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Probing primordial features with the primary CMBJul 15 2018CMB photons travel from the last scattering surface, when the primary CMB has been generated, along the surface of the light cone to us. During their travel, they are affected by many secondary effects such as the integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect and CMB ... More
Probing primordial features with the primary CMBJul 15 2018Mar 08 2019CMB photons travel from the last scattering surface, when the primary CMB has been generated, along the surface of the light cone to us. During their travel, they are affected by many secondary effects such as the integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect and CMB ... More
Measuring ISW with next-generation radio surveysDec 04 2018Feb 13 2019The late-time integrated Sachs-Wolfe (ISW) signal in the CMB temperature anisotropies is an important probe of dark energy when it can be detected by cross-correlation with large-scale structure surveys. Because of their huge sky area, surveys in the ... More
A conservative assessment of the current constraints on dark matter annihilation from Cosmic Rays and CMB observationsAug 31 2015In view of the current interest in combining different observations to constraint annihilating WIMP dark matter, we examine the relation between the Sommerfeld effect at the recombination epoch and in the galactic halo. By considering an up-to-date collection ... More
CMB anisotropies generated by a stochastic background of primordial magnetic fields with non-zero helicityDec 04 2014Aug 08 2015We consider the impact of a stochastic background of primordial magnetic fields with non-vanishing helicity on CMB anisotropies in temperature and polarization. We compute the exact expressions for the scalar, vector and tensor part of the energy-momentum ... More
Constraining primordial non-Gaussianity using two galaxy surveys and CMB lensingJun 11 2019Next-generation galaxy surveys will be able to measure perturbations on scales beyond the equality scale. On these ultra-large scales, primordial non-Gaussianity leaves signatures that can shed light on the mechanism by which perturbations in the early ... More
Constraining primordial non-Gaussianity using two galaxy surveys and CMB lensingJun 11 2019Aug 13 2019Next-generation galaxy surveys will be able to measure perturbations on scales beyond the equality scale. On these ultra-large scales, primordial non-Gaussianity leaves signatures that can shed light on the mechanism by which perturbations in the early ... More
Probing primordial features with next-generation photometric and radio surveysDec 20 2017Apr 04 2018We investigate the possibility of using future photometric and radio surveys to constrain the power spectrum of primordial fluctuations that is predicted by inflationary models with a violation of the slow-roll phase. We forecast constraints with a Fisher ... More
Probing primordial features with future galaxy surveysJun 12 2016We study the capability of future measurements of the galaxy clustering power spectrum to probe departures from a power-law spectrum for primordial fluctuations. On considering the information from the galaxy clustering power spectrum up to quasi-linear ... More
Testing extended Jordan-Brans-Dicke theories with future cosmological observationsFeb 04 2019Jun 10 2019The extended Jordan-Brans-Dicke (eJBD) theory of gravity is constrained by a host of astrophysical and cosmological observations spanning a wide range of scales. The current cosmological constraints on the first post-Newtonian parameter in these simplest ... More
Testing extended Jordan-Brans-Dicke theories with future cosmological observationsFeb 04 2019The extended Jordan-Brans-Dicke (eJBD) theory of gravity is constrained by a host of astrophysical and cosmological observations spanning a wide range of scales. The current cosmological constraints on the first post-Newtonian parameter in these simplest ... More
CMB and BAO constraints for an induced gravity dark energy model with a quartic potentialJul 02 2015We study the predictions for structure formation in an induced gravity dark energy model with a quartic potential. By developing a dedicated Einstein-Boltzmann code, we study self-consistently the dynamics of homogeneous cosmology and of linear perturbations ... More
