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Stochastic dominance and the bijective ratio of online algorithmsJul 20 2016Stochastic dominance is a technique for evaluating the performance of online algorithms that provides an intuitive, yet powerful stochastic order between the compared algorithms. Accordingly this holds for bijective analysis, which can be interpreted ... More
On the existence of a limit value in some non expansive optimal control problemsApr 23 2009Oct 21 2009We investigate a limit value of an optimal control problem when the horizon converges to infinity. For this aim, we suppose suitable nonexpansive-like assumptions which does not imply that the limit is independent of the initial state as it is usually ... More
Limit value for optimal control with general meansMar 17 2015We consider optimal control problem with an integral cost which is a mean of a given function. As a particular case, the cost concerned is the Ces\`aro average. The limit of the value with Ces\`aro mean when the horizon tends to infinity is widely studied ... More
On the Power of Advice and Randomization for Online Bipartite MatchingFeb 23 2016Jun 21 2016While randomized online algorithms have access to a sequence of uniform random bits, deterministic online algorithms with advice have access to a sequence of advice bits, i.e., bits that are set by an all powerful oracle prior to the processing of the ... More
A Hausdorff-Young inequality for measured groupoidsMar 15 2008The classical Hausdorff-Young inequality for locally compact abelian groups states that, for $1\le p\le 2$, the $L^p$-norm of a function dominates the $L^q$-norm of its Fourier transform, where $1/p+1/q=1$. By using the theory of non-commutative $L^p$-spaces ... More
Online Algorithms with Advice for Bin Packing and Scheduling ProblemsNov 29 2013Aug 05 2015We consider the setting of online computation with advice, and study the bin packing problem and a number of scheduling problems. We show that it is possible, for any of these problems, to arbitrarily approach a competitive ratio of $1$ with only a constant ... More
Online Computation with Untrusted AdviceMay 14 2019The advice model of online computation captures the setting in which the online algorithm is given some partial information concerning the request sequence. This paradigm allows to establish tradeoffs between the amount of this additional information ... More
On the Cartesian Skeleton and the Factorization of the Strong Product of DigraphsJan 20 2014The three standard products (the Cartesian, the direct and the strong product) of undirected graphs have been wellinvestigated, unique prime factor decomposition (PFD) are known and polynomial time algorithms have been established for determining the ... More
Impact of photometric redshifts on the galaxy power spectrum and BAO scale in the LSST surveyFeb 08 2019Imaging billions of galaxies every few nights during ten years, LSST should be a major contributor to precision cosmology in the 2020 decade. High precision photometric data will be available in six bands, from near-infrared to near-ultraviolet. The computation ... More
The vertex-transitive TLF-planar graphsDec 17 2004We consider the class of the topologically locally finite (in short TLF) planar vertex-transitive graphs, a class containing in particular all the one-ended planar Cayley graphs and the normal transitive tilings. We characterize these graphs with a finite ... More
Enumerating planar locally finite Cayley graphsSep 11 2003We characterize the set of planar locally finite Cayley graphs, and give a finite representation of these graphs by a special kind of finite state automata called labeling schemes. As a result, we are able to enumerate and describe all planar locally ... More
Invertibility modulo dead-ending no-P-universesSep 04 2015In normal version of combinatorial game theory, all games are invertible, whereas only the empty game is invertible in mis\`ere version. For this reason, several restricted universes were earlier considered for their study, in which more games are invertible. ... More
Cartan subalgebras in C*-algebrasMar 15 2008According to J. Feldman and C. Moore's well-known theorem on Cartan subalgebras, a variant of the group measure space construction gives an equivalence of categories between twisted countable standard measured equivalence relations and Cartan pairs, i.e. ... More
Examples of masas in C*-algebrasMar 23 2009This paper illustrates the notion of a Cartan subalgebra in a C*-algebra through a number of examples and counterexamples. Some of these examples have a geometrical flavour and are related to orbifolds and non-Hausdorff manifolds.
