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A new graphical calculus of proofsFeb 14 2011We offer a simple graphical representation for proofs of intuitionistic logic, which is inspired by proof nets and interaction nets (two formalisms originating in linear logic). This graphical calculus of proofs inherits good features from each, but is ... More
Proceedings Ninth International Workshop on Reduction Strategies in Rewriting and ProgrammingJan 26 2010This volume contains selected papers presented at the 9th International Workshop on Reduction Strategies in Rewriting and Programming, WRS2009, which was held in Brasilia on the 28th June 2009, associated to RTA 2009 (the 20th International Conference ... More
Labelled Lambda-calculi with Explicit Copy and EraseMar 29 2010We present two rewriting systems that define labelled explicit substitution lambda-calculi. Our work is motivated by the close correspondence between Levy's labelled lambda-calculus and paths in proof-nets, which played an important role in the understanding ... More
Graph Creation, Visualisation and TransformationMar 23 2010We describe a tool to create, edit, visualise and compute with interaction nets - a form of graph rewriting systems. The editor, called GraphPaper, allows users to create and edit graphs and their transformation rules using an intuitive user interface. ... More
Strategic programming on graph rewriting systemsDec 27 2010We describe a strategy language to control the application of graph rewriting rules, and show how this language can be used to write high-level declarative programs in several application areas. This language is part of a graph-based programming tool ... More
Proceedings Tenth International Workshop on Computing with Terms and GraphsFeb 05 2019This volume contains a selection of the papers presented at TERMGRAPH 2018, the tenth edition of the international workshop on computing with terms and graphs. Graphs, and graph transformation systems, are used in many areas within Computer Science: to ... More
Static Enforcement of Role-Based Access ControlSep 09 2014We propose a new static approach to Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) policy enforcement. The static approach we advocate includes a new design methodology, for applications involving RBAC, which integrates the security requirements into the system's architecture. ... More
From nominal to higher-order rewriting and back againSep 17 2015Dec 11 2015We present a translation function from nominal rewriting systems (NRSs) to combinatory reduction systems (CRSs), transforming closed nominal rules and ground nominal terms to CRSs rules and terms, respectively, while preserving the rewriting relation. ... More
Assembling the Proofs of Ordered Model TransformationsFeb 21 2013In model-driven development, an ordered model transformation is a nested set of transformations between source and target classes, in which each transformation is governed by its own pre and post- conditions, but structurally dependent on its parent. ... More
Proceedings Fourth International Workshop on LinearityJan 17 2017This volume contains the papers presented at LINEARITY 2016, the Fourth International Workshop on Linearity, held on June 26, 2016 in Porto, Portugal. The workshop was a one-day satellite event of FSCD 2016, the first International Conference on Formal ... More
Higher-order port-graph rewritingNov 17 2012The biologically inspired framework of port-graphs has been successfully used to specify complex systems. It is the basis of the PORGY modelling tool. To facilitate the specification of proof normalisation procedures via graph rewriting, in this paper ... More
Closed nominal rewriting and efficiently computable nominal algebra equalitySep 14 2010We analyse the relationship between nominal algebra and nominal rewriting, giving a new and concise presentation of equational deduction in nominal theories. With some new results, we characterise a subclass of equational theories for which nominal rewriting ... More
Strategic Port Graph Rewriting: An Interactive Modelling and Analysis FrameworkJul 30 2014We present strategic portgraph rewriting as a basis for the implementation of visual modelling and analysis tools. The goal is to facilitate the specification, analysis and simulation of complex systems, using port graphs. A system is represented by an ... More
