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Autism spectrum disorder: a neuro-immunometabolic hypothesis of the developmental originsSep 08 2019Fetal neuroinflammation and prenatal stress (PS) may contribute to lifelong neurological disabilities. Astrocytes and microglia play a pivotal role, but the mechanisms are poorly understood. Here, we test the hypothesis that via gene-environment interactions, ... More
Microglial memory of early life stress, epigenetic mechanisms and susceptibility to neurodegeneration in adulthoodJan 01 2019In this review we present a concept that, despite mounting evidence, received little attention so far: susceptibility to adult neurodegenerative diseases may be programmed in utero and early postnatal preventive measures may reduce the risk. We delineate ... More
Fetus: the radar of maternal stress, a cohort studyFeb 26 2019Objective: We hypothesized that prenatal stress (PS) exerts lasting impact on fetal heart rate (fHR). We sought to validate the presence of such PS signature in fHR by measuring coupling between maternal HR (mHR) and fHR. Study design: Prospective observational ... More
Hlder-Sobolev regularity of the solution to the stochastic wave equation in dimension 3Dec 23 2005We study the sample path regularity of the solution of a stochastic wave equation in spatial dimension $d=3$. The driving noise is white in time and with a spatially homogeneous covariance defined as a product of a Riesz kernel and a smooth function. ... More
Hitting probabilities for non-linear systems of stochastic wavesMay 14 2012Oct 01 2013We consider a $d$-dimensional random field $u = \{u(t,x)\}$ that solves a non-linear system of stochastic wave equations in spatial dimensions $k \in \{1,2,3\}$, driven by a spatially homogeneous Gaussian noise that is white in time. We mainly consider ... More
Demographical Priors for Health Conditions Diagnosis Using Medicare DataDec 07 2016Jan 09 2017This paper presents an example of how demographical characteristics of patients influence their susceptibility to certain medical conditions. In this paper, we investigate the association of health conditions to age of patients in a heterogeneous population. ... More
Regularity of the sample paths of a class of second order spde'sSep 22 2004We study the sample path regularity of the solutions of a class of spde's which are second order in time and that includes the stochastic wave equation. Non-integer powers of the spatial Laplacian are allowed. The driving noise is white in time and spatially ... More
Precision tests of Standard Model with leptonic and semileptonic kaon decaysDec 05 2007Dec 11 2007Till the middle of 2004 it appeared that the unitarity relation Vud^2+Vus^2+Vub^2=1 might not hold at the 2.3sigma level. At that time, however, Vus was inferred from old experimental data. Since then, a large experimental and theoretical effort has been ... More
Characterization of Ulrich bundles on Hirzebruch surfacesJun 27 2018In this work we characterize Ulrich bundles of any rank on polarized rational ruled surfaces over $\mathbb{P}^1$. We show that every Ulrich bundle admits a resolution in terms of line bundles. Conversely, given an injective map between suitable totally ... More
Big Data Fusion to Estimate Fuel Consumption: A Case Study of RiyadhNov 20 2017Falling oil revenues and rapid urbanization are putting a strain on the budgets of oil producing nations which often subsidize domestic fuel consumption. A direct way to decrease the impact of subsidies is to reduce fuel consumption by reducing congestion ... More
The role of geography in the complex diffusion of innovationsApr 04 2018Feb 19 2019The urban-rural divide is increasing in modern societies and is influencing economic and social inequality, and political radicalization. These observed trends are deeply rooted in the spatial patterns of society, and require geographical extensions in ... More
Inferring land use from mobile phone activityJul 03 2012Understanding the spatiotemporal distribution of people within a city is crucial to many planning applications. Obtaining data to create required knowledge, currently involves costly survey methods. At the same time ubiquitous mobile sensors from personal ... More
Non-invasive biomarkers of fetal brain development reflecting prenatal stress: an integrative multi-scale multi-species perspective on data collection and analysisDec 31 2017Prenatal stress (PS) impacts early postnatal behavioural and cognitive development. This process of 'fetal programming' is mediated by the effects of the prenatal experience on the developing hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and autonomic nervous ... More
Exterior Companions to Hot Jupiters Orbiting Cool Stars are CoplanarOct 04 2017The existence of hot Jupiters has challenged theories of planetary formation since the first extrasolar planets were detected. Giant planets are generally believed to form far from their host stars, where volatile materials like water exist in their solid ... More
