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Primitive Equations with Horizontal Viscosity: The Initial Value and the Time-Periodic Problem for Physical Boundary ConditionsFeb 08 2019Apr 08 2019The 3D-primitive equations with only horizontal viscosity are considered on a cylindrical domain $\Omega=(-h,h) \times G$, $G\subset \mathbb{R}^2$ smooth, with the physical Dirichlet boundary conditions on the sides. Instead of considering a vanishing ... More
Primitive Equations with Horizontal Viscosity: The Initial Value and the Time-Periodic Problem for Physical Boundary ConditionsFeb 08 2019The $3D$-primitive equations with only horizontal viscosity are considered on a cylindrical domain $(-h,h)\times G$, $G\subset \mathbb{R}^2$ smooth, with the physical Dirichlet boundary conditions on the sides. Instead of considering a vanishing vertical ... More
Rigorous justification of the hydrostatic approximation for the primitive equations by scaled Navier-Stokes equationsAug 07 2018Consider the anisotropic Navier-Stokes equations as well as the primitive equations. It is shown that the horizontal velocity of the solution to the anisotropic Navier-Stokes equations in a cylindrical domain of height $\varepsilon $ with initial data ... More
Multi-bit MRAM storage cells utilizing serially connected perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctionsMar 21 2019Serial connection of multiple memory cells using perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions (pMTJ) is proposed as a way to increase magnetic random access memory (MRAM) storage density. Multi-bit storage element is designed using pMTJs fabricated on a single ... More
On the Cartesian Skeleton and the Factorization of the Strong Product of DigraphsJan 20 2014The three standard products (the Cartesian, the direct and the strong product) of undirected graphs have been wellinvestigated, unique prime factor decomposition (PFD) are known and polynomial time algorithms have been established for determining the ... More
Entropy Rates of the Multidimensional Moran Processes and GeneralizationsJan 13 2014The interrelationships of the fundamental biological processes natural selection, mutation, and stochastic drift are quantified by the entropy rate of Moran processes with mutation, measuring the long-run variation of a Markov process. The entropy rate ... More
A Population-centric Approach to the Beauty Contest GameMay 07 2010Dec 13 2014An population-centric analysis for a version of the p-beauty contest game is given for the two-player, finite population, and infinite population cases. Winning strategies are characterized in terms of iterative thinking relative to the population. To ... More
Learning a world model and planning with a self-organizing, dynamic neural systemJun 11 2003We present a connectionist architecture that can learn a model of the relations between perceptions and actions and use this model for behavior planning. State representations are learned with a growing self-organizing layer which is directly coupled ... More
Charts, Interaction-Free Grammars, and the Compact Representation of AmbiguityMay 12 1997Recently researchers working in the LFG framework have proposed algorithms for taking advantage of the implicit context-free components of a unification grammar [Maxwell 96]. This paper clarifies the mathematical foundations of these techniques, provides ... More
Studies in Cryptological CombinatoricsNov 24 2004The key-agreement problem (finding a private key to use for secret messages, otherwise referred to as the public-key distribution problem), was introduced by Diffie and Hellman in 1976. An approach to structuring key-agreement protocols via the use of ... More
Extending Classical Logic with Inductive DefinitionsMar 07 2000The goal of this paper is to extend classical logic with a generalized notion of inductive definition supporting positive and negative induction, to investigate the properties of this logic, its relationships to other logics in the area of non-monotonic ... More
A partonic description of the transverse target single-spin asymmetry in inclusive DISNov 15 2012The single-spin asymmetry of unpolarized leptons scattering deep-inelastically off transversely polarized nucleons is studied in a partonic picture within a collinear twist-3 framework. Since this observable is generated by multi-photon exchanges between ... More
The Classical Exchange Algebra of AdS5 x S5 String TheoryOct 22 2008Jan 07 2009The classical exchange algebra satisfied by the monodromy matrix of AdS5 x S5 string theory in the Green-Schwarz formulation is determined by using a first-order Hamiltonian formulation and by adding to the Bena-Polchinski-Roiban Lax connection terms ... More
How to compute the thermodynamics of a glass using a cloned liquidDec 02 1998The recently proposed strategy for studying the equilibrium thermodynamics of the glass phase using a molecular liquid is reviewed and tested in details on the solvable case of the $p$-spin model. We derive the general phase diagram, and confirm the validity ... More
An extension criterion for lattice actions on the circleMay 01 2009We establish a necessary and sufficient condition for an action of a lattice by homeomorphisms of the circle to extend continuously to the ambient locally compact group. This condition is expressed in terms of the real bounded Euler class of this action. ... More
