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Particle Filters for Partially-Observed Boolean Dynamical SystemsFeb 23 2017Partially-observed Boolean dynamical systems (POBDS) are a general class of nonlinear models with application in estimation and control of Boolean processes based on noisy and incomplete measurements. The optimal minimum mean square error (MMSE) algorithms ... More
Scalable optimal Bayesian classification of single-cell trajectories under regulatory model uncertaintyFeb 08 2019Single-cell gene expression measurements offer opportunities in deriving mechanistic understanding of complex diseases, including cancer. However, due to the complex regulatory machinery of the cell, gene regulatory network (GRN) model inference based ... More
Sequential Experimental Design for Optimal Structural Intervention in Gene Regulatory Networks Based on the Mean Objective Cost of UncertaintyMay 30 2018Scientists are attempting to use models of ever increasing complexity, especially in medicine, where gene-based diseases such as cancer require better modeling of cell regulation. Complex models suffer from uncertainty and experiments are needed to reduce ... More
Control of Gene Regulatory Networks with Noisy Measurements and Uncertain InputsFeb 24 2017This paper is concerned with the problem of stochastic control of gene regulatory networks (GRNs) observed indirectly through noisy measurements and with uncertainty in the intervention inputs. The partial observability of the gene states and uncertainty ... More
Optimization of Bloom Filter Parameters for Practical Bloom Filter Based Epidemic Forwarding in DTNsAug 19 2012Epidemic forwarding has been proposed as a forwarding technique to achieve opportunistic communication in Delay Tolerant Networks. Even if this technique is well known and widely referred, one has to first deal with several practical problems before using ... More
3 Dimensional N=8 Supersymmetric Field Theory RevisitedAug 12 2008Feb 24 2009Inspired by ideas regarding Hermitian NxN matrix fields obeying a non-associative algebra, 3-dimensional N=8 SUSic field theories are proposed to on-shell represent subalgebras of OSp(8|2) and OSp(8|4) groups of SUSY transformations. They are theories ... More
A note on a paper of Harris concerning the asymptotic approximation to the eigenvalues of $-y"+qy=λy$, with boundary conditions of general formFeb 17 2012In this paper, we derive an asymptotic approximation to the eigenvalues of the linear differential equation $$ -y"(x)+q(x)y(x)=\lambda y(x), x\in (a,b) $$ with boundary conditions of general form, when $q$ is a measurable function which has a singularity ... More
Coding-Theoretic Methods for Sparse RecoveryOct 03 2011Feb 09 2012We review connections between coding-theoretic objects and sparse learning problems. In particular, we show how seemingly different combinatorial objects such as error-correcting codes, combinatorial designs, spherical codes, compressed sensing matrices ... More
Application of Self-Organizing Map to Stellar Spectral ClassificationsAug 02 2011We present an automatic, fast, accurate and robust method of classifying astronomical objects. The Self Organizing Map (SOM) as an unsupervised Artificial Neural Network (ANN) algorithm is used for classification of stellar spectra of stars. The SOM is ... More
Derandomization and Group TestingOct 03 2010The rapid development of derandomization theory, which is a fundamental area in theoretical computer science, has recently led to many surprising applications outside its initial intention. We will review some recent such developments related to combinatorial ... More
3 Dimensional N=8 Supersymmetric Field Theory Revisited: A Superfield FormulationSep 04 2008Feb 24 2009In [arXiv:0808.1677] 3 dimensional field theories are proposed to on-shell represent N=8 SUSY algebra and SO(7) or SO(4)xSO(4) subgroups of full SO(8) automorphism. They are theories of 8 scalar and 8 spinor matrix fields with Yukawa, quartic and sextic ... More
Accurate automatic segmentation of retina layers with emphasis on first layerJan 25 2015Feb 15 2015Quantification of intra-retinal boundaries in optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a crucial task for studying and diagnosing neurological and ocular diseases. Since manual segmentation of layers is usually a time consuming task and relay on user, a ... More