Complexity of the Game Domination ProblemOct 01 2015Jun 17 2016The game domination number is a graph invariant that arises from a game, which is related to graph domination in a similar way as the game chromatic number is related to graph coloring. In this paper we show that verifying whether the game domination ... More
Continuous bounded cocyclesSep 20 2011Let $G$ be a minimal locally compact groupoid with compact metrizable unit space and let $E$ be a continuous $G$-Hilbert bundle. We show that a bounded continuous cocycle $c: G\ra r^*E$ is necessarily a continuous coboundary. This is a groupoid version ... More
AF-equivalence relations and their cocyclesNov 15 2001After a review of some of the main results about hyperfinite equivalence relations and their cocycles in the measured setting, we give a definition of a topological AF-equivalence relation. We show that every cocycle is cohomologous to a quasi-product ... More
The value of Repeated Games with an informed controllerMar 23 2008Apr 20 2009We consider the general model of zero-sum repeated games (or stochastic games with signals), and assume that one of the players is fully informed and controls the transitions of the state variable. We prove the existence of the uniform value, generalizing ... More
Uniform value in Dynamic ProgrammingMar 19 2008Apr 20 2009We consider dynamic programming problems with a large time horizon, and give sufficient conditions for the existence of the uniform value. As a consequence, we obtain an existence result when the state space is precompact, payoffs are uniformly continuous ... More
A tutorial on Zero-sum Stochastic GamesMay 16 2019Zero-sum stochastic games generalize the notion of Markov Decision Processes (i.e. controlled Markov chains, or stochastic dynamic programming) to the 2-player competitive case : two players jointly control the evolution of a state variable, and have ... More
Induced Representations and HypergroupoidsFeb 01 2014Jun 03 2014We review various notions of correspondences for locally compact groupoids with Haar systems, in particular a recent definition due to R.D. Holkar. We give the construction of the representations induced by such a correspondence. Finally, we extend the ... More
Groupoid cocycles and derivationsJan 22 2012This is a study of derivations constructed from conditionally negative type functions on groupoids which illustrates Sauvageot's theory of non-commutative Dirichlet forms.
The Radon-Nikodym problem for approximately proper equivalence relationsNov 23 2002We study the Radon-Nikodym problem for approximately proper equivalence relations and more specifically the uniqueness of certain Gibbs states. One of our tools is a variant of the dimension group introduced in the study of AF algebras. As applications, ... More
General limit value in Dynamic ProgrammingJan 03 2013We consider a dynamic programming problem with arbitrary state space and bounded rewards. Is it possible to define in an unique way a limit value for the problem, where the "patience" of the decision-maker tends to infinity ? We consider, for each evaluation ... More
Binary dicots, a core of dicot gamesMay 13 2014We study combinatorial games under mis\`ere convention. Several sets of games have been considered earlier to better understand the behaviour of mis\`ere games. We here connect several of these sets. In particular, we prove that comparison modulo binary ... More
Cuntz-like algebrasMay 29 1999The usual crossed product construction which associates to the homeomorphism $T$ of the locally compact space $X$ the C$^*$-algebra $C^*(X,T)$ is extended to the case of a partial local homeomorphism $T$. For example, the Cuntz-Krieger algebras are the ... More
Relative equilibria with holes for the surface quasi-geostrophic equationsJul 18 2016We study the existence of doubly connected rotating patches for the inviscid surface quasi- geostrophic equation left open in \cite{HHH}. By using the approach proposed by \cite{CCGS} we also prove that close to the annulus the boundaries are actually ... More
Topological amenability is a Borel propertyFeb 04 2013Apr 05 2013We establish that a second countable locally compact groupoid possessing a continuous Haar system is topologically amenable if and only if it is Borel amenable. We give some examples and applications.
