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Successor Options: An Option Discovery Framework for Reinforcement LearningMay 14 2019The options framework in reinforcement learning models the notion of a skill or a temporally extended sequence of actions. The discovery of a reusable set of skills has typically entailed building options, that navigate to bottleneck states. This work ... More
MaMiC: Macro and Micro Curriculum for Robotic Reinforcement LearningMay 17 2019Shaping in humans and animals has been shown to be a powerful tool for learning complex tasks as compared to learning in a randomized fashion. This makes the problem less complex and enables one to solve the easier sub task at hand first. Generating a ... More
RTSPM: Real-time Linux control software for scanning probe microscopyOct 25 2012Dec 12 2012Real time computer control is an essential feature of scanning probe microscopes, which have become essential tools for the characterization and investigation of nanometer scale samples. Most commercial (and some open-source) scanning probe data acquisition ... More
A Parametric Chain based Routing Approach for Underwater Sensor NetworkFeb 24 2014A sensor network is one of the critical networks that is based on hardware components as well the energy parameters. Because of this, such network requires the optimization in all kind communication to improve the network life. In case of underwater sensor ... More
A real-time software simulator for scanning force microscopyJul 29 2013Sep 08 2014We describe software that simulates the hardware of a scanning force microscope. The essential feature of the software is its real-time response, which is critical for mimicking the behavior of real scanning probe hardware. The simulator runs on an open-source ... More
A Hybrid Analog/Digital Phase-Locked Loop for Frequency Mode Non-contact Scanning Probe MicroscopyJul 30 2013Jul 31 2013Non-contact scanning probe microscopy (SPM) has developed into a powerful technique to image many different properties of samples. The conventional method involves monitoring the amplitude, phase or frequency of a cantilever oscillating at or near its ... More
Stability estimates for h-p spectral element methods for general elliptic problems on curvilinear domainsJul 27 2006In this paper we show that the h-p spectral element method developed in \cite{pdstrk1,tomar-01,tomar-dutt-kumar-02} applies to elliptic problems in curvilinear polygons with mixed Neumann and Dirichlet boundary conditions provided that the Babuska--Brezzi ... More
Robust Algebraic multilevel preconditioning in $H(\mathrm{curl})$ and $H(\mathrm{div})$Jan 15 2013Jul 08 2013An algebraic multilevel iteration method for solving system of linear algebraic equations arising in $H(\mathrm{curl})$ and $H(\mathrm{div})$ spaces are presented. The algorithm is developed for the discrete problem obtained by using the space of lowest ... More
A Directional Feature with Energy based Offline Signature Verification NetworkMar 07 2011Signature used as a biometric is implemented in various systems as well as every signature signed by each person is distinct at the same time. So, it is very important to have a computerized signature verification system. In offline signature verification ... More
Muon anomalous magnetic moment and positron excess at AMS-02 in a gauged horizontal symmetric modelMar 25 2014Nov 04 2014We studied an extension of the standard model with a fourth generation of fermions to explain the discrepancy in the muon $(g-2)$ and explain the positron excess seen in the AMS-02 experiment. We introduce a gauged $SU(2)_{HV}$ horizontal symmetry between ... More
Random Matrix Theory for Transition Strength Densities in Finite Quantum Systems: Results from Embedded Unitary EnsemblesApr 03 2015Embedded random matrix ensembles are generic models for describing statistical properties of finite isolated interacting quantum many-particle systems. For the simplest spinless systems, with say $m$ particles in $N$ single particle states and interacting ... More
Generalized Gaussian wave packet dynamics: Integrable and Chaotic SystemsOct 27 2015Nov 09 2016The ultimate semiclassical wave packet propagation technique is a complex, time-dependent WBK method known as generalized Gaussian wave packet dynamics (GGWPD). It requires overcoming many technical difficulties in order to be carried out fully in practice. ... More