Cosmological constraints on induced gravity dark energy modelsJan 13 2016We study induced gravity dark energy models coupled with a simple monomial potential $\propto \sigma^n$ and a positive exponent $n$. These simple potentials lead to viable dark energy models with a weak dependence on the exponent, which characterizes ... More
On the ISW-cluster cross-correlation in future surveysDec 06 2017Nov 22 2018We investigate the cosmological information contained in the cross-correlation between the Integrated Sachs-Wolfe (ISW) of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) anisotropy pattern and galaxy clusters from future wide surveys. Future surveys will provide ... More
Probing features in inflaton potential and reionization history with future CMB space observationsOct 03 2017Apr 04 2018We consider the prospects of probing features in the primordial power spectrum with future Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) polarization measurements. In the scope of the inflationary scenario, such features in the spectrum can be produced by local non-smooth ... More
Cosmology with Phase 1 of the Square Kilometre Array; Red Book 2018: Technical specifications and performance forecastsNov 07 2018We present a detailed overview of the cosmological surveys that will be carried out with Phase 1 of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA1), and the science that they will enable. We highlight three main surveys: a medium-deep continuum weak lensing and low-redshift ... More
File Managing and Program Execution in Web Operating SystemsMay 27 2010Web Operating Systems can be seen as an extension of traditional Operating Systems where the addresses used to manage files and execute programs (via the basic load/execution mechanism) are extended from local filesystem path-names to URLs. A first consequence ... More
Technological integration and hyper-connectivity: Tools for promoting extreme human lifespansFeb 27 2014Artificial, neurobiological, and social networks are three distinct complex adaptive systems (CAS), each containing discrete processing units (nodes, neurons, and humans respectively). Despite the apparent differences, these three networks are bound by ... More
Notes on optimality of direct characterisation of quantum dynamicsMar 17 2006We argue that the claimed optimality of a new process tomography method suggested in [quant-ph/0601033] and [quant-ph/0601034] is based on not completely fair comparison that does not take into account the available information in an equal way. We also ... More
The acceleration of the Universe in the light of supernovae -- The key role of the Cerro Tololo Inter-American ObservatoryNov 20 2013Dec 09 2013The discovery of acceleration and dark energy arguably constitutes the most revolutionary discovery in astrophysics in recent years. Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) played a key role in this amazing discovery through three systematic supernova ... More
Observed and physical properties of type II plateau supernovaeOct 01 2003I use photometry and spectroscopy data for 24 Type II plateau supernovae to examine their observed and physical properties. This dataset shows that these objects encompass a wide range in their observed properties (plateau luminosities, tail luminosities, ... More
On the Quantum Query Complexity of Detecting Triangles in GraphsOct 16 2003Nov 06 2003We show that in the quantum query model the complexity of detecting a triangle in an undirected graph on $n$ nodes can be done using $O(n^{1+{3\over 7}}\log^{2}n)$ quantum queries. The same complexity bound applies for outputting the triangle if there ... More
Percolation and Cluster Formalism in Continuous Spin SystemsOct 21 1997The generalization of Kasteleyn and Fortuin clusters formalism is introduced in XY (or more generally O(n)) models. Clusters geometrical structure may be linked to spin physical properties as correlation functions. To investigate percolative characteristics, ... More
Mapping Between Nonlinear Schödinger Equations with Real and Complex PotentialsJun 16 2013A mapping between stationary solutions of nonlinear Sch\"odinger equations with real and complex potentials is constructed and a set of exact solutions with real energies are obtained for a large class of complex potentials. As specific examples we consider ... More
SO(4) invariant basis functions for strongly correlated Fermi systemsMar 27 1996Mar 29 1996We show how to construct SO(4) invariant functions for strongly correlated Fermi systems on lattices of finite sizes. We illustrate the method on the case of the 1D Hubbard chain with four and with six sites.