When Higgs Meets Starobinsky in the Early UniverseOct 07 2014Nov 20 2014The measurement of the Higgs mass at the LHC has confirmed that the Standard Model electroweak vacuum is a shallow local minimum and is not absolutely stable. In addition to a probable unacceptably fast tunneling to the deep true minimum, it is not clear ... More
Orthogonal bases of Brauer relative symmetric polynomials for the the Dicyclic groupSep 12 2011Feb 20 2015In this paper, we discuss O-basis of symmetry classes of polynomials associated with the Brauer character of the Dicyclic group. Also, necessary and sufficient conditions are given for the existence of an orthogonal basis consisting of standard (decomposable) ... More
The catenary and tame degree of numerical monoids generated by generalized arithmetic sequencesJan 11 2010Jan 14 2010Studying ceratin combinatorial properties of non-unique factorizations have been a subject of recent literatures. Little is known about two combinatorial invariants, namely the catenary degree and the tame degree, even in the case of numerical monoids. ... More
Automated Classification of ELODIE Stellar Spectral Library Using Probabilistic Artificial Neural NetworksApr 17 2008A Probabilistic Neural Network model has been used for automated classification of ELODIE stellar spectral library consisting of about 2000 spectra into 158 known spectro-luminosity classes. The full spectra with 561 flux bins and a PCA reduced set of ... More
Matrix Theory for the DLCQ of Type IIB String Theory on the AdS/Plane-waveJan 06 2007Jul 30 2007We propose a recipe to construct the DLCQ Hamiltonian of type IIB string theory on the AdS (and/or plane-wave) background. We consider a system of J number of coincident unstable non-BPS D0-branes of IIB theory in the light-cone gauge and on the plane-wave ... More
Goodness-of-fit tests for weibull populations on the basis of recordsOct 25 2011Record is used to reduce the time and cost of running experiments (Doostparast and Balakrishnan, 2010). It is important to check the adequacy of models upon which inferences or actions are based (Lawless, 2003, Chapter 10, p. 465). In the area of goodness ... More
Applications of Derandomization Theory in CodingJul 23 2011Randomized techniques play a fundamental role in theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics, in particular for the design of efficient algorithms and construction of combinatorial objects. The basic goal in derandomization theory is to eliminate ... More
Noise-Resilient Group Testing: Limitations and ConstructionsNov 17 2008Jul 22 2011We study combinatorial group testing schemes for learning $d$-sparse Boolean vectors using highly unreliable disjunctive measurements. We consider an adversarial noise model that only limits the number of false observations, and show that any noise-resilient ... More
A Continuous Optimization Approach for the Financial Portfolio Selection under Discrete Asset Choice ConstraintsApr 12 2014In this paper we consider a generalization of the Markowitz's Mean-Variance model under linear transaction costs and cardinality constraints. The cardinality constraints are used to limit the number of assets in the optimal portfolio. The generalized ... More
Capacity Achieving Codes From Randomness CondensersJan 13 2009Jul 22 2011We establish a general framework for construction of small ensembles of capacity achieving linear codes for a wide range of (not necessarily memoryless) discrete symmetric channels, and in particular, the binary erasure and symmetric channels. The main ... More
Inclusion of $Λ^{\#} BV^{(p)}$ spaces in the classes $BV(q(n)\uparrow \infty)$Oct 03 2011Feb 20 2015The multivariable version of Waterman-Shiba classes and $BV(q(n)\uparrow \infty)$ are introduced. Also characterization of the inclusion of multivariable Waterman-Shiba classes into classes of functions multivariable $BV(q(n)\uparrow \infty)$ is given. ... More
Beyond AdS Space-times, New Holographic Correspondences and ApplicationsSep 14 2016To describe Lifshitz and hyperscaling violating (HSV) phenomena in CM one uses gauge fields on the gravity side which naturally realize the breaking of Lorentz invariance. These gravity constructions often contain naked singularities. In this thesis, ... More
Inclusion of $ΛBV^{(p)}$ spaces in the classes $H_ω^{q}$Oct 03 2012A characterization of the inclusion of Waterman-Shiba classes into classes of functions with given integral modulus of continuity is given. This corrects and extends an earlier result of a paper from 2005.