Mass spectra and decay properties of $D_s$ Meson in a relativistic Dirac formalismFeb 18 2014The mass spectra of $D_s$ meson is obtained in the framework of relativistic independent quark model using Martin like potential for the quark confinement. The predicted excited states are in good agreement with the experimental results as well as with ... More
Efficient keyword spotting using time delay neural networksJul 11 2018Aug 28 2018This paper describes a novel method of live keyword spotting using a two-stage time delay neural network. The model is trained using transfer learning: initial training with phone targets from a large speech corpus is followed by training with keyword ... More
Deep Siamese Networks with Bayesian non-Parametrics for Video Object TrackingNov 18 2018We present a novel algorithm utilizing a deep Siamese neural network as a general object similarity function in combination with a Bayesian optimization (BO) framework to encode spatio-temporal information for efficient object tracking in video. In particular, ... More
Loss of superfluidity in the Bose-Einstein condensate in an optical lattice with cubic and quintic nonlinearityDec 06 2007Apr 13 2010In a one-dimensional shallow optical lattice, in the presence of both cubic and quintic nonlinearity, a superfluid density wave is identified in a Bose-Einstein condensate. Interestingly, it ceases to exist when only one of these interactions is operative. ... More
Generalized Gaussian wave packet dynamics: Integrable and Chaotic SystemsOct 27 2015Dec 04 2015The ultimate semiclassical wave packet propagation technique is a complex, time-dependent WBK method known as generalized Gaussian wave packet dynamics (GGWPD). It requires overcoming many technical difficulties in order to be carried out fully in practice. ... More
Quantum efficiencies in finite disordered networks connected by many-body interactionsMar 06 2015The quantum efficiency in the transfer of an initial excitation in disordered finite networks, modeled by the $k$-body embedded Gaussian ensembles of random matrices, is studied for bosons and fermions. The influence of the presence or absence of time-reversal ... More
Status of quarkonia - like negative and positive parity states in a relativistic confinement schemeMar 20 2018Properties of quarkonia - like states in the charm and bottom sector have been studied in the frame work of relativistic Dirac formalism with a linear confinement potential. We have computed the mass spectroscopy and decay properties (vector decay constant ... More
Bifurcation of limit cycles by perturbing a piecewise linear Hamiltonian system with a homoclinic loopSep 29 2011In this paper, we study limit cycle bifurcations for a kind of non-smooth polynomial differential systems by perturbing a piecewise linear Hamiltonian system with a center at the origin and a homoclinic loop around the origin. By using the first Melnikov ... More
Mass spectra of four quark states in hidden charm sectorFeb 17 2014Jul 19 2014Masses of the low lying four quark states in the hidden charm sector ($cq\bar c \bar q; q\in u,d$) are calculated within the framework of a non-relativistic quark model. The four body system is considered as two two-body systems such as diquark-antidiquark ... More
Mass spectra and decay properties of $D$ Meson in a relativistic Dirac formalismDec 23 2014Feb 27 2015The mass spectra of $D$ meson states are calculated in the framework of a relativistic independent quark model. For the present study, we have used the martin like potential for the quark confinement. Our predicted states in S-wave, $2\ ^3S_1$ (2605.86 ... More
Leptonic and Digamma decay Properties of S-wave quarkonia statesMar 28 2012Based on Martin like potential, the S-wave masses of quarkonia have been reviewed. Resultant wave functions at zero inter quark separation are employed to compute the hyperfine splitting of the nS states and the leptonic and digamma decay widths of $n{^3S_1}$ ... More
MREAK : Morphological Retina Keypoint DescriptorJan 24 2019A variety of computer vision applications depend on the efficiency of image matching algorithms used. Various descriptors are designed to detect and match features in images. Deployment of this algorithms in mobile applications creates a need for low ... More
On the Scaling Exponent of Polar Codes with Product KernelsApr 18 2019Polar codes, introduced by Arikan, achieve the capacity of arbitrary binary-input discrete memoryless channel $W$ under successive cancellation decoding. Any such channel having capacity $I(W)$ and for any coding scheme allowing transmission at rate $R$, ... More