Brane annihilation in non-supersymmetric stringsAug 12 2019Aug 28 2019In this paper we study non-perturbative instabilities in Anti de-Sitter vacua arising from flux compactifications of string models with broken supersymmetry. In the semi-classical limit, these processes drive the vacua towards lower fluxes, which translate ... More
On the compactness of finite energy weak solutions to the quantum Navier-Stokes equationsDec 23 2015May 12 2016We consider the Quantum Navier-Stokes system in three space dimensions. We prove compactness of finite energy weak solutions for large initial data. The main novelties are that vacuum regions are included in the weak formulation and no extra terms, like ... More
Global Existence of Finite Energy Weak Solutions of Quantum Navier-Stokes EquationsMay 11 2016Jun 02 2016In this paper we consider the Quantum Navier-Stokes system both in two and in three space dimensions and prove global existence of finite energy weak solutions for large initial data. In particular, the notion of weak solutions is the standard one. This ... More
Existence of solitary waves in dipolar quantum gasesOct 28 2009Oct 19 2010We study a nonlinear Schroedinger equation arising in the mean-field description of dipolar quantum gases. Under the assumption of sufficiently strong dipolar interactions, the existence of standing waves, and hence solitons, is proved together with some ... More
Thermodynamics of uncharged relativistic multifluidsJun 07 2019Jun 17 2019The internal layers of neutron stars are expected to contain several superfluid components that can significantly affect their dynamics. The description of such objects should rely on hydrodynamic models in which it is possible to unambiguously assign ... More
Basic deformation theory of smooth formal schemesJan 18 2008We provide the main results of a deformation theory of smooth formal schemes. First we deal with the case of global lifting of smooth morphisms. We prove that the obstruction to the existence of a global lifting lies in a Ext^1 group. Then we study uniqueness ... More
On rationally connected varieties over $C_1$ fields of characteristic $0$May 06 2019We use birational geometry to show that the existence of rational points on proper rationally connected varieties over fields of characteristic $0$ is a consequence of the existence of rational points on terminal Fano varieties. We discuss several consequences ... More
Estimates of norms of log-concave random matrices with dependent entriesFeb 04 2019We prove estimates for $\mathbb{E} \| X: \ell_{p'}^n \to \ell_q^m\|$ for $p,q\ge 2$ and any random matrix $X$ having the entries of the form $a_{ij}Y_{ij}$, where $Y=(Y_{ij})_{1\le i\le m, 1\le j\le n}$ has i.i.d. isotropic log-concave rows. This generalises ... More
The minimal resolution conjecture for points on the cubic surfaceNov 06 2006In this paper we prove that the generalized version of the Minimal Resolution Conjecture stated by Mustata holds for certain general sets of points on a smooth cubic surface $X \subset \mathbb{P}^3$. The main tool used is Gorenstein liaison theory and, ... More
On Periodic Points of Symplectomorphisms on SurfacesAug 10 2016We construct a symplectic flow on a surface of genus g greater than one with exactly 2g-2 hyperbolic fixed points and no other periodic orbits. Moreover, we prove that a (strongly non-degenerate) symplectomorphism of a surface (with genus g greater than ... More
Searches for Dark Matter Particles at the LHCSep 17 2018The searches for new particles that could be constituents of the dark matter in the universe are an essential part of the physics program of the experiments at the Large Hadron Collider. An overview of recent dark matter candidate searches is presented ... More
Non-Symmetric Basic Hypergeometric Polynomials and Representation Theory for Confluent Cherednik AlgebrasSep 15 2014Jan 07 2015In this paper we introduce a basic representation for the confluent Cherednik algebras $\mathcal H_{\rm V}$, $\mathcal H_{\rm III}$, $\mathcal H_{\rm III}^{D_7}$ and $\mathcal H_{\rm III}^{D_8}$ defined in arXiv:1307.6140. To prove faithfulness of this ... More
LHCb time-dependent resultsSep 02 2011This review reports preliminary results of time-dependent measurements of decays of B^0 mesons and B^0_s mesons coming from the analysis of about 36 pb^-1 of data collected by the LHCb experiment during the 2010 run of the Large Hadron Collider at sqrt(s)=7 ... More
Quantitative immersability of Riemann metrics and the infinite hierarchy of prestrained shell modelsDec 24 2018This paper concerns the variational description of prestrained materials, in the context of dimension reduction for thin films $\Omega^h=\omega\times (-\frac{h}{2}, \frac{h}{2})$. Given a Riemann metric $G$ on $\Omega^1$, we study the question of what ... More
Pulsar rotation with superfluid entrainmentJun 06 2017Large pulsar glitches (like the ones detected in the Vela) are though to be a consequence of the superfluid component present in the interior of mature neutron stars. However strong entrainment challenges this picture. We study the impact of entrainment ... More
