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Deep learning control of artificial avatars in group coordination tasksJun 11 2019In many joint-action scenarios, humans and robots have to coordinate their movements to accomplish a given shared task. Lifting an object together, sawing a wood log, transferring objects from a point to another are all examples where motor coordination ... More
Using learning to control artificial avatars in human motor coordination tasksOct 09 2018Designing artificial cyber-agents able to interact with human safely, smartly and in a natural way is a current open problem in control. Solving such an issue will allow the design of cyber-agents capable of co-operatively interacting with people in order ... More
Acustica con una Bic e uno smartphoneJan 09 2014A smartphone, with its integrated sensors and cpu, can aid experiments in many different areas of Physics. We show how the resonant frequencies of a pipe can be measured using a smartphone and a Bic pen.
Derived equivalence and fibrations over curves and surfacesMar 23 2018Oct 26 2018We prove that the bounded derived category of coherent sheaves reconstructs the isomorphism classes of fibrations of a smooth projective complex variety onto smooth curves of genus g>1. Moreover we extend this invariance to special classes of fibrations ... More
Algèbre commutative Méthodes constructivesNov 08 2016May 07 2019This book is an introductory course to basic commutative algebra with a particular emphasis on finitely generated projective modules, which constitutes the algebraic version of the vector bundles in differential geometry. We adopt the constructive point ... More
Quantum and semiclassical phase functions for the quantization of symmetric oscillatorsJun 20 2007We investigate symmetric oscillators, and in particular their quantization, by employing semiclassical and quantum phase functions introduced in the context of Liouville-Green transformations of the Schr\"{o}dinger equation. For anharmonic oscillators, ... More
Théorème de de Smit et Lenstra, démonstration élémentaireAug 23 2015We give an elementary and constructive proof for a theorem of de Smit et Lenstra.
Affine Poisson & Non-Poisson trace principles for $\dot{H}^{-1<-α\le-\frac12}(\R^{n-1})$Aug 27 2018Jun 09 2019This note discovers not only an affine non-sharp-Poisson trace inequality but also its sharp-non-Poisson version for a Sobolev function with the fractional antiderivative.
Derived equivalence and non-vanishing loci IIFeb 09 2013Aug 22 2018We prove a few cases of a conjecture on the invariance of cohomological support loci under derived equivalence by establishing a concrete connection with the related problem of the invariance of Hodge numbers. We use the main case in order to study the ... More
The Equations of Singular Loci of Ample Divisors on (Subvarieties of) Abelian VarietiesMar 24 2008Mar 28 2008In this paper we consider ideal sheaves associated to the singular loci of a divisor in a linear system $|L|$ of an ample line bundle on a complex abelian variety. We prove an effective result on their (continuous) global generation, after suitable twists ... More
Study of movement coordination in human ensembles via a novel computer-based set-upJul 29 2016Movement coordination in human ensembles has been studied little in the current literature. In the existing experimental works, situations where all subjects are connected with each other through direct visual and auditory coupling, and social interaction ... More
Virtualization Technologies and Cloud Security: advantages, issues, and perspectivesJul 29 2018Aug 02 2018Virtualization technologies allow multiple tenants to share physical resources with a degree of security and isolation that cannot be guaranteed by mere containerization. Further, virtualization allows protected transparent introspection of Virtual Machine ... More
Calibration of the ASTRI SST-2M Prototype using Muon Ring ImagesJul 19 2013The study of ring images generated from high-energy muons is a very useful tool for the performance monitoring and calibration of any Imaging Atmosphere Cherenkov Telescope. Isolated muons travelling towards the telescope light collector system produce ... More
