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Multivariate statistical modelling of future marine stormsMar 13 2019Extreme events, such as wave-storms, need to be characterized for coastal infrastructure design purposes. Such description should contain information on both the univariate behaviour and the joint-dependence of storm-variables. These two aspects have ... More
Contact Hamiltonian SystemsNov 08 2018In this paper we study Hamiltonian systems on contact manifolds, which is an appropriate scenario to discuss dissipative systems. We prove a coisotropic reduction theorem similar to the one in symplectic mechanics.
Hamilton-Jacobi Theorems for Nonholonomic Reducible Hamiltonian Systems on a Cotangent BundleAug 30 2015Jul 31 2016Hamilton-Jacobi theorem reveals the deeply internal relationship between the generating function and the dynamical vector field of a Hamiltonian system. Because of the restriction given by constraints, in general, the dynamical vector field of nonholonomic ... More
Gauge Invariance for Navier--Stokes EquationsJul 28 2017Jan 16 2019Dynamical systems such as free divergent velocity fields are governed by Navier--Stokes equations. However, the problem of bounding the kinetic energy for this type of mechanics is an enigma. Here it is reasoned how to find finite $L^2$ norms of the velocity ... More
Exact Solutions for Restricted Incompressible Navier--Stokes Equations with Dirichlet Boundary ConditionsJul 28 2017Mar 03 2019In this paper it is exposed how to obtain a relation that have to be hold for all free divergent velocity fields that evolve according to Navier--Stokes equations. However, checking the violation of this relation requires a huge computational effort. ... More
Universal central extensions of $\mathfrak{sl}(m, n, A)$ of small rank over associative superalgebrasMay 15 2014Jul 07 2014We complete the solution of the problem of finding the universal central extension of the matrix superalgebras $\mathfrak{sl}(m, n, A)$ where $A$ is an associative superalgebra and computing $H_2\big(\mathfrak{sl}(m, n, A)\big)$. The Steinberg Lie superalgebra ... More
Universal central extensions of superdialgebras of matricesFeb 14 2016We complete the problem of finding the universal central extension in the category of Leibniz superalgebras of $\mathfrak{sl}(m, n, D)$ when $m+n \geq 3$ and $D$ is a superdialgebra, solving in particular the problem when $D$ is an associative algebra, ... More
A Universal Hamilton-Jacobi TheorySep 24 2012In this paper we develop a Hamilton-Jacobi theory in the setting of almost Poisson manifolds. The theory extends the classical Hamilton-Jacobi theory and can be also applied to very general situations including nonholonomic mechanical systems and time ... More
Reduction of a Hamilton-Jacobi equation for nonholonomic systemsOct 11 2018Oct 15 2018Nonholonomic mechanical systems have been attracting more interest in recent years because of their rich geometric properties and their applications in Engineering. In all generality, we discuss the reduction of a Hamilton-Jacobi theory for systems subject ... More
Quantum annealing in spin-boson model: from a perturbative to a ultrastrong mediated couplingJul 30 2018We study a quantum annealer where bosons mediate the Ising-type interactions between qubits. We compare the efficiency of ground state preparation for direct and mediated couplings, for which Ising and spin-boson Hamiltonian are employed respectively. ... More
Heavy quark mass effects in parton-to-kaon hadronization probabilitiesJul 19 2018We examine the relevance of the heavy quarks masses in the perturbative QCD description of hard interactions where charged kaons are produced in the final state. We extract a set of parton-to-kaon hadronization probabilities from a next to leading order ... More
Aproximación métrica de grupos: una breve perspectivaSep 05 2017Sep 06 2017This is an expository paper (in Spanish) about the metric approximation of groups.