Precision Measurement of KS Meson Lifetime with the KLOE detectorNov 11 2010Nov 20 2010Using a large sample of pure, slow, short lived K0 mesons collected with KLOE detector at DaFne, we have measured the KS lifetime. From a fit to the proper time distribution we find tau = (89.562 +- 0.029_stat +- 0.043_syst) ps. This is the most precise ... More
On the Finite Energy Weak Solutions to a System in Quantum Fluid DynamicsFeb 06 2008In this paper we consider the global existence of weak solutions to a class of Quantum Hydrodynamics (QHD) systems with initial data, arbitrarily large in the energy norm. These type of models, initially proposed by Madelung, have been extensively used ... More
Global well-posedness for cubic NLS with nonlinear dampingMay 18 2009Nov 24 2009We study the Cauchy problem for the cubic nonlinear Schroedinger equation, perturbed by (higher order) dissipative nonlinearities. We prove global in-time existence of solutions for general initial data in the energy space. In particular we treat the ... More
A model of synchronization over quantum networksJan 31 2017We investigate a non-Abelian generalization of the Kuramoto model proposed by Lohe and given by $N$ quantum oscillators ("nodes") connected by a quantum network where the wavefunction at each node is distributed over quantum channels to all other connected ... More
Brane annihilation in non-supersymmetric stringsAug 12 2019In this paper we study non-perturbative instabilities in Anti de-Sitter vacua arising from flux compactifications of string models with broken supersymmetry. In the semi-classical limit, these processes drive the vacua towards lower fluxes, which translate ... More
Torsion normal generators of the mapping class group of a non-orientable surfaceMar 25 2019We show that the normal closure of any periodic element of the mapping class group of a non-orientable surface whose order is greater than 2 contains the commutator subgroup, which for $g\geq 7$ is equal to the twist subgroup, and provide necessary and ... More
Maturity of the Internet of Things Research Field: Or Why Choose Rigorous KeywordsJun 05 2016Periodically researchers examine their fields of research in order to test the fields maturity, to determine theories and methods used, and to uncover areas of research emphasis. Research articles for these studies are generally located through keyword ... More
Embedding of the rank 1 DAHA into Mat(2,Tq) and its automorphismsMar 11 2016In this review paper we show how the Cherednik algebra of type $\check{C_1}C_1$ appears naturally as quantisation of the group algebra of the monodromy group associated to the sixth Painlev\'e equation. This fact naturally leads to an embedding of the ... More
The Formation and Evolution of Massive Black HolesAug 06 2012The past 10 years have witnessed a change of perspective in the way astrophysicists think about massive black holes (MBHs), which are now considered to have a major role in the evolution of galaxies. This appreciation was driven by the realization that ... More
Random Tug of War games for the ${\mathbf p}$-Laplacian: ${\mathbf{1<p<{\boldsymbol \infty}}}$Oct 08 2018We propose a new finite difference approximation to the Dirichlet problem for the homogeneous $\mathbf{p}$-Laplace equation posed on an $N$-dimensional domain, in connection with the Tug of War games with noise. Our game and the related mean-value expansion ... More
Stability properties of the steady state for the isentropic compressible Navier-Stokes equations with density dependent viscosity in bounded intervalsMay 02 2019We prove existence and asymptotic stability of the stationary solution for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations for isentropic gas dynamics with a density dependent diffusion in a bounded interval. We present the necessary conditions to be imposed ... More
On non-contractible hyperbolic periodic orbits and periodic points of symplectomorphismsJul 15 2015Aug 26 2015We prove the existence of infinitely many periodic points of symplectomorphisms isotopic to the identity if they admit at least one (non-contractible) hyperbolic periodic orbit and satisfy some condition on its flux. The obtained periodic points correspond ... More
On the metastable behavior of solutions to a class of parabolic systemsJul 04 2014In this paper we describe the metastable behavior of solutions to a class of parabolic systems. In particular, we improve some results contained in \cite{MS} by using different techniques to describe the slow motion of the internal layers. Numerical simulations ... More
On a Class Almost Contact Manifolds with Norden MetricApr 28 2011Certain curvature properties and scalar invariants of the manifolds belonging to one of the main classes almost contact manifolds with Norden metric are considered. An example illustrating the obtained results is given and studied.