Random walks on Bratteli diagramsApr 23 2017In the eighties, A. Connes and E. J. Woods made a connection between hyperfinite von Neumann algebras and Poisson boundaries of time dependent random walks. The present paper explains this connection and gives a detailed proof of two theorems quoted there: ... More
Entropy Rates of the Multidimensional Moran Processes and GeneralizationsJan 13 2014The interrelationships of the fundamental biological processes natural selection, mutation, and stochastic drift are quantified by the entropy rate of Moran processes with mutation, measuring the long-run variation of a Markov process. The entropy rate ... More
A Population-centric Approach to the Beauty Contest GameMay 07 2010Dec 13 2014An population-centric analysis for a version of the p-beauty contest game is given for the two-player, finite population, and infinite population cases. Winning strategies are characterized in terms of iterative thinking relative to the population. To ... More
Learning a world model and planning with a self-organizing, dynamic neural systemJun 11 2003We present a connectionist architecture that can learn a model of the relations between perceptions and actions and use this model for behavior planning. State representations are learned with a growing self-organizing layer which is directly coupled ... More
Charts, Interaction-Free Grammars, and the Compact Representation of AmbiguityMay 12 1997Recently researchers working in the LFG framework have proposed algorithms for taking advantage of the implicit context-free components of a unification grammar [Maxwell 96]. This paper clarifies the mathematical foundations of these techniques, provides ... More
Studies in Cryptological CombinatoricsNov 24 2004The key-agreement problem (finding a private key to use for secret messages, otherwise referred to as the public-key distribution problem), was introduced by Diffie and Hellman in 1976. An approach to structuring key-agreement protocols via the use of ... More
Extending Classical Logic with Inductive DefinitionsMar 07 2000The goal of this paper is to extend classical logic with a generalized notion of inductive definition supporting positive and negative induction, to investigate the properties of this logic, its relationships to other logics in the area of non-monotonic ... More
A partonic description of the transverse target single-spin asymmetry in inclusive DISNov 15 2012The single-spin asymmetry of unpolarized leptons scattering deep-inelastically off transversely polarized nucleons is studied in a partonic picture within a collinear twist-3 framework. Since this observable is generated by multi-photon exchanges between ... More
The Classical Exchange Algebra of AdS5 x S5 String TheoryOct 22 2008Jan 07 2009The classical exchange algebra satisfied by the monodromy matrix of AdS5 x S5 string theory in the Green-Schwarz formulation is determined by using a first-order Hamiltonian formulation and by adding to the Bena-Polchinski-Roiban Lax connection terms ... More
How to compute the thermodynamics of a glass using a cloned liquidDec 02 1998The recently proposed strategy for studying the equilibrium thermodynamics of the glass phase using a molecular liquid is reviewed and tested in details on the solvable case of the $p$-spin model. We derive the general phase diagram, and confirm the validity ... More
An extension criterion for lattice actions on the circleMay 01 2009We establish a necessary and sufficient condition for an action of a lattice by homeomorphisms of the circle to extend continuously to the ambient locally compact group. This condition is expressed in terms of the real bounded Euler class of this action. ... More
Scalar Mediated FCNC at the First Muon ColliderJun 14 2000Jun 26 2000In the most general two-Higgs doublet model (generally referred to as Model III), tree level flavor changing neutral couplings exist. It has been noted that the most natural value for such a coupling is of the order of the geometric mean of the Yukawa ... More
Fourth Generation b-prime decays into b + HiggsAug 04 1999Aug 08 1999If a fourth generation quark exists whose mass is below 255 GeV, then the only two-body charged current decay, b'-->cW, is doubly-Cabibbo suppressed. For this reason, CDF has searched for the one-loop neutral current decay b' --> bZ, assuming that the ... More
New Bounds on R-Parity Violating CouplingsOct 17 1995Bounds on R-parity violating couplings in the supersymmetric standard model are reviewed, and some new bounds arising from non-observation of certain rare B-decays (such as $B \rightarrow K^+K^-$) are presented. The focus is on baryon-number violating ... More
