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Methanol Along the Path from Envelope to Protoplanetary DiscSep 08 2014Interstellar methanol is considered to be a parent species of larger, more complex organic molecules. A physicochemical simulation of infalling parcels of matter is performed for a low-mass star-forming system to trace the chemical evolution from cloud ... More
The complex chemistry of outflow cavity walls exposed: the case of low-mass protostarsMay 21 2015Complex organic molecules are ubiquitous companions of young low-mass protostars. Recent observations suggest that their emission stems, not only from the traditional hot corino, but also from offset positions. In this work, 2D physicochemical modelling ... More
Deuterated methyl mercaptan (CH$_3$SD): Laboratory rotational spectroscopy and search toward IRAS 16293-2422 BDec 06 2018Methyl mercaptan (also known as methanethiol), CH3SH, has been found in the warm and dense parts of high -- as well as low -- mass star-forming regions. The aim of the present study is to obtain accurate spectroscopic parameters of the S-deuterated methyl ... More
Cometary ices in forming protoplanetary disc midplanesJul 26 2016Low-mass protostars are the extrasolar analogues of the natal Solar System. Sophisticated physicochemical models are used to simulate the formation of two protoplanetary discs from the initial prestellar phase, one dominated by viscous spreading and the ... More
Tracing the cold and warm physico-chemical structure of deeply embedded protostars: IRAS 16293-2422 versus VLA 1623-2417May 14 2018Much attention has been placed on the dust distribution in protostellar envelopes, but there are still many unanswered questions regarding the structure of the gas. We aim to start identifying the factors that determine the chemical structure of protostellar ... More
The ALMA-PILS survey: The sulphur connection between protostars and comets: IRAS 16293-2422 B and 67P/Churyumov-GerasimenkoFeb 08 2018The evolutionary past of our Solar System can be pieced together by comparing analogous low-mass protostars with remnants of our Protosolar Nebula - comets. Sulphur-bearing molecules may be unique tracers of the joint evolution of the volatile and refractory ... More
The chemical connection between 67P/C-G and IRAS 16293-2422Feb 08 2018The chemical evolution of a star- and planet-forming system begins in the prestellar phase and proceeds across the subsequent evolutionary phases. The chemical trail from cores to protoplanetary disks to planetary embryos can be studied by comparing distant ... More
Water delivery from cores to disks: deuteration as a probe of the prestellar inheritance of H2OOct 24 2016We investigate the delivery of regular and deuterated forms of water from prestellar cores to circumstellar disks. We adopt a semi-analytical axisymmetric two-dimensional collapsing core model with post-processing gas-ice astrochemical simulations, in ... More
Linking interstellar and cometary O$_2$: a deep search for $^{16}$O$^{18}$O in the solar-type protostar IRAS 16293--2422May 31 2018Recent measurements carried out at comet 67P/C-G with the ${\it Rosetta}$ probe revealed that molecular oxygen, O$_2$, is the fourth most abundant molecule in comets. Models show that O$_2$ is likely of primordial nature, coming from the interstellar ... More
The ALMA-PILS survey: first detection of methyl isocyanide (CH$_3$NC) in a solar-type protostarJul 09 2018Methyl isocyanide (CH$_3$NC) is the isocyanide with the largest number of atoms confirmed in the interstellar medium (ISM), but it is not an abundant molecule, having only been detected towards a handful of objects. Conversely, its isomer, methyl cyanide ... More
The ALMA-PILS survey: The first detection of doubly-deuterated methyl formate (CHD2OCHO) in the ISMNov 22 2018Studies of deuterated isotopologues of complex organic molecules can provide important constraints on their origin in regions of star formation. In particular, the abundances of deuterated species are very sensitive to the physical conditions in the environment ... More
The ALMA-PILS survey: Stringent limits on small amines and nitrogen-oxides towards IRAS 16293-2422BAug 01 2018Hydroxylamine (NH$_{2}$OH) and methylamine (CH$_{3}$NH$_{2}$) have both been suggested as precursors to the formation of amino acids and are therefore of interest to prebiotic chemistry. Their presence in interstellar space and formation mechanisms, however, ... More
On Universality of Classical Probability with Contextually Labeled Random Variables: Response to A. KhrennikovDec 03 2018Dec 13 2018In his constructive and well-informed commentary, Andrei Khrennikov acknowledges a privileged status of classical probability theory with respect to statistical analysis. He also sees advantages offered by the Contextuality-by-Default theory, notably, ... More
Self-similarity of Farey StaircasesJun 09 2003We study Cantor Staircases in physics that have the Farey-Brocot arrangement for the Q/P rational heights of stability intervals I(Q/P), and such that the length of I(Q/P)is a convex function of 1/P. Circle map staircases and the magnetization function ... More