A non-linear observer for unsteady three-dimensional flowsFeb 07 2007A method is proposed to estimate the velocity field of an unsteady flow using a limited number of flow measurements. The method is based on a non-linear low-dimensional model of the flow and on expanding the velocity field in terms of empirical basis ... More
On the comparison between MASS and G-SCIDAR techniquesNov 11 2013The Multi Aperture Scintillation Sensor (MASS) and the Generalized-Scintillation Detection and Ranging (Generalized SCIDAR) are two instruments conceived to measure the optical turbulence (OT) vertical distribution on the whole troposphere and low stratosphere ... More
The Frauchiger-Renner argument and quantum historiesJul 20 2019In this article we reconstruct the Frauchiger and Renner's argument [1] taking into account that the assertions of the argument are made at different times. In order to do that, we use a formalism that allows dealing with quantum properties at different ... More
An A-infinity operad in spineless cactiApr 01 2013The d.g. operad C of cellular chains on the operad of spineless cacti is isomorphic to the Gerstenhaber-Voronov operad codifying the cup product and brace operations on the Hochschild cochains of an associative algebra, and to the suboperad F_2X of the ... More
The arrow of time: from universe time-asymmetry to local irreversible processesAug 21 2006Dec 11 2007In several previous papers we have argued for a global and non-entropic approach to the problem of the arrow of time, according to which the ''arrow'' is only a metaphorical way of expressing the geometrical time-asymmetry of the universe. We have also ... More
Calcul matriciel généralisé sur les domaines de PrüferAug 03 2015In this paper, we first present an algorithm for computing the Hermite normal form of pseudo-matrices over Pr\"ufer domains. This algorithm allows us to provide constructive proofs of the main theoretical results on finitely presented modules over Pr\"ufer ... More
A state space approach to dynamic modeling of mouse-tracking dataJul 19 2019Jul 22 2019Mouse-tracking recording techniques are becoming very attractive in experimental psychology. They provide an effective means of enhancing the measurement of some real-time cognitive processes involved in categorization, decision-making, and lexical decision ... More
Realization and Extension of Abstract Operation Contracts for Program LogicJan 18 2015For engineering software with formal correctness proofs it is crucial that proofs can be efficiently reused in case the software or its specification is changed. Unfortunately, in reality even slight changes in the code or its specification often result ... More
Numerical methods for checking the regularity of subdivision schemesFeb 10 2012In this paper, motivated by applications in computer graphics and animation, we study the numerical methods for checking $C^k-$regularity of vector multivariate subdivision schemes with dilation 2I. These numerical methods arise from the joint spectral ... More
Weyl denominator identity for finite-dimensional Lie superalgebrasMay 08 2009Jul 26 2010Weyl denominator identity for finite-dimensional Lie superalgebras, conjectured by V.~Kac and M.~Wakimoto in 1994, is proven.
Weyl denominator identity for affine Lie superalgebras with non-zero dual Coxeter numberNov 30 2009Weyl denominator identity for the affinization of a basic Lie superalgebra with a non-zero Killing form was formulated by Kac and Wakimoto and was proven by them in defect one case. In this paper we prove this identity.
A Multiquadratic Field Generalization of Artin's ConjectureFeb 15 2012Sep 08 2014We prove that (under the assumption of the generalized Riemann hypothesis) a totally real multiquadratic number field $K$ has a positive density of primes $p \in \mathbb{Z}$ for which the image of the unit group $(\mathcal{O}_K)^{\times})$ in $(\mathcal{O}_K/p\mathcal{O}_K)^{\times})$ ... More
Darboux points and integrability of homogeneous Hamiltonian systems with three and more degrees of freedomMar 29 2009We consider natural complex Hamiltonian systems with $n$ degrees of freedom given by a Hamiltonian function which is a sum of the standard kinetic energy and a homogeneous polynomial potential $V$ of degree $k>2$. The well known Morales-Ramis theorem ... More
Collider Experiment: Strings, Branes and Extra DimensionsMay 12 2003May 18 2003Selected topics showcasing the exploration for new physics using colliders; presented at TASI 2001.