Approaches for user profile Investigation in Orkut Social NetworkDec 05 2009Internet becomes a large and rich repository of information about us as individually. Any thing form user profile information to friends links the user subscribes to are reflection of social interactions as user has in real worlds. Social networking has ... More
Certain Ostrowski type inequalities for generalized s-convex functionsMay 07 2017In this paper, we first obtain a generalized integral identity for twice local differentiable functions. Then, using functions whose second derivatives in absolute value at certain powers are generalized s convex in the second sense, we obtain some new ... More
Leptoquarks: 750 GeV Diphoton Resonance and IceCube EventsJun 25 2016The recent data from ATLAS and CMS hint at a new resonance at around 750 GeV in the diphoton invariant mass distribution. The explanation of the significantly large cross section for this diphoton resonance requires coloured particles in its loop-induced ... More
Lorentz Invariance Violation and IceCube Neutrino EventsJul 12 2015Oct 14 2015The IceCube neutrino spectrum shows a flux which falls of as $E^{-2}$ for sub PeV energies but there are no neutrino events observed above $\sim 3$ PeV. In particular the Glashow resonance expected at 6.3 PeV is not seen. We examine a Planck scale Lorentz ... More
Mass Spectra of $D$, $D_s$ Mesons using Dirac formalism with martin-like confinement potentialDec 30 2013We have calculated mass spectra of $D$, $D_s$ mesons using Dirac formalism with Martin-like potential in Potential model.
Reallocation and Allocation of Virtual Machines in Cloud ComputingApr 15 2013Cloud computing has given the new face to the distributed field. Two main issues are discussed in this paper, (I) the process of finding the efficient virtual machine by using the concept of load balancing algorithm. (II) Reallocation of the Virtual Machines ... More
Randomized Fast Design of Short DNA WordsJan 19 2006We consider the problem of efficiently designing sets (codes) of equal-length DNA strings (words) that satisfy certain combinatorial constraints. This problem has numerous motivations including DNA computing and DNA self-assembly. Previous work has extended ... More
Progressive Generative Adversarial Binary Networks for Music GenerationMar 12 2019Recent improvements in generative adversarial network (GAN) training techniques prove that progressively training a GAN drastically stabilizes the training and improves the quality of outputs produced. Adding layers after the previous ones have converged ... More
Semi-Supervised Image-to-Image TranslationJan 24 2019Image-to-image translation is a long-established and a difficult problem in computer vision. In this paper we propose an adversarial based model for image-to-image translation. The regular deep neural-network based methods perform the task of image-to-image ... More
End-to-End Retrieval in Continuous SpaceNov 19 2018Most text-based information retrieval (IR) systems index objects by words or phrases. These discrete systems have been augmented by models that use embeddings to measure similarity in continuous space. But continuous-space models are typically used just ... More
Explaining AMS-02 positron excess and muon anomalous magnetic moment in dark left-right gauge modelJan 25 2015Mar 04 2016In a Dark left-right gauge model, the neutral component of right-handed lepton doublet is odd under generalized R-parity and thus the lightest one serves as the dark matter (DM) candidate. The coannihilation of the dark matter with the singly charged ... More
A Posteriori Error Estimates for Nonconforming Approximations of Evolutionary Convection-Diffusion ProblemsDec 22 2010We derive computable upper bounds for the difference between an exact solution of the evolutionary convection-diffusion problem and an approximation of this solution. The estimates are obtained by certain transformations of the integral identity that ... More
Critical parameters for non-Newtonian power-law fluid flow across a channel confined circular cylinderJan 22 2019In this work, the critical parameters for the shear thickening fluid flow past a channel confined circular cylinder have been investigated numerically. The flow governing equations have been solved by using the finite volume based open source solver (OpenFOAM). ... More