Tracking Employment Shocks Using Mobile Phone DataMay 26 2015Can data from mobile phones be used to observe economic shocks and their consequences at multiple scales? Here we present novel methods to detect mass layoffs, identify individuals affected by them, and predict changes in aggregate unemployment rates ... More
Predicting commuter flows in spatial networks using a radiation model based on temporal rangesOct 17 2014Understanding network flows such as commuter traffic in large transportation networks is an ongoing challenge due to the complex nature of the transportation infrastructure and of human mobility. Here we show a first-principles based method for traffic ... More
Understanding Road Usage Patterns in Urban AreasDec 21 2012In this paper, we combine the most complete record of daily mobility, based on large-scale mobile phone data, with detailed Geographic Information System (GIS) data, uncovering previously hidden patterns in urban road usage. We find that the major usage ... More
Use of a clinical PET/CT scanner for whole body biodistribution of intranasal nanoparticlesApr 03 2017Whole body biodistribution of 100 nanometer sized polymer micellar nanoparticles (NPs) was determined following intranasal administration using PET/CT imaging on a clinical scanner. Nanoparticles labeled with Zirconium 89 were administered intranasally ... More
Asymptotic behavior of nonlinear Schroedinger Systems with Linear CouplingMar 26 2013Jun 26 2013A system of two coupled nonlinear Schroedinger equations is treated. In addition, a linear coupling which models an external driven field described by the Rabi frequency is considered. Asymptotics for large Rabi frequency are carried out. Convergence ... More
Statistical Methods and Workflow for Analyzing Human Metabolomics DataOct 10 2017Feb 20 2018High-throughput metabolomics investigations, when conducted in large human cohorts, represent a potentially powerful tool for elucidating the biochemical diversity and mechanisms underlying human health and disease. Large-scale metabolomics data, generated ... More
Optically dim counterparts of hard X-ray selected AGNsFeb 24 2000We present near-IR photometry and imaging observations of a small sample of sources identified in the BeppoSAX 5-10 keV survey (HELLAS) which resolves ~ 20-30% of the X-ray background at these energies. The near-IR data are combined with optical spectra ... More
The dustiest Post-Main sequence stars in the Magellanic CloudsAug 27 2015Using observations from the {\em Herschel} Inventory of The Agents of Galaxy Evolution (HERITAGE) survey of the Magellanic Clouds, we have found thirty five evolved stars and stellar end products that are bright in the far-infrared. These twenty eight ... More
Neutrino masses in the R-parity violating MSSMMay 09 2000Nov 06 2000We compute one loop neutrino masses in the R-parity violating Minimal Supersymmetric Model, including the bilinear R-parity violating masses in the mass insertion approximation. To the order we calculate, our results are independent of the Higgs-lepton ... More
Non-parametric Impedance based Stability and Controller Bandwidth Extraction from Impedance Measurements of HVDC-connected Wind FarmsApr 16 2017Impedance measurements have been widely used with the Nyquist plot to estimate the stability of interconnected power systems. Being a black-box method for equivalent and aggregated impedance estimation, its use for the identification of sub-components ... More
General relativity with a positive cosmological constant $λ$ as a gauge theoryMar 17 2017Jan 28 2019In the paper we show that the general relativity action (and Lagrangian) in recent Einstein-Palatini formulation is equivalent to the action (and Langrangian) of a gauge field. We begin with a bit of information of the Einstein-Palatini (EP) action, then ... More
Dissecting the multivariate extremal index and tail dependenceFeb 06 2017A central issue in the theory of extreme values focuses on suitable conditions such that the well-known results for the limiting distributions of the maximum of i.i.d. sequences can be applied to stationary ones. In this context, the extremal index appears ... More