How Rare Are Extraterrestrial Civilizations and When Did They Emerge?Aug 21 1998It is shown that, contrary to an existing claim, the near equality between the lifetime of the sun and the timescale of biological evolution on earth does not necessarily imply that extraterrestrial civilizations are exceedingly rare. Furthermore, on ... More
The experimental future of Neutrino OscillationsOct 03 2000After the recent experimental results on neutrino oscillations, some shape starts to emerge from the puzzle. However, the situation is still far from being clarified. First of all, accommodating all experimental results in a single and simple framework ... More
Review on new Neutrino Oscillation ExperimentsMay 19 1999Driven by new experimental results, in the latest period several new neutrino oscillation experiments have been proposed. I will outline the main ideas behind the different proposals, in particular concerning atmospheric neutrinos and neutrinos from accelerated ... More
The classical-statistical limit of quantum mechanicsMar 23 2005The classical-statistical limit of quantum mechanics is studied. It is proved that the limit $\hbar \to 0$ is the good limit for the operators algebra but it si not so for the state compact set. In the last case decoherence must be invoked to obtain the ... More
An adjusted payoff-based procedure for normal form gamesJun 28 2011We study a simple adaptive model in the framework of an $N$-player normal form game. The model consists of a repeated game where the players only know their own strategy space and their own payoff scored at each stage. The information about the other ... More
Managing Object-Oriented Integration and Regression TestingFeb 05 1999Systematic testing of object-oriented software turned out to be much more complex than testing conventional software. Especially the highly incremental and iterative development cycle demands both many more changes and partially implemented resp. re-implemented ... More
Mass Determination of New Particle StatesMay 09 2009We study theoretical and experimental facets of mass determination of new particle states. Assuming supersymmetry, we update the quark and lepton mass matrices at the grand unification scale accounting for threshold corrections enhanced by large tan beta. ... More
Coronal Gamma Ray Bursts as the sources of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays?Oct 30 1995I consider the possibility that Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays are accelerated in Gamma Ray Bursts located in the Galactic corona, thus circumventing the problem raised by Greisen--Zatsepin--Kuz'min cutoff. The acceleration of UHECRs could occur in the ... More
GeV Photons from Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays accelerated in Gamma Ray BurstsMay 09 1997Gamma-ray bursts are produced by the dissipation of the kinetic energy of a highly relativistic fireball, via the formation of a collisionless shock. When this happens, Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays up to 10^20 eV are produced. I show in this paper that ... More
Effective Medium Response of Metallic Nanowire Arrays with a Kerr-type Dielectric HostMar 27 2013Mar 30 2013We derive an effective medium model to characterize the macroscopic electromagnetic response of metallic nanowire arrays embedded in a host dielectric with a Kerr-type nonlinear permittivity function. It is shown that the macroscopic electromagnetic fields ... More
Nonlocal Homogenization Model for a Periodic Array of Epsilon-Negative RodsFeb 20 2006Oct 26 2006We propose an effective permittivity model to homogenize an array of long thin epsilon-negative rods arranged in a periodic lattice. It is proved that the effect of spatial dispersion in this electromagnetic crystal cannot be neglected, and that the medium ... More
Falling Bodies: the Obvious,the Subtle, and the WrongFeb 19 2007Mar 28 2009An important scientific debate took place regarding falling bodies hundreds of years ago, and it still warrants introspection. Galileo argued that in a vacuum all bodies fall at the same rate relative to the earth, independent of their mass. Aristotle ... More
Vacuum Calorimetry in Exploding Wire StudiesJul 24 2003Jul 25 2003A method of using vacuum calorimetry as a means of determining directly the energy deposited in an electrically exploded wire is presented. This energy determination is compared with that given by the time integral of the product of voltage and current. ... More
Lilienfeld Transition Radiation Brought to LightJul 09 2003Presently, the term transition radiation tends to denote a somewhat different physical phenomenon than the original transition radiation discovered by J. E. Lilienfeld in 1919, and re-employed in different forms again in 1953 and 1971. Lilienfeld transition ... More
Microwave Residual Surface Resistance of SuperconductorsApr 06 2003Two distinct models account for the microwave residual surface resistance of superconducting cavities with equally good agreement with the measured temperature and frequency dependence. In presenting his phonon-generation model, Passow claimed that Rabinowitz' ... More
Black Hole Radiation and Volume Statistical EntropyJun 03 2005Jun 29 2005The simplest possible equation for Hawking radiation, and other black hole radiated power is derived in terms of black hole density. Black hole density also leads to the simplest possible model of a gas of elementary constituents confined inside a gravitational ... More