The Complexity of Partition Functions on Hermitian MatricesApr 07 2010Partition functions of certain classes of "spin glass" models in statistical physics show strong connections to combinatorial graph invariants. Also known as homomorphism functions they allow for the representation of many such invariants, for example, ... More
On the Pseudo-Schrödinger Equation approximation of the Transfer-Integral operator for 1-dimensional DNA modelsNov 19 2010The Transfer-Integral (TI) operator is a powerful method to investigate the statistical physics of 1-dimensional models, like those used to describe DNA denaturation. At the cost of a certain number of approximations, the TI equation can be reduced to ... More
Isotropic realizability of a strain field for the incompressible two-dimensional Stokes equationSep 17 2015In the paper we study the problem of the isotropic realizability in R^2 of a regular strain field e(U)=1/2(DU+DU^T) for the incompressible Stokes equation, namely the existence of a positive viscosity mu\textgreater{}0 solving the Stokes equation in R^2 ... More
Higher Galois theoryJun 23 2015Jul 22 2015We generalize toposic Galois theory to higher topoi. We show that locally constant sheaves in a locally (n-1)-connected n-topos are equivalent to representations of its fundamental pro-n-groupoid, and that the latter can be described in terms of Galois ... More
Mean-field message-passing equations in the Hopfield model and its generalizationsAug 04 2016Aug 25 2016Motivated by recent progress in using restricted Boltzmann machines as preprocessing algorithms for deep neural network, we revisit the mean-field equations (belief-propagation and TAP equations) in the best understood such machine, namely the Hopfield ... More
Mirror graphs: graph theoretical characterization of reflection arrangements and finite Coxeter groupsSep 02 2016Mirror graphs were introduced by Bre\v{s}ar et al. in 2004 as an intriguing class of graphs: vertex-transitive, isometrically embeddable into hypercubes, having a strong connection with regular maps and polytope structure. In this article we settle the ... More
Rigorous Multiple-Precision Evaluation of D-Finite Functions in SageMathJul 07 2016We present a new open source implementation in the SageMath computer algebra system of algorithms for the numerical solution of linear ODEs with polynomial coefficients. Our code supports regular singular connection problems and provides rigorous error ... More
Sporadic simple groups and the FSZ propertiesOct 12 2016We investigate a possible connection between the $FSZ$ properties of a group and its Sylow subgroups. We show that the simple group $G_2(5)$ and all sporadic simple groups with order divisible by $5^6$ are not $FSZ$, and that neither are their Sylow 5-subgroups. ... More
Dual-Phase Liquid Xenon Detectors for Dark Matter SearchesMay 29 2014Aug 07 2014Dual-phase time projection chambers (TPCs) filled with the liquid noble gas xenon (LXe) are currently the most sensitive detectors searching for interactions of WIMP dark matter in a laboratory-based experiment. This is achieved by combining a large, ... More
A Determination of the Fine Structure Constant using Precision Measurements of Helium Fine StructureMar 13 2012Spectroscopic measurements of the helium atom are performed to high precision using an atomic beam apparatus and electro-optic laser techniques. These measurements, in addition to serving as a test of helium theory, also provide a new determination of ... More
CCNx 1.0 Bidirectional StreamsJul 15 2017In Content Centric Networks, where one retrieves data based on a given name, not a conventional connection to a server or other device, there is a need for a standard mechanism to establish bi-directional streams. We describe a method to open and maintain ... More
Critical Point for Maximum Likelihood Decoding of Linear Block CodesApr 10 2005In this letter, the SNR value at which the error performance curve of a soft decision maximum likelihood decoder reaches the slope corresponding to the code minimum distance is determined for a random code. Based on this value, referred to as the critical ... More
Polar Codes: Graph Representation and DualityDec 02 2013In this paper, we present an iterative construction of a polar code and develop properties of the dual of a polar code. Based on this approach, belief propagation of a polar code can be presented in the context of low-density parity check codes.