Are bottom PDFs needed at the LHC?Jul 21 2014Processes involving bottom quarks play a crucial role in the LHC phenomenology, from flavour physics to Higgs characterisation and as a window to new physics, appearing both as signals and irreducible background in BSM searches. These processes can be ... More
NNLO analysis of the LHC W lepton charge asymmetry dataOct 11 2011The reweighting method presented in earlier publications is applied for incorporating the LHC W lepton asymmetry data published in 2010 into the NNPDF2.1 NNLO analysis. We confirm the result of the NLO analysis which indicated that these data reduce PDF ... More
Time-dependent modelling of PKS 2155-304 in a low stateSep 12 2014We apply both leptonic and leptohadronic emission scenarios for modelling the multiwavelength photon spectra and the observed variability in the optical, X-ray, and TeV gamma-ray energy bands of blazar PKS 2155-304 while being in a low state between 25 ... More
An Attack on Flexibility and Stoker's ProblemDec 16 2015Oct 08 2016In view of solving problems of geometric realizability of polyhedra with given geometric constraints, we describe the space of geometric realizations of a simply-connected triangulated euclidean polyhedron in $\mathbb{R}^3$ up to similarity in terms of ... More
Scattered locally C*-algebrasJun 05 2016In this paper, we introduce the notion of a scattered locally $C^{\ast }$ -algebra and we give conditions for a locally $C^{\ast }$-algebra to be scattered. Given an action $\alpha $ of a locally compact group $G$ on a scattered locally $C^{\ast }$-algebra ... More
The Higgs System in and Beyond the Standard ModelJan 28 2014After the discovery of the Higgs boson particle on the 4th of July of 2012 at the Large Hadron Collider, sited at the european CERN laboratory, we are entering in a fascinating period for Particle Physics where both theorists and experimentalists are ... More
A Radon-Nikodym theorem for completely multi-positive linear maps and applicationsOct 04 2005052<p type="texpara" tag="Body Text" et="abstract" >A completely $n$ -positive linear map from a locally $C^{\ast}$-algebra $A$ to another locally $C^{\ast}$-algebra $B $is an $n\times n$ matrix whose elements are continuous linear maps from $A$ to $B$ ... More
On Hilbert modules over locally C*-algebras IIAug 02 2005In this paper we study the unitary equivalence between Hilbert modules over a locally C*-algebra. Also, we prove a stabilization theorem for countably generated modules over an arbitrary locally C*-algebra and show that a Hilbert module over a Frechet ... More
Crossed products of locally C*-algebrasDec 06 2005The crossed products of locally C*-algebras are defined and a Takai duality theorem for inverse limit actions of a locally compact group on a locally C*-algebra is proved.
The (g-2)_mu data and the lightest Higgs boson in 2HDM(II)Dec 07 2001Dec 09 2001The present limits on the lightest Higgs boson in 2HDM (II) in light of the new E821 measurement of g-2 for the muon are discussed.
ECFA-Summary: Higgs, gamma-gamma and e-gamma physicsDec 24 2003Recent results obtained within ECFA/DESY and ECFA Study by the Higgs and gamma gamma /e gamma physics working groups are presented.
The new (g-2) for muon measurement and limits on the light Higgs bosons in 2HDM (II)Mar 20 2001Oct 01 2001We discuss how new data for a_{mu}= (g-2)_{mu}/2 improve constraints on new physics. Using two types of estimations of a_{mu}^{had} (Davier & H"{o}cker (case A) and Jegerlehner2000 (case B)) we evaluate 95% CL intervals for a new contribution, which can ... More
The Structure of the Photon in Hard Hadronic ProcessesDec 24 1997The concept of the structure of the photon is discussed and the progress in the measurement of various structure functions of the photon as well of parton distributions in the photon is shortly reviewed.