On Cosmological Implications of Holographic Entropy BoundAug 14 2012It is argued that the entropy bound places an upper limit of about 1 TeV on the temperature of the last reheating era in the early Universe. Implications for inflation and non-standard paradigms for beyond the standard model of hot cosmology are studied. ... More
Spinor classification of the Weyl tensor in five dimensionsAug 17 2010We investigate the spinor classification of the Weyl tensor in five dimensions due to De Smet. We show that a previously overlooked reality condition reduces the number of possible types in the classification. We classify all vacuum solutions belonging ... More
Improved Constructions for Non-adaptive Threshold Group TestingFeb 10 2010Jan 18 2013The basic goal in combinatorial group testing is to identify a set of up to $d$ defective items within a large population of size $n \gg d$ using a pooling strategy. Namely, the items can be grouped together in pools, and a single measurement would reveal ... More
Accurate Localization in Dense Urban Area Using Google Street View ImageDec 29 2014Accurate information about the location and orientation of a camera in mobile devices is central to the utilization of location-based services (LBS). Most of such mobile devices rely on GPS data but this data is subject to inaccuracy due to imperfections ... More
The perturbation theory of higher dimensional spacetimes a la TeukolskyOct 26 2011We consider the possibility of deriving a decoupled equation in terms of Weyl tensor components for gravitational perturbations of the Schwarzschild-Tangherlini solution. We find a particular gauge invariant component of the Weyl tensor does decouple ... More
Generalized Line Spectral Estimation via Convex OptimizationSep 26 2016Line spectral estimation is the problem of recovering the frequencies and amplitudes of a mixture of a few sinusoids from equispaced samples. However, in a variety of signal processing problems arising in imaging, radar, and localization we do not have ... More
A Bound for the Locating Chromatic Numbers of TreesAug 25 2013Let $f$ be a proper $k$-coloring of a connected graph $G$ and $\Pi=(V_1,V_2,\ldots,V_k)$ be an ordered partition of $V(G)$ into the resulting color classes. For a vertex $v$ of $G$, the color code of $v$ with respect to $\Pi$ is defined to be the ordered ... More
User-Centric Optimization for Constraint Web Service Composition using a Fuzzy-guided Genetic Algorithm SystemOct 12 2012Service-Oriented Applications (SOA) are being regarded as the main pragmatic solution for distributed environments. In such systems, however each service responds the user request independently, it is essential to compose them for delivering a compound ... More
Electron-electron and spin-orbit interactions in armchair graphene ribbonsOct 29 2007The effects of intrinsic spin-orbit and Coulomb interactions on low-energy properties of finite width graphene armchair ribbons are studied by means of a Dirac Hamiltonian. It is shown that metallic states subsist in the presence of intrinsic spin-orbit ... More
Generic Transfer for General Spin GroupsNov 01 2004We prove Langlands functoriality for the generic spectrum of general spin groups (both odd and even). Contrary to other recent instances of functoriality, our resulting automorphic representations on the general linear group will not be self-dual. Together ... More
Fast and Reliable Parameter Estimation from Nonlinear ObservationsOct 23 2016In this paper we study the problem of recovering a structured but unknown parameter ${\bf{\theta}}^*$ from $n$ nonlinear observations of the form $y_i=f(\langle {\bf{x}}_i,{\bf{\theta}}^*\rangle)$ for $i=1,2,\ldots,n$. We develop a framework for characterizing ... More
Gutman index of the Mycielskian and its complementFeb 05 2015In This Paper we determine the Gutman index of Mycielskian graphs and their complements.