Fundamentals of GeometrothermodynamicsNov 21 2011We present the basic mathematical elements of geometrothermodynamics which is a formalism developed to describe in an invariant way the thermodynamic properties of a given thermodynamic system in terms of geometric structures. First, in order to represent ... More
The ALMA-PILS survey: First detections of deuterated formamide and deuterated isocyanic acid in the interstellar mediumMay 09 2016May 12 2016Formamide (NH$_2$CHO) has previously been detected in several star-forming regions and is thought to be a precursor for different prebiotic molecules. Its formation mechanism is still debated, however. Observations of formamide, related species and their ... More
Competing magnetic double-Q phases and superconductivity-induced re-entrance of C2 magnetic stripe order in iron pnictidesFeb 20 2015Jun 27 2015We perform a microscopic theoretical study of the generic properties of competing magnetic phases in iron pnictides. As a function of electron filling and temperature, the magnetic stripe (single-Q) order forms a dome, but competing non-collinear and ... More
Impurity bound states and disorder-induced orbital and magnetic order in the s+- state of Fe-based superconductorsOct 11 2013We study the presence of impurity bound states within a five-band Hubbard model relevant to iron-based superconductors. In agreement with earlier studies, we find that in the absence of Coulomb correlations there exists a range of repulsive impurity potentials ... More
A Simple Separable Exact C*-Algebra not Anti-isomorphic to ItselfJan 21 2010Jan 21 2014We give an example of an exact, stably finite, simple. separable C*-algebra D which is not isomorphic to its opposite algebra. Moreover, D has the following additional properties. It is stably finite, approximately divisible, has real rank zero and stable ... More
A desingularization of real differentiable actions of finite groupsSep 17 2003Jan 05 2005We provide abelianizations of differentiable actions of finite groups on smooth real manifolds. De Concini-Procesi wonderful models for (local) subspace arrangements and a careful analysis of linear actions on real vector spaces are at the core of our ... More
Quasi-homogeneous black hole thermodynamicsDec 27 2018Although the fundamental equations of ordinary thermodynamic systems are known to correspond to first-degree homogeneous functions, in the case of non-ordinary systems like black holes the corresponding fundamental equations are not homogeneous. We present ... More
Better approximation of functions by genuine Bernstein-Durrmeyer type operatorsOct 16 2018The main object of this paper is to construct a new genuine Bernstein-Durrmeyer type operators which have better features than the classical one. Some direct estimates for the modified genuine Bernstein-Durrmeyer operator by means of the first and second ... More
On the Minimum Core Mass for Giant Planet Formation at Wide SeparationsOct 31 2013Mar 12 2014In the core accretion hypothesis, giant planets form by gas accretion onto solid protoplanetary cores. The minimum (or critical) core mass to form a gas giant is typically quoted as 10 Earth masses. The actual value depends on several factors: the location ... More
The ALMA Protostellar Interferometric Line Survey (PILS): First results from an unbiased submillimeter wavelength line survey of the Class 0 protostellar binary IRAS 16293-2422 with ALMAJul 29 2016The inner regions of the envelopes surrounding young protostars are characterised by a complex chemistry, with prebiotic molecules present on the scales where protoplanetary disks eventually may form. This paper introduces a systematic survey, "Protostellar ... More
The ALMA-PILS survey: First detections of ethylene oxide, acetone and propanal toward the low-mass protostar IRAS 16293-2422Nov 22 2016One of the open questions in astrochemistry is how complex organic and prebiotic molecules are formed. Aims. Our aim is to start the process of compiling an inventory of oxygen-bearing complex organic molecules toward the solar-type Class 0 protostellar ... More
Abelianizing the real permutation action via blowupsMay 09 2003Aug 03 2003We present an abelianization of the permutation action of the symmetric group S_n on R^n in analogy to the Batyrev abelianization construction for finite group actions on complex manifolds. The abelianization is provided by a particular De Concini-Procesi ... More
The K-Theory of a Simple Separable Exact C*-Algebra Not Isomorphic to Its Opposite AlgebraSep 17 2013We construct uncountably many mutually nonisomorphic simple separable stably finite unital exact C*-algebras which are not isomorphic to their opposite algebras. In particular, we prove that there are uncountably many possibilities for the K_0-group, ... More
Shockingly low water abundances in Herschel / PACS observations of low-mass protostars in PerseusSep 16 2014Protostars interact with their surroundings through jets and winds impacting on the envelope and creating shocks, but the nature of these shocks is still poorly understood. Our aim is to survey far-infrared molecular line emission from a uniform and significant ... More
First detection of cyanamide (NH$_2$CN) towards solar-type protostarsDec 27 2017Searches for the prebiotically-relevant cyanamide (NH$_2$CN) towards solar-type protostars have not been reported in the literature. We here present the first detection of this species in the warm gas surrounding two solar-type protostars, using data ... More