Status of 2HDM with a Light Higgs ParticleDec 24 1996Present data do not rule out the light neutral Higgs particle h or A with mass below 40--50 GeV in the framework of the general 2HDM ("Model II"). The status of this model in a light of existing LEP I data and a potential of the new muon experiment (g-2), ... More
Renewal processes with costs and rewardsApr 22 2014We review the theory of renewal reward processes, which describes renewal processes that have some cost or reward associated with each cycle. We present a new simplified proof of the renewal reward theorem that mimics the proof of the elementary renewal ... More
Continued Fraction Expansions of Matrix EigenvectorsOct 11 2008We examine various properties of the continued fraction expansions of matrix eigenvector slopes of matrices from the SL(2, Z) group. We calculate the average period length, maximum period length, average period sum, maximum period sum and the distributions ... More
Hilbert-Schmidt groups as infinite-dimensional Lie groups and their Riemannian geometryJun 14 2005We describe the exponential map from an infinite-dimensional Lie algebra to an infinite-dimensional group of operators on a Hilbert space. Notions of differential geometry are introduced for these groups. In particular, the Ricci curvature, which is understood ... More
Some supports of Fourier transforms of singular measures are not RajchmanFeb 17 2011The notion of Riesz sets tells us that a support of Fourier transform of a measure with non-trivial singular part has to be large. The notion of Rajchman sets tells us that if the Fourier transform tends to zero at infinity outside a small set, then it ... More
Group actions on pro-$C^{*}$-algebras and their pro-$C^{*}$-crossed productsJan 13 2014Oct 28 2014In this paper, we define the notions of full pro-$C^{*}$-crossed product, respectively reduced pro-$C^{*}$-crossed product, of a pro-$C^{*}$-algebra $A[\tau_{\Gamma}] $ by a strong bounded action $\alpha$ of a locally compact group $G$ and investigate ... More
Crossed products by Hilbert pro-C*-bimodules versus tensor productsOct 28 2014Feb 15 2015We show that if $(X.A)$ and $(Y,B)$ are two isomorphic Hilbert pro-$C^{\ast} $-bimodules, then the crossed product $A\times_{X}\mathbb{Z}$ of $A$ by $X$ and the crossed product $B\times_{Y}\mathbb{Z}$ of $B$ by $Y$ are isomorphic as pro-$C^{\ast}$-algebras. ... More
Comparison of Completely Positive Maps on Hilbert C*-ModulesJan 03 2012We prove a Radon-Nikodym type theorem for completely positive maps on Hilbert C*-modules.
Stationary random graphs with prescribed iid degrees on a spatial Poisson processSep 23 2015Let $[\mathcal{P}]$ be the points of a Poisson process on $\mathbb{R}^d$ and $F$ a probability distribution with support on the non-negative integers. Models are formulated for generating translation invariant random graphs with vertex set $[\mathcal{P}]$ ... More
First solar observations with ALMASep 03 2018The Atacama Large Millimeter-Submillimeter Array (ALMA) has opened a new window for studying the Sun via high-resolution high-sensitivity imaging at millimeter wavelengths. In this contribution I review the capabilities of the instrument for solar observing ... More
Radio-loud and radio-quiet X-ray binaries: LSI+61o303 GalaxiesJan 03 2005The three basic ingredients - a spinning compact object, an accretion disc and a collimated relativistic jet - make microquasars a galactic scaled-down version of the radio-loud AGN. That explains the large interest attributed to this new class of objects, ... More
Radio-loud and Radio-quiet X-ray Binaries: LSI+61303 in ContextOct 21 2004The three basic ingredients - a spinning compact object, an accretion disc and a collimated relativistic jet - make microquasars a galactic scaled-down version of the radio-loud AGN. That explains the large interest attributed to this new class of objects, ... More
The Erdös-Hajnal Conjecture---A SurveyJun 28 2016The Erd\"os-Hajnal conjecture states that for every graph $H$, there exists a constant $\delta(H) > 0$ such that every graph $G$ with no induced subgraph isomorphic to $H$ has either a clique or a stable set of size at least $|V(G)|^{\delta(H)}$. This ... More
Compositional properties of crypto-based componentsMay 13 2014This paper presents an Isabelle/HOL+Isar set of theories which allows to specify crypto-based components and to verify their composition properties wrt. cryptographic aspects. We introduce a formalisation of the security property of data secrecy, the ... More
Formalisation and Analysis of Component DependenciesMay 13 2014This set of theories presents a formalisation in Isabelle/HOL+Isar of data dependencies between components. The approach allows to analyse system structure oriented towards efficient checking of system: it aims at elaborating for a concrete system, which ... More
Crossed products of locally C*-algebras and Morita equivalenceMay 25 2007Oct 02 2007We introduce the notion of strong Morita equivalence for group actions on locally C*-algebras and prove that the crossed products associated with two strongly Morita equivalent continuous inverse limit actions of a locally compact group G on the locally ... More
A Novel Approach for Computing Hilbert FunctionsDec 05 2018One standard approach to compute the Hilbert function of any graded module over a field is to come up with a free-resolution for the graded module and another is via a Hilbert power series which serves as a generating function. The proposed approaches ... More
Towards Focus on TimeMar 05 2014This short paper introduces a model for the specification and verification of real-time system design: timed state transition diagrams.