On additivity of local entropy under flat extensionsApr 06 2014Sep 08 2014Let $f\colon(R,\mathfrak{m})\rightarrow S$ be a local homomorphism of Noetherian local rings. Consider two endomorphisms \textit{of finite length} (i.e., with zero-dimensional closed fibers) $\varphi\colon R\rightarrow R$ and $\psi\colon S\rightarrow ... More
Integrability of the Hide--Skeldon--Acheson dynamoApr 03 2014In this work we consider the Hide-Skeldon-Acheson dynamo model \[ \dot x=x(y-1)-\beta z, \quad \dot y =\alpha(1-x^2)-\kappa y, \quad \dot z =x-\lambda z, \] where $\alpha,\beta,\kappa$ and $\lambda$ are parameters. We contribute to the understanding of ... More
Machine Learning Techniques for Intrusion DetectionDec 08 2013May 09 2015An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a software that monitors a single or a network of computers for malicious activities (attacks) that are aimed at stealing or censoring information or corrupting network protocols. Most techniques used in today's ... More
Asymptotic analysis of a micropolar fluid flow in a thin domain with a free and rough boundarySep 19 2013Motivated by lubrication problems, we consider a micropolar uid ow in a 2D domain with a rough and free boundary. We assume that the thickness and the roughness are both of order 0 < " << 1. We prove the existence and uniqueness of a solution of this ... More
Multiple-Antenna Interference Channel with Receive Antenna Joint Processing and Real Interference AlignmentJan 27 2013We consider a constant $K$-user Gaussian interference channel with $M$ antennas at each transmitter and $N$ antennas at each receiver, denoted as a $(K,M,N)$ channel. Relying on a result on simultaneous Diophantine approximation, a real interference alignment ... More
Symmetry classes of tensors associated with the Semi-Dihedral groupsFeb 17 2012Dec 14 2012We discuss the existence of an orthogonal basis consisting of decomposable vectors for some symmetry classes of tensors associated with Semi-Dihedral groups $SD_{8n}$. The dimensions of these symmetry classes of tensors are also computed.
Global existence for a 3D non-stationary Stokes flow with Coulomb's type friction boundary conditionsJul 06 2016In this paper we study non stationary viscous incompressible fluid flows with nonlinear boundary slip conditions given by a subdifferential property of friction type. More precisely we assume that the tangential velocity vanishes as long as the shear ... More
On the adjoint L-function of the p-adic GSp(4)Mar 07 2007Oct 11 2007We explicitly compute the adjoint L-function of those L-packets of representations of the group GSp(4) over a p-adic field of characteristic zero that contain non-supercuspidal representations. As an application we verify a conjecture of Gross-Prasad ... More
A Space-efficient Parameterized Algorithm for the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem by Dynamic AlgebraziationJan 21 2019An NP-hard graph problem may be intractable for general graphs but it could be efficiently solvable using dynamic programming for graphs with bounded width (or depth or some other structural parameter). Dynamic programming is a well-known approach used ... More
Towards moderate overparameterization: global convergence guarantees for training shallow neural networksFeb 12 2019Many modern neural network architectures are trained in an overparameterized regime where the parameters of the model exceed the size of the training dataset. Sufficiently overparameterized neural network architectures in principle have the capacity to ... More
A probabilistic model to resolve diversity-accuracy challenge of recommendation systemsJan 08 2015Recommendation systems have wide-spread applications in both academia and industry. Traditionally, performance of recommendation systems has been measured by their precision. By introducing novelty and diversity as key qualities in recommender systems, ... More
MDS Codes with Progressive Engagement Property for Cloud Storage SystemsMay 23 2016Fast and efficient failure recovery is a new challenge for cloud storage systems with a large number of storage nodes. A pivotal recovery metric upon the failure of a storage node is repair bandwidth cost which refers to the amount of data that must be ... More
Nonparametric estimation of the entropy using a ranked set sampleJan 25 2015Jun 14 2015This paper is concerned with non-parametric estimation of the entropy in ranked set sampling. Theoretical properties of the proposed estimator are studied. The proposed estimator is compared with the rival estimator in simple random sampling. The applications ... More
