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Using Structured Representation and Data: A Hybrid Model for Negation and Sentiment in Customer Service ConversationsJun 11 2019Twitter customer service interactions have recently emerged as an effective platform to respond and engage with customers. In this work, we explore the role of negation in customer service interactions, particularly applied to sentiment analysis. We define ... More
PRIIME: A Generic Framework for Interactive Personalized Interesting Pattern DiscoveryJul 19 2016The traditional frequent pattern mining algorithms generate an exponentially large number of patterns of which a substantial proportion are not much significant for many data analysis endeavors. Discovery of a small number of personalized interesting ... More
MIRAGE: An Iterative MapReduce based FrequentSubgraph Mining AlgorithmJul 22 2013Frequent subgraph mining (FSM) is an important task for exploratory data analysis on graph data. Over the years, many algorithms have been proposed to solve this task. These algorithms assume that the data structure of the mining task is small enough ... More
Don't get Lost in Negation: An Effective Negation Handled Dialogue Acts Prediction Algorithm for Twitter Customer Service ConversationsJul 16 2018In the last several years, Twitter is being adopted by the companies as an alternative platform to interact with the customers to address their concerns. With the abundance of such unconventional conversation resources, push for developing effective virtual ... More
"How May I Help You?": Modeling Twitter Customer Service Conversations Using Fine-Grained Dialogue ActsSep 15 2017Given the increasing popularity of customer service dialogue on Twitter, analysis of conversation data is essential to understand trends in customer and agent behavior for the purpose of automating customer service interactions. In this work, we develop ... More
Can Women Break the Glass Ceiling?: An Analysis of #MeToo Hashtagged Posts on TwitterJun 03 2019In October 2017, there happened the uprising of an unprecedented online movement on social media by women across the world who started publicly sharing their untold stories of being sexually harassed along with the hashtag #MeToo (or some variants of ... More
Physical properties of spinel-type superconductors CuRh2S4 and CuRh2Se4: A DFT studySep 21 2018The structural, elastic, electronic, Vickers-Hardness, vibrational, Optical and thermodynamical properties of potentially technologically significant superconductors CuRh2S4 and CuRh2Se4 have calculated using density functional theory (DFT) with CASTEP ... More
P-Governance Technology: Using Big Data for Political Party ManagementAug 10 2017Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been playing a pivotal role since the last decade in developing countries that brings citizen services to the doorsteps and connecting people. With this aspiration ICT has introduced several technologies ... More
Managing and Analysing Software Product Line RequirementsOct 01 2013Modelling software product line (SPL) features plays a crucial role to a successful development of SPL. Feature diagram is one of the widely used notations to model SPL variants. However, there is a lack of precisely defined formal notations for representing ... More
Usability Evaluation of a Mobile Application in Extraordinary Environment for Extraordinary PeopleAug 10 2017In a contemporary world, people become dependent on electronic devices. Technologies help to clarification and structure life in many ways to meet the need of the children oriented requirements. The children suffering from disabilities (e.g. autism) has ... More
A Parallel Algorithm for Generating a Random Graph with a Prescribed Degree SequenceAug 24 2017Sep 11 2017Random graphs (or networks) have gained a significant increase of interest due to its popularity in modeling and simulating many complex real-world systems. Degree sequence is one of the most important aspects of these systems. Random graphs with a given ... More
On the contact values of the density profiles in an electric double layer using density functional theoryJul 13 2012A recently proposed local second contact value theorem [Henderson D., Boda D., J. Electroanal. Chem., 2005, 582, 16] for the charge profile of an electric double layer is used in conjunction with the existing Monte Carlo data from the literature to assess ... More
Local minimum in effective pairpotentials: Pseudopotential theory revisitedOct 22 2017Local minimum appearing in the interionic pair interactions, when derived from local model pseudopotential, for Al (and some other polyvalent metals) remains as a long standing problem of clear understanding although some attempts are made by different ... More
Thermodynamics of ideal Fermi gas under generic power law potential in $d$-dimensionApr 23 2015Thermodynamics of ideal Fermi gas trapped in an external generic power law potential $U=\sum_{i=1} ^d c_i |\frac{x_i}{a_i}|^{n_i}$ are investigated systematically from the grand thermodynamic potential in $d$ dimensional space. These properties are explored ... More
Comments on the linear modified Poisson-Boltzmann equation in electrolyte solution theoryJun 27 2019Three analytic results are proposed for a linear form of the modified Poisson-Boltzmann equation in the theory of bulk electrolytes. Comparison is also made with the mean spherical approximation results. The linear theories predict a transition of the ... More
A Cross-Modal Distillation Network for Person Re-identification in RGB-DepthOct 27 2018Nov 05 2018Person re-identification involves the recognition over time of individuals captured using multiple distributed sensors. With the advent of powerful deep learning methods able to learn discriminant representations for visual recognition, cross-modal person ... More
Disease Identification From Unstructured User InputMay 01 2019May 10 2019A method to identify probable diseases from the unstructured textual input (eg, health forum posts) by incorporating a lexicographic and semantic feature based two-phase text classification module and a symptom-disease correlation-based similarity measurement ... More
A Framework for Android Based Shopping Mall ApplicationsAug 10 2017Android is Google's latest open source software platform for mobile devices which has already attained enormous popularity. The purpose of this paper is to describe the development of mobile application for shopping mall using Android platform. A prototype ... More
Orbital free ab initio molecular dynamics simulation study of some static and dynamic properties of liquid noble metalsOct 08 2012Several static and dynamic properties of liquid Cu, Ag and Au at thermodynamic states near their respective melting points, have been evaluated by means of the orbital free ab-initio molecular dynamics simulation method. The calculated static structure ... More
A level training set with both a computer-based control and a compact controllerFeb 01 2017In engineering education, the combination with theoretical education and practical education is an essential problem.