750 GeV Resonance in the Dark Left-Right ModelDec 22 2015Mar 19 2016We explain the $750$ GeV diphoton resonance in the context of the dark left-right symmetric model. A global symmetry in this model, stabilizes the dark matter and ensures that the scalar couples dominantly to gluons and photons. The branching fraction ... More
130 GeV Gamma Ray Signal in NMSSM by Internal BremsstrahlungJun 16 2013There is a possible \gamma-ray signal at 130 GeV coming from the Galactic Center as seen by Fermi-LAT experiment. We give a SUSY dark matter model to explain this \gamma-ray feature in NMSSM. We show that in NMSSM, one can have a benchmark set in which ... More
Probing DAMA/LIBRA in the full parameter space of WIMP effective models of inelastic scatteringFeb 25 2019We discuss the compatibility of the combined annual modulation effect measured by DAMA/LIBRA-phase1 and DAMA/LIBRA-phase2 with an explanation in terms of inelastic scattering events induced by the most general Galilean-invariant effective contact interaction ... More
Examining the meaning of the peptide transfer free energy obtained from blocked (Gly)_n and cyclic-diglycine model compoundsJan 28 2013In experiments, the free energy of transferring the peptide group from water to an osmolyte solution is obtained using the transfer free energy of (Gly)_n with the added assumption that a constant incremental change in free energy with n implies that ... More
Time Series Analysis of Clickstream Logs from Online CoursesSep 11 2018Due to the rapidly rising popularity of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), there is a growing demand for scalable automated support technologies for student learning. Transferring traditional educational resources to online contexts has become an increasingly ... More
DONUT: CTC-based Query-by-Example Keyword SpottingNov 26 2018Keyword spotting--or wakeword detection--is an essential feature for hands-free operation of modern voice-controlled devices. With such devices becoming ubiquitous, users might want to choose a personalized custom wakeword. In this work, we present DONUT, ... More
Guaranteed and Sharp a Posteriori Error Estimates in Isogeometric AnalysisApr 29 2013Sep 20 2014We present functional-type a posteriori error estimates in isogeometric analysis. These estimates, derived on functional grounds, provide guaranteed and sharp upper bounds of the exact error in the energy norm. {Moreover, since these estimates do not ... More
Entanglement induced Sub-Planck structuresApr 20 2007Aug 31 2007We study Wigner function of a system describing entanglement of two cat-states. Quantum interferece arising due to entanglement is shown to produce sub-Planck structures in the phase-space plots of the Wigner function. Origin of these structures in our ... More
One plus two-body random matrix ensembles with parity: Density of states and parity ratiosJan 10 2011Apr 21 2011One plus two-body embedded Gaussian orthogonal ensemble of random matrices with parity [EGOE(1+2)-$\pi$] generated by a random two-body interaction (modeled by GOE in two particle spaces) in the presence of a mean-field, for spinless identical fermion ... More
Trajectory Optimization Algorithm StudiesJun 02 2015In complex engineered systems, completing an objective is sometimes not enough. The system must be able to reach a set performance characteristic, such as an unmanned aerial vehicle flying from point A to point B, \textit{under 10 seconds}. This introduces ... More
General Features of the Relaxation Dynamics of Interacting Quantum SystemsFeb 13 2014Jun 03 2014We study numerically and analytically isolated interacting quantum systems that are taken out of equilibrium instantaneously (quenched). The probability of finding the initial state in time, the so-called fidelity, decays fastest for systems described ... More
Deep Learning Assessment of Tumor Proliferation in Breast Cancer Histological ImagesOct 11 2016Current analysis of tumor proliferation, the most salient prognostic biomarker for invasive breast cancer, is limited to subjective mitosis counting by pathologists in localized regions of tissue images. This study presents the first data-driven integrative ... More
Auto-Encoding Progressive Generative Adversarial Networks For 3D Multi Object ScenesMar 08 20193D multi object generative models allow us to synthesize a large range of novel 3D multi object scenes and also identify objects, shapes, layouts and their positions. But multi object scenes are difficult to create because of the dataset being multimodal ... More