Capacity of Non-Malleable CodesSep 02 2013Non-malleable codes, introduced by Dziembowski, Pietrzak and Wichs (ICS 2010), encode messages $s$ in a manner so that tampering the codeword causes the decoder to either output $s$ or a message that is independent of $s$. While this is an impossible ... More
Duality completion of higher derivative correctionsJun 20 2013Jul 22 2013We present a new method for completing higher derivative corrections for theories that exhibit duality symmetries under reduction. This proposal is based on the observation that duality symmetry in the reduced theory highly constrains the form of the ... More
Almost-Uniform Sampling of Points on High-Dimensional Algebraic VarietiesFeb 07 2009We consider the problem of uniform sampling of points on an algebraic variety. Specifically, we develop a randomized algorithm that, given a small set of multivariate polynomials over a sufficiently large finite field, produces a common zero of the polynomials ... More
Analysis of the Main Factors Affecting M-Commerce Adoption in IraqFeb 15 2019The telecommunications sector in Iraq is one of the most dynamic and active industries. This sector has prime importance only next to oil & gas, as revealed by recent reports. This industry has grown in leaps and bounds with the rising demand for mobile ... More
Non-Malleable Coding Against Bit-wise and Split-State TamperingSep 04 2013Aug 29 2014Non-malleable coding, introduced by Dziembowski, Pietrzak and Wichs (ICS 2010), aims for protecting the integrity of information against tampering attacks in situations where error-detection is impossible. Intuitively, information encoded by a non-malleable ... More
Disjoint LDPC Coding for Gaussian Broadcast ChannelsJun 15 2009Low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes have been used for communication over a two-user Gaussian broadcast channel. It has been shown in the literature that the optimal decoding of such system requires joint decoding of both user messages at each user. ... More
A Cuspidality Criterion for the Exterior Square Transfer of Cusp Forms on GL(4)Dec 28 2007For a cuspidal automorphic representation \Pi of GL(4,A), H. Kim proved that the exterior square transfer \wedge^2\Pi is an isobaric automorphic representation of GL(6,A). In this paper we characterize those representations \Pi for which \wedge^2\Pi is ... More
Generic transfer from GSp(4) to GL(4)Dec 27 2004Jan 03 2005We establish Langlands functoriality for the generic spectrum of GSp(4) and describe its transfer on GL(4). We apply this to prove results toward the generalized Ramanujan conjecture for generic representations of GSp(4).
Multi-layer Mechanism for Multicast Routing in Multihop Cognitive Radio NetworksMay 27 2016Multicast routing is considered as one of the most important process in Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) to enable video sharing and data dissemination. Multicast routing can be used without any difficulties if a medium can be accessed by any transmitter ... More
Nearly Optimal Deterministic Algorithm for Sparse Walsh-Hadamard TransformApr 28 2015For every fixed constant $\alpha > 0$, we design an algorithm for computing the $k$-sparse Walsh-Hadamard transform of an $N$-dimensional vector $x \in \mathbb{R}^N$ in time $k^{1+\alpha} (\log N)^{O(1)}$. Specifically, the algorithm is given query access ... More
Orthogonal bases of Brauer symmetry classes of tensors for groups having cyclic support on non-linear Brauer charactersFeb 19 2015Jul 25 2015This paper provides some properties of Brauer symmetry classes of tensors. We derive a dimension formula for the orbital subspaces in the Brauer symmetry classes of tensors corresponding to the irreducible Brauer characters of the groups having cyclic ... More
Existence result for a strongly coupled problem with heat convection term and Tresca's lawSep 19 2013We study a problem describing the motion of an incompressible, nonisothermal and non-Newtonian uid, taking into account the heat convection term. The novelty here is that uid viscosity depends on the temperature, the velocity of the uid, and also of the ... More
Quantum spin Hall phase in neutral zigzag graphene ribbonsOct 11 2009We present a detailed description of the nature of the wavefunction and spin distribution of the zero energy modes of zigzag graphene ribbons (ZGRs) in the presence of the intrinsic spin_orbit (I-SO) interaction. These states characterize the quantum ... More