Unsupervised Adaptive Re-identification in Open World Dynamic Camera NetworksJun 09 2017Person re-identification is an open and challenging problem in computer vision. Existing approaches have concentrated on either designing the best feature representation or learning optimal matching metrics in a static setting where the number of cameras ... More
Dependable Structural Helath Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor NetworksSep 20 2015As an alternative to current wired-based networks, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are becoming an increasingly compelling platform for engineering structural health monitoring (SHM) due to relatively low-cost, easy installation, and so forth. However, ... More
Mobile Academy: A Ubiquitous Mobile Learning (mLearning) PlatformAug 10 2017The paper reports on an ongoing research project into the development of "Mobile Academy", an Android-based mobile learning (mLearning) application (app). The project comprises three major phases: requirement analysis, application development and testing ... More
Disease Identification From Unstructured User InputMay 01 2019The increasing number of Internet users leads to the rapid popularization of online searching for health related advice. Now a days, just in case of facing health problem, people tend to "go online" initially instead of consulting with a health professional. ... More
Energy of mixing and entropy of mixing for Cu$_{x}$Al$_{1-x}$ liquid binary alloysJul 20 2016The free energy of mixing and the entropy of mixing for Cu$_{x}$Al$_{1-x}$ liquid binary alloys have been systematically investigated by using the electronic theory of metals along with the perturbation approach at a thermodynamic state $T=1373$ K. The ... More
Impacts of Culture and Socio-Economic Circumstances on Users' Behavior and Mobile Broadband Technology Diffusion TrendsAug 09 2017The use of Internet and Internet-based services on PCs, Laptops, Net Pads, Mobile Phones, PDAs etc have not only changed the global economy but also the way people communicate and their life styles. It also has evolved people from different origins, cultures, ... More
Influence of anisotropic ion shape, asymmetric valency, and electrolyte concentration on structural and thermodynamic properties of an electric double layerMar 08 2016Grand canonical Monte Carlo simulation results are reported for an electric double layer modelled by a planar charged hard wall, anisotropic shape cations, and spherical anions at different electrolyte concentrations and asymmetric valencies. The cations ... More
A Comparative Analysis of the Cyber Security Strategy of BangladeshMay 01 2019Technology is an endless evolving expression in modern era, which increased security concerns and pushed us to create cyber environment. A National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS) of a country reflects the state of that country's cyber strength which represents ... More
Volatility Models Applied to Geophysics and High Frequency Financial Market DataJan 26 2019This work is devoted to the study of modeling geophysical and financial time series. A class of volatility models with time-varying parameters is presented to forecast the volatility of time series in a stationary environment. The modeling of stationary ... More
Enhancing Public Service Delivery through Organisational ModelingJun 11 2016Government organisations utilise a Citizen's Charter in order to furnish the public with comprehensive details of their service offerings that defines how their overall organisational goals are achieved. Studies on the implementation of Citizen's Charter ... More
End-to-end Sleep Staging with Raw Single Channel EEG using Deep Residual ConvNetsApr 23 2019Humans approximately spend a third of their life sleeping, which makes monitoring sleep an integral part of well-being. In this paper, a 34-layer deep residual ConvNet architecture for end-to-end sleep staging is proposed. The network takes raw single ... More
Double layer for hard spheres with an off-center chargeMar 07 2016Simulations for the density and potential profiles of the ions in the planar electrical double layer of a model electrolyte or an ionic liquid are reported. The ions of a real electrolyte or an ionic liquid are usually not spheres; in ionic liquids, the ... More
X-Ray Image Compression Using Convolutional Recurrent Neural NetworksApr 28 2019May 09 2019In the advent of a digital health revolution, vast amounts of clinical data are being generated, stored and processed on a daily basis. This has made the storage and retrieval of large volumes of health-care data, especially, high-resolution medical images, ... More
Use of a clinical PET/CT scanner for whole body biodistribution of intranasal nanoparticlesApr 03 2017Whole body biodistribution of 100 nanometer sized polymer micellar nanoparticles (NPs) was determined following intranasal administration using PET/CT imaging on a clinical scanner. Nanoparticles labeled with Zirconium 89 were administered intranasally ... More
A Survey of Pruning Methods for Efficient Person Re-identification Across DomainsJul 04 2019Recent years have witnessed a substantial increase in the deep learning architectures proposed for visual recognition tasks like person re-identification, where individuals must be recognized over multiple distributed cameras. Although deep Siamese networks ... More
On the capacitive properties of individual microtubules and their meshworksMay 08 2019Microtubules are hollow cylindrical polymers composed of the highly negatively-charged (~23e), high dipole moment (1750 D) protein a,b-tubulin. While the roles of microtubules in chromosomal segregation, macromolecular transport and cell migration are ... More
Black Phosphorus Mid-Infrared Photodetectors with High GainMar 23 2016Recently, black phosphorus (BP) has joined the two dimensional material family as a promising candidate for photonic applications, due to its moderate bandgap, high carrier mobility, and compatibility with a diverse range of substrates. Photodetectors ... More