Non-abelian tensor product and homology of Lie SuperalgebrasJul 07 2014Dec 18 2015We introduce the non-abelian tensor product of Lie superalgebras, study some of its properties including nilpotency, solvability and Engel, and we use it to describe the universal central extensions of Lie superalgebras. We present the low-dimensional ... More
Abelian extensions and crossed modules of Hom-Lie algebrasFeb 12 2018In this paper we study the low dimensional cohomology groups of Hom-Lie algebras and their relation with derivations, abelian extensions and crossed modules. On one hand, we introduce the notion of $\alpha$-abelian extensions and we obtain a five term ... More
Stability of the Calderón problem for less regular conductivitiesMay 11 2012Aug 13 2012In these notes we prove log-type stability for the Calder\'on problem with conductivities in $ C^{1,\varepsilon}(\bar{\Omega}) $. We follow the lines of a recent work by Haberman and Tataru in which they prove uniqueness for $ C^1(\bar{\Omega}) $.
The analytic integrability problem for perturbations of homogeneous quadratic Lotka-Volterra systemsMay 08 2018We solve the analytic integrability problem for diferential systems in the plane whose origin is an isolated singularity and the first homogeneous component is a quadratic Lotka-Volterra type. As an application, we give the analytically integrable systems ... More
Symmetries in Lagrangian Field TheoryMar 21 2014Feb 03 2015By generalizing the cosymplectic setting for time-dependent Lagrangian mechanics, we propose a geometric framework for the Lagrangian formulation of classical field theories with a Lagrangian depending on the independent variables. For that purpose we ... More
Geometric Structures in Field TheoryAug 26 2002This review paper is concerned with the generalizations to field theory of the tangent and cotangent structures and bundles that play fundamental roles in the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations of classical mechanics. The paper reviews, compares ... More
Brownian dynamics simulations to explore experimental microsphere diffusion with optical tweezersMay 25 2017We develop two-dimensional Brownian dynamics simulations to examine the motion of disks under thermal fluctuations and Hookean forces. Our simulations are designed to be experimental-like, since the experimental conditions define the available time-scales ... More
On $H^\infty$ on the complement of C^{1+α} curvesMay 03 2012Jan 22 2014Let $\rho$ be a quasiconformal mapping on the plane with complex dilatation $\mu$. We show that if $\mu$ satisfies a certain Carleson measure condition, then one can transfer $H^{\infty}$ on the upper half plane onto the corresponding space in the complement ... More
Nonlinear Vibrations in the Fullerene Molecule $C_{60}$Apr 16 2018Oct 07 2018In this paper we analyze nonlinear dynamics of the fullerene molecule. We prove the existence of global branches of periodic solutions emerging from an icosahedral equilibrium (nonlinear normal modes). We also determine the symmetric properties of the ... More
Cofinite subsets and double negation topologies on locales of filters and idealsMar 18 2015We study the role of the filter $c\mathcal{K}(X)$ of cofinite subsets of $X$ in the locale $\mathcal{F}ilt(X)$ of all filters on $X$, by means of the double negation topology of $\mathcal{F}ilt(X)$, and an essential locale morphism $\mathcal{P}(X)^{op}\to\mathcal{F}ilt(X)$. ... More
A natural extension of the universal enveloping algebra functor to crossed modules of Leibniz algebrasMar 21 2016The universal enveloping algebra functor between Leibniz and associative algebras defined by Loday and Pirashvili is extended to crossed modules. We prove that the universal enveloping crossed module of algebras of a crossed module of Leibniz algebras ... More
Sharp Fourier type and cotype with respect to compact semisimple Lie groupsDec 11 2003Sharp Fourier type and cotype of Lebesgue spaces and Schatten classes with respect to an arbitrary compact semisimple Lie group are investigated. In the process, a local variant of the Hausdorff-Young inequality on such groups is given.
