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Multi-View Region Adaptive Multi-temporal DMM and RGB Action RecognitionApr 12 2019Human action recognition remains an important yet challenging task. This work proposes a novel action recognition system. It uses a novel Multiple View Region Adaptive Multi-resolution in time Depth Motion Map (MV-RAMDMM) formulation combined with appearance ... More
A detailed comparative study of open source deep learning frameworksFeb 25 2019Deep Learning (DL) is one of the hottest trends in machine learning as DL approaches produced results superior to the state-of-the-art in problematic areas such as image processing and natural language processing (NLP). To foster the growth of DL, several ... More
Performance Analysis of Energy Detection over Mixture Gamma based Fading Channels with Diversity ReceptionOct 19 2015The present paper is devoted to the evaluation of energy detection based spectrum sensing over different multipath fading and shadowing conditions. This is realized by means of a unified and versatile approach that is based on the particularly flexible ... More
General form of the renormalized, perturbed energy density via interacting quantum fields in cosmological spacetimesSep 10 2018Mar 07 2019A covariant description of quantum matter fields in the early universe underpins models for the origin of species, e.g. baryogenesis and dark matter production. In nearly all cases the relevant cosmological observables are computed in a general approximation, ... More
Robotics Evolution: from Remote Brain to CloudJan 08 2019Robotic systems have been evolving since decades and touching almost all aspects of life, either for leisure or critical applications. Most of traditional robotic systems operate in well-defined environments utilizing pre-configured on-board processing ... More
The Qatar Genome: A Population-Specific Tool for Precision Medicine in the Middle EastMay 08 2018May 13 2018Reaching the full potential of precision medicine depends on the quality of personalized genome interpretation. In order to facilitate precision medicine in regions of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), a population-specific reference genome for ... More
New Index for Quantifying an Individual's Scientific Research OutputMay 26 2013Classifying researchers according to the quality of their published work rather than the quantity is a curtail issue. We attempt to introduce a new formula of the percentage range to be used for evaluating qualitatively the researchers' production. The ... More
A Bayesian nonparametric chi-squared goodness-of-fit testJan 31 2016Jun 16 2016The Bayesian nonparametric inference and Dirichlet process are popular tools in statistical methodologies. In this paper, we employ the Dirichlet process in hypothesis testing to propose a Bayesian nonparametric chi-squared goodness-of-fit test. In our ... More
Bootstrapping the Mean Vector for the Observations in the Domain of Attraction of a Multivariate Stable LawOct 07 2015Dec 12 2016We consider a robust estimation of the mean vector for a sequence of i.i.d. observations in the domain of attraction of a stable law with different indices of stability, $DS(\alpha_1, \ldots, \alpha_p)$, such that $1<\alpha_{i}\leq 2$, $i=1,\ldots,p$. ... More
Data Bits in Karnaugh Map and Increasing Map Capability in Error CorrectingFeb 08 2015To provide reliable communication in data transmission, ability of correcting errors is of prime importance. This paper intends to suggest an easy algorithm to detect and correct errors in transmission codes using the well-known Karnaugh map. Referring ... More
The Quicksort ProcessFeb 15 2013Quicksort on the fly returns the input of $n$ reals in increasing natural order during the sorting process. Correctly normalized the running time up to returning the l-th smallest out of n seen as a process in l converges weakly to a limiting process ... More
The Generalized Power Generalized Weibull Distribution: Properties and ApplicationsJul 27 2018Oct 15 2018This paper introduces a new generalization of the power generalized Weibull distribution called the generalized power generalized Weibull distribution. This distribution can also be considered as a generalization of Weibull distribution. The hazard rate ... More
Extreme non-Arens regularity of the group algebraJul 03 2013Following Granirer, a Banach algebra A is extremely non-Arens regular when the quotient space A*/WAP(A) contains a closed linear subspace which has A* as a continuous linear image. We prove that the group algebra L^1(G) of any infinite locally compact ... More