Scalar Mediated FCNC at the First Muon ColliderJun 14 2000Jun 26 2000In the most general two-Higgs doublet model (generally referred to as Model III), tree level flavor changing neutral couplings exist. It has been noted that the most natural value for such a coupling is of the order of the geometric mean of the Yukawa ... More
Fourth Generation b-prime decays into b + HiggsAug 04 1999Aug 08 1999If a fourth generation quark exists whose mass is below 255 GeV, then the only two-body charged current decay, b'-->cW, is doubly-Cabibbo suppressed. For this reason, CDF has searched for the one-loop neutral current decay b' --> bZ, assuming that the ... More
New Bounds on R-Parity Violating CouplingsOct 17 1995Bounds on R-parity violating couplings in the supersymmetric standard model are reviewed, and some new bounds arising from non-observation of certain rare B-decays (such as $B \rightarrow K^+K^-$) are presented. The focus is on baryon-number violating ... More
The Complexity of Partition Functions on Hermitian MatricesApr 07 2010Partition functions of certain classes of "spin glass" models in statistical physics show strong connections to combinatorial graph invariants. Also known as homomorphism functions they allow for the representation of many such invariants, for example, ... More
The canonical decomposition of once-punctured torus bundlesDec 20 2001In this paper, we determine the canonical polyhedral decomposition of every hyperbolic once-punctured torus bundle over the circle. In fact, we show that the only ideal polyhedral decomposition that is straight in the hyperbolic structure and that is ... More
Forces between static-light mesonsAug 09 2010The isospin, spin and parity dependent potential of a pair of static-light mesons is computed using Wilson twisted mass lattice QCD with two flavors of degenerate dynamical quarks. From the results a simple rule can be deduced stating, which isospin, ... More
On the Pseudo-Schrödinger Equation approximation of the Transfer-Integral operator for 1-dimensional DNA modelsNov 19 2010The Transfer-Integral (TI) operator is a powerful method to investigate the statistical physics of 1-dimensional models, like those used to describe DNA denaturation. At the cost of a certain number of approximations, the TI equation can be reduced to ... More
Isotropic realizability of a strain field for the incompressible two-dimensional Stokes equationSep 17 2015In the paper we study the problem of the isotropic realizability in R^2 of a regular strain field e(U)=1/2(DU+DU^T) for the incompressible Stokes equation, namely the existence of a positive viscosity mu\textgreater{}0 solving the Stokes equation in R^2 ... More
Higher Galois theoryJun 23 2015Jul 22 2015We generalize toposic Galois theory to higher topoi. We show that locally constant sheaves in a locally (n-1)-connected n-topos are equivalent to representations of its fundamental pro-n-groupoid, and that the latter can be described in terms of Galois ... More
Mean-field message-passing equations in the Hopfield model and its generalizationsAug 04 2016Aug 25 2016Motivated by recent progress in using restricted Boltzmann machines as preprocessing algorithms for deep neural network, we revisit the mean-field equations (belief-propagation and TAP equations) in the best understood such machine, namely the Hopfield ... More
Mirror graphs: graph theoretical characterization of reflection arrangements and finite Coxeter groupsSep 02 2016Mirror graphs were introduced by Bre\v{s}ar et al. in 2004 as an intriguing class of graphs: vertex-transitive, isometrically embeddable into hypercubes, having a strong connection with regular maps and polytope structure. In this article we settle the ... More
Rigorous Multiple-Precision Evaluation of D-Finite Functions in SageMathJul 07 2016We present a new open source implementation in the SageMath computer algebra system of algorithms for the numerical solution of linear ODEs with polynomial coefficients. Our code supports regular singular connection problems and provides rigorous error ... More
Sporadic simple groups and the FSZ propertiesOct 12 2016We investigate a possible connection between the $FSZ$ properties of a group and its Sylow subgroups. We show that the simple group $G_2(5)$ and all sporadic simple groups with order divisible by $5^6$ are not $FSZ$, and that neither are their Sylow 5-subgroups. ... More
CCNx 1.0 Bidirectional StreamsJul 15 2017In Content Centric Networks, where one retrieves data based on a given name, not a conventional connection to a server or other device, there is a need for a standard mechanism to establish bi-directional streams. We describe a method to open and maintain ... More
Dual-Phase Liquid Xenon Detectors for Dark Matter SearchesMay 29 2014Aug 07 2014Dual-phase time projection chambers (TPCs) filled with the liquid noble gas xenon (LXe) are currently the most sensitive detectors searching for interactions of WIMP dark matter in a laboratory-based experiment. This is achieved by combining a large, ... More
Critical Point for Maximum Likelihood Decoding of Linear Block CodesApr 10 2005In this letter, the SNR value at which the error performance curve of a soft decision maximum likelihood decoder reaches the slope corresponding to the code minimum distance is determined for a random code. Based on this value, referred to as the critical ... More
Polar Codes: Graph Representation and DualityDec 02 2013In this paper, we present an iterative construction of a polar code and develop properties of the dual of a polar code. Based on this approach, belief propagation of a polar code can be presented in the context of low-density parity check codes.
