) that have occurred when a sequence has evolved from another according to a transition matrix $P$ can be approximated by $-1/4log det P.$ ... More
A branch-and-bound algorithm for the minimum radius $k$-enclosing ball problemJul 11 2017The minimum $k$-enclosing ball problem seeks the ball with smallest radius that contains at least~$k$ of~$m$ given points in a general $n$-dimensional Euclidean space. This problem is NP-hard. We present a branch-and-bound algorithm on the tree of the ... More
An invariance principle for maps with polynomial decay of correlationsAug 13 2004We give a general method of deriving statistical limit theorems, such as the central limit theorem and its functional version, in the setting of ergodic measure preserving transformations. This method is applicable in situations where the iterates of ... More
Dirichlet boundary conditions for degenerate and singular nonlinear parabolic equationsDec 05 2014We study existence and uniqueness of solutions to a class of nonlinear degenerate parabolic equations, in bounded domains. We show that there exists a unique solution which satisfies possibly inhomogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions. To this purpose ... More
Lipschitz equivalence of subsets of self-conformal setsSep 10 2009We give sufficient conditions to guarantee that if two self-conformal sets E and F have Lipschitz equivalent subsets of positive measure, then there is a bilipschitz map of E into, or onto, F.
An algorithm for computing the centered Hausdorff measure of self-similar setsJul 19 2011We provide an algorithm for computing the centered Hausdorff measure of self-similar sets satisfying the strong separation condition. We prove the convergence of the algorithm and test its utility on some examples.
Computability of the packing measure of totally disconnected self-similar setsApr 28 2014We present an algorithm to compute the exact value of the packing measure of self-similar sets satisfying the so called SSC and prove its convergence to the value of the packing measure. We also test the algorithm with examples that show both, the accuracy ... More
Nonlinear Maxwell-Schroedinger system and Quantum Magneto-Hydrodynamics in 3DFeb 02 2017Motivated by some models arising in quantum plasma dynamics, in this paper we study the Maxwell-Schr\"odinger system with a power-type nonlinearity. We show the local well-posedness in $H^2(\mathbb{R}^3)\times H^{3/2}(\mathbb{R}^3)$ and the global existence ... More
On the low Mach number limit for Quantum Navier-Stokes equationsFeb 01 2019In this paper we investigate the low Mach number limit for the quantum Navier-Stokes system considered in the three-dimensional space. For general ill-prepared initial data of finite energy, we prove strong convergence of finite energy weak solutions ... More
Revisiting the fragile-to-strong crossover in metallic glass-forming liquids: application to Cu$_x$Zr$_x$Al$_{100-2x}$Apr 17 2019The fragile-to-strong crossover seems to be a general feature of metallic glass-forming liquids. Here, we study the behavior of shear viscosity, diffusion coefficient and vibrational density of states for Cu$_x$Zr$_x$Al$_{100-2x}$ alloy through molecular ... More
High quality local interpolation by composite parametric surfacesJan 07 2016In CAGD the design of a surface that interpolates an arbitrary quadrilateral mesh is definitely a challenging task. The basic requirement is to satisfy both criteria concerning the regularity of the surface and aesthetic concepts. With regard to the aesthetic ... More
Regularizing nonlinear Schroedinger equations through partial off-axis variationsMay 17 2017Jan 18 2019We study a class of focusing nonlinear Schroedinger-type equations derived recently by Dumas, Lannes and Szeftel within the mathematical description of high intensity laser beams [7]. These equations incorporate the possibility of a (partial) off-axis ... More
Impurity and strain effects on the magnetotransport of La1.85Sr0.15Cu(1-y)Zn(y)O4 filmsAug 23 2001The influence of zinc doping and strain related effects on the normal state transport properties(the resistivity, the Hall angle and the orbital magneto- resistance(OMR) is studied in a series of La1.85Sr0.15Cu(1-y)Zn(y)O4 films with values of y between ... More
A simple contagion process describes spreading of traffic jams in urban networksJun 03 2019Jun 04 2019The spread of traffic jams in urban networks has long been viewed as a complex spatio-temporal phenomenon that often requires computationally intensive microscopic models for analysis purposes. In this study, we present a framework to describe the dynamics ... More
The stochastic wave equation in high dimensions: Malliavin differentiability and absolute continuitySep 03 2012May 14 2013We consider the class of non-linear stochastic partial differential equations studied in \cite{conusdalang}. Equivalent formulations using integration with respect to a cylindrical Brownian motion and also the Skorohod integral are established. It is ... More
SPDEs with coloured noise: Analytic and stochastic approachesAug 10 2004We study strictly parabolic stochastic partial differential equations on $\R^d$, $d\ge 1$, driven by a Gaussian noise white in time and coloured in space. Assuming that the coefficients of the differential operator are random, we give sufficient conditions ... More