Extremal behavior of pMAX processesOct 28 2012The well-known M4 processes of Smith and Weissman are very flexible models for asymptotically dependent multivariate data. Extended M4 of Heffernan \emph{et al.} allows to also account for asymptotic independence. In this paper we introduce a more general ... More
Tail dependence and smoothnessMay 07 2019The risk of catastrophes is related to the possibility of occurring extreme values. Several statistical methodologies have been developed in order to evaluate the propensity of a process for the occurrence of high values and the permanence of these in ... More
Estimating the extremal index through local dependenceMay 08 2015The extremal index is an important parameter in the characterization of extreme values of a stationary sequence. Our new estimation approach for this parameter is based on the extremal behavior under the local dependence condition D$^{(k)}$($u_n$). We ... More
Cosmological black hole spin evolution by mergers and accretionJan 31 2008May 27 2008Using recent results from numerical relativity simulations of black hole mergers, we revisit previous studies of cosmological black hole spin evolution. We show that mergers are very unlikely to yield large spins, unless alignment of the spins of the ... More
Canonical structure and symmetries of the Schlesinger equationsNov 16 2003Jan 10 2007The Schlesinger equations $S_{(n,m)}$ describe monodromy preserving deformations of order $m$ Fuchsian systems with $n+1$ poles. They can be considered as a family of commuting time-dependent Hamiltonian systems on the direct product of $n$ copies of ... More
Time-delayed instabilities in complex Burgers equationsMay 15 2014Apr 24 2015For Burgers equations with real data and complex forcing terms, Lerner, Morimoto and Xu [{\it Instability of the Cauchy-Kovalevskaya solution for a class of non-linear systems}, Amer.~J.~Math.~2010] proved that only analytical data generate local $C^2$ ... More
World Automata: a compositional approach to model implicit communication in hierarchical Hybrid SystemsAug 24 2013We propose an extension of Hybrid I/O Automata (HIOAs) to model agent systems and their implicit communication through perturbation of the environment, like localization of objects or radio signals diffusion and detection. The new object, called World ... More
Swim-like motion of bodies immersed in an ideal fluidFeb 24 2015Jul 07 2016The connection between swimming and control theory is attracting increasing attention in the recent literature. Starting from an idea of Alberto Bressan [7] we study the system of a planar body whose position and shape are described by a finite number ... More
Absolute clock synchronisation and special relativity paradoxesNov 25 2012Dec 02 2012Solving special relativity paradoxes requires rigorous analysis of event timing, due to relative simultaneity in consequence of the Lorentz transformation. Since clock synchronisation is a convention in special theory of relativity, instead of the Einstein's ... More
Empar: EM-based algorithm for parameter estimation of Markov models on treesJul 05 2012The goal of branch length estimation in phylogenetic inference is to estimate the divergence time between a set of sequences based on compositional differences between them. A number of software is currently available facilitating branch lengths estimation ... More
Moss' logic for ordered coalgebrasJan 19 2019We present a finitary coalgebraic logic for $T$-coalgebras, where $T$ is a locally monotone endofunctor of the category of posets and monotone maps that preserves exact squares and finite intersections. The logic uses a single cover modality whose arity ... More
Which domains have two-sided supporting unit spheres at every boundary point?Oct 15 2018We prove the quantitative equivalence of two important geometrical conditions, pertaining to the regularity of a domain $\Omega\subset\mathbb{R}^N$. These are: (i) the uniform two-sided supporting sphere condition, and (ii) the Lipschitz continuity of ... More
Ehreshmann theory of connection in a principal bundle - compendium for physicistsOct 04 2018In the paper we give a compendium about theory of connection. We think that this compendium will be useful for young relativists.