A Combinatorial Formula for Test Functions with Pro-p Iwahori Level StructureAug 27 2017The Test Function Conjecture due to Haines and Kottwitz predicts that the geometric Bernstein center is a source of test functions required by the Langlands-Kottwitz method for expressing the local semisimple Hasse-Weil zeta function of a Shimura variety ... More
Lorentz-diffeomorphism edge modes in 3d gravityDec 14 2017Feb 08 2018The proper definition of subsystems in gauge theory and gravity requires an extension of the local phase space by including edge mode fields. Their role is on the one hand to restore gauge invariance with respect to gauge transformations supported on ... More
Decomposition and pointwise estimates of periodic Green functions of some elliptic equations with periodic oscillatory coefficientsJul 24 2018This article is about the $\mathbb{Z}^d$-periodic Green function $G_n(x,y)$ of the multiscale elliptic operator $Lu=-{\rm div}\left( A(n\cdot) \cdot \nabla u \right)$, where $A(x)$ is a $\mathbb{Z}^d$-periodic, coercive, and H\"older continuous matrix, ... More
Covering spaces of 3-orbifoldsAug 01 2005Jun 07 2006Let O be a compact orientable 3-orbifold with non-empty singular locus and a finite volume hyperbolic structure. (Equivalently, O is the quotient of hyperbolic 3-space by a lattice in PSL(2,C) with torsion.) Then we prove that O has a tower of finite-sheeted ... More
Detecting large groupsFeb 20 2007Let G be a finitely presented group, and let p be a prime. Then G is 'large' (respectively, 'p-large') if some normal subgroup with finite index (respectively, index a power of p) admits a non-abelian free quotient. This paper provides a variety of new ... More
Higher indicators for some groups and their doublesApr 11 2010In this paper we explicitly determine all indicators for groups isomorphic to the semidirect product of two cyclic groups by an automorphism of prime order, as well as the generalized quaternion groups. We then compute the indicators for the Drinfel'd ... More
The asymptotic behaviour of Heegaard genusOct 21 2002Nov 26 2003Let M be a closed orientable 3-manifold with a negatively curved Riemannian metric. Let {M_i} be a collection of finite regular covers with degree d_i. (1) If the Heegaard genus of M_i grows more slowly than the square root of d_i, then M_i has positive ... More
Hilbertian InterpolationJun 25 2016I want to prove that all classical techniques of interpolation and approximation as Lagrange, Taylor, Hermite interpolations Beziers interpolants, Quasi interpolants, Box splines and others (radial splines, simplicial splines) are derived from a \textbf{unique} ... More
Some conditionally hard problems on links and 3-manifoldsFeb 26 2016Apr 27 2017We show that three natural decision problems about links and 3-manifolds are computationally hard, assuming some conjectures in complexity theory. The first problem is determining whether a link in the 3-sphere bounds a Seifert surface with Thurston norm ... More
Smooth motivesJul 14 2008Following ideas of Bondarko, we construct a DG category whose homotopy category is equivalent to the full subcategory of motives over a base-scheme $S$ generated by the motives of smooth projective $S$-schemes, assuming that $S$ is itself smooth over ... More
On the behavior of Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity with respect to some functorsJun 19 2007We investigate the behavior of Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity with respect to some classical functors : Tor, the Frobenius functor in positive characteristic, taking a power or a product (on ideals). These generalizes and refines previous results on these ... More
Explicit GL(2) trace formulas and uniform, mixed Weyl lawsDec 18 2012This thesis provides an explicit, general trace formula for the Hecke and Casimir eigenvalues of GL(2)-automorphic representations over a global field. In special cases, we obtain Selberg's original trace formula. Computations for the determinant of the ... More
Motions on n-Simplex Graphs with m-value memoryOct 01 2003We introduce the idea of an n-simplex graph and games upon simplicial complexes. We then define moves on a labeled graph and pose the problem of whether given two labelings of a graph it is possible to change one into another via these moves. We then ... More
Pseudo-Riemannian metrics with prescribed scalar curvatureSep 22 2004Sep 22 2004We consider the following generalisation of a well-known problem in Riemannian geometry: When is a smooth real-valued function s on a given compact n-dimensional manifold M (with or without boundary) the scalar curvature of some smooth pseudo-Riemannian ... More