Proper holomorphic mappings, Bells formula and the Lu Qi-Keng problem on tetrablockMar 31 2013We consider a proper holomorphic map form D to G domains in C^n and show that it induces a unitary isomorphism between the Bergman space A^2(G) and some subspace of A^2(D). Using this isomorphism we construct orthogonal projection onto that subspace and ... More
Correction to Partial Fraction Decomposition Coefficients for Chebyshev Rational Approximation on the Negative Real AxisJun 13 2012Chebyshev rational approximation can be a viable method to compute the exponential of matrices with eigenvalues in the vicinity of the negative real axis, and it was recently applied successfully to solving nuclear fuel burnup equations. Determining the ... More
Transient sources at the highest angular resolutionFeb 26 2015By definition transients are sudden events, some, like supernovae, are catastrophic, while others might be due to recurrent phenomena. The aim of studying transients is to reveal the physical conditions causing them, in this sense ideal targets for monitoring ... More
Darboux points and integrability of homogeneous Hamiltonian systems with three and more degrees of freedom. Nongeneric casesMar 29 2009In this paper the problem of classification of integrable natural Hamiltonian systems with $n$ degrees of freedom given by a Hamilton function which is the sum of the standard kinetic energy and a homogeneous polynomial potential $V$ of degree $k>2$ is ... More
Finiteness of integrable $n$-dimensional homogeneous polynomial potentialsJan 30 2007We consider natural Hamiltonian systems of $n>1$ degrees of freedom with polynomial homogeneous potentials of degree $k$. We show that under a genericity assumption, for a fixed $k$, at most only a finite number of such systems is integrable. We also ... More
Differential Galois obstructions for integrability of homogeneous Newton equationsJan 29 2007n this paper we formulate necessary conditions for the integrability in the Jacobi sense of Newton equations $\ddot \vq=-\vF(\vq)$, where $\vq\in\C^n$ and all components of $\vF$ are polynomial and homogeneous of the same degree $l$. These conditions ... More
On the Jacobson element and generators of the Lie algebra $\mathfrak{grt}$ in nonzero characteristicDec 03 2008Dec 04 2008We state a conjecture (due to M. Duflo) analogous to the Kashiwara--Vergne conjecture in the case of a characteristic $p>2$, where the role of the Campbell--Hausdorff series is played by the Jacobson element. We prove a simpler version of this conjecture ... More
Quasi-analyticity and determinacy of the full moment problem from finite to infinite dimensionsMay 14 2014Nov 11 2014This paper is aimed to show the essential role played by the theory of quasi-analytic functions in the study of the determinacy of the moment problem on finite and infinite-dimensional spaces. In particular, the quasi-analytic criterion of self-adjointness ... More
Reliability Analysis of Processes with Moving Cracked MaterialOct 11 2015The reliability of processes with moving elastic and isotropic material containing initial cracks is considered in terms of fracture. The material is modelled as a moving plate which is simply supported from two of its sides and subjected to homogeneous ... More
Poisson structures on manifolds with singularitiesDec 21 2013Configuration spaces of many real mechanical systems appear to be manifolds with singularity. A singularity often indicates that geometry of motion may change at the singular point of configuration space. We face conceptual problem describing even mechanics ... More
Introduction to Photon 2007Jul 13 2008The introductory remarks to the conference Photon 2007 organized at the Sorbonne in Paris in July 2007 are presented.