Thermalization in the Two-Body Random EnsembleFeb 02 2011Oct 22 2011Using the ergodicity principle for the expectation values of several types of observables, we investigate the thermalization process in isolated fermionic systems. These are described by the two-body random ensemble, which is a paradigmatic model to study ... More
Spectroscopy of di-meson bound states in charm and beauty sectorDec 30 2013Using the Woods Saxon plus Coulomb type of interaction between two hadron molecules, we have calculated the binding energies and masses of the tetraquark states such as $D\bar{D}$, $D\bar{D}^*$, $D^*\bar{D}^*$, $D^+\bar{D}^*$ in the charm sector and $B\bar{B}$, ... More
Status of $ψ$ (3686), $ψ$ (4040), $ψ$ (4160), Y (4260), $ψ$ (4415) and X (4630) charmonia like statesDec 30 2013We examine the status of charmonia like states by looking into the behaviour of the energy level differences and regularity in the behaviour of the leptonic decay widths of the excited charmonia states. The spectroscopic states are studied using a phenomenological ... More
Corotational Cut Finite Element Method for real-time surgical simulation: application to needle insertion simulationDec 08 2017This paper describes the use of the corotational cut Finite Element Method (FEM) for real-time surgical simulation. Users only need to provide a background mesh which is not necessarily conforming to the boundaries/interfaces of the simulated object. ... More
Condition number estimates for matrices arising in NURBS based isogeometric discretizations of elliptic partial differential equationsJun 26 2014We derive bounds for the minimum and maximum eigenvalues and the spectral condition number of matrices for isogeometric discretizations of elliptic partial differential equations in an open, bounded, simply connected Lipschitz domain $\Omega\subset \mathbb{R}^d$, ... More
Conditional solvation of isoleucine in model extended and helical peptides: context dependence of hydrophobic hydration and the failure of the group-transfer modelOct 27 2013Nov 05 2013The hydration thermodynamics of the GXG tripeptide relative to the reference GGG is often used to define the conditional hydration contribution of X. This quantity or the hydration thermodynamics of a small molecule analog of the side-chain or some combination ... More
Effective Focused Crawling Based on Content and Link Structure AnalysisJun 27 2009A focused crawler traverses the web selecting out relevant pages to a predefined topic and neglecting those out of concern. While surfing the internet it is difficult to deal with irrelevant pages and to predict which links lead to quality pages. In this ... More
Non-standard scaling laws of WIMP-nucleus interactions in WIMP direct detectionOct 25 2018Guided by the non-relativistic effective field theory of interactions between Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) of spin 1/2 and nuclei we study direct detection exclusion plots for an example of non-standard spin-dependent interaction and compare ... More
Proton-philic spin-dependent inelastic Dark Matter (pSIDM) as a viable explanation of DAMA/LIBRA-phase2Oct 23 2018Feb 06 2019We show that the Weakly Interacting Massive Particle scenario of proton-philic spin-dependent inelastic Dark Matter (pSIDM) can still provide a viable explanation of the observed DAMA modulation amplitude in compliance with the constraints from other ... More
Loading-unloading contact law for micro-crystalline cellulose particles under large deformationsDec 14 2018A semi-empirical mechanistic contact law for micro-crystalline cellulose (Avicel PH-200) particles is proposed and characterized experimentally using force-displacement curves obtained from diametrical compression of single particles. The concepts of ... More
Universal Image Manipulation Detection using Deep Siamese Convolutional Neural NetworkAug 20 2018Aug 23 2018Detection of different types of image editing operations carried out on an image is an important problem in image forensics. It gives the information about the processing history of an image, and also can expose forgeries present in an image. There have ... More
Effective models of WIMP Direct Detection in DAMA/LIBRA-phase2Oct 25 2018Since the DAMA/LIBRA collaboration released updated results from their search for the annual modulation signal expected from Dark Matter (DM) scattering in their NaI detectors, we have fitted the updated DAMA result for the modulation amplitudes for a ... More