On the Newtonian origin of the spin motive force in ferromagnetic atomic wiresAug 08 2007Dec 10 2007We demonstrate numerically the existence of a spin-motive force acting on spin-carriers when moving in a time and space dependent internal field. This is the case of electrons in a one-dimensional wires with a precessing domain wall. The effect can be ... More
Current-driven magnetic rearrangements in spin-polarized point contactsMay 05 2005A new method for investigating the dynamics of atomic magnetic moments in current-carrying magnetic point contacts under bias is presented. This combines the non-equilibrium Green's function (NEGF) method for evaluating the current and the charge density ... More
On a conjecture of Laugesen and MorpurgoJul 29 2008Jul 29 2008A well known conjecture of R. Laugesen and C. Morpurgo asserts that the diagonal element of the Neumann heat kernel of the unit ball in $\mathbb{R}^{n}$ ($n\geq1$) is a radially increasing function. In this paper, we use probabilistic arguments to settle ... More
Possible Enhancement of High Frequency Gravitational WavesJun 26 2010Mar 05 2011We study the tensor perturbations in a class of non-local, purely gravitational models which naturally end inflation in a distinctive phase of oscillations with slight and short violations of the weak energy condition. We find the usual generic form for ... More
Unconventional disorder effects in correlated superconductorsJun 30 2016The understanding of disorder has profoundly influenced the development of condensed matter physics, explaining such fundamental effects as, for example, the transition from ballistic to diffusive propagation, and the presence of quantized steps in the ... More
Impurity states and cooperative magnetic order in Fe-based superconductorsOct 09 2013We study impurity bound states and impurity-induced order in the superconducting state of LiFeAs within a realistic five-band model based on the band structure and impurity potentials obtained from density functional theory (DFT). In agreement with recent ... More
Primordial Gravitational Waves EnhancementAug 08 2011We reconsider the enhancement of primordial gravitational waves that arises from a quantum gravitational model of inflation. A distinctive feature of this model is that the end of inflation witnesses a brief phase during which the Hubble parameter oscillates ... More
Quantum chaos in the mesoscopic device for the Josephson flux qubitDec 12 2006Dec 20 2007We show that the three-junction SQUID device designed for the Josephson flux qubit can be used to study quantum chaos when operated at high energies. In the parameter region where the system is classically chaotic we analyze the spectral statistics. The ... More
Electronic vortex structure of Fe-based superconductors: application to LiFeAsMar 14 2016Detailed tunneling spectroscopy of vortex core states can provide important insight to the momentum structure of the superconducting order parameter. We present a theoretical study of vortex bound states in iron-based superconductors by use of a realistic ... More
Mathematical modeling of thermal stabilization of vertical wells on high performance computing systemsApr 05 2013Temperature stabilization of oil and gas wells is used to ensure stability and prevent deformation of a subgrade estuary zone. In this work, we consider the numerical simulation of thermal stabilization using vertical seasonal freezing columns. A mathematical ... More
Two-Color Bright Squeezed VacuumOct 26 2009Jul 02 2010In a strongly pumped non-degenerate traveling-wave OPA, we produce two-color squeezed vacuum with up to millions of photons per pulse. Our approach to registering this macroscopic quantum state is direct detection of a large number of transverse and longitudinal ... More
The generalized Euler-Poinsot rigid body equations: explicit elliptic solutionsApr 22 2013The classical Euler--Poinsot case of the rigid body dynamics admits a class of simple but non-trivial integrable generalizations, which modify the Poisson equations describing the motion of the body in space. These generalizations possess first integrals ... More
Phonon mediated superconductivity in low carrier-density systemsJan 02 2019Jan 21 2019Motivated by the observation of superconductivity in SrTiO$_3$ and Bi, we analyze phonon-mediated superconductivity in three-dimensional systems at low carrier density, when the chemical potential $\mu$ (equal to Fermi energy at $T=0$) is comparable to ... More
Small Polaron Localization, Jahn-Teller Distortion and Defects in La0.67Ca0.33MnO3: An Infrared Spectroscopy and X-ray Absorption AnalysisApr 25 2003We combine infrared reflectivity and EXAFS (Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure) techniques to study the solid solution La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 prepared by different methods yielding samples with different insulator-metal transition temperatures (TIM). ... More
Phonon Activity and a Possible Lattice Arrangement in the Intermediate Phase of YVO3Aug 13 2003We show that in YVO3 new hard phonons gradually become zone center active below ~210 K verifying that a lattice phase transition takes place at about that temperature. The Debye-Waller factor found from EXAFS measurements show an additional disorder below ... More