Algebraic structure of semigroup compactifications: Pym's and Veech's Theorems and strongly prime pointsSep 27 2017The spectrum of an admissible subalgebra $\mathscr{A}(G)$ of $\mathscr{LUC}(G)$, the algebra of right uniformly continuous functions on a locally compact group $G$, constitutes a semigroup compactification $G^\mathscr{A}$ of $G$. In this paper we analyze ... More
On nodes of small degrees and degree profile in preferential dynamic attachment circuitsOct 15 2016Feb 28 2018We investigate the joint distribution of nodes of small degrees and the degree profile in preferential dynamic attachment circuits. In particular, we study the joint asymptotic distribution of the number of the nodes of outdegree $0$ (terminal nodes) ... More
The homotopy colimit of an $\infty$-local system as a twisted tensor productMay 03 2018May 22 2018We describe several equivalent models for the $\infty$-category of $\infty$-local systems of chain complexes over a space using the framework of quasi-categories. We prove that the given models are equivalent as $\infty$-categories by exploiting the relationship ... More
On Simulations from the Two-Parameter Poisson-Dirichlet Process and the Normalized Inverse-Gaussian ProcessSep 24 2012In this paper, we develop simple, yet efficient, procedures for sampling approximations of the two-Parameter Poisson-Dirichlet Process and the normalized inverse-Gaussian process. We compare the efficiency of the new approximations to the corresponding ... More
The Dirichlet Process with Large Concentration ParameterSep 24 2011Dec 13 2011Ferguson's Dirichlet process plays an important role in nonparametric Bayesian inference. Let $P_a$ be the Dirichlet process in $\mathbb{R}$ with a base probability measure $H$ and a concentration parameter $a>0.$ In this paper, we show that $\sqrt {a} ... More
On Approximations of the Beta Process in Latent Feature ModelsNov 13 2014The beta process has recently been widely used as a nonparametric prior for different models in machine learning, including latent feature models. In this paper, we prove the asymptotic consistency of the finite dimensional approximation of the beta process ... More
On Some Asymptotic Properties and an Almost Sure Approximation of the Normalized Inverse-Gaussian ProcessJun 28 2012In this paper, we present some asymptotic properties of the normalized inverse-Gaussian process. In particular, when the concentration parameter is large, we establish an analogue of the empirical functional central limit theorem, the strong law of large ... More
On a Rapid Simulation of the Dirichlet ProcessJul 04 2011Jan 25 2012We describe a simple and efficient procedure for approximating the L\'evy measure of a $\text{Gamma}(\alpha,1)$ random variable. We use this approximation to derive a finite sum-representation that converges almost surely to Ferguson's representation ... More
Reflections on Monadic LensesJan 11 2016Bidirectional transformations (bx) have primarily been modeled as pure functions, and do not account for the possibility of the side-effects that are available in most programming languages. Recently several formulations of bx that use monads to account ... More
Extraction of the index of refraction by embedding multiple and close small inclusionsMay 18 2015Feb 01 2016We deal with the problem of reconstructing material coefficients from the farfields they generate. By embedding small (single) inclusions to these media, located at points $z$ in the support of these materials, and measuring the farfields generated by ... More
Some applications of matrix inequalities in Rényi entropyAug 11 2016Sep 23 2016The R{\'e}nyi entropy is one of the important information measures that generalizes Shannon's entropy. The quantum R{\'e}nyi entropy has a fundamental role in quantum information theory, therefore, bounding this quantity is of vital importance. Another ... More
Infrared Laser Driven Double Proton Transfer. An Optimal Control Theory StudyDec 09 2009Laser control of ultrafast double proton transfer is investigated for a two-dimensional model system describing stepwise and concerted transfer pathways. The pulse design has been done by employing optimal control theory in combination with the multiconfiguration ... More
Euler Type Generalization of Wilson's TheoremMay 28 2006In this short note, we introduce an Euler analogue of Wilson's theorem; $a_1a_2... a_{\phi(n)}\equiv (-1)^{\phi(n)+1}~({\rm mod}~n)$ say, where ${\rm gcd}(a_i,n)=1$.