Testing Higgs sector of 2HDMDec 30 2005Properties of the Higgs sector of Two Higgs Doublet Model (2HDM) and existing constraints on its parameters are discussed. Potential of the Photon Linear Collider in testing various Higgs scenarios of 2HDM, including the MSSM, based on the realistic simulations ... More
Higgs Search at HERASep 25 1996Present data do not rule out a light neutral Higgs particle with mass below 40--50 GeV in the framework of 2HDM with $ tan \beta \sim $ 20-30. The promising possibility of searching for a light Higgs particle in such a scenario in photoproduction at HERA ... More
Photon-Photon and Electron-Photon Physics or Physics at Photon ColliderJul 25 2003A (updated) summary of the Photon-Photon and Electron-Photon physics session is presented.
Application of Dressing Method for Long Wave-Short Wave Resonance Interaction EquationDec 18 2006In this paper we investigate the application of Zakharov - Shabat dressing method to (2+1) - dimensional long wave - short wave resonance interaction equation (LSRI). Using this method we can construct the exact N - soliton solution of this equation depending ... More
Induced representations of locally C*-algebrasAug 04 2005In this paper, by analogy with the case of C*-algebras, we define the notion of induced representation of a locally C*-algebra, and then we prove a imprimitivity theorem for induced representations of locally C*-algebras.
Spaces H^1 and BMO on ax+b-groupsApr 29 2008Let S be the semidirect product of R^d and R^+ endowed with the Riemannian symmetric space metric and the right Haar measure: this is a Lie group of exponential growth. In this paper we define an Hardy space H^1 and a BMO space in this context. We prove ... More
Local vertex corrections from exchange-correlation kernels with a discontinuityMay 17 2018The fundamental gap of an interacting many-electron system is given by the sum of the single-particle Kohn-Sham gap and the derivative discontinuity. The latter can be generated by advanced approximations to the exchange-correlation (XC) energy and is ... More
The unit map of the algebraic special linear cobordism spectrumAug 11 2019In joint work with Elmanto, Hoyois, Khan and Sosnilo, we computed infinite $\mathbb{P}^1$-loop spaces of motivic Thom spectra, using the technique of framed correspondences. This result allows us to express non-negative $\mathbb{G}_m$-homotopy groups ... More
Introduction to Astrophysics of MicroquasarsJun 29 2005The Astrophysics of microquasars - galactic miniatures of the far distant quasars - has become one of the most active fields of modern Astronomy in recent years. Here I review the astronomical methods used for the investigation of these objects, from ... More
Human Factors of Formal MethodsApr 29 2014This paper provides a brief introduction to the work that aims to apply the achievements within the area of engineering psychology to the area of formal methods, focusing on the specification phase of a system development process.
On rational blow-downs in Heegaard-Floer homologySep 29 2007Motivated by a result of L.P. Roberts on rational blow-downs in Heegaard-Floer homology, we study such operations along 3-manifolds that arise as branched double covers of $S^{3}$ along several non-alternating, slice knots.
Network model of human languageSep 19 2007The phenomenon of human language is widely studied from various points of view. It is interesting not only for social scientists, antropologists or philosophers, but also for those, interesting in the network dynamics. In several recent papers word web, ... More
Random networks with preferential growth and vertex deathSep 23 2015A dynamic model for a random network evolving in continuous time is defined where new vertices are born and existing vertices may die. The fitness of a vertex is defined as the accumulated in-degree of the vertex and a new vertex is connected to an existing ... More
On Euler characteristics of Selmer groups for abelian varieties over global function fieldsDec 07 2015Let $F$ be a global function field of characteristic $p>0$, $K/F$ an $\ell$-adic Lie extension ($\ell\neq p$) and $A/F$ an abelian variety. We provide Euler characteristic formulas for the $Gal(K/F)$-module $Sel_A(K)_\ell$.
Variance of $\mathcal{B}$-free integers in short intervalsDec 01 2015We prove some new statements on the distribution of $\mathcal{B}$-free numbers in short intervals. In particular, we show an asymptotic result for the variance of the number of $\mathcal{B}$-free integers in random short intervals which are, in some sense, ... More
Asymptotic shape in a continuum growth modelSep 23 2015A continuum growth model is introduced. The state at time $t$, $S_t$, is a subset of $\mathbb{R}^d$ and consists of a connected union of randomly sized Euclidean balls, which emerge from outbursts at their center points. An outburst occurs somewhere in ... More
Painlevé analysis for two 1D parabolic-parabolic models of chemotaxis; some travelling wave solutionsJul 01 2016In this paper we study the Painlev\'e analysis for two models of chemotaxis. We find that in some cases the reductions of these models in terms of travelling wave variable allow exact analytical solutions.