Using network science and text analytics to produce surveys in a scientific topicJun 18 2015Mar 16 2016The use of science to understand its own structure is becoming popular, but understanding the organization of knowledge areas is still limited because some patterns are only discoverable with proper computational treatment of large-scale datasets. In ... More
Extremely high Q-factor toroidal metamaterialsMay 29 2016We demonstrate that, owing to the unique topology of the toroidal dipolar mode, its electric/magnetic field can be spatially confined within subwavelength, externally accessible regions of the metamolecules, which makes the toroidal planar metamaterials ... More
Magneto-mechanical interplay in spin-polarized point contactsJan 10 2006We investigate the interplay between magnetic and structural dynamics in ferromagnetic atomic point contacts. In particular, we look at the effect of the atomic relaxation on the energy barrier for magnetic domain wall migration and, reversely, at the ... More
Mapping of Low-Frequency Raman Modes in CVD-Grown Transition Metal Dichalcogenides: Layer Number, Stacking Orientation and Resonant EffectsAug 04 2015Dec 08 2015Layered inorganic materials, such as the transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), have attracted much attention due to their exceptional electronic and optical properties. Reliable synthesis and characterization of these materials must be developed if ... More
Field-induced layer thinning transition on free-standing smectic filmsOct 13 2009Strongly anchored free-standing smectic films usually present a stepwise reduction of the number of layers when the temperature is raised above the smectic-isotropic bulk transition temperature. Here, we demonstrate that a field-induced layer thinning ... More
Scaling rules in the science system: influence of field-specific citation characteristics on the impact of individual researchersMar 07 2008The representation of science as a citation-density landscape and the study of scaling rules with the field-specific citation-density as a main topological property was previously analysed at the level of research groups. Here the focus is on the individual ... More
Random laser from engineered nanostructures obtained by surface tension driven lithographyJan 31 2013The random laser emission from the functionalized thienyl-S,S-dioxide quinquethiophene (T5OCx) in confined patterns with different shapes is demonstrated. Functional patterning of the light emitter organic material in well defined features is obtained ... More
Entanglement's Benefit Survives an Entanglement-Breaking ChannelMar 21 2013Entanglement is essential to many quantum information applications, but it is easily destroyed by quantum decoherence arising from interaction with the environment. We report the first experimental demonstration of an entanglement-based protocol that ... More
Double-interval societiesJul 18 2013Consider a society of voters, each of whom specify an approval set over a linear political spectrum. We examine double-interval societies, in which each person's approval set is represented by two disjoint closed intervals, and study this situation where ... More
Architecting three-dimensional ZnO nanorodsMar 25 2016The fabrication of nanostructures with controlled assembly and architecture is significant for the development of novel nanomaterials-based devices. In this work we demonstrate that laser techniques coupled with low-temperature hydrothermal growth enable ... More
Structure, elastic properties and strength of amorphous and nanocomposite carbonNov 14 2006We study theoretically the equilibrium structure, as well as the response under external load, of characteristic carbon-based materials. The materials considered include diamond, amorphous carbon (a-C), ``amorphous diamond'' and nanocomposite amorphous ... More
Strain effects on optical properties of tetrapod-shaped CdTe/CdS core-shell nanocrystalsNov 13 2014The exciton states of strained CdTe/CdS core-shell tetrapod-shaped nanocrystals were theoretically investigated by the numerical diagonalization of a configuration interaction Hamiltonian based on the single-band effective mass approximation. We found ... More
Emergent defect states as a source of resistivity anisotropy in the nematic phase of iron pnictidesJul 01 2014We consider the role of potential scatterers in the nematic phase of Fe-based superconductors above the transition temperature to the (pi,0) magnetic state but below the orthorhombic structural transition. The anisotropic spin fluctuations in this region ... More
Strong correlations between text quality and complex networks featuresApr 05 2005Jan 16 2006Concepts of complex networks have been used to obtain metrics that were correlated to text quality established by scores assigned by human judges. Texts produced by high-school students in Portuguese were represented as scale-free networks (word adjacency ... More
Impurity-induced antiferromagnetic order in Pauli-limited nodal superconductors: application to heavy fermion CeCoIn5Oct 01 2015We investigate the properties of the coexistence phase of itinerant antiferromagnetism and nodal $d$-wave superconductivity (Q-phase) discovered in heavy fermion CeCoIn5 under applied magnetic field. We solve the minimal model that includes $d$-wave superconductivity ... More