The split torsor method for Manin's conjectureJul 22 2019We introduce the split torsor method to count rational points of bounded height on Fano varieties. As an application, we prove Manin's conjecture for all nonsplit quartic del Pezzo surfaces of type $\mathbf A_3+\mathbf A_1$ over arbitrary number fields. ... More
Scaling laws for non-Euclidean plates and the $W^{2,2}$ isometric immersions of Riemannian metricsJul 10 2009This paper concerns the elastic structures which exhibit non-zero strain at free equilibria. Many growing tissues (leaves, flowers or marine invertebrates) attain complicated configurations during their free growth. Our study departs from the 3d incompatible ... More
Gorenstein Biliaison and ACM SheavesApr 28 2003Let $X$ be a normal arithmetically Gorenstein scheme in ${\mathbb P}^n$. We give a criterion for all codimension two ACM subschemes of $X$ to be in the same Gorenstein biliaison class on $X$, in terms of the category of ACM sheaves on $X$. These are sheaves ... More
Stable Ulrich bundlesFeb 04 2011May 04 2011The existence of stable ACM vector bundles of high rank on algebraic varieties is a challenging problem. In this paper, we study stable Ulrich bundles (that is, stable ACM bundles whose corresponding module has the maximum number of generators) on nonsingular ... More
ACM bundles on cubic surfacesJan 23 2008Feb 08 2008In this paper we prove that, for every $r \geq 2$, the moduli space $M^s_X(r;c_1,c_2)$ of rank $r$ stable vector bundles with Chern classes $c_1=rH$ and $c_2=(3r^2-r)/2$ on a nonsingular cubic surface $X \subset \mathbb{P}^3$ contains a nonempty smooth ... More
Fragility Index of block tailed vectorsDec 07 2011Financial crises are a recurrent phenomenon with important effects on the real economy. The financial system is inherently fragile and it is therefore of great importance to be able to measure and characterize its systemic stability. Multivariate extreme ... More
Extremal dependence: some contributionsAug 09 2011Due to globalization and relaxed market regulation, we have assisted to an increasing of extremal dependence in international markets. As a consequence, several measures of tail dependence have been stated in literature in recent years, based on multivariate ... More
Two-sided estimates for order statistics of log-concave random vectorsJan 06 2019We establish two-sided bounds for expectations of order statistics ($k$-th maxima) of moduli of coordinates of centered log-concave random vectors with uncorrelated coordinates. Our bounds are exact up to multiplicative universal constants in the unconditional ... More
Embeddable properties of metric $σ$-discrete spacesApr 30 2015Dimensional types of metric scattered spaces are investigated. Revised proofs of Mazurkiewicz-Sierpi\'nski and Knaster-Urbanik theorems are presented. Embeddable properties of countable metric spaces are generalized onto uncountable metric $\sigma$-discrete ... More
Credit Value Adjustment for Counterparties with Illiquid CDSJun 20 2018Credit Value Adjustment (CVA) is the difference between the value of the default-free and credit-risky derivative portfolio, which can be regarded as the cost of the credit hedge. Default probabilities are therefore needed, as input parameters to the ... More
Rigorous estimates for the relegation algorithmSep 22 2017We revisit the relegation algorithm by Deprit et al. (Celest. Mech. Dyn. Astron. 79:157-182, 2001) in the light of the rigorous Nekhoroshev's like theory. This relatively recent algorithm is nowadays widely used for implementing closed form analytic perturbation ... More
Slow motion for compressible isentropic Navier--Stokes equationsMar 22 2013We consider the compressible Navier-Stokes equations for isentropic dynamics with real viscosity on a bounded interval. In the case of boundary data defining an admissible shock wave for the corresponding unviscous hyperbolic system, we determine a scalar ... More
A stability result for the Stokes-Boussinesq equations in infinite 3d channelsAug 21 2012We consider the Stokes-Boussinesq (and the stationary Navier-Stokes-Boussinesq) equations in a slanted, i.e. not aligned with the gravity's direction, 3d channel and with an arbitrary Rayleigh number. For the front-like initial data and under the no-slip ... More
Identifying sparse and dense sub-graphs in large graphs with a fast algorithmSep 17 2014Identifying the nodes of small sub-graphs with no a priori information is a hard problem. In this work, we want to find each node of a sparse sub-graph embedded in both dynamic and static background graphs, of larger average degree. We show that exploiting ... More
On the variational limits of lattice energies on prestrained elastic bodiesMar 06 2014Aug 11 2014We study the asymptotic behaviour of the discrete elastic energies in presence of the prestrain metric $G$, assigned on the continuum reference configuration $\Omega$. When the mesh size of the discrete lattice in $\Omega$ goes to zero, we obtain the ... More
A theorem on measures in dimension 2 and applications to vortex sheetsOct 10 2013We find conditions under which measures belong to . Next we show that measures generated by Prandtl, Kaden as well as Pullin spirals, objects considered by physicists as incompressible flows generating vorticity, satisfy assumptions of our theorem, thus ... More