On the Solution of Large-Scale Robust Transmission Network Expansion Planning under Uncertain Demand and Generation CapacitySep 26 2016Two-stage robust optimization has emerged as a relevant approach to deal with uncertain demand and generation capacity in the transmission network expansion planning problem. Unfortunately, available solution methodologies for the resulting trilevel robust ... More
Adaptive Robust Transmission Network Expansion Planning using Structural Reliability and Decomposition TechniquesJan 26 2015Structural reliability and decomposition techniques have recently proved to be appropriate tools for solving robust uncertain mixed-integer linear programs using ellipsoidal uncertainty sets. In fact, its computational performance makes this type of problem ... More
Spectral problem for a two-component nonlinear Schrödinger equation in $2+1$ dimensions: Singular manifold method and Lie point symmetriesJul 24 2018An integrable two-component nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation in $2+1$ dimensions is presented. The singular manifold method is applied in order to obtain a three-component Lax pair. The Lie point symmetries of this Lax pair are calculated in terms of ... More
Delay Properties of Energy Efficient Ethernet NetworksJul 10 2017Networking operational costs and environmental concerns have lately driven the quest for energy efficient equipment. In wired networks, energy efficient Ethernet (EEE) interfaces can greatly reduce power demands when compared to regular Ethernet interfaces. ... More
A non-linear Bishop-Phelps-Bollobás type theoremJul 21 2017The main aim of this paper is to prove a Bishop-Phelps-Bollob\'as type theorem on the unital uniform algebra A_{w^*u}(B_{X^*}) consisting of all w^*-uniformly continuous functions on the closed unit ball B_{X^*} which are holomorphic on the interior of ... More
Heavy sterile neutrinos in stellar core-collapseJun 08 2018Oct 24 2018We perform spherically symmetric simulations of the core collapse of a single progenitor star of zero age main sequence mass $M_{\rm ZAMS} = 15 \, M_{\odot}$ with two models of heavy sterile neutrinos in the mass range of hundred MeV$/c^2$. According ... More
New approach for solar tracking systems based on computer vision, low cost hardware and deep learningSep 19 2018In this work, a new approach for Sun tracking systems is presented. Due to the current system limitations regarding costs and operational problems, a new approach based on low cost, computer vision open hardware and deep learning has been developed. The ... More
Ultraintense femtosecond magnetic nanoprobes induced by azimuthally polarized laser beamsOct 16 2018We report a novel scheme to generate laser-induced, ultrafast, intense (Tesla scale), spatially isolated, magnetic fields. Three-dimensional particle-in-cell simulations show that a femtosecond azimuthally-polarized infrared vector beam, aimed to a conducting ... More
Christoffel transformations for matrix orthogonal polynomials in the real line and the non-Abelian 2D Toda lattice hierarchyNov 15 2015Aug 23 2016Given a matrix polynomial $W(x)$, matrix bi-orthogonal polynomials with respect to the sesquilinear form $\langle P(x),Q(x)\rangle_W=\int P(x) W(x)\operatorname{d}\mu(x)(Q(x))^{\top}$, $P(x),Q(x)\in\mathbb R^{p\times p}[x]$, where $\mu(x)$ is a matrix ... More
Modeling an Aquifer: Numerical Solution to the Groundwater Flow EquationFeb 03 2018Jan 02 2019We present a model of groundwater dynamics under stationary flow and governed by Darcy's Law of water motion through porous media, we apply it to study a 2D aquifer with water table of constant slope comprised of an homogeneous and isotropic media, the ... More
Light pollution offshore: zenithal sky glow measurements in the Mediterranean coastal watersMay 06 2017Mar 07 2018Light pollution is a worldwide phenomenon whose consequences for the natural environment and the human health are being intensively studied nowadays. Most published studies address issues related to light pollution inland. Coastal waters, however, are ... More
Transformation theory and Christoffel formulas for matrix biorthogonal polynomials on the real lineMay 16 2016Aug 25 2016In this paper transformations for matrix orthogonal polynomials in the real line are studied. The orthogonality is understood in a broad sense, and is given in terms of a nondegenerate continuous sesquilinear form, which in turn is determined by a quasidefinite ... More
Weak lensing measurement of the mass-richness relation using the SDSS databaseOct 28 2016Feb 01 2017We study the mass-richness relation using galaxy catalogues and images from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. We use two independent methods, in the first one, we calibrate the scaling relation with weak-lensing mass estimates. In the second procedure we ... More