General dynamic recovery for compensating CSPApr 01 2014Compensation is a technique to roll-back a system to a consistent state in case of failure. Recovery mechanisms for compensating calculi specify the order of execution of compensation sequences. Dynamic recovery means that the order of execution is determined ... More
Bigraphical NetsFeb 26 2013Interaction nets are a graphical model of computation, which has been used to define efficient evaluators for functional calculi, and specifically lambda calculi with patterns. However, the flat structure of interaction nets forces pattern matching and ... More
Attributed Hierarchical Port Graphs and ApplicationsFeb 19 2018We present attributed hierarchical port graphs (AHP) as an extension of port graphs that aims at facilitating the design of modular port graph models for complex systems. AHP consist of a number of interconnected layers, where each layer defines a port ... More
Lie tori of type B_2 and graded-simple Jordan structures covered by a triangleAug 01 2011We classify two classes of B_2-graded Lie algebras which have a second compatible grading by an abelian group A: (a) graded-simple Lie algebras for A torsion-free and (b) division-A-graded Lie algebras. Our results describe the centreless cores of a class ... More
Linear RecursionJan 19 2010Jan 14 2011We show that the full PCF language can be encoded in Lrec, a linear lambda-calculus extended with numbers, pairs and an unbounded recursor that preserves the syntactic linearity of the calculus. Thus, Lrec is a Turing complete extension of the linear ... More
Elementary Deduction Problem for Locally Stable Theories with Normal FormsMar 29 2013We present an algorithm to decide the intruder deduction problem (IDP) for a class of locally stable theories enriched with normal forms. Our result relies on a new and efficient algorithm to solve a restricted case of higher-order associative-commutative ... More
Linear RecursionJan 19 2010Nov 25 2016We define two extensions of the typed linear lambda-calculus that yield minimal Turing-complete systems. The extensions are based on unbounded recursion in one case, and bounded recursion with minimisation in the other. We show that both approaches are ... More
On Nominal Syntax and Permutation Fixed PointsFeb 22 2019We propose a new axiomatisation of the alpha-equivalence relation for nominal terms, based on a primitive notion of fixed-point constraint. We show that the standard freshness relation between atoms and terms can be derived from the more primitive notion ... More
1st International Workshop on Distributed Evolutionary Computation in Informal EnvironmentsJun 01 2011Jun 02 2011Online conference proceedings for the IWDECIE workshop, taking place in New Orleans on June 5th, 2011. The workshop focuses on non-conventional implementations of bioinspired algorithms and its conceptual implications.
PORGY: Strategy-Driven Interactive Transformation of GraphsFeb 14 2011This paper investigates the use of graph rewriting systems as a modelling tool, and advocates the embedding of such systems in an interactive environment. One important application domain is the modelling of biochemical systems, where states are represented ... More
Nominal C-UnificationSep 15 2017Nominal unification is an extension of first-order unification that takes into account the \alpha-equivalence relation generated by binding operators, following the nominal approach. We propose a sound and complete procedure for nominal unification with ... More
Proceedings Joint International Workshop on Linearity & Trends in Linear Logic and ApplicationsApr 12 2019This volume contains a selection of papers presented at Linearity/TLLA 2018: Joint Linearity and TLLA workshops (part of FLOC 2018) held on July 7-8, 2018 in Oxford. Linearity has been a key feature in several lines of research in both theoretical and ... More
Irregular hypergeometric D-modulesJun 18 2009Jul 15 2009We study the irregularity of hypergeometric D-modules $\mathcal{M}_A (\beta )$ via the explicit construction of Gevrey series solutions along coordinate subspaces in $X =\mathbb{C}^n$. As a consequence, we prove that along coordinate hyperplanes the combinatorial ... More
Proceedings 24th International Workshop on UnificationDec 21 2010This volume contains selected papers presented at the 24th International Workshop on Unification, UNIF2010, which was held in Edinburgh on the 14th July 2010, as part of FLoC 2010 (Federated Logic Conferences).