Efficient unimodality test in clustering by signature testingJan 09 2014This paper provides a new unimodality test with application in hierarchical clustering methods. The proposed method denoted by signature test (Sigtest), transforms the data based on its statistics. The transformed data has much smaller variation compared ... More
Multiple-Antenna Interference Network with Receive Antenna Joint Processing and Real Interference AlignmentApr 16 2013Feb 17 2014In this paper, the degrees of freedom (DoF) regions of constant coefficient multiple antenna interference channels are investigated. First, we consider a $K$-user Gaussian interference channel with $M_k$ antennas at transmitter $k$, $1\le k\le K$, and ... More
Orthogonal bases of Brauer relative symmetric polynomials for certain groupsSep 11 2011Feb 20 2015In this paper, we discuss O-basis of symmetry classes of polynomials associated with the Brauer character of the Semi-Dihedral groups and Dihedral groups. Also, necessary and sufficient conditions are given for the existence of an orthogonal basis consisting ... More
Mixed-Membership Stochastic Block-Models for Transactional NetworksOct 07 2010Transactional network data can be thought of as a list of one-to-many communications(e.g., email) between nodes in a social network. Most social network models convert this type of data into binary relations between pairs of nodes. We develop a latent ... More
Finding Sequential Patterns from Large Sequence DataFeb 05 2010Data mining is the task of discovering interesting patterns from large amounts of data. There are many data mining tasks, such as classification, clustering, association rule mining, and sequential pattern mining. Sequential pattern mining finds sets ... More
Rash spin-orbit interaction in graphene and graphene zigzag nano-ribbonsJan 01 2009May 08 2009We investigate the effects of Rashba spin-orbit interactions on the electronic band-structure and corresponding wave-functions of graphene. By exactly solving a tight-binding model Hamiltonian we obtain the expected splitting of the bands -due to the ... More
Topological rigidity for holomorphic foliationsSep 13 2007We study analytic deformations and unfoldings of holomorphic foliations in complex projective plane $\mathbb{C}P(2)$. Let $\{\mathcal{F}_t\}_{t \in \mathbb{D}_{\epsilon}}$ be topological trivial (in $\mathbb{C}^2$) analytic deformation of a foliation ... More
Approximate global minimizers to pairwise interaction problems via convex relaxationNov 11 2015We present a new approach for systematically computing approximate global minimizers to a large class of pairwise interaction problems defined over probability distributions. The approach predicts candidate global minimizers, with a recovery guarantee, ... More
On the Randic and degree distance indices of the Mycielskian of a graphDec 18 2014In a search for triangle-free graphs with arbitrarily large chromatic numbers, Mycielski developed a graph transformation that transforms a graph into a new graph which is called the Mycielskian of that graph. In this paper we provide some sharp bounds ... More
Electromigration-driven Evolution of the Surface Morphology and Composition for a Bi-Component Solid FilmDec 15 2014Jun 16 2015A two PDEs-based model is developed for studies of a morphological and compositional evolution of a thermodynamically stable alloy surface in a strong electric field, assuming different and anisotropic diffusional mobilities of the two atomic components. ... More
On Optimal Decision-Making in Ant ColoniesAug 19 2014Colonies of ants can collectively choose the best of several nests, even when many of the active ants who organize the move visit only one site. Understanding such a behavior can help us design efficient distributed decision making algorithms. Marshall ... More
An Intelligent Fire Alert System using Wireless Mobile CommunicationAug 01 2013The system has come to light through the way of inspiration to develop a compact system, based on the fundamental ideas of safety, security and control. Once this system is installed to operation specifying temperature and smoke threshold, in case of ... More
Throughput-Optimal Random Access with Order-Optimal DelaySep 29 2010In this paper, we consider CSMA policies for scheduling of multihop wireless networks with one-hop traffic. The main contribution of this paper is to propose Unlocking CSMA (U-CSMA) policy that enables to obtain high throughput with low (average) packet ... More
On Zariski's multiplicity conjectureSep 02 2007We discuss some features of the so-called Zariski's multiplicity problem especially the application of the work of A'Campo on the zeta function of a monodromy of an isolated singularity of a complex hypersurface to the problem.