Present and projected sensitivities of Dark Matter direct detection experiments to effective WIMP-nucleus couplingsMay 16 2018Feb 28 2019Assuming for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) a Maxwellian velocity distribution in the Galaxy we explore in a systematic way the relative sensitivity of an extensive set of existing and projected Dark Matter (DM) direct detection experiments ... More
Isogeometric analysis with local adaptivity based on a posterior error estimation for elastodynamicsApr 09 2018Apr 16 2018This paper presents a novel methodology of local adaptivity for the frequency-domain analysis of the vibrations of Reissner-Mindlin plates. The adaptive discretization is based on the recently developed Geometry Independent Field approximaTion (GIFT) ... More
Algebraic Multilevel Preconditioning in Isogeometric Analysis: Construction and Numerical StudiesApr 01 2013Oct 06 2013We present algebraic multilevel iteration (AMLI) methods for isogeometric discretization of scalar second order elliptic problems. The construction of coarse grid operators and hierarchical complementary operators are given. Moreover, for a uniform mesh ... More
DAMA/LIBRA-phase2 in WIMP effective modelsApr 20 2018Jul 04 2018The DAMA/LIBRA collaboration has recently released updated results from their search for the annual modulation signal expected from Dark Matter (DM) scattering in their NaI detectors. We have fitted the updated DAMA result for the modulation amplitudes ... More
Random matrix ensemble with random two-body interactions in presence of a mean-field for spin one boson systemsJul 31 2012For $m$ number of bosons, carrying spin ($S$=1) degree of freedom, in $\Omega$ number of single particle orbitals, each triply degenerate, we introduce and analyze embedded Gaussian orthogonal ensemble of random matrices generated by random two-body interactions ... More
Role of hydration and intramolecular interactions in the helix-coil transition and helix-helix assembly in a deca-alanine peptideAug 23 2015For a model deca-alanine peptide the cavity (ideal hydrophobic) contribution to hydration favors the helix state in the coil-to-helix transition and the paired helix bundle in the assembly of two helices. The energetic contributions of attractive protein-solvent ... More
Impedance Spectroscopy Study in the vicinity of Ferroelectric Phase TransitionJul 29 2014An impedance spectroscopy (IS) is a versatile tool to study the effect of grains (bulk), grain boundaries and electrode-electrolyte interface on dielectric and electrical properties of electro-ceramics. This study only focuses the high frequency (1 kHz ... More
Present and projected sensitivities of Dark Matter direct detection experiments to effective WIMP-nucleus couplingsMay 16 2018Assuming for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) a Maxwellian velocity distribution in the Galaxy we explore in a systematic way the relative sensitivity of an extensive set of existing and projected Dark Matter direct detection experiments to ... More
Weakening the tight coupling between geometry and simulation in isogeometric analysis: from sub- and super- geometric analysis to Geometry Independent Field approximaTion (GIFT)Jun 20 2017Jul 09 2017This paper presents an approach to generalize the concept of isogeometric analysis (IGA) by allowing different spaces for parameterization of the computational domain and for approximation of the solution field. The method inherits the main advantage ... More
Present direct detection sensitivities to WIMP-quark and WIMP-gluon effective interactionsOct 01 2018Assuming for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) a Maxwellian velocity distribution in the Galaxy we explore in a systematic way the relative sensitivity of an extensive set of existing Dark Matter (DM) direct detection (DD) experiments to operators ... More
A Mathematical Trust Algebra for International Nation Relations Computation and EvaluationFeb 13 2016This paper presents a trust computation for international relations and its calculus, which related to Bayesian inference, Dempster Shafer theory and subjective logic. We proposed a method that allows a trust computation which is previously subjective ... More
A Secure TFTP Protocol with Security ProofsAug 29 2014Advances in smart devices has witnessed major developments in many mobile applications such as Android applications. These smart devices normally interconnect to the internet using wireless technology and applications using the TFTP protocol among these ... More