Ab initio study of the ferroelectric strain dependence and 180$^\circ$ domain walls in the barium metal fluorides BaMgF$_4$ and BaZnF$_4$Oct 30 2015Nov 02 2015We investigate the strain dependence of the ferroelectric polarization and the structure of the ferroelectric domain walls in the layered perovskite-related barium fluorides, BaMF$_4$ (M=Mg, Zn). The unusual "geometric ferroelectricity" in these materials ... More
On the local monodromy of A-hypergeometric functions and some monodromy invariant subspacesJul 15 2016Jul 18 2016We study the local monodromy of A-hypergeometric functions with respect to small loops around a coordinate hyperplane $x_i = 0$ for nonresonant parameters. In particular we obtain a formula for the characteristic polynomial of this local monodromy which ... More
On the local monodromy of A-hypergeometric functions and some monodromy invariant subspacesJul 15 2016Jan 25 2019We obtain an explicit formula for the characteristic polynomial of the local monodromy of $A$-hypergeometric functions with respect to small loops around a coordinate hyperplane $x_i =0$. This formula is similar to the one obtained by Ando, Esterov and ... More
A General Axiomatization for the logics of the Hierarchy ${\mathbb{I}}^n {\mathbb{P}}^k$Dec 03 2018In this paper, the logics of the family ${\mathbb{I}}^n {\mathbb{P}}^k$:=$\{{ I^n P^k}\}_{(n,k) \in \omega^2}$ are formally defined by means of finite matrices, as a simultaneous generalization of the weakly-intuitionistic logic $I^1$ and of the paraconsistent ... More
Three-Dimensional Simulations of SASI- and Convection-Dominated Core-Collapse SupernovaeApr 29 2015Jul 01 2015We investigate the effect of dimensionality on the transition to explosion in neutrino-driven core-collapse supernovae. Using parameterized hydrodynamic simulations of the stalled supernova shock in one-, two- (2D), and three spatial dimensions (3D), ... More
The Kontsevich-Rosenberg principle for bi-symplectic formsAug 08 2017In this expository note, we explain the so-called Van den Bergh functor, which enables the formalization of the Kontsevich-Rosenberg principle, whereby a structure on an associative algebra has geometric meaning if it induces standard geometric structures ... More
On the probability distribution of the gcd and lcm of $r$-tuples of integersMay 02 2013This paper is devoted to the study of statistical properties of the greatest common divisor and the least common multiple of random samples of positive integers.
Random index of codivisibilityOct 17 2013The index of codivisibility of a set of integers is the size of its largest subset with a common prime divisor. For large random samples of integers, the index of codivisibility is approximately normal.
Towards Collisions of Inhomogeneous Shockwaves in AdSJul 21 2014Jun 21 2015We perform a numerical simulation of the evolution of inhomogeneities with transverse profile in a collision of gravitational shockwaves in asymptotically anti-de Sitter spacetime. This constitutes a step closer towards an accurate holographic description ... More
A moduli approach to quadratic Q-curves realizing projective mod p Galois representationsJun 03 2005For a fixed odd prime p and a representation \rho of the absolute Galois group of Q into the projective group PGL(2,p), we provide the twisted modular curves whose rational points supply the quadratic Q-curves of degree N prime to p that realize \rho ... More
The Spiral Modes of the Standing Accretion Shock InstabilityMar 08 2010Oct 11 2010A stalled spherical accretion shock, such as that arising in core-collapse supernovae, is unstable to non-spherical perturbations. In three dimensions, this Standing Accretion Shock Instability (SASI) can develop spiral modes that spin-up the protoneutron ... More
Hydrodynamics of Core-Collapse Supernovae at the Transition to Explosion. I. Spherical SymmetryNov 02 2011Feb 15 2012We study the transition to runaway expansion of an initially stalled core-collapse supernova shock. The neutrino luminosity, mass accretion rate, and neutrinospheric radius are all treated as free parameters. In spherical symmetry, this transition is ... More
Asymptotic normality and greatest common divisorsFeb 10 2013May 08 2013We report on some statistical regularity properties of greatest common divisors: for large random samples of integers, the number of coprime pairs and the average of the gcd's of those pairs are approximately normal, while the maximum of those gcd's (appropriately ... More
Hierarchical Complexity: Measures of High Level ModularityMay 11 2011Software is among the most complex endeavors of the human mind; large scale systems can have tens of millions of lines of source code. However, seldom is complexity measured above the lowest level of code, and sometimes source code files or low level ... More