Shifted moments of L functions and moments of theta functionsDec 03 2015Dec 04 2015Assuming the Riemann Hypothesis, Soundararajan showed that $\displaystyle{\int_{0}^{T} \vert \zeta(1/2 + it)\vert^{2k} \ll T(\log T)^{k^2 + \epsilon}}$ . His method was used by Chandee to obtain upper bounds for shifted moments of the Riemann Zeta function. ... More
On Okuyama's theorems about Alvis-Curtis dualityOct 06 2008The purpose of this paper is to report on the unpublished manuscript [O] by T. Okuyama where are proved some conjectures generalizing to homotopy categories the theorems of [CaRi] and [LS] holding in derived categories. We refer to the latter references ... More
Expanders, rank and graphs of groupsMar 08 2004Apr 01 2005Let G be a finitely presented group, and let {G_i} be a collection of finite index normal subgroups that is closed under intersections. Then, we prove that at least one of the following must hold: 1. G_i is an amalgamated free product or HNN extension, ... More
Quasitriangular structures of the double of a finite groupNov 27 2014Aug 22 2017We give a classification of all quasitriangular structures and ribbon elements of $\mathcal{D}(G)$ explicitly in terms of group homomorphisms and central subgroups. This can equivalently be interpreted as an explicit description of all braidings with ... More
Arithmetic of rationaly connected quintic 3-folds over finite and function fieldsOct 23 2007We prove that both classical Chevalley-Warning-Ax and Tsen theorems hold for the blowing up of a quintic 3-fold along a line of multiplicity 3. Both proofs, which are of the same spirit than the original ones, involve the description of this blowing-up ... More
Programming and Verifying Subgame Perfect MechanismsNov 01 2002Mar 08 2005An extension of the WHILE-language is developed for programming game-theoretic mechanisms involving multiple agents. Examples of such mechanisms include auctions, voting procedures, and negotiation protocols. A structured operational semantics is provided ... More
A Note on the Space Complexity of Fast D-Finite Function EvaluationSep 23 2012We state and analyze a generalization of the "truncation trick" suggested by Gourdon and Sebah to improve the performance of power series evaluation by binary splitting. It follows from our analysis that the values of D-finite functions (i.e., functions ... More
Overview on All Reactions Linked to GPDsJul 14 2002A short overview is given on how generalized parton distributions (GPDs) enter in a variety of hard exclusive processes such as deeply virtual Compton scattering (DVCS) and hard meson electroproduction reactions on the nucleon. We firstly discuss the ... More
Real and Virtual Compton Scattering off the NucleonJul 21 2000A review is given of the very recent developments in the fields of real and virtual Compton scattering off the nucleon. Both real and virtual Compton scattering reactions are discussed at low outgoing photon energy where one accesses polarizabilities ... More
Diffusion and Cascading Behavior in Random NetworksDec 09 2010Oct 19 2011The spread of new ideas, behaviors or technologies has been extensively studied using epidemic models. Here we consider a model of diffusion where the individuals' behavior is the result of a strategic choice. We study a simple coordination game with ... More
Comment on: 'Universal Behavior of Load Distribution in Scale-free Networks'Apr 14 2003Oct 29 2003In a previous Letter (cond-mat/0106565), Goh et al have presented a numerical study of the load--or betweenness centrality--distribution in a scale-free network whose degree distribution follows a power law with a tunable exponent $\gamma$. They showed ... More
Path Integral Approach to Strongly Nonlinear CompositeMay 29 2000We study strongly nonlinear disordered media using a functional method. We solve exactly the problem of a nonlinear impurity in a linear host and we obtain a Bruggeman-like formula for the effective nonlinear susceptibility. This formula reduces to the ... More
Chiral perturbation theory confronted with experimentSep 08 2004Oct 12 2004The general framework and the present status of the low energy theory of the standard model are briefly reviewed. Recent applications to a few topic of interest for the determinations of Vud and of Vus are discussed
A coarse graining for the Fortuin-Kasteleyn measure in random mediaMay 11 2007Dec 18 2007By means of a multi-scale analysis we describe the typical geometrical structure of the clusters under the FK measure in random media. Our result holds in any dimension greater or equal to 2 provided that slab percolation occurs under the averaged measure, ... More
The Python user interface of the elsA CFD software: a coupling framework for external steering layersJul 22 2016Jul 27 2016The Python--elsA user interface of the elsA CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software has been developed to allow users to specify simulations with confidence, through a global context of description objects grouped inside scripts. The software main ... More