EMFET: E-mail Features Extraction ToolNov 22 2017EMFET is an open source and flexible tool that can be used to extract a large number of features from any email corpus with emails saved in EML format. The extracted features can be categorized into three main groups: header features, payload (body) features, ... More
Covariant and background independent functional RG flow for the effective average actionJul 24 2016We extend our prescription for the construction of a covariant and background-independent effective action for scalar quantum field theories to the case where momentum modes below a certain scale are suppressed by the presence of an infrared regulator. ... More
The effect of cell-attachment on the group of self-equivalences of an R-localized spaceJan 31 2014Let R be a subring of the rationals with least non-invertible prime p. Let X = X^{n} \cup_{\alpha} (\bigcup_{j \in J} e^{q}) be a cell attachment with J finite and q small with respect to p. Let E(X_R) denote the group of homotopy self-equivalences of ... More
Gröbner Bases under Composition, Survey paperJan 30 2018This paper is a survey on the study of the behaviour of the composition of polynomials on the computation of Gr\"obner bases. This survey brings together some works published between 1995 and 2007. The authors of these papers gave answers to some questions ... More
Systems of Cosserat--Zhilin in Newtonian MechanicsFeb 26 2016Mechanical systems of Cosserat--Zhilin are introduced as the main object of Newtonian (non--relativistic) mechanics on the base of new notions of vector calculus - sliders and screw measures (bi-measures). The differential equations of motion are derived ... More
A Novel Hybrid Fast Switching Adaptive No Delay Tanlock Loop Frequency SynthesizerJul 18 2016Jul 23 2016This paper presents a new fast switching hybrid frequency synthesizer with wide locking range. The hybrid synthesizer is based on the tanlock loop with no delay block (NDTL) and is capable of integer as well as fractional frequency division. The system ... More
Gravitational Yang-Lee Model. Four Point FunctionApr 22 2006The four-point perturbative contribution to the spherical partition function of the gravitational Yang-Lee model is evaluated numerically. An effective integration procedure is due to a convenient elliptic parameterization of the moduli space. At certain ... More
On the Three-point Function in Minimal Liouville GravityMay 06 2005The problem of the structure constants of the operator product expansions in the minimal models of conformal field theory is revisited. We rederive these previously known constants and present them in the form particularly useful in the Liouville gravity ... More
On the Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz Equation in Sinh-Gordon ModelMay 19 2000Two implicit periodic structures in the solution of sinh-Gordon thermodynamic Bethe ansatz equation are considered. The analytic structure of the solution as a function of complex $\theta$ is studied to some extent both analytically and numerically. The ... More
Contact Homology of Orbit Complements and Implied ExistenceDec 07 2010Sep 21 2011For Reeb vector fields on closed 3-manifolds, cylindrical contact homology is used to show that the existence of a set of closed Reeb orbit with certain knotting/linking properties implies the existence of other Reeb orbits with other knotting/linking ... More
Cylindrical Contact Homology on Complements of Reeb OrbitsMar 16 2010Sep 21 2011Let $V$ be a closed 3-manifold with a contact form $\lambda$, and let $L$ be a link consisting of closed orbits for the Reeb vector field of $\lambda$. We study the problem of defining cylindrical contact homology on the non-compact manifold $V \backslash ... More
Scaling Lee-Yang Model on a Sphere. I. Partition FunctionSep 09 2001Some general properties of perturbed (rational) CFT in the background metric of symmetric 2D sphere of radius $R$ are discussed, including conformal perturbation theory for the partition function and the large $R$ asymptotic. The truncated conformal space ... More
On the Use of Emojis to Train Emotion ClassifiersFeb 24 2019Feb 26 2019Nowadays, the automatic detection of emotions is employed by many applications in different fields like security informatics, e-learning, humor detection, targeted advertising, etc. Many of these applications focus on social media and treat this problem ... More
Two-sample Bayesian nonparametric goodness-of-fit testNov 13 2014May 07 2015In recent years, Bayesian nonparametric statistics has gathered extraordinary attention. Nonetheless, a relatively little amount of work has been expended on Bayesian nonparametric hypothesis testing. In this paper, a novel Bayesian nonparametric approach ... More
Analysis and Evaluation for the Performance of the Communication Infrastructure for Real Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS) Based on 3G TechnologyJan 27 2016Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS) utilizing synchrophasor measurements is considered one of the essential parts in smart grids that enable system operators to monitor, operate, and control power systems in wide geographical area. On the other hand, ... More
Design and Analysis of Distributed Averaging with Quantized CommunicationMar 19 2014Sep 14 2014Consider a network whose nodes have some initial values, and it is desired to design an algorithm that builds on neighbor to neighbor interactions with the ultimate goal of convergence to the average of all initial node values or to some value close to ... More