Interplay between tensor force and deformation in even-even nucleiMay 17 2016In this work we study the effect of the nuclear tensor force on properties related with deformation. We focus on isotopes in the Mg, Si, S, Ar, Sr and Zr chains within the Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov theory using the D1ST2a Gogny interaction. Contributions ... More
The fractional Laplacian operator on bounded domains as a special case of the nonlocal diffusion operatorMar 27 2013We analyze a nonlocal diffusion operator having as special cases the fractional Laplacian and fractional differential operators that arise in several applications. In our analysis, a nonlocal vector calculus is exploited to define a weak formulation of ... More
Logarithmic asymptotics of the densities of SPDEs driven by spatially correlated noiseDec 04 2013Jul 18 2014We consider the family of stochastic partial differential equations indexed by a parameter $\eps\in(0,1]$, \begin{equation*} Lu^{\eps}(t,x) = \eps\sigma(u^\eps(t,x))\dot{F}(t,x)+b(u^\eps(t,x)), \end{equation*} $(t,x)\in(0,T]\times\Rd$ with suitable initial ... More
Systems of stochastic Poisson equations: hitting probabilitiesDec 14 2016Aug 22 2017We consider a $d$-dimensional random field $u=(u(x), x\in D)$ that solves a system of elliptic stochastic equations on a bounded domain $D\subset \mathbb{R}^k$, with additive white noise and spatial dimension $k=1,2,3$. Properties of $u$ and its probability ... More
A model for random fire induced tree-grass coexistence in savannasJun 09 2018Tree-grass coexistence in savanna ecosystems depends strongly on environmental disturbances out of which crucial is fire. Most modeling attempts in the literature lack stochastic approach to fire occurrences which is essential to reflect their unpredictability. ... More
Self-similar solutions of fragmentation equations revisitedFeb 23 2017We study the large time behaviour of the mass (size) of particles described by the fragmentation equation with homogeneous breakup kernel. We give necessary and sufficient conditions for the convergence of solutions to the unique self-similar solution. ... More
Densities for piecewise deterministic Markov processes with boundaryJun 13 2019We study the existence of densities for distributions of piecewise deterministic Markov processes. We also obtain relationships between invariant densities of the continuous time process and that of the process observed at jump times. In our approach ... More
Generalizing a theorem of P. Hall on finite-by-nilpotent groupsDec 21 2007Let $\gamma_i(G)$ and $Z_i(G)$ denote the $i$-th terms of the lower and upper central series of a group $G$, respectively. P. Hall showed that if $\gamma_{i+1}(G)$ is finite then the index $|G:Z_{2i}(G)|$ is finite. We prove that the same result holds ... More
A fractional Poisson equation: existence, regularity and approximationsApr 07 2008May 06 2009We consider a stochastic boundary value elliptic problem on a bounded domain $D\subset \mathbb{R}^k$, driven by a fractional Brownian field with Hurst parameter $H=(H_1,...,H_k)\in[{1/2},1[^k$. First we define the stochastic convolution derived from the ... More
A lattice scheme for stochastic partial differential equations of elliptic type in dimension $d\ge 4$Aug 18 2005We study a stochastic boundary value problem on $(0,1)^d$ of elliptic type in dimension $d\ge 4$, driven by a coloured noise. An approximation scheme based on a suitable discretization of the Laplacian on a lattice of $(0,1)^d$ is presented; we also give ... More
On the Uniqueness of Positive Solutions of a Quasilinear Equation Containing a Weighted p-Laplacian, the Superlinear CaseAug 08 2006We consider the problem of uniqueness of positive solutions to boundary value problems containing the equation: -\Delta_p u =K(|x|)f(u), p>1. f is positive, is locally Lipschitz and satisfies some superlinear growth condition after u_0, a zero of f before ... More
Existence of invariant densities for semiflows with jumpsOct 13 2015The problem of existence and uniqueness of absolutely continuous invariant measures for a class of piecewise deterministic Markov processes is investigated using the theory of substochastic semigroups obtained through the Kato--Voigt perturbation theorem ... More
Identification of the diffusion parameter in nonlocal steady diffusion problemsOct 09 2013Jan 31 2015The problem of identifying the diffusion parameter appearing in a nonlocal steady diffusion equation is considered. The identification problem is formulated as an optimal control problem having a matching functional as the objective of the control and ... More
Relations Between Molecular Cloud Structure Sizes and Line Widths in the Large Magellanic CloudMay 28 2019We present a comparative study of the size-line width relation for substructures within six molecular clouds in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) mapped with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). Our sample extends our previous study, ... More
The Wigner-Lohe model for quantum synchronization and its emergent dynamicsFeb 13 2017We present the Wigner-Lohe model for quantum synchronization which can be derived from the Schr\"{o}dinger-Lohe model using the Wigner formalism. For identical one-body potentials, we provide a priori sufficient framework leading the complete synchronization, ... More