Charged Leptons With Nanosecond LifetimesApr 07 1995Some extensions of the standard model contain additional leptons which are vectorlike under weak isospin. A class of models is considered in which these leptons do not appreciably mix with the known leptons. In such models, the heavy charged lepton and ... More
Isotropic realizability of electric fields around critical pointsJun 02 2013In this paper we study the isotropic realizability of a given regular gradient field $\nabla u$ as an electric field, namely when $\nabla u$ is solution of the equation $\div\left(\si\nabla u\right)=0$ for some isotropic conductivity $\si>0$. The case ... More
Some 3-manifolds and 3-orbifolds with large fundamental groupJul 14 2005We provide two new proofs of a theorem of Cooper, Long and Reid which asserts that, apart from an explicit finite list of exceptional manifolds, any compact orientable irreducible 3-manifold with non-empty boundary has large fundamental group. The first ... More
Taut ideal triangulations of 3-manifoldsMar 22 2000Nov 10 2000A taut ideal triangulation of a 3-manifold is a topological ideal triangulation with extra combinatorial structure: a choice of transverse orientation on each ideal 2-simplex, satisfying two simple conditions. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate that ... More
Word hyperbolic Dehn surgeryAug 28 1998Sep 07 1999The aim of this paper is to demonstrate that very many Dehn fillings on a cusped hyperbolic 3-manifold yield a 3-manifold which is irreducible, atoroidal and not Seifert fibred, and which has infinite, word hyperbolic fundamental group. We establish an ... More
Exceptional surgery curves in triangulated 3-manifoldsJul 14 1999For the purposes of this paper, Dehn surgery along a curve K in a 3-manifold M with slope r is `exceptional' if the resulting 3-manifold M_K(r) is reducible or a solid torus, or the core of the surgery solid torus has finite order in the fundamental group ... More
An Approximation Algorithm for #k-SATJul 11 2011We present a simple randomized algorithm that approximates the number of satisfying assignments of Boolean formulas in conjunctive normal form. To the best of our knowledge this is the first algorithm which approximates #k-SAT for any k >= 3 within a ... More
3+1 description of silent universes: a uniqueness result for the Petrov type I vacuum caseSep 29 1999Silent universes are studied using a ``3+1'' decomposition of the field equations in order to make progress in proving a recent conjecture that the only silent universes of Petrov type I are spatially homogeneous Bianchi I models. The infinite set of ... More
Compaction of bacterial genomic DNA: Clarifying the conceptsSep 08 2015The unconstrained genomic DNA of bacteria forms a coil, which volume exceeds 1000 times the volume of the cell. Since prokaryotes lack a membrane-bound nucleus, in sharp contrast with eukaryotes, the DNA may consequently be expected to occupy the whole ... More
Universal Approximation of Edge Density in Large GraphsAug 06 2015In this paper, we present a novel way to summarize the structure of large graphs, based on non-parametric estimation of edge density in directed multigraphs. Following coclustering approach, we use a clustering of the vertices, with a piecewise constant ... More
Counting matchings in irregular bipartite graphs and random liftsJul 16 2015Nov 05 2015We give a sharp lower bound on the number of matchings of a given size in a bipartite graph. When specialized to regular bipartite graphs, our results imply Friedland's Lower Matching Conjecture and Schrijver's theorem proven by Gurvits and Csikvari. ... More
There are no finite partial cubes of girth more than 6 and minimum degree at least 3Mar 16 2015Jul 21 2016Partial cubes are graphs isometrically embeddable into hypercubes. We analyze how isometric cycles in partial cubes behave and derive that every partial cube of girth more than 6 must have vertices of degree less than 3. As a direct corollary we get that ... More
The Python user interface of the elsA cfd software: a coupling framework for external steering layersJul 22 2016Nov 18 2016The Python--elsA user interface of the elsA cfd (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software has been developed to allow users to specify simulations with confidence, through a global context of description objects grouped inside scripts. The software main ... More
The $C^0$ integrability of symplectic twist maps without conjugate pointsJun 09 2016We prove that symplectic twist maps defined on the cotangent bundle of the d-dimensional torus that have no conjugate points are $C^0$ integrable, i.e. the cotangent bundle is continuously foliated by a family of invariant Lagrangian graphs.