Emerging Wireless Technologies in the Internet of Things: a Comparative StudyNov 03 2016The Internet of Things (IoT) incorporates multiple long-range, short-range, and personal area wireless networks and technologies into the designs of IoT applications. This enables numerous business opportunities in fields as diverse as e-health, smart ... More
The EB Factory Project. II. Validation with the Kepler Field in Preparation for K2 and TESSSep 10 2014Large repositories of high precision light curve data, such as the Kepler data set, provide the opportunity to identify astrophysically important eclipsing binary (EB) systems in large quantities. However, the rate of classical "by eye" human analysis ... More
Reconstruction of brain networks involved in magnetophosphene perception using dense electroencephalographyFeb 28 2018Mar 01 2018Characterizing functional brain networks in humans during magnetophosphene perception. Dense electroencephalography (EEG, 128 channels) was performed in N=3 volunteers during high-level (50 mT) magnetic field (MF) exposure. Functional brain networks were ... More
Restricting Semistable Bundles on the Projective Plane to ConicsOct 06 2003Mar 26 2004We study the restrictions of rank 2 semistable vector bundles E on P^2 to conics. A Grauert-Mulich type theorem on the generic splitting is proven. The jumping conics are shown to have the scheme structure of a hypersurface J_{2} in P^5 of degree c_{2}(E) ... More
The Internet of Things: New Interoperability, Management and Security ChallengesApr 17 2016The Internet of Things (IoT) brings connectivity to about every objects found in the physical space. It extends connectivity to everyday objects. From connected fridges, cars and cities, the IoT creates opportunities in numerous domains. However, this ... More
Comparative Study of Approximate MultipliersMar 18 2018Approximate multipliers are widely being advocated for energy-efficient computing in applications that exhibit an inherent tolerance to inaccuracy. However, the inclusion of accuracy as a key design parameter, besides the performance, area and power, ... More
On the variety of shapes in digital treesJul 03 2016We study the joint distribution of the number of occurrences of members of a collection of nonoverlapping motifs in digital data. We deal with finite and countably infinite collections. For infinite collections, the setting requires that we be very explicit ... More
Unified Analysis of Cooperative Spectrum Sensing over Composite and Generalized Fading ChannelsMar 04 2015In this paper, we investigate the performance of cooperative spectrum sensing (CSS) with multiple antenna nodes over composite and generalized fading channels. We model the probability density function (PDF) of the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) using the ... More
A Grouped System Architecture for Smart Grids Based AMI Communications Over LTEJan 09 2016A smart grid based Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), is a technology that enables the utilities to monitor and control the electricity consumption through a set of various smart meters (SMs) connected via a two way communication infrastructure. ... More
On a nonlinear eigenvalue problem for generalized Laplacian in Orlicz-Sobolev spacesSep 14 2018We consider a nonlinear eigenvalue problem for some elliptic equations governed by general operators including the $p$-Laplacian. The natural framework in which we consider such equations is that of Orlicz-Sobolev spaces. we exhibit two positive constants ... More
A Middleware for the Internet of ThingsApr 17 2016The Internet of Things (IoT) connects everyday objects including a vast array of sensors, actuators, and smart devices, referred to as things to the Internet, in an intelligent and pervasive fashion. This connectivity gives rise to the possibility of ... More
Nanophononic metamaterial: Thermal conductivity reduction by local resonanceApr 22 2013Jul 30 2013We present the concept of a locally resonant nanophononic metamaterial for thermoelectric energy conversion. Our configuration, which is based on a silicon thin-film with a periodic array of pillars erected on one or two of the free surfaces, qualitatively ... More
An Axiomatization of Naive DiversificationNov 04 2016A widely applied diversification paradigm is the naive diversification choice heuristic. It stipulates that an economic agent allocates equal decision weights to given choice alternatives independent of their individual characteristics. This article provides ... More
The oscillatory distribution of distances in random triesMay 12 2005We investigate \Delta_n, the distance between randomly selected pairs of nodes among n keys in a random trie, which is a kind of digital tree. Analytical techniques, such as the Mellin transform and an excursion between poissonization and depoissonization, ... More
Decoherent many-body dynamics of a nano- mechanical resonator coupled to charge qubitsMar 14 2010The dynamics of charge qubits coupled to a nanomechanical resonator under influence of both a phonon bath in contact with the resonator and irreversible decay of the qubits is considered. The focus of our analysis is devoted to multi partite entanglement ... More
A new simple and powerful normality test for progressively Type-II censored dataApr 22 2017In this paper, a new goodness-of-fit test for a location-scale family based on progressively Type-II censored order statistics is proposed. Using Monte Carlo simulation studies, the present researchers have observed that the proposed test for normality ... More