Actor of a crossed module of Leibniz algebrasJun 15 2016We extend to the category of crossed modules of Leibniz algebras the notion of biderivation via the action of a Leibniz algebra. This results into a pair of Leibniz algebras which allow us to construct an object which is the actor under certain circumstances. ... More
Achieving Fair Network Equilibria with Delay-based Congestion Control AlgorithmsJul 27 2015Delay-based congestion control algorithms provide higher throughput and stability than traditional loss-based AIMD algorithms, but they are inherently unfair against older connections when the queuing and the propagation delay cannot be measured accurately ... More
Goodness-of-fit tests for the functional linear model based on randomly projected empirical processesJan 29 2017Apr 09 2018We consider marked empirical processes indexed by a randomly projected functional covariate to construct goodness-of-fit tests for the functional linear model with scalar response. The test statistics are built from continuous functionals over the projected ... More
Composition operators on spaces of double Dirichlet seriesMar 20 2019We study composition operators on spaces of double Dirichlet series, focusing our interest on the characterization of the composition operators of the space of bounded double Dirichlet series $\HCdos$. We also show how the composition operators of this ... More
Phase matching effects in high harmonic generation at the nanometer scaleDec 27 2016Jun 02 2017Plasmon resonances are known to amplify the electromagnetic fields near metallic nanostructures. Therefore, they are considered to provide a promising scheme to generate extreme-ultraviolet harmonics, using low power drivings. During high-order harmonic ... More
Joint analysis of Rayleigh-wave dispersion curves and diffuse-field HVSR for site characterization: The case of El Ejido town (SE Spain)Jan 15 2019Feb 27 2019The location of El Ejido town over a deep sedimentary basin in a zone of high seismicity in the Spanish context has motivated research on its seismic response characterization. To this aim, S-wave velocity models have been obtained from joint inversion ... More
Dynamic EEE Coalescing: Techniques and BoundsJan 10 2019Frame coalescing is one of the most efficient techniques to manage the low power idle (LPI) mode supported by Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) interfaces. This technique enables EEE interfaces to remain in the LPI mode for a certain amount of time upon ... More
Joint analysis of Rayleigh-wave dispersion curves and diffuse-field HVSR for site characterization: The case of El Ejido town (SE Spain)Jan 15 2019The location of El Ejido town over a deep sedimentary basin in a zone of high seismicity in the Spanish context has motivated research on its seismic response characterization. To this aim, S-wave velocity models have been obtained from joint inversion ... More
Joint Gaussian Processes for Biophysical Parameter RetrievalNov 14 2017Solving inverse problems is central to geosciences and remote sensing. Radiative transfer models (RTMs) represent mathematically the physical laws which govern the phenomena in remote sensing applications (forward models). The numerical inversion of the ... More
Hierarchy of correlations for the Ising model in the Majorana representationMay 10 2017Oct 12 2017We study the quantum Ising model in D dimensions with the equation of motion technique, in combination with the Majorana representation for spins. The decoupling scheme used for the Green's functions is based on the hierarchy of correlations in position ... More
Hierarchy of correlations: Application to Green's functions and interacting topological phasesDec 24 2015Jul 20 2016We study the many-body physics of different quantum systems using a hierarchy of correlations, which corresponds to a generalization of the $1/\mathcal{Z}$ hierarchy. The decoupling scheme obtained from this hierarchy is adapted to calculate double-time ... More
Rationality of trace and norm L-functionsJul 29 2010Sep 14 2011For a given l-adic sheaf F on a commutative algebraic group over a finite field k and an integer r we define the r-th local norm L-function of F at a point t in G(k) and prove its rationality. This function gives information on the sum of the local Frobenius ... More
Explicit local multiplicative convolution of l-adic sheavesMay 26 2016We give explicit formulas for the local multiplicative convolution functors which express the local monodromies of the convolution of two $\ell$-adic sheaves on the torus ${\mathbb G}_m$ over the algebraic closure of a finite field in terms of the local ... More