A Combinatorial Formula for Test Functions with Pro-p Iwahori Level StructureAug 27 2017The Test Function Conjecture due to Haines and Kottwitz predicts that the geometric Bernstein center is a source of test functions required by the Langlands-Kottwitz method for expressing the local semisimple Hasse-Weil zeta function of a Shimura variety ... More
Lorentz-diffeomorphism edge modes in 3d gravityDec 14 2017Feb 08 2018The proper definition of subsystems in gauge theory and gravity requires an extension of the local phase space by including edge mode fields. Their role is on the one hand to restore gauge invariance with respect to gauge transformations supported on ... More
Explicit GL(2) trace formulas and uniform, mixed Weyl lawsDec 18 2012This thesis provides an explicit, general trace formula for the Hecke and Casimir eigenvalues of GL(2)-automorphic representations over a global field. In special cases, we obtain Selberg's original trace formula. Computations for the determinant of the ... More
Motions on n-Simplex Graphs with m-value memoryOct 01 2003We introduce the idea of an n-simplex graph and games upon simplicial complexes. We then define moves on a labeled graph and pose the problem of whether given two labelings of a graph it is possible to change one into another via these moves. We then ... More
Pseudo-Riemannian metrics with prescribed scalar curvatureSep 22 2004Sep 22 2004We consider the following generalisation of a well-known problem in Riemannian geometry: When is a smooth real-valued function s on a given compact n-dimensional manifold M (with or without boundary) the scalar curvature of some smooth pseudo-Riemannian ... More
The Inherent Randomness of Evolving PopulationsMar 08 2013Mar 27 2013The entropy rates of the Wright-Fisher process, the Moran process, and generalizations are computed and used to compare these processes and their dependence on standard evolutionary parameters. Entropy rates are measures of the variation dependent on ... More
Smooth motivesJul 14 2008Following ideas of Bondarko, we construct a DG category whose homotopy category is equivalent to the full subcategory of motives over a base-scheme $S$ generated by the motives of smooth projective $S$-schemes, assuming that $S$ is itself smooth over ... More
On equivariant homotopy theory for model categoriesAug 04 2013Feb 16 2016We introduce and compare two approaches to equivariant homotopy theory in a topological or ordinary Quillen model category. For the topological model category of spaces, we generalize Piacenza's result that the categories of topological presheaves indexed ... More
Hilbertian InterpolationJun 25 2016I want to prove that all classical techniques of interpolation and approximation as Lagrange, Taylor, Hermite interpolations Beziers interpolants, Quasi interpolants, Box splines and others (radial splines, simplicial splines) are derived from a \textbf{unique} ... More
On the behavior of Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity with respect to some functorsJun 19 2007We investigate the behavior of Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity with respect to some classical functors : Tor, the Frobenius functor in positive characteristic, taking a power or a product (on ideals). These generalizes and refines previous results on these ... More
On Okuyama's theorems about Alvis-Curtis dualityOct 06 2008The purpose of this paper is to report on the unpublished manuscript [O] by T. Okuyama where are proved some conjectures generalizing to homotopy categories the theorems of [CaRi] and [LS] holding in derived categories. We refer to the latter references ... More
The asymptotic behaviour of Heegaard genusOct 21 2002Nov 26 2003Let M be a closed orientable 3-manifold with a negatively curved Riemannian metric. Let {M_i} be a collection of finite regular covers with degree d_i. (1) If the Heegaard genus of M_i grows more slowly than the square root of d_i, then M_i has positive ... More
Remainder Padé approximants for the Hurwitz zeta functionSep 15 2017Following our earlier research, we use the method introduced by the author in \cite{prevost1996} named Remainder Pad\'e Approximant in \cite{rivoalprevost}, to construct approximations of the Hurwitz zeta function. We prove that these approximations are ... More
A topological version of the Poincaré-Birkhoff theorem with two fixed pointsOct 18 2010Mar 30 2011The main result of this paper gives a topological property satisfied by any homeomorphism of the annulus $\mathbb{A}=\mathbb{S}^1 \times [-1,1]$ isotopic to the identity and with at most one fixed point. This generalizes the classical Poincar\'e-Birkhoff ... More
Quasitriangular structures of the double of a finite groupNov 27 2014Aug 22 2017We give a classification of all quasitriangular structures and ribbon elements of $\mathcal{D}(G)$ explicitly in terms of group homomorphisms and central subgroups. This can equivalently be interpreted as an explicit description of all braidings with ... More
Higher indicators for some groups and their doublesApr 11 2010In this paper we explicitly determine all indicators for groups isomorphic to the semidirect product of two cyclic groups by an automorphism of prime order, as well as the generalized quaternion groups. We then compute the indicators for the Drinfel'd ... More