Fidelity decay and entropy production in many-particle systems after random interaction quenchSep 04 2015Feb 24 2016We analyze the effect of spin degree of freedom on fidelity decay and entropy production of a many-particle fermionic(bosonic) system in a mean-field, quenched by a random two-body interaction preserving many-particle spin $S$. The system Hamiltonian ... More
SLIM: Simultaneous Logic-in-Memory Computing Exploiting Bilayer Analog OxRAM DevicesNov 14 2018Von Neumann architecture based computers isolate/physically separate computation and storage units i.e. data is shuttled between computation unit (processor) and memory unit to realize logic/ arithmetic and storage functions. This to-and-fro movement ... More
Giant Enhancement in Ferroelectric Polarization under IlluminationJun 25 2017We report optical enhancement in polarization and dielectric constant near room temperature in Pb0.6Li0.2Bi0.2Zr0.2Ti0.8O3 (PLBZT) electro-ceramics; these are doubly substituted members of the most important commercial ferroelectric PbZr0.2Ti0.8O3 (PZT:20/80). ... More
Neural Paraphrase Identification of Questions with Noisy PretrainingApr 15 2017Aug 20 2017We present a solution to the problem of paraphrase identification of questions. We focus on a recent dataset of question pairs annotated with binary paraphrase labels and show that a variant of the decomposable attention model (Parikh et al., 2016) results ... More
Anapole Dark Matter after DAMA/LIBRA-phase2Aug 13 2018Nov 28 2018We re-examine the case of anapole dark matter as an explanation for the DAMA annual modulation in light of the DAMA/LIBRA-phase2 results and improved upper limits from other DM searches. If the WIMP velocity distribution is assumed to be a Maxwellian, ... More
Multi-component Fermionic Dark Matter and IceCube PeV scale Neutrinos in Left-Right Model with Gauge UnificationApr 13 2017Sep 06 2017We consider a simple extension of the minimal left-right symmetric model (LRSM) in order to explain the PeV neutrino events seen at the IceCube experiment from a heavy decaying dark matter. The dark matter sector is composed of two fermions: one at PeV ... More
Anomalous change in leakage and displacement currents after electrical poling on lead-free ferroelectric ceramicsSep 13 2015We report the polarization, displacement current and leakage current behavior of a trivalent nonpolar cation Al cation substituted lead free ferroelectric NBT-BT electroceramics with tetragonal phase and P4mm space group symmetry. Nearly three orders ... More
Real-time Error Control for Surgical SimulationOct 08 2016Feb 14 2017Objective: To present the first real-time a posteriori error-driven adaptive finite element approach for real-time simulation and to demonstrate the method on a needle insertion problem. Methods: We use corotational elasticity and a frictional needle/tissue ... More
An Experimental Study of Cryptography Capability using Chained Key Exchange Scheme for Embedded DevicesAug 30 2014After 38 years of birthday Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange (DHKE), there are many proposed improvements in the DHKE protocol to encounter modern security issues. This protocol seems quite simple to be implemented, but it can be vulnerable to many types of ... More
Comparison Clustering using Cosine and Fuzzy set based Similarity Measures of Text DocumentsMay 01 2015Keeping in consideration the high demand for clustering, this paper focuses on understanding and implementing K-means clustering using two different similarity measures. We have tried to cluster the documents using two different measures rather than clustering ... More
Low-Power (1T1N) Skyrmionic Synapses for Spiking Neuromorphic SystemsNov 06 2018In this work, we propose a `1-transistor 1-nanotrack' (1T1N) synapse based on movement of magnetic skyrmions using spin polarised current pulses. The proposed synaptic bit-cell has 4 terminals and fully decoupled spike transmission- and programming- paths. ... More
Real-time error controlled adaptive mesh refinement: Application to needle insertion simulationOct 08 2016Oct 11 2016This paper presents the first real-time discretization-error-driven adaptive finite element approach for corotational elasticity problems involving strain localization. We propose a hexahedron-based finite element method, combined with a posteriori error ... More
Vector dark matter annihilation with internal bremsstrahlungSep 17 2016We consider scenarios in which the annihilation of self-conjugate spin-1 dark matter to a Standard Model fermion-antifermion final state is chirality suppressed, but where this suppression can be lifted by the emission of an additional photon via internal ... More