On the study of the Higgs properties at a muon colliderMar 17 2015The discovery of the Higgs particle at 125 GeV is demanding a detailed knowledge of the properties of this fundamental component of the Standard Model. To that aim various proposals of electron and muon colliders have been put forward for precision studies ... More
A proposal for the optimal estimation of states in Quantum Information ProcessingFeb 12 2015An optimal estimator of quantum states based on a modified Kalman's Filter is proposed in this work. Such estimator acts after state measurement, allowing obtain an optimal estimation of quantum state resulting in the output of any quantum algorithm. ... More
Special matchings and parabolic Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomialsFeb 23 2015We prove that the combinatorial concept of a special matching can be used to compute the parabolic Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials of doubly laced Coxeter groups and of dihedral Coxeter groups. In particular, for this class of groups which includes all Weyl ... More
Enhanced Boolean Correlation Matrix MemoryJul 11 2016This paper introduces an Enhanced Boolean version of the Correlation Matrix Memory (CMM), which is useful to work with binary memories. A novel Boolean Orthonormalization Process (BOP) is presented to convert a non-orthonormal Boolean basis, i.e., a set ... More
Why Observable Space Is Solely Three DimensionalJul 16 2014Feb 18 2015Quantum (and classical) binding energy considerations in n-dimensional space indicate that atoms (and planets) can only exist in three-dimensional space. This is why observable space is solely 3-dimensional. Both a novel Virial theorem analysis, and detailed ... More
3D zigzag for multislicing, multiband and video processingJun 16 2016We present a 3D zigzag rafter (first in literature) which allows us to obtain the exact sequence of spectral components after application of Discrete Cosine Transform 3D (DCT-2D) over a cube. Such cube represents part of a video or eventually a group ... More
Marcinkiewicz spaces, Garsia-Rodemich spaces and the scale of John-Nirenberg self improving inequalitiesAug 20 2015Aug 21 2015We extend to n-dimensions a characterization of the Marcinkiewicz $L(p,\infty)$ spaces first obtained by Garsia-Rodemich in the one dimensional case. This leads to a new proof of the John-Nirenberg self-improving inequalities. We also show a related result ... More
Rotating Superconductors and the Frame-independent London EquationJun 25 1998A frame-independent, thermodynamically exact London equation is presented, which is especially valid for rotating superconductors. A direct result is the unexpectedly high accuracy ($\sim10^{-10}$) for the usual expression of the London moment.
The Onsager Symmetry Relation and the Time Inversion Invariance of the Entropy ProductionJun 26 1998Starting from the entropy production being invariant under time reversal, one can (i) easily proof, and understand, many aspects of the linear Onsager relations and (ii) deduce the result that all quadratic Onsager coefficients for hydrodynamic fluxes ... More
An example showing that fibred quadratic polynomials admit many attracting curvesSep 11 2009We present an example of a fibred quadratic polynomial admitting an attracting invariant 2-curve. By an unfolding construction we obtain an example of a fibred quadratic polynomial admitting two attracting invariant curves. This phenomena can not occur ... More
Hyperbolization of cocycles by isometries of the euclidean spaceOct 04 2012We study hyperbolized versions of cohomological equations that appear with cocycles by isometries of the euclidean space. These (hyperbolized versions of) equations have a unique continuous solution. We concentrate in to know whether or not these solutions ... More
Polarons, free charge localisation and effective dielectric permittivity in oxidesJun 18 2010This review will deal with several types of free charge localisation in oxides and their consequences on the effective dielectric spectra of such materials. The first one is the polaronic localisation at the unit cell scale on residual impurities in ferroelectric ... More
Pure Spinor Approach to Type IIA Superstring Sigma Models and Free Differential AlgebrasFeb 18 2010Jun 21 2010This paper considers the Free Differential Algebra and rheonomic parametrization of type IIA Supergravity, extended to include the BRS differential and the ghosts. We consider not only the ghosts lambda's of supersymmetry but also the ghosts corresponding ... More
A complexity/fidelity susceptibility g-theorem for AdS$_3$/BCFT$_2$Feb 21 2017Jun 25 2017We use a recently proposed holographic Kondo model as a well-understood example of AdS/boundary CFT (BCFT) duality, and show explicitly that in this model the bulk volume decreases along the RG flow. We then obtain a proof that this volume loss is indeed ... More
Exact Sampling for the Ising Model at all TemperaturesDec 17 2010May 11 2011We give a survey of the known results on mixing time of Glauber dynamics for the Ising model on the square lattice and present a technique that makes exact sampling of the Ising model at all temperatures possible in polynomial time. At high temperatures ... More
Sequences related to convergents to square root of rationalsMay 19 2003Jun 30 2003In this note we study some sequences whose ratio converges to the square root of rationals. Further we analyze some related sequences obtained when the above mentioned ratio simplifies.