Equidistribution and coprimalityOct 14 2013This paper is devoted to the study of equidistributional properties of \textit{totient points} in $\mathbb{N}^r$, that is, of coprime $r$-tuples of integers, with particular emphasis on some relevant sets of totient points fulfilling extra divisibility ... More
Visible lattice points in random walksDec 15 2015We consider the possible visits to visible points of a random walker moving up and right in the integer lattice (with probability $\alpha$ and $1-\alpha$, respectively) and starting from the origin. We show that, almost surely, the asymptotic proportion ... More
Simple model for Crystal Field TheoryMar 30 2016We investigate a simple model for the prediction of the splitting of the $3d$ orbitals of a metal ion in the environment of ligands. The electrons are considered to be independent and their interaction with the ligands is represented by the Dirac delta ... More
Improved power-series method for confined one-dimensional quantum-mechanical problemsFeb 23 2016We propose two improvements to the well-known power series method for confined one-dimensional quantum-mechanical problems. They consist of the addition of a variational step were the energy plays the role of a variational parameter. We compare the rate ... More
Algebraic treatment of a simple model for the electromagnetic self-forceAug 31 2015The problem of the electromagnetic self-force can be studied in terms of a quadratic PT-symmetric Hamiltonian. Here, we apply a straightforward algebraic method to determine the regions of model-parameter space where the quantum-mechanical operator exhibits ... More
On the symmetry of the quantum-mechanical particle in a cubic boxOct 18 2013Dec 25 2014In this paper we show that the point-group (geometrical) symmetry is insufficient to account for the degeneracy of the energy levels of the particle in a cubic box. The discrepancy is due to hidden (dynamical symmetry). We obtain the operators that commute ... More
On a perturbation treatment of a model for MHD viscous flowOct 30 2009We discuss the solution of a nonlinear ordinary differential equation that appears in a model for MHD viscous flow caused by a shrinking sheet. We propose an accurate numerical solution and derive simple analytical expressions. Our results suggest that ... More
New Approach to Bounded Quantum--Mechanical ModelsMay 21 2008We develop an approach for the treatment of one--dimensional bounded quantum--mechanical models by straightforward modification of a successful method for unbounded ones. We apply the new approach to a simple example and show that it provides solutions ... More
Symmetric quadratic Hamiltonians with pseudo-Hermitian matrix representationSep 13 2015Mar 18 2016We prove that any symmetric Hamiltonian that is a quadratic function of the coordinates and momenta has a pseudo-Hermitian adjoint or regular matrix representation. The eigenvalues of the latter matrix are the natural frequencies of the Hamiltonian operator. ... More
On the crossing of the energy levels of a parameter-dependent quantum-mechanical HamiltonianMay 25 2014Apr 20 2015The non-crossing rule for the energy levels of a parameter-dependent Hamiltonian is revisited and a flaw in a commonly accepted proof is revealed. Some aspects of avoided crossings are illustrated by means of simple models. One of them shows the close ... More
Wronskian method for bound statesJan 17 2011We propose a simple and straightforward method based on Wronskians for the calculation of bound--state energies and wavefunctions of one--dimensional quantum--mechanical problems. We explicitly discuss the asymptotic behavior of the wavefunction and show ... More
HAM and HPM: Another attack to reasonDec 15 2009We discuss two recent applications of homotopy analysis method and homotopy perturbation method and conclude that the results are completely useless from both mathematical and physical points of view.
Nonsensical models for quantum dotsNov 17 2009We analyze a model proposed recently for the calculation of the energy of an exciton in a quantum dot and show that the authors made a serious mistake in the solution to the Schr\"{o}dinger equation.
On the application of homotopy--perturbation and Adomian decomposition methods to the linear and nonlinear Schrödinger equationsAug 11 2008I discuss a recent application of homotopy perturbation and Adomian decomposition methods to the linear and nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations. I propose a generalization of the procedure for the treatment of a wider class of problems.