Massive black holes in central cluster galaxiesNov 29 2012Mar 07 2013We explore how the co-evolution of massive black holes (MBHs) and galaxies is affected by environmental effects, addressing in particular MBHs hosted in the central galaxies of clusters (we will refer to these galaxies in general as 'CGs'). Recently the ... More
A particle system approach to aggregation phenomenaJan 31 2019Inspired by a PDE-ODE system of aggregation developed in the biomathematical literature, an interacting particle system representing aggregation at the level of individuals is investigated. It is proved that the empirical density of the individual converges ... More
Democracy Models and Civic Technologies: Tensions, Trilemmas, and Trade-offsMay 25 2017This paper aims at connecting democratic theory with civic technologies in order to highlight the links between some theoretical tensions and trilemmas and design trade-offs. First, it reviews some tensions and trilemmas raised by political philosophers ... More
The origin of metal-poor and metal-rich globular clusters in E-MOSAICSAug 01 2019It has been a long-standing open question why observed globular cluster (GC) populations of different metallicities differ in their ages and spatial distributions, with metal-poor GCs being the older and radially more extended of the two. We use the suite ... More
Shear coordinate description of the quantised versal unfolding of D_4 singularityJul 22 2010In this paper by using Teichmuller theory of a sphere with four holes/orbifold points, we obtain a system of flat coordinates on the general affine cubic surface having a D_4 singularity at the origin. We show that the Goldman bracket on the geodesic ... More
A branch-and-bound algorithm for the minimum radius $k$-enclosing ball problemJul 11 2017The minimum $k$-enclosing ball problem seeks the ball with smallest radius that contains at least~$k$ of~$m$ given points in a general $n$-dimensional Euclidean space. This problem is NP-hard. We present a branch-and-bound algorithm on the tree of the ... More
Minimal Hölder regularity implying finiteness of integral Menger curvatureNov 04 2011Nov 17 2011We study two families of integral functionals indexed by a real number $p > 0$. One family is defined for 1-dimensional curves in $\R^3$ and the other one is defined for $m$-dimensional manifolds in $\R^n$. These functionals are described as integrals ... More
Extremes of scale mixtures of multivariate time seriesMar 14 2013Jun 17 2013Factor models have large potencial in the modeling of several natural and human phenomena. In this paper we consider a multivariate time series $\mb{Y}_n$, ${n\geq 1}$, rescaled through random factors $\mb{T}_n$, ${n\geq 1}$, extending some scale mixture ... More
Extremes of multivariate ARMAX processesDec 09 2012We define a new multivariate time series model by generalizing the ARMAX process in a multivariate way. We give conditions on stationarity and analyze local dependence and domains of attraction. As a consequence of the obtained result, we derive a new ... More
Cubic and quartic transformations of the sixth Painleve equation in terms of Riemann-Hilbert correspondenceNov 28 2010Oct 12 2011A starting point of this paper is a classification of quadratic polynomial transformations of the monodromy manifold for the 2x2 isomonodromic Fuchsian systems associated to the Painleve VI equation. Up to birational automorphisms of the monodromy manifold, ... More
A Note on the Bar-Natan Skein ModuleFeb 13 2006We introduce a new skein module for three manifolds based on properly embedded surfaces and their relations introduced by D.Bar-Natan, and modified by M.Khovanov. We compute the structure of the modules for some manifolds, including Seifert fibred manifolds. ... More
Colliding holes in Riemann surfaces and quantum cluster algebrasSep 23 2015Dec 22 2016In this paper, we describe a new type of surgery for non-compact Riemann surfaces that naturally appear when colliding two holes or two sides of the same hole in an orientable Riemann surface with boundary (and possibly orbifold points). As a result of ... More
Comparison of weak and strong moments for vectors with independent coordinatesDec 07 2016We show that for $p\ge 1$, the $p$-th moment of suprema of linear combinations of independent centered random variables are comparable with the sum of the first moment and the weak $p$-th moment provided that $2q$-th and $q$-th integral moments of these ... More
Weak and strong moments of l_r-norms of log-concave vectorsJan 07 2015Nov 02 2015We show that for $p\geq 1$ and $r\geq 1$ the $p$-th moment of the $l_r$-norm of a log-concave random vector is comparable to the sum of the first moment and the weak $p$-th moment up to a constant proportional to $r$. This extends the previous result ... More
Invariant densities for random systems of the intervalMay 29 2018For random piecewise linear systems T of the interval that are expanding on average we construct explicitly the density functions of absolutely continuous T-invariant measures. In case the random system uses only expanding maps our procedure produces ... More
Nonlinear Maxwell-Schroedinger system and Quantum Magneto-Hydrodynamics in 3DFeb 02 2017Motivated by some models arising in quantum plasma dynamics, in this paper we study the Maxwell-Schr\"odinger system with a power-type nonlinearity. We show the local well-posedness in $H^2(\mathbb{R}^3)\times H^{3/2}(\mathbb{R}^3)$ and the global existence ... More