Fine properties of the curvature of arbitrary closed setsAug 04 2017Feb 15 2019Given an arbitrary closed set $ A $ of $ \mathbf{R}^{n} $, we establish the relation between the eigenvalues of the approximate differential of the nearest point projection onto $ A $ and the principal curvatures of $ A $ introduced by Hug-Last-Weil, ... More
Black Hole ParadoxesDec 03 2004Feb 24 2005The Black Hole enigma has produced many paradoxes. A consensus regarding the resolution of some conundrums such as the Naked Singularity Paradox and the Black Hole Lost Information Paradox (LIP) has still not been achieved. Black hole complementarity ... More
Charge Tempered Cosmological ModelDec 15 2004Oct 27 2005The main purpose of this work is to obtain the metric of a Charge Tempered Cosmological Model, a slightly modified Standard Cosmological Model by a small excess of charge density, distributed uniformly in accordance with the Cosmological Principle, the ... More
Rapid mixing of Swendsen-Wang dynamics in two dimensionsDec 20 2012May 14 2014We prove comparison results for the Swendsen-Wang (SW) dynamics, the heat-bath (HB) dynamics for the Potts model and the single-bond (SB) dynamics for the random-cluster model on arbitrary graphs. In particular, we prove that rapid mixing of HB implies ... More
On the homology of the moduli space of plane sheaves with Hilbert polynomial 5m+3May 23 2013We compute the Hodge numbers of the moduli space of semi-stable sheaves on the complex projective plane supported on quintic curves and having Euler characteristic 3. For this purpose we study the fixed-point set for a certain torus action on the moduli ... More
CMS High mass WW and ZZ Higgs search with the complete LHC Run1 statisticsMay 14 2015A search for the decay of a heavy Higgs boson in the H$\to$ZZ and H$\to$WW channels is reported, analyzing several final states of the H$\to$ZZ and H$\to$WW decays. The search used proton-proton collision data corresponding to an integrated luminosity ... More
On the Efetov-Wegner terms by diagonalizing a Hermitian supermatrixNov 03 2010Mar 02 2011The diagonalization of Hermitian supermatrices is studied. Such a change of coordinates is inevitable to find certain structures in random matrix theory. However it still poses serious problems since up to now the calculation of all Rothstein contributions ... More
A finite difference method for Piecewise Deterministic Processes with memoryOct 24 2006Nov 10 2006In this paper the numerical approximation of solutions of Liouville-Master Equations for time-dependent distribution functions of Piecewise Deterministic Processes with memory is considered. These equations are linear hyperbolic PDEs with non-constant ... More
The Heintze-Karcher inequality for sets of finite perimeter and bounded mean curvatureAug 16 2019We establish the Heintze-Karcher inequality for sets of finite perimeter and bounded generalized mean curvature (in the sense of varifold's theory) and we prove that the equality case is uniquely characterized by finite unions of disjoint open balls.
Analytical solutions for the dynamical clock A+ indicator in a toy model of pure dynamical frictionJul 27 2019Blue straggler stars are more massive than the average star in globular clusters, as they originate from the merger of two stars. Consequently, they experience dynamical friction, progressively sinking to the cluster center. Recently, several indicators ... More
On Generalizations of the Newton-Raphson-Simpson MethodMar 25 2019We present generalizations of the Newton-Raphson-Simpson method. Specifically, for a positive integer $m$ and the sequence of coefficients of a Taylor series of a function $f(z)$, we define an algorithm we denote by NRS($m$) which is a way to evaluate, ... More
Technological ParasitismJan 25 2019Technological parasitism is a new theory to explain the evolution of technology in society. In this context, this study proposes a model to analyze the interaction between a host technology (system) and a parasitic technology (subsystem) to explain evolutionary ... More
A note on the dispersion of admissible latticesOct 24 2017In this note we show that the volume of axis-parallel boxes in $\mathbb{R}^d$ which do not intersect an admissible lattice $\mathbb{L}\subset\mathbb{R}^d$ is uniformly bounded. In particular, this implies that the dispersion of the dilated lattices $N^{-1/d}\mathbb{L}$ ... More
On the roots of the cubic defining the Tribonacci sequencesSep 20 2002We consider a sequence of sums of powers of the the roots of the cubic equation characterizing the Tribonacci sequences and derive its relationship with a particular Tribonacci sequence. Then we make a conjecture on the possible generalization.