K-essential covariant holographyOct 23 2014The holographic principle is applied to a flat Friedmann-Robertson-Walker space-time dominated by dark energy when this is due to the presence of a k-essence scalar field, both for dark energy and phantom scenarios. In this framework, a geometrical covariant ... More
Stable ordered union ultrafilters and $\mathrm{cov}(\mathcal{M})<\mathfrak c$Oct 19 2018A union ultrafilter is an ultrafilter over the finite subsets of $\omega$ that has a base of sets of the form $\mathrm{FU}(X)$, where $X$ is an infinite pairwise disjoint family and $\mathrm{FU}(X)=\{\bigcup F\big|F\in[X]^{<\omega}\setminus\{\varnothing\}\}$. ... More
Supporting Requirements Engineering Research that Industry Needs: The Naming the Pain in Requirements Engineering InitiativeOct 12 2017In light of the 40th jubilee of Requirements Engineering (RE), roughly 40 experts met in Switzerland to discuss where our discipline stands today. As of today, the common view is, indisputably, that RE as a discipline is stable and respected, as pointed ... More
A track-before-detect labelled multi-Bernoulli particle filter with label switchingMar 31 2016This paper presents a multitarget tracking particle filter (PF) for general track-before-detect measurement models. The PF is presented in the random finite set framework and uses a labelled multi-Bernoulli approximation. We also present a label switching ... More
The Segre cone of Banach spaces and multilinear operatorsApr 27 2018We prove that any pair of reasonable cross norms defined on the tensor product of $n$ Banach spaces induce $(2k)^{n-1}$-Lipschitz equivalent metrics (and thus, a unique topology) on the set $S^k_{X_1,\ldots, X_n}$ of vectors of rank $\leq k$. With this, ... More
Nonlinear Evolution of the Radiation-Driven Magneto-Acoustic Instability (RMI)Nov 26 2012Mar 09 2013We examine the nonlinear development of unstable magnetosonic waves driven by a background radiative flux -- the Radiation-Driven Magneto-Acoustic Instability (RMI, a.k.a. the "photon bubble" instability). The RMI may serve as a persistent source of density, ... More
Stability of a Spherical Accretion Shock with Nuclear DissociationNov 17 2008Mar 01 2009We examine the stability of a standing shock wave within a spherical accretion flow onto a gravitating star, in the context of core-collapse supernova explosions. Our focus is on the effect of nuclear dissociation below the shock on the linear growth, ... More
Covariant holography of a tachyonic accelerating universeJul 31 2014Sep 09 2014We apply the holographic principle to a flat dark energy dominated Friedmann-Robertson-Walker spacetime filled with a tachyon scalar field with constant equation of state $w=p/\rho$, both for $w>-1$ and $w<-1$. By using a geometrical covariant procedure, ... More
Parameter redundancy in Type III functional response models with consumer interferenceAug 02 2018The consumption rate is a process critically important for the stability of consumer-resource systems and the persistence, sustainability and biodiversity of complex food webs. Its mathematical description in the form of functional response equations ... More
On non-formal simply connected manifoldsDec 10 2002Jan 24 2003We construct examples of non-formal simply connected and compact oriented manifolds of any dimension bigger or equal to 7.
On Weierstraß semigroups at one and two points and their corresponding Poincaré seriesMar 30 2009Jun 29 2011The aim of this paper is to introduce and investigate the Poincar\'e series associated with the Weierstra{\ss} semigroup of one and two rational points at a (not necessarily irreducible) non-singular projective algebraic curve defined over a finite field, ... More
Controllability properties for some semilinear parabolic PDE with a quadratic gradient termFeb 03 2012We study several controllability properties for some semilinear parabolic PDE with a quadratic gradient term. For internal distributed controls, it is shown that the system is approximately and null controllable. The proof relies on the Cole-Hopf transformation. ... More
Hypermassive Neutron Star Disk Outflows and Blue KilonovaeNov 21 2018We study mass ejection from accretion disks around newly-formed hypermassive neutron stars (HMNS). Standard kilonova model fits to GW170817 require at least a lanthanide-poor ('blue') and lanthanide-rich ('red') component. The existence of a blue component ... More
Generalised Poincaré series and embedded resolution of curvesJul 06 2011The purpose of this paper is to extend the notions of generalised Poincar\'e series and divisorial generalised Poincar\'e series (of motivic nature) introduced by Campillo, Delgado and Gusein-Zade for complex curve singularities to curves defined over ... More
On some curve singularity invariants and reductionsJul 03 2011This paper deals with the study of the behaviour of the value semigroup of a curve singularity define over a global field reduced modulo a maximal ideal. We also define a global zeta function of the curve by means of motivic integration over a suitable ... More
Event Shapes from JADE Data and Studies of Power CorrectionsAug 06 1998Studies of event shape observables at PETRA and LEP energies are presented. Previously published determinations of the strong coupling constant \alpha_s at \sqrt{s} = 35 and 44 GeV are complemented using new resummed QCD calculations for the C parameter ... More