Local Langlands Conjecture for $p$-adic $GSpin_4,$ $GSpin_6,$ and their inner formsOct 09 2015Oct 11 2016We establish the local Langlands conjecture for small rank general spin groups $GSpin_4$ and $GSpin_6$ as well as their inner forms. We construct appropriate $L$-packets and prove that these $L$-packets satisfy the properties expected of them to the extent ... More
$A_p$-$A_\infty$ estimates for general multilinear sparse operatorsAug 25 2015Dec 09 2015In this paper, we study the $A_p$-$A_\infty$ estimates for a class of multilinear dyadic positive operators. As applications, the $A_p$-$A_\infty$ estimates for different operators e.g. multilinear square functions and multilinear Fourier multipliers ... More
Code Failure Prediction and Pattern Extraction using LSTM NetworksDec 13 2018In this paper, we use a well-known Deep Learning technique called Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) recurrent neural networks to find sessions that are prone to code failure in applications that rely on telemetry data for system health monitoring. We also ... More
Functoriality for General Spin GroupsJan 18 2011We establish the functorial transfer of generic, automorphic representations from the quasi-split general spin groups to general linear groups over arbitrary number fields, completing an earlier project. Our results are definitive and, in particular, ... More
Automated Classification of Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) Stellar Spectra using Artificial Neural NetworksApr 26 2008Automated techniques have been developed to automate the process of classification of objects or their analysis. The large datasets provided by upcoming spectroscopic surveys with dedicated telescopes urges scientists to use these automated techniques ... More
Complexity Analysis of CSMA Scheduling via Dependencies MatrixSep 19 2015The complexity of a CSMA algorithm has been translated to the norm properties of a dependencies matrix. The maximum throughput optimization is reformulated by including the dependencies matrix in the formulations. It has been shown that for the interference ... More
Molecular Dynamics Study of Stiffness in Polystyrene and PolyethyleneApr 26 2015Oct 10 2015In this paper, we have studied polystyrene (PS) and polyethylene (PE) stiffness by 3-dimensional Langevin Molecular Dynamics simulation. Hard polymers have a very small bending, and thus, their end-to-end distance is more than soft polymers. Quantum dot ... More
Efficient refinement of GPS-based localization in urban areas using visual information and sensor parameterFeb 01 2015Oct 28 2015An efficient method is proposed for refining GPS-acquired location coordinates in urban areas using camera images, Google Street View (GSV) and sensor parameters. The main goal is to compensate for GPS location imprecision in dense area of cities due ... More
Optimal Policies for Simultaneous Energy Consumption and Ancillary Service Provision for Flexible Loads under Stochastic Prices and No Capacity Reservation ConstraintJul 06 2014Flexible loads, i.e. the loads whose power trajectory is not bound to a specific one, constitute a sizable portion of current and future electric demand. This flexibility can be used to improve the performance of the grid, should the right incentives ... More
Comparison of different T-norm operators in classification problemsAug 09 2012Fuzzy rule based classification systems are one of the most popular fuzzy modeling systems used in pattern classification problems. This paper investigates the effect of applying nine different T-norms in fuzzy rule based classification systems. In the ... More
Graphene zigzag ribbons, square lattice models and quantum spin chainsOct 11 2009We present an extended study of finite-width zigzag graphene ribbons (ZGRs) based on a tight-binding model with hard-wall boundary conditions. We provide an exact analytic solution that clarifies the origin of the predicted width dependence on the conductance ... More
Emergent Weak Scale from Cosmological Evolution and Dimensional TransmutationDec 09 2015In this note we present a framework in which the weak scale appears dynamically technically natural with no new physics up to the Planck scale. The mixing between the massless Higgs and the R^2 metric theory induces, in canonical parametrization of the ... More