Identities for Tribonacci-related sequencesSep 15 2002We establish some identities relating two sequences that are, as explained, related to the Tribonacci sequence. One of these sequences bears the same resemblance to the Tribonacci sequence as the Lucas sequence does to the Fibonacci sequence. Defining ... More
Adaptive Newton-Type Schemes Based on ProjectionsSep 12 2018Oct 23 2018In this work we present and discuss a possible globalization concept for Newton-type methods. We consider nonlinear problems $f(x)=0$ in $\mathbb{R}^{n}$ using the concepts from ordinary differential equations as a basis for the proposed numerical solution ... More
The first-crossing area of a diffusion process with jumps over a constant barrierDec 11 2012For a given barrier $S$ and a one-dimensional jump-diffusion process $X(t),$ starting from $x<S,$ we study the probability distribution of the integral $A_S(x)= \int_0 ^ {\tau_S(x)}X(t) \ dt$ determined by $X(t)$ till its first-crossing time $\tau_S(x)$ ... More
The classification of semi-stable plane sheaves supported on sextic curvesMay 01 2012Sep 16 2012We classify all Gieseker semi-stable sheaves on the complex projective plane that have dimension 1 and multiplicity 6. We decompose their moduli spaces into strata which occur naturally as quotients modulo actions of certain algebraic groups. In most ... More
On the geometry of the moduli space of sheaves supported on curves of genus four contained in a quadric surfaceApr 24 2017We study the moduli space of stable sheaves of Euler characteristic 1 supported on curves of bidegree (3, 3) contained in a smooth quadric surface. We show that this moduli space is rational. We compute its Betti numbers by studying the variation of the ... More
Analysis of a chemotaxis model with indirect signal absorptionJan 21 2019We consider the chemotaxis model \begin{align*} \begin{cases} u_t = \Delta u - \nabla \cdot (u \nabla v), \\ v_t = \Delta v - vw, \\ w_t = -\delta w + u \end{cases} \end{align*} in smooth, bounded domains $\Omega \subset \mathbb R^n$, $n \in \mathbb N$, ... More
CMRNet: Camera to LiDAR-Map RegistrationJun 24 2019Jul 17 2019In this paper we present CMRNet, a realtime approach based on a Convolutional Neural Network to localize an RGB image of a scene in a map built from LiDAR data. Our network is not trained in the working area, i.e. CMRNet does not learn the map. Instead ... More
Review on the Observed and Physical Properties of Core Collapse SupernovaeJan 01 2003This paper summarizes observed and physical properties of all types of core collapse supernovae. Despite the great diversity displayed by these objects, several regularities emerge which suggest that 1) there is a continuum in the properties of these ... More
The Latest Version of the Standardized Candle Method for Type II SupernovaeJan 15 2003I use the largest available sample of Type II plateau supernovae to examine the previously reported luminosity-velocity relation. This study confirms such relation which permits one to standardize the luminosities of these objects from a spectroscopic ... More
The Van der Pol EquationMar 11 2008In this work, we present the basic theoretical efforts that are known in order to deal with non-trivial solutions of the Van der Pol oscillator, such as theory of average, successive approximations and symbolic dynamics. We also construct a set of diagrams ... More
Off-equilibrium relaxational dynamics with improved Ising HamiltonianDec 03 2010Dec 06 2010We study the off-equilibrium relaxational dynamics at criticality in the three-dimensional Blume-Capel model whose static critical behaviour belongs to the 3d-Ising universality class. Using "improved" Hamiltonian (the leading corrections to scaling have ... More
C1-stably shadowable conservative diffeomorphisms are AnosovDec 15 2011In this short note we prove that if a symplectomorphism f is C1-stably shadowable, then f is Anosov. The same result is obtained for volume-preserving diffeomorphisms.
The Hubbard model on a complete graph: Exact Analytical resultsMar 27 1996We derive the analytical expression of the ground state of the Hubbard model with unconstrained hopping at half filling and for arbitrary lattice sites.