IRS for Computer Character Sequences Filtration: a new software tool and algorithm to support the IRS at tokenization processMar 02 2013Tokenization is the task of chopping it up into pieces, called tokens, perhaps at the same time throwing away certain characters, such as punctuation. A token is an instance of token a sequence of characters in some particular document that are grouped ... More
Automatic Reference Models Development: A FrameworkJan 29 2014Software reuse allows the software industry to simultaneously reduce development cost and improve product quality. Reuse of early-stage artifacts has been acknowledged to be more beneficial than reuse of later-stage artifacts. In this regard, early-stage ... More
Conceptual Modeling of a Procurement Process: Case study of RFP for Public Key InfrastructureDec 04 2018Procurement refers to a process resulting in delivery of goods or services within a set time period. The process includes aspects of purchasing, specifications to be met, and solicitation notifications as in the case of Request For Proposals (RFPs). Typically ... More
Blockchain-based Privacy-Preserving Charging Coordination Mechanism for Energy Storage UnitsNov 05 2018Energy storage units (ESUs) enable several attractive features of modern smart grids such as enhanced grid resilience, effective demand response, and reduced bills. However, uncoordinated charging of ESUs stresses the power system and can lead to mass ... More
Study of number of particles crossing through a scintillation detectorJul 28 2009In this study we set our system in order to study the energy spectrum of single, double and triple particles, detected in a scintillation detector. The goal of doing this experiment was to determine the probability of number of particles (single, double ... More
Towards a better understanding of the dual representation of phi divergencesJun 06 2015Oct 10 2015The aim of this paper is to study different estimation procedures based on $\varphi-$divergences. The dual representation of $\varphi-$divergences based on the Fenchel-Legendre duality is the main interest of this study. It provides a way to estimate ... More
Using Periodicity to Obtain Partition CongruencesSep 12 2016Sep 14 2016In this paper, we generalize recent work of Mizuhara, Sellers, and Swisher that gives a method for establishing restricted plane partition congruences based on a bounded number of calculations. Using periodicity for partition functions, our extended technique ... More
First bounds on the very high energy gamma-ray emission from Arp 220Nov 26 2006Using the Major Atmospheric Gamma Imaging Cherenkov Telescope (MAGIC), we have observed the nearest ultra-luminous infrared galaxy Arp 220 for about 15 hours. No significant signal was detected within the dedicated amount of observation time. The first ... More
Studies of the Decay B+- -> D_CP K+-Jul 03 2002We report studies of the decay B+- -> D_CP K+-, where D_CP denotes neutral D mesons that decay to CP eigenstates. The analysis is based on a 29.1/fb data sample of collected at the \Upsilon(4S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric ... More
Improved Measurement of the Probability for Gluon Splitting into b bbar in Z0 DecaysFeb 03 2001We have measured gluon splitting into bottom quarks, g -> b bbar, in hadronic Z0 decays collected by SLD between 1996 and 1998. The analysis was performed by looking for secondary bottom production in 4-jet events of any primary flavor. 4-jet events were ... More
Measurement of Longitudinal Spin Asymmetries From $W\rightarrow e$ Boson Decay in Polarized pp Collisions at $\sqrt{s}=500$ GeV at RHIC-PHENIXDec 21 2010We report the measurement of the parity violating single spin asymmetries for inclusive high transverse momentum electrons and positrons in polarized $p+p$ collisions at a center of mass energy of $\sqrt{s}=500$ GeV with the PHENIX detector at RHIC. These ... More
Khovano Homology and Embedded GraphsNov 13 2009We construct a cobordism group for embedded graphs in two different ways, first by using sequences of two basic operations, called "fusion" and "fission", which in terms of cobordisms correspond to the basic cobordisms obtained by attaching or removing ... More
Using Periodicity to Obtain Partition CongruencesSep 12 2016Nov 12 2016In this paper, we generalize recent work of Mizuhara, Sellers, and Swisher that gives a method for establishing restricted plane partition congruences based on a bounded number of calculations. Using periodicity for partition functions, our extended technique ... More
Existential Ontology and Thinging Modeling in Software EngineeringMar 26 2019This study is a sequel to a previous study entitled Thinging for Software Engineers, which showed that the notion of thing, in contrast to objectification, has some beneficial orientations in modeling. The incorporation of thinging in conceptual modeling ... More
Maximal $L^p-L^q$ regularity to the Stokes Problem with Navier boundary conditionsMay 17 2016We prove in this paper some results on the complex and fractional powers of the Stokes operator with slip frictionless boundary conditions involving the stress tensor. This is fundamental and plays an important role in the associated parabolic problem ... More
The Ratliff-Rush Closure of Initial Ideals of Certain Prime IdealsNov 19 2004Nov 20 2004We prove that the initial ideal of the defining ideal of a monomial curve that corresponds to an almost arithmetic sequence of positive integers is Ratliff-Rush closed.