Controlling the Error on Target Motion through Real-time Mesh Adaptation: Applications to Deep Brain StimulationApr 25 2017Sep 30 2017We present an error-controlled mesh refinement procedure for needle insertion simulation and apply it to the simulation of electrode implantation for deep brain stimulation, including brain shift. Our approach enables to control the error in the computation ... More
Secondary breakup of drops at moderate Weber numbers: Effect of Density ratio and Reynolds numberMar 08 2018Breakup of liquid drops occurs in several natural and industrial settings. Fully resolved Volume of Fluid based simulations presented in this study reveal the complete flow physics and droplet dynamics that lead to the breakup of a drop in a particular ... More
Speech Model Pre-training for End-to-End Spoken Language UnderstandingApr 07 2019Whereas conventional spoken language understanding (SLU) systems map speech to text, and then text to intent, end-to-end SLU systems map speech directly to intent through a single trainable model. Achieving high accuracy with these end-to-end models without ... More
Evidence for charge-vortex duality at the LaAlO$_3$/SrTiO$_3$ interfaceJul 30 2012The concept of duality has proved extremely powerful in extending our understanding in many areas of physics (1, 2). Charge-vortex duality has been proposed (3, 4) as a model to understand the superconductor to insulator transition (SIT) in disordered ... More
Evidence of Josephson junction behavior in top-gated LaAlO$_3$-SrTiO$_3$Jul 22 2014We demonstrate top-gate tunable Josephson junction like behavior in the two dimensional electron gas at the LaAlO$_3$-SrTiO$_3$ interface. A combination of global back-gating and local top-gating is used to define the junctions, providing an efficient ... More
Long-Range Interactions Dominate the Inverse-Temperature Dependence of Polypeptide Hydration Free EnergiesDec 17 2018Jan 01 2019Direct, all-atom calculations of the free energy of hydration of aqueous deca-alanine structures --- holistically including backbone and side-chain interactions together --- show that attractive interactions and the thermal expansion of the solvent explain ... More
Expediting Support for Social Learning with Behavior ModelingMay 10 2016Jul 13 2016An important research problem for Educational Data Mining is to expedite the cycle of data leading to the analysis of student learning processes and the improvement of support for those processes. For this goal in the context of social interaction in ... More
Novel optically active lead-free relaxor ferroelectric (Ba0.6Bi0.2Li0.2)TiO3Jan 31 2016We discovered a near room temperature lead-free relaxor-ferroelectric (Ba0.6Bi0.2Li0.2)TiO3 (BBLT) having A-site compositional disordered ABO3 perovskite structure. Microstructure-property relations revealed that the chemical inhomogeneities and development ... More
A Formal Calculus for International Relations Computation and EvaluationApr 02 2016This publication presents a relation computation or calculus for international relations using a mathematical modeling. It examined trust for international relations and its calculus, which related to Bayesian inference, Dempster-Shafer theory and subjective ... More
Phase-incoherent superconducting pairs in the normal state of Ba(Fe$_{1-x}$Co$_x$)$_2$As$_2$Apr 27 2010The normal state properties of the recently discovered ferropnictide superconductors might hold the key to understanding their exotic superconductivity. Using point-contact spectroscopy we show that Andreev reflection between an epitaxial thin film of ... More
Solvophobic and solvophilic contributions in the water-to-aqueous guanidinium chloride transfer free energy of model peptidesJan 15 2018We study the solvation free energy of two different conformations (helix and extended) of two different peptides (deca-alanine and deca-glycine) in two different solvents (water and aqueous guanidinium chloride, GdmCl). The free energies are obtained ... More
Quantifying discretization errors for soft-tissue simulation in computer assisted surgery: a preliminary studyJun 18 2018Errors in biomechanics simulations arise from modeling and discretization. Modeling errors are due to the choice of the mathematical model whilst discretization errors measure the impact of the choice of the numerical method on the accuracy of the approximated ... More