Tensor and convolution direct image of $\ell$-adic sheavesJun 07 2018Given a Galois \'etale map of varieties $\pi:Y\to X$ and an $\ell$-adic sheaf or derived category object $P\in\Dbc(Y,\Ql)$, we study two cohomological operations: the tensor direct image and the convolution direct image, which give objects of $\Dbc(X,\Ql)$, ... More
Semilinear Backward Doubly Stochastic Differential Equations and SPDEs Driven by Fractional Brownian Motion with Hurst Parameter in (0,1/2)May 12 2010We study the existence of a unique solution to semilinear fractional backward doubly stochastic differential equation driven by a Brownian motion and a fractional Brownian motion with Hurst parameter less than 1/2. Here the stochastic integral with respect ... More
Four-point functions of different-weight operators in the AdS/CFT correspondenceSep 10 2007Oct 07 2007We calculate four-point correlation functions of two weight-2 and two weight-3 1/2-BPS operators in \mathcal{N}=4 SYM in the large N limit in supergravity approximation. By the AdS/CFT conjecture, these operators are dual to AdS supergravity scalar fields ... More
Best proximity points for proximal contractionsJul 18 2012In this paper we improve and extend some best proximity point results concerning the so-called proximal contractions. Specifically, compactness assumptions under the sets A and B are removed to consider completeness conditions instead.
Interaction of hemispherical blast waves with inhomogeneous spheres: Probing the collision of a supernova ejecta with a nearby companion star in the laboratoryDec 15 2018Past high-energy density laboratory experiments provided insights into the physics of supernovae, supernova remnants, and the destruction of interstellar clouds. In a typical experimental setting, a laser-driven planar blast wave interacts with a compositionally-homogeneous ... More
Electric and magnetic dipolar response of Germanium spheres: Interference effects, scattering anisotropy and optical forcesApr 18 2011We address the scattering cross sections, and their consequences, for submicrometer Germanium spheres. It is shown that there is a wide window in the near infrared where light scattering by these particles is fully described by their induced electric ... More
Complemented subspaces of homogeneous polynomialsDec 06 2016Let $\mathcal{P}_{K} (^{n}E; F)$ (resp. $\mathcal{P}_{w} (^{n}E; F)$) the subspace of all $P\in \mathcal{P}(^{n}E; F)$ which are compact (resp. weakly continuous on bounded sets). We show that if $\mathcal{P}_{K} (^{n}E; F)$ contains an isomorphic copy ... More
Peptides as versatile scaffolds for quantum computingAug 30 2017Oct 03 2017In this work we showcase the potential of peptides as versatile scaffolds for quantum computing and molecular spintronics. In particular, we focus on lanthanide-binding tags, which were originally developed in the field of biotechnology for the study ... More
Transport signatures in topological systems coupled to AC fieldsNov 08 2016We study the transport properties of a topological system coupled to an AC electric field by means of Floquet-Keldysh formalism. We consider a semi-infinite chain of dimers coupled to a semi-infinite metallic lead, and obtain the density of states and ... More
Transport blocking and topological phases using ac magnetic fieldsSep 24 2012We analyze electron dynamics and topological properties of open double quantum dots (DQDs) driven by circularly polarized ac-magnetic fields. In particular we focus on the system symmetries which can be tuned by the ac-magnetic field. Remarkably, we show ... More
A family of symmetric functions associated with Stirling permutationsJun 04 2015Nov 29 2017We present exponential generating function analogues to two classical identities involving the ordinary generating function of the complete homogeneous symmetric functions. After a suitable specialization the new identities reduce to identities involving ... More
Filling-Based Techniques Applied to Object Projection Feature EstimationFeb 29 20123D motion tracking is a critical task in many computer vision applications. Unsupervised markerless 3D motion tracking systems determine the most relevant object in the screen and then track it by continuously estimating its projection features (center ... More
A geometric approach to solve time dependent and dissipative Hamiltonian systemsJul 05 2016In this paper, we apply the geometric Hamilton--Jacobi theory to obtain solutions of Hamiltonian systems in Classical Mechanics, that are either compatible with a cosymplectic or a contact structure. As it is well known, the first structure plays a central ... More
Hamilton-Jacobi theory in k-cosymplectic field theoriesApr 11 2013In this paper we extend the geometric formalism of the Hamilton-Jacobi theory for time dependent Mechanics to the case of classical field theories in the k-cosymplectic framework.