A Visual Grammar Approach for TV Program IdentificationJan 10 2013Automatic identification of TV programs within TV streams is an important task for archive exploitation. This paper proposes a new spatial-temporal approach to identify programs in TV streams in two main steps: First, a reference catalogue for video grammars ... More
Exact Solutions for Cosmological Models with a Scalar FieldDec 13 2000Feb 13 2001We consider the existence of a Noether symmetry in the scalar-tensor theory of gravity in flat Friedman Robertson Walker (FRW) cosmology. The forms of coupling function $\omega(\phi)$ and generic potential $V(\phi)$ are obtained by requiring the existence ... More
A Game Theoretic Model of Demand Response Aggregator Competition for Selling Stored Energy in Regulated and Unregulated Power MarketsDec 01 2016This work is concerned with the application of game theoretic principles to model competition between demand response aggregators for selling excess energy stored in electrochemical storage devices directly to other aggregators in a power market. This ... More
Prediction of corrosions in Gas and Oil pipelines based on the theory of recordsJan 03 2018Predictions of corrosions in pipelines are valuable. Based on the available data sets, it is critical and useful, for example in preventive maintenance. This paper deals with this problem by two powerful statistical tools, i.e. theory of records and non-homogeneous ... More
RAPIDNN: In-Memory Deep Neural Network Acceleration FrameworkJun 15 2018Aug 09 2018Deep neural networks (DNN) have demonstrated effectiveness for various applications such as image processing, video segmentation, and speech recognition. Running state-of-theart DNNs on current systems mostly relies on either generalpurpose processors, ... More
Adv-DWF: Defending Against Deep-Learning-Based Website Fingerprinting Attacks with Adversarial TracesFeb 18 2019Website Fingerprinting (WF) is a type of traffic analysis attack that enables a local passive eavesdropper to infer the victim's activity even when the traffic is protected by encryption, a VPN, or some other anonymity system like Tor. Leveraging a deep-learning ... More
Graphene's morphology and electronic properties from discrete differential geometryFeb 16 2014The geometry of two-dimensional crystalline membranes dictates their mechanical, electronic and chemical properties. The local geometry of a surface is determined from the two invariants of the metric and the curvature tensors. Here we discuss those invariants ... More
Single-Frequency Microwave Imaging with Dynamic Metasurface AperturesMar 27 2017Aug 07 2017Conventional microwave imaging schemes, enabled by the ubiquity of coherent sources and detectors, have traditionally relied on frequency bandwidth to retrieve range information, while using mechanical or electronic beamsteering to obtain cross-range ... More
Non-autonomous right and left multiplicative perturbations and maximal regularityJul 01 2016We consider the problem of maximal regularity for non-autonomous Cauchy problems $u'(t) + B(t)A(t)u(t) + P(t)u(t) = f(t), u(0) = u_0$ and $u'(t) + A(t)B(t)u(t) + P(t)u(t) = f (t), u(0) = u_0$. In both cases, the time dependent operators $A(t)$ are associated ... More
Energy levels of In_x Ga_(1-x) As/GaAs quantum dot laser with different sizesNov 01 2015In this paper, we have studied the strain, bandedge, and energy levels of cubic InGaAs quantum dots (QDs) surrounded by GaAs. It is shown that overall strain value is larger in InGaAs-GaAs interfaces, and also in smaller QDs. Also, it is proved that conduction ... More
Modeling State-Conditional Observation Distribution using Weighted Stereo Samples for Factorial Speech Processing ModelsMar 09 2015Oct 05 2016This paper investigates the effectiveness of factorial speech processing models in noise-robust automatic speech recognition tasks. For this purpose, the paper proposes an idealistic approach for modeling state-conditional observation distribution of ... More