Matter wave quantum dots (anti-dots) in ultracold atomic Bose-Fermi mixturesMar 04 2005Nov 05 2005The properties of ultracold atomic Bose-Fermi mixtures in external potentials are investigated and the existence of gap solitons of Bose-Fermi mixtures in optical lattices demonstrated. Using a self-consistent approach we compute the energy spectrum and ... More
European accelerator-based neutrino projectsApr 04 2002Future neutrino projects in Europe will follow two distinct time lines. On the medium term, they will be dominated by the CERN-Gran Sasso long-baseline project, with two experiments OPERA and ICARUS, mainly concentrated on $\tau$ appearance. On the longer ... More
A short comparison between m_T2 and m_CTApr 21 2008May 23 2008We compare m_T2 with m_CT; both are kinematic variables designed to find relationships between masses of pair-produced new states with symmetric decay chains. We find that for massless visible particles m_CT equals m_T2 in a particular limit. We identify ... More
Ultra high energy neutrinos from gamma ray burstsFeb 18 1998Mar 06 1998Protons accelerated to high energies in the relativistic shocks that generate gamma ray bursts photoproduce pions, and then neutrinos in situ. I show that ultra high energy neutrinos (> 10^19 eV) are produced during the burst and the afterglow. A larger ... More
What have we learned about gamma ray bursts from afterglows?Nov 30 1999The discovery of GRBs' afterglows has allowed us to establish several facts: their distance and energy scales, the fact that they are due to explosions, that the explosions are relativistic, and that the afterglow emission mechanism is synchrotron radiation. ... More
Magnetospheric interactions of binary pulsars as a model for gamma ray burstsSep 04 1996I consider a model of GRBs where they arise right before the merging of binary pulsars. Binary pulsars moving through the companion's magnetic field experience a large, motional electric field $\vec{E}=\vec{v}\wedge\vec{B}/c$, which leads to the release ... More
Renormalization and Short Distance Singular StructureAug 08 2000The relation between renormalization and short distance singular divergencies in quantum field theory is studied. As a consequence a finite theory is presented. It is shown that these divergencies are originated by the multiplication of distributions ... More
Designing and Building a Three-dimensional Projective Scanner for SmartphonesMar 14 2015One of the frustrating things in the digital fabrication era is that its media are neither affordable nor easily accessible and usable. Three-dimensional (3D) fabrication media (DFM) such as 3D Printers and 3D Scanners have experienced an upsurge in popularity, ... More
A consistent Lie algebraic representation of quantum phase and number operatorsNov 05 2002A consistent realization of the quantum operators corresponding to the canonically conjugate phase and number variables is proposed, resorting to the irreducible unitary representations of the Lie algebra su(1,1), as proposed by Kastrup.
Deterrents to a Theory of Quantum GravityAug 18 2006Oct 10 2006As shown previously, quantum mechanics directly violates the weak equivalence principle in general and in all dimensions, and thus indirectly violates the strong equivalence principle in all dimensions. The present paper shows that quantum mechanics also ... More
Improved Power System of the FutureApr 22 2003This paper is intended to provide an insight into physics and engineering that can modernize electric power systems. Topics covered are Flexible ac transmission systems (FACTS), Custom Power, Greatly improved Capacitors, Electrical Insulation, Distribution ... More
Basic Connection between Superconductivity and SuperfluidityApr 08 2003Apr 17 2003A basic and inherently simple connection is shown to exist between superconductivity and superfluidity. It is shown here that the author's previously derived general equation which agrees well with the superconducting transition temperatures for the heavy-electron ... More
Remembering Guido AltarelliOct 27 2016In memory of Guido Altarelli I present my personal recollections of the early times and his major role played in the development of QCD.
Garsia-Rodemich Spaces: Bourgain-Brezis-Mironescu space, embeddings and rearrangement invariant spacesAug 28 2016Sep 14 2016We extend the construction of Garsia-Rodemich spaces in different directions. We show that the new space \textbf{B,} introduced by Bourgain-Brezis-Mironescu \cite{bbm}, can be described via a suitable scaling of the Garsia-Rodemich norms. As an application ... More
Fuzzy thresholding in wavelet domain for speckle reduction in Synthetic Aperture Radar imagesJul 31 2016The application of wavelet transforms to Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery has improved despeckling performance. To deduce the problem of filtering the multiplicative noise to the case of an additive noise, the wavelet decomposition is performed ... More
Denoising and compression in wavelet domain via projection onto approximation coefficientsJul 31 2016We describe a new filtering approach in the wavelet domain for image denoising and compression, based on the projections of details subbands coefficients (resultants of the splitting procedure, typical in wavelet domain) onto the approximation subband ... More