On the Dixmier-Moeglin equivalence for Poisson-Hopf algebraJun 05 2017Nov 09 2017We prove that the Poisson version of the Dixmier-Moeglin equivalence holds for cocommutative affine Poisson-Hopf algebras. This is a first step towards understanding the symplectic foliation and the representation theory of (cocommutative) affine Poisson-Hopf ... More
On Uniqueness for some non-Lipschitz SDEMar 26 2015We study the uniqueness in the path-by-path sense (i.e. $\omega$-by-$\omega$) of solutions to stochastic differential equations with additive noise and non-Lipschitz autonomous drift. The notion of path-by-path solution involves considering a collection ... More
Neutron-Capture elements in planetary nebulae: first detections of near-Infrared [Te III] and [Br V] emission linesJun 14 2018We have identified two new near-infrared emission lines in the spectra of planetary nebulae (PNe) arising from heavy elements produced by neutron capture reactions: [Te III] 2.1019 $\mu$m and [Br V] 1.6429 $\mu$m. [Te III] was detected in both NGC 7027 ... More
Topological phases in adiabatic and nonadiabatic driven systemsSep 24 2012Mar 19 2013In this work we study the geometrical and topological properties of non-equilibrium quantum systems driven by ac fields. We consider two tunnel coupled spin qubits driven by either spatially homogeneous or inhomogeneous ac fields. Our analysis is an extension ... More
Charge localization and dynamical spin locking in double quantum dots driven by ac magnetic fieldsSep 30 2011We investigate electron localization and dynamical spin locking induced by ac magnetic fields in double quantum dots. We demonstrate that by tuning the ac magnetic fields parameters, i.e., the field intensity, frequency, and the phase difference between ... More
The colored symmetric and exterior algebrasAug 02 2016Nov 19 2017We study colored generalizations of the symmetric algebra and its Koszul dual, the exterior algebra. The symmetric group $\mathfrak{S}_n$ acts on the multilinear components of these algebras. While $\mathfrak{S}_n$ acts trivially on the multilinear components ... More
Estimation in models driven by fractional Brownian motionMay 22 2008Let $\{b_H(t),t\in\mathbb{R}\}$ be the fractional Brownian motion with parameter $0<H<1$. When $1/2<H$, we consider diffusion equations of the type \[X(t)=c+\int_0^t\sigma\bigl(X(u)\bigr)\mathrm {d}b_H(u)+\int _0^t\mu\bigl(X(u)\bigr)\mathrm {d}u.\] In ... More
Lagrangian submanifolds in k-symplectic settingsFeb 17 2012In this paper we extend the well-know normal form theorem for Lagrangian submanifolds proved by A. Weinstein in symplectic geometry to the setting of k-symplectic manifolds.