A Class of Strongly Homotopy Lie Algebras with Simplified sh-Lie StructuresAug 17 2003It is known that a single mapping defined on one term of a differential graded vector space extends to a strongly homotopy Lie algebra structure on the graded space when that mapping satisfies two conditions. This strongly homotopy Lie algebra is nontrivial ... More
Performance Of A Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber Exposed To The WANF Neutrino BeamSep 25 2006We present the results of the first exposure of a Liquid Argon TPC to a multi-GeV neutrino beam. The data have been collected with a 50 liters ICARUS-like chamber located between the CHORUS and NOMAD experiments at the CERN West Area Neutrino Facility ... More
The Third Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky SurveyOct 08 2004This paper describes the Third Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). This release, containing data taken up through June 2003, includes imaging data in five bands over 5282 deg^2, photometric and astrometric catalogs of the 141 million ... More
Measurement of the Cross Section for Prompt Diphoton Production in p-pbar Collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeVDec 17 2004Jun 13 2005We report a measurement of the rate of prompt diphoton production in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=1.96 ~\hbox{TeV}$ using a data sample of 207 pb$^{-1}$ collected with the upgraded Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF II). The background from non-prompt ... More
Observation of very high energy gamma-rays from the AGN 1ES 2344+514 in a low emission state with the MAGIC telescopeDec 14 2006Jun 05 2007The MAGIC collaboration has observed very high energy gamma ray emission from the AGN 1ES 2344+514. A gamma-ray signal corresponding to an 11 sigma excess and an integral flux of (2.38+-0.30(stat)+-0.70(syst))*10^-11 cm^-2 s^-1 above 200 GeV has been ... More
Observations of Mkn 421 with the MAGIC TelescopeMar 17 2006Mar 20 2007The MAGIC telescope took data of very high energy gamma-ray emission from the blazar Markarian 421 (Mkn 421) between November 2004 and April 2005. We present a combined analysis of data samples recorded under different observational conditions, down to ... More
The HERMES Back Drift ChambersMar 05 1998The tracking system of the HERMES spectrometer behind the bending magnet consists of two pairs of large planar 6-plane drift chambers. The design and performance of these chambers is described. This description comprises details on the mechanical and ... More
Multiwavelength observations of short time-scale variability in NGC 4151. II. Optical observationsMay 15 1996We present the results of an intensive ground-based spectrophotometric monitoring campaign of the Seyfert galaxy NGC~4151 for a period of over two months, with a typical temporal resolution of one day. Light curves for four optical continuum bands and ... More
Nucleon resonance decay by the $K^0Σ^+$ channelFeb 15 2007Hyperon production off the proton in the $K^0 \Sigma^+$ channel has been studied at the tagged photon beam facility at the ELSA electron accelerator in Bonn. This experiment was part of a series of neutral meson production experiments on various targets. ... More
Building a Decision Tree Model for Academic Advising Affairs Based on the Algorithm C 4-5Nov 10 2015The ability to recognize students weakness and solve any problem that may confront them in timely fashion is always a target for all educational institutions. Thus, colleges and universities implement the so-called academic advising affairs. On the academic ... More
Aleph-zero-categorical groups and their completionsNov 01 2008We embed a countably categorical group G into a locally compact group c(G) with a non-trivial topology and study how topological properties of c(G) are connected with the structure of definable subgroups of G.
Markov trace on a tower of affine Temperley-Lieb algebras of type $\tilde{A_{n}}$Nov 27 2013Jul 07 2015We define a tower of affine Temperley-Lieb algebras of type $\tilde{A_{n}}$. We prove that there exists a unique Markov trace on this tower, this trace comes from the Markov-Ocneanu-Jones trace on the tower of Temperley-Lieb algebras of type $A_{n}$.