The Hahn-Banach Theorem: a proof of the equivalence between the analitic and geometric versionsDec 21 2018We present here a simple and direct proof of the classic geometric version of Hahn-Banach Theorem from its analitic version, in the real case. The reciprocal implication, and the direct proofs of both versions, are already well kown, but they are also ... More
On the quasi-ordinary cuspidal foliations in (C^3,0)Mar 03 2005We study a class of holomorphic foliations in (C^3,0) that can be desingularized following the same desingularization chain that a certain quasi-ordinary surface. This intends to be a generalization to the dimension three of the cuspodal foliations in ... More
Characteristic cycles and Gevrey series solutions of $A$-hypergeometric systemsFeb 12 2019We compute the $L$-characteristic cycle of an $A$-hypergeometric system and higher Euler-Koszul homology modules of the toric ring. We also prove upper semicontinuity results about the multiplicities in these cycles and apply our results to analyze the ... More
Grand Rip and Grand Bang/Crunch cosmological singularitiesAug 29 2014Jan 26 2015The present accelerated expansion of the universe has enriched the list of possible scenarios for its fate, singular or not. In this paper a unifying framework for analyzing such behaviors is proposed, based on generalized power and asymptotic expansions ... More
Geometric Phases and Mielnik's Evolution LoopsOct 27 1994The cyclic evolutions and associated geometric phases induced by time-independent Hamiltonians are studied for the case when the evolution operator becomes the identity (those processes are called {\it evolution loops}). We make a detailed treatment of ... More
Tight upper and lower bounds to the eigenvalues and critical parameters of a double wellJul 13 2016By means of a suitable rational approximation to the logarithmic derivative of the wavefunction we obtain tight upper and lower bounds to the eigenvalues and critical parameters of the quartic double-well potential.
On the construction of pseudo-Hermitian Hamiltonians by means of similarity transformationsApr 19 2016We generalize a recently proposed approach for the construction of pseudo-Hermitian Hamiltonians with real spectra. Present technique is based on a simple and straightforward similarity transformation of the coordinate and momentum.
Quantum scattering by WronskiansJan 05 2011We show that Wronskians between properly chosen linearly independent solutions of the Schr\"odinger equation greatly facilitate the study of quantum scattering in one dimension. They enable one to obtain the necessary relationships between the coefficients ... More
Perturbation theory for confined systemsApr 14 2010We discuss the application of perturbation theory to a system of particles confined in a spherical box. A simple argument shows that the particles behave almost independently in sufficiently strong confinement. We choose the helium atom with a moving ... More
Alternative Fourier-series approach to nonlinear oscillationsOct 07 2009Oct 12 2009We propose an alternative approach that avoids the nonlinear equations for the Fourier coefficients that appear in the method of harmonic balance. We apply it to two simple illustrative examples.
On the homotopy perturbation method for Boussinesq-like equationsJul 26 2009We comment on some analytical solutions to a class of Boussinesq-like equations derived recently by means of the homotopy perturbation method (HPM). We show that one may obtain exactly the same result by means of the Taylor series in the time variable. ... More
On some approximate methods for nonlinear modelsApr 26 2009We show that recent applications of the homotopy perturbation method the Adomian decomposition method and the variational iteration method are completely useless for the treatment of nonlinear problems.
On the symmetry of four particles in a one-dimensional box with harmonic interactionJul 04 2016Jul 08 2016We show that a system of four particles in a one-dimensional box with a two-particle harmonic interaction can by described by means of the symmetry point group $O_h$. Group theory proves useful for the discussion of both the small-box and large-box regimes. ... More
Algebraic treatment of the Pais-Uhlenbeck oscillator and its PT-variantMay 30 2016Aug 13 2016The algebraic method enables one to study the properties of the spectrum of a quadratic Hamiltonian through the mathematical properties of a matrix representation called regular or adjoint. This matrix exhibits exceptional points where it becomes defective ... More
Perturbation theory by the moment method and point-group symmetrySep 14 2014We analyze earlier applications of perturbation theory by the moment method (also called inner product method) to anharmonic oscillators. For concreteness we focus on two-dimensional models with symmetry $C_{4v}$ and $C_{2v}$ and reveal the reason why ... More
On the uncertainty relations for an electron in a constant magnetic fieldJul 30 2012We discuss the uncertainty relation for the azimuthal angle $\phi$ and the $z$-component of the angular momentum $L_z$. To this end we derive the uncertainty relation for an arbitrary pair of observables and discuss the conditions for its validity. By ... More
Accurate calculation of the eigenvalues of a new simple class of superpotentials in SUSY quantum mechanicsMar 22 2012Mar 03 2013We obtain accurate eigenvalues for two recently derived SUSY partner Hamiltonians. We improve the Rayleigh-Ritz variational method proposed by the authors and show how to apply the Riccati-Pad\'{e} method to those particular partner potentials.