Valence fluctuations and empty-state resonance for Fe adatom on a surfaceSep 07 2015Jul 05 2016We report on the formation of the high-energy empty-state resonance in the electronic spectrum of the iron adatom on the Pt(111) surface. By using the combination of the first-principles methods and the finite-temperature exact diagonalization approach, ... More
Concerns and Limitations in Agile Software Development: A Survey with Paraguayan CompaniesOct 03 2017This year, the Agile Manifesto completes seventeen years and, throughout the world, companies and researchers seek to understand their adoption stage, as well as the benefits, barriers, and limitations of agile methods. Although we have some studies and ... More
Chiral metamaterials with PT symmetry and beyondNov 13 2018Optical systems with gain and loss that respect Parity-Time (PT) symmetry can have real eigenvalues despite their non-Hermitian character. Chiral systems impose circularly polarized waves which do not preserve their handedness under the combined space- ... More
Macroscopic Bell States and the Higher-Order Degree of PolarizationJun 30 2011We study polarization properties of the macroscopic analogues of two-photon Bell states. The effect of hidden polarization, i.e., polarization in the second (and higher) orders in the intensity is observed for the triplet states while the singlet one ... More
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy as a probe of multi-Q magnetic states of itinerant magnetsJul 16 2016The combination of electronic correlations and Fermi surfaces with multiple nesting vectors can lead to the appearance of complex multi-Q magnetic ground states, hosting unusual states such as chiral density-waves and quantum Hall insulators. Distinguishing ... More
Characterizations of trivial maps in 3-dimensional real Milnor fibersOct 27 2011In this paper we extend the characterization of trivial map-germs for the real Milnor fibrations started by Church and Lamotke. Our main result cover all cases on the three dimensional real Milnor fibers.
Extremely High Q-factor metamaterials due to Anapole ExcitationJul 30 2016We demonstrate that ideal anapole metamaterials have infinite Q-factor. We have designed and fabricated a metamaterial consisting of planar metamolecules which exhibit anapole behavior in the sense that the electric dipole radiation is almost cancelled ... More
Polarization-Entangled Light Pulses of 10^5 PhotonsNov 08 2011Jun 18 2012We experimentally demonstrate polarization entanglement for squeezed vacuum pulses containing more than 10^5 photons. We also study photon-number entanglement by calculating the Schmidt number and measuring its operational counterpart. Theoretically, ... More
Determination and biological application of a time dependent thermal parameter and sensitivity analysis for a conduction problem with superficial evaporationJul 27 2017A boundary value problem, which could represent a transcendent temperature conduction problem with evaporation in a part of the boundary, was studied to determine unknown thermophysical parameters, which can be constants or time dependent functions. The ... More
Short-range charge-order in $R$NiO$_{3}$ perovskites ($R$=Pr,Nd,Eu) probed by X-ray absorption spectroscopyDec 10 2004The short-range organization around Ni atoms in orthorhombic $R$NiO$_{3}$ ($R$=Pr,Nd,Eu) perovskites has been studied over a wide temperature range by Ni K-edge x-ray absorption spectroscopy. Our results demonstrate that two different Ni sites, with different ... More
The Influence of Time Series Distance Functions on Climate NetworksFeb 08 2019Network theory has established itself as an important tool for the analysis of complex systems such as the climate. In this context, climate networks are constructed using a spatiotemporal climate dataset and a time series distance function. It consists ... More
Realization and Extension of Abstract Operation Contracts for Program LogicJan 18 2015For engineering software with formal correctness proofs it is crucial that proofs can be efficiently reused in case the software or its specification is changed. Unfortunately, in reality even slight changes in the code or its specification often result ... More
Continued Fraction Expansions of Matrix EigenvectorsOct 11 2008We examine various properties of the continued fraction expansions of matrix eigenvector slopes of matrices from the SL(2, Z) group. We calculate the average period length, maximum period length, average period sum, maximum period sum and the distributions ... More
Numerical methods for checking the regularity of subdivision schemesFeb 10 2012In this paper, motivated by applications in computer graphics and animation, we study the numerical methods for checking $C^k-$regularity of vector multivariate subdivision schemes with dilation 2I. These numerical methods arise from the joint spectral ... More
Weyl denominator identity for finite-dimensional Lie superalgebrasMay 08 2009Jul 26 2010Weyl denominator identity for finite-dimensional Lie superalgebras, conjectured by V.~Kac and M.~Wakimoto in 1994, is proven.