Stochastic approximation to the specific response of the immune systemApr 28 2011We develop a stochastic model to study the specific response of the immune system. The model is based on the dynamical interaction between Regulatory and Effector CD4+ T cells in the presence of Antigen Presenting Cells inside a lymphatic node. At a mean ... More
Multiple quantum collapse of the inflaton field and its implications on the birth of cosmic structureDec 11 2010Jun 28 2011The standard inflationary account for the origin of cosmic structure is, without a doubt, extremely successful. However, it is not fully satisfactory as has been argued in [A. Perez, H. Sahlmann, and D. Sudarsky, Class. Quantum Grav., 23, 2317, (2006), ... More
Fast Heuristic Algorithm for Multi-scale Hierarchical Community DetectionJul 07 2017Complex networks constitute the backbones of many complex systems such as social networks. Detecting the community structure in a complex network is both a challenging and a computationally expensive task. In this paper, we present the HAMUHI-CODE, a ... More
On the asymptotic derivation of Winkler-type energies from 3D elasticityOct 02 2014We show how bilateral, linear, elastic foundations (i.e. Winkler foundations) often regarded as heuristic, phenomenological models, emerge asymptotically from standard, linear, three-dimensional elasticity. We study the parametric asymptotics of a non-homogeneous ... More
Dynamical Quantum Phase Transitions in presence of a spin bathDec 28 2015Feb 01 2017We derive an effective time independent Hamiltonian for the transverse Ising model coupled to a spin bath, in the presence of a high frequency AC magnetic field. We show that the spin blocking mechanism that removes the quantum phase transition can be ... More
Stability, well-posedness and blow-up criterion for the Incompressible Slice ModelMar 16 2018Oct 12 2018In atmospheric science, slice models are frequently used to study the behaviour of weather, and specifically the formation of atmospheric fronts, whose prediction is fundamental in meteorology. In 2013, Cotter and Holm introduced a new slice model, which ... More
The Whitney Duals of a Graded PosetMar 08 2018We introduce the notion of a \emph{Whitney dual} of a graded poset. Two posets are Whitney duals to each other if (the absolute value of) their Whitney numbers of the first and second kind are interchanged between the two posets. We define new types of ... More
Elliptic equations involving the 1--Laplacian and a total variation term with $L^{N,\infty}$--dataJul 22 2016In this paper we study, in an open bounded set $\Omega\subset\mathbb R^N$ with Lipschitz boundary $\partial\Omega$, the Dirichlet problem for a nonlinear singular elliptic equation involving the $1$--Laplacian and a total variation term, that is, the ... More
GramCheck: A Grammar and Style CheckerJul 01 1996This paper presents a grammar and style checker demonstrator for Spanish and Greek native writers developed within the project GramCheck. Besides a brief grammar error typology for Spanish, a linguistically motivated approach to detection and diagnosis ... More
Variational modelling of nematic elastomer foundationsNov 23 2017Dec 07 2017We compute the $\Gamma$-limit of energy functionals describing mechanical systems composed of a thin nematic liquid crystal elastomer sustaining a homogeneous and isotropic elastic membrane. We work in the regime of infinitesimal displacements and model ... More
Signature Catalan CombinatoricsMay 10 2018The Catalan numbers constitute one of the most important sequences in combinatorics. Catalan objects have been generalized in various directions, including the classical Fuss-Catalan objects and the rational Catalan generalization of Armstrong-Rhoades-Williams. ... More
Bounding Surface Integral Of Functions Dragged By Velocity FieldsJul 28 2017Aug 31 2017To find bounded magnitudes is essential in dynamical systems when they evolve over time. Particularly, the problem of bounded kinetic energy for velocity fields has received increasing attention on this type of systems. Here it is reasoned how to tie ... More
A Hamilton-Jacobi formalism for higher order implicit systemsJan 29 2019In this paper, we present a generalization of a Hamilton--Jacobi theory to higher order implicit differential equations. We propose two different backgrounds to deal with higher order implicit Lagrangian theories: the Ostrogradsky approach and the Schmidt ... More
Lipschitz spaces adapted to Schrödinger operators and regularity propertiesJan 21 2019It is well known that the class of measurable functions which satisfy $$ \sup_{|z|>0}\frac{\|f(\cdot+z)+f(\cdot-z)-2f(\cdot)\|_\infty}{|z|^\alpha}<\infty $$ coincides with the class of Lipschitz functions for $0<\alpha<1$, with the Zygmund class if $\alpha=1$ ... More
A machine learning based control of complex systemsMar 12 2019In this work, inspired in the symbolic dynamic of chaotic systems and using machine learning techniques, a control strategy for complex systems is designed. Unlike the usual methodologies based on modeling, where the control signal is obtained from an ... More
Compactification of a diagonal action on the product of CAT(-1) spacesNov 25 2016Let $X$ be a proper, non-compact CAT(-1) space, and $\Gamma$ a discrete cocompact subgroup of the isometries of $X$. We compactify the diagonal action of $\Gamma$ on $X \times X$ considering a domain of the horofunction boundary with respect to the maximum ... More
$L^p$-$L^q$ estimates for Electromagnetic Helmholtz equation. Singular potentialsOct 09 2013In space dimension $n\geq3$, we consider the electromagnetic Schr\"odinger Hamiltonian $H=(\nabla-iA(x))^2+V$ and the corresponding Helmholtz equation (\nabla-iA(x))^2u+u+V(x)u=f\quad \text{in}\quad \mathbb{R}^n, where the magnetic and electric potentials ... More
Hidden invariance of the free classical particleJun 07 1993Mar 12 1994A formalism describing the dynamics of classical and quantum systems from a group theoretical point of view is presented. We apply it to the simple example of the classical free particle. The Galileo group $G$ is the symmetry group of the free equations ... More
A note on pseudofinite dimension and forkingFeb 21 2014Oct 01 2014In this paper we show that an instance of dividing in pseudofinite structures can be witnessed by a drop of the pseudofinite dimension. As an application of this result we give new proofs of known results for asymptotic classes of finite structures.