Subdifferential stability and subdifferential sum rulesDec 30 2018In the first part, we discuss the stability of the strong slope and of the subdifferential of a lower semicontinuous function with respect to Wijsman perturbations of the function, i.e. perturbations described via Wijsman convergence. In the second part, ... More
Shifted moments of L functions and moments of theta functionsDec 03 2015Dec 04 2015Assuming the Riemann Hypothesis, Soundararajan showed that $\displaystyle{\int_{0}^{T} \vert \zeta(1/2 + it)\vert^{2k} \ll T(\log T)^{k^2 + \epsilon}}$ . His method was used by Chandee to obtain upper bounds for shifted moments of the Riemann Zeta function. ... More
Escort Evolutionary Game TheoryNov 09 2009Feb 24 2012A family of replicator-like dynamics, called the escort replicator equation, is constructed using information-geometric concepts and generalized information entropies and diverenges from statistical thermodynamics. Lyapunov functions and escort generalizations ... More
Expanders, rank and graphs of groupsMar 08 2004Apr 01 2005Let G be a finitely presented group, and let {G_i} be a collection of finite index normal subgroups that is closed under intersections. Then, we prove that at least one of the following must hold: 1. G_i is an amalgamated free product or HNN extension, ... More
Modular hyperbolas and Beatty sequencesAug 01 2018Aug 20 2019Bounds for $\max\{m,\tilde{m}\}$ subject to $m,\tilde{m} \in \mathbb{Z}\cap[1,p)$, $p$ prime, $z$ indivisible by $p$, $m\tilde{m}\equiv z\bmod p$ and $m$ belonging to some fixed Beatty sequence $\{ \lfloor n\alpha+\beta \rfloor : n\in\mathbb{N} \}$ are ... More
Covering spaces of 3-orbifoldsAug 01 2005Jun 07 2006Let O be a compact orientable 3-orbifold with non-empty singular locus and a finite volume hyperbolic structure. (Equivalently, O is the quotient of hyperbolic 3-space by a lattice in PSL(2,C) with torsion.) Then we prove that O has a tower of finite-sheeted ... More
Recurrence relations for Apostol-Bernoulli , -Euler and -Genocchi polynomials of higher orderSep 15 2017In \cite{luo2006,luosri2005}, Luo and Srivastava introduced some generalizations of the Apostol -Bernoulli polynomials and the Apostol-Euler polynomials. The main object of this paper is to extend the result of \cite{prevost2010} to these generalized ... More
Forces between static-light mesonsAug 09 2010The isospin, spin and parity dependent potential of a pair of static-light mesons is computed using Wilson twisted mass lattice QCD with two flavors of degenerate dynamical quarks. From the results a simple rule can be deduced stating, which isospin, ... More
On the Complexity of Recognizing S-composite and S-prime GraphsMay 04 2012Jan 16 2013S-prime graphs are graphs that cannot be represented as nontrivial subgraphs of nontrivial Cartesian products of graphs, i.e., whenever it is a subgraph of a nontrivial Cartesian product graph it is a subgraph of one the factors. A graph is S-composite ... More
Loopy annealing belief propagation for vertex cover and matching: convergence, LP relaxation, correctness and Bethe approximationJan 30 2014Jul 07 2014For the minimum cardinality vertex cover and maximum cardinality matching problems, the max-product form of belief propagation (BP) is known to perform poorly on general graphs. In this paper, we present an iterative loopy annealing BP (LABP) algorithm ... More
The structure of evolutionary exploration: On crossover, buildings blocks and Estimation-Of-Distribution AlgorithmsDec 11 2002The notion of building blocks can be related to the structure of the offspring probability distribution: loci of which variability is strongly correlated constitute a building block. We call this correlated exploration. With this background we analyze ... More
A Simple Transformation for Offline-Parsable Grammars and its Termination PropertiesMay 14 1996We present, in easily reproducible terms, a simple transformation for offline-parsable grammars which results in a provably terminating parsing program directly top-down interpretable in Prolog. The transformation consists in two steps: (1) removal of ... More
Spatial NetworksOct 02 2010Nov 04 2010Complex systems are very often organized under the form of networks where nodes and edges are embedded in space. Transportation and mobility networks, Internet, mobile phone networks, power grids, social and contact networks, neural networks, are all ... More
Spheroid and disk signatures in galaxy bulgesJan 31 2003Recent progress on the structure and dynamics of bulges is reviewed. Those aspects that link galaxy bulges either to oblate spheroids akin to elliptical galaxies or to rapidly-rotating, flattened systems more nearly resembling the products of disk internal ... More
Two tails in NGC 3656, and the major merger origin of shell and minor axis dust lane ellipticalsJul 01 1997I report on the discovery of two faint (~ 26.8 Rmag/arcsec^2) tidal tails around the shell elliptical NGC 3656 (Arp 155). This galaxy had previously been interpreted as a case of accretion, or minor merger. The two tidal tails are inconsistent with a ... More
The anomalous magnetic moment of the muon: a theoretical introductionJul 18 2003These notes, based on the lectures delivered at the 2003 Schladming School of Theoretical Physics, provide an introduction to the theory of the anomalous magnetic moments of the muon and of the electron.