Weyl denominator identity for affine Lie superalgebras with non-zero dual Coxeter numberNov 30 2009Weyl denominator identity for the affinization of a basic Lie superalgebra with a non-zero Killing form was formulated by Kac and Wakimoto and was proven by them in defect one case. In this paper we prove this identity.
A Multiquadratic Field Generalization of Artin's ConjectureFeb 15 2012Sep 08 2014We prove that (under the assumption of the generalized Riemann hypothesis) a totally real multiquadratic number field $K$ has a positive density of primes $p \in \mathbb{Z}$ for which the image of the unit group $(\mathcal{O}_K)^{\times})$ in $(\mathcal{O}_K/p\mathcal{O}_K)^{\times})$ ... More
Darboux points and integrability of homogeneous Hamiltonian systems with three and more degrees of freedomMar 29 2009We consider natural complex Hamiltonian systems with $n$ degrees of freedom given by a Hamiltonian function which is a sum of the standard kinetic energy and a homogeneous polynomial potential $V$ of degree $k>2$. The well known Morales-Ramis theorem ... More
A cancellation-free formula for the Schur elements of the Ariki-Koike algebraJan 07 2011Schur elements play a powerful role in the representation theory of symmetric algebras. In the case of the Ariki-Koike algebra, Schur elements are Laurent polynomials whose factors determine when Specht modules are projective irreducible and whether the ... More
Collider Experiment: Strings, Branes and Extra DimensionsMay 12 2003May 18 2003Selected topics showcasing the exploration for new physics using colliders; presented at TASI 2001.
The (g-2)_mu data and the lightest Higgs boson in 2HDM(II)Dec 07 2001Dec 09 2001The present limits on the lightest Higgs boson in 2HDM (II) in light of the new E821 measurement of g-2 for the muon are discussed.
ECFA-Summary: Higgs, gamma-gamma and e-gamma physicsDec 24 2003Recent results obtained within ECFA/DESY and ECFA Study by the Higgs and gamma gamma /e gamma physics working groups are presented.
The new (g-2) for muon measurement and limits on the light Higgs bosons in 2HDM (II)Mar 20 2001Oct 01 2001We discuss how new data for a_{mu}= (g-2)_{mu}/2 improve constraints on new physics. Using two types of estimations of a_{mu}^{had} (Davier & H"{o}cker (case A) and Jegerlehner2000 (case B)) we evaluate 95% CL intervals for a new contribution, which can ... More
The Structure of the Photon in Hard Hadronic ProcessesDec 24 1997The concept of the structure of the photon is discussed and the progress in the measurement of various structure functions of the photon as well of parton distributions in the photon is shortly reviewed.