Conformal polynomial parameterizationsMay 25 2012The current paper discusses some new results about conformal polynomic surface parameterizations. A new theorem is proved: Given a conformal polynomic surface parameterization of any degree it must be harmonic on each component. As a first geometrical ... More
On distinguished orbits of reductive representationsJan 21 2013Let $G$ be a real reductive Lie group and ${\tau}:G \longrightarrow GL(V)$ be a real reductive representation of $G$ with (restricted) moment map $m_{\ggo}: V-{0} \longrightarrow \ggo$. In this work, we introduce the notion of "nice space" of a real reductive ... More
Omega subgroups of powerful p-groupsAug 02 2011Let G be a powerful finite p-group. In this note, we give a short elementary proof of the following facts for all $i\ge 0$: (i) $\exp \Omega_-i(G)\le p^i$ for odd p, and $\exp \Omega_-i(G)\le 2^{i+1}$ for p = 2; (ii) the index $|G:G^{p^i}|$ coincides ... More
A Matsusaka-type Theorem for SurfacesOct 19 1994The purpose of this note is to give an (esentially optimal) effective version of Matsusaka's Big theorem for smooth projective surfaces.
Rotochemical Heating in Millisecond Pulsars. Formalism and Non-superfluid caseFeb 05 2005Rotochemical heating originates in a departure from beta equilibrium due to spin-down compression in a rotating neutron star. The main consequence is that the star eventually arrives at a quasi-equilibrium state, in which the thermal photon luminosity ... More
Dynamics of a Spherical Accretion Shock with Neutrino Heating and Alpha-Particle RecombinationDec 30 2008Sep 20 2009We investigate the effects of neutrino heating and alpha-particle recombination on the hydrodynamics of core-collapse supernovae. Our focus is on the non-linear dynamics of the shock wave that forms in the collapse, and the assembly of positive energy ... More
The Lagrangian structure of the Vlasov-Poisson system in domains with specular reflectionDec 04 2017Aug 27 2018In this work, we deal with the Vlasov-Poisson system in smooth physical domains with specular boundary condition, under mild integrability assumptions, and $d \ge 3$. We show that the Lagrangian and Eulerian descriptions of the system are also equivalent ... More
Versions of the Central Sets Theorem with higher degree termsNov 03 2017Jun 12 2018We explain how Furstenberg's Central Sets Theorem can be seen as a Ramsey-theoretic result that provides us, given a specific colouring of $\mathbb N$, with a specific sequence of polynomials of degree one satisfying certain strong monochromaticity condition. ... More
Bounded superposition operators between weighted Banach spaces of analytic functionsMar 27 2012Sep 28 2012We characterize all entire functions that transform a weighted Banach spaces of analytic functions $\mathcal{H}^{\infty}_{\mu_1}$ into another space of the same kind $\mathcal{H}^{\infty}_{\mu_2}$ by superposition for very general weights $\mu_1$ and ... More
A note on the computation of the Frobenius number of a numerical semigroupJul 06 2011Feb 09 2014In this note we observe that the Frobenius number and therefore the conductor of a numerical semigroup can be obtained from the maximal socle degree of the quotient of the corresponding semigroup algebra by the ideal generated by the biggest generator ... More
A maximum-mean-discrepancy goodness-of-fit test for censored dataOct 09 2018We introduce a kernel-based goodness-of-fit test for censored data, where observations may be missing in random time intervals: a common occurrence in clinical trials and industrial life-testing. The test statistic is straightforward to compute, as is ... More
On multi-index filtrations associated to Weierstrass semigroupsDec 19 2013The aim of this paper is to review the main techniques in the computation of Weierstra\ss semigroup at several points of curves defined over perfect fields, with special emphasis on the case of two points. Some hints about the usage of some packages of ... More