Semiparametric two-component mixture models under L-moments constraintsJun 28 2016We propose a structure of a semiparametric two-component mixture model when one component is parametric and the other is defined through L-moments conditions. Estimation of a two-component mixture model with an unknown component is very difficult when ... More
Measurement of b hadron lifetimes in exclusive decays containing a J/psi in p-pbar collisions at sqrt(s)=1.96TeVDec 14 2010Mar 29 2011We report on a measurement of $b$-hadron lifetimes in the fully reconstructed decay modes B^+ -->J/Psi K+, B^0 --> J/Psi K*, B^0 --> J/Psi Ks, and Lambda_b --> J/Psi Lambda using data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 4.3 ${\rm fb}^{-1}$, collected ... More
The information from muon arrival time distributions of high-energy EAS as measured with the KASCADE detectorApr 16 2002Using the facilities of the KASCADE Central Detector EAS muon arrival time distributions, observed with reference to the arrival time of the first locally registered muon, and their correlations with other EAS observables have been experimentally investigated. ... More
An Improved Test of the Flavor Independence of Strong InteractionsMay 20 1998We present an improved comparison of the strong coupling of the gluon to light (q_l=u+d+s), c, and b quarks, determined from multijet rates in flavor-tagged samples of hadronic Z0 decays recorded with the SLC Large Detector at the SLAC Linear Collider ... More
Parametric and semiparametric estimation of mixture models using phi-divergencesNov 22 2016The study of mixture models constitutes a large domain of research in statistics. In the first part of this work, we present phi-divergences and the existing methods which produce robust estimators. We are more particularly interested in the so-called ... More
Scaler Mode Technique for the ARGO-YBJ DetectorJul 14 2008The ARGO-YBJ experiment has been designed to study the Extensive Air Showers with an energy threshold lower than that of the existing arrays by exploiting the high altitude location(4300 m a.s.l. in Tibet, P.R. China) and the full ground plane coverage. ... More
Spin-Peierls Dimerization of a s=1/2 Heisenberg Antiferromagnet on a Square LatticeJun 11 2000Dimerization of a spin-half Heisenberg antiferromagnet on a square lattice is investigated for several possible dimerized configurations, some of which are shown to have lower ground state energies than the others. In particular, the lattice deformations ... More
Liouville field theory on a pseudosphereJan 23 2001Liouville field theory is considered with boundary conditions corresponding to a quantization of the classical Lobachevskiy plane (i.e. euclidean version of $AdS_2$). We solve the bootstrap equations for the out-vacuum wave function and find an infinite ... More
Monte-Carlo Simulation for an Aerogel Cherenkov CounterJul 31 1997We have developed a Monte-Carlo simulation code for an aerogel \v Cerenkov Counter which is operated under a strong magnetic field such as 1.5T. This code consists of two parts: photon transportation inside aerogel tiles, and one-dimensional amplification ... More
A note on affine linksFeb 01 2015We view the $\tilde{A}$-type affine braid group as a subgroup of the $B$-type braid group. We show that the $\tilde{A}$-type affine braid group surjects onto the $A$-type braid group and we detect the kernel of this surjection using Schreier's Theorem. ... More
On the Boundaries of Trust and Security in Computing and Communications SystemsMar 20 2012This article analyzes trust and security in computing and communications systems. While in human-life, trust usually has some kind of commonly understood meaning, in the realm of computing and communications systems, it could be interpreted differently ... More
On the free volume in nuclear multifragmentationOct 13 2000In many statistical multifragmentation models the volume available to the $N$ nonoverlapping fragments forming a given partition is a basic ingredient serving to the simplification of the density of states formula. One therefore needs accurate techniques ... More
A Minimal Groebner Basis for the Defining Ideals of Certain Affine Monomial CurvesNov 17 2004Nov 20 2004In this article we produce Groebner bases for the defining ideal of a monomial curve that corresponds to an almost arithmetic sequence of positive integers, correcting previous work of Sengupta,(2003).
Measurement of the Reaction $^{12}C(ν_μ,μ^-) X$ Near ThresholdOct 21 1994Oct 25 1994The reaction $^{12}C(\nu_\mu,\mu^-) X$ has been measured near threshold using a $\pi ^+$ decay-in-flight $\nu_\mu$ beam from the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility and a massive liquid scintillator neutrino detector (LSND). In the energy region $123.7 ... More