Estimating reducible stochastic differential equations by conversion to a least-squares problemOct 16 2017Jun 23 2018Stochastic differential equations (SDEs) are increasingly used in longitudinal data analysis, compartmental models, growth modelling, and other applications in a number of disciplines. Parameter estimation, however, currently requires specialized software ... More
Matrix models for classical groups and Toeplitz$\pm $Hankel minors with applications to Chern-Simons theory and fermionic modelsJan 25 2019We study matrix integration over the classical Lie groups $U(N),Sp(2N),O(2N)$ and $O(2N+1)$, using symmetric function theory and the equivalent formulation in terms of determinants and minors of Toeplitz$\pm$Hankel matrices. We establish a number of factorizations ... More
Correlation effects in the presence of a spin bathNov 19 2018In this work we analyze the effect of a bath of spins interacting with a quantum Ising model in terms of a hierarchy of correlations. We show that this formalism can be used with general spin systems and baths, and discuss the concrete case of a transverse ... More
On the second moment of the number of crossings by a stationary Gaussian processSep 25 2006Cram\'{e}r and Leadbetter introduced in 1967 the sufficient condition \[\frac{r''(s)-r''(0)}{s}\in L^1([0,\delta],dx),\qquad \delta>0,\] to have a finite variance of the number of zeros of a centered stationary Gaussian process with twice differentiable ... More
Statistical multifrequency study of narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxiesOct 10 2014High-energy {\gamma}-rays, which are produced by powerful relativistic jets, are usually associated with blazars and radio galaxies. In the current active galactic nuclei (AGN) paradigm, such jets are almost exclusively launched from massive elliptical ... More
An anticipating Itô formula for Lévy processesJul 31 2008In this paper, we use the Malliavin calculus techniques to obtain an anticipative version of the change of variable formula for L\'evy processes. Here the coefficients are in the domain of the anihilation (gradient) operator in the "future sense", which ... More
Parabolic equations involving Bessel operators and singular integralsFeb 16 2017In this paper we consider the evolution equation $\partial_t u=\Delta_\mu u+f$ and the corresponding Cauchy problem, where $\Delta_\mu$ represents the Bessel operator $\partial_x^2+(\frac{1}{4}-\mu^2)x^{-2}$, for every $\mu>-1$. We establish weighted ... More
A Statistical Distance Derived From The Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test: specification, reference measures (benchmarks) and example usesOct 24 2017Statistical distances quantifies the difference between two statistical constructs. In this article, we describe reference values for a distance between samples derived from the Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic $D_{F,F'}$. Each measure of the $D_{F,F'}$ is ... More
Decomposing Jacobians of Curves over Finite Fields in the Absence of Algebraic StructureSep 30 2014We consider the issue of when the L-polynomial of one curve over $\F_q$ divides the L-polynomial of another curve. We prove a theorem which shows that divisibility follows from a hypothesis that two curves have the same number of points over infinitely ... More