Equivariant classifying spaces and cdh descent for the homotopy K-theory of tame stacksApr 21 2016Oct 25 2016We construct geometric models for classifying spaces of linear algebraic groups in G-equivariant motivic homotopy theory, where G is a tame group scheme. As a consequence, we show that the equivariant motivic spectrum representing the homotopy K-theory ... More
Antifragile Electronic WarfareSep 18 2014Nov 19 2014This letter introduces the concept of antifragile electronic warfare (EW), which we define as the ability to allow a communications link to improve performance due to the presence of a jammer. This concept should not be confused with jamming countermeasures ... More
Crossing paths in 2D Random WalksDec 10 2007We investigate crossing path probabilities for two agents that move randomly in a bounded region of the plane or on a sphere (denoted $R$). At each discrete time-step the agents move, independently, fixed distances $d_1$ and $d_2$ at angles that are uniformly ... More
Recent results on the helicity structure of the nucleon from HERMESOct 21 2002The HERMES experiment has measured double spin asymmetries of inclusive and semi-inclusive cross sections for the production of charged hadrons in deep-inelastic scattering of polarised positrons on polarised hydrogen and deuterium targets, in the kinematic ... More
The Legendrian knot complement problemApr 18 2016We prove that every Legendrian knot in the tight contact structure of the 3-sphere is determined by the contactomorphism type of its exterior. Moreover, by giving counterexamples we show this to be not true for Legendrian links in the tight 3-sphere and ... More
Spontaneous conformal symmetry breaking and a massless Wu-Yang monopoleJul 17 2017A formulation of $\mathcal{N} = 2$ supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory with a spacetime-dependent gauge coupling allows to study the breaking of conformal symmetry at the quantum level. The theory has an energy-momentum tensor that is only conserved if an ... More
Process Migration over CCNxJul 16 2017Process migration involves moving the running state of a process from one physical system to another, as is commonly done for virtual machines. In this paper, we describe how Content Centric Networking (CCNx) facilitates process migration through an intuitive ... More
Examples of non-FSZ p-groups for primes greater than threeOct 01 2016For any prime $p>3$ and $j\in\mathbb{N}$ we construct examples of non-$FSZ_{p^j}$ groups of order $p^{p^j+2j-1}$. In the special case of $j=1$ this yields groups of order $p^{p+1}$, which is the minimum possible order for a non-$FSZ$ $p$-group.
The uniqueness of Weierstrass points with semigroup <a;b> and related subgroupsAug 14 2017Assume $a$ and $b=na+r$ with $n \geq 1$ and $0<r<a$ are relatively prime integers. In case $C$ is a smooth curve and $P$ is a point on $C$ with Weierstrass semigroup equal to $<a;b>$ then $C$ is called a $C_{a;b}$-curve. In case $r \neq a-1$ and $b \neq ... More
Core curves of triangulated solid toriJun 15 2011We show that in any triangulation of a solid torus, there is a pre-core curve that lies in the 2-skeleton and that intersects the interior of each face in at most 10 straight arcs. By definition, a pre-core curve is a simple closed curve that becomes ... More
An algorithm to determine the Heegaard genus of simple 3-manifolds with non-empty boundarySep 04 2007Jan 24 2008We provide an algorithm to determine the Heegaard genus of simple 3-manifolds with non-empty boundary. More generally, we supply an algorithm to determine (up to ambient isotopy) all the Heegaard splittings of any given genus for the manifold. As a consequence, ... More
The $p$-CurlCurl : Spaces, traces, coercivity and a Helmholtz decomposition in $L^p$Aug 17 2018This work provides the foundation for the finite element analysis of an elliptic problem which is the rotational analogue of the $p$-Laplacian and which appears as a model of the magnetic induction in a high-temperature superconductor operating near it's ... More
Green's formulas and variational equationsMay 21 2016In this paper, I give an extension to the banachic - non linear- case of the work of B. Hanouzet and J.L. Joly which is quoted below in the bibliography and which was elaborated in the hilbertian- linear- case.