LLFR: A Lanczos-Based Latent Factor Recommender for Big Data ScenariosJun 14 2016The purpose if this master's thesis is to study and develop a new algorithmic framework for Collaborative Filtering to produce recommendations in the top-N recommendation problem. Thus, we propose Lanczos Latent Factor Recommender (LLFR); a novel "big ... More
Spatio-temporal features of FocusSTOct 25 2016In this technical report we summarise the spatio-temporal features and present the core operators of FocusST specification framework. We present the general idea of these operators, using a Steam Boiler System example to illustrate how the specification ... More
Weak Convergence of Sequential Empirical Processes under Weak DependenceNov 14 2017Oct 30 2018The purpose of this paper is to prove a weak convergence result for empirical processes indexed in general classes of functions and with an underlying $\alpha$-mixing sequence of random variables. In particular the uniformly boundedness assumption on ... More
Isocurvature, non-gaussianity and the curvaton modelApr 07 2008Recent analyses of the statistical distribution of the temperature anisotropies in the CMB do not rule out the possibility that there is a large non-gaussian contribution to the primordial power spectrum. This fact motivates the re-analysis of the curvaton ... More
Shuffle bialgebrasMar 14 2007Dec 12 2008The goal of our work is to study the spaces of primitive elements of the Hopf algebras associated to the permutaedra and the associaedra. We introduce the notion of shuffle and preshuffle bialgebras, and compute the subpaces of primitive elements associated ... More
On Morita equivalence of group actions on locally C*-algebrasMay 25 2007We extend to the context of locally C*-algebras a result of F. Combes [Proc. London Math. Soc. 49(1984), 289-306].
Photon and its hadronic interactionDec 24 2003A short overview of basics aspects of hadronic interaction of the photon is presented.
Looking for a Light Higgs Particle at Present and Future CollidersSep 25 1996Present data do not rule out the light neutral Higgs particle $h$ or $A$ with mass below 40--50 GeV in the framework of the general 2HDM ("Model II"). The recent limits from LEP I on the parameters of the model, based on the Bjorken process $Z \to Z h$, ... More
Formal FocusST Specification of CANNov 20 2018This paper presents a formal specification of the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol using FocusST framework. We formally describe core components of the protocol, which provides a basis for further formal analysis using the Isabelle/HOL theorem prover. ... More
Lagrange stability of semilinear differential-algebraic equations and application to nonlinear electrical circuitsFeb 13 2018We study a semilinear differential-algebraic equation (DAE) with the focus on the Lagrange stability (instability). The conditions for the existence and uniqueness of global solutions (a solution exists on an infinite interval) of the Cauchy problem, ... More
On models of non-Eucludian spaces generated by associative algebrasDec 09 2009We present the non-trivial example how to generate non-Euclidean geometries from associative unital algebras. We consider bundles of the sphere of the degenerate non-Eucleadian space and its two models. The first (conformal) model is obtained by the mapping ... More
Representations of the Yokonuma-Temperley-Lieb algebraFeb 28 2013Nov 25 2013We determine the representations of the Yokonuma-Temperley-Lieb algebra, which is defined as a quotient of the Yokonuma-Hecke algebra by generalising the construction of the classical Temperley-Lieb algebra.
A weak convergence result for sequential empirical processes under weak dependenceNov 14 2017Apr 08 2019The purpose of this paper is to prove a weak convergence result for empirical processes indexed in general classes of functions and with an underlying $\alpha$-mixing sequence of random variables. In particular the uniformly boundedness assumption on ... More
It is not a Coincidence! On Curious Patterns in Calculus Optimization ProblemsMar 22 2016Jul 13 2016In this paper we consider a few Calculus optimization problems in which we notice peculiar patterns. In each of these cases there is a geometric explanation for the pattern showing that it is not just a coincidence.