Status of 2HDM with a Light Higgs ParticleDec 24 1996Present data do not rule out the light neutral Higgs particle h or A with mass below 40--50 GeV in the framework of the general 2HDM ("Model II"). The status of this model in a light of existing LEP I data and a potential of the new muon experiment (g-2), ... More
Are bottom PDFs needed at the LHC?Jul 21 2014Processes involving bottom quarks play a crucial role in the LHC phenomenology, from flavour physics to Higgs characterisation and as a window to new physics, appearing both as signals and irreducible background in BSM searches. These processes can be ... More
NNLO analysis of the LHC W lepton charge asymmetry dataOct 11 2011The reweighting method presented in earlier publications is applied for incorporating the LHC W lepton asymmetry data published in 2010 into the NNPDF2.1 NNLO analysis. We confirm the result of the NLO analysis which indicated that these data reduce PDF ... More
Time-dependent modelling of PKS 2155-304 in a low stateSep 12 2014We apply both leptonic and leptohadronic emission scenarios for modelling the multiwavelength photon spectra and the observed variability in the optical, X-ray, and TeV gamma-ray energy bands of blazar PKS 2155-304 while being in a low state between 25 ... More
Renewal processes with costs and rewardsApr 22 2014We review the theory of renewal reward processes, which describes renewal processes that have some cost or reward associated with each cycle. We present a new simplified proof of the renewal reward theorem that mimics the proof of the elementary renewal ... More
A Radon-Nikodym theorem for completely multi-positive linear maps and applicationsOct 04 2005052<p type="texpara" tag="Body Text" et="abstract" >A completely $n$ -positive linear map from a locally $C^{\ast}$-algebra $A$ to another locally $C^{\ast}$-algebra $B $is an $n\times n$ matrix whose elements are continuous linear maps from $A$ to $B$ ... More
On Hilbert modules over locally C*-algebras IIAug 02 2005In this paper we study the unitary equivalence between Hilbert modules over a locally C*-algebra. Also, we prove a stabilization theorem for countably generated modules over an arbitrary locally C*-algebra and show that a Hilbert module over a Frechet ... More
An Attack on Flexibility and Stoker's ProblemDec 16 2015Oct 08 2016In view of solving problems of geometric realizability of polyhedra with given geometric constraints, we describe the space of geometric realizations of a simply-connected triangulated euclidean polyhedron in $\mathbb{R}^3$ up to similarity in terms of ... More
Scattered locally C*-algebrasJun 05 2016In this paper, we introduce the notion of a scattered locally $C^{\ast }$ -algebra and we give conditions for a locally $C^{\ast }$-algebra to be scattered. Given an action $\alpha $ of a locally compact group $G$ on a scattered locally $C^{\ast }$-algebra ... More
Edge Universality for Orthogonal Ensembles of Random MatricesDec 17 2008We prove edge universality of local eigenvalue statistics for orthogonal invariant matrix models with real analytic potentials and one interval limiting spectrum. Our starting point is the result of \cite{S:08} on the representation of the reproducing ... More
The Higgs System in and Beyond the Standard ModelJan 28 2014After the discovery of the Higgs boson particle on the 4th of July of 2012 at the Large Hadron Collider, sited at the european CERN laboratory, we are entering in a fascinating period for Particle Physics where both theorists and experimentalists are ... More
Boundedness of derivatives and anti-derivatives of holomorphic functions as a rare phenomenonNov 16 2016In this article we prove a general result which in particular suggests that, on a simply connected domain in C, all the derivatives and anti-derivatives of the generic holomorphic function are unbounded. A similar result holds for the operator of partial ... More
Hilbert-Schmidt groups as infinite-dimensional Lie groups and their Riemannian geometryJun 14 2005We describe the exponential map from an infinite-dimensional Lie algebra to an infinite-dimensional group of operators on a Hilbert space. Notions of differential geometry are introduced for these groups. In particular, the Ricci curvature, which is understood ... More
Crossed products of locally C*-algebrasDec 06 2005The crossed products of locally C*-algebras are defined and a Takai duality theorem for inverse limit actions of a locally compact group on a locally C*-algebra is proved.
The $\mathrm{GL}_4$ Rapoport-Zink SpaceNov 05 2018We give a description of the $\mathrm{GL}_4$ Rapoport-Zink space, including the connected components, irreducible components, intersection behavior of the irreducible components, and Ekedahl-Oort stratification. As an application of this, we also give ... More
The prime spectrum of a quantum Bruhat cell translateJul 08 1997Jul 10 1997The prime spectra of two families of algebras, $S^w$ and $\check{S}^w$, $w\in W,$ indexed by the Weyl group $W$ of a semisimple finitely dimensional are studied. The algebras $S^w$ have been introduced by A.~Joseph; they are $q$-analogues of the algebras ... More
The Two-Peak Model of LS I +61303: Radio Spectral Index AnalysisSep 10 2010The most puzzling aspect of the radio emission from LSI+61303 is that the large periodic radio outburst, with period equal to the orbital one, occurs very displaced from periastron passage, nearly at apoastron. In 1992, Taylor, one of the discoverers ... More