New lower bounds on subgroup growth and homology growthDec 13 2005May 27 2008We establish new strong lower bounds on the (subnormal) subgroup growth of a large class of groups. This includes the fundamental groups of all finite-volume hyperbolic 3-manifolds and all (free non-abelian)-by-cyclic groups. The lower bound is nearly ... More
Tail asymptotics for monotone-separable networksOct 06 2005Mar 16 2007A network belongs to the monotone separable class if its state variables are homogeneous and monotone functions of the epochs of the arrival process. This framework contains several classical queueing network models, including generalized Jackson networks, ... More
Homomorphisms and rigid isomorphisms of twisted group doublesMay 01 2016Mar 10 2017We prove several results concerning quasi-bialgebra morphisms $\mathcal{D}^\omega(G)\to\mathcal{D}^\eta(H)$ of twisted group doubles. We take a particular focus on the isomorphisms which are simultaneously isomorphisms $\mathcal{D}(G)\to\mathcal{D}(H)$. ... More
A nested embedding theorem for Hardy-Lorentz spaces with applications to coefficient multiplier problemsJun 20 2005We prove a nested embedding theorem for Hardy-Lorentz spaces and use it to find coefficient multiplier spaces of certain non-locally convex Hardy-Lorentz spaces into various target spaces such as Lebesgue sequence spaces, other Hardy spaces, and analytic ... More
Motivic Euler characteristics and Witt-valued characteristic classesJun 26 2018This paper examines a number of related questions about Euler characteristics and characteristic classes with values in Witt cohomology. We establish a motivic version of the Becker-Gottllieb transfer, generalizing a construction of Hoyois. Ananyevskiy's ... More
CM cycles on Shimura curves, and p-adic L-functionsOct 28 2011Let f be a modular form of weight k>=2 and level N, let K be a quadratic imaginary field, and assume that there is a prime p exactly dividing N. Under certain arithmetic conditions on the level and the field K, one can attach to this data a p-adic L-function ... More
On Banachic Kernels and Approximation TheoryJun 25 2016In this paper, I generalize a previous one about hilbertian kernels and approximation theory
On the Hodge decomposition in R^nOct 29 2007Apr 30 2010We prove a version of the $L^p$ hodge decomposition for differential forms in Euclidean space and a generalization to the class of Lizorkin currents. We also compute the $L_{qp}-$cohomology of $\mathbb{R}^n$.
FJRW rings and Landau-Ginzburg Mirror SymmetryJun 04 2009In this article, we study the Berglund--H\"ubsch transpose construction W^T for invertible quasihomogeneous potential W. We introduce the dual group G^T and establish the state space isomorphism between the Fan-Jarvis-Ruan-Witten A-model of W/G and the ... More
Motivic Landweber exact theories and their effective coversJan 01 2014Jan 01 2015Let $k$ be a field of characteristic zero and let $(F,R)$ be a Landweber exact formal group law. We consider a Landweber exact $T$-spectrum $\mathcal{E}:=R\otimes_{\mathbb{L}}\text{MGL}$ and its effective cover $f_0\mathcal{E}\to \mathcal{E}$ with respect ... More
Surface subgroups of Kleinian groups with torsionApr 08 2008Jul 28 2009We prove that every finitely generated Kleinian group that contains a finite, non-cyclic subgroup either is finite or virtually free or contains a surface subgroup. Hence, every arithmetic Kleinian group contains a surface subgroup.
Comparison of cobordism theoriesJul 14 2008Relying on results of Hopkins-Morel, we show that, for $X$ a quasi-projective variety over a field of characteristic zero, the canonical map $\Omega_n(X)\to MGL_{2n,n}'(X)$ is an isomorphism. Here $\Omega_*(X)$ is the theory of algebraic cobordism defined ... More