On the XFEL Schroedinger Equation: Highly Oscillatory Magnetic Potentials and Time AveragingSep 26 2012We analyse a nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation for the time-evolution of the wave function of an electron beam, interacting selfconsistently through a Hartree-Fock nonlinearity and through the repulsive Coulomb interaction of an atomic nucleus. The electrons ... More
The importance of the adiabatic index in modeling strains and stresses in spinning-down pulsarsSep 23 2018Mar 12 2019We introduce a Newtonian model for the deformations of a compressible neutron star that goes beyond the widely used Cowling approximation. We employ this model to study the role played by the adiabatic index in the calculation of rotation-induced deformations: ... More
Fetus: the radar of maternal stress, a cohort studyFeb 26 2019Objective: We hypothesized that prenatal stress (PS) exerts lasting impact on fetal heart rate (fHR). We sought to validate the presence of such PS signature in fHR by measuring coupling between maternal HR (mHR) and fHR. Study design: Prospective observational ... More
A large deviation principle in Hölder norm for multiple fractional integralsFeb 02 2007For a fractional Brownian motion $B^H$ with Hurst parameter $H\in]{1/4},{1/2}[\cup]{1/2},1[$, multiple indefinite integrals on a simplex are constructed and the regularity of their sample paths are studied. Then, it is proved that the family of probability ... More
Mild Solutions for a Class of Fractional SPDEs and Their Sample PathsOct 29 2007Feb 19 2009In this article we introduce and analyze a notion of mild solution for a class of non-autonomous parabolic stochastic partial differential equations defined on a bounded open subset $D\subset\mathbb{R}^{d}$ and driven by an infinite-dimensional fractional ... More
Variational models for prestrained plates with Monge-Ampère constraintApr 12 2014We derive a new model for pre-strained thin films, which consists of minimizing a biharmonic energy of deformations $v\in W^{2,2}$ satisfying the Monge-Amp\`ere constraint $\det\nabla^2v = f$. We further discuss multiplicity properties of the minimizers ... More
Reasoning about Cognitive Trust in Stochastic Multiagent SystemsMay 16 2019We consider the setting of stochastic multiagent systems modelled as stochastic multiplayer games and formulate an automated verification framework for quantifying and reasoning about agents' trust. To capture human trust, we work with a cognitive notion ... More
A study of gravity-linked metapopulation models for the spatial spread of dengue feverAug 20 2013Aug 23 2013Metapopulation (multipatch) models are widely used to study the patterns of spatial spread of epidemics. In this paper we study the impact of inter-patch connection weights on the predictions of these models. We contrast arbitrary, uniform link weights ... More
On functors preserving skeletal maps and skeletally generated compactaAug 21 2011Nov 22 2011A map $f:X\to Y$ between topological spaces is skeletal if the preimage $f^{-1}(A)$ of each nowhere dense subset $A\subset Y$ is nowhere dense in $X$. We prove that a normal functor $F:Comp\to Comp$ is skeletal (which means that $F$ preserves skeletal ... More
Random walks and random tug of war in the Heisenberg groupNov 08 2018Apr 26 2019We study the mean value properties of $\mathbf{p}$-harmonic functions on the first Heisenberg group $\mathbb{H}$, in connection to the dynamic programming principles of certain stochastic processes. We implement the approach of Peres-Scheffield to provide ... More
Commutators and pronilpotent subgroups in profinite groupsMay 23 2013Let G be a profinite group in which all pronilpotent subgroups generated by commutators are periodic. We prove that G' is locally finite.
Abundance of cusps and a converse to the Ambrosetti-Prodi theoremAug 06 2015According to the Ambrosetti-Prodi theorem, the map $F(u)= - \Delta u - f(u)$ between appropriate functional spaces is a global fold. Among the hypotheses, the convexity of the function $f$ is required. We show in two different ways that, under mild conditions, ... More
An extension to the theory of controlled Lagrangians using the Helmholtz conditionsNov 19 2017The Helmholtz conditions are necessary and sufficient conditions for a system of second order differential equations to be variational, that is, equivalent to a system of Euler-Lagrange equations for a regular Lagrangian. On the other hand, matching conditions ... More
Fractional powers of the parabolic Hermite operator. Regularity propertiesAug 09 2017Let $\mathcal{L}= \partial_t- \Delta_x+|x|^2$. Consider its Poisson semigroup $e^{-y\sqrt{\mathcal{L}}}$. For $\alpha >0$ define the Parabolic Hermite-Zygmund spaces $$ \Lambda^\alpha_{\mathcal{L}}=\left\{f: \:f\in L^\infty(\mathbb{R}^{n+1})\:\; {\rm ... More
Lipschitz spaces adapted to Schrödinger operators and regularity propertiesJan 21 2019It is well known that the class of measurable functions which satisfy $$ \sup_{|z|>0}\frac{\|f(\cdot+z)+f(\cdot-z)-2f(\cdot)\|_\infty}{|z|^\alpha}<\infty $$ coincides with the class of Lipschitz functions for $0<\alpha<1$, with the Zygmund class if $\alpha=1$ ... More
On the uniqueness of sign changing bound state solutions of a semilinear equationJan 26 2010We establish the uniqueness of the higher radial bound state solutions of $$ \Delta u +f(u)=0,\quad x\in \RR^n. \leqno(P) $$ We assume that the nonlinearity $f\in C(-\infty,\infty)$ is an odd function satisfying some convexity and growth conditions, and ... More