Experimental determination of Chiral Symmetry Breaking ParametersMay 27 1993In the low energy domain, Chiral Perturbation Theory parametrizes the small chiral symmetry breaking effects, produced by the quark masses $m_u$, $m_d$ and $m_s$, in terms of order parameters of massless QCD. The latter can then, in principle, be measured ... More
Message passing in random satisfiability problemsJan 14 2004This talk surveys the recent development of message passing procedures for solving constraint satisfaction problems. The cavity method from statistical physics provides a generalization of the belief propagation strategy that is able to deal with the ... More
Statistical Physics of the Glass PhaseOct 18 2001This paper gives an introduction to some of the statistical physics problems which appear in the study of structural glasses. It is a shortened and updated version of a more detailed review paper which has appeared in cond-mat/0005173.
First Steps in Glass TheoryMay 10 2000This paper is an introduction to some of the main present issues in the theory of structural glasses. After recalling a few experimental facts, it gives a short account of the analogy between fragile glasses and the mean field discontinuous spin glasses. ... More
Precise Vacuum Stability Bound in the Standard ModelJul 27 1993In the standard model, a lower bound to the Higgs mass (for a given top quark mass) exists if one requires that the standard model vacuum be stable. This bound is calculated as precisely as possible, including the most recent values of the gauge couplings, ... More
Scalar-Mediated Flavor-Changing Neutral CurrentsSep 30 1998The simplest extension of the standard model involves adding a scalar doublet--the so-called two-Higgs model. In general, the additional scalar will mediate tree-level flavor-changing neutral currents. Although one can arbitrarily impose a discrete symmetry ... More
SUSY GUTs without light Higgs bosonsJun 08 1994Jun 14 1994There are two different types of perturbative unification in SUSY GUTs. Perturbative gauge unification is necessary for the extremely successful prediction of $\sin^2\theta_w$. ``Perturbative validity'' requires that {\it all} couplings (not just the ... More
Classification of alternating knots with tunnel number oneMar 30 2001Aug 05 2002This paper gives a complete classification of all alternating knots with tunnel number one, and all their unknotting tunnels. We prove that the only such knots are two-bridge knots and certain Montesinos knots.
Classification of vertex-transitive cubic partial cubesSep 15 2015Jul 21 2016Partial cubes are graphs isometrically embeddable into hypercubes. In this paper it is proved that every cubic, vertex-transitive partial cube is isomorphic to one of the following graphs: $K_2 \, \square \, C_{2n}$, for some $n\geq 2$, the generalized ... More
Stability of global equilibrium for the multi-species Boltzmann equation in $L^\infty$ settingsMar 04 2016Jul 19 2016We prove the stability of global equilibrium in a multi-species mixture, where the different species can have different masses, on the $3$-dimensional torus. We establish stability estimates in $L^\infty_{x,v}(w)$ where $w=w(v)$ is either polynomial or ... More
OBDDs and (Almost) $k$-wise Independent Random VariablesApr 15 2015OBDD-based graph algorithms deal with the characteristic function of the edge set E of a graph $G = (V,E)$ which is represented by an OBDD and solve optimization problems by mainly using functional operations. We present an OBDD-based algorithm which ... More
Computing asymptotic invariants with the Ricci tensor on asymptotically flat and hyperbolic manifoldsMar 02 2015Apr 22 2016We prove in a simple and coordinate-free way the equivalence bteween the classical definitions of the mass or the center of mass of an asymptotically flat manifold and their alternative definitions depending on the Ricci tensor and conformal Killing fields. ... More
The Muon Anomalous Magnetic MomentDec 03 2014The calculations entering the prediction of the standard model value for the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon $a_\mu$ are reviewed, and compared to the very accurate experimental measurement. The situation for the electron